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UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF IMMIGRATION REVIEW IMMIGRATION COURT BATAVIA, NEW YORK CASE NAME; - CASE No.: ‘Upon consideration of Respondent's MOTION TO CONTINUE INDIVIDUAL HEARING, it is HEREBY ORDERED that the motion be: (ieranrep Peifenaen bea: DHS does not oppose the motion. ‘The respondent does not oppose the motion. ‘A response to the motion has not been filed with the court. Good cause has been established for the motion. ‘The court agrees with the reasons stated in the opposition to the motion. ‘The motion is untimely per Door Hurhas wot brew Qn Qudlouole iar @ wom Ae paamatinng oes Wat Ma chandaess x Deadlines: ‘The application(s) for relief must be filed by. . ‘The respondent nmust comply with DHS biometrics instructions by 18/20. el —— wx3{ts/aoa0_ fon. Susan F. Aikman Certificate of Service ‘This document was served by: [ ] Mail [ ] Personal Service To: [] Alien [ ] Alien clo Custodial Officer A] Alien’s Atty/Rep Qi DHS Date: O5— /9 - 202, By: Court Staff ey rn Page 4 ofS