High school: you have you the popular crowd, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the ne rds, the

goths, the punks, the bad asses, the rebels, geeks, gleeks, the outcast es, the teachers pets, the goody goodies, the drugies, the preps, the emos, and etcetera, etcetera. We all heard stories about high school and how scary it is, but that’s all a lie. It’s a thousand times worst. High school has to be the scariest time for anyone. The cheerleaders are the queens we bow down to. The jocks are the gods we prey t o. The popular crowds are the heroes we look up to. But why do we do that? After high school, no one will remember you. We’ll look bac k at the things we did and worried over in our high school years and laugh or cr y. My mom says, “High school is just a part of growing up, you’ll learn to love it. You’r e just going through a phase. You’ll have so much fun in high school, you’ll see.” Bull shit! But I’m just a little middle schooler, what do I know? I wish there was a guide on how to survive high school and all the drama that co mes a head. High school changes people for the better or for the worst. I, sadly, had it all. The drama, the bad times, and very few good times. I was just an only child, I had no older siblings to tell me about the high scho ol dos and the high school don’ts. And no one told me I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with the hot senior. Chapter 2 With my hands in my pockets and my hood over my head, I made my way to my new sc hool. High school. Walking to school is better than the bus and is not as embarrassing to have your mommy or daddy drop you off. So I rather walk the three blocks. As I walked up the hill I saw the school, peaking out from the top. The higher I got on the hill the closer I got. My stomach stared to do flips and my palms got sweaty. I walked up to the school and looked up at it. This is high school, I thought. The living hell that I forced to go to everyday. The place where everything happens and where people change. I looked around and I saw all the clicks and groups already. To my left were the jocks, the popular crowd and cheerleaders, all together talk ing and flirting. To my right were the emos, goths, punks, and bad asses. At the top of the school were the skaters, the goody goodies and the preps. Behind me were the classes clowns and“Alexandra!” I heard a voice yell. I turned around to see my best friend Carey. Carey Bloom, my best friend since third grade. She was the new girl and I had to show her around. As Carey walked up to me, I realized that she looked different, she looked prett ier. Carey normally has long bushy curly brown hair, with bushy eyebrows that covered her black eyes. She also wore thick framed glasses that covered her eyes even m ore. She never wore make up or cared about how she looked. The Carey that was walking up to looked complete different. She about mid back s traight brown hair with highlights, she wasn’t wearing glasses and her eyebrows we ren’t bushy. She was wearing a lot of make up and very short skit and a tee shirt. “Carey?” I asked as she walked next to me. “The one and only” she gave me a hug. “You look…different”

“I know, I went to visit my grandparent over the summer and they gave me a make ov er,”. I nodded my head. I didn’t really care. “So,” she said facing the school. “This is Westridge High School the home of the Bears . I still can’t believe we’re freshman, I mean, wow!” she said as we began to walk up the steps. I pulled out the small yellow card from my pocket. It had my homeroom number and teacher on it. “Who’s your homeroom teacher?” she asked. “Mr. Dale in room 108,” I said. “Sweet, we have the same teacher!” she linked arms with me and headed to where we th ought room 108 was. On our way there we got lost of stares, well, Carey got lots for stares. I felt so plain next to her. I had short black hair that sat on my shoulder and green eyes. I wasn’t too pale b ut I wasn’t too tan. I was plain and normal, just the way I liked it. We headed toward the freshman hall way. All the lockers had ‘you suck’ or ‘fresh meat’ or ‘freshman suck’ written on them. I saw a group of freshman get jumped by seniors as I listen to Carey babble on a nd on about her summer. “Oh, I almost forgot to let you, I’m going to tryout for cheerleading,” What?!? “You should tryout too, it would so much fun and we’ll see each other more. I’m so exc ited!” “Um, Carey, I don’t want to be a cheerleader,” I said. “Oh,” she said then started to talk about cheerleading. I started to tune her out. She was changing, I knew she was. We found our homeroom with out being attacked by seniors. We walked into the classroom, which was already filled with students. They were looking for their names on a folded piece of paper. Carey and I looked for our names together. She was in the front of the classroom and I was in the back. The bell rang and the teacher stood up behind the desk. **** Carey and I only had two classes together. I managed to find my classes without getting lost or jumped. My teachers all had me sit in the back of the room. I think they were going alphabetically. It was now lunch time and I was heading for the cafeteria. “Alex!” I heard Carey call for me. I turned around. “Hey,” “Listen, cheerleading tryouts are at lunch and I have to sit with the rest of the girls,” “Oh,” I simple said. “I know, I’m sorry,” “It’s okay, good luck,” “Thank you,” she gave me a hug and ran off. I walked into the cafeteria and got into the long line of people. I found an empty table and sat a lone. I looked around the room at all the clicks and groups. Then I realized something; I am my own group. The Alex Oz group. **** It was the last period of the day and I asked my teacher if I could go to the ba throom. I took a chance by going to the bathroom alone. There could be seniors anywhere ready to jump little freshman. I was almost to the bathroom and I was unharmed.

I turned the corner. Chapter 3 I was attacked with silly string. I heard teenaged boys laughing at my lame attempt to try to shield myself from t he silly string. “Hold fire” I heard one of them say laughing. I removed the string off my face so I could see the jerks that did this. I looked up at the jerk and he laughed at me. “How’s the weather down there, little freshman?” he asked in a mocking tone. “Better than up there,” I said back. His joking eyes turned into dark cold scary ones. “I think this fresh meat wants s ome more,” he said shaking up the can of silly string. His sidekicks started to spray me again. I hate high school! They stopped shortly after. “Damn it” he mumbled. “What ran out?” I asked taking the string off of me. “Shut up” he snapped at me. “Just watch your back little freshman,” he said walking away with his sidekicks. “Whatever you say jerk,” I mumbled. I guess I was loud because he heard me and stopp ed. He turned around slowly. “What did you say?” “Nothing” “I didn’t think you said nothing, because I heard something,” he said coming over to m e. He was now towering over me, glaring at me. “You know what? You’re gonna get it twice as bad little freshman. So if I were you I would be watching my back,” and with that he walked away. I suddenly didn’t have to pee anymore. **** Once I got home I changed into my running gear. After my run I came home and made some cupcakes. I normally did this when I had a bad day. And today was a very bad day. Carey completely changed over the summer. She thinks she’s so popular now that she’s ‘pretty’. She barely talked to me all day. And on top of that the jerks that silly stringed me are probably going to prank me again tomorrow. I tried now to let it bother me, but it did. Just the high school drama I didn’t want. I cleaned the house as I waited for the cupcakes to bake. **** I was mindlessly filling through the channels after I finished eating about half the cupcakes. The front door opened and my mom walked in. “Hello honey,” she said. Then she asked the dreaded question. “How was school?” I rolled my eyes and sighed. “It was lovely” I said sarcastically. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked. “No mother,” I said walking up to my room. ***** The next day I walked to school, I tried to avoid everyone. Even Carey. “Alex!” she yelled for me from down the hall. I turned around and gave her a fake smile. “Hey,” “Guess what?!” she screamed “The world is ending?” “I made the cheerleading team” she said jumping up and down. “Yay” I said emotionlessly.

I really didn’t care if she made it or not. “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been grumpy all of yesterday and now today,” “I know, I’m sorry. I just don’t like high school,” “Well, I love it! The guys are hot and they’re checking me out. The classes are easy , the teachers are nice, and the people are great and I haven’t gotten pick on or attacked by seniors,” she said smiling. “Lucky you,” I mumbled walking away. “Aw, come on, it will get better. Oh! I have to go!” she said walking toward her new friends. She walked passed The Jerk and his sidekicks. She smiled flirty at them. They wi nked at her and watched her leave. I rolled my eyes and continued walking. I realized that I had to walk the same way. I would have gone a different way bu t, I don’t know the school that well and didn’t want to get lost. So I took my chances. I tried to blend in with the crowd and not make eye contact with them. I walked passed them unharmed. I spoke to soon. I felt someone bump into me and knock my books down along with my book bag. I looked up and saw The Jerk and his sidekicks smirking at me. I glared at them and watched them walk away. I picked up my stuff and walked to my class. I sat down in my seat and took out the forms that needed to be signed by my pare nts. I thought mindlessly about random things that flowed into my head. Then The Jerk flowed in. He was tall maybe six something, he had green eyes and long black hair that stop s at his neck and covers his forehead down to his eyebrows. I could tell he was muscular and was a jock popular person. He also gave off the impression that he could as so be a bad boy. He confused me and he annoyed me. But unfortunately he was really good looking. The teacher walled in and started class. **** Through out the day The Jerk kept on bumping into me, tripping me, dropping my s tuff and sprayed me with silly string. He even told his friends to go after me. I tried to ignore them, but my temper was rising. After school, I did the same thing as yesterday. Go for a jog, bake cookies, clean the house, and watch mindless T.V. *** The week went by with the same routine. Carey stopped talking to me completely. She used to wave to me in the hall way, but now, it’s nothing. I’m nothing. I haven’t made one friend since the first day of school. The Jerk and his friends still torturer me. My locker is always vandalized, I’m always tripped or get sprayed with something. They even get me on my way home. I was on my way to my locker on a sunny Tuesday morning. I was shocked to see no writing on it. Maybe the jerks grow up and moved on with their lives. I opened my locker and…. Chapter 4 I opened my locker and a water balloon was shot in my face. My face stung were the water balloon hit it. My entire face was wet. How foolish of me to think that The Jerk and his friends have grown up. Very foolish if you ask me. I could hear other the giggling of the students that walked by and saw what happ ened.

“I have had it!” I said through clenched teeth as I slammed my locker shut. I stormed over to The Jerks locker. Just like I hope he was there, with his group of sidekicks. One of them saw me and nudged him with his elbow, smirking at me. The Jerk looked up and smiled at me. “Why hello there, little miss freshman. Why are you all wet?” he said sarcastically. “Don’t start with me, you asshole! Why do you hate me so much? And how did you get i nto my locker?” “It wasn’t hard since you never lock it and I saw you put your books in it,” he said s imply. “So, you’re an asshole and a stalker?” I asked. He narrowed his eyes at me. “No, I just like making you life a living hell. You ha ve no friends, no one notices you, and you a freshman. You’re the perfect target,” I put my hands on my hips. “No, I’m not. I don’t take crap from people, you mess with the bulls you get the horns. You just started a fire that you can’t put out. Get r eady for the war,” He smirked at me. “Bring it on little girl,” We were now in each others faces, now. “World War Three has already started,” and with that I turned around and walked way. The Jerk better watch his back. ***** All day it has been prank after prank after prank. I have been glued to my seat, wet, tripped, knocked over and etcetera. This is getting frustrating. I haven’t pranked him once. But he has embarrassed me on more than once. I was in my free period, which is in the library, thinking about ways to get him back. I got frustrated with myself and got up from my table. Maybe this library has a book on how to get even with an asshole. I walked around the library looking at books mindlessly. I just need to wonder around. I heard a thud coming from the back of the library. I walked back there to see if everything was okay. As I got closer to were the thud came from I heard moaning. Now I’m curious, what could possibly be happening. I heard the moaning getting louder. I kept on walking until I stopped dead in the tracks, shocked and disgusted. Carey and The Jerk were kissing, but it was more like hard core making out. I almost gagged when I heard him moan. I walked away and sat back down in my seat. I decided my next move. Get to know your enemy. **** I watched The Jerk very closely all week. Everything he eat, he did, his classes, his schedule everything. Even his friend s and the girls he kissed. I even figured out where he lives and what car he drives. His last name is Johnson and he’s the caption of the basketball team, the football team, the track team, and the swim team. He goes through girls like tissues and he’s a jerk. In the past week I saw him kiss about ten girls. It’s gross. But I think I know Mr. Johnson enough to finally even the playing field. **** It’s now five thirty on a Thursday morning. I tip toed around my house and got ready for school. This is phase one in my master plan. I loosely curled my hair and pulled it in a ponytail and covered it with a hat. I dressed up like a boy and packed my bag with ‘The Stuff” and a change of clothes. I walked up to the school. Just as I hoped his car was there along with a few ot hers.

I quickly walked towards the gym. I found his locker and it was unlocked. Perfect! Everything was going as planed. I took off my hat and got straight to work. I cut whole in his pants and wrote ‘I’m gay’ on the back of his pants. I stole his shirt and replaced it was a pink ‘I recycle boys shirt’. It was too tigh t for me, so it must be really tight for him. I smiled at myself. Phase two was done. I closed his locker. “What are you doing?” Oh shit!!! Chapter 5 I slowly turned around and faced a wet body. A wet hot six pack body. I blinked a few times and looked up. Thankfully it wasn’t The Jerk but it was a guy equally hot. He had beautiful hazel eyes and light brown skin. He had a slight beard coming i n and had an earring in his left ear. I also spotted a tattoo on his arm; it was a pattern that went around his muscular arm. “Hello?” he asked waving his hand in my face. I blinked. “Sorry, I’m…um…bye” I said jumping up grabbing my stuff. I ran out of the locker room and went straight into the girls’ bathroom. I pressed my back against the wall and I tried to catch my breath. That was a close one. I walked into one of the stalls and got ready for phase three. I put on a short skirt and a tank top. This isn’t what I would usually wear, but, it’s all apart of the plan. I walked out of the stall and put on my make up and fixed my hair. Before I left and looked in the mirror. I looked like one of the girls that The Jerk kisses everyday. Good I thought to myself. I checked my cell phone for the time. Seven sixteen. I walked to my locker and got ready for my classes. “Hello again” I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around to see the guy from the locker room. My eyes grew wide and I licked my lips nervously. “Hi” He smiled warmly at me. “I’m Travis” he said. “Alexandra…or Alex” I stuttered. “Nice to meet you Alex. Do you want to tell me why you were in the boys’ locker room ?” he asked. “I got lost?” I tried. “Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. Let’s take a walk” he said putting his hands in his p ockets. I sighed. I knew I wasn’t going to win so I closed my locker and walked with him. “So, are you going to tell me?” he tried again. “It’s a long story” I said “We have about an hour” he said smiling at me. I told Travis the whole story. I told him about all the crap The Jerk has done t o me the past two weeks. I told me about my plan, which explains why I was in th e boys’ locker room. He nodded his head understandingly. “So, you were stalking him to get back at him?” “Not stalking I was observing him. You have to know you enemy before you attack,” “Who is the guy anyway?” he asked. “I don’t know his name, but his last name is Johnson,” Travis thought for a moment. “Is he the caption of the basketball team?” he asked. “Yeah, you know him?” He nodded his head. “His name is Finn- wait, you must be the little freshman he ca n’s stand” “He talks about me?” “Yeah, all the time,” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Why?”

He stopped walking and looked at me with a surprised look on his face. He looks me up and down. “What?” I asked again. “Nothing,” he said walking again. “So, tell me about yourself,” I shrugged my shoulders. “What do you want to know?” I asked. “I’m pretty plain” I said. He laughed. “You’re not plain, but you are very pretty. Just tell me anything” he said . I blushed and looked away from him. “Um, I live with my mom and my dad. I’m an only child and I’m a loner. What about you?” “Well, I’m Travis Lee a junior so that make me sixteen. I live with my older brother and his room mate. I’m a straight ‘A’ student and I want to be a doctor,” he smiled at me. “Wow,” He smiled as he nodded his head. “Tell me more about you” “Okay, I’m also a straight ‘A’ student, I’m fourteen and I want to be a…um…I don’t know yet ghed. He laughed with me. “That’s cool,” he said as we walked back into the school. “Do you play any sports?” he asked me “No, I lack hand eye coordination. But I am good with a paint brush” “Nice” “Thanks, what about you, you play any sports?” “Yeah, I’m co caption with Finn” “I feel bad for you” I mumbled He laughed. “Finn’s not such a bad guy” I raised an eyebrow at him and he laughed at me. “Well Alex, I got to go to my locker before school starts,” “Okay,” “I’ll see you around?” “Yeah,” I smiled at him He smiled warmly back and walked to his locker. I watched him leave and walked to my locker as well. As I walked to my locker, teens started to pill in the hallway. I was at my locker trying to avoid the stares I was getting, when it closed sudd enly. I yelped and jumped back and looked over at the person. It was The Jerk. I bit my lips to try and stop my self from laughing. The pink ‘I recycle boys’ shirt was way to tight for him and was way to short, it wa s a litter higher than his belly button. His pants had wholes all over them. He also looked beyond pissed. “Hello there Finny, I like your new look” I said smiling. He just glared at me, if looks could kill, I would be dead. “Give me back my shirt, now” he said slowly. “No” I said walking away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to face him. “Give me back me damn shirt” he said again. “No” He let go of me and walked away. I watched him walk away and laughed, the ‘I’m gay’ is right on his butt for the whole school to see. ***** Somewhere in the day Finn found some cloths to change back into. He glared at me every time he saw me. I also noticed that he was checking me out a little. Travis and I sat together during lunch and talked about nothing in particular. I finally had a friend! He walked me to class after lunch. During class my phone vibrated in my pocket. I slowly lipped it out and flipped it open. It was an unknown caller. Who could that be? I let it ring, if it was important they would leave a message.

My phone vibrated again and this time it was a texted from an unknown caller. I opened the text and read it. Unknown caller: It’s Finn Alex: How did you get my number, stalker?” Unknown caller: Carey gave it to me Wonderful I thought. Alex: Why are you texting me? Unknown caller: because I’m trying to get you in trouble Alex: Good bye, Finny “Ms. Oz, are you texting in my class?” my Spanish teacher Mrs. West asked me. “No,” I said slipping my phone into my pocket. “Are you lying to me?” she asked “No,” I lied again “You are, give me the phone” she said holding out her hand “But Mrs. West-” “Don’t talk back” “But-” “Detention!” she yelled at me. “That’s not-” “The principal’s office now” she said pointing to the door. I rolled my eyes as I got up and walked out the door. Stupid Finn. I saw him come out of his class too, with a satisfied look on his face. He saw me and he smiled. “Just like I hoped” he smiled. “I really don’t like you” “I really don’t care” he said taking out his phone and began to text someone. I quickly grabbed the phone and ran down the hallway. “Hey!” he yelled after me. I heard his footsteps behind me coming closer and closer. He grabbed my writs and turned me around to face him. “Give me back my phone” he said. “Nah” I said “Yes” “Fine. You want it? Come and get it” I said shoving it down my shirt. “I will, but it would be easier if you just gave it to me” “No,” He shoved me against the lockers. “Give me the damn phone” “No” “Then I’ll get it” he slipped his hand under my shirt and slowly made his way up my st omach. “Don’t you dare!” I said He smirked at me as he went higher and higher. He stared into my eyes. His slowly came back down and circled my belly button. “Just give me my phone, Alex” “How do you know my name?” “Carey” I should have known. “My phone?” “No” He trailed up my stomach again. I saw him look at me lips for a moment. I gave him a sly smile and moved my hands up his tone chest. He gave me a confused look, but I just smiled at him. My hands roamed his chest; I could tell he was enjoying it. He clenched and unclenched his teeth and closed his eyes. I moved closer to him and moved one of my hands to his hair. I laced it through my fingers and gave him a flirty smile. He licked his lips then bit his lower lip. He was leaning in a little and I followed, then. I kneed him in the balls. “That’s for all the crap you put me through” I said as I ran

down the hall towards the principal’s office. Chapter 6 I managed to stand up after Alex kneed me in the balls. I don’t know why girls do that. I also didn’t understand how she managed to turn me on like that. I knew she was pretty, but I had no idea how hot – I mean – mildly attractive she wa s. I walked to my next class and realized that she still had my phone. “Ugh” I sighed. Alexandra’s Point Of View As I walked to the office the bell rang. So I headed toward my last period class of the day. On my way there I took out Finn’s phone. What should I do with it. Should I ‘accidentally’ drop it in the toilet or should I put honey on it. I know! I’ll delete all of his contacts. I smiled to myself as I started to delete everything. ***** The bell rang for school to be over, but for me it wasn’t over. I had two more hours of hell. I walked over to my locker slowly and took out what I needed and put in what I d idn’t. I saw Carey and Finn walk by together. Finn had his arm around her waist. They stopped at her locker and started to kiss each other. It was gross. “Hey, Alex” I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around to see Travis. I smiled at him and he smiled back. “Hey,” I said “Do you want a ride home?” he asked putting his hands in his pockets. “I would, but, stupid Finn got me a detention” I said closing my locker. “Okay” he said, he looked disappointed. “But, you can walk me there. I don’t know where it is” “Okay,” he said smiling again. Travis walked me to the detention room and wished me good luck. I walked in the large empty room. Now on was there, just me. I sat down and took out my homework. As I took out my math homework, Finn walked in. “What are you doing here?” I asked him “I got detention, duh,” he said walking over to me. “Now, can I please have my phone?” A smile went across my face. “Sure” I said as I slid it out of my pocket. He smiled and grabbed it out of my hands. “I missed you so much, did the mean girl hurt you?” he whispered in a baby voice. I rolled my eyes. “Really?” “Yeah, this is my baby, my life, my everything” he said turning it on. I went back to my work, waiting for him to realize that… “What did you do?!” he yelled at me. “Hm?” I asked “Why would…how could…really? You deleted all my contacts” “I did?” I grabbed his phone and looked at his blank contact list. “Well look at that, I did. My bad” I said going back to my homework. He snatched my homework off my desk and lifted it in the air. “Give it back” I said. “No” he said walking away from me. He took out his pencil and began erasing my answers.

I raced over to him. “Stop!” I said as I tried to get my homework back. He lifted it higher in the air. “Stop what?” I rolled my eyes. “Ugh, fine here” he said throwing the paper on the floor. I picked it up and walked back over to my chair. I sat down and quickly jumped back up. “Ow!” I said grabbing my butt. Finn started to laugh so hard he fell on the floor. I looked at the seat of my chair and there was a tack there. “You’re a jerk!” I said stomping away. “Are you okay?” he asked sitting up. “Yeah, I’m fine” “Come here” he said. I raised an eye brow at him. “No” “Just come here” I walked over to him slowly. “Turn around” I did what he said and turned around. Finn smacked my butt. “You’ll be okay” I turned around at Finn ready to yell at him, but he pulled me down to the floor , with him, and got on top of me. “What are you doing? Get off of me” I yelled in his face. He simply smirked at me and trailed his hand up my leg, my bare leg. I felt a chill as his warm hand worked their way up my leg. His hand stopped at my waist. Finn sneaked both of his hands behind me as he pla ced his head between my neck. His warm breath tickled my neck. I hate to admit it but, I was really turned on by this. I didn’t want it to stop. Finn had me in this weird trance. He rubbed my back slowly as his other hand grabbed my butt. “Finn!” I yelled startled. He laughed and looked me in the eyes. He put me right back in my trace again. He smirked at me, like he knew what he was doing. He quickly got off of me and sat down in a seat. Right on cue the teacher walked in. “What are you doing on the floor?” she asked me. “I fell, but I’m okay” I said getting up. “Good. Now! There will be no talking aloud” she said as she sat down at the front de sk. I picked up my stuff and walked to the back of the class room. I needed to be as far away as Finn as possible. **** Two hours of detention with Finn was torture. When our time was up, I ran out of the school, like it was on fire. I raced to my house and quickly changed into my sports gear. I ran to the woods area of the park. I had my music up loud to block out the world. Finn gets me so mad and so confused at the same time. He was trying to seduce me, like I did to him. And it worked. So, now I have to even the playing field again. He will not win the … my thoughts were cut short when I ran into a muscular chest. Chapter 7 We fell over having me on top of him. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. Are you okay?” I said in a hush. “It’s okay,” he said. I finally looked at him and it was Travis. “Travis?” “Alex? What are you doing here?” “I was going for a run” “Same. Are you okay?” “Yeah, thanks” “Um,”

“Yeah?” “Do you mind getting off of me?” “Oh, sorry yeah,” I said getting up. “Thanks” Travis said getting up. “You got to see me topless twice in one day, your pri vileged,” he said I giggled and shook my head. “Of course I am” “How was detention?” “Hell” “Oh, that great?” “Finn is such an ass! He is so mean to me! The boy needs a hobby!” Travis chuckled as I continued to complain about stupid Finn. Travis listened to me, he was a great listener. We jogged together until we reached the park again. We continued to walk a little, until Travis stopped walking. He looked at me nervously. “Can I do something?” “Um, sure?” “Just stay still,” he said putting him hand on my cheek. He rubbed it slowly with his thumb and leaned. I froze, but slowly felt myself leaning in as well. Our lips touched and a shock of something rush through me. It was something I never felt before. Travis pulled away a little. I brought my lips to his again. I loved that feelin g that rushed through me. Travis moved his lips and I followed him. My arms wrapped around his neck and he pulled my closer as he wrapped his arms a round my waist. He pulled away shortly after. “I got to go” he said, he walked over to the other side of the park. I was still in shock. After about a minute I went home. **** Friday came and it was time to step up my game. So far Finn is winning. I got dressed in what I would usually would wear to school. I walked the three blocks to the school of hell. I saw Carey flirting with some guy. She looked over at me and rolled her eyes. I walked to my locker, it was vandalized like always. I took out my books and put in the ones I didn’t need. I closed my locker and Travis was there. He was leaning against a locker. “Hey” “Hey” I said. “So, what’s your plan for Fin?” “I don’t know yet,” “He’s planning something,” “Really?” I asked raising an eyebrow. “What?” “I don’t know,” “Lovely” “Yeah. I’ll walk you to class,” I smiled at him as he wrapped him arm around my waist. I haven’t seen Finn all day, but yet I felt as though he was watching me. I felt watched, all day. After lunch I walked in the hallway to my locker. On my locker door there was a flyer. When I got closer to it I realize that it was me when I was in the sixth grade. My sixth grade year wasn’t my best. I was a mess. My cheeks turned red. This was Carey and Finn’s doing. I was Finn walk by me.

“Hey jack ass, can’t fight your own battles. You need other people to help you?” He stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around and glared at me. “Listen Freshman , I can fight anything on my own,” “Then prove it!” “I will” “Good!” “Good!” “Great!” “Fan- freaking-tastic” We turned around and walked away. “Ha!” Finn called over his shoulder. “I got the last word!” “Damn it” I mumbled as I kept walking. I torn down any pictures of me, I saw Travis doing the same. I love that boy! The day was almost over, I had two more classes. I was walking out of the locker room when a huge bucket of water falls on my hea d. I screamed as I heard Finn’s laughter. “Jerk!” I said “Chill, kid, I have some clothes for you” he smiled. I grabbed the bag and headed to the closet bathroom. I took out the clothes and I was disgusted. “Hell nah!” I put them on anyway and looked in the mirror. “Hell! Nah!” The shorts were way too short and the shirt doesn’t deserve to be called a shirt. I poked my head out hoping to see Travis, but no luck. I didn’t have his number in my phone. I grabbed my clothes and walked to my next class. I hoped Travis would be somewhere. No luck, I walked into my next class and all eyes fell on me. The girls gave me looks and the boys just stared at me. I quickly sat down and got straight to work. It was the longest period ever. I’m going to kill Finn. I rushed out of the class room and went to Finn. “Yo jack ass!” Finn turned around and his eyes almost popped out of his head. “You must think you’re really funny. I’m not laughing!” “What?” “This stupid out fit I’m forced to wear,” “You talk so much” “Whatever, ass” “Al” “Don’t call me Al, Finny” “Don’t call me Finny, Al” “Okay, how about shit bag” “Rats ass” “Dumb ass” “Hag” “Troll” “Bag boy” “Lint licker” “Pee drinker” “Butt smeller” “Female dog” “Family dentist” “Benedict Arnold” “King George” “Leggos” “Man whore” “Wanna be whore”

“Girly girl” “Gay” “Lesbian” “Banana” “Apple” “Popsicle” “Grr!” I said in fustian. “Mad I won?” “No! I’m pissed!” “You can’t win, Al” I kneed him in the balls again, well it was the below the hips, but either way h e dent over in pain. I walked away swinging my hips, to tease him a little. I saw Travis and tried to run over to him. “Do you have a sweatshirt or something?” I asked. His mouth dropped open when he saw me but he quickly too off his sweat jacket an d gave it to me. “What happen?” “Finn. Can I have you number?” “Yeah,” he took out his phone and I did the same. I gave him my phone and he gave me his. I put in my number in his phone. After we both got our phones back Travis walked me to class. **** I walked home and headed straight to my room. I changed out of my clothes and took a long shower. Finn’s Point Of View My mom wanted me to join her in her house search. She wanted to move to a nice house or something like that. I didn’t care. All I could think about it how…mildly attractive Alex looked and my sore lower are a. That girl is going to make me not be able to have kids. My mom, the real estate agent and I walked into the next house. It was a good size for a family of five. I wondered up stairs and into one of the rooms. I walked over to the window. I could see the house across the street. There was a pretty hot girl next door in her room changing. I couldn’t help but stare, her body was amazing. She was only in her underwear. She looked over at me and froze. Chapter 8 I looked over to the house across the street and saw a boy staring at me. I wasn’t wearing anything, just my underwear. I jumped to the floor and army crawled to my clothes. I quickly put on my pants and a tee shirt. I stood up and the boy was gone. Weirdo. How did he even get in the house? It has been empty since Mr. Mellor passed away . I looked out the window and saw three people get in a car that was out side the house. I watched the car drive way, then headed down stairs. I was in the kitchen baking way, when my phone rang. “Hello?” I asked. “Hey Alex, it’s Travis” “Hey,” I said smiling. “What’s up?”

“Nothing, I wanted to ask you something” “Yes?” “Do you want to go to the Little Café with me?” “The Little Café?” “Yeah, you never heard of it?” I laughed. “No” “Well, once again, you’re privileged. Do you want to go?” “Yeah, what time?” “Around eight” “Okay,” “Cool, see ya” we hung up the phone and I did a little dance. I was going on my firs t date with Travis. Did I mention I love that boy? My mom walked in the door shortly after and asked my one hundred and one questio ns about my day. When my baked goods were done I decorated then to make then look good. “Alexandra, what about you dinner?” my mom asked. I shrugged my shoulders as I put the icing on the cupcakes. “I forgot to tell you, a friend of mine is talking me to a place call the Little Café” “When?” “Tonight at eight” “Who’s the friend?” “Travis Lee” “Ooo, Travis Lee, that’s a sexy name. What do you kids say, is it smexy?” “Ugh, mom, please don’t do that or say that. Travis and I are just friends,” “Okay, just have fun, but not too much fun,” she winked. “Ugh” I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs to get ready. At eight I was ready for my date with Travis. He rang the door bell and my mother made it to the door faster than I did. “Hello, you must be Travis” my mom said. “Hello, Mrs. Oz, how are you?” “Good-” I cut my mom off. “Hey Travis, lets go. We’ll be back before eleven thirty,” “Okay,” my mom called as I closed the door. “Sorry about that,” “It’s cool, your mom’s really nice,” “So, where is the Little Café?” “You’ll see,” Travis opened the car door for me. “Thank you,” I said getting inside the car. Travis closed the door and got in the drivers side of the car. We talked as Travis drove us to the Little Café. We parked in front of a small building with a small light above it bright enough to see the place and see where you’re going. It had a European style to it. Travis led me into the Little Café. “This is a place were teens just hang out,” he said to me. “Why is it called Little Café?” “Because, in the morning it is a café, but I night it’s like a club,” “Oh” There were people everywhere dancing around. Travis and I joined them. After a while we got thirsty and went over to the stools. “Justin” Travis said as we sat down. “Yeah man?” “Two apple ice teas” “Sure bro, who’s the chick?” “This is the girl I was tell you about, Alex” He raised an eye brow at me. “You’re Alex?” “The one and only” “Nice to meet you, I’m Justin, Travis’s brother,” “Nice to meet you”

“It’s on the house” “Thanks” ***** It was ten something when we left the Little Café. We were driving home when I got hungry. Travis stopped by a little diner, to get something to eat. When we walked in Travis we greeted by everyone. He got hugs and kisses. And so did I. Travis introduced me to everyone. They were about to close so no one was there. “What can I get for you two, how about the sloppy Joe?” “No thanks, Tim, how about two mini burgers” “Okay-” “Wait,” I said cutting off Tim. “I want the sloppy Joe and so does Travis, heck, we wa nt the Sloppy Joe Challenge” “Really?” Tim asked. “Really! Get ready to lose Travis,” “I think you mean win” “No, I meant lose” “Okay, you two, your order will be coming soon” Tim said walking away. About ten minutes later our order was here. Two huge sloppy Joes were put in front of us. Everyone crowded around us. “Here are your bibs” Tim said handing us our bibs. I pulled my hair back in a ponytail and put on my bib. “Eaters ready?” “Yes” “Get set…Go!” Travis and I took a huge bite out of our sloppy Joe. We inhaled the huge sloppy Joe as fast as we could. We tailed but Travis really won. We cleaned up and paid for our food and left. Once we parked in front of my house I turned to him and smiled. “It was a tie” “You lost, get over it” “Whatever” “What does the winner get?” I gave him a sly smile. “They get this,” I gave he a kiss and pulled away. “What does the loser get?” “They get this,” he said kissing my neck. “And this,” he said as he moved the kiss to my lips. He pulled me on his lap and took my hair out of its ponytail. We smiled at each other and leaned in slowly. When our lips touched, I go that feeling again. Travis moved the kiss faster. I didn’t realize that I was unbuttoning his shirt. He began to unbutton mine. My hands traveled up his chest as his hands slipped under my skirt. He pulled away quickly. “Damn girl, your really privileged,” I giggled as he kissed my neck. I captured his lips, once again and picked up where we left off. Time seemed to stand still; it was just me and Travis. A knock on the window brought me back to reality. We both looked up to see my father. Chapter 9 “Get out now!” he yelled. I quickly got off of Travis and got out the car. He smiled at me and looked at my dad as he drove away. I buttoned my shirt and mentally preparing myself for my father’s lector on the bi rds and the bees. He grabbed my arm and dragged me inside the house and slammed the door.

“Gloria!” he called for my mom. “Yes, Robert?” she asked coming out of their room. “Your daughter with in the backseat of a car with some boy” “Dad, I was in the driver’s seat and nothing happen,” “But what could have happened?” “Nothing,” I rolled my eyes. “You’re a little girl, you don’t need that kind of…stuff happening” I looked at me mom. “What happened?” she asked giving me a sly smile. “Nothing!” I said as my dad said “Don’t listen to her rubbish,” “She was on top of him with her shirt open kissing him,” “Ugh, dad” “Robert, if she said nothing happen then nothing happen. Good night everyone,” I headed up stairs and into my room. I took another shower and went to my bed. **** Today I forgot all about Fin and his stupidness. All I could think about was Tra vis. I let my guard down, letting him prank me. Today was not a good day. He stole my books, my homework, soaked my book bag, stole my gym clothes, made m e late for class and stole my phone and deleted all my contacts like I did to hi m. Currently I was at gym wearing his smelly over sized clothes. After gym I ran to the girls’ locker room to change into my clothes and they weren’t there. “Ugh! That asshole!” I yelled kicking the bench. I spread my perfume all over me hoping to hide the smell. I walked upstairs in hope of bumping into Fin. And I saw him alright, making out with some black haired chick. “Excuse me,” I said walking up to them. Fin opened his eye and looked at me. He continued to kiss her and stare at me. It was like he knew it bothered me and grossed me out. “Yo man whore, I need to talk to you,” He continued to kiss her and rub her butt. I was about to walk away, but I had a plan. Fin was still looking at me. I rubbed my hand up and down his arm. I moved my hand up to his hair and played with it. He closed his eyes and stopped rubbing her butt. I smiled and moved my hand down to his back and down to his pants then back up a gain. He broke the kiss smiled at her. “I’ll see you later babe,” “Okay,” she said walking away. “What do you want? Your already in my pants,” “Ew, I want to get my close back,” “It’s got to have to cost you,” I raised an eye brow at him. “You admit that I’m the sexiest senior alive and you want me” I laughed, I laughed so loud and so hard my I fell on the floor. Fin walked away slowly. “Wait…wait…” I said scrambling to my feet. “Yes?” “There is no way in hell I’m saying that, how about you just give me my clothes back ?” “How about no?” “Listen, I’m asking nicely,” “So am I, say it” “No, give me my damn clothes,”

“Nope” “You suck!” “No, you suck, wanna suck mine?” “If you have one, but you don’t sorry,” He glared at me. “Then no clothes for you,” I was about to knee him in the ball again but he caught my knee. “What is it with you and my package?” he asked raising his eyebrow. “It causes you pain and I enjoy that” “Okay, we’ll go with that reason,” I made face at him. “I’m going to go to the office,” “Why?” he asked. “Wait, what are you doing?” He followed behind me and called after me. I ran to the office as fast as I could with Fin right behind me. I locked the door on him and walked but to the lady at the front desk. “I my locker combination,” “What’s your locker number?” she asked. “309” “Okay,” she said typing it into her computer. “It’s 21 36 7” “Okay thank you” I said running to the other door. I ran to Fin’s locker and he was there waiting for me. He smirked, “you can out smart me, kid” “Just give me my damn clothes, I’m going to be late for class,” “You are late for class, smartass” “Damn,” he was right no one was in the hall way. He smirked and backed me up into the wall. My back was pressed against the wall and he was pressed against me. He had an evil look in his eye that scared me. “You tried to seduce me now it’s my turn,” he whispered in my ear. A chill ran down my back as he brushed his lips against mine. My stomach did lit tle flip flops as he did this. He hand rubbed my back and my sides. I bit my lips and tried to even my breathing. My eyes locked with his and never broke away. He moved his head to my neck and licked it. I bit my lips harder, I was not going to let him win. “Just give up,” he whispered in my ear. His lips were touching my ear. “Finn, just give me my clothes,” “I don’t think so,” he said trailing his hand down my side to my legs. The bell rang and Finn got off of me and walked away. I shook my head and walked to find my stuff. On my way I saw Travis. He greeted me with a kiss. “Hey,” “Hey,” “Need a ride home?” “Nah, I’m good,” “Okay, but before you go I need you,” I laughed as he pulled me over to him. Our lips meet and happiness filled me. Someone slapped my butt, which was weird since I’m kissing Travis. But I opened my eyes and saw Finn near by kissing another girl. He saw me looking at him. He began to speed up their kiss and I did the same. I rubbed Travis’s chest and placed his hands on my butt. Finn began unbuttoning her shirt. I unbuttoned Travis’s. Travis pulled away and smiled at me. “Easy tiger,” he laughed. “Sorry,” He wrapped his arm around my waist as we exited the school. Travis and I went our separate ways. I walked home thinking about Finn. I don’t get him.

When I got home I took a long shower and didn’t bother getting changed. I just put on my neon green bra and Mickey Mouse underwear and sat on my balcony with my e asel and canvas. I began to paint the calm view of my house. **** The weekend went by too fast. It was already Monday and I had to face the school and Finn. I dressed like the girls he likes to make out with again. I looked in the mirror and I did recognize myself. Before I left school I grabbed a long blue beautiful dress and put it in my back pack. I left the house and saw Travis waiting for me outside. “Whoa, you look hot today” “Thanks, you look pretty hot yourself,” I gave him a long kiss on the lips before ge tting in the car. Once we arrived at school, I went to the boys’ locker room. I snuck in and found Finn’s locker. I took out all out all of his clothes and put in the dress. I hurried out of the locker room and went to my locker. I waited there for Finn until the bell rang. When he didn’t show I rolled my eyes and walked to class. I could hardly pay attention in class; I couldn’t wait to see Finn. In a dress. The bell finally rang and I dashed out the classroom and this time waited by his locker. Then I saw him. I bit my lip to hind the laughter. I could tell he was pissed, if I was a dude he would have beat the shit out of m e. He walked up to me and glared. “Well, aren’t you a pretty lady,” I smiled. “I need a picture,” I took out my camera and t ook a picture of him. “Aw, that’s cute, that would look really good around school on flyers, don’t you think ? Can you take one with me?” I stood next to the pissed off Finn and smiled. I took the picture and looked at it. “That would make a nice greeting card,” I smiled at him. The dress was so tight on him and way to short. The v neck line went down pretty far showing his muscular – I mean – flabby man boobs. He just glared at me clenching his jaw. “Hey Alex and hey there sexy,” Travis said winking at Finn playfully. I giggled a little. “Travis have you met my new best friend Finny?” “I have now,” he winked again. “Let’s go,” he said to me. “Good idea,” I kissed his lips as we walked passed the steaming Finn. I started to crack up laughing. That was too funny. Travis joined me as we walked to class. “Thanks for playing along,” “No problem, you’re my girl, anything for you,” he kissed me again. “Aw, thanks,” “But you do know that you’re in deep shit,” “Yeah, he probably wants to kill me,” “Yeah,” “Can you have this picture printed and on flyers for me?” “Yeah, I have free period now,” “Awesome, thank you so much” “No problem,” “Bye,” “Bye,” he said as I walked into my class. Today was going to be the war to end all wars.

The bell rang and I walked out of the class room. Travis was waiting out side the door for me, holding something in his hands smir king. A smile spread across my face. “You did it?” “Take a look,” I grabbed the flyer and laughed. It was the picture of Finn but Travis added a crown and a Miss America sash that says “Miss Loser”. “I love it!” “I knew you would,” “Did he change clothes yet?” “Yeah,” “Aw, but he made a very pretty lady,” Travis laughed and walked me to class. Finn’s Point Of View

That freshman will pay. She thought I was mean before, she has awakened the devil. No more mister nice senior. I needed to get her back, I’ll start off slow. I was walking with her friend; I forget the chick’s name. Anyway I was walking her to class and listened to her talk. “Baby, I need a favor,” “What?” she asked. “Where does Alex sit?” I asked her playing with her hair. “Why do you care so much about her?” “I don’t,” I kissed on the lips. “I just want payback,” I kissed her again. “Where does she sit?” I asked again. “I’ll show you,” she smiled and led me in the classroom. “There,” she pointed. “Thanks,” I said taking out the glue. I purred the glue on the seat and spread it around. I quickly left the classroom and walked to mine. On my way I saw flyers of me in a dress and crown and Miss America thing. She was going to pay, forget about me starting off easy, hell to the no. not any more. Now it’s really war. Get ready Alex, get ready. Alexandra’s Point Of View I walked into my next class and walked to my usually seat. I sat down and took out my homework. I didn’t really pay attention to the teacher I was thinking about my next attack o n Finn. The bell rang and when I went to get up I couldn’t. I tried again but nothing. “Finn!” I said out loud. He glued my butt to the seat. Asshole. What do I do? “Um, Mr. Brown?” “Yes, Alexandra?” “I’m stuck,” “What do you mean?” “My butt is glued to the seat,” “How did that happen?” he asked walking over to me as he did Travis walked in. “Alex, are you okay?” “No, I’m glued to the seat,” “How did that happen?”

“Take a wild guess,” “Gotcha,” he said walking over to me and Mr. Brown. Travis put his hands on my waist and tried lifting me up, but I didn’t move. “Do you have Finn’s pants?” Travis asked. “Yeah, why?” “Change into those,” “But what about my skirt?” “I won’t worry about that right now, you have bigger fish to fry,” “True, but I can’t change here” “Can you stand up?” Mr. Brown asked. “I think so,” I said trying to stand up. I did so successfully. “Can you walk to the bathroom like that?” “I can try,” I said. Travis walked next to me incase I fell. Walking like this wasn’t fun, it was painf ul actually. I walked out of the classroom and into the busy hallway. “Travis, I barley walk down the hallway without this desk attacked to me how can I walk down it with the desk?” “I have an idea,” he said. “Sit down,” “I am sitting” “You know what I mean,” I smiled as I placed the desk on the ground. Travis got on the chair. “Attention! I would like to let all the guys know what th ere are hot girls out side in bikinis and ladies my female friend said that ther e are sexy ass guys out side too,” In seconds the hallway was clear. “Damn, you’re good,” I smiled. “I try, now let’s go, we don’t have much time,” Travis and I went to the nearest bathroom as fast as we could. Travis went into the girls’ bathroom with me and helped me take off my skirt. It was almost off when he started to laugh. “What?” “Nothing,” “No tell me,” “Fine, I didn’t know it was this hard to get in your pants” I hit his head as he laughed. “That’s not funny,” “I know, I sorry,” he said as I slid out of the pants. I pulled on Finn’s shorts and rolled the top of them making them shorter. “I’m going to return this desk,” Travis said. “Okay, I’ll see you at lunch,” I said as he carried the chair out. I walked out of the bathroom and down to the cafeteria on my way I saw Finn. He saw me to and glared at me. I glared back and we walked up to each other. “Aw, what happened to your pretty dress?” “What happened to your desk, it hid your fat ass well,” “Why would you glue my ass to a desk?” “Why would steal my clothes? Listen freshman, I don’t think you know who your dealin g with. If you thought I was mean before then you have no idea what’s a head,” “Hit me with your best shoot,” “I wont miss,” “Good,” “You really have no idea who your messing with kid,” “I think I do, I’m just not afraid of you, you can call me names, turn the whole sch ool against me but I can take it. This little game were playing is nothing,” “Well, lets turn this game into war, the battle is over, fresh meat,” “Good, I was getting bored,” He smirked. “Hold on tight,” “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride,” We bumped into each others shoulders as we walked passed each other. Fin and I didn’t see each other for the rest of the day.

After school I walked to the party story and got some supplies for tomorrow. After my shopping I went home and started my homework. My parents came home and my mom made dinner. We eat together then I got ready fo r bed. I called Travis and got his voice mail. “Hey it’s Travis; you know what to do,” I heard the beep and stared talking. “Hey Travis it’s Alex, um, tomorrow is going to crazy. It’s going to be world war four between me and Finn or Finn and I. Anyway, you might want to stay clear of me, I don’t want you in the line of fire. Text me or call me back … love you,” I hung up the phone and went to bed. Tomorrow was going to one crazy day. ******* I woke up early and got dressed in my normal clothes and left for school. I walked up the steep hill and looked at the cars in the parking lot. There wasn’t a lot. I scanned the area for a familiar car. It wasn’t here. Just then a car pulled into the school’s student parking lot. The car I was looking for. I watched Finn get out of the car and walk into the school. I followed behind him slowly. He walked to the gym and down to the locker room. I waited, behind the wall, for him to come out so I could go into the locker roo m. Once he came out I hurried down. “Hello?” I called in a deep voice. No one answered so I hurried over to Finn’s locker and got straight to work. He left his locker open, again, he will never learn. I opened it and took all of his clothes out of his locker. I him a little love note saying: Hey Finny, I hope you don’t mind me taking your clothes, all of them, I just love your fashio n style. Anyway, you can get them back in the distant future. Love your favorite person, Alex P.S. next time lock your locker. I put the little note on his locker door and closed it. “Hey Alex,” I turned around to see Finn. Shirtless. “Hey,” “Whatcha doin?” he asked childishly. “Nothing, just, you know, checking out the guys. I should really go now,” “Not yet,” “Why not?” “Because, I want to know what’s in the bag?” “School work and stuff,” “Yeah, okay, hand it over,” “No,” “Okay,” he said taking it off my shoulder. “You really don’t want to go in there” “Why?” “Because, I have…pads in there” He gave me a grossed out look and threw me back my bag. I flashed him a quick smiled and ran upstairs. I ran to the library. On my way there I saw Travis walking to the gym with his other friends. He waved at me and I waved back. I walked into the library and sat down in the back. I took out my unfinished essay for Science. My phone vibrated in my pocket.

I had a text message from Travis. ‘Hey Alex, I got your message, be careful. Love you too – Travis’ I smiled and texted him back. ‘I’ll be fine – Alex’ I got back to work. ***** School officially started and I was on my way to my locker. There was a note on my locker. ‘You stole my clothes…so I stole your textbooks. Don’t worry, you can borrow a friend’s, oh wait, you don’t have any friends. Sorry babe, next time lock your locker. Love your favorite person, Finn. P.S. I had extra clothes in my book bag, I knew you would try and do something w ith my clothes. I crumpled the note in anger and threw it on the ground. I opened my locker and my books weren’t in there. I screamed silently in my head and slammed my locker and stormed to class. **** My classes were hell. We actually needed the books today. My teachers gave me disappointed looks. I hate those looks. Lunch time gave and it was time for my revenge. Finn put his lunch tray down on the side table as he got whatever he needed to g et. I walked over there quickly and purred hot sauce on his open faced burger. I grabbed a napkin and walked away. Travis saw me and gave me a ‘What did you just do’ look. I smiled at me and sat back down. Finn walked over to his table filled with jocks and popular people. He picked up his hamburger and bit into it. I counted down from ten in my head. Once I hit one Finn jumped up screaming. “Water!” he yelled. “Water! Water! Hot! Hot!” he ran over to a nerd with a bottle of wat er and gulped it down. He ran to another person with water and did the same thing. After about five minutes of that Finn stopped and looked over at me with anger i n his eyes. I smiled sweetly as I got up. I threw my stuff away and a walked away. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I had a message from Travis and Finn. Opened Travis’s first. ‘You are evil – Travis’ I smiled and texted him back. ‘Thank you – Alex’ I opened Finn’s next. ‘You’re messing with the wrong person- Finn’ ‘I’m so not scared – Alex’ I texted back. I put my phone in my pocket and walked around the school. I was pretty lonely without Travis. ***** One more class and no more school. I said to myself as I walked to my locker. I opened it and my books where back and painted red. Everything was red. I my hand through my hair as I closed and locker my locker. I headed to gym class. Once I got down in the locker room I changed into my gym clothes quickly and loc ked my locker. I took one of my paintball guns and hid it in an empty locker. You never know. Finn is unpredictable. After gym I took a shower cause, I was sweaty and muddy. I got in the shower and washed my hair quickly. I wrapped the towel around me.

I dried my hair with my other towel as I walked over to the mirror. I looked in it and froze. My hair was… blond. “No, no, no,” I whispered as I ran to another mirror. That one was obviously a trick mirror or something. I looked in the other mirror and there I was with blond hair. “Oh my gosh, I’m going to kill him,” I ran to my locker and opened it. It was Empty. But I locked it. There was a note in there. I took it out and read it. ‘Hey Fresh meat, I stole…everything and I also dyed your hair, blond will look good on you. I like blonds. I hope you enjoy your new hair and that towel you’re in, pink right? I also found your paintball gun, I just might use this. By the way, I could be anywhere, it’s my free period. Look be hind you…’ I turned around and he wasn’t there. I sighed and finished reading. ‘…You looked didn’t you. Wow. Later fresh meat. P.S. You have a cute butt’ I put the note in my locker and slammed it shut. He’s such a perverted creeper. I fixed the pink towel around my body and grabbed the paintball gun in the locke r. I brought two, just in case. I ran my fingers through my wet blond hair. All the girls left already and headed back to the gym to wait for the bell to ri ng. I walked out of the locker room and into the hallway. I walked to my locker were my extra clothes are. My locker door was open. I ran over to it. It was empty, again. “Damn it,” I mumbled. I could do two things: one, go to the office and ask for clothes and let Finn wi n or I could fight. I looked down at the fully loaded paintball gun and smiled. I was going to fight. Wet and half naked. I closed my locker and looked for Finn. “Yo Al,” I heard Finn say behind me. I turned around and hind the gun behind my back. “Where are my clothes?” “Don’t worry about it,” “Tell me where my stuff is now,” “Or what?” “Don’t worry about,” I mocked. Finn faked laughed. “I’ll give you to the count of three. One…three,” I took my hand from behind my back and shout three paintballs at Finn. He dodged them and shoot some at me. I ran out of the way and shout some back at him. I got his shirt and leg. “Ow, shit,” he said limping out of the way of the rest. I continued to shout and so did he. I got hit on my arm and chest. Paintballs hurt like hell. I hid behind a wall. I heard Finn coming and I jumped out and shout him in him chest.

I stopped once I realized that it wasn’t Finn it was the principal. I saw Finn in back of him giving me an ‘oh shit’ look. I dropped the gun and back away slowly. This wasn’t looking good. “Follow me,” the principal said. His voice was cold and strict. Finn and I followed him to his office. “Nice going,” he whispered to me. “You shoot him too,” “I shoot him once; you shoot him multiple times,” “So, you’re still in the wrong,” “Silence,” The principal braked. He opened the door to his office and held it open for us. We walked in and sat down in front of his desk. He sat in front of us. “What are your names?” “Gabe Ryan and her name is Alexandra Oz,” “What? No his name is Finn Johnson,” The principal raised an eyebrow at Finn and wrote our names down. “Alexandra, can you tell me what happened?” “Gladly, Mr. Principal Sir I did nothing wrong. I was down my gym class and I deic ed to take a shower and wash my hair. In the time I did that Finn, here, stole m y clothes and dyed my hair blond. So I was forced to look for him in a towel. He shot me with paintballs so I stole one of his and shot back. I’m sorry for hittin g you by the way,” I smiled at the end. “She lies,” Finn said. “Mr. Riley this is what really happen. Alex has been pranking m e all day. So I deiced to fight fire with fire. So yes I stole her clothes and d yed her hair. But I was not the one to bring a paintball gun to school,” “That’s a lie; you have been pranking me all day. From the day we meet it’s been prank after prank,” “If you were suck a smart mouthed freshman this wouldn’t have happened,” “If you were an egotistic senior with self-esteem problems you have to prank me ev ery day,” “Enough! The both of you are in the wrong. The both of you will have an in school detention. Finn give her back her clothes and Alexandra give me the paintball gu ns,” “Yes sir,” we mumbled. I handed him the paintball guns and we waited for Finn to get my clothes. He came back with them and I changed in the bathroom. Mr. Riley led us to the detention room. “Behave yourselves,” he said. “I have a question,” I said “What?” “How long will we be in here?” “Until the end of the day,” “Ugh,” I sighed as he closed the door and walked away. “Nice going,” I said. “I didn’t do anything,” “Stop saying that! You did everything, if you just left me alone we would be here,” “If you didn’t fight back-” “And have you walk all over me? Yeah right,” “Whatever, you stay over there and I’ll stay over here,” “Deal,” “Good,” I walked over to the last row of desk and sat down. The sucks. **** Two hours later. We have about five more minutes of this then we can go. I packed myself up and walked over to the trash can over where Finn was. “What are you doing?” he snapped. “Throwing my trash away,”

“No, no, no, you’re no my side,” “Sorry,” I said walking over to the trash can. Finn grabbed my arm and turned me around so I was facing him. “I’m really tired of you,” “Good,” “Why are you so stubborn all the time?” “Why are you a jerk all the time?” “Why are you so annoying?” “Why do you ask so many questions?” “Why are you so close to me?” “Why do you care?” We looked into each other’s eyes and leaned forward. I stopped a little but Finn continued until he reached my lips. I kissed back after a few minutes – okay it was seconds. The kiss picked up and I pulled him closer to me. He backed me up against a wall and wrapped his arms around me waist. The bell rang and we both jumped. I quickly ran to my bag and out the door. I didn’t stop running until I was home. “Hi mom bye mom,” “Hi dear,” she said as I closed my door. “That didn’t happen, that didn’t happen,” I said to myself quietly over and over again. I took a shower and changed into boxers and a tank top. I sat in my room and watched old black and white shows, until I fell asleep. ***** The next morning I tried to make the blond hair work. I guess it did. I pulled it in a ponytail and left for school. I didn’t want to face Fin again. It turned out I didn’t have to. Finn and I weren’t in the same detention room. For the whole week I was Finn less. My mom found out about my hair, I told her I wanted to go blond for a while. She believed me. ***** “Alexandra!” my mom called. It was a Saturday and I wanted to sleep in. “What?” I mumbled against the pillow. “I want you to met our new neighbors,” “Blah,” “Alexandra!” “I’m coming!” I rolled out of bed and onto the floor. I crawled to the door and got up . I pulled my hair into a ponytail and headed down stairs. Once I reached the bottom I saw, Finn. My eyes grew wide and so did his. “Um, hi,” “Hi, I’m Sandy Johnson and this is my son Finn,” Finn’s mother said. “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Johnson,” “Likewise,” she smiled. “This is my daughter Alexandra,” my mom smiled. “Or Alex,” I added. “I’ll show you around Sandy,” I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at Finn. “Just to clear things up, I hate you,” I said. “Good, and that kiss, it was a slur of the moment thing,” “I only kissed back to not bruise your ego,” “I didn’t enjoy it at all,” “I felt nothing,” “It was like kissing a wall,” “You’re a horrible kisser,” “I wanted to puke,”

“I did puke,” “I puked twice,” “I should call the cops, what you did was considered rape,” “I dare you,” “I will,” “We will never speak of this again,” “Deal,” “Nice boxers,” “Jealous?” “Totally,” he said sarcastically. I walked away and went to my room. My life just entered the pits of hell. I woke up to my stomach grumbling. I fell sleep after I meet my new neighbors. I went to my closet and changed into my running clothes. I jogged down stairs and walked into the living room where my father was. He was talking to a middle aged man and a younger man as they watched the soccer game. “Hello?” I said shyly. “Alexandra, this is Jake Johnson and his son Frank, Jake, Frank this is my daughte r Alexandra,” my dad said. “Nice to meet you,” They said. “Likewise, where’s mom?” I asked. “She’s outside with the others,” my dad said. I nodded my head and walked to the backdoor. I walked outside, where my mom was. She was talking to Finn’s mom and another girl. The girl was sitting on the chair near the pool in her bikini. “Mom?” I asked as I made my way over to them. “Yes dear?” “I’m going for a run, um, I’ll be back soon,” “Okay, dear. Have you meet Jake and Frank?” I nodded my head. “Good, this is Sandy and Jake’s daughter, Kelly,” I waved to her and she waved back with a smiled. “They’re going to join us for dinner,” my mom continued. “Sounds wonderful,” I lied. “Indeed,” my mom said as a slash came from the pool. I looked over to where the slas h came from and there was Finn. He swam over to Kelly. “How long was that?” “Two minutes and seventeen seconds,” she said with a board voice. “I can do better,” he said getting out of the pool. He shook his head and Kelly scre amed. “Stop, your getting me all wet you jerk,” “You’re such a baby,” he chuckled as he grabbed his towel. I stared at the work of art before me. Finn’s body was amazing. His tanned wet skin seemed to glow in sunlight and his abs and muscles moved whe n he moved in perfect harmony. “Hey ladies and Alex,” he said walking over to us. I snapped out of my daydream and crossed my arms over my chest. “Funny. I’m leaving,” “Bye,” I heard as I walked back inside the house. As soon as my feet hit the pavement I began to run at a steady pace. I turned up my music and turned down the world. **** I walked home and inside the house where everyone was talking. “Hey,” I said out of breath. “Alexandra, get ready for dinner it’s almost ready,” “Okay,” I said opening my water bottle as I paced around.

“There’s a dress on the bed for you,” “Alright mother,” I said heading up stairs. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. Then I turned on the water and took off my sweaty clothes. I stepped into the sh ower and started to wash the sweat off of me. Shortly after I turned off the water and reached for my towel. It wasn’t there. I opened the curtain, to look for my towel, once I poked my head out I was shock ed to see a smirking Finn. “Hey, looking for something,” he asked taking my towel from behind his back. “Give it back,” I said trying to stay calm. “Come and get it,” “You wish,” “I do,” he winked. I felt myself blush. “Please Finn,” “Nah,” “Ugh,” I sighed. I grabbed the small towel by the shower and wrapped that around my chest. It sto pped at the top on my thigh. I slowly stepped out of the shower holding the towel in place. “I’m out, happy?” I said as Finn’s eyes roamed my half naked body. I walked over to him slowly and pushed him against the door. I pushed my body against his and ran my hand up and down his chest. “Towel please,” I whispered in his ear. I heard him gulp and shake his head no. “Please?” I begged pushing my body against his harder. I bit his ear and whispered. “P lease,” I looked Finn in the eyes and got chills. I felt myself leaning in and Finn did the same. Our lips met and moved together as one. Finn held me close to him and wrapped his hand around my waist. The kiss was soft and slow unlike our first kiss, which was fast and rough. I grabbed my towel from Finn’s hands and pulled away. “Out,” I said opening the door and pushing him out. I closed the door and pressed my back against it. “That didn’t happen,” I told myself. I walked over to the bathroom mirror and looked at my hair. The black was starti ng to poke through. Maybe I should just dye it back. Anyway, I changed into the pink sundress my mom picked out for me and did my hai r and make up. I headed down stairs to join everyone. They were in the living room talking about something unimportant I bet. Kelly and Frank were talking with Finn who seemed out of it. “Hey guys,” I smiled. “Oh hey Alexandra,” Kelly said. “You look pretty,” Frank added. “Thanks and call me Alex, please,” They laughed. “Do you know Finn from school?” asked Frank “Yeah, we have a weird relationship,” I looked at Finn when I said that. He smirked and winked at me. “Dinners ready,” my mom announced. We all made our way over to the dinner table. I sat across from Finn and next to Kelly and Frank. I didn’t talk much and neither did Finn. I did find out more about his family. Finn is the youngest of his family. Kelly is the middle child and she’s in her three year of college. Where she goes t o school is near by so she lives at home. Frank on the other hand just finished college and is living at home.

I also found out that Finn was an ugly duckling. He never used to be so attracti ve. Not that I think his attractive, other people might but I don’t. Anyway, the Johnson family left after dinner and I headed to my room and went to bed. ***** The next day after church I went to the mall to get my hair color back. The blon d is killing me. My mom took me there and helped pay for it. Two hours later my mom bought me new clothes and I had black hair again. I am now in my room in my underwear painting. I don’t know why but I’m more creative half naked. There was a knock on my room door. “Come in,” “Hey Alex,” Frank said walking in my room. Once he saw me he blushed and looked away . “Sorry,” “Its fine,” I said pulling on my clothes. “I thought you were my mom. What’s up?” “Kelly, Finn and I are going to the movies, want to go?” “What movie?” “Saw 3,” “Yeah, I’ll go,” “Cool, I’ll see you down stairs,” “Yup,” I said as I walked over to my closet. I changed into an old pair of skinny jeans and a tee shirt. I ran my fingers through my hair and slipped on my flip flops and head down stai rs. “Mom,” I called. “Yes?” “I’m going to the movies with Frank, Kelly and Finn,” “Okay, have fun,” “I will,” I said leaving the house. I walked across the street to Frank’s car and got in. “Hey,” I said, “Hey,” everyone but Finn said. Frank drove off and in fifteen minutes we were at the movie theater. Kelly ordered our tickets while Frank got our popcorn. “Nice hair,” Finn said to me as we found our seats. “Thanks,” I said sitting next to Kelly and Finn sat down next to me. The movie started and I tried not to pay attention to Finn. Somewhere in the movie I got scared. I screamed at every little thing I saw. I turned my head away hide behind Finn. He took my hand and laced our fingers to gether. When the movie was over I came out of my hiding place and stood up, still holdin g Finn’s hand. We walked out of the theater together and to the parking lot. Finn and I were still holding hands and Finn was close to me. I felt safe with h im around me. “Are you alright?” “Yeah, I’ll be okay, I forget how scary those movies are,” He chuckled. “It’s just a movie,” “I know,” “You’re safe now,” he whispered in my ear. “I know,” I whispered back. “Alex,” I jump and turned around. “Travis?” “Yeah, what’s up?” he asked walking over. I let go of Finn’s hand and walked over to him. “I’m just leaving,” “What did you see?” “Saw,” “Nice, I’m seeing that now,” “Cool,”

“So, um, do you have any raisins?” “No,” I laughed. “How about a date?” “To?” “The Halloween dance next week,” “Pick me up at seven,” “Deal,” Travis kissed me quickly on the lips and walked away. I walked back to Finn and headed to the car. Kelly and Frank joined us shortly after. Frank took us out to ice cream then dro ve us home. Once I was home I got ready for bed and took out my unfinished homework. I fell sleep somewhere in the middle of my home work and dreamt about Finn. I was walking up to the school with my hood over my head. I didn’t have in school detention so I actually had to go to my classes. I walked to my locker and saw Travis leaning against it. “Hey beautiful, I’ve missed you,” I smiled at him. He knew just how to make me smile. “Hey,” “So, what’s up with you and Finn? Is the war over?” “I think, we still don’t like each other,” “As long as you’re okay, I’m good,” I smiled again. “Yeah, I don’t really know who won though,” “Alex,” Travis said in a stretched out voice. “I won’t do anything stupid,” “Good,” he said kissing my forehead. I closed my locker and took Travis hand. We walked to my class and talked like we used to. ***** Finn and I avoided each other. I can’t remember the last time I saw him at school. Halloween was tomorrow and Travis and I were at Wal-Mart looking for a last minu te costume. “We should be pirates,” he said taking down two pirate costumes. “Okay, you can be Jake Sparrow and I’ll be Elizabeth Swann,” “Sounds good Elizabeth,” he joked. Travis bought our costumes and then drove us to a little restaurant and we eat o ur dinner there. “So, Alex,” Travis said as we waited for our check to come. “What would you call us?” “What do you mean?” “Like are we friends, are we a couple? What are we?” “Oh, um, close friends. Why?” “What if I told you, I don’t want to be just friends anymore?” “Um,” “You don’t have to answer right away,” “I’ll think about it,” I said as our waiter came with the check. Travis paid the man and we left. Travis drove me home and I quickly got out of the car. I watched him drive away and thought about what he has said. “How was your little date with your little boyfriend?” Finn asked. I rolled my eyes as he made his way over to me. “It was lovely,” “Aw what’s wrong, he didn’t kiss you goodbye?” he teased. I glared at him. “Get off my case, Johnson,” “Oh I see how it is, we’re on a last name bases now. Well Oz, I’m hurt,” “Sorry,” “Okay seriously what’s wrong?” “Nothing,” “He’s not a good kisser is he?” “Shut up! He asked me out and I don’t know what to do,” “He asked you to be his girlfriend?” “Yeah,”

“And you don’t know what to do, why?” “Because...I don’t know,” Finn nodded his head. We stood there in silence. I felt Finn staring at me as I looked at the ground. He walked over to me and kissed my cheek. “Whatever you chose, just be happy,” he wh ispered to me. He leaned down to my lips and kissed me softly. He pulled away and went to back to his house. I walked away and went to my room. ******** Travis picked me up for the Halloween dance at school. We looked great in our costumes. We were somewhere in the middle of the dance floor having a good time. “Travis, I want to be your girlfriend,” I said. He grinned at me. “Really?” he asked smiling. I nodded my head. Travis kissed me for a long time. We pulled away and smiled at each other. We continued dance and had a good time. ***** The next day was Saturday and I woke up at eleven. I ran my fingers through my hair as I sat up. I walked out of my room and down stairs. There was a not on the stair case. ‘Alexandra, your father and I have to work today and tonight, Finn will stop by to make sure your okay. Love you – mom’ I sighed and walked into the kitchen to find some food. I opened the fridge door and grabbed the milk. “Morning,” I jumped and turned around to see a wet Finn. “What are you doing here?” I nearly yelled “Your mom told me to baby sit. I was in the pool,” “Oh, right,” I said calming down. “Yeah, um, your mom made you eggs,” he said pointing to a frying pan. “Yes,” I smiled. I put back the milk and walked over to the frying pan and grabbed a fork. “Your gonna eat it out of the pan?” “Yeah,” I said with a mouth full of eggs. He raised an eye brow at me. “Your not like most girls are you?” I shook my head no as I eat my eggs. Finn stood there and watched me eat. Once I was done I grabbed a cup and purred myself some milk. “So, um, what do you want to do today?” “I don’t know, I was going to hang out with Travis,” Finn nodded his head. He walked over to me and moved the hair out of my eyes. “Are you dating him?” he asked me. “Yeah,” Finn walked away from me and went outside to the backyard. “Finn?” I called after him. “What Fresh meat?” “So we’re back to that? Why are you suddenly an asshole?” “Because, I’m a man and I can do whatever I want,” “You’re not acting like a man,” “Will you leave me alone? Go to your boyfriend,” “I will,” I said storming off. The nerve of him. Asshole. I changed out of my clothes and into a jeans and tee shirt. “Bye!” I yelled and left the house. I texted Travis and told him to meet me at the park.

He said okay and I walked over there. Finn’s Point Of View I don’t know what happened. Something inside of me snapped. I didn’t want to think about it. I went up to the bathroom took a shower before I changed into new clothes. I locked up the Oz’s house and hopped in my car. Alexandra’s Point Of View Travis and I hung out most of the day. When it was time to head home we kissed good bye and went our separate ways. I opened up the front door and saw Finn lying on the sofa asleep. I smiled and tip toed into the kitchen. I grabbed the whipped cream and shook the can as I walked over to Finn. I sprayed a little in his hand, then tickled his nose with my finger. Finn took his hand and whipped it on my face. “I’m not stupid,” he mumbled. I was in shock. Finn smirked and licked a little of the whipped cream off my cheek. “Yummy,” he smirked. “Ew,” I said. “Your gonna pay,” “Whatever,” “You will,” I promised. “I know all of your tricks,” “Not all of them, Mr. Finn Johnson,” “Is that so, Miss. Alexandra Oz,” he said standing up, towering over me. “Yes,” I said turning around. I marched into the kitchen to whip the cream off my fa ce. I heard Finn follow me to wash off his hand. “I’m going to go get us some pizza for dinner,” I said. “Okay, my dad has a coupon for a large pizza,” “Can we use it?” “Yeah, it’s at my house, on the fridge. I trust you,” Finn said handing over his keys. “Thank you,” I said smiling. I walked out of the house and across the street to Finn’s house. Once I got inside I called the pizza place and told them my order and that I had a coupon. I got the coupon and put it in my pocket. I headed upstairs to Finn’s room. I looked around until I found it. I opened the door and got straight to work. I walked inside the house with the pizza in my hands. “Honey, I’m home,” “About time,” Finn said grabbing the pizza. “Is that all I get? I work, I pay the bills, I-” I was cut short of my fake rant whe n Finn said. “Shut up,” He had half of his pizza in his mouth and was walking over to the T.V. I sighed and walked over to him and sat down. I opened the box and took out a slice. Finn found a movie to watch as we eat. Once we were done eating we continued to watch the movie. Finn rested his arm behind me. I moved next to him and rest my head on his shoul der. He smiled and played with my hair. His phone beeped and he answered the text. “Oh, crap,” He said getting up. “We have a party to start,” “What?” I asked. “Yeah. The guys are going to come soon,” “But-”

“Don’t worry, I found your outfit already all you got to do is change,” “My parents?” “Aren’t coming home until tomorrow evening, they called when you were out,” “Your parents?” “Are vacationing,” “Your siblings?” “Will join us,” “I can’t believe you. You’re throwing a pretty at my house?” “Yeah. Go get ready,” “No,” “Yes,” “No!” “Yes,” he said lifting me up over his shoulder and carried me to my room. “The dress i s on your bed,” he said dropping me on my bed, then left. I sat on my bed and looked at the dress. I heard the front door open and loud chatter filled downstairs. I rolled my eyes and combed my hair and put on a little make up. I slipped on the dress. “No!” I said and headed down stairs. “Hell no!” I said making my way to Finn and his friends. “I like it,” one of them winked. “I like you out of my house,” I snapped back. “Alex, chill, it’s one night,” “I don’t care, it’s my house,” “Please, for me?” “No,” “For Travis, he’s going to be here,” “Whatever,” “Now, we’ll get ready and you get ready,” “Whatever,” “Oh, and theses are the boys,” “So I get to meet the sidekicks,” “This is Oliver, Jason, Ryan, and Gabe,” he said pointing to each one of the guys. “Hey,” we said. “Now, go,” Finn said. I headed upstairs and finished getting ready. I put on my heels and looked in the mirror one last time. The dress was short and tight. The neck line was long and the sleeves fell off m y shoulders. I hate Finn. “Do I have to wear this?” I asked coming down the stairs. The boys whistled. “Shut up,” I snapped. “Chill, you look-” Finn had started to say but when he looked at me he stopped. “You l ook great, okay,” The door opened and people started pilling in. They were all guys and they all gave me flirty looks which I ignored. Jason turned on the music as we waited for more people. Fifteen minutes later the room was filled with people. I saw Carey talking to a couple of guys. I rolled my eyes as I made my way around the living room. So far the party wasn’t too crazy. “Having fun?” Finn asked from behind me. “No, where’s Travis?” “I don’t know, he said he’ll be here,” “If he’s not here after this song, I’m changing,” “Hey, that’s not fair,” “Yeah, it is,” “Well you have to dance with me,” “I’ll pass,” “You want to dance with me deep down,”

“No I don’t,” “Oh, but you do,” I rolled my eyes. “Why would I want to dance with you?” “Because you want to rub your body against mine,” “Yeah, that’s it,” I said sarcastically. “One dance, Alex,” “Fine,” Finn smiled as he grabbed my hand and held me to the dance floor. We danced for a while without touching each other. But then I really got into it. I smiled at him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands on my waist. He pulled me closer to him. Our hips brushed against each other as we moved to the music. “See, not so bad,” Finn smiled. “I guess not,” I smiled. “Alex?” I turned around to see Travis making his way over to me. Finn’s hands fell to his side as Travis walked over to me. “Hey,” I smiled. “What’s up?” he asked raising an eyebrow at Finn. “Nothing, I was just dancing with Finn,” “Yeah, man. What’s up?” Finn asked as they smacked his as I start of a man hug. “Ready to dance?” I asked Travis. “Yeah, babe, let’s go,” I took Travis hand and we danced our way over to another spot. “What’s up with you and Finn?” he asked. “Nothing, we were just dancing,” “I thought you two couldn’t stand each other,” “We’re learning to. He’s my neighbor now. Our parents are out of town so he’s ‘baby sittin g’ me,” I said. “Oh,” “Were you jealous?” I asked teasingly. “No,” “I think you were,” “I wasn’t,” “Good,” I said kissing Travis on the lips. “You have nothing to worry about,” He smiled as we continued dancing and rubbing our hips against each others. “Hey, Alex,” I heard someone say. “Oh hey, Kelly, Frank,” I smiled giving them a hug. “You look hot girl,” Kelly smiled. “Why thank you,” I smiled. “So, where is little brother?” Frank asked. “He’s somewhere,” “Okay, we’ll we invited some of our friends over,” “Okay,” I said with a little worry in my voice. “Later,” They said walking away. Travis wrapped his arms around my waist. We moved our hips together and Travis held me close. “Yeah Travis, trying to get some,” Ryan said walking over to us. Travis chuckled and gave him a man hug. “What’s up?” he asked. “Nothing, go back to your girlfriend,” Travis smiled as he placed his hands on my waist. “Ignore him,” “I do,” Travis and I danced the whole night away. ***** The next morning I was passed out in my bed. I woke up feeling hangover. I didn’t drink anything, but I still felt that way. I walked down stairs. “Finn?” I called tiredly. I walked around for him but he wasn’t here.

I guess he went back home. I shrugged my shoulders and made myself a blow of cer eal. I went back upstairs and into my room. I lied on my bed until I heard a thud. I grabbed a hanger off the floor and headed over to my parents room where the th ud came from. I slowly opened the door. There was a naked girl and a naked Travis. I blinked a couple of times at the slight before me, it was too dark to make out who was who. “Travis?” I whispered. He slipped on his boxers and walked over to me. As he got closer I realized that it was Finn. I relaxed a little bit then got angry again. Finn was in my parent’s room doing things I didn’t want to think about. “What the hell are you doing in my parent’s room?” “Oh, is that were I am, whoa,” he laughed. “Finn are you drunk?” “No, I’m just intoxicated by you,” he laughed again. “Your drunk,” “And your sexy,” “Send your little sleeping buddy home then get some rest,” “Or I could shake the bed with you,” My jaw dropped and I stared at him in disbelief. “Hell no,” I said and stormed away. I walked in my room and slammed the door. I knew I was blushing and I hated that. Stupid Finn. I heard the front door open and I looked out the window to see the chick that wa s with Finn walking to her car. Just then my door opened and there was Finn. “Hey baby,” “Finn, I think you should leave,” “And I think you’re sexy,” “Finn, listen to me, your drunk,” “And you’re stupid, why are you going out with Travis and not me?” “I’m not going to talk to you when your drunk,” “Then kiss me,” Finn said pulling me to him. “Let go of me,” “No, I want you, I’ve always want you,” “That’s great, let go of me,” “Please, Alex. I just need to feel your lips on mine,” “I can’t,” “Forget about Travis,” “I can’t” “Please, Alex,” “No,” “Just one kiss,” “Fine,” I said giving him a quick peak on the lips. “Alex, don’t tease me like that,” “Your drunk, when you sober up, I will,” “I can’t wait that long,” Finn said then crashed his lips into mine. He held me tight against his body. I ran my finger through his hair. Finn lifted me up and walked me over to the bed. We fell on it and continued are steamy make out. I rolled over so I was on top. I ran my hands up and down his chest as he’s hands roamed my body. Finn moaned which caused me to smile. I suddenly felt him stop kissing me. I pulled away and realized that he had fall en asleep.

I giggled and got off of him. I walked to the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror. “You,” I said pointing to myself. “Are a bad girlfriend,” I rolled my eyes and headed down stairs to watch some T.V. Finn’s Point Of View I woke up with a huge headache and looked around. I was in Alex’s room. The memories from last night and this morning came back. I hit myself in the head. I told her that I wanted her and I kissed her. That had to be the best kiss I’ve ever had. I sighed and walked out of her room. I saw her watching T.V. down stairs. “Hey,” “Hi,” she smiled. “Do you have any pain killers?” “Yeah, hangover?” “Yup,” I said sitting down. “I’ll be right back,” she said heading upstairs. I watched her cute butt as she walked upstairs. Stop! I mentally screamed. I cant like her, she’s dating Travis. Can’t happen and wont happed. She came back shortly after with a glass of water and a pill. “Here,” she smiled. “Thanks,” “Do you want to go out to lunch?” she asked. “Yeah, sure,” I said getting up. “Let me just change first,” “Okay,” she smiled. I walked out of the house and over to mine. I headed to my room quickly and opened the door. I’m going to kill her. She trashed my room. Everything was thrown around. Was this the payback she was talking about? She’s going to get it alright. I took a shower and changed into my clothes. I headed over to Alex’s house and opened the door. “Alex, dear,” I called. “Yes,” she asked coming downstairs dressed and ready. “What the hell did you do to my room?” “Oh, yeah, like it?” “No,” “I’m hurt,” “Watch your back,” “Oh no, pay back,” “Your got that right, babe,” I said. She walked out of the house and over to my car as I locked the house. We got in my car and headed to a the Little Café. Alexandra’s Point Of View We walked in the Little Café and sat down at a table. “So, what are we going to do about the house? it’s trashed,” “I know, you have some cleaning to do,” “Me?” “Yeah,” “You really are an jack ass,” “Aw, baby, don’t be like that,”

“Baby?” We looked up and saw Travis’s brother. Justin. “Hey Justin,” I smiled. “Hey, Alex, care to explain?” he asked. “Everyone calls me baby, right Finn?” “Yeah, well, only her close friends do,” “But I thought you two didn’t like each other,” “We don’t,” we said together. “Okay, um, what can I get you two?” “I’ll have a chicken salad wrap with fries and an ice tea,” I smiled. “I have a burger with large fries and a coke,” Finn said handing him our menus. “Coming up shortly,” Justin said walking away. “That was a close one, you need to stop calling me baby,” “But, everyone calls you baby,” “Shut up,” Finn laughed. “I’ll stop for now,” “Thank you,” We sat there in silence for a while. “Oh shit,” Finn said suddenly. “What?” “Carey’s here,” “So?” “So, she can’t see me, she’s been trying to get in my pants for weeks,” “Gross,” “I know, tell me when she’s gone,” “Okay,” I said. I watched Carey walked out of the café and cross the road. “She’s gone,” I said. “Thanks,” he said sitting up again. “Yup,” I said. Justin came with our food and we eat in silence. As I eat I felt Finn’s eyes on me. “What?” I asked. “Nothing, it’s just…never mine,” he said looking away. Once we were finished we went back to my house and started to clean up. Once we were done we lied on the sofas and relaxed. “When are your parents coming home?” “Tomorrow,” Finn said. “When are my parents coming home?” “Soon,” “Okay,” I sighed as I slowly drifted a sleep. Finn’s Point Of View Once Alex fell asleep I went into her room and start my pay back. Alexandra’s Point Of View When I woke up I heard the front door open. I sat up and saw my parents walk in. “Alexandra, hi honey,” my mom said hugging me. “Hi,” “Did you and Finn behave?” my dad asked. “Yes, we did,” Finn said coming down stairs. “Thanks, for stay with her,” my mom said. “It was my pleasure,” Finn said winking at me. “Bye, Alex,” “Bye,” I waved as he walked out.

I stood up and walked to my room. I took off my clothes, so I was in my underwear. I walked over to my balcony wear my art stuff should be and they weren’t there. I looked around in my room and they weren’t there. I looking in my closet and found that my clothes weren’t there. “Finn,” I hissed. I grabbed a hoddie and ran over to his house. I banged on the door and waited impatiently for Finn to answer the door. “What?” he asked opening the door, showing me his shirtless body. “You stole my clothes, which I could careless about but you stole my art, which is a no-no. Give them back,” “I don’t know what your talking about lady,” “Don’t play that,” “Play what?” “Your so irritating,” “And your cute when your mad,” I pushed him out of the way and ran upstairs to Finn’s room. Finn ran after me. I ran into his room and closed the door. I looked around to find my art stuff. Finn came into his room and smiled. “It’s not in here,” “Where is it?” “I don’t know,” “Don’t play this bullshit game with me, where the hell are my stuff?” “I don’t know,” I pushed him up against the wall. “Where. Is. My. Art?” I stared Finn in his eyes. “Closet,” “Thank you,” I said running over to his closet. I found my clothes and my art. I sighed and smiled at my babies. “Never do that again,” I said standing up. “Don’t go into my room invited,” “I’m sorry, okay,” “Yeah, me too, I didn’t mean to give you a heart attack,” “It’s okay, as long as you didn’t ruin them in anyway,” “I didn’t. Your really good by the way,” “Thanks,” I smiled. “No problem,” he smiled. I didn’t realize that he was walking over to me and I was walking over to him. We meet in the middle and smiled. Before I could I do anything, Finn captured my lips. He backed me up against the door and unzipped my hoddie and took it off. I pulled him closer to me and he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his wais t. I pulled away and Finn moved his lips to my neck. “Finn,” I said. Trying to get him to stop. But his didn’t stop. He moved the kiss down to my chest and kissed the top of my bra. “Finn,” I tried again. He walked over to the bed and put me down on the bed and continued to kiss my ne ck. “Finn,” I said again. “Forget about him, for a few over minutes,” he mumbled against my neck. “I can’t,” “Yes, you can,” “No,” I said pushing Finn off of me. I pulled on my hoddie and grabbed my art stuff and most of my clothes and left. I raced to my room, tripping a few times. Once in my room I changed into my boxers and tank top and lied on my bed.

I’m confused. I’m scared. I’m in love? The next morning I woke up and got ready for school. Today was going to make things right. I finished getting ready and headed up to the school. I heard a car horn honk and I turned around to see who was honking. It was Finn. “Hey, need a ride?” he asked. “Um, sure, thanks,” I said getting in the passenger side. Finn drove me to school with little conversation. Once we reached the school I walked to my locker. Sure enough there was Travis, with a smiled on his face, waiting for me. “Hey beautiful,” he said kissing me. “Travis I have something to tell you,” “What’s up?” “I haven’t been the best girlfriend in the last two days, and that’s not fair to you. So I think we should just take a break, until I figure things out,” I said looking into Travis pain filled eyes. I felt awful, but I could lie to him. Travis doesn’t deserve that. He smiled slightly and pulled me into a hug. “Thank you for being honest with me,” “I’m so sorry Travis,” “It’s cool, I guess, along as we can be friends,” “Duh,” I smiled. “Good,” I got what I need from my locker and Travis and I walked to my first period clas s. **** The enter day it feels like Finn and I have been flirting with each other. When we see each other in the hall way, he would wink at me and I would smile. At lunch from the table I was sitting I could see Finn and his friends. He looked over at me and raised his ice tea. I smiled and raised my chocolate mi lk. We both smiled at each other with our drinks in the air, then took a slip of it. It was weird yes, but it was nice. Finn and I were starting to get along, and I liked it. Finn drove me home that day. We said our good byes and went into our houses. **** The next day Finn gave me ride to school again. Once we reached school Carey saw standing near by Finn’s parking spot. I sighed and Finn groaned in annoyance. She smiled at him as he pulled in the spot, but once she saw me she frowned and glared at me. “Finny,” she smiled once we got out of the car. I walked way and headed to my locker. Travis was there as always. “Hey,” “What’s up?” I asked opening my locker. “The fair is coming soon, are you going?” he asked. “Yeah, I go every year with my mom,” “Cool, so, I’ll see you there,” “Yeah, we can hang out,” “Great,” I smiled as we walked to my locker. I saw Carey, with her arms wrapped around Finn as they walked in the hallway. For some odd sick reason that bothered me. I kept walking and didn’t let Carey bother me.

When Travis and I reached my class room I gave him a hug and walked inside. Then Carey walked in. She glared at me and walked over. “Stay away from Finn,” “Is he yours?” “Yes,” “Really? Cause he told me he was single,” Her cheeks turned pink. “Just do as I say,” “No, cause, you don’t own me and you don’t own Finn. I can talk to whoever I want to t alk to and I don’t want to talk to you,” She looked at me shocked. “You haven’t change have you, Alex?” “No, but you have and you look like a damn fool,” “Whatever, just watch your back,” she said walking away. I wasn’t afraid of Carey, but should I be? **** After school Finn drove me home as always. “So, are you going to the fair?” he asked out of the blue. “Yeah, you?” “Yeah, so, I’ll see you there,” “Yeah,” “Yeah,” “Yeah,” “Are you going with Travis?” “No, we’re, um, taking a break,” I said looking out the window. “Why?” “Because, I felt bad, about kissing you and … Travis doesn’t deserve that, so I broke it off, for now,” “So, you broke up with him because of me?” Finn asked pulling into his drive way. “I guess,” “Alex, look at me,” “Why? Can I leave now?” “No, look at me,” I looked over at him. “I’m looking at you,” “Tell me honestly, did you feel anything in that kiss?” “In what kiss?” “This kiss,” Finn said crashing his lips on mine. After awhile he pulled away. “Well?” he breathed. I looked away. “Nothing,” Finn smirked. “Liar,” “I’m not lying,” I snapped looking at him again. “Yes, you are, you didn’t look me in the eye,” “So,” “You felt something, admit it,” “I have nothing to admit,” “Then look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t feel anything between us,” I looked Finn in the eye, but I couldn’t say it. Finn smirked and kissed me again. “Alex,” he said looking me in the eye. “Tell me,” “I can’t,” I whispered. He smiled and got out of the car. I followed him and walked home. The next couple of weeks have been normal. I keep my distance from Finn and spend most of my time in Travis. Thanksgiving is coming soon and school is out. It’s a Friday evening and I was getting ready for the fair with my mom. My dad never comings for soon reason. Anyway, I was in my room standing in front of my mirror. I didn’t know what to do with my hair. It was one of those bad hair days. I sighed and pulling it into a high pony tail. I slipped on my flip flops and headed down stairs, where my mom was.

“Ready?” she asked. “Yup,” I said walking out the door with my mom following. The drive to the fair wasn’t long, it’s about fifteen minutes. “Will Carey be here?” my mom asked. “I hope not,” “Aw, what wrong with Carey?” “What’s right with her?” I asked. I avoid further questions I got out of the car and w alked to the entrance. I waited for my mom to pay the man so we came go in. She paid the man and was walked in. “I’ll be over by the pie contest, if you need me you know where I am,” “Yup,” “Have fun,” “You too,” I said walking over to the games. “Alex!” I heard someone call me. I turned around and saw Travis and his friends including Finn. “Hey, guys,” I smiled. “What’s up?” Travis asked “Nothing just wondering,” “Do you want to hang out with us then?” asked a chick who had Oliver’s hand around her shoulder. “Sure, if you guys don’t mind,” “No,” they all said. I smiled and joined them. I honestly can’t remember laughing this much. The boys were hilarious and the girls’ reactions were just as funny. They would do or say something stupid and the girls would have to put them in pl ace. I knew everyone’s name as well. Devin was the chick who was with Oliver, there’s also Britney, Hannah and Morgan. “Hey guess what?” Gabe said. “What?” we all wondered. “Chicken butt,” the guys all said. The girls and I rolled our eyes as they laughed. “Grow up,” Morgan said. “You know you want to laugh,” Jason said. “Oh, shut up,” Devin said. “Are you sure they’re upper classman?” I asked. “No,” the girls said and we laughed. “Dude, I want to ride the fairest wheel,” Hannah said. “Let’s go,” Oliver said. “Last one there is a rotten egg,” The guys yelled. Everyone made a mad dash to the fairest wheel. Finn and I were a head of everyone. I just happen to run a little faster than him. “Ha, once second best always second best,” I said facing Finn. “What are you talking about? When was I second best?” “You’re always second best,” I said as the guys caught up with us. “Britney’s a rotten egg!” everyone chatted. “Shut up, assholes,” she muttered the last part as we got in line. “Oh, Oliver, you have to use your pick up line on Alex,” Morgan said. “Yeah,” Britney said. Oliver smiled and walked up to me. It was like he was tiring to be cool and show off his swagga that he didn’t have. Once he was in front of me he flipped his hai r and smiled. “Hi,” he said seductively. “My name Oliver Clothes Off,” he smiled. I raised an eyebrow at him until I got it. All of your clothes off. I bit my lips and tried to hold in my laugh. “So, if a guy said that to you what would you do?” Devin asked. “Laugh my ass off,” I smiled. “I would date the guy,” I smiled. “You would?” the girls asked.

“Yeah, if he was cute enough,” “What did I tell you,” Oliver said. “But, what if the guy looked like Oliver?” Britney asked. “She would date me,” Oliver said cockily. “I plead the fifth,” I said as the other laughed. Oliver pouted. “Aw, I’m sorry your very cute,” I said pinching his check. “Yes! Pound it, lock it, drop it, explode it!” Oliver said as I gave him a fist poun d. “Make it rain,” I said wiggled my fingers. “Yes, make it rain,” Oliver said taking out his cash and throwing it in the air. Everyone jumped up to try and catch it the drove on the ground for the rest. “Hey, give it back,” “No,” Finn said. “You wanted to make it rain,” Jason laughed. “Can you make it rain men?” Britney asked. “Yes, tall,” Devin added “Dark haired,” Morgan added “Six packed,” Hannah added “Blue eyed,” I added “Sexy,” Britney added “Smart,” Devin added “Funny,” I added “Men!” we all finished. “You got your men right here,” Ryan said. We all looked at the guys and started laughing. “Hey!” they said. “Oh, you were serious,” “Yeah,” We all got on the fairest wheel. I was with Travis. We sat and talked as we looked out the window. “Having fun?” he asked. “Yeah,” I smiled. “Good,” Once the ride was over we walked over to the food stands. Finn and I got finished early and wondered off together. “Want to play?” Finn asked as he stopped in front of a shoot out game. “Sure, but I suck at basketball,” “Then you’ll be second best,” he smirked. “Shut up,” I said grabbing a ball. “Shooters ready?” We nodded our heads. “Go,” We shoot as many baskets as we could. I got none and Finn made everyone. “Congratulations sir, what prize do you want?” the man asked Finn. “What do you want?” he asked me. “Um, the flyers bear,” I said pointing at it. The man handed it to me and Finn said. “You’re a flyer fan? You like hockey?” I laughed. “I do,” “I never knew that,” “There’s lots of things you don’t know about me, Finn,” “Like?” “Like I don’t like frozen yogurt and I know every single yo-yo trick there is,” I smil ed. “Really?” “Yeah, I’ll show you sometime,” “What else? I want to know,”

I laughed. “How about you take me out for sushi,” “Sushi?” “Yes, I like sushi,” “Okay,” “You’ve never had sushi?” “I have,” “Liar,” Finn looked me in the eye. “I love sushi,” he said. “Your good,” “I’m not lying okay, we’ll see tomorrow,” “Yeah, whatever,” “Attention, the fireworks will be starting in five minutes,” “Let’s go,” “You like fireworks too?” Finn asked running after me. “I love them,” I said smiling. Once we got to the little field where they do the fireworks. Everyone was sitting on the grass or in chairs. Some people were standing up in the back. I was standing next to Finn as the show started. The fireworks lit up the sky and my face. My smiled turned into a grin as I watc hed them. Finn took my hand as we watched the fireworks. “This is so cool,” I smiled. “You really like fireworks don’t you,” I smiled. “I do,” Finn looked over at me and smiled. We leaned in until our lips touched. “Finn!” I heard an annoying voice say. Carey. I pulled away and smiled. “Later,” “Alex wait,” “Hi, Finn, bye Alex,” I waved and went on my way. I found my mom and we finished watching to show together once it was over we wen t home. ***** The cold fall winter wind blew into my room as I was changing into my tank top. I walked over to my balcony to close the door and I saw Finn changing. He looked up and saw me. He walked out of his balcony and smiled. “Yes?” “Nothing, I was just closing my window,” “Sure you were. Anyway, I’m so about Carey,” “It’s cool, forget about her, she doesn’t bother me, well she does, but I’ll stay away f rom her,” “Sounds, good, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven?” “Sounds, good,” I smiled. “I would kiss you but your to far away, remind me tomorrow to,” I giggled. “Okay,” “Good night,” “Night,” I said walking into my warm room and closed the door. “That boy is so weird,” I said as I crawled into my bed. I dreamt about Finn again. I really need to stop doing that. **** The next morning I work up and headed down stairs. I opened the fridge and saw a box of pizza. I opened it and stole a slice. I took a bit out of it as I walked into the living room. There was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was Finn. He planted a kiss on my lips and pulled away. “What the hell?” I said giving him a funny look.

“That was from last night. Can I have a bit?” “No,” “Thanks babe,” he said biting into my pizza. “You like cold pizza too?” “Yeah, you?” “I love it,” “Funny, now, good bye, see you at seven,” “Yup,” he said jogging over to his house. “Your weird!” I called after him. I closed the door and lied on the sofa. My parents came home from Thanksgiving shopping, shortly after. **** It was time for my date with Finn. I didn’t want to look hot nor did I want to look cute. I wanted to look beautiful. I was wearing a yellow sundress and white heels. I put on little bit of make up and wore my favorite necklace and hop earrings. I didn’t know what to do with my hair. I straightened it, then I curled it, then I brushed out the curls giving it wave s. I put in a bun, ponytail, half up half down, messy bun, I tried all of it, no thing seemed to work. “Ugh,” I sighed. “When in doubt leave it out,” I said taking my hair out of its clip. The doorbell rang and I shot up from my seat. He’s here. “I got it” I said hurrying downstairs. “Who is it?” my mom asked. “Finn, we’re hanging out, later,” I said opening the door and smiled. “Hey,” “Hi,” he smiled. “You look beautiful,” “Thanks, you look handsome yourself,” He smiled as I closed the door. “Can we walk there, it’s not that far,” “Sure,” I smiled as I walked with Finn under the starts to the small little sushi place. Once we reached there I asked the nice lady at the front desk for a booth for tw o. She nodded her head and led us to our booth with a menu in hand. “So, Finny boy, what do you want?” “Whatever you want,” “Okay, well, cooked or raw?” He raised an eye brow at me. “Cooked?” “Okay,” I said looking at the menu. The waitress came by. “Came I get you anything to drink?” “Yes, please, I’ll have an ice tea,” I smiled “Same,” Finn said. “So, tell me about yourself,” he said once she left. “You first,” I smirked. “Fine,” As Finn talked I joined in some of my thoughts. It turns out that Finn’s not such a bad guy and we have a lot in common. I’m seeing a side of him I never saw before, I like this side of him. I mean, he was still his jack ass, cocky, jerk face, low self esteem self, but h e was also, nice, funny, smart, and some what loving. When are sushi came I smiled and thanked the waitress. I mixed the soy sauce for us. “Okay, ready to admit that you don’t know anything about sushi?” “No, cause, I do,” “Okay,” I said. I saw Finn pick up a roll and dip it in the sauces. Then he put a lot of this green stuff on top. I forgot what’s it called but I do k now it’s really spicy, even a little bit will kill you. I didn’t say a word I just watched the dumb ass. “Where’s the knife and fork?”

“It’s sushi, you don’t need any,” “Oh, right,” he said picking up the roll and bit it. he had a hard time tearing it b ut once he did he began chewing. “HOT!” he screamed. I guess the spicy green stuff kicked in. He gulped down his water and ice tea in seconds. “Are you ready to admit it now?” “Yeah, fine, I never had sushi before,” “Thank you for admitting that. Now, lesson number one, this green stuff is very sp icy that’s why you use a little or none at all. Number two, you use chop sticks. T hree, you pick up the sushi with the chop sticks bit it in your sauce or whateve r and you put the whole thing in your mouth,” and with that I put the whole roll i n my mouth. “Oh,” Finn said. He took out his chop sticks and tried to pick up a roll. I giggled and showing him how to hold it. He still didn’t get it. He picked up the roll and put in all in his mouth. “There you go,” I smiled. We finished eating and Finn paid for our meal and we walked home. “So, you like sushi now?” I asked. “Yeah, thanks for helping me,” “Yup,” We held hands as we walked to my house. “Good night, Alex,” Finn said. “Night,” I smiled as I kissed him on the lips. This was a bold move. Finn was always the one to kiss me. I pulled away and smiled. I walked into my house. I headed upstairs and there was my mom in my room. She was putting some clean cl othes on my bed. “Hi, honey,” she smiled. “Hey, can I ask you a question?” “Sure, anything,” “How do you know when your in love?” She smiled. “You just know,” “How did you know you loved dad?” “Well, when we kissed, it was something I never felt before. Then it was the littl e things. He made me laugh and smile, he was fun to be around, I got excited whe n I saw him. He was my favorite hello and hardest good bye. I always wanted to b e with him. I just knew,” my mom said. “Okay, thanks mom, that helps,” “No problem honey. Who’s the boy?” “Mom,” I whined. This is why I don’t talk to my mom about anything. “Fine, but, if he makes you happy and you have a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, you just might fancy this boy,” “How do I know if he likes me?” “Honey, men are weird. You never know when a guy likes you until he starts droppin g hints or tells you,” “Thanks mom,” “No problem, dear,” she kissed my forehead and walked over to my door. “It’s someone you know, the guy I like,” She smiled. “Finn?” I smiled. “Bye mom,” She smiled and left. I changed out of my clothes and took a quick shower. As I got ready for bed I thought about what my mom said. I think I like Finn and I think he likes me, so now what? The next morning was Thanksgiving and I could hear my mom down stairs cooking al ready.

My plan was to stay out of the house as much as possible. I texted Travis and asked him if he wanted to hang out, he said yes. I quickly got ready and left the house. Travis picked me up in his car. “Where are we going?” “Somewhere to get food,” I said smiling. “You go it,” Travis smiled. After breakfast we went to the mall then the movies. After a very busy day Travis dropped me back home. “Alex” my mom called as soon as I walked in. “Yes?” “We’re going over to the Johnson’s house for Thanksgiving,” “What? Why?” “Because, they want to spend it with us,” “So?” “Alexandra,” my mom said sternly. “Alex, listen to your mother,” my dad said. “No, I’m not going! I’m not going! I’m not going!” ***** “I cant believe I’m going,” I said as I crossed the street with food in my hands. My mom brought over some of our food for the dinner. I set the food on the table and joined the others in the living room. Shortly after we had dinner, which went better than I thought. “So, Sandy, do you want to do this again?” my mom asked. “Yes, Christmas, we’ll come over,” Sandy smiled. “Sounds like a plan,” my mom said. **** The next morning I woke up and went for a quick run. I needed to get Finn back, he did after all steal my art work. On my run I thought about what I could do, then it hit me. Finn told me the one thing he loves other than himself. A basketball signed by the whole Lakers team. He’s a huge Lakers fan. I smiled. How was I going to get into Finn’s room is the hard part. I thought about this as I head to the Johnson’s house. I knocked on the door and waited. Kelly answered it and smiled at me. “What’s up?” “Nothing, is anyone home?” “No, just me why?” “I need something from Finn’s room,” “What?” “A basketball,” I smiled. “Okay,” she said letting me in. I hurried to Finn’s room and instantly started my search. Once I found it, hitting by his bed in a case, I grabbed it and left the house. I headed over to my house and put the ball under my bed. Now all I do is wait. ***** I was on my balcony painting a picture of a sunset over a lake. “Alex!” I heard someone yell. I looked over and saw Finn on his balcony glaring at me. “Yes?” I asked. “Where is my basketball?” “I don’t know? outside?” I said playing dumb. “No, my Lakers one,” “Oh, I don’t know,” “Bullshit, you stole it,” “How dare you assume that I stole you basketball,” “I know you did,” “Now, why would I steal your basketball?”

“Payback. Now where is it,” “Idk, my bff Jill,” I said. “I’m coming over there,” “What’s stopping you,” I said as he left his room. I watched him run across the street. I heard the door open and loud footsteps coming up the stairs to my room. Finn tried to turn to handle but I had locked it. “Alex, open the door,” “Got a search warrant?” “No, just open up the damn door,” “No, get a warrant,” “I’m not joking around here, Alex,” “Aw, I thought we were,” “Open the door!” “What’s in it for me?” “Alex!” “Finny,”. I opened the door and Finn came running in. “Where the hell is my ball,” he asked glaring at me. “How should I know,” He sighed and looked around my room. “You getting colder,” I said as Finn was in my closet. “Huh?” “Your getting colder,” Finn raised an eyebrow and walked over to me. “Now, your warm and getting warmer,” I said as he was near my bed. “Now your hot,” I sai d as he was standing where is ball is. “I know,” he smirked. “Shut up,” “So, where is it?” I shrugged. “How can I be hot-” I cut him off. “I don’t know, your really not that good looking, my dear,” “Shut up!” he snapped. “Where is it, you said I’m hot,” “I said nothing of the sort,” Finn glared at me as he knelt down. “Hotter,” I said. He lifted up the sheets, so he could see under the bed. “Fire,” I said. Finn grabbed the ball and held it close to him. “Oh, I’m so sorry baby, did the mean girl hurt you?” “How many babies do you have?” “Just two, my phone and this ball,” I rolled my eyes. “Leave,” I said pointing to the door. “I have clothes to wash,” “Later, Al,” “Don’t call me that!” I yelled after him, then slammed my door. Once Finn left I went down stairs to the basement and washed my color clothes. I headed back upstairs and blasted my music and painted. Later I moved the clothes to the dyer and put in my white clothes in the washer. The day passed uneventful and boring. I was mostly in my room, listening to music and drawling. I went to the basement one last time to collect my clothes from the dryer. I opened the dry to find my white clothes pink. “Finn! That son of a jack ass, lint licker, asshole, mother sexer, female dog shit bag,” I mutter storming upstairs and out the door. I stormed across the street and banged on the door. Frank answered it. “Alex, hi,” he smiled. “Finn get your-” I paused and looked at Frank. “Are your parents home?” “No,” he said. “Get your ass down here now!” I yelled. “What is it now, woman?” he asked coming down stairs. “You turned my white clothes pink,”

“How dare you assume that I would do such a thing,” “Listen here, you asshole-” “Guys, calm down,” Frank said stepping in front of us. “Finn, apologize,” “I’m sorry,” Finn sighed rolling his eyes. “Alex, I think you should leave and use some oxy clean,” “Will that work?” “I believe so,” Frank smiled. “Thanks,” I muttered and left. The next day was school. I got dress and all that other crap. I walked to school and headed to my locker. Like always Travis was there waiting for me. “Hey, Travis,” I smiled. “I beat you to the punch today,”. He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, how was your break?” he asked as I hugged him. “It was good, whoa, you got your ear pierced,” I said looking at the diamond in his ear. “Yeah,” he chuckled. “I’m trying it,”. “I like it, so how as your break?”. “Good, so, how are things with Finn, you two seem like friends,” “We’re learning to tolerate each other, but his still gets under my skin,”. “What happened?” “He told my art work, so I stole his basketball,” “His LA Lakers basketball?” Travis said in shock. “Yeah,” “Dude, you got to touch it?” “Yeah, Travis chill, it’s a basketball,” “I’m a huge Lakers fan, so it’s not just a ball to me. What did it look like?” I smacked him on the cheek. “Come back to earth,” “Sorry,” he muttered rubbing his cheek. “Me too,” He chuckled. “Alright, I’m back, let’s go to class,” “Yay,” I said sarcastically. Travis chuckled as we walked to my class. Finn and I haven’t spoken all day. It’s now lunch time and I was on my way to my locker. Once I was there I opened it and it a big pile of shaving cream fell out. “Ew,” I said as I watched it fall on the floor. A pink note was on top of the white foamy mess. I picked it up and read it. ‘So, Alex, I guess we’re back to square one. Your legs are a bit hair so I thought y ou could use some shaving cream. Your favorite man, Finn’ I chuckled as I balled up the note. I slammed my locker and walked to the cafeteria. I joined the line and got my food. I sat down at my regular table and thought ab out my plan of action with Finn. We have a new relationship now a love/hate one. It seems like now hate then love. I watched as he made out with the new flavor of the day. “Hey Alex,” Britney said sitting down with me with the rest of the girls. “Hey,” I smiled. “Don’t look at Finn swamp spit with some hoe,” Devin said. “Yeah, you don’t need to see that sweetie, no one does,” Morgan said. I laughed. “Yeah, I know, I just need a little payback,” “What he do?” “Shaving cream in my locker. It was like the can exploded in there,” “Ew, that’s horrible,” Hannah said.

“Yeah,” “He’s afraid of dogs,” Devin said I laughed. “Really?” “Yeah, I wanted to show him my little puppy and he freaked out,” she continued “Even stuffed animals give him the spooks,” Britney laughed. “He doesn’t want people to know, his one and only weakness, but hoes before bros rig ht?” Devin smirked. “Right,” I smiled. “I got to head home, I have a plan,” “Sounds evil, have fun,” Hannah said. “I will, later ladies,” “Bye,” they called as I hurried home. Finn’s Point Of View I walked to my locker after lunch and opened it. “Whoa!” I yelled and jumped back. I slammed the door shut and closed my eyes. I was seeing things. I opened the locker door and there they were. Dogs. Everywhere. Stuffed animals, pictures, dog toys with a picture of me on them. “Dude,” I called to Jason. “What?” he asked. “Take them out of my locker,” I said. The room seemed to be spinning. I hate dogs. They freak me out. “Dude, get a grip,” Jason said emptying my locker of the little devils. Once he was down he handed me a note. “I found it in your locker,” he said. “Thanks, man,” “Yup,” I opened the note. ‘Hey Finn, I hope you like my little gift to you. Your favorite girl, Alex,’ I threw the note in the trash and walked back to my locker. I took out my books and walked to my class. On my way there I saw Alex holding hands with Travis as they walked to class. Is she back together with him? Why do I care? I’m not jealous or am I? nope, not jealous. “Hey Al,” “What’s up jack ass?” she asked turning around. “I never understood this relationship,” Travis sighed. “It’s a love/hate thing,” Alex said. “Mostly hate,” I said. “All hate, I don’t know where the love comes in, but whatever,” she said. “What do want,” “To talk with you,” “Now?” “Yup,” “Fine, I’ll see you late Travis,” she said giving him a hug. He hugged her back and walked away. “Who told you?” “Told me what?” “Don’t play dumb,” “I’m not playing,” “How did you know that dogs bothered me?” I asked as the bell rang. She walked up to me and ran her hand down my chest. “Don’t worry about,” She walked way and I grabbed her hand. “No,” I said bringing her back. “Tell me,” I said closing the space between us. “I have my ways, Finn,”

I kissed her neck and ran my hand down her leg. “Stop, seducing me,” she muttered. I continued to kiss her neck and moved my way up to her jaw. “Fine, I’ll tell you,” I stopped and smirked at her. “Who?” “I’ll give you a hint,” “Hoes before bros,” she winked at me. “Bye, Finn,” “Not so fast,” I said. “What kind of hint is that?” “A good one, think about it,” “Or you could tell me,” “Or you could use your tiny little brain,” I looked into her eyes and moved a piece out of her face. “Is this the love part?” I whispered. “I guess,” she smiled. Our lips touched and I instantly wrapped my arms around her waist. Her arms were around my neck and her fingers played with my hair. She pulled me closer to her. I took off her hoodie and she took off my shirt. Her shirt came off too. Her hands went up and down my body giving me chills. My hands roamed her body, f eeling her smooth skin under my fingers turned me on, like never before. I pulle d off the bra strap on one of her shoulders and I did the same to the other. I kissed her shoulders and chest. Alex moaned softly. “Finn,” she whispered. I moved back up to her lips and held her tight. I moved my hand to her bra and pulled it down a little. “Finn?” we pulled away and there was Carey. I put my bra back on quickly as Carey walked over to us. “Finn, baby, what are you doing with her?” Carey asked. “Baking a cake,” Finn said putting his shirt back on. “Finn, we’ve been together since the first day of school, what wrong babe?” Carey aske d. “Carey making out with doesn’t mean we’re dating,” Finn sighed. “Then what does it mean?” “It means he was using you,” I said putting my shirt on. “That’s not true,” Carey said. “You’re just a jealous whore,” “Excuse me, if anyone’s the whore here it’s you honey. I case you forgot I was your be st friend,” I said. “I haven’t forgotten,” Carey said. “Whatever,” I said getting my things. “Finny, baby, let’s pick up were you two left off,” “Carey, I’m done with you,” Finn said and walked off. That was the last thing I heard before I turned the corner. I walked in my class and told the teacher I talking to another teacher and forgo t to get a pass. I was excused and I took my seat. The rest of the day I stayed away from Finn. I walked home and went straight to my room. I changed out of my school clothes and into my art clothes. I deiced to paint than do homework. When my mom came home we eat dinner together and I did my homework. Somewhere around one I fell asleep with my history book open. ****** The next day at school as I walked to my locker. Travis was there waiting for me. We exchanged hellos as I opened my locker. “Alex,” Carey said walking up to me. “What?” I snapped. “Stay away from Finn, got it,” “I told you before, you’re not the boss of me,” I said.

“If you were smart you’ll leave him alone,” she said then walked away with her cheerle ader friends behind her. I rolled my eyes. “Ready?” I asked Travis. “Yeah,” we laced our fingers together and walked to class. Before lunch I stopped by my locker with Travis. When I opened it wet paper towel fell out. I rolled my eyes. “We’re stuffing this in Finn’s locker,” Travis chuckled and helped me stuff it in there. We walked in the lunch room. I brought my lunch today so I sat down at my table and eat alone. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I opened it. It was a text from Finn. ‘I figured out the hint’ ‘And’ I typed. A few seconds later he texted me back. ‘Devin and the rest of the girls’ I smiled. ‘Good boy! Now you can have a treat’ ‘Haha, you’re funny’ I sent him a smilyface and closed my phone. Before lunch was over I went down to the boys’ gym locker room. I opened Finn’s locker and took out his clothes and switched them with another kid s. I also put in a picture of a dog on his locker. I smiled and walked to my locker. Travis was there waiting for me and we walked to my class. ***** It’s now Christmas break and I have been lying around the house in my underwear. My parents have been working extra hard this year to get the best gifts possible they say. I was lying on the sofa eating cookies and cream ice cream out of the container, in my underwear. My hair was in a messy bun and I was wearing an over sized t-shirt braless. The doorbell rang. “It’s open,” I said. The door opened and the pizza walked in. “Your order,” he said. “Thanks kid, bring it here,” I said sitting up. He walked over and gave me the box of pizza and I paid him. “Have a good day,” I shouted after him. He closed my door and I opened the large brown bag and took out my chicken wrap and fries. I began to eat my lunch as I watched old reruns of shows I never cared about. To wash down my lunch I spooned some ice cream in my mouth and purred in some mi lk. I shook my head and swallowed. “Instant milk shake,” I smiled. I continued to eat my ice cream when there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” I yelled. The door opened and closed and Finn walked in. “What do you want?” I asked rudely. “Ouch, that hurt,” “Good, leave,” “No, I think, I’ll stay,” I rolled my eye. “What do you want?” I asked. “I was bored at my place, so I thought, we could do something,” “If it involves me moving, forget,” “Alex,” Finn sighed as I let out a loud burp. “That’s attractive,” he said. “Whatever, I’m in my house,” “Are you just going to sit here and waste a day?” “Yup,” “Well, you’re wasting it with me,” I said sitting down next to me. “Get the hell out of my house,” I snapped. “Nope! Can you pass the ice cream?” he asked.

“Leave,” “No,” “Finn!” “Alex,” “Ah!” I screamed. “You should take it easy; high blood pressure is a high risk for teens,” “You’re unbelievable,” “I know,” “Oh look, he’s modest too,” I said sarcastically. Finn chuckled. “What is it with you and hating me?” “What is it with you always being with me? All the damn time,” “Maybe I’m trying to be nice,” “Maybe I want you out of my life,” “Maybe I want to be in your life and make it hell,” “Maybe you should leave,” “Maybe I should stay,” “Maybe you should kiss me,” “Maybe I should,” “Maybe we should have hot anger sex,” “Maybe we should,” “Maybe we should get started,” “Maybe we should go out,” “Maybe we should after we have our hot anger sex,” “Maybe we should use protection,” “Maybe we should,” “Maybe I have some,” “Good!” “Good,” Finn and I jumped on each other and kissed passionately and angrily. Our lips couldn’t go fast enough. We just start and we were already sweating and our hair a mess. Finn’s shirt came off and I pulled him closer to me. I gripped his shoulders as he rubbed my breast. He pulled off my shirt and grabbed them. I moaned as he kisse d my neck. I moaned his name and rubbed his chest as he trailed down my neck to my chest. H e licked his way down to my breast and licked my nipple. I moaned again and he s ucked and kissed my breasts and bit my nipples. I grabbed his face and crashed m y lips into his. We fell backward so Finn was on top. I took off his pants as I kissed his neck. I trailed down to his chest and bit h is nipple. He moaned and grabbed my butt. I kissed down to his abs and licked my way back up to his lips. Finn pulled down my underwear and threw it across the room. He pulled me closer to him and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Somewhere at the back of my head in my conscious mind I was freaking out. I was about to do it with Finn. I was about to lose my virginity to an asshole. I was about to have sex with a hot senior man. We fell on the floor still kissing. Finn was on top and he held me tight. He kissed my breasts and then my lips again. Finn pulled off his boxers. “I hate you,” I said. “I hate you too,” he said. Finn kissed my neck again down to my breast. He made his way back up to my lips. He’s hand ran down my leg giving me chills. “You’re first time?” he asked as he bit my nipple. “Yes,” I moaned out. Finn put on his condom and went back to my breast. “I won’t hurt you,” he said kissing my neck. “Ready?” I kissed Finn and gripped his shoulders pulling him closer to me. I never wanted to let him. He held my waist tightly and ran his finger threw my

hair. He kissed down my chest to my breast again. He trailed back up to my neck and to my jaw. “Ready?” I nodded my head and I felt Finn smiled. “It won’t hurt,” “Okay,” I breathed as I braced myself for anything. There it goes, I thought, no turning back. Finn entered my slowly and pain rushed through my body. “Finn, you asshole, you said it wouldn’t hurt,” I screamed in pain. I kept screaming until Finn kissed me to shut me up. “Wait a few more seconds the pain with go away,” and as promised the pain faded and pleasure took over. “Oh Finn,” I said lying back down. He began to pump in and out of me slowly as we kissed. I was loving every second of this. “Oh Finn,” I moaned. “Can you go faster?” Finn stopped and looked at me. “I can much faster, but it might hurt,” “I don’t care,” He smirked and started again, this time faster. “Faster!” I screamed and Finn did just that. I screamed and moaned Finn’s name as he pumped faster and harder into me. He held my hands over my head as he kissed me. Finn was in control the whole time. I felt so vulnerable. Once we were done Finn kissed me one last time then lied down next to me. “Damn,” he said. We lied next to each other after our amazing sex we just had. I was still blown away at what just happened. “Wow,” I muttered. “I know, that was amazing,” “Damn, that was good,” “Yeah,” “This doesn’t mean I like you,” “Same here,” “Good,” “Good,” “I hate you,” “I hate you more,” “I hate you more than that,” “Good, I’m glade this didn’t change things,” “Not a thing, it’s not like I grew feelings for you,” “Good, we’re not into each other like that,” “Nope, just a one time thing,” “So, um, are we going out? Not that I would care if we were or not,” “We are but it’s whatever,” “Good,” “Good,” “So you’re my girlfriend,” “And you’re my boyfriend,” “I still hate you,” “Good, I hate you too,” “Good,” he said lacing our fingers together. I smiled slightly and looked the other way. What a day. ****** For a new couple I would say Finn and I were doing a great job. We kept our distance. On Christmas Eve my mom and I went shopping. I bought my mom new earrings and my dad a watch.

My mom said that the Johnson’s were coming over for Christmas. I bought then all cards and gift cards as well. Mr. Johnson I bought him a Starbucks card, for Mrs. Johnson I brought her a Macy’s gift card. For Frank and Kelly I brought them itunes gift cards. For Finn I did n’t know what to get him. What does a girl get her asshole of a boyfriend for Chirstmas? I walked around the store looking for something. As I walked around I saw a pict ure frame. It was huge and beautiful. I smiled and looked at the price. I walked up to the check out area and put all my items on the counter. I paid for everything and my mom and I left the mall and headed home to wrap our gifts. I was in my room getting ready for tomorrow. The cards were wrote in and set aside. The gifts were all wrapped except for Fin n’s and Travis’s. I went to my computer and burned the mixed CD for Travis. As the songs were being put on the CD I walked over to my art. I looked at all the painting and drawings until I found the right one. I put in the frame and wrapped it. Once the CD was done I wrapped it and put it on my desk. I looked over at Finn, he was wrapping something on his bed. He looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back and he walked over to his window and closed the blinds. Jack ass. I rolled my eyes and got ready for bed. ***** The next morning I got ready for the Johnson. The doorbell rang as I headed down stairs. I opened the door and there they were. “Merry Christmas,” I smiled. “Merry Christmas,” they smiled. The Johnson’s walked into the warm house. Finn smiled at me. “Happy holidays,” he whispered in my ear as he walked in. I joined everyone in the living room and drank eggnog. When my mom came into the living room it was time for the gifts. Everyone loved there gifts. While the grown ups were talking I motioned for Finn to follow me upstairs. He nodded his head and we tip tied into my room. I closed the door behind Finn and smiled. “Close your eyes,” I smiled. “Okay,” he smirked. I took out his gift from the closet and held it in front of me. “Open,” I smiled. He opened his eyes and smiled. He opened it and his smiled turned into a grin. “Yo u didn’t have to,” he said. “I wanted to,” I smiled. “I love it. Okay, your turn, close your eyes,” I smiled and closed my eyes and smiled. I felt warm lips on mine. I kissed back and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled away. “Okay, that was it you can open your eyes now,” “You jerk,” I said hitting him. “I’m kidding. Close your eyes,” I closed them again and waited. I felt my hair being moved, then a cold chain go around my neck. I opened my eye s and looked down. “Finn,” I said turning around. “You shouldn’t have,” I said looked at the necklace he boug ht me. It had an ‘A’ pendant on it. “I wanted to,” he smiled. I kissed him and gave him a hug. “Merry Chirstmas,” “Merry Chirstmas,” he said unzipping my dress. “Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, you look hot and I’m tried of staring at your cleavage, I want to see the rea l thing,” “Well,” I said unbuttoning his shirt. “You’re lucky I’m feeling a little merry today,” “Really?” he asked as he slowly took off my dress. His hands roamed my bare back. Once his shirt was open I rubbed my hands up and down he chest. He chuckled as his hands traced the hem of my underwear. His hands traveled back up my back and he left the dress fall to the floor. Finn kissed me and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He held my breast with one hand as the other trailed down my side to my leg. He began to suck my breast. Giving each one attention. I just stood there, moaning and rubbing his chest. He pulled on my nipple making me gasp. “Dude,” I said pushing him away from my crest. He laughed. “Sorry baby,” he smiled. I kissed his lips and held him close to me. He took off his shirt and lifted me up. He held on to my thighs and lightly stroking them, sending shivers through out m y body. I ran my fingers threw his hair. “I knew it! But ew, put some clothes on,” We pulled away and there was Kelly, with her back turned. Finn put me down and we got dressed. “Kelly, what the hell are you doing here?” Finn asked. “I was told to find you guys and I found you alright?” she giggled. I blushed. “Don’t tell our parents,” “Or Frank,” Finn said “Whatever, they’re going to find out somehow,” Kelly said “We don’t want people to know,” I said “Is this what young love is now? My lips are sealed,” Kelly sighed. “Thank you,” I smiled. “I’ll be talking to Finn about this later,” Kelly said and marched out of the room. We followed her and headed down stairs. The parents and Frank were talking and laughing with wine in there hands. Kelly joined then and hopped in there conversation. Finn and I joined them as well sitting as far away from each other as possible. We eat and hung out until the clock struck eight. When it was time for the Johnson’s to leave I opened the door them to leave and sm iled. “It’s snowing,” I called to everyone. Frank joined me in the door way and smiled at the winter wonderland. My mom giggled. “Frank and Alex under the mistletoe,” We looked up and blushed. “Look at that we are,” I laughed. “Kiss him,” my mom said. “Yeah Frank kiss her,” Mrs. Johnson said. I looked at Finn who seemed piss then back at Frank, who was looking at Kelly fo r help. I laughed. “Merry Chirstmas Frank,” I said kissing him on the lips. I pulled away and blushed. Frank blushed too and ran his hand through his hair as he walked away. “Who’s next?” I asked. “Alex,” my dad said glaring at me. “I was kidding,” I said stepping inside. “Well,” Mrs. Johnson said pulled Mr. Johnson under the mistletoe. She kissed him rig ht there and he happily kissed back. “Ew,” Finn and Frank said looking away. My mom dragged my dad under the mistletoe and kissed him too. I looked way from the making out parents. Frank cleared his throat and the parents stopped.

Kelly dragged her brothers under the mistletoe and kissed both their cheeks. “Ew,” they said whipping her kiss away. Everyone chuckled. “I think Finn and Alex should go under the mistletoe,” Kelly said. Finn and I glared at her. “Sure why not,” Mrs. Johnson said as my mom said “Yeah,” I looked at Finn and he shrugged his shoulders. I walked over to the mistletoe. “Oh, no, there’s now way in...,” Finn said looking over at his mother before saying he ll. “In hello that I’m kissing you,” “Sha-la-la-la-la-la my, oh, my look at the boy too shy he ain’t gonna kiss the girl” K elly sang. “Shut up,” Finn sighed. “Go on, kiss her,” my mom said. “Yeah, Finn,” Mrs. Johnson said. “If he doesn’t want to it’s fine,” “Aw, there blushing,” Kelly said. “Fine, you want a kiss!” Finn said walking over to me. “You’ll get a damn – I mean – darn k ss,” Finn grabbed my waist and crashed his lips into mine. I kissed back and ran my fingers through his hair. “Aw,” all the moms and Kelly said. Finn pulled away and looked at Kelly. “Happy?” “Yup,” Finn let me go and whipped his mouth. I did the same and walked over to my mom. “We should go before the snow picks up,” Mr. Johnson said. “Yeah, bye, thanks for having us,” Mrs. Johnson. They said their good byes and walked to their home. I walked upstairs to my room and flopped on my bed. ***** Travis was having a new year party and I deiced I was going. Instead of watching the ball drop with my folks. I pulled on my black shiny jeans and a sweater. Finn drove me to Travis’s place. We talked and joked around like old times. Once we reached the house we walked into Travis’s backyard, were the party was. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. I walked over to Travis with Finn behind me. “Hey,” I smiled. “Hey, Alex,” Travis said hugging me. “Glade you could make it,” “Merry Chirstmas,” I said handing him his CD. “Aw, thanks,” he smiled. “Merry Chirstmas,” he said pulling out a small box from his pocket. “I saw it and thou ght of you,” I smiled and opened it. It was beautiful. A ring that had a think band of torque s. “It’s beautiful, thank you,” “No problem,” he said as I put it on my thumb. “Chris Brown, Wall to Wall, this is my song,” I said as I started dancing. “This song is so old,” Travis laughed. “I don’t give a shit,” “Your hot, funny, and have a good taste in music, I’m Chris,” said one of Travis’s frie nds. I smiled. “Alex, nice to meet you,” “The pleasure is mine,” “Are you sure?” “Yes,” “Well, damn you haven’t meet you yet, I’ll make your life hell,” “Is that a promise,” “You can count on it babe,”

He smiled. “Dance with me?” “Sure,” I smiled as we danced over to the dance floor. Finn’s Point Of View I watched that Christ dude dance away with my girl, in anger. I don’t know why I wanted to keep it on the down low. But she wanted that too, so I guess its okay. I stood next to Travis and we talked as we drank our beer. “I’m thinking about asking Alex out again,” he said casually. “Why?” I asked “She’s amazing,” he smiled. I chuckled. “She’s a pain in the ass,” “If your nice to her, she’s not,” “Shut up, man. I’m planning on getting lady, so, where are the single ladies,” Travis laughed as I walked way. I found some random chick and we started dancing together. The night was about to be over. We couldn’t down to the new year. I walked over to Alex and she smiled. We made our way out of Travis party and to my car. “Three” she said. “Two,” I said “One,” we said. “Happy new year,” we smiled and I kissed her as the fireworks went off. We broke apart and hopped in the car and I drove her home. ***** The next morning I woke up and sighed. I had the best dream about Alex. I looked down and sure enough I had a boner. I smiled and walked down stairs. “Finn,” Kelly called me “What?” I called. “Come here,” “Dude, I just woke up!” “So, come here,” I sighed and cursed under my breath as I head down up stairs. “What?” I asked walking into her room. “We need to talk about Alex,” “Why?” “Because, I like this one, you finally picked a good one,” “Shut up” I snapped. “Are you sleeping with her?” “Kelly?” “I need to know,” “Once,” “You took her virginity?” “Yes,” “Do you care about her?” “Yeah, can I go,” “Listen bro, you two need to go public about your relationship. At least tell mom and dad,” “No, we both want it to be hind, so it is,” “It wont end well,” “I’ll prove you wrong,” “I’m going to college for this, trust me, tell the world you love Alexandra Oz,” “I don’t love her and no,” I said. “Finn,” “No, the end,” I said leaving. I headed down stairs to see Frank. “Hey man,” “Hey,”

“Hello, Frank,” Kelly said. “Can you tell Finn that I’m never wrong,” “Sure. Finn, Kelly’s never wrong,” I laughed as Frank chuckled. “Shut up and grow up,” she sighed. “Can I tell you guys something?” Frank asked. “Sure,” we said. “I like Alex,” “What?!” I said as Kelly looked at me. “What?” Frank asked. “She’s eight years younger than you,” “I know, but, there’s something about her,” “Hell no!” Oh hell no! when did everyone start liking my girl? “Chill bro,” “No, you stay the hell away from her,” “Finn, calm down. It’s not like your dating her,” “I am!” I said without thinking. “You are?” “Yeah, don’t tell anyone,” I said. “Okay? Um, good for you,” “Yeah, she’s off limits to you,” “Okay, okay. Did you sleep with her?” “Ugh! You too?” “What? She’s a good one bro, don’t screw it up,” “And he will,” Kelly said. “He did sleep with her,” “Nice,” Frank smiled. “She good?” “Ew! This is where I leave!” Kelly said walking up stairs. “If I would have known that I would have said that a long time along,” Frank laughed. “Works every time,” I laughed and headed up stairs. I had a girl to see. Alex’s Point Of View I woke up and walked down stairs. I made myself a blow of cereal. I walked to the front door and opened it, so I w on’t have to answer the door. I finished my cereal and grabbed the ice cream and s poon and sat on the sofa. I kicked off my shorts and watched cartoons. There was a knock on the door. “It’s open,” I said. The door opened then closed. “Hey sexy,” Finn said walking into the living room. “Leave,” I said. “That hurt,” “Déjà vu,” I said as Finn sat next to me. “So, what up?” “Nothing, just wasting a day,” “Do you remember the last time you wasted a day?” “I do, it lead to an argument,” “And?” “And you and me being a couple,” “And?” “And me kicking you out of my house,” “And?” “And what?” “Us hooking up,” “Oh yeah, that was fun,” “You’re a piece of work,” “I know,”

“What do guys see in you?” “Guys?” “Yeah, Travis, Chris, Frank, they all like you,” “I’m flattered. Frank likes me? I’m dating the wrong brother,” “Alex,”. I laughed at the panic in his voice. “I’m not going to leave you for someone else, c alm you little ass down,” “Don’t play like that, you amazing,” “I know,” “Oh she modest too,” “Damn, you got lucky,” Finn laughed. “I did,” I smiled. Finn kissed me and smiled. I moved over to him and rest my head on his shoulder. He stocked my hair and held me in his arms. I kissed his jaw up to his cheek then to his lips. He pulled away. “My brother knows about us,” “Finn,” I sighed moving away from him. “He told me that he liked you and I freaked I’m sorry,” “Damn it Finn,” “I’m sorry,” “You trust me right, as your girlfriend?” “Yes,” “And I trust you, so stop freaking out,” “Okay,” “Out of all the great guys out that, I choose you, the best asshole, manwhore I kn ow, to be my boyfriend,” He chuckled. “Good point,” “Now, stoke my hair again,” He moved to me and held me in his arms. He stroked my hair as we watched T.V. Our first couple moment. I sat sitting next to Finn in my room. It was the last day of winter break. I was in my underwear painting and Finn was watching me as we listened to music. Finn walked over to me and stood behind me. “Move,” I said. “Why?” “I don’t like it when people hover over me,” “Why do you paint in you underwear?” “The less clothes I’m in, the free-er my mind is,” I said. “So you think better half naked,” “When it comes to art yes,” Finn smiled and unhooked my bra. “Not now,” I said. “I’m helping you, you said you work better half naked,” I rolled my eyes and continued to paint. Finn’s hands lightly touched my shoulders and lingered down my back. His hand slipped under my breast and squeezed them. He played with them from behind. I put my paint brush down and stood up. “I can’t concentrate with you turning me on like that,” “Sorry,” he smirked. “Your bothering me,” “Sorry baby, but, you’re looking pretty hot right now,” “Of course, any girl who’s naked in front of you would look hot,” He smirked and took off his shirt and pants. He pulled down my underwear and took out a condom. “Well?” “I don’t think so,” “Why?” I asked. “Well, I don’t want to get pregnant, let’s start there,”

“Your not on birth control?” “No, I never had a reason to be on birth control,” “We’re protected, come on,” “No, I told you, sex was a one time thing,” “Ugh, but I’m in the mood,” “Too bad,” “Please!” he begged. He said please as thousand times as I pull my underwear back on and went back to my art. Finn continued to beg. “Will you shut the hell up?” I asked. “You know the one way that with silence me,” “Your pissing me off,” “I don’t care, I need you,” “Fine!” I said standing up. “I hate you,” “Good,” he said pulled down my underwear smiling. “You are way to happy,” “Well someone has to be,” I rolled my eyes. “Can you hurry up?” “I’m ready,” he said putting on the condom. I lied on the bed and Finn got on top of me. He sucked each breast then kissed m e and held me tight. I ran my fingers through his hair as his hands roamed my body. He entered me and pleasure filled me. He took control once again leaving me vulnerable. Once Finn had has his way with me, we were tired. We cuddled next to each other and Finn stoked my breast. “Do you still hate me?” “Yes,” He kissed my neck. “How about now?” “Yes,” I giggled. “You’re a pain in the ass,” “And you’re an ass,” “A hot ass,” “No, just an ass,” Finn rolled his eyes and held me tightly. “Tomorrow is going to be hell,” “How so?” “School, we have to act like we’re not dating,” “I know. What are we going to do about Travis?” “I don’t lead him on,” “That’s the last thing I want to do,” “I know. Kelly says we should go public,” “Why?” “I don’t know, chick is crazy,” I laughed. “No she’s not,” “You don’t live with her,” I laughed again. Finn and I got dressed and went to the park. It started to rain so we head back home. “Wait,” I said. “What baby?” “I’ve always wanted to get kissed in the purring rain,” “I’ll be happy to help you,” Finn ran his fingers through my hair as he leaned in. I meet him half way and ou r lips connected and moved as one. The rain felt good on my skin as did Finn’s hands as they roamed my body. We pulled way and smiled. “Thanks,” “Yup,” “I still hate you,” I winked.

“Good, I hate you too,” “What did I do?” “Making me beg for sex,” “Did I hurt your little self esteem?” “No, it takes more than that to hurt my self esteem,” “Yeah okay,” I said in disbelief. We walked back to our houses to changed clothes. Once I was dressed I noticed Finn’s phone on my night stand. I smirked as I picked it up. I opened his contact list and changed all the names. I put ‘Alex’ as mom and ‘Mom’ as ‘Kelly’ and ‘Frank’ as ‘Carey’ and ‘Carey’ as ‘Travis’ and ck’. After renaming everyone I closed his phone and walked across the street. I knocked on the door then opened it. “Hello,” I smiled. “Hey Alex, Finn is upstairs,” Frank smiled. “Thanks,” I said heading up stairs. I knocked on the door and walked in. Finn was shirtless and just in boxers. “What? Missed me?” “No, you left your phone,” “Oh thanks, baby,” “Yup,” I smiled as I sat on his bed. “So, what do you want to do?” he asked sitting next to me. he put his head in my lap and I stroked his hair. “I don’t know, maybe a lap dance,” “Really?” “No,” I laughed. “Get the hell out,” Finn said. “I was kidding,” “Don’t play with my perverted feelings like that,” “Babe,” “Out!” “Damn, it’s someone’s time of month,” I said leaving the room. Frank was leaving the bathroom shirtless I might add. “Hey,” I smiled. “Hey,” he said walking over to me. “What’s up?” I asked. “Nothing,” “Cool,” I said as I backed up. my back hit the wall and Frank hovered over me. He brushed his lips against mine and I panicked. I pushed Frank way quickly. “Don’t move,” I said. “Sorry,” he muttered. “Leave,” I said. Frank walked to his room and slammed the door. “What happened?” Finn asked coming out of his room full dressed. “Frank tried something, it’s cool, let’s watch a game show,” I said grabbing his hand. I pulled him down stairs and pushed him on the sofa and sat on his lap, facing h im. I kissed him on the lips quickly and began to move my hips. He smirked and placed his hands on my hips as I moved then back and forth. “Gross!” Kelly said walking by. I laughed and got off of Finn. “Thanks” Finn called after her. I rested my head in his lap and looked up at Finn. We talked as he ran this fingers through my hair. ****** Finn and I were in the middle of an intense make out. My hands were under his shirt and his under mine. Someone cleared their throat and there was Mrs. Johnson. “Hey mom,” Finn smiled. “Hey,” I smiled.

“Wow, care to explain?” she asked. “Mom, meet my girlfriend,” I smiled and waved. “Nice to meet you,” Mrs. Johnson smiled and walked away. “So, my whole house knows,” Finn smiled. I glared at him and walked out. This was not going to end well. ***** As soon as my parents came home Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Finn came over and told my parents that I was dating Finn. My mom was happy for me but my dad was no where near happy. He had a long talk with Finn about his ‘little girl’. The Johnson’s left and I had a long talk of my own. My mom gave me birth control. “Just in case,” she winked and walked away. I rolled my eyes and went to bed. School was going to be hard. I can feel it. I woke up the next morning and pulled off my sleeping clothes, or lack there off , and pulled on my old blue jeans and my school’s ‘Got Pride?’ shirt. I don’t know why they give us these shirts, no we don’t have pride. When will they l earn that. And another thing, why did Hannah what ever the state is have to make a song about old blue jeans. Now every time I want to wear my old blue jeans I think of her song and I take them off. But today I will not let that happen. I grabbed my book bag and hoddie and left the house. I walked up to my school on the slippery ground. I walked into the warm school and to my locker. Travis was there as always. “Hey,” I smiled. “Hey beautiful,” “How was your break?” “Great, yours?” “Great,” “Oh, I love the CD by the way,” “Really? Awesome,” “Yeah,” Travis and I talked until the bell rang. Finn’s Point Of View I was at my locker when a chick came over. “Hey Finn,” “Hey babe,” I smiled. “What to make out before class?” I sighed. I couldn’t I’m with Alex. “Not today, babe, maybe later?” “Um, sure,” she said walking way. I rolled my eyes and walked to class. This was going to me hard. Now I remember why I never had a girlfriend. Temptati on was everywhere. I walked to class with the boys. The day seemed to drag on by. I wonder how Alex was doing. Alexandra’s Point Of View Today was never going to end and it was only second period. Not leading on Travis seemed harder than I thought. I’m so used to holding his han d and kissing him. I raised my hand and asked to use the laboratory also known as the bathroom.

My teacher told me to go and I walked to Finn’s locker. I took out my phone and texted him to meet me at his locker. A few minutes he replies saying yes. As I waited for him I played with my phone. “Hey,” he smiled. “About time,” “You came up as mom in my phone,” he said. “That’s weird, anyway, I’ve been trying not to flirt with Travis or anything of that n ature, but it’s so hard. I’m so used to holding him-” “Ugh, stop,” Finn said. I rolled my eyes. “Sorry,” “Well, I know what you mean, girls are all over me, it’s so hard to say no,” “Wow, you are something,” “I know,” “Maybe, Kelly was right, we should just go public, what could happen?” “Bad things,” “Grew up,” “Okay, fine, let’s give it one more day and then we’ll go public,” “Okay, I got to go,” “Fine,” We kissed good bye and headed back to our class. ****** Finally it was lunch time. Travis and I walked to my locker. “I’ll meet you at our table,” I said. “Okay, see ya,” Travis said as he walked away with Chris. I walked away from my locker, after they left, and went to Finn’s locker. Hoping h e was there. When I reached his locker and Finn was standing there. I smiled and walked over to him. “Hey,” he smiled. “Hey,” I said. “I was hoping you would be here,” “I was hoping you would come,” “We should just meet here, before lunch,” “Sounds like a good idea,” Finn said then crashed his lips into mine. After about five minutes he pulled away. “Man I need that,” he smiled. “Wow,” “Don’t wow me,” “Wow!” I said. “Watch it freshman meet,” “Whatever. Hey did you know that Chris went to our school?” “Yeah,” Finn chuckled. “I’ve never seen him,” “He hangs out with Travis,” “Oh, I’ve never meet Travis friends,” “Good, now, people are starting to wonder why I suddenly stopped picking on you,” “Really? Well, let’s give them something to talk about,” “What?” “Give me your phone,” Finn took out his phone and gave it too me. I smiled at him and ran to the cafeteria. “Catch me if you can,” Finn raced after me. We ran into the cafeteria and all eyes seemed to be on us. “Give me back my damn phone, woman,” Finn yelled. “No, you shouldn’t have been texting in the hallway or put dead bugs in my locker,” “Aw, why don’t we cry about it,” “I will, but I think you’re going to be crying harder,” I said dropping him phone in s omeone’s drink. “You didn’t” “I did. So Finny what have we learned today?” “That you’re a dead freshman walking,” “Close, but no, we’ve learned not to piss me off,”

“Maybe you should learn your place in this school,” “I don’t think so,” “I do,” “No you don’t think,” Finn glared at me. “Don’t start with me,” “Why not? You’ve always start the debates. Your like the master at debating. You’re li ke a master bater,” as soon as I said that I smiled. Finn glared at me and everyone around chuckled. “Your so going to get,” he said. “On that note, I’m going to get some lunch, see you later master bater,” I smiled walk ing to the lunch line. People high fiving me as I walked by. I grabbed my food and sat with Travis and his friends. Chris, Joe, Zack, Dan, Ren and Sam. Ren and Sam were the only two girls of the group. We talked and joked around until lunch was over. I walked to my locker and there was Devin, Hannah, Britney and Morgan. “Master bater?” Hannah laughed. “Genius! Pure genius,” Devin smiled. “Thanks,” I smiled. “We’ll see you later girl,” Morgan said and they walked away. I laughed and opened up my locker and screamed. Dead bugs were everywhere. “Are you okay?” Chris asked walking over to me. “Does that look okay to you?” I asked pointing to the dead bugs. “Again?” “Yeah,” I sighed. Chris brought over a trash can and cleaned out my locker. “He lift you a note,” he said handing me a sticky note. ‘Hey, Ally baby, Thanks for the dead bugs tip. Anyway, this is for my phone. It still works but don’t do that again. I guess we’re back to our old routine. Your Lovely boyfriend, Finn.’ I smirked and balled up the note. “I’m going to need you help,” I smiled at Chris. “Sure, whatever you need,” I smiled. I need to befriend more guys who like me. Chris and I walked outside. “We need a big mud pile,” I said. “Okay,” Chris said taking out his water bottle. We dug a whole and purred in the water. Once we had a beautiful muddy mess. We stuffed it in my old lunch box. Then walked to Finn’s locker. We dumped the mud inside. We made three trips from out side to Finn’s locker. Once it was all gross and muddy. Chris and I fist bumped and walked to class. ***** The day came to a close and I walked home. I baked a cake as I did my homework. I hadn’t baked in a while. Once the cake was done Finn came into my house. “Mud? Of all the things you choose mud?” “You put dead bugs in my locker,” “You dropped my phone in water, it barely works,” “Well, well, your face,” “What about it?” “I like it,” I smiled. “Good, I like yours. You have to make up every make out session I miss today,”

“How many is that?” “About twenty, I think,” “Your gross,” I said. “Whatever, ready?” “Just kiss me,” Finn chuckled and kissed me. ***** School seemed easier now. Finn and I were back to our old ways. Finn was flirting with other girls, but not kissing them and me and Travis were just like old times. Holding hands and hugging, but no kissing. I’m hanging around with his friends more often. Finn and I hang out at my house or his house everyday after school. Things seemed to be alright. Finn’s Point Of View This hind relationship seems easier in the movies. Alex is doing a better job at it then me. It bothers me that so many people like her like her now. When did that happen? I try my best not to glare at any guys who looks at her for more than ten second s or talk to her or flirt with her. It piss me off. I send her text all the time but she never responds. Carey has been sending my lots of texts lately too. Anyway, I’m at school talking to a blond chick. She’s trying to get me to go out with her. I look over at Alex and see her with Chris and Travis. Laughing and talking and flirting and high fiving. I’ve had it! Today was the day! I walked away from the blond and over to my girl. I grabbed her arm and turned her around. She gave me a weird look. I crashed my lips into hers. She kissed back right away. It’s finally done. Everyone now knows that Alex Oz is my girl. It goes downhill from here. The bell rang and Finn and I pulled away. I was shocked and mad at him, but then again it shows he cares about me enough t o not care about what anyone else thinks. I hugged him tightly as everyone went to their classes. Once we were alone I pulled away and glared at him. “What were you thinking?” I asked slowly. “I got jealous and frustrated. I want to be able to hold you and kiss you any time and any where I want. I tired of it being a secret. I don’t care who knows now,” “Wow,” I said shocked. “I just wish you talked to me about this first,” “I know, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take it anymore,” “I know,” I smiled placing my hand on his cheek. He smiled and took his hand and put it to mine. “It’s only going to get harder,” “I know,” I sighed. “You have to trust each other no matter what,” “Okay,” “People will try and break us up,” “I think your just a little paranoid,” “Alex, I’m serious,” Finn said removing my hand from his face.

“Okay, I believe, you,” “Good,” “Calm down, I won’t leave you,” Finn sighed and hugged me. “Promise?” he whispered to me. “Yes,” I said hugging him tighter. We stood there for a while then went to our classes. When I walked in, I quietly too my seat and tried to ignore the glares and whisp ering. Is this what Finn meant? The class was over and I walked to my next one. The classes seemed to drag on. The glares, whispering, gossip, lies were surrounding me. Damn people, is it that serious? Finally it was lunch and I get to see two people that won’t judge me. I hurried to my locker only to be disappointed. Travis and Chris weren’t there. They never leave me. They ditched me because on Finn. I couldn’t believe it. I refused to. I stood there waiting for them to come. I texted them and got nothing back. I sighed and sat down on the ground. I wasn’t going to leave until they came. They wouldn’t just leave me like that, would they? “Alex?” my head shot up and looked over at… Finn. “Hey,” I sighed. “What’s up?” he asked handing me a sandwich and juice. “I’m waiting for Travis and Chris to come, they wouldn’t just leave me,” “I saw them in the cafeteria,” Finn said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “No, I refuse to believe that,” “I’m sorry, Alex,” I sighed. “This is what you were talking about, isn’t it?” “Yeah, it’s harder for you than me, for now,” “You’re a jack ass,” “Yeah, well,” “I’m going to give everyone a piece of my damn mind. I can date whoever I want, gett ing pissed off at me is stupid!” I said marching to the cafeteria. “No, don’t do that, just don’t, ignore them,” “I can’t do that,” “Alex,” “Finn, back off,” I said walking to the cafeteria. Finn followed behind me as I walked into the cafeteria. The room seemed to grow quite as I walked in. “Oh, look, it’s the school’s slut,” Carey said standing up. “I’ve had it with you and your bull shit,” “I don’t know what your talking about,” “Green isn’t a good color on you,” “Finn isn’t a good color on you,” “Read my damn lips, bitch, Finn doesn’t like you, he never did! Swallow your damn pr ide and get over it. Just because I’m dating him doesn’t mean that the whole damn sc hool should turn it’s back on me,” “Oh, Alex, if only you knew, wake up from your little dream. This is high school, things are different and your not ready for it yet. Your not ready for Finn eith er. He’s a man and he doesn’t want to play with a little girl like you with your lit tle girl games,” “Then why would he go for you?” “I’m mature and very much a woman,” “You don’t at like it,” “Oh but I do, Finn’s just using you. He hated you from day one, this is just a silly little prank to break your heart and humiliate you at the same time,” “Shut the hell up!” I snapped.

“Why should I? the truth too hard to hear?” “Carey, I’m warning you, shut the hell up,” “Alex, your ugly, fat, and plain. What guy in his right mind with go out with you? You nothing important,” “You were just like me,” “Were, is the key word,” I could feel the tears coming. I was going to cry later. I walked up to Carey an d punched her in the jaw. She screamed and fell on the floor. “You slut,” she screamed! “That’s it,” I said and started to beat the shit out of her. “Fight! Fight! Fight!” everyone chanted. Finn ran over and pulled me off of her and dragged me out of the cafeteria. I started to cry and Finn held me tight. What Carey said hurt me, a lot. It was from my ex best friend and in front of th e whole school. Nothing she said could be true. Could it? “Nothing she said was true,” Finn said as if he was reading my mind. “I care about you ,”. I nodded my head and slowly stopped crying. I now understand what Finn was talking about. This wasn’t going to be easy at all. The rest of the day I held my head up high and ignored everyone and that seemed to work. School was almost over just two more forty five minute classes. Finn’s Point Of View I feel bad for Alex. I hate seeing her like this. I’ve never seen her like this. I took out my phone and texted her. ‘Hey baby, I miss you, meet me at my locker?’ I waited forever and she didn’t respond. I sighed and waited for the day to end. ***** I meet Alex at my car and I gave her a quick hug before getting in. “I texted you and you didn’t respond,” “Oh sorry, my phone was off,” “Keep it on,” “You’re so needy,” “Well you’re so…” “So what?” she asked. “Sexy,” She rolled her eyes and got out of my car. We walked into my house and headed to the kitchen. She sat on the countertop and swung her feet. “Hungry?” I asked. “Sure, what do you have?” “Chips,” I said throwing her a bag. “Awesome,” she said sarcastically. “You’re so mean to me,” “Yeah well, what can you do?” I smiled and kissed her, then pulled away suddenly. “You’re evil,” “Thanks, babe,” She rolled her eyes and hopped off the counter as my mom and Kelly. “Finn,” my mom called me. “Yeah?” I asked. “You’ve been sending me very inappropriate texts, which are meant for Alex, so I’m tak

ing your phone away,” my mom said bluntly. Alex was cracking up with laughter as my mom took my phone from me and headed up stairs. “Someone got in trouble,” Kelly said grabbing our chips and headed upstairs. I looked at Alex who was now on the floor. “Would you like to explain?” “Remember that day when I told you that I was pissed off at you?” “Yeah,” “Well I switched the names of your contacts,” “Ugh, now, I’m pissed at you, tomorrow watch out,” “Is that a threat?” she asked loudly so my mom could hear. “Oh shut up,” She clapped her hands loudly. “Ow! Finn that hurt!” “Finn!” my mom said coming out of her room. “I didn’t touch her,” I said. “Alex, I think you should go home now dear,” my mom said. “But, I didn’t hit her,” I said. “Thank you Mrs. Johnson,” Alex said smiling. She skipped out the door and over to he r house. My mom glared at me and I got ready for a two hour long lecture. Alex’s Point Of View That made my day. I got Finn in trouble twice in one day. I walked to my room and took a long shower and changed into a tank top and under wear. I took out my homework and got started. ***** I don’t know why homework takes so long to do. I turned some music and began to draw in my drawling book. There was a knock on my window. I looked up and there was Finn, smirking at me. I walked over to the window and opened it for him. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “Well, I couldn’t text you and I could see, so I snuck out to see you,” “Aw, how sweet,” I said sarcastically. “What’s wrong muffin? Cant get me in trouble this late?” I giggled. “Forgive me?” “Nope,” “Rude,” Finn laughed and lying on my bed. “So,” “Hi,” I said lying on his stomach. “You look different with out the make up,” “Every girl looks different with out make up,” “Yet you still manage to look hot,” “Aw, thanks. I should put a little eye liner on you,” “Hell no,” “Why?” “Because, I’m a man and men don’t wear liner,” “Some men do,” “Why would I wear that stuff?” “You’re so lame, just a little,” “No,” “Fine,” I said resting my head on his chest. “You’re comfy,” Finn chuckled. He kissed my forehead as I slowly drifted to sleep. “Mm, Alex,” I heard Finn sigh. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at him. He was fast asleep with his arms a round me.

I smiled to myself as I thought of the most prefect plan. I slowly got out his grasp and tip toed over to my dresser. I grabbed eyeliner and got on top of him. “Oh Alex,” Finn muttered. I gave him a weird look. He was talking in his sleep. I quickly applied the liner on his eyes and tried not to wake him up. “Do that again,” he muttered. I tried not to laugh. I didn’t want to wake him up. Once I was finished with my masterpiece I threw my eyeliner at my dresser. “Alex,” Finn muttered once again. “Okay, that’s it. Finn, wake up!” I said shaking him. “What is it, woman,” “We need to talk about your wet dreams dear,” “What are you talking about?” “Alex, oh Alex, do that again,” I said mocking him. “Shut up,” he blushed. “Dude, you were talking in your sleep and it was hilarious,” He blushed harder. “This never leaves this room,” “Whatever, what were you dreaming about?” “Nothing,” “No, I want to know,” “How about I’ll show you?” he smirked. Finn kissed me. I ran my fingers threw his hair and held him close to me. He rolled us over and pressed his lips hard on mine. Our lips moved as one. I pulled his shirt off and let my hands linger on his chest. My alarm clock went off and Finn and I jumped. I laughed and Finn joined me. We got up and started to get ready for school. I pulled on a pair of jeans as Finn went to the bathroom. “Alex!” Finn yelled. I quickly put on my shirt and walked into the bathroom. “What?” “What the hell is this shit on my face?” he asked. “Eyeliner,” “Baby, why?” “You look hot,” I smiled. “I looked like a damn clown,” I rolled my eyes as he tried to get it off his face. “It’s not coming off,” “Try this, it’s make up remover,” I said handing him a bottle. He graded it and purred it in his hands. I left the bathroom and went back to my room to finish getting ready. “How do you not poke your eye out?” Finn asked. “Practice, my dear,” I said. “Want to try?” “No, that shit is too hard to get off,” I rolled my eyes and continued putting on my eyeliner. Once Finn and I were both ready Finn drove us to school. We walked inside together. Finn walked me to my locker then kissed me good bye, so he could go to his locker. As I took out my books Travis and Chris walked up to me. “Hey, Alex,” Travis said. I looked over at them. “Yes?” “We want to apologize about yesterday. We shouldn’t have left you like that,” Travis s aid. “We were kind of shocked at the whole thing,” Chris added. “It’s okay,” I smiled. Travis pulled me into a hug and Chris joined in making it into a group hug. The bell rang and the three of us, like old times, walked to my class. **** All day Carey was the she devil.

She was a little banged up from yesterday and if she didn’t keep her mouth shout s he was going to be even more banged up. She knew exactly what to say to get under my skin. Travis and Chris had to hold me back when she walks by me. Before lunch I walked to my locker. The boys were there as usual. I opened my locker as I greeted them, and out came old smelling gym socks. “Finn,” I muttered. “I hate him,” The boys chuckled as they helped me take the socks out of my locker. “They smell so bad,” Chris said. “I know,” I muttered. I grabbed a sock and the guys and I walked to the cafeteria. They sat with me and at Finn’s table. “Hey,” he smiled. “Hi,” I said and kissed him on the cheek. “Aw, the happy couple,” Hannah teased. “Yup,” I smiled. “What do you see in that?” Devin asked. “I ask myself that everyday,” The girls giggled. I clapped my hands loudly. “Ow Finn, your hurting me!” I clapped my hands again. “I sa id I was joking, ow Finn!” “Finn, stop hitting Alex!” Oliver joked. “She’s hitting herself!” Finn said. As everyone laughed. “I have to remember that,” Devin laughed. We got up and went to get our lunch. Once we came back we started to talk again. When Finn wasn’t looking I took a bit of his sandwich and put the sock in there. The boys saw me and smirked. Finn, who wasn’t paying attend, took a huge bit of it. “Oh!” the guys said laughing. “Nasty,” Jason said. “What the hell?” Finn said as he pulled out the sock with his teeth. “Ew,” the girls said. I started laughing. “Alex,” he glared. “That’s what you get” I said. “Now, you have to kiss me,” “Ew, no,” “Yup,” he said grabbing my waist. He planted a kiss on my cheek. “Dude,” I said. Finn laughed and started to eat his fires. “Asshole,” I muttered. The guys laughed as I whipped Finn’s gross sock germs off my face. “That was gross,” Britney said. “I know,” I said. “That makes me a man,” “Whatever,” Morgan said. “Doing the unmanly is manly,” she said. “So, true,” the girls agreed. “So, if we all wore dresses that would makes us men?” Chris asked. “That would be the second sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” I said. “The second?” Jason asked. “What’s the first?” Gabe asked. “Don’t worry about,” I winked. “What is it?” Finn asked. “I’ll tell you later. Anyway, tell him that make on a guy is hot,” “Sure, if you in to emo guys,” Morgan said. “Well,” I smirked. “Really?” they gasped. “Yeah,” “I’m not doing that,” Finn said.

“I never said you had to,” “Damn right,” “So, boys, let us, what is the sexist thing a girl could do?” Devin asked. “Strip show!” Oliver, Jason, and Chris yelled. “Or you could just flash us,” Gabe winked at us. “Ew,” Morgan and Hannah said. “Or you could just kiss us like you mean, in public,” Finn smirked at me. “Not happening,” I said. “What about you guys?” Devin asked Ryan and Travis. “Well,” Travis said. “Confidence is the sexiest thing a girl could have,” “That’s why I love that boy,” I said. “Um, for me, it would have to be specking her mind,” “Nice,” Britney smiled. The end of the day came quickly. Finn drove me to his house. We did our homework in the living room. “So, what’s the sexiest thing you ever saw?” “You naked,” I muttered. “I’m sorry, what?” “Nothing,” “No, no, no, you said what?” “Finn, it’s stupid,” “No tell me,” “Fine, you naked,” I sighed blushing. Finn chuckled and kissed me. “You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever saw,” I smiled and kissed him. Our lips moved as one and Finn pulled me on his lap. I took off his shirt and pulled him closer to me. Finn took off my shirt and thr ew it somewhere. He pulled my bra straps off my shoulders, then moved his hands to my back up to the clasp. He unhooked it slowly. Someone cleared their throat right after. We looked behind us and there was… Mrs. Johnson and Frank were standing there staring at us in shock. Finn hook my bra together and I slowly got off his lap. “Alex, I think it time for you to go home,” I nodded my head and grabbed my stuff and left. My mom was home, cooking dinner. “Hey honey,” “Hey mom,” I said skipping up stairs. I took out my art supplies and started to paint. The doorbell rang. “How is it?” my mom called. Shortly after, the front door opened and chatter filled the house. The noise went down and my front door opened. “Hey beautiful,” Finn said walking over to me. “What are you drawling this time?” “A forest,” “Can I have it when you’re done?” “If you’re good,” I smiled. “So, after you left my mom freaked out. She’s telling your mom about our little kiss ,” I rolled my eyes. The last thing I need was my mom giving my ‘the talk’ it was worse the first time. “Great,” I said sarcastically. “Sorry,” “Watch your back at school,” “Is that a treat?” “Nope, it’s a promise,” “Oh really?” “Really,” I smiled as we leaned in.

“Alex,” my mom said walking in. “Oh, Sorry,” she said. “All the time,” Finn mumbled. “What?” I asked. “Finn, its time for you to leave,” He nodded his head and kissed my cheek, before he left. My mom closed the door behind him and sat down on my bed. “So,” she smiled. “You and Finn had fun this evening,” “Ugh, mom,” I said standing up. “What? Don’t be embarrassed, I’m your mother,” “Yeah, that makes it better,” “Honey, it’s okay to want sex at this age,” “Ew, mom, stop talking,” “Alexandra, we need to have this talk,” “Again?” “Yes,” I crawled underneath my bed as my mom began blabbing about the birds and the bee s. It was horrifying. She asked me questions about my own sex life or lake there of. Once she finally left I crawled out from under my bed and sighed. “Never again,” I promised myself as I got ready for bed. ***** The next day Finn went to school early so I walked to school. Chris and Travis were by my locker waiting for me. “Howdy boys,” I smiled. “Hey there little lady,” Chris smirked. “How’s it going?” Travis asked. “Pretty good,” I said opening my locker. I took out and put in what I needed and we walked to my classroom. On my way there I saw Finn and smiled. As we got closer to were he was I realized that he wearing eyeliner. I grinned. “I’ll be right back,” I said to the guys and walked up to him. Once he saw me he smiled. I grabbed him face and crashed my lips into his and kissed him, like I mean it. Just like he wanted. He kissed back instantly and everyone clapped or ‘awed’ or ‘oooed’ or whatever high scho olers do. We kissed like there was now on else was there. “Yeah Finn!” the boys yelled as they chuckled. The bell rang and we pulled away breathlessly. “Your wearing eyeliner,” I smiled. “Just for you,” “Why?” “Because, I wanted to do something special for you and this is my apologize for ha ving to have the talk with your mom again,” “How did you know?” “I had the same talk,” he sighed. “I’m taking this stuff off now” “No, you look hot,” “I’m taking it off,” I sighed as I walked with Finn to the boys’ bathroom. I helped him whip off the make up, then he walked me to class. ****** It’s now February and everyone, but Carey and her cheerleading friends, seemed to forgive that Finn and I were dating. We still prank each other and try to get each other in trouble. It’s Valentines Day and the school looked like it was hit by cupid’s arrow. Everyone seemed to be love struck. I walked over to my locker where Travis and Chris were. “Hey guys,” I smiled. “Happy valentines day,” they smiled as they handed me a bear with a rose in it’s hands

. “Thanks guys, but you didn’t have to,” “We wanted to,” Travis smiled. I opened my locker and fake rose fell out. I smiled. This was Finn’s doing. The guys helped me throw them away. I put my bear in my locker and closed it. We walked to my class together arm in arm. ***** It was the end of the day finally. Finn and I had plans to go out after school. I said good bye to the boys and headed over to Finn’s locker. I saw him talking to Carey. I hurried over to them, before I got there Carey kissed him. I pulled her off of him ands punched her in the jaw. “Who the hell do you think you are?” I asked. “I think I’m Carey Bloom,” “I think you’re a shank,” “Alex, we don’t need another fight,” Finn said “But, she asking for it, kissing my man, do you want your face rearranged cause I can do that,” “Alex, let’s go,” Finn said grabbing my arm and leading me to his car. “I can’t believe her. She kissed you,” “I told her to leave but she wouldn’t listen, I’m sorry,” “It’s fine, I don’t blame you, I blame that,” Finn laughed and put his arm around my shoulders. Finn drove me to a nice little restaurant and we had a good time together. Finn dropped me home and I headed to my room to start my homework. **** Over the past couple of days Carey has been trying to break up Finn and me. We learned to ignore her and focused on other important things. Like the dance on Saturday. Finn wants to go, naturally, and I don’t. I feel that dances are a wait of time and money. If I want to dance, talk with f riends, and eat bad food I could do that at home for free. Plus I had to go dress shopping and get all pretty. I would rather stay at home and watch a movie. It was now lunch time and I was headed to my locker. Travis and Chris were there along with Finn. “Hey,” “Are you going?” Finn asked. “No, you can go,” “And not have my girl there, hell no,” “Ugh, a little help here guys,” “I think you should go,” Chris said. “Give me two reasons why I shouldn’t smack you,” “Um, I’m your best friend and you love me” he smiled. I slammed my locker shut. “I’m not going and that is that,” “The lady has spoken,” Travis said. “Please?” Finn begged getting now on his knees. I rolled my eyes and walked away. On our way to the cafeteria Finn kept on begging. “Finn shut up!” I yelled once I sat down at the table. “What’s up?” Ryan asked. “She wouldn’t go to the dance with me,” Finn whined like the two year old that he is. “I think you should go,” Hannah said and everyone agreed. “Why? It’s a waist of time and money!” “Then I’ll pay for everything,” Finn said. “I really don’t want to go,” I whined. “Please?” everyone begged.

“Ugh! Shut up! I’ll go! Damn you all,” I said walking to the lunch line. At the end of the day I walked home, cause Finn had practice. Today was one of those days where I had to go for a run then bake something. I really didn’t want to go to some stupid dance. I quickly changed and headed out the door. An hour later I came home and baked cookies. As I waited for them to bake Finn c ame through my front door. “Hey Alex,” he smiled. “Hey,” I said not looking up. “Are you mad at me?” he asked. “No, why would I be mad? Oh, I know, cause I’m being forced to do something I don’t wa nt to,” “I really want you to go. If your not having fun, we can go straight home,” “And waste our money? I don’t think so,” “It’s my money,” “I don’t care who’s money it is,” “Alex, will you forget about the money for one second,” “Whatever,” I said as the timer beeped. “You’re baking? You’re really upset,” “Well, kind of,” I said taking them out of the oven. “Alex,” Finn said hugging me from behind. “Forgive me?” “I don’t know,” I said taking a bit of a cookie. Finn still hugged my waist as I eat cookie after cookie. “Forgive me?” he whispered in my ear after a while. “Yeah,” He kissed my cheek and held me tight. I turned around and gave him a kissed him on the lips. He smiled and kissed back. “Alex,” my dad called as he walked into the house. “What did you bake now?” he asked com ing into the kitchen. Finn and I broke away slowly. “Cookies,” I said as my dad walked in. “Oh, Finn, you’re here,” my dad said. Finn’s hands fell from my waist. “Hello Mr. Oz,” My dad took a cookie and headed upstairs. “So, are we okay?” Finn asked. “Yeah,” I smiled. “Good,” Finn and I did our homework together and eat the cookies I made. My mom came home and made dinner. Finn joined us then went home. Over the last few days things between me and Finn are a little confusing. For me at least. Whenever I see him I get butterflies and smile. I think about him a lot and when I do I smile. But he has been brothing the living shit out of me. He always wants it his way, if not them he makes me say yes to it. He’s too damn c ute to say no, so I go along with. Damn him. At dinner I took a chance and asked my mom about love again. “Mom? How do you know that you love someone you cant stand?” “Well honey, I don’t know. You aunt describes it as not knowing weather to make love with him or smack him. She does whatever gives her pleasure,” “Smacking him will give me great pleasure,” I mumbled. “I agree,” my father said. My mom gave him a look them turned back to me. “Honey, whatever is going on betwee n you and Finn you can tell me,” “Yeah, I know,” I said leaving the table. ****** The girls dragged me to go dress shopping. Apparently my dresses aren’t sexy enough.

How sexy do you need to look for a school dance? After hours of looking we all found one. This whole dance thing is getting out of hand. It’s all anyone talks about. I mean there are people dying all over the world all you can talk about is a dam n dance? What about the hikers? The oil spill? I’m I the only one who cares? I was finally Friday after school and I could escape from any talk of the dance. I was in my room in my underwear with my painting smock on. I was finishing up my forest painting. “Hello beautiful,” Finn says walking into my room. “Let’s go suite shopping for the danc e,” “Not now Finn,” I sighed. “Why not? Come on,” “No,” “What’s up with you?” “Right now, you. You come in my room and start ordering me around? This is Alex t ime, where Alex can be herself. Lately, I’ve been doing everything you want me to do,” “You agree to it,” “Because you don’t stop begging me! Your like a two year old who wants everything yo ur way. Frankly, it pisses me off,” “Is this about the dance?” “Yes and every damn thing in between,” “So, I’m a bad boyfriend?” “I wasn’t going to go that far but why the hell not, yes Finn, you’re a bad boyfriend,” “Is that so,” “Yes, instead of us as a couple deciding what we do you seduce me into it or don’t s hut up until I agree,” “Then we don’t have to go to the dance, we can do what you want,” “No, don’t make me the bad guy,” “I’m not, I’m doing what you want,” “Now!” “What the hell do you want from me?” “I want you out of my house,” “Alex,” “No, out” I said pushing him toward the door. Finn wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. “Let go of me!” I shouted hitting his chest and swinging my legs. Finn never let me go. I gave up slowly and hugged him. “I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered to me over and over again. He kissed me and I kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with his hair. We walked over to my bed and fell on it. Finn pushed the smock off of me. I lifted his shirt over his head and brought my lips back to his. He unhooked my bra and pulled down my underwear. While he did this I undid his pants and slid off his boxers. He rolled us over and slowly entered me. I gasped a little and kissed him harder. Finn started slowly then picked up the pace. I told him to keep going and he did just that. We finally exhausted ourselves. Finn laid next to me, holding me in his arms. “I’m sorry,” he whispered kissing my head. “It’s okay, I overacted. I’ll go to the dance with you,” “No, you don’t have too,” “Finn, I said I will, for you,” “Thanks,” I smiled and rested my head on his chest. Finn lifted up my head and kissed me. I looked into Finn’s green eyes. “I love you asshole,”

Finn smiled slightly and kissed me again. He pulled away and looked into my eyes. “I love you too, Al,” he smiled. “Good,” I said hugging him. “You know, we weren’t protected,” he said. “My mom put me on birth control,” “She did?” he laughed. “Yeah, stop laughing,” “Sorry,” he said trying to hide his laughter. I rolled my eyes and cuddled closer to him. We lied there in silence until I fell asleep. Finn’s Point Of View I watched Alex sleep next to me as I thought about her. She loves me. Just the thought of that makes me smile. I’m not really sure if I love her back yet. I do have strong feelings for her, but love. What is love? I’ve never felt love. I played with her hair as I thought about this love concept. How do I know I love her? There was only one person to ask and that was Kelly. I kissed Alex on the cheek and quickly changed into my clothes. I walked over to my house and up too Kelly’s room. I knocked on her door. “Come in,” she sang. I rolled my eyes and walked in. “What’s up little brother?” she asked. “I have a question,” “Shoot,” “How do you know when you love someone?” “You just do,” “Kelly,” “How do you feel around Alex?” “Huh?” “When you talk to her, see her, hold her how do you feel?” “Great, like I’m on top of the world. I’m happy and I never want it to stop,” Kelly smiled. “That is love,” “Really?” “Yup,” I smiled. “Thanks,” I got up and ran to Alex’s house. Now that I was sure I loved her. I could tell her, again. I opened her house door and ran to her room. “I love you,” I yelled. She woke up and looked at me. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” I chanted as I took off my clothes. I jumped on the bed and crawled over to her. “I love you,” Alex smiled slightly. “I love you too,” I kissed her and the love making started. ****** “That was good,” I smiled. Alex giggled and looked up at the ceiling. “Why did you run into my room screaming I love you?” “Maybe, because I do,” “Whatever,” I held her close to me and kissing her cheek repeatedly. “What has gotten into you?” she asked. “I don’t know,” I laughed. “We’re a weird one,” I smiled and kissed her again.

***** Alex’s Point Of View The day of the dance was here and the girls and I got ready at Morgan’s house. “We clean up pretty good,” Devin smiled looking herself in the mirror. “That we do,” Hannah added. We walked down stairs were the boys were. Oliver was taking Devin, Jason was taking Morgan, Ryan was taking Hannah and Gab e was taking Britney. The boys whistled when they saw us. We giggled as I walked over to our dates. After picture taking we headed into the limo and off to the dance we went. The dance wasn’t so bad. I actually had a fun time. After the dance I spent the night over at Finn’s. No nothing happened, just sleep. The next morning I woke up next to Finn. I snuck out of bed and down stairs. Frank was there eating breakfast. “Morning,” I smiled. “Morning,” he said. “How was the dance?” “It was better than I thought,” “Good,” “Yup,” I said making myself a blow of cereal. “Alex, can I kiss you?” My eyes went wide and I coked on my food. “What?” I managed to say. “Just one kiss,” “No. One kiss turns to two and that turns to three and that turns to four and so o n. I care a lot about your brother and cheating on him would kill me,” “Alex, he doesn’t have to know,” “I said no, these are my lips and no one kisses them but Finn,” Frank sighed. “I know, I’m sorry I asked,” “You really like me?” “From day one,” he muttered. I kissed his cheek and walked up stairs with my cereal. I walked to Finn’s room and sat on his bed, watching him sleep, as I eat. “Oh Alex,” he whispered. He still dreams about me? Gross. “Wake up!” I yelled in her ear. “Aw, come on! It was the good par,” he mumbled tiredly. “Stop dreaming about me it’s gross,” “Well, stop looked so hot and I’ll stop dreaming,” “How do I look hot? I’m plain always have been,” “You have natural beauty,” he smiled taking my cereal. “Hey,” “You woke me up, I take you’re cereal,” “Ass hole,” “Shit bag” “Rats ass” “Dumb ass” “Hag” “Troll” “Bag boy” “Lint licker” “Pee drinker” “Butt smeller” “Female dog” “Family dentist” “Benedict Arnold” “King George” “Leggos” “Man whore”

“Wanna be whore” “Girly girl” “Gay” “Lesbian” “Banana” “Apple” “Popsicle” “Damn it,” I muttered. “I still win,” he smirked. I hit his arm. “Shut up,” “So, my dear, what do you want to do today?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you wan to do?” “Okay, we need to stop,” We laughed together and headed down stairs. “Aw, the love birds,” Kelly teased. I rolled my eyes and walked into the living room. Finn sat next to me, putting his arm around me. “Can you burp your ABC’s?” I asked. “I can,” “With soda or with out?” “With out, but I might need some help,” “Impress me,” Finn began to burp his ABC’s. It was pretty nasty yet entertaining. “Very nice,” I clapped once he was down. “Thank you. What can you do?” “I can walk on my hands,” “Impress me,” Finn mocked. I stood up and did a hand stand. I began to walk very slowly. Finn clapped and I fell over. He began to laugh so hard he fell off the sofa. “That wasn’t funny,” “Yes it was,” “Oh yea?” “Yeah,” he laughed still laughing. He was still on the ground and I was standing over him. I pounced on him and we began to wrestle. “What is going on?” We looked up and there was Mrs. Johnson with her husband. Finn and I smiled innocently. “Nothing,” Finn said. “Finn, get off of her,” “Yeah, Finn your hurting me,” He glared at me as he got off and helped me up. His parents walked into the kitchen and I gave him a mischievous smiled. “Finn, I said I was sorry. Please don’t,” I clapped my hands loudly and fell to the fl oor. “Ow, Finn!” Kelly, Frank and he parents came running. “She’s hitting herself!” he yelled. I started laughing. I should do that more often. ***** The school year is just flying by. It’s a week before spring vacation and Finn and I were making plans. Spring break was going to be so much fun, I couldn’t wait. Carey’s Point Of View Spring break was finally here and I could finally put my plan to action.

If Alex thought she could run away with my man, she was so wrong. Today was the last day of school. I was waiting by his locker. If this plan was going to work I was going to need some help. He saw me at his locker and he raised an eyebrow at me. “What do you want?” he asked. “Your help,” I smiled. Finn and his family were planning on going to the beach for a few days. Finn begged them to take me along and I begged me parents to let me go. They gave in and I started packing right away. We were leaving tomorrow, the first full day of spring break. I was in my room packing, when my phone rang. “What’s up Chris?” I said. “I have some news for you,” “What?” “Carey wanted me to help break up you and Finn. She’s going to make it look like he cheated on you with her. She didn’t tell me mush but just be careful,” “Yeah, thanks,” “No problem,” “Why did she want you?” “Because, I look like Finn and she knows that I kind of like you. There would some thing for the both of us,” “That little whore,” “Yeah, now I have to call Finn. Later,” “Later, thanks again Chris and you like me?” “Bye Alex,” he said hanging up. I chuckled and hung up. I finished packing then turned up my music and started painting. “Alex?” my mom said coming into my room. “Yeah?” “Finn is here,” “Cool, send him up,” I smiled. “Okay, keep the door open,” I rolled my eyes and nodded my head. “Hey, Al, did Chris call you?” “Yeah. I’m thinking about beating up Carey,” “Don’t,” “But, she wants my man,” “’your man’ isn’t going any where and I would never cheat on you,” “Damn right,” I said going back to my painting. “I’m buying you a new paint set,” “Thank you,” I smiled. **** The next morning I was forced to wake up early to go to the beach. I crawled out of bed and changed into my swim suit. I pulled on my clothes and p ut my hair into a messy bun. I pulled my suit case down stairs. I finished getting ready and Finn and Frank helped load my stuff into their van. I hugged my parents goodbye, then climbed into the back of the van. Finn sat next to me. We laced our fingers together and I rested my head on his shoulder then drifted asleep. Frank’s Point Of View “Aw,” Kelly said. “Look at them,” “Shut up,” Finn smirked, then smiled down at the beautiful sleeping Alex. Their fingers were laced together and she rested he head on his shoulder. I couldn’t help but envy him.

She had the perfect girl and I had no girl. I hadn’t had a girl in a while actuall y. “They are so cute. He really loves her,” Kelly said turning around. “Yeah,” I said turning around. I had to get over Alex before my jealousy gets the better of me. Finn’s Point Of View Half way down the highway Alex woke up and stretched. “Evening,” I smiled. She gave me a tired smile and rested her head on my shoulder. Frank turned around and smiled at her, “hey”. “Hi,” she smiled. Kelly turned around. “You were mumbling Finn’s name the entire time,” “I was?” she blushed. “Yeah, babe, go back to sleep,” I chuckled. She hit my arm. “Did I really?” she said looking at Frank. He looked at her and sighed. “No,” I rolled my eyes and Kelly sighed. “Lame-o” she said turning around. Alex hit my arm again. “You’re a butt head,” “Butt head?” I chuckled. “Yes, I would say something else but there are parents aboard,” I chuckled and kissed the tip of her nose. Frank turned around at that point. What’s up with him? Alexandra’s Point Of View Finn and I took pictures of each other and of ourselves. I held the camera up and Finn and I leaned in and smiled. Right before I took the picture Finn kissed my cheek. I looked at the picture and giggled. “I look good, but you, hideous,” Finn gasped and looked hurt. “What kind of a girlfriend says that?” “A honest one,” I heard Kelly chuckling as she flipped through her magazine. Finn and I ignored her and continued our picture taking. I held up the camera and leaned in to kiss Finn on the lips. He met me halfway and I snapped the picture. I put the camera down and continued to kiss him. He kissed back and cupped my face. “We’re here,” Mr. Johnson said. We pulled away and smiled. The house was beautiful. When the car came to a park we hopped out of the car and carried in our bags. The inside of the house was just as beautiful. “Now, there are three rooms,” Mrs. Johnson said. “The girls will share a room and the boys will share another. No boys are to be in the girls room at night or when th ere is no one here. Got it?” she looked directly at Finn and I. Finn let go of my hand and took a big step away from me. I nodded my head and followed Kelly to our room. “Don’t let our mom scare you,” she said. “I don’t,” “She gave Finn a box of condoms before we left,” “Really?” I smiled. She laughed. “You are way to happy and no, I just wanted to see what you would do,” “You’re like the older sister that I’ve always wanted. Someone to show me the do’s and d on’ts of high school,” “Well, you broke one don’t,” “What’s that?”

“Freshman don’t date seniors,” “Really?” “Yeah. That’s why I said you and Finn should go public,” “Oh,” “Yeah, I’m smart,” “Did you date a senior?” “When I was a freshman? No. When I was a sophomore, yes. We’re still going strong,” sh e smiled. “Can I meet this boy?” I asked. “Yeah, today at the beach,” “He’s here?” “Yeah, he’s working at a lifeguard,” “So, I’m guessing he’s hot?” “He’s so sexy,” she said dreamily. “Who me?” Finn said walking in. “You just ruined a girl moment,” Kelly said. “Sorry, I just need a quick kiss then you can talk about how sexy Johnny is,” “Johnny?” I asked. She smiled. Finn crashed his lips into mine. “Ew, I’ll be right back,” We pulled away chuckling. “Get ready for the beach baby,” he said smacking my butt. “You go get ready,” I said smacking his butt. “Would you like to tap that again?” “Maybe later,” I said walking away. Finn laughed and left the room. Kelly and I got ready for the beach and talked about Johnny. She was so excited to see him again. She was texting him the whole ride to the beach. I got to read them and tell her what to say. Finn was mad because Kelly had stolen me away but he’ll get over it. We finally reached the beach and walked around for a good spot on the sand. I was holding Finn’s hand and my shoes in another. Kelly was looking for Johnny as we walked. She gasped. “Johnny!” she yelled and ran over to him. A tall and attractive man turned around and ran over to her. They met in the mid dle and hugged each other. Then they started kissing and I looked away. Gross. Once we found a spot Mr. and Mrs. Johnson sat down on there chairs and popped op en their wine. I as I got undressed Kelly brought Johnny over. “Hey Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Frank, Finn,” Johnny smiled. “And you must be Alex,” he said smiling at me. I smiled. “Nice to meet you Johnny,” “Nice to see you again,” Mrs. Johnson smiled. “Likewise. I’ll see you later,” “Okay,” Kelly said kissing him again. He walked away and she grinned. “I love you!” she called. “Love you more!” he shouted over his shoulder. “Nice guy,” I smiled. “He’s so sexy,” she said taking off her shirt. Once we were all in our swimsuits we walked over to the water. Finn grabbed my hand started running. I had no choice but to run after him. The cold water hit my feet and I screamed. Finn laughed and dove into the water. I followed him. Once I resurfaced we walked deeper into the water. The waves were small so there wasn’t much to do.

Finn lifted me up so that my legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms arou nd his neck. He’s hands were under my thighs holding me up. He kissed me and held me tighter. I ran my fingers through his wet hair. We pulled away. “Do you trust me?” “As my boyfriend yes as Finn no,” “What?” “You see my boyfriend is a nice, loving caring guy, who will always be there for m e. But Finn is this jack ass from school who I cant stand. Do you trust me?” I ask ed as I wave hit my back. “As my girlfriend yes as Alex no,” “Is that so?” “Yeah, Alex is this little fresh meat as school who wants me so badly. But my girl friend, is hot, and caring, loving and she’s good in bed,” “Wow,” “Yup,” he smiled. “Why did you ask that?” “Well there was a wave coming and I wanted to try something but it was to late,” “Next time,” ***** Finn and I walked the board walk and rode the rides and eat the food. Kelly and Johnny were on a date as well as Finn’s parents. Frank had meet a girl was hanging out with her. Finn and I were now walking the beach at the sunset. We started to make out a little then it got intense. We fell on the sand together. I was on top of Finn and I caressed his cheek and pressed my lips harder on his. His hands went up my shirt and cupped my breast. He lifted it off my head and I left back on his lips. He undid my bikini top and took it off as I took off his shirt. Finn kissed down my jaw line to my breast. I arched my back as I lightly rubbed his back. We rolled over and I kissed his lips again. Off went his swim suit trunks and my shorts and bikini bottom. Finn didn’t hesitate. He entered me and began at full speed. Fifteen minutes later we got dressed in our swim suits and slashed around in the water. “I cant believe we did that,” I laughed. “What? Sex on the beach?” “Yeah,” I laughed. He picked me up and spun me around. I giggled and he carried me out of the water. I pulled on our clothes then walked to the house. When we got in everyone was in the living room. Well Frank wasn’t. “You guys!” Kelly ran over to us with a huge smile on her face. She held out her han d. “I’m in engaged,” “No way!” I smiled. “Johnny must be on something,” Finn joked. Kelly and I hit him on the head. “I’m so happy for you,” I said hugging her. “Thank you,” “Me too, sis,” Finn said hugging her. “Alex, I’ll tell you all about it tonight,” “Yeah then I have to tell you about my night,” “What?” Finn snapped. “Good night, everyone,” I said walking out of the room. I took a long shower and joined Kelly on her bed. Finn popped in and gave me a good night kiss and Frank popped in to hear the goo

d news. Kelly and I went to bed around midnight. The three days at the beach have been awesome. Finn and I went on dates every night. Kelly and I gossip every night about our n ight out with our guys. We play family games and have movie night together. I feel like part of the family. Frank has been acting weird through, but I let it go. It was our last day here. I just got out of the shower and I was headed to my room. I closed the door behind me and bent down to hind my clothes. “Kelly where is it?” Frank yelled. “In my room, find it,” I heard her yell back. “Ugh,” Frank sighed. I stood up holding my towel close to me. “Hi,” “Whoa, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you where in here,” “It’s cool, um, what are you looking for?” I asked. “Sorry,” he said. “Under her bed,” I smiled. “Thanks,” he said bending down to fine it. As he did this I picked out my clothes and put them on the bed. I looked up at Frank and saw him checking me out. “Um, Frank?” I said. “Sorry,” he mumbled walking over to me. He cupped my face and crashed his lips into mine. I pushed him away and smacked him, then kneed him in the balls. “What the hell?” “Sorry,” he muttered standing up slowly. “Out!” I snapped. He quickly left the room with the board game. I whipped my mouth and change my clothes. I crawled under my covers and fell asleep. Frank’s Point Of View I can’t believe I did that. I shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong yet so right. I wanted more. I needed more. This was getting bad. Alex’s Point Of View I woke up with arms around me. I rolled over to see Finn. He was fast asleep. I kissed his nose and slowly got up and headed to the kitchen. I made myself a bowl of cereal and watched the lion king. Lucky for me I didn’t miss much. I put back the bowl in the sink and cleaned up a little. I heard someone step into the kitchen. I turned around to see Frank. “Alex,” “I don’t want to hear it. I’m your brother’s girlfriend. You lucky that I didn’t tell him… ait, I should tell him,” “No,” he said grabbing my arm. “And why the hell not?” “Because, he will flip out,”

“So, I’m not cheating on him,” “How are you cheating? You didn’t kiss back,” “I really don’t care,” Frank crashed his lips into mine again, this time forcing my mouth open. I raised my hand to smack him but his caught it and back me up against the wall holding my hand above my head. I couldn’t escape his grasp, so easily this time. “What the hell?” I pulled away and there was Finn. He punched Frank in the jaw and held him by the shirt. “What the hell were you just doing?” “Finn, stop,” I said pulling him off of Frank. “So, your defending him now?” “No, I already kneed him in the balls. He doesn’t need to be ugly and don’t be able to have kids,” Finn backed off a little. “What happen?” “He attacked me with his lips twice,” Finn clenched his jaw and balled up his fist. “You need to calm down. Baby, I’m not going to leave you for anyone. You are my one and only, stop freaking out. I love you,” “I love you too,” Finn said hugging me. “You, need to stay the hell away from my girl,” Finn said to Frank. We walked away from Frank and to my room. ***** The drive back home seemed longer than the drive up. Once I was home I went to my room and crashed on my bed. Tomorrow I had a little surprise for my Finn. “Wake up beautiful!” Finn yelled walking into my room. “Go away,” I said throwing a pillow at him. Finn woke me up from my peaceful rest. “I have a surprise for you,” “I don’t care,” I said coving my head with the covers. “This isn’t how I imagined waking you up,” he said throwing the covers off of me. The cold air hit my legs. “Finn,” I sighed. “Get up,” he said smacking my butt. “No, get out. Show me later,” “No, it has to be done now,” he whined. “Why?” “You’ll have to wait and see now wont you,” I sighed and rolled out of bed. I quickly changed and pulled my hair on top of my head and put on a little make up. Finn dragged me to the car and headed to my surprise. On our way there he gave m e a breakfast sandwich to eat. “Thank you. You’re the best boyfriend ever. Your thoughtful and kind, you don’t even n eed training. Well, you do but not a lot,” “If you keep on talking you won’t get any surprise,” I took a bit on the sandwich and keep my mouth shut. Finn parked in an empty parking lot and blind folded me. He led me inside a building and took off the blind fold. “Surprise,” he said. I looked around and I saw art supplies. “You can have whatever you want,” Finn said. “No way,” “Yup, go nuts,” “Oh my gosh!” I screamed. “I love you!” I said as I ran to get a cart. No one else was in the store with us, so I was free to roam. I lost Finn a long the way. I was too into my shopping. Once I was done, the casher guy rang me up. it was over a hundred dollars. Finn paid the man and we left. “How?” I asked him once we left.

“My uncle owns the store and he gave me one or two coupons. Plus there was a sale so I saved a lot and you got all the good stuff before it was taken,” “You’re the best. I can not wait to go home and paint and draw and make things out o f clay,” “What about my surprise,” “Oh right, drive to Curtis park,” I told him. He did as I said and parked in the parking lot. We walked hand and through the park. I was leading the way. We heard dogs barking and Finn held my hand a little tighter. We finally reached his surprise. The dog park. “Hell no, Alex, we’re leaving,” “Come on, they’re harmless,” “No,” “I’ll be right next to you,” “I don’t give a shit,” “Please,” I begged. “No, look, that dog is looking at me. Alex, it licked its lips,” “Will you calm the hell down?” “No,” “Do this for me,” I asked kissing him. We pulled away and I looked him in the eyes. “Fine,” he mumbled. “Thank you,” I took his hand and lead him into the small dog area of the park. I took out my camera and started to record. “What are you doing?” “Recording you, so I can show people how brave my boyfriend is or to show some los er you is afraid of dogs,” “Thanks babe,” I laughed. “Okay, sit down and let the dogs come to you. Stay still,” I sat next to Finn and let the dogs smell me. I got a few kisses and gave a few belly rubs. Finn on the other hand was starting to shake. He grabbed my arm and tensed up. “Chill. You’re being so brave,” I kissed his cheek and closed the camera. I played with the dogs a little and slowly Finn joined me. “Aw, look, they love you,” “Yeah, as long as they don’t lick me,” “Why are you afraid of them?” I asked. “Because I was attacked by one,” “Aw, how old were you?” “Four, I barley got away,” “Not all dogs are killers,” “Yeah, can we leave now?” “Sure, but we have to come back,” “Maybe,” he said grabbing me hand. We walked back to his car and we drove to his house. Frank and Kelly were watching a movie together on the sofa. Finn and I joined them. I didn’t look over at Frank, but I knew he was staring at me. Once the movie ended, Finn and I went to his room and hung out there. I spent most of the day at his house and eat dinner with the family. Frank didn’t join us, which was fine by me. Frank’s Point Of View I walked the lonely streets frustrated. “Alex, get out of my head!” I yelled. “What?” a pretty girl asked me. She looked around Alex’s age. “Nothing,” I said walking away. “Wait,” she said.

“What?” I asked rudely. She looked me up and down and smiled slyly. “Are you related to Finn Johnson?” “Yeah,” I asked. “Why?” “You like Alexandra Oz don’t you? I think we can help each other out,” she kissed me o n the lips and I got this weird feeling. She broke away and smiled. “Call me,” “What your name?” I asked. “Carey. Carey Bloom,” she winked and walked away. I smiled. Whatever she had in mind, I would do, as long as I get Alex in the long run. Finn and I were in my room today. He was talking to me as I painted with my new paint supplies. “I like that one,” Finn said looking at what I’ve already painted. “Can I have it?” he ask ed. “Sure, I’m not done through,” I said adding more blue to the sky. “It’s fine, just give it to me,” “Whatever, take it,” I said. “Thank you,” he said taking it from me. He looked at it and smiled. “You should sell these,” “No thank you. I don’t like people looking at my art,” “Why not you’re awesome,” “Not really,” I said painting again. Finn rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around my waist. “You’re an awesome artist,” I smiled. “Whatever. Paint with me,” Finn grabbed a paint brush and dipped it in red. He started to paint. We had a mini paint war and paint splattered everywhere. I didn’t mind. Finn had a little blue paint on his lips and red on mine. I kissed him and kisse d. “Purple” He laughed and kissed me again. Frank’s Point Of View Carey Bloom had been on my mind since yesterday. Where would I even find her again? I was in the Little Café and I spotted her ordering something. I walked up to her. “Hello,” She turned around and smiled. “Hey there,” “Can we talk?” “Sure,” she paid the man and we walked to a table and sat down. “What’s your plan?” I asked. She smirked. Alex’s Point of View “Bye Finny,” I said as he walked to my door. “Bye Al,” he gave me a quick kiss, my father was there, and left. I closed the door behind him and headed to my somewhat clean room. I got ready for bed as I jammed to old N’sync songs. I was dancing around in my underwear to Bye, Bye, Bye and using my hair brush as a microphone. “Very sexy,” I heard Finn yell. I look over and see him watching me from his balcony. “Shut up!” I snapped and closed the door and blinds. I curled up in bed and fell a sleep.

Carey’s Point Of View Frank agreed to do my plan. I was on my way to his house now. I texted him and told him I was outside. Frank came and snuck me in. It was midnight was everyone was asleep. Once we were in his room I set up my camera and he turned off the light. “Ready?” Frank got on the bed and smiled at me. “Yup,” I crawled over to him and smiled. “Hey baby,” “Hey sexy,” he said as soon as I was on top of him. We started to make out. Franks hand traveled up my leg to the hem of my short sh orts. “No underwear?” he smirked. “Like always,” I smiled. We kissed again and he took off my shorts and I took of his shirt. I couldn’t really see but I knew a pack was there. I kissed him again and ran my hand down his chest. My tank top was next and then his pants and boxers. I moaned out Finn’s name and he moaned out mine. Frank kissed my small breast and cupped the other one. I kissed his neck down to his manhood, then his lips again. Frank entered me and I gasped a little. I had sex before but something about Frank made it different. I ignored it. I’m do ing this for Finn. After a while we stopped and kissed again. “I love you” I said. “I love you too,” Frank said smiling. We continued to kiss for a while then stopped. I turned off the camera and smiled. “Part one, done,” “So what now?” he asked. “Act like this never happened,” “Deal,” he smiled. We got dressed and I lift Frank’s room. On my way out I pasted Finn’s room. I smiled to myself. Finn’s Point Of View Warm lips kissed mine and I smiled and kissed back. Alex. What was she doing here? I hugged her waist and held her close to me. My hand trailed down to her leg to her very short shorts. My hand went over her butt and I smiled. She wasn’t wearing underwear. This was new. I pulled down her shorts and threw them somewhere. She pressed harder and her hands went down my bare chest. Her moans were louder than normal. I cupped her breast, which were smaller than normal. I ignored this and took off her tank top. She pulled off my underwear and licked my manhood. Alex played with it for a while then kissed me. This was new. What got into her? I pulled away and smiled breathlessly. “What up with you?” “I just need you tonight, bad,” she said kissed me hungrily. I flipped us over and entered her, she was looser than normal. I started slow then picked up the pace. Alex moaned my name and I did the same.

I kissed her and held her closer to me. We stopped shortly after and sighed. Something wasn’t right. It wasn’t as amazing as normal, but it was still good. On th e line of ‘okay’. “I got to go babe, love you,” she said kissing me. “Love you too,” She changed back into her clothes then left. I sighed. I don’t know what I would do with out her. Alex’s Point Of View The next morning I was looking for food when Finn walked in. “Hey sexy, thanks for last night,” “Huh?” I said. “Maybe this will help,” Finn crashed his lips into my and trailed his hand up my thigh, lifting it off t he ground and bringing it close to his hip. We pulled away and I smiled. “I’m still confused,” “How can you forget?” “I think you were dreaming again,” “No I wasn’t,” “Yes, sweetie you were,” He phone rang and he stepped out into the living room to answer it. “I got to go babe, but I’ll see you tonight for our special dinner,” “Yup,” I smiled and Finn left. Finn’s Point Of View Carey called me, but I wasn’t going to tell Alex that. She said it was important so I gave in. Alex is making me soft. She was standing by the park entrance waiting for me. “What do you want? I asked rudely. “You,” she said. “That might have been cute before but now it’s gross,” “You did think that last night when I was riding you,” she smirked. “Huh?” She opened her camera and showed me a video of me and her doing it. This doesn’t look good. If Alex saw this I would be in deep shit. I ran my fingers through my hair. “It was you last night?” I asked. “You thought I was Alex? Am I that bad?” “Alex is better than your saggy ass,” She glared at me. “I’ve been around,” “And in the bed rooms,” “Tell me lay this down for you. Once Alex sees this she not going to give a damn. All she’s going to see is you and me, naked and having a grand time. But my dear, this I actually me and Frank and the brilliant part is you can’t deny us sleeping together because we did,” “Shit,” I said. How could be so stupid? I should have known. Damn it. “So this is what you can do. Break up with Alex and go out with me, tell her how m uch you hate her and how much you love me or I could show her the tape and you c an have her hate you forever,” I really wanted to smack her, but I refrained myself. I sighed and sat down on the grass. “Damn it,” Alex’s Point Of View I waited for Finn to come back as I watched T.V. it’s been an hour.

I texted him and I got nothing back. The front door opened and Finn walked over to me. “Hey babe, where were you?”’ “I had to do something, sorry,” “It’s cool,” I said making room for him. He lied down and rested his head in my lap. Finn was oddly quiet. “Are you okay?” I asked. “I’m fine,” “Okay,” I said stroking his hair. We watched the show that was on the T.V. Something was up. Later that day we both got ready for our date. Finn drove us there and once there we were seated. I took his hand and smiled at him. “Thanks for this,” “Yup,” he said taking his hand away and picking up the menu. I blinked a few times trying to figure out what was up with him. He’s being so distant. We had dinner then went home. Our special night was ruined. On the way home, Finn was killing me with the silence. Not even the damn radio w as on. “What the hell?” I yelled. “What the hell is up with you? Did I do something wrong? Do you hate me? What the hell?” “It’s nothing I just need my space sometimes,” “That’s a lot of bull shit, you’re the one who wanted to go on the damn date then you ruin it,” “Well I’m so sorry, you highness,” “What the hell is up? Talk to me, I’m trying here,” “There’s nothing to talk about so drop it. Damn woman,” “No, you will talk to me,” “About nothing,” “Where did you go today?” “My house,” “For,” “I told you I had to do something,” “You’re not being honest with me,” “I’m so sorry,” he said sarcastically. “I’m leaving,” I said reaching over to open the car door. Finn locked the door so I couldn’t get out. “You love me right?” I asked. “No shit Sherlock,” “Then talk to me. What’s up?” “Nothing. Get out,” he said pulling up to my house. I looked at him shocked. This wasn’t the Finn I know. My eyes watered a little. “Maybe we should break up. I don’t like the new you,” “It’s not new and I’m sorry. I’m just feel a little shitty that’s all,” “Whatever,” I said whipping my tear away and left the car. I slowly went to my room and went to bed. ****** The next day Finn didn’t come over. I left him a lone. I didn’t have to deal with his shit. The day after that was the last day of spring break. Finn came over and drove me to the school. He was going to teach me how to drive a little. I sat in the drivers seat and started up the car. “Check your mirrors then put your foot on the brake,” Finn said. I did that and nodded my head. “Next take off the break and put the car in drive,” I did that and nodded my head again. “Now, slowly easy off the brake,”

I lifted my foot off slowly and we started to move. I smiled and started to drive. It was pretty easy. I looked over at Finn he was smiling. That was the Finn I knew. I parked the car and I switched spots with Finn. “That was awesome,” I said. “Thank you,” “It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do with you,” He drove me home and then Finn went to his house. It must be his time of month. ***** School was here again. I walked to school and headed to my locker. Travis and Chris were there. I smiled and hugged them. “Do you guys want to hang out today?” I asked. “Yeah, sure,” Chris said, Cool, it’s been a while,” I smiled. We hung out by my locker and talked. Finn walked by and I smiled. “Hey,” I said. Finn walked on by without saying or doing anything. “What the hell?” I said walking over to him. “What is up?” I asked him. “Nothing, I’m moving on,” “What? But you-” “I said a lot of things,” he snapped. “I’m not a nice guy Alex. I was just using you for one thing and one thing only. Sorry. I normal hump then bump but your hump was too good to dump, so I stayed, told you I loved you and did all that mushy love shit. But now it’s over and I’m moving on to someone better than you. Someone I love ,” “And who the hell is that?” “Hey baby,” Carey said wrapping her arms around his waist. He smiled at her the same smile he would give me and kissed her. “I’m sorry Alex, but this is where it ends,” Finn and Carey walked away and I stood th ere feeling like shit. I was so stupid and naïve. I heard people around me laughing about me getting dumped in front of everyone o r they were talking about Carey and Finn. A few guys winked at me as they walked by, now knowing that ‘my hump is too good to bump’. I walked out of the school and sat under a tree. I wasn’t going to cry. Hell no. I was going to think. Travis and Chris followed me. They sat next to me and held me. “That selfish whore, I can’t believe her,” “I’m sorry about this,” Chris said. “Finn’s a dumb ass for leaving you,” Travis said. “I’m going to kick her ass then Finn’s ass then Carey’s mother’s ass,” “Alex, calm down,” Travis said. “Can we go somewhere?” I asked. “Sure where?” Chris asked. “Anywhere,” I said. “Let’s go,” Travis said. The tree of us walked to Travis’s car and hopped in. I had shot gun and he drove us away from school. Far away from the whore and Jackass. Alex has been missing all day. I felt bad about today. My heart sank when I saw the hurt look on her beautiful face.

Devin, Britney, Hannah, and Morgan, haven’t talked to me all day and the guys bare ly say hi. I still have my other friends but it’s not the same without them. Carey never left my side all day today. I always had to kiss her and hold her and want to be with her. It was gross. Finally the day was over and I drove Carey home. After a long make out session with her, I drove to my house. I walked into my house and saw Frank eating a sandwich. “He bro,” he said as I walked over to him. I punched him in the jaw and began to attack him. “What the hell?” he asked fighting back. He pushed me away. “Finn, chill,” “No, you selfish bastard. You took Alex away from me! The one damn thing I loved i s gone, because you and your stupid feelings. She’s eight years younger than you. Find someone your own damn age,” I was on the break of tears now. I ran up to my room and punched my wall a few times. I hate this. I want my Alex back. Alex’s Point Of View Travis dropped me home and I went straight for the ice cream. I’m over Finn. I’m lying but I was going to force myself to. I was going to play the field. If anyone asked me out I was going to say ‘hell yes’ and kiss them on the first date. I smiled to myself as I thought about this. I don’t need Finn to make me happy, hell, I don’t need a man to make me happy. I can make my own damn self happy. There are vibraters, just saying. I walked up stairs and began to pack up all things of Finn. Except for the art supplies. I put it in a box and put a stamp on it. The door bell rang and I skipped down stairs. “Yes?” I asked opening the door. Kelly was there smiling at me. “Hey girl. What’s up?” “Nothing,” I smiled letting her in. “Well, I want you to be a brides maid at my wedding,” “Cool, thank you, when is it?” “In the summer time, before Finn goes to college,” “Cool,” “I’m having a little get together with the other girls at my house on Friday, feel f ree to stop on by,” “I will thanks. Oh, can you give Finn something for me?” I asked. “Sure, what?” “All of his pointless shit,” I said running to my room. I grabbed the box and went back down stairs. “Here,” I said handing it to her. “What happened?” she asked. “He dumped me in front of the whole school. He said that he never loved me and was just using me to get in my pants. He’s now dating my ex best friend,” “I’m so sorry, my brother is a jerk,” “I really don’t care. Tell him I say that he can go to hell and die there,” “Wow, you really hate him,” “He used me and broke my heart,” “True. Well, I got to go,” “Yeah, I’ll see you on Friday,” “Yup,” I hugged her and Kelly left. I went back to my room and painted. Finn’s Point Of View

After I cooled down I did my homework as I texted Carey. She’s so annoying. “Finn, get you ass down here,” Kelly shouted. She only curses when she’s pissed. I hurried down stairs. “What?” “Alex told me all the shit you did to her today and told me to give you the shit y ou gave here. Would you like to tell me what happened?” I looked over at Frank. “There’s nothing to tell,” “Well, she told me to tell you to go to hell and die there,” “That’s lovely,” “You broke her heart and used her. That’s low even for you. I cant believe I’m related to a jerk like you,” she said brushing pasted me. Everyone hates me because they all fell in love with Alex, just as I did. “Are you happy now?” I asked Frank. “Finn,” “Save it for someone who gives a shit,” I said heading upstairs. Alex’s Point Of View The next morning I woke up and made sure I looked hot. I was going to show Finn what he was missing and show the guys at school what th ey could have. I walked to school and headed to my locker. When Travis and Chris saw me they smiled and checked me out. “Hello boys,” I smiled. “Hey baby, what’s shaken?” Chris asked. “We should date,” Travis smiled. “Hell yeah,” I said opening my locker. “Hey, I saw her first,” Chris said. I laughed and go what I needed. We talked for a while. The guys who passed by winked at me and I just smiled. When the bell rang we walked to my class. **** Today I ignored Finn and Carey. Oliver, Jason, Ryan, and Gabe Devin, Britney, Hannah and Morgan hung out with me today. They all agreed that Finn’s a dumb ass. After school I headed home to do my homework then paint. Frank’s Point Of View Carey and Finn came home from school. I smiled at them and Carey walked over to me. “Heads up, the guys at school are starting to like Alex. If I were you, I would ma ke my move,” “Thanks,” “Yup,” she kissed my cheek and hurried off to Finn’s room. I went across the street and knocked on Alex’s door. I opened the door and saw Frank. “Hey,” I smiled. “Hey, what’s up?” “Nothing really. You?” “I just wanted to ask you out, to dinner,” I hesitated for a while then smiled. “Yeah, sounds great,” “Cool, I’ll pick you up Saturday?” “Sounds great,” “Bye,” Frank waved. I waved back and closed the door. I went back to my room and finished my homework. My mom came home early and walked in my room. “Alex, where’s Finn?” she asked.

“He dumped me,” I said. “Oh, honey, I’m so sorry,” “It’s whatever, he’s lose right?” I smiled. “Right,” my mom smiled. She left my room and started dinner. I deiced to join her and make a cake. My father came home and we eat together then I went to my room. **** School was okay. Nothing new and nothing old. Finn was out of my mind and out of slight. It’s after school now and Travis and I went on a nice long run. Finn’s Point Of View After practice Carey and I went to my place to hopefully hang out. Carey followed me to my room and sat down on my bed. I joined her with my homework and started working on it. As we worked Carey talked and I listened. She began to kiss me and I slowly kissed back. She took off my short and hers. Then her skirt was off and her bra. She kissed me again. “Oh Alex,” I said automatically. Carey stopped and pulled away. “Alex? Get over her! You love me now! She’s moved on and I love you Finn! Why am I n ot enough for you?” Carey started to cry and I sighed. I gave her a hug and kissed her. “I’m sorry, baby,” “Get over her,” she whispered. I nodded my head slowly. “Come on, let’s go somewhere,” I said smiling. Carey got dressed and we headed to my car. I saw Alex and Travis in the distance. They were walking to her house with their arms around each other. I couldn’t help but be a little jealous. Alex never went running with me. I watched her amazing body as she walked. She was only in a sports bra and short shorts. Travis was smiling as she laughed. I looked away and got in the car. I drove Carey to a near by lake and made out there. Alex’s Point Of View Travis and I were in my house still talking. I grabbed him a bottle of water as well as myself. Travis walked over to me and kissed me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him. He lifted me on top of the table and pulled me close to him. Travis’s hand went down my leg and the other through my hair. My hands roamed his sweaty chest. I took off my bra and kissed him again. Travis worked his way down my chest the back to my lips. I pulled away and smiled at him. “What to go to the little Café?” he asked. “Sure, tonight?” “Yeah, at eight,” “Sounds good,” I put my bra back on and Travis left. I took a shower and did my homework. At seven o’clock I got ready for Travis. My mom said I could go. My phone buzzed. I picked it up and saw that I had two messages. One from Travis and the other from Chris. I read Chris’s first. ‘Hey want to go out tomorrow night’ I smiled and texted him back yes.

Travis said. ‘I’ll be there in a few’ I texted him back okay. Minutes later Travis rang the door bell and I hurried down the stairs. “Bye,” I called and left the house. Travis and I had a fun time as always. After our date Travis dropped me home. I kissed him goodbye and left the car. I watched Travis drive away and saw Finn get out of his car. He saw me and walked over. I hurried over to him and pressed my lips to his. He picked me up and kissed me back. He pressed his lips harder to mine and I hel d him tight. “Alex!” my dad called bringing me back to reality. “Coming,” I called and hurried into the house. ***** The next day after school I hung out with Chris. I had so much fun with him. He took me to a teen club and we partied until eleven. He drove me home and I kissed him good night. I got out of the car and went to my house. The next day was the same as the rest of the week. But I didn’t have a date. Friday came and I met all the other bride’s maids. We talked about the wedding and laughed and joked around. Finn came down stairs with Carey holding on to him like a leach. I didn’t look at them and continued to have a good time with the girls. When I left the party Finn and Carey hadn’t gotten back yet. Not that I cared. Anyway, I texted Travis and Chris as I went to bed. The next day I woke up really for a nice little jog. Mrs. Johnson was over with Kelly. They were talking to my mom about the wedding. I waved to then and headed out. I saw Finn drive into his drive way. He just got back? They didn’t … did they? I ignored my jealous curiosity and continued running. Finn’s Point Of View After a long night was Carey I sat down in front of the T.V. and flipped around. Alex used to flip around the T.V. stations like this. I stopped flipping around. I had to stop thinking about her. I’m forced to be with Carey. My phone rang and I looked at that caller. Carey. I was just with her. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I let it ring and went to the kitchen. Frank was in there. He was smiling about something. “Hey, Finn,” “Hi,” I muttered. I was still pissed at him. “Why are you so happy?” “I have a hot date tonight,” he smiled walking about of the kitchen. “With who?” I asked afraid of the answer. “Someone,” he said entering his room. Alex? I wondered. ***** Alex’s Point Of View I was getting ready with my date with Frank. I made sure I looked somewhat hot. The doorbell rang and I answered it.

My parents were out. Frank looked really good. I smiled. “You clean up good,” “You look pretty hot yourself,” I smiled. “Thank you,” I said linking arms with him. Frank led me to his car and drove us to a nice little restaurant. It was just the two of us and an old couple. Frank pulled out my seat and I sat down. He sat across from me and smiled. We talked as we looked over the menu. Everything sounded so fancy. “I’ll get whatever you get,” I smiled. “Sounds good,” Frank smiled. He told the waiter what we wanted and turned back to me. “Having fun?” “Yeah, so far so great,” Frank and I talked, eat, laughed and had fun. Before the night was over Frank took me out dancing. We were the youngest couple there. Frank led the dance and I followed. He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back slowly and pulled him close to me. I pulled away and smiled. “Let’s go somewhere,” Frank smiled. I nodded my head and Frank drove us to his house. We walked into the living room and there was Carey on top of Finn. Finn opened his eye and saw me. I followed Frank up the stairs and to his room. I tackled him with my lips and he kissed back happily. He fell back on his bed and held me close. Our clothes started to shed and then the door opened. We pulled away and look up to see Finn. Finn’s Point Of View After I saw Alex follow Frank into his room I pushed Carey off of me and followe d them. I heard lots of moaning from outside the door. I opened it and saw my Alex half naked on top of a half naked Frank. “Sorry, wrong door,” I said and closed it. I sighed and went back to Carey. Alex’s Point Of View Asshole, I thought. He knew what he was doing. I got off of Frank and sighed. “I don’t think this is a good idea,” “Why?” he asked. “You are a lot like Finn and as much as I hate it. I’m not over him yet,” “I understand,” “Thank you, Frank. Any girl would be lucky to date you,” “I’m not that great,” “Really?” “Yeah. I’ve done something so wrong,” “What?” Frank opened his mouth to tell me when my phone went off. I looked at the caller. Dad. “Hello dad?” I said into the phone. “Where are you?” “I’m coming, sorry we lost track of time,” “Hurry,” we hung up and I looked at Frank. “I’m so sorry Frank, but my dad is going to flip if I’m not home,”

“It’s cool,” “I’m sure whatever you did will be forgive,” I said then kissed his cheek. I pulled my bra and dress and slipped on my heels. I hurried out the house, passing Finn and Carey. I hurried into the house. “Dad?” “Alexandra, where were you?” “I was at the Johnson’s house, Frank and I were talking and we lost track of time,” “I’m just glad your okay,” “Yeah, night, dad,” “Good night, Alexandra,” my dad said as I hurried up the stairs. I changed out of my clothes and got in bed. Finn was on my mind. Why won’t he just leave me alone. ***** Today was Monday and Travis came and picked me up. He walked me to my locker where Chris was waiting. “What’s up, beautiful and Travis?” “Hey,” I laughed. Travis pushed Chris playfully as I opened my locker. “So, want to hang out at my place? We can watch a Bugs Life,” “Sounds awesome!” Chris and giving Travis a high five. I laughed and closed my locker. The three of us walked to my homeroom. *** Ignoring Finn seemed harder today. He seemed to be everywhere. I couldn’t get rid of him. After lunch Oliver, Jason, Ryan, Gabe Devin, Britney, Hannah and Morgan came to my locker. “What’s up with you and Finn?” Devin asked. “I don’t know. He dumped me for that,” “And your okay with this?” Ryan asked. “No, but I’m over him,” “No, your not,” Hannah said. “My head is,” “You should make him jealous,” Britney smirked. “No thanks,” “Come on,” Oliver begged. “Yeah, date me,” Jason winked. “Sure,” I said sarcastically. “Alex,” they whined. “I’ll get over him. He’s just a guy,” “Who stole your heart,” Morgan pointed out. “And dumped you in front of everyone,” Gabe added. “And is now making love to your ex best friend,” Devin said. “It’s whatever,” I said walking away. ***** Th boys came over my house with a huge box of cookies and cream ice cream. They know me too well. We sat on the sofa and watched A Bugs Life then moved on to The Beauty and The B east. When the beast came on I smiled and said. “Look there’s Carey,” The guys laughed and we continued to watch. My mom came home and insisted that the boys stay for dinner. They were happy to stay and enjoy a home cooked meal. My dad was working late so I didn’t have to face the twenty questions. My mom and the boys really seemed to hit it off. She liked them. I could tell. When they left they each gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. “Love you guys,” I called after them.

“Love you too,” they called. “Later,” I closed the door and walked into the living room. “I like them,” my mom smiled. “I know,” “You should date Travis,” she smiled. I rolled my eyes. “I’m not over the ass across the street,” “Alexandra!” my mom exclaimed. “Sorry,” “I know you’re not over him yet,” “Night,” “Alexandra,” “What?” “Maybe you should talk to him,” “About what? I have nothing to say to him,” I stormed upstairs and slammed my door. I saw Finn and Carey next door and a tear ran down my cheek. I whipped it away quickly and closed the blinds. I wasn’t going to cry about it. I’m over Finn. I’m over Finn. I told myself as I got ready for bed. I’m over Finn. I’m over Finn. I’m… “I’m not over you,” I whispered as the tears rolled down my cheeks. “Ah!” I screamed. “I hate this!” I said punching my bed. I grabbed whatever I could and threw it against the wall. “I hate this! I hate you, Finn! I hate loving you! I hate seeing you! I hate wanti ng to be with you! I hate kissing you! I hate making love with you! I hate every thing!” I said screaming at the top of my lungs. I ran out of my room and out of my house. I ran into the dark lonely street and ran. The tears were falling harder and my vision was burly. I could hardly see where I was going. I felt the rain falling and I didn’t stop. I heard someone call my name and run after me. They caught up with me and hugged me tightly. I cried and cried into there chest and held them tight. “I hate him, I hate him so much,” The person rubbed my back slowly in a circular motion. I stopped crying and looked up at the person. “Finn?” I whispered. He smiled and lifted up my chin and kissed me. I smiled and kissed Finn back. “Alex, are you okay?” Frank asked. I blinked a few times. “I think so,” “I’m so sorry Alex, I brought this pain to you,” “What?” “Carey and I set Finn up. It was stupid and I’m so sorry,” I pulled away from Frank. “How could you?” “I’m so sorry,” “No, you’re not,” I said running away. I didn’t stop running until I reached Travis house. I rang the doorbell and wait. Justin opened the door and looked at me. “Come in,” I walked in and Justin closed the door. “Travis! Alex is here! Bring extra clothes!” he yelled. “What?” Travis mumbled. “What happened?” Justin asked. “Mental breakdown,”

“Hot chocolate?” he asked. “Yeah,” Justin walked into the living room and Travis and their roommate walked down sta irs. “Hey,” I smiled at Travis. “Are you okay?” he asked rushing over to me. “No,” “What happen?” “Mental break down, I ran all the way over here,” “Here,” he said handing me some clothes. “Thanks,” I walked upstairs and changed in the bathroom. When I came back down stairs everyone was drinking hot chocolate. “Alex, this is our roommate, Troy,” Justin said handing me my mug of hot chocolate. “Nice to meet you,” “Like wise,” he said. “So, what’s up?” “I never cried when I broke up with Finn. I said I wasn’t and that I didn’t need him. But today I realized that I do. I never cried so hard in my life. Then Frank tol d me that Carey and him set Finn up. It’s just to much,” “I’m sorry,” Travis said taking my hand. “I’m sorry too, Travis,” “Why are you sorry?” “I should have stayed with you. I would have been happier,” He smiled. “It’s okay,” We drank our hot chocolate and made small talk. Once we were done, we went to bed. Travis and I shared a bed and cuddled next to each other. The next day Travis drove me home and waited for me in his car. I opened the front door and my mom hugged me tightly. “Where were you?” she asked. “Over a friend’s house,” I said simply. “Who’s?” she asked. “Travis,” She relaxed a little and hugged me again. I walked into the house and saw that Kelly and her mom were both there. “Alex, what happened?” Kelly asked. “I just need to cry,” “Your not over him are you?” “Drop it,” I said coldly. “Alex, hiding your feelings isn’t going to work,” “Drop it! there is nothing to talk about and nothing to hide. Just leave it a lone ,” “Alex,” my mom tried. “No, no. I don’t need him, I don’t want him. Leave it be!” I said running to my room. I pulled on my old blue jeans and an old t-shirt. I pulled my hair on top of my head and grabbed my book bag with unfinished homew ork. I hurried out of the house and into the car. Travis looked at me with concern. “Alex-” “Drive the damn car,” I snapped. Travis backed out of the drive way and headed to school. Finn’s Point Of View Frank told me about what happen last night. I was freaking out. Was Alex okay? Where was she? I needed to hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright.

I waited nervously for my mom and Kelly to come back. Kelly walked through the door and when she saw me she glared. “What? Is she okay?” “So you care?” “Well yeah,” “Finn, I don’t understand what is going on here,” “I do,” Frank said. “Carey and I set Finn up making it look like Finn was cheating on Alex,” Kelly gave Frank the meanest look I’ve ever seen. “Finn, this is what I’m telling you to do. Go to Carey and break up with her in publ ic then tell Alex the truth! She needs to know. she’s a mess and has too much prid e to admit it. She’s in love with you and she hates it. She broke down yesterday. She’s a strong girl and if you want her back you have to fight for her,” “Kelly, I can’t-” “I don’t want to hear your bull shit right now! This is my advice that you are going to have to take. I know you love her so fight for her,” Kelly headed up stairs and slammed the door. “She’s right,” Frank said before heading up stairs. “Oh and Finn. I’m really sorry,” I sighed and left the house. I had to make things right. Alex’s Point Of View Travis and I walked to my locker were Chris was waiting. He rushed over to me and hugged me. “Are you okay?” “I’m fine,” “Are you sure?” “Yes,” Chris hugged me again, then let go. I opened my locker and then we walked to my class. Finn’s Point Of View I walked to Carey’s locker knowing she would be there. She saw me and smiled. “Hey baby,” she smiled. “No, we’re done. I’m tried of you always being with me and holding me, and kissing me, and everything. You’re a self whore you needs to leave me and my love life alone. I never loved you and I will never love you. You know why? Because I love Alexa ndra Oz and I will always love Alexandra Oz. Got it?” I said angrily and rudely. She nodded her head as tears ran down her cheeks. “Good!” I yelled walking away. Now part two of Kelly’s plan. I looked around for Alex but I couldn’t fine her. I found my old friends by Gabe’s locker and I walked over to them. “Hey guys, have you seen Alex?” I asked. They raised an eyebrow at me. “No why?” “I need to tell her something,” “So now you use your brain,” Devin mumbled. “Anyway, any of you want to be my date for my sister’s wedding next week?” “Aren’t you asking the wrong girl?” Hannah said. “I am, but the girl I want to take hates me,” “Sucks for you,” Oliver said. “Guys, I need my friends,” They looked at each other and gave me a hug. “Thanks guys,” “Yup,” they smiled. “I broke up with Carey. The same way I broke up with Alex,” “Woo hoo!” everyone cheered. I laughed and we headed to our class.

Alex’s Point Of View I was by my locker getting ready for lunch when Devin came by. “Finn dumped Carey,” she smiled. “Yay,” “I thought you would be happy,” “I’m not going back to him,” “Why not?” “So he can break my heart again? I don’t think so,” “You want to be with him,” “Not anymore. I will move on,” “Alex,” “Stop! We weren’t meant to be, get over it!” I said slamming my locker door. ****** After school I ignored the world and just sat in my room. I don’t think anyone gets it. Finn gave me something that made me feel alive, then he took it a long with my h eart. I couldn’t go back. I refused. Frank’s Point Of View I was walking in the park alone when I saw Carey. She looked beautiful. I walked over to her and sat down. “You okay?” “Finn dumped me,” she said whipped away a tear. “I’m sorry,” “It’s okay. I realized that I don’t love him. I love someone else,” “He’s a lucky guy,” “He is,” she smiled at me with that beautiful smiled of hers and kissed me. I smiled back and kissed her. After a few minutes we pulled away and smiled. “Am I the lucky guy?” I asked. “You are,” she grinned. I whipped away her tears and kissed her again. She pulled away. “Isn’t this illegal?” “Who has to know?” I smiled. She kissed me again and held me tight. Alex’s Point Of View Finn has been trying to talk to me all week. But I ignored him. It was Saturday and the brides maids for Kelly’s wedding were going dress shop wit h her. We were buying dresses for her and us. Kelly looked beautiful in everything. But she choose a simple white dress that hugged her stomach and puffed out at th e end. Our dresses were light purple dresses that hugged our curves. They were sleevele ss and were short. I guess you could wear this again. After two hours of shopping we went back to Kelly’s house for lunch. Finn was there, sadly. The ladies said hi to him, but just walked on by. We eat outside, laughing and talking. I had to use the bathroom, so I went inside were Finn was. I hurried to the bathroom and quickly did my thing. When I came out of the bathroom Finn pinned me to the wall and kissed me. I couldn’t help but kiss back.

I missed his kisses. He pulled away and looked at me. “I’m so sorry. I was a dumb ass. I know, but I love you and I need you and I want to be with you. Please Alex, take me back,” “No,” I said pushing him off of me. “Alex,” he said grabbing my arm. “Why not,” “You broke my heart once, I’m not letting you do that again. You’re a heart breaker an d dream maker. I hate you with everything in me. Leave me alone,” I walked out the house and went straight to my room. The school year is coming to a close. Everyone finally left me and Finn alone. Everyday I’m getting closer to closure. Today was my last day. I sighed everyone’s year book and they sighed mine. I was at my locker when Carey came up to me. “Hey,” she said. “What do you want?” “I want to say, I’m sorry. I went way too far,” I sighed. “Thanks for apologizing but, what you did to Finn and I was really cruel ,” “I know, I wish I could take it back. I don’t know what happened. I guess I was jeal ous. You were always prettier than me and most guys liked you and I guess I let it get to me,” “I guess,” “I’ll see you next year,” she waved. “Yup,” I said as she walked away. Travis,, Chris and I went out to celebrate after school. We had an awesome time together and my dad didn’t give me a time to be home so we were out all night. The next day I spent sleeping. ***** A week later I looked out side and see Finn backing up his stuff for college. I sat down on the sofa and watched T.V. as I texted Devin, Gabe, Travis and Hann ah. An hour later my door bell rings. I opened the door and see Finn. “Hey,” he smiled. “What do you want?” I asked coldly. “I want you back. I love you so much, Alex. I messed up I’m sorry, I should have bee n honesty with you, I know that now. But please, baby, come back to me,” “No, I can’t,” “Then tell me that you don’t love,” I looked Finn in the eye and opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I couldn’t say it. I blinked a few times and looked away. “I knew it,” he said. “Finn, you need to leave,” “Alex,” “Good bye!” “I’m sorry, Alex,” I closed the door and leaned against it and cried. I heard Finn’s car drive off and I cried harder. “I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I ever loved you,” I guess a freshman and a senior weren’t meant to be. Comment! Vote!

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