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March 24th, 2020

Planned Parenthood NL Sexual Health Centre COVID 19 Operations Update

We have been monitoring the situation with COVID-19 closely and have been changing how we function
as a centre and clinic for the past three weeks. Right now, we are open for telehealth services (phone
appointments) and extremely limited physical appointments when deemed absolutely necessary by our doctors.
If you do have to come to a physical appointment you may be asked to remain outside until the previous
appointment is finished. Right now, we are unable to provide routine screenings (STI and Pap) as the public
health labs focus on the current pandemic. We can provide prescriptions over the phone if you are symptomatic
or in need of birth control by appointment.
Currently we are unable to take drop-in appointments and will be keeping our doors locked. We are
available via the phone for sexual health questions, concerns, and options counselling for pregnancy. We will be
using a contactless system if you need to pick up birth control, condoms, or a take home pregnancy test. You
must call or message us ahead of time and, weather permitting, we will drop what you need on our front porch
for you to pick up. If you get your birth control from us and need a new pack please call 579-1009 or email Right now, we will only be selling one pack per client. We will be changing our hours of
operations and encourage you to look on our Facebook page or webpage for more information.
We have been working on adding more online resources and content to our website this year – we are
now fast tracking this and hope to have more updates on this in the coming weeks. We are also looking into
Zoom, and livestream educational sessions. We were going to have our first adult 2SLGBTQ+ group meeting this
March this is postponed obviously but in the next little while we are going to try and have a virtual replacement.
Lastly, and this is the hardest to say, we will have to cancel our Spring Gala planned for April. All ticket
holders, donors, sponsors, and volunteers will be contacted individually this coming week. This is a major
financial hit for us along with limiting appointments, not having daily visitors who donate or buy things from us,
and many of our regular donors being, understandably, unable to donate currently. Our Annual Spring Gala is our
major yearly fundraising event and cancelling it does leave us in a hard position. We know that this pandemic has
impacted many people financially. We are hoping that our supporters and donors who do have something to
spare think of us when donating. Small donations of $5-$50 a week or month really add up for us and often
people don’t even notice the donations coming out.
We hope that everyone is taking care of themselves and each other and staying safe. We know things
seem dark right now, but we believe in the people of this province and the community that has never failed to lift
us up to be able to rebuild after this. Stay safe!

Thank you,

Nikki Baldwin (she/her)

Executive Director
Planned Parenthood NL Sexual Health Centre

47 St. Clare Ave., St. John’s NL, A1C 2J9

Tel: (709) 579-1009 • Fax: (709) 726-2308 • Toll-Free: 1-877-NO MYTHS (666-9847)
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