How children are socialized today determines the destiny of society.

Unfortunately; we have not yet learned how to raise children who can help bring about a better society. Author claims that the pattern of socialization of children shapes the future of the society. He adds to it and claims that people have yet to understand this essential art of bringing up the child for the better society in the near future. The author seems to be rigid in his mindset. I feel that many societies have exemplified the successful pattern of bringing up their young generation to a better and a responsible citizen, which has contributed to large extent to the society where they settled. The first sentence of the statement is also restrictive because the destiny of society is determined by many things including the children. The destiny of society can not be solely determined by the children. Some of the responsible factors are the cultural, economical, political trends that a particular society faces. The influence of the migration has to be accounted here. The culture of any society undergoes change as the society passes the trends as mentioned above. The cosmopolitan like New York, Mumbai and Tokyo has been undergoing tremendous change in accordance with the parallel economic ups and downs. The Hippy culture that has boomed in 70’s in India has been responsible for the future moral and cultural turmoil. The Japan has witnessed a 360 degree turn and an unexpected change after the Second World War. The destiny of these societies has been shaped by an unexpected phenomenon. Coming to the second sentence of the statement; it can be seen that the traditional values that are practiced by some of the societies of the Africa, India have best pattern to bring up their children. One of the African languages has a proverb which says that, it takes a village to raise a child. Such system of village has been preserved by these societies. The joint family system which is the core of many Indian families has brought up their children so well which has provided the necessary social security to them. This has surely provided a better society. However it can not be denied that children who are socially well brought up have shaped the society in much better way. This has been exemplified by many leaders, scientists and thinkers. They have attributed the cause of their well being to the way they have been nurtured in their childhood. Similarly, the children who are brought up in the remand homes are more inclined to become criminals. Many terrorists were abused in their childhood. Thus it needs to be understood that the children do not entirely affect the society’s destiny. There are other factors as well. Similarly, there are some societies that have evolved the ideal pattern to bring up their children. These patterns should be studied by the sociologists and the psychologists so that it could be replicated in the places where it is badly required.

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