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Arts Research Institute (ARI)

Coimbatore, INDIA.

The Indian Medical Science of


Place: New Delhi Date: 12th Dec 2010

Arts Research Institute
• Registered public charitable trust.
• Formed in October 2005.
• Objective: To research and uncover the
knowledge of ancient indigenous hidden
Indian arts like varmam, kalari etc.
• Varmam treatment being given through
Thirumoolar Varmam Research and Therapy
Centre (TVRTC) (Unit of Arts Research
Institute) at Coimbatore & its 17 branches. 2
Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

What is Varmam ?

 Varmam is the flow of vital energy in the body,

discovered and codified by Siddhas, holy men of
South India, similar to Rishis of the North.
 Energy junctions in the body are called varmam
 Proper vibration or tuning of these vital points
(varmams) by experts promotes health. 3
Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

How many varmam points in the human body ?

Varmam texts speak of nearly 8000 varmam


Till date, we have been able to locate roughly

2000 varmam points accurately. 5
Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

What is Medical Varmalogy ?

 Varmalogy is a systematic study of vital points

(i.e. varmams) in the body.

 Each varmam has its own width, height, depth.

 Proper vibration or tuning of these vital points

(varmams) by experts promotes health. 6
Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

What can Medical Varmalogy do ?

Medical varmalogy can be used to treat various

diseases like nerve disorders, internal organ
disorders, arthritis, back pain, diabetes &
spinal problems and also bring about
improvements in patients with broad
spectrum disorders like autism, cerebral palsy,
etc. 7
Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

Varmam Tuning: How many applications possible?

Kai Paham (Which finger/Palm/Tool used) – 4 Nos.

Sei Paham (How finger/palm/tool used) – 12 Nos.

So every varmam point can be tuned in 48 different

ways, to cure different diseases. 8
Using different portions of fingers…

Different methods of application…

Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

Varmam: Documented science or just folk art ?

 120 detailed varmam texts under different titles, from

as early as 5th century A.D.

 Around 30,000 verses.

 Available as palm leaf / paper manuscripts.

 Enough material for 50 books containing 1000 pages

each. 11
Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

Special role of Varmam Masters (Guru / Aasaan):

Bringing the ancient texts to life

 Guru clarifies location through touch-and-show.

 Guru clarifies pressure through touch-and-show.

 Guru demonstrates different application methods

to treat different diseases. 12
Visionary behind ARI
Dr. N.Shunmugom, Ph.D.(Tamil)
Associate Professor of Tamil,
Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts
and Science,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Honorary Advisor & Varmam Researcher,
Arts Research Institute (ARI),
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 13
Dr. Shunmugom (in glasses) teaching medical practitioners. 14
Dr. N.Shunmugom, Ph.D.(Tamil)
• Native of Kanyakumari District - a hub for
varmam treatment in Tamil Nadu.

• His first varmam teacher was his mother.

• Started learning varmam in 1978 – at age 16.

• Has learnt from nearly 70 varmam masters till

date, is still learning. 15
Dr. N.Shunmugom, Ph.D.(Tamil)
• His knowledge spreads to about 16 different
areas related to varmam science.

• E.g.
– Anga Sasthra
– Thoni Sasthra
– Jothisha Sasthra
– Virucha Sasthra
– Kuva Sasthra
– Tantra Sasthra
– And so on ... 16
Dr. N.Shunmugom, Ph.D.(Tamil)
• Is well-versed in deciphering manuscripts.

• Was awarded Ph.D. from University of Kerala,

Kariavattam for deciphering a 10th century manuscript.

• Has researched around 120 manuscripts related to


• Has published more than 200 articles about varmam. 17
Dr. N.Shunmugom, Ph.D.(Tamil)
• Has completed a UGC (University Grants
Commission)-funded Major Research Project
titled ‘An Esoteric Art of Varmam and its

• Has been nominated Varmam Trainer by

Directorate of Indian Medicine and
Homoeopathy, Government of Tamil Nadu and
has trained more than 860 medical officers
working in Tamil Nadu Government Hospitals and
Primary Health Centers. 18
Dr. N.Shunmugom, Ph.D.(Tamil)
• Has served as resource person on varmam for
Reorientation Training (ROT) programs in
Government Siddha Medical Colleges of
Chennai and Thirunelveli.

• Has served as resource person on varmam for

Refresher Course of Physical Education
conducted by UGC Staff Academic College,
Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. 19
Dr. N.Shunmugom, Ph.D.(Tamil)
• In 1996, began teaching varmam through the
gurukulam method.
• Evolved syllabus and began to teach through
classroom training method, to reach more
doctors and volunteers in the 21st century.
• Has trained nearly 1,000 doctors and 5,000
non-doctors till date. 20
Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy
Centre (TVRTC)
• Unit of Arts Research Institute.

• Currently running 18 Therapy Centres.

– Tamil Nadu : 15
– New Delhi : 1
– Karnataka (Bangalore): 1
– Andhra Pradesh (Chittore) : 1

• Head Office: Coimbatore.

• All centres function under the guidance of medical

professionals. 21
Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy
Centre (TVRTC)
The underlying treatment philosophy is

Nominal monthly fees collected to pay for

medical practitioners involved, maintenance
of patient records, etc.

Patients have one doctor consultation & 8

sittings of varmam treatment per month, at
any of the 18 TVRTC centres. 22
Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy
Centre (TVRTC)

In New Delhi, treatment is currently free.

With introduction of medical supervision,

fees will have to be charged to cover
expenses in the future. 23
Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy
Centre (TVRTC)
 Doctors: 120 Nos.

 Doctors from various disciplines of medicine,

namely Allopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda and

 Volunteers: 300 Nos.

 Number of patient visits: 20,000 per month (new

and old). 24
Medical Varmalogy
An Indian Medical System

Unique features of Varmalogy

 Medicine-less treatment possible.

 Can also be used in conjunction in any other

medical treatment – allopathy, homeopathy, etc.

 No adverse effects or side effects.

 Low cost treatment. 25
Arts Research Institute
Our endeavour…

• British rule marked beginning of a dark period for

medical varmalogy.

• No research or experience on medical varmalogy has

been documented for the past 200 years.

• We are working to create awareness about medical

varmalogy – first among Indians, then among all
citizens of the world. 26
Arts Research Institute
Creating awareness about varmam by
publishing quarterly magazine since Jan 2007.

Conducting medical varmalogy training for

both medical professionals and non-medical

Varmalogy treatment to thousands of patients

through TVRTC branches. 27
Arts Research Institute
 Structured training programs for medical
professionals in practical varmalogy.

 Conducting training programs for medical

professionals to help them decipher medical

 To ensure medical varmalogy techniques are known

to medical practitioners from all streams of
medicine. 28
Arts Research Institute
In May 2008, conducted the first ‘National
Conference on Varmalogy – 2008’ in
Attended by 480 medical professionals.
Varmam-trained doctors presented papers on
results they had obtained by practicing
varmam to treat 10 major disorders, including
diabetes, slipped disc and cerebral palsy. 29
Varmam Therapy for Special Children
Our Experience

We have been treating special children since


Around 300 special children are currently

under varmam therapy across our 18 centres. 30
Varmam Therapy for Special Children
Basic Treatment Protocol: How does it work?

Protects brain cells.

Helps develop brain cells.
Enhances distribution of brain energy through
the whole body.
Most importantly, stimulates sensory and
motor divisions of the nervous system. 31
Varmam Therapy for Special Children
Basic Treatment Protocol

Enhances oxygen inhalation and its

distribution through the body.

Strengthens internal organs (i.e. heart, lungs,

liver, gallbladder and spleen) in the body. 32
Varmam Therapy for Special Children
Additional Treatment Protocol

Tailored to suit each individual child:

E.g. If a child has problems with eyesight or

hearing, in addition to other development
problems, specific points are added to the
Basic Protocol to address these issues. 33
Varmam Therapy for Special Children
Our Experience…

 Parents report improvement in their child’s day-to-

day functioning to examining doctors.
 Parents also report their own reduced daily stress,
as child becomes more independent.
 Lasting improvements are seen only in children who
get continuous treatment, typically, for at least a
year. 34
Arts Research Institute
Project Vathsalya Bhavam: Launched June 2010

Free half-day training camps for parents and

caregivers of special children.
The parents learn to apply the points that can
speed up recovery of their children.
7 such camps completed, covering 146 special
children. 35
Arts Research Institute
Why Project Vathsalya Bhavam?

 Treatment given at therapy centers twice a week, so

8 sessions in a month.

 Experience shows that once the Basic Protocol

begins to show results, typically after 6 months of
twice-a-week treatment, increasing frequency of
treatment can bring faster improvements. 36
Arts Research Institute
Why Project Vathsalya Bhavam ?

 If a parent is taught the specific points needed for

their child, they can apply the same twice a day, at
home. i.e. 60 sessions in a month at home.

 Twice a week expert treatment continues at center,

and child is assessed once a month by the doctor. 37
Arts Research Institute
Project Vathsalya Bhavam – Experience so far…

 Feedback from at least a section of the parents

involved in Project Vathsalya Bhavam is very

 A parent’s loving touch seems to speed up progress

made through varmam treatment; energy seems to
respond rapidly to its own kind. 38
Arts Research Institute
Project Vathsalya Bhavam – How it works

Only parents of children who receive regular

treatment at any TVRTC centers for at least 6
months are selected.

Children continue to be treated twice a week

at the center and monitored by the doctor. 39
Arts Research Institute
Project Vathsalya Bhavam

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Arts Research Institute

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