: Why Be Mild-Tempered? (Matt. 5:5) Setting: Persuading a Bible student to apply some point of Scriptural counsel.

MH: Madelyn, I am feeling a little discouraged, I don't think I will be able to apply what I am learning here. It seems impossible to live by, specially being mild-tempered. MS: Monica I know how challenging that can be. Why don't we go to the Bible and read Matthew 5:5, to find out what it means to be mild-tempered. You may read it, and then we will analyze this verse in particular. MH: Read MT 5:5 ³Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth. MS: To be mild-tempered is to exercise gentleness in conduct or action, not being harsh or unfeeling. In the little time I know you; you come across a gentle and caring person. It is not easy to be mild-tempered now a days, and it wasn't in Bible times either. As a matter of fact, the Bible contains examples of God's servants who were challenged as well. MH: I didn't know that. MS: Let's consider one account. While David was hiding as a fugitive, from his enemy Saul, the king of Israel, David and his men often guarded and protected the Israelites. One man who received protection was Nabal. Nabal was harsh and bad in his practices. Let's read what happened when David's men needed provisions and the asked Nabal for some food. 1 Samuel 25:10,11- Monica. MS: How do you think David felt by Nabal's attitude?

Now let's read the outcome. Abigail intervened. What effect do you think had on David and Abigail? MH: It brought both of them happiness and unnecessary violence and loss of lives. Nabal sent them away empty-handed. Abigail's actions turned back David's anger. Monica. lets continue to read verses 12 & 13. She apologized for her husband's conduct and humbly begged David to spare innocent lives. instead of showing gratitude for the protection David and his men provided. . She greeted David with generous gifts of food and drink. We will improve our relationship with others. mind and spirit. MS: David became angry. This made David come to his senses. and Monica we know that Jehovah will help us develop this quality. MH: After reading this account it does seem impossible. in many cases "an answer when mild can turn away the rage of others.MH: I think David was understandably angry. setting an example for us. and ordered his men "Gird on everyone his sword" they were on their way to kill Nabal. have good friends and happiness now and in paradise. MS: Yes Monica we can clearly see how his mild-temper was being put to the test. MS: Read verse 18 the verse 25 MS: Monica. Let¶s continue with our study then. MS: That¶s right. Some of the positive benefits we will have if we develop this quality are that we will have a calm heart. In the account we just read David changed his hot-temper to a mild one.

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