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WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION Dallas COUNTY, TEXAS Dallas, Texas Tneident & [057701-2020 Br Felony w IDA: ‘Arrest C1 Misdemeanor Warrant Number @): Charge: | Murder Suspect | Bail Amount $ G) In the name of the State of Texas to any Sheriff or other Peace Officer of the state of Texas—- Greetings: ‘You are here by commanded to take the body of: (# Christopher Davis hereinafter called the accused, and him safely keep so that he may be dealt with according to law, and to hold the accused to answer to the State of Texas for an offense against the laws of the said State, namely: (5) Murder 19.02, F/L of which felony offense he is accused by written complaint, made under oath that has been presented to me and that is by this reference incorporated herein for all purposes. . © ues 2 7 2020 I Witness my signature this day of 220 I A Opt tlic. F2075624 Cue ok CA Gigoepaties Dallas County, Texas ADMINISTRATIVE. DATA ALL BLANKS MUST BE COMPLETED OR INDICATE “UNKNOWN” (@ Siate of Texas vs. [ Christopher Davis (O) Arrest Status: [ At Larae (iojRace: [B_ | (Sex:a1 | u2D0B ip 6s" [dawe [310 [Cs Hair [Bald | (16) Eyes: | Bro (7) Residence Address: (Qo) Business Address: (@ip Business Name (@2) Complainant: _[ Clarence Ross G3) Daie of Offense: | 03720 ‘Arzest Warrant Issuedto: —_ [ DPD/DSO (18) Driver's License # [a9 State FEES @5) $4.00 $2.00 $2.00 $6.00 s s TOTAL. s RETURN G6) CAME TO HAND THE day of + AD. 20 1 and executed the day of \A.D. 20 ___, by arresting and detaining above named and accused and BY: STATE OF TEXAS AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT COUNTY OF Dallas BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared the undersigned affiant who, after being duly sworn by me, on oath stated: My name is Seott Savers #7187 and I am a peace officer of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. 1, the affiant, have good reason and do believe that on or about the 27 day of Mareh, 20 20, ‘one (name of suspect) Christopher Davis. did then and there in the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas commit the offense of Murder, a violation of Section 19.02 of the Texas Penal code , a F/1 Affiant’s belief is based upon the following facts and information which Affiant received from: [XJ Affiant’s personal investigation of this alleged offense. oO , a fellow peace officer of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, who personally participated in the investigation of this alleged offense, providing this information to Affiant, and whose information Affiant believes to be credible. On March 27, 2020 at approximately 9:03 am Suspect Christopher Davis committed Murder when he beat the complainant Clarence Ross to death by hitting him to the head several times causing his death at 7023 Red Bud Dr. Dallas, Dallas County, Texas 75227. Complainant Ross and Suspect Davis are co-workers and have known each other for 6 years and while at the location they got into a verbal argument and started to physically fight each other. According to several eye witnesses who gave statements saying the suspect knocked the complanant to the ground and the complainant was unconscious. The Witnesses stated that the Suspect continued to punch the complainant to the head even after the complainant lost conesciousness. The Witnesses pulled the suspect off of the complainant and the suspect broke free and went and started to continue to hit the complainant again and kicked the complainant. The suspect fled the scene and went back to his job site and washed the blood off of himself and then drove home. The suspect was contacted by DPD Sgt. Cordes #8256 who arranged for the suspect to come in voluntarily. The suspect was interviewed by Detective Sayets afier he was read his Miranda Warning and voluntarily waived his rights and agreed to speak about this offense. The Suspect admitted to assaulting the complainant which caused the death of the complainant. STATE OF JEXAS AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT COUNTY OF Dallas | WHEREFORE, Affiant requests that an arrest warrant be issued for the above accused individual in accordance with the law. peti ‘Magistrate oF Judge, in and for Dallas County, Texas TANT SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME on the day of tio 2 7 909) 20 MAGISTRATE'S or JUDGE'S DETERMINATION OF PROBABLE CAUSE MAR 2 i] On this the___ day of 20 There by acksiowledge that (have examined the foregoing affidavit and have determined that probable cause exists forte issuance of Nilo ae arest waar forthe nid cused hee agi of ge and or alas Cou, Tes Comtnuaion: Christopher Davis, 08701-2020