Shahrukh Khan

Don, Badshah or Devdas???

Cut to a guy who is so obsessed with his girlfriend that he came to Mumbai and searched for her with only the information that she loved swimming. He sold his Pentax camera for Rs 10,000, as he combed beaches with hope and prayer that he would locate her, sleeping on the park benches, and cleaning and bathing in the hotel bathrooms. His friends lost hope and purchased tickets with the balance remaining money while he for the last time combed the north Mumbai beaches and luckily found her. Sitting forlorn at the Marine Drive in Mumbai, he promised that one day he would rule the city of Mumbai. In his one of his first castings for a movie produced and directed by Arundhati Roy, he was given a role of an extra and he vowed that he would one day win an Oscar playing a gay man. He came to Mumbai to act in a serial and got stranded at the Mumbai airport in the middle of the night as the person who was supposed to pick him up overslept, he cried in the telephone booth thinking that probably it was a hoax while searching for some coins. He was recommended for the role of Abhimanyu Rai (Fauji)by the son in-law of the producer who was showing some flats to his mother. The original choice

His fiancé and later his wife had strong reservations against him joining the Bollywood . He grandly declared that if he had to choose between his flourishing career in the movie or his wife. This choice of being always the second or the third choice continued with the movie Baazigar where the other established starts like Aamir. His role became bigger and bigger as the other co. but they refused to touch the movie where the main character kills without any compunctions and "is a murderer in the movie" The same continued with Darr where he was selected with great reluctance as no established actor wanted to be seen being beaten to pulp at the end in the movie.stars threw tantrums while he worked hard to get the nuances right as an army officer. He went to meet Abbas. She could not get over the fact that he was so dark with wild unruly hair in comparison to Aamir and Salman Khan who were recently launched during the same time Both the movies were superhits blockbuster and he went on to bag the Filmfare best actor award for Baazigar . He never wanted to be the Bollywood star but a television personality like Oprah Winfrey and refused movies in the beginning.Mastan(directors of Bazigar)at 2 o' clock after the ceremony at their residence in Bhendi bazaar chawl and touched their feet. He got the role as there was a logistic problem of handling the camera and the role simultaneously by the producer's son. He initially refused to do Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge with Aditya Chopra as he thought of it as a romantic cliché. . Anil Kapoor were the first choice. He only agreed to do it as he liked the last scene where the father lets go of the heroine's hand . Juhi Chawla shrieked as she was persuaded by the director/producer that this actor was at that time going to be another Aamir Khan in making when she met him for the first time during the shooting of Darr. He would always choose his wife over everything else.of the main lead was the producer's son who was also the camera man in the serial.

Gradually. Need less to say picture abhi baki hai……… mere dost. He also faced scary days when the mafia started targeting film wallahs. 6 lacs in his bank when he only had Rs 28000/. He has always charged lesser than his fellow actors while doing the films as he feels that all the name and fame he has is due to the film industry and makes up with the brand endorsements. This is the roller coaster life journey of todays superstar Shah Rukh Khan. media were savage in their his bank account. He claims that he can do anything -dance. . His fiancé and later wife insisted that he tell his in -laws that he has Rs. He also refused to tell a lie to his in laws who were dead against his marriage to their hindu daughter. Films he does only for love.He initially refused to do the movie Chamatkar when the producer insisted that he should hide his marriage as was the norm at that time. He has always maintained a tight balance between handling the mafia and as a law abiding citizen.. He also went into production and promised to make different kind of movies His first movie Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani made with blood. The mafia used to call him and threaten and chat with him.. With his common sense and smart wit he managed to escape them. and tears flopped and the critics. shows .. He refused to do so and grandly proclaimed during that time that Dilip Kumar had become old. Amitabh Bachchan had retired and it was his time now to crowned as the king when he left Delhi for Mumbai to start his career in bollywood. he became the superstar giving one hit after the another. for money except films...

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