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FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF BUILDING INSPECTORS, INC. Post Office Box 149202 - Orlando, Florida 32814-9202 (407) 897-5422 - Fax (407) 894-7673 * info@fa on ¥ rams March 24, 2020 ‘The Honorable Ron DeSantis Governor, State of Florida Florida State Capital 4400S. Monroe St Tallahassee, FL 32399 Dear Governor DeSantis: ‘As president of Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI), | am writing to you on behalf of our FABI membership and all Florida home inspectors. As you are aware, majority of Americans are experiencing a crisis as they have never known before. | am awere of the lette? that you have received on behalf of the Florida Realtors, Florida Land Title Association and Florida Home Builders Association. Our organization concurs that real estate transactions and title recording must be considered es- sential services and should remain active. The Home Inspection Industry must be considered an essential service as well. We ‘work collaboratively with the above-mentioned organizations, as well as the insurance industry who relies heavily on the exper- tise of the Home inspection Industry to verify windstorm mitigations and safety. {As the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, | respectfully request your assurance the Home Inspection Industry will be considered an essential service based on the vital role our industry has in conjunction with real estate agencies, lending institutions and insurance companies. We acknowledge and appreciate your continuous efforts to resolve issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic and pledge our support to these efforts. We are confident, with mutual collaboration and trust, we will most certainly work through the issues created during this dificult time. Sincerely, Jean Anne Baker President Florida Association of Building Inspectors Ce; Richard Morrison, Executive Director, Department of Business and Professional Regulation