Eight years have pasted since the last time I saw Finn.

He never came back home from college. He was too far away and it was too much mo ney. I didn’t mind. I was finally over him, with the help of Derek. Derek Young was the new kid at our school. We were in the same grade and had the same classes. He fell of me as soon as he saw me. Derek didn’t take no for an answer and didn’t stop until I went out with him. After a year of dating him I fell in love with him. Everyone was happy to see me happy again. We continued to date after high school and into college. After college we moved in with each other. Derek proposed to me a week ago and now we’re planning our wedding. Travis, Chris and I are still close friends. We try and hang out together every chance we get. Carey and Frank ran away and got married. They have two baby girls together. I wish them the best. Kelly and Johnny are still happily married and have two baby boys. They live close by so I visit every now and then. Oliver, Jason, Ryan, Gabe, Devin, Britney, Hannah, Morgan and I still talk and h ang out. Everything in my life stayed the same, for the most part. I just have a new man in my life. I look back on my freshman year of high school and laugh. I don’t have any regrets about it, maybe just lessons learned. Alexandra Oz. That is the only thing I think about. I looked at our pictures that we took together and think about the fun times we had. It’s been eight years and I still love her. I’m not sure if that’s sick or normal. I miss her. My heart aches for her. I lost contact with everyone so who knows how she’s doing. Today was her twenty third birthday. I still remember. I packed up my things and hopped in a taxi. I told the man to take me to the air port. I could still make things right, right? A six hour flight seemed like years before I could see my Alex. I got on the plane and hopped it would be shorter. Alex’s Point Of View Derek and I were painting together. He loves to paint as much as I do. We decide that we were going to paint a mural in our living room, so that’s what w e were doing. We draw it first then started painting. “How’s it looking over there?” I asked. “Good, you?” he asked. “Awesome, because I’m awesome,” Derek laughed and kissed me. “You are,” I smiled and kissed him back. The phone rang and I pulled away to answer it. “Hello?” The people on the other line started to sing happy birthday. I laughed knowing who it was. Travis and Chris. “Happy birthday!” they yelled. “Thanks,”

“Open your front door,” Chris said. “Yeah, the ice cream in melting,” Travis added “You’re here?” “Yeah,” I opened the front door and saw Travis and Chris. “Hello,” I smiled. “Hey, birthday girl,” they said giving me a hug. I hugged them back and let them in. Derek greeted them with a hug too. “Nice,” Chris said walking over to our unfinished mural. “Thank you,” I smiled. “Thanks so cool,” he said in awe. Travis handed me the ice cream and walked over to the mural. “You guys are way too good at this,” “Thanks,” we said smiling. “We want to make it a business,” Derek said. I walked over to the mural as I eat my ice cream. We continued to talk as we painted the mural. ****** Derek took me out to a nice romantic birthday dinner. At ‘our’ restaurant. This is the place were we had our fist date, where we told each other I love you , where he proposed to me. Everything happened here, so it’s our special place. After dinner Derek took me to my parents place. They wanted to hang out with us for a while. We walked in the house and into the living everyone jumped out and yelled “Surpri se,” I laughed and looked around at all my friends and family. Even Frank and Carey were here. “Thanks you guys,” “No problem, birthday girl,” Devin said. “Enough talk!” Oliver yelled. “Let’s party,” Kelly said and the music turned on and everyone started to dance. I took Derek’s hand and danced with him. The party was over around eleven and we all went home. Finn’s Point Of View I was finally home. The taxi man dropped me off at my house and I walked up to the front door and kn ocked on it. I waited for a while until the front door opened and there stood my dad. “Dad,” I smiled. “Finn,” he said hugged me. I hugged him back and he led me inside. My mom came down stairs and hugged me. “How are you?” she asked. “I’m good,” I smiled. “I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long,” “It’s fine,” my dad said. “You’re here now,” my mom added. “How’s Alex?” I asked. “She’s good,” my mom smiled slightly. “She didn’t move away did she?” “No, we just say her at her birthday party,” I smiled. “Finn, there’s something you should know,” “Can you tell me tomorrow dad? I’m beat,” “Sure,” he said. My dad helped me carry my stuff into my old room. All the memories of Alex came back to me. The good and the bad.

I look back at my senior year and cry or laugh. I messed up, but now I’m going to fix that. The next morning I work up and went for a run. Running reminds me of Alex which makes me happy. I jogged in the park near by and I saw a young couple jogging too. They were far away but I could see their faces. As I got closer I realized that the girl was Alex. She looked amazing. Alex had matured well. She was curvier and her short black hair was longer. She looked like a woman now . A very sexy woman. I wanted her badly now. As I jogged in her direction, I watched her. She stopped running and stretched. Her running partner stopped too and watched her. He said something and she giggled. He wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her. She kissed back. I stopped in my tracks. She moved on? I saw a ring on her finger and my heart stopped. She’s getting married. Alex, my Alex, is getting married. Derek and I jogged back home and took a nice long shower together. To save water of course. Derek made us lunch and we joked around as we eat. Finn’s Point Of View I stormed into my parent’s house and slammed the door. My parents looked at me shocked. “How come you didn’t tell me Alex was getting married?” “We tried to,” “This was need to know information,” “You said that you wanted to rest, we were going to tell you today,” “Mom, dad, the only reason I came here is for Alex. But now it’s too late,” “You got to fight for her, son,” my dad said. “Show her how much you still lover her,” my mom added. I smiled a little and headed up stairs to take a shower. I had some thinking to do. Alex’s Point Of View I was lying on our bed, naked, as Derek painted me. He always wanted to paint me like this. I watched his eyes move from me to the canvas. I smiled a little as I watched him. “How’s it looking?” I asked. “So far so good,” he smiled. “Good,” “Don’t move, love,” he said. I smiled a little and tried to stay still. An hour later, Derek put his paint brush down and smiled at me. “You’re done,” “Yay,” I smiled walking over to him. I looked over his shoulder and looked at the pa inting. “I love it,” I smiled. “Thank you,” I kissed his cheek. “Thank you, I’ve always wanted to paint you,” “I know,” Derek smiled at me and kissed me.

I kissed him back as he stood up and wrapped his arms around me. I rested my arms on his shoulders. We fell on the bed and moved up ward. Derek rolled us over so he was on top. I took off his shirt as he undid his pants. Once he was fully naked, Derek entered me and went in and out slowly. He picked up the pace a little by little. We finally hit our climax and he pulled out of me. Derek held my waist and pulled me close to him. I smiled and kissed him again. “Do you want to go out?” Derek asked. “Yeah, sushi time,” I smiled. Derek and I got up and got ready for our night out. Finn’s Point Of View I was at the Little Café eating a lone. I need to think about how to get Alex back. I can’t just show up at her door step and tell her how much I love her. Can I? “Finn Johnson?” someone yelled. I looked up and looked over at a group of people. I smiled. “Guys,” Oliver, Jason, Ryan, Gabe, Travis, Chris, Devin, Britney, Hannah and Morgan hurr ied over to me and I gave them all hug. “What are you doing here?” Hannah asked as I let go of her. “I came back to see Alex,” They all looked at me shocked. “Huh?” Travis asked. “You’re not over her?” Devin asked smiling. “Nope,” “You should know that she’s getting married,” Gabe said. “I know,” I sighed. “That’s my problem,” “You didn’t think that after eight or so years, things will be fixed and you two wil l pick up where you left off?” Britney said. “I didn’t, I knew I was going to fight for her, but how? She’s getting married,” “I don’t know, man,” Jason said. “What’s so great about this new guy?” I asked. Everyone seemed to smile a little. “His name is Derek Wright and Alex’s perfect guy,” Morgan said. “He likes everything she does and they get a long like to pees in a pod,” Hannah sai d. “After you left Alex was a mess, no one could cheer her up. Then Derek came,” Travis said. “He liked Alex from day one, he asked her out and she shot him down. Since then he fought for her. He was determined to win her over,” Chris said. “He walked her home,” “Walked her to school,” “Carried her books,” “Painted with her,” “Brought her ice cream,” “Ran with her,” “Did everything she wanted to do,” Travis finished. “If she wanted something, he got,” Chris said. “They started dating and Alex was happy again,” Travis smiled. “Her junior year is the year she fell in love with him,” Chris said. “Since then, they’ve been in love,” Travis said. “So, he’s Mr. Perfect?” I asked bitterly. “More like Mr. Right,” Devin exclaimed. “Yeah, I’ve never seen her so happy,” Ryan said, he looked at me. “Sorry,”

I sighed in frustration. This wasn’t going to be easy. I laughed as I watched Derek gulp down his water. I dared him to eat a hot pepper and he freaked out after the first bite. After he finished his water he moved on to mine. “Hey!” I snapped while laughing. Derek put my water down and sighed. “Never again,” “Aw, I’m sorry, honey,” “Take a bite,” he said handing me the pepper. “No,” “Yes, one bite,” “No,” I taking the pepper from him and finding it in my bag. Derek laughed as he picked up his beer. I picked up mine and took a slip with him. The rest of our dinner was basically, talking and drinking beer. We left the restaurant together but, Derek was a little behind me. I was walking slowly on the sidewalk, looking at the Little Café. I saw a man walk out of the Café and headed to his car. He looked familiar from afar. His body looked familiar. I walked closer to the mystery man and tried to figure out who he was. It couldn’t be…? No. He’s out of my life. For good. “Hey,” Derek said wrapping his arm around my waist. “You okay?” he asked. “Yeah, I thought I saw someone from high school, but with all the beers I had it c ould have been a random dude,” I joked. “You have two,” Derek said. “So,” We laughed and Derek kissed me. We pulled away and smiled at each other. Derek led me to his car and opened the door for me. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and climbed in. Derek closed the door behind me a nd walked over to his side. He drove us home and we sang along to the radio. As soon as we walked into the house the house phone rang. Derek answered it. “Hi, mom,” he smiled. I blew him a kiss and headed up stairs. I took my hair down and walked into the bathroom and washed the make up off my f ace. I brushed my teeth, then began to take off my dress. I walked over to my side of the bed and let the dress fall to the floor. I took off my bra and looked for one of Derek’s old shirts. I felt his hands cup my breasts and squeeze then a little. I smiled and looked over my shoulder at him. Derek smiled back at me and kissed me. I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled. We pulled away and Derek let go on my breasts. “What did your mom have to say?” I asked pulling on his shirt. “She had good news and bad news,” “Well?” “Good news, she find us place for the wedding, we can check it out on the weekend with her,” he said undoing his shirt. “Awesome,” I smiled. “The bad news is my aunt died tonight. She had breast cancer,” “I’m sorry, honey,” “It’s okay, the funereal is in a few weeks,” “Aw, Derek, I’m sorry,” “It’s fine,” he said getting into bed. “Are you sure?”

He kissed me quickly. “Yeah,” I smiled and snuggled next to him. ****** The next morning Derek and I got dressed and went to work. We work together. We are trying to do open our own business, involving art. The ideas are a little hazy but we’re working on it. Three hours later we went to the Little Café for lunch. Finn’s Point Of View I was in the Little Café by myself sitting at a little table. A couple walked in and sat down at the window table. I looked over at them and saw Alex and Derek. I tensed. I wasn’t ready for Alex to see me yet. I got up from the table and joined the long line of people. A muffin and coffee should be a good enough lunch. A man stood next to me. I looked at him at the corner of my eye. Derek. I sighed and tried to remain calm. He didn’t look like the amazing guy everyone says he is. He could pass as an army guy if he wanted too. He looked over at me and smiled slightly. I smiled back then looked away. Some hugged him from behind and he laughed. Alex. “What are you doing?” “I missed you,” she said before kissing him. I looked away and tried to focus on something else. They pulled away and someone’s eyes on me. I looked over at them and Alex’s eyes grew wide. “Oh my gosh,” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Finn. He was back. He looked good. His hair was shorter beard but other than he still looked Finn looked at me with an expression Derek looked at me then at Finn. “Are you okay?” he asked me. “Yeah, I’m not hungry anymore, let’s Finn’s Point Of View I watched Alex leave and I sighed. She still hated me. “Damn it!” I yelled causing a few people to look at me. I found an empty table and sat down. This is a whole lot harder. Alexandra’s Point Of View Derek was driving us to his parent’s house for lunch, instead. I was still a little shaken at seeing Finn. It’s been eight years. “Alex, are you okay? Do you know that guy?” “I’m fine and I don’t know him,” “Are you sure?”

than it was n high school, he had a slight the same. I couldn’t read. go,” I grabbed his hand and left the café.

“Derek, I’m fine,” I said taking his freehand and held it. He smiled and looked at the road. Once we reached his parents house we walked in side. “Hello” we said together. “Derek! Alex!” my mother in law, Ruby, said coming out of the kitchen. She hugged us and kissed our cheeks. “You’re just in time for lunch,” We smiled and joined her in the kitchen. Ruby loves to cook, so lunch wasn’t just peanut butter and jelly. She was making a whole fest. Ruby told us all about the wedding hall she found for us. She said it was perfect for us. Finally Ruby was finished cooking and joined us at the small table in the kitche n. As we talked and eat I thought about Finn. I will not let him ruin my happiness. I’m going to act like I never saw him. ****** Derek and I were at home finishing up our mural. It looked awesome. “Okay, ready to finish it?” Derek asked. I nodded my head and walked over to him. He left a little spot left for us to fi nish it together. I picked up the paint brush and Derek wrapped his hand around mine. The both of us painted the little white spot and smiled. “Tada!” I said smiling. We backed away and looked at it. “Now, our house is finished,” Derek said picking up his camera. He took pictures of the wall before we started and now after. He did that to the whole house. “You know, after our wedding, we should travel the world and look at the different art, before we settle down,” “Good idea,” Derek said as he walked over to me. I smiled and kissed him. Finn’s Point Of View Two days have passed and I’ve been lying around the house mopping. I have not idea how to talk to Alex. I was on the sofa watching a game show when my parents came down stairs. They were dressed up. “Going on a hot date?” I asked. “No,” my mom chuckled. “Alex and her fiancé are having a house welcoming. They finally f inished it,” “Oh,” I said. “Why are you guys going?” “Well, we are close to Alex and her family,” my mom replied. “Can I come?” “Are you sure?” my dad asked. “Yeah,” “Okay, hurry,” I rushed upstairs to the bathroom. I shaved quickly then changed into a white bu tton up shirt and jeans. I hurried down stairs to my parents. “You clean up well,” my mom smiled. “Thanks,” We left the house and headed to Alex’s house. We pulled up to a pretty nice sized house. We got out of the car and walked up to the front door. My dad opened it and I followed my mom inside. I saw Alex and Derek talking to our old friends from high school. Alex looked great. She was wearing a short white dress the reached her knees and hugged her body. H

e long hair flowed over her shoulder. Gabe turned around and looked at me. His eyes went wide and walked over to me. “What the hell are you doing here? “I came here to party,” “Finn, if Alex saw you, she’ll freak,” “She saw me about two days ago,” “And?” “She freaked. She left the Little Café with Derek in tow,” “Wow. So then why are you here?” “Because, I’m just taking chances, she can’t avoid me forever,” “Well, then have lots of champagne,” “I plan on it,” I said walking over to where the drinks are. Mrs. Oz saw me and smiled. “Finn? How are you?” she gave me a hug. I hugged her back. “I’m good. Yourself?” “I’m fine,” she said letting go of me. “It’s been so long. It’s nice to see you again,” “Same here Mrs. Oz,” She smiled and walked over to a middle aged couple. I’m guessing Derek’s parents. “Hey, you look familiar,” Derek said taking a glass of champagne. “Yeah,” I said also taking a glass and began gulping it down. “You were to guy at the Little Café, right?” “Maybe is, maybe no,” “You are definitely the guy. Did you go to school with Alex?” “I did,” “Did she invite you?” “No, but, she did invite my parents,” “Would she want you here?” I took another glass and took a long slip. “No,” I walked away and began to talk to Frank and Carey. Alex’s Point Of View I was having so much fun. Everyone loved the mural and it was nice to see everyone. “Okay, everyone quite down,” I said as everyone looked at Derek and I. “We just wanted to thank you all for coming here to see our house, finished,” I said . “And do you all like the mural?” Derek asked. Everyone clapped and we smiled. “Cheers!” I said. “To us,” Derek said. “To Derek Young,” “To Alex Oz,” “To Alex Oz Young,” I laughed. The others chuckled and we all took a slip of champagne together. Derek and I then kissed each other and the others awed or clapped. We pulled away and smiled. “The food is ready,” I said and most people moved to the kitchen. Derek kissed me again before joining them. I watched him walk away from me and smiled. I looked over at our mural again, but someone caught me eye. I looked at the man and my eyes went wide. “Finn?” “Oh Alex, hey, how are you?” Finn asked walking over to me. He gave me a quick hug. “What are you doing here?” “My parents let me tag along,”

“Why?” “I wanted to see everyone, see your new life, see you. It’s been a long time,” “Eight years,” “Man, time flies by,” “Listen to me closely, Finn, I do not want you to ruin anything for me. In other w ords don’t do something stupid,” “You have no need to fear,” “Good,” I said walking away. “Oh, don’t talk to me either,” He looked a little hurt but nodded his head anyway. I smiled and walked into the kitchen. Derek was making me and himself a plate of food. “Thanks honey,” I said taking my plate from him and kissing his cheek. “No problem, love,” I left the kitchen and went into the living room to mingle. People started to leave the house around eleven. Derek and I cleaned up the house and got ready for bed. Shortly after Derek and I were in an intense make out, when the phone started to ring. We ignored it; whoever it is can call back tomorrow or leave a message. Our clothes were shedding when the phone rang again. It rang five more times before I answered it. “Hello?” I asked with an annoyed tone. “Alex?” asked a familiar chirpy voice. I rolled my eyes. “What?” “I left my jacket at your house,” I sighed. “You had to call now? I’m in the middle of something important,” “What’s that?” Finn asked. I paused. “Nothing that concerns you,” There was a wait before he replied. “I’ll stop by tomorrow,” “You don’t have to,” “No, no, I’ll see you soon. Bye my love,” I hung up the phone and put it back on the charger. I kissed Derek and we picked up where we left off. ***** I opened my eyes slowly rolled over so I was facing Derek. I smiled at his sleeping face and looked at the clock. Seven fifteen. The only reason I was awake was because someone was mowing their lawn. Who does that this early? I slowly got out of bed and put on my robe. It was short and white silk. I walked downstairs, as I did I saw Finn mowing my lawn. I sighed loudly and opened the door. He saw me and smiled. Finn turned off the lawn mower and walked over to me. He was shirtless and sweaty. His body had changed, for the better. Not that I cared. Nope. “Morning beautiful,” Finn said grinning. “What are you doing here?” I snapped putting my hands on my hips. “I came for my jacket, then I remembered your lawn could use a cut. No need to tha nk me,” “I won’t, leave,” “But, I’m almost done. You don’t want your lawn to be uneven, do you?” “Derek will finish it,” “Or will he? He let it grow into a jungle. Is this the man you want to marry?” “Listen, I really don’t care what you think of him. I love him and he loves me and t hat’s all that matters. You shouldn’t even be here, in my life at all. So, don’t mess anything up. If you do, I will hurt you,” as I said this I leaned closer to him. Finn smirked a little. I raised an eyebrow and followed his eyes to my chest.

I quickly stood up and held the robe close to me. “You’re disgusting,” I snapped. “What can I say? I like the finer things in life. Did they get bigger?” “Leave,” I said slamming the door. I heard him chuckle I turned around and walked over to Derek, who was coming dow n stairs. “Hey, who was that?” “No one,” Derek kissed my neck and held me close to him. He pulled my robe open little by little, as he was trailed down to my chest. The door bell rang and Derek pulled away and answered it. “Hey,” he said. “Hey, I forgot my jacket,” “Oh, right, I’ll get it,” Derek said walking into the living room. I stood by the door and Finn smirked again. “Nice boobs,” “You’re disgusting,” I said covering my chest again. He laughed. “You’re the one showing them,” “How is it, after all these years, you’re still an ass,” “Only with you, baby,” he winked. “Aren’t I special,” I muttered sarcastically. “Yup,” he said smacking my butt. I gasped and turned around. I was going to smack him when Derek came back. “Here you go,” “Thanks,” Finn smiled. “Did you cut our lawn?” “Yeah. Why not help out a friend?” “Thanks. When you’re done you can join us for breakfast,” My jaw dropped. “Thanks, I’m all most done,” “Great,” Derek said as Finn walked over to the lawnmower. Derek closed to door and I glared at him. “Be nice. He seemed like an okay guy,” “You don’t know him, like I do,” “Care to share?” “No,” “Honey-” “No,” I said firmly. “Okay, I have to get ready for work,” he kissed me before he went up stairs. I went into the kitchen to start cooking. Minutes later the front door opened and I heard Finn walk into the kitchen. He hugged my waist and I pushed me off of me. “You’re gross and sweaty,” I said. “Sorry,” he chuckled. “Ugh, now my robe is wet,” “Take it off,” “Eat your breakfast then leave,” Finn took his plate and walked into the dinning room. Derek came down and grabbed his breakfast. “I got to go. Love you,” “Love you more,” I said kissing him. I watched him rush out the door. Derek is helping build a new retirement home. He’s paining and designing it. Kind of what we want to do. Anyway, he design looks really good. “Okay, Jackass, I’m going to get changed. Stay here,” He nodded his head, then I headed up stairs. I quickly put on my underwear and jeans. As I looked around for a top two strong arms wrapped around my waist. I screamed and I heard Finn laugh.

“Scare ya?” “Finn! You asshole, get the hell out,” “Nah,” he fell on the bed on top of me. “Get off of me!” “Okay,” he said rolling over. He hugged my waist tighter. I tried to break free but Finn was too strong. “Let go,” “No,” he said looking me in the eyes. He moved his hands up and down my back slowly. He had me in his trance, but I wasn’t going to let him know what. “Does this still turn you on?” “Let me go” He smirked and kissed my neck. I bit my lip and tried to not enjoy this. Finn moved the kiss down and I gave in slowly. I’m not proud of this. Finn moved the kissed to my jaw and inched his way to the corner of my mouth. He moved him closer and I snapped out of it. I pushed myself away and glared at him. “Leave!” “Alex,” “Leave! I was trying to avoid this,” “Avoid what? The truth?” “The argument that comes with the truth,” “The truth is that you still love me,” “No, I don’t, I’m over you. You were my biggest mistake in high school. I’ve moved on, y ou should too,” “Alex, let me explain what happened eight years ago,” “No! I don’t want to hear your eight year old bull shit! You just want me, because y ou can’t have me. That’s all I am to you. A damn trophy. Another slut to sleep with. My heart it not a play toy, so get the hell out of my house,” “Let me explain,” “There is nothing to explain. You had me, then you lost me. End of story. I’m not co ming to you Finn. So you can back under whatever rock you came out of,” “Alex,” “Leave!” I screamed. Finn looked hurt. I was too. He walked out and I sat on my bed and sighed. The drama starts now. Derek and I were headed to his parent’s house. His mom was going to show us the place for our wedding. Derek’s young twin siblings, Kelly and Keith, were coming as well. They were four years younger than us. We all piled into Mr. Young’s van and headed to the hall. My parents were going to meet us there. Once there I looked at the massive building. It was beautiful. It was perfect. “I already love it,” I smiled. Derek wrapped his arm around me and we walked inside. My parents were in there looking around. I loved the inside more than I out side. It was like a Cinderella ball room. “Your wedding hall is here,” Mrs. Young said leading us to the hall. She opened the door and I gasped. “Whoa” Derek said. “Wow,” my mom and Kelly said. It was beautiful.

The pews were a shinny dark wood color. The walls were a light orange and the ch andelier in the middle of the ceiling sparkled. The rug was a rich red color. “I like it,” I said smiled. “Same,” Derek said. “I new you would, that’s why I already booked it for you,” Mrs. Young said grinning. “What?” we said smiling. “The first of May right?” she asked. We nodded our heads. “Good,” I squealed and hugged her. Derek joined us. We left the wedding hall and went to the Little Café for lunch. **** Derek took me into the retirement home that he working on. It looks really good. “I love it,” I said walking around. “Thanks, it’s not done yet, but in a week or two it should be,” “Nice,” Derek wrapped his arm around me and walked us outside. “So, I was thinking that we get married on a beach and have our reception in the w edding hall’s ball room,” “Sounds good, oh, we should honeymoon in Roman,” “That would be epic,” he said lacing our fingers together. We drove home then walked around in the park. We talked about our wedding plans as we walked. Derek and I watched the storm clouds roll in and we headed to back to our house. It started to down pure and we ran across the street to our house. I stopped in the middle of the road and pulled Derek to me and kissed him. He ki ssed me back instantly. I smiled and pulled away. I looked into his eyes and I saw a flash back. It started to rain so we head back home. “Wait,” I said. “What baby?” “I’ve always wanted to get kissed in the purring rain,” “I’ll be happy to help you,” Finn ran his fingers through my hair as he leaned in. I meet him half way and ou r lips connected and moved as one. The rain felt good on my skin as did Finn’s hands as they roamed my body. We pulled way and smiled. “Thanks,” “Yup,” I blinked a few times trying to get that memory out of my head. “You okay?” “Yeah,” I smiled. We ran into our house and headed to our room. Derek changed his clothes and I stripped down to my underwear and took out the p ainting supplies. “What are you painting?” “I don’t know, whatever,” “Can I join you?” “No,” I sad grinning. Derek chuckled and grabbed a paint brush. I began to paint something and Derek followed me. We joked around and laughed as we did this. “You’re an awesome artist,” I smiled. “Whatever. Paint with me,” Finn grabbed a paint brush and dipped it in red. He started to paint.

We had a mini paint war and paint splattered everywhere. I didn’t mind. Finn had a little blue paint on his lips and red on mine. I kissed him and he ki ssed back. “Purple” He laughed and kissed me again. I shock my head. I needed to get those thoughts out of my head. I took my blue paint brush and whipped it over Derek’s mouth. He took his red one and did the same. I laughed and kissed him. We pulled away laughing. “Purple,” I said. Derek grinned and kissed him again quickly. After a while we took a quick shower then moved our way into the bed room. Our lips moved together and our tongues danced. We dropped on the bed and continued our love making. Finn’s Point Of View We attacked the little freshman with silly string. We were laughing at her lame attempt to try to shield herself from the silly str ing. “Hold fire” I said laughing. We watched her remove the string from her face and she looked up at me. “How’s the weather down there, little freshman?” I asked in a mocking tone. “Better than up there,” she shot back. I glared at her. Who does she think she is? “I think this fresh meat wants some more,” I said shaking up the can of silly string . The guys started to spray her again. The can ran out after a while. “Damn it” I mumbled. “What ran out?” she asked taking the string off of her. “Shut up” I snapped. “Just watch your back little freshman,” the guys and I began to wal k away. “Whatever you say jerk,” I heard her mumble. I stopped walking and turned around slowly. I don’t care how hot she is, no one disrespects me. “What did you say?” “Nothing” “I didn’t think you said nothing, because I heard something,” I said coming over to he r. I was towering over her, glaring. “You know what? You’re gonna get it twice as bad little freshman. So if I were you I would watch my back,” and with that I walked away. I still remember the day Alex and I met. I would never forget it. I love Alex still and I’ll do anything to get her back. I walked out of the bathroom and leaned against the door frame. I watched Derek draw in our sketch book. He was just in his boxers. I smiled to myself as I admired him. His piercing blue eyes locked on the sketch book and his muscular hands moved qu ickly on the paper. He bit his pink thin lower lip as he worked. He occasionally ran his fingers through his short light brown hair. I looked at his slightly ta nned body and his cross tattoo on his shoulder. I remember the day when he got that.

It was after summer break. I was at my locker with Carey. We were waiting for Derek. “Guess who?” someone said coving my eyes. “Orland Bloom,” The person kissed me and I kissed back. I went to run my hand through Derek’s long curly hair and was surprised. It was gone. I pulled away and looked at Derek. He’s hair was gone. “What did you do?” I asked in shock. “I cut my hair,” he chuckled. “I…love it,” I smiled. I could now see his beautiful face. “Good, I also got this,” he said rolling up his sleeve. I stared in awe at the large blue cross on his shoulder. “Like it?” he asked. “Yeah. Any more surprises?” “I’m a father,” “And I’m pregnant,” We laughed and headed to class with Carey. I smiled at that memory. I walked over to him and peered over his shoulder. He was drawling my favorite flower, a sun flower. I smiled. “Aw, you love me,” “What gave that away?” I giggled and kissed him. “I do love you Alex,” “I love you too,” “I love you more,” “No I love you more,” “No I do,” “No I do,” Derek kissed me before I could say anything. We pulled away and smiled at each other. “Hungry?” I asked. “Yeah. I’ll make breakfast,” Derek kissed my forehead. “Thanks babe,” I called as he left the room. I got off the bed and pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. As I was getting ready my cell phone rang. “Hey,” I smiled. “What’s up?” Travis asked. “Nothing, you?” “We’re coming over in ten,” “Sounds good,” “See ya,” “Bye,” I said as we hung up. “Honey!” Derek sang coming up stairs. “Yes?” I sang back. “Breakfast is ready,” he said lifting me up. Derek carried me to dinning room. “Thanks hon,” I said kissing his cheek. “No problem dear,” I looked at my plate in front of me and smiled. He had made me a chocolate chip pancake with a sunflower made out of whipped cre am on it. “Your too awesome,” I called to him. “I know,” he said joining me with his plate.

I laughed as we eat and chatted. “The guys are coming over in less then ten minutes,” “Shit,” Derek said heading up stairs. “What?” I asked. “I have to change and I was hopping that we could have fun,” he said smirking. “Bye Derek,” He chuckled as he skipped up stairs. I finished eating and cleaned the kitchen. By this time Derek was changed and ha d ordered the pizza. The door opened and Travis, Chris, Oliver, Jason, Ryan, Gabe, Devin, Britney, Ha nnah and Morgan walked in. “Hey lovers!” “Hey,” we as we walked over to them and gave them hugs. “What’s up D?” asked an all too familiar voice. I looked over at Derek in horror. There was Finn and Derek chatting it up like old friends. “Why the hell are you here?” Finn looked at me and everyone got quite. “Can’t an old friend come over and hang out?” “An old friend can, you can’t,” “What’s up with you two?” Derek asked. “Nothing,” “I’ll tell you,” Finn said smirking. “You see, I used to be her sex craze,” “Get out!” I screamed and opened the door. “So, you don’t want the pizza?” asked the poor confused pizza man. I sighed. “No not you, him,” I said pointing at Finn. “Aw, don’t be like that baby,” “Give me one reason to not beat the shit out of you. Pardon my French,” I said to th e last part to the pizza man. “I’m sexy,” “That’s not a good reason,” Derek held me back and pulled me aside. “What’s up with you?” “Him,” “What are you not telling me? No secrets remember?” “It’s just my past coming to haunt me,” “So, he was you-” “No!” I snapped. “Then, chill,” “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I lost it for a while,” Derek gave me a hug and kissed me lightly on the lips. I felt a hand on my butt and warm breath tickling my ear. This wasn’t Derek. “Some things never change,” the person whispered. Finn. I pulled away from Derek and Finn was gone. “Pizza time,” “Yeah,” he smiled taking my hand. We sat in the living room and laughed and joked about the past. Finn was pretty quite and the rest of us were cracking up. “Hey, Al, do you remember the paint ball war?” I laughed. “Do you remember the look on Mr. Riley’s face?” Finn laughed a little harder. “Well we did shot him,” “Multiple times,” “Some of us were half naked,” “Because some people think it’s funny to steal people’s clothes and die their hair,” “You looked pretty hot as a blond,” “Whatever, that was not funny” “We’re laughing about it now,” “Whatever,”

“Detention was something too,” “Yeah, remember Thanksgiving?” “Yeah,” Finn laughed. “Remember Chirstmas?” “Yeah, our parents made out, that’s something you don’t forget. Gross,” “Spring break was so much fun,” we said at the same time laughing. “I’ll never forget spring break,” I smiled. “I’ll never forget the night we found out about Kelly and Johnny,” I blushed. “That was fun,” Our laughter died down and I felt a little sad. Finn and I, we had good times. “You know, at Kelly’s wedding, Carey caught the bouquet of flowers and she got marri ed next. And I caught the flowers at her wedding and now, I’m getting married,” “Wow,” everyone seemed to mutter. “Then, I’m diffidently catching your bouquet,” Devin said. We all laughed and Oliver got down on his knee in front of Devin. She raised an eyebrow at him and every stared at them. “Will you marry me Devin?” She broke out into a grin and all the girls, including myself, awed. Derek put his arm around me. Devin kissed Oliver, which I’m guessing mean yes. We all clapped and cheered. **** Derek and I came out of the store hand in hand. We were making our save the date cards for our two hundred and fifty guests. They said that they would be mailed to us in a week. Derek and I headed to the beach. We walked along the water hand in hand. “Dance with me?” he asked. “There’s no music,” I said as he pulled me into him. “So,” “Sing to me,” Derek smiled and started to sing ‘I’ll Be’ by Edwin McCain. I smiled and rested my head against his shoulder. I listened to his voice and held him close to me. This song brought back memories. I had another melt down. I thought about Finn again. I don’t know why it’s so hard to forgive about him. I wish I never met the stupid bastard. I hugged my knees and cried slightly. I felt arms go around me. “Are you okay?” Derek asked. “No,” I muttered. “It’s okay,” he hushed me as he held me close to him. He started to sing ‘I’ll Be’ By Edwin McCain. I smiled a little and looked up at him as he sang. His voice was so magical. I held him close to me. Once he was finished I had goose bumps and he lifted my head up. Derek smiled at me and leaned in. I followed him and our lips connected. I got that same feeling that I had when Finn kissed me. But this feeling was different. I loved this feeling. Derek’s hands slid down my sides and pulled me onto his lap. My fingers played in his bushy hair that covered his beautiful eyes. I pulled away and smiled at him. “Give me a chance?” he asked. “Pick me up at eight,” I said kissing him again.

I stood up and walked to my class. When Derek finished I smiled. “Is that your go to song?” I asked. “Well, it’s one of my favorites and everything I hear it I think of you,” I kissed him and he kissed back. Our lips moved as one and we held each other tightly. (Finn’s Point Of View) I was going for a late night jog on the board walk and decided to walk along the shore. I thought about today with Alex. If I keep pushing her buttons I’m going to drive her away. Just then I saw her and Derek making out hard core on the sand. His shirt was off and she was just in her underwear. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sex on the beach was our thing. Derek unhooked her bra and kissed her breast. Alex opened her eyes a little and they landed on me. Her eyes grew wide. She rolled them over and kissed Derek. She looked at me and waved me away with her hand. I backed away and headed in the other direction, heartbroken. Derek and I walked inside our house. He headed upstairs and I followed. We took a quick shower then laid in bed. I was on Derek’s warm chest and he ran his fingers through my hair. “My Aunt’s funeral is tomorrow,” “Oh right,” I said. I had forgotten all about that. “It’s about an hour drive from here,” “Sounds good to me,” “I can’t go on our group trip this year,” “Why?” “Work,” “Come on, please,” “I can’t. If I could I would but I can’t,” I sighed. “Fine,” I had to admit I was pretty upset. Every year the guys and I could up to the mountains for a week and ski. It’s so much fun. “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you,” “In bed,” He chuckled and kissed me. “Tell me about Finn,” “No,” I said. “Please,” “No, he’s an ass whole and I hate him, that’s all you need to know,” “Why?” “Freshman wasn’t my best year,” “Open up to me,” he pleaded. “I am open to you! I just want to keep this to myself,” “Fine. Good night,” Derek kissed my forehead and turned off the light. I stared at the ceiling. I was able to see it through the cloud of darkness. I thought about Finn. He saw Derek and I at the beach. The pain on his face was unbearable. I don’t know why I care about him the way I do. He broke my heart, he lied to me, he betrayed me, he ruined me. As much as I wan

ted to forgive and forget I couldn’t. The first heartbreak I the deepest they say. I guess they were right. It’s been eight years and I could still cry about Finn. I hated that. His weird affect on me. I don’t care how long it’s been. He’s still the same jackass from high school. The one you fell for a voice said. I looked over at Derek, the love of my life. Maybe I should just tell him what happened. Maybe that would help me and clear the air. Derek is a nice guy, he can handle it. Right? I sighed and looked at the ceiling again. My eyes felt heavy and closed slowly. (Finn’s Point Of View) I stayed in bed all morning. Seeing Alex and Derek, doing it, killed me. I missed her, I missed us. My mom knocked on the door and smiled at me. “Honey, it’s past noon, get up,” “No,” I said simply. She walked over to me and sat down on the bed with a sigh. “I know you love her, b ut I hate seeing you like this. I say you move on,” “Move on?” she made it sound so easy. Little does she know I’ve tried! I can’t. It’s impossible. “Finn, I hate seeing you like this, I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy,” “She’s unforgettable mom,” “Honey,” “Please, leave,” My mom kissed my cheek and left the room. My cell phone buzzed and I looked at the scream. Ryan. “Hey, what’s up?” I asked. “Do you want to come on our annual trip with us?” “Sure, where?” “The mountains, we’re skiing, it’s for a week,” “Sounds, good,” “Awesome! Okay, so two things, one, Derek can’t go leaving his room open, which leav es me to two, you’re rooming with Alex,” I smirked. “Sounds good to me,” “Finn, don’t do anything to piss her off,” “Now Ryan, would I do that?” “I’m trusting you,” “I know,” He sighed. “Later man,” “Bye,” I said hanging up. I had to week to win Alex over. This should be fun and easy. (Alex’s Point Of View) We had just come back from our morning jog. Derek and I were kissing in the living room. My hands went up and down his chest as he fondled my breast. Our lips moved in one and our tongues danced. The phone rang and Derek pulled away. “Ignore it,” I said capturing his lips. He pulled away. “It could be about the funereal,” I sighed as he got up.

Sure enough it was. The times changed so we had to get ready now. Derek and I took a quick shower and got dressed. I pulled on my black dress and quickly dried my hair. Derek buttoned up his shirt and put on his tie. “Ready?” he asked. “One sec,” I said as I pulled my hair into a bun. Derek helped me put on my necklace as I out my eating in. “Let’s go,” ***** The funereal was nice. I cried a few times. I meet Derek’s Aunt once. She was so nice. Derek dropped me home afterwards then headed over to his parents house. I changed out of the dress and turned on the radio. I got ready to paint as I danced around the house. The music vibrated the floor. I started painting the sun rising as I sang alone to ‘In My Head’ by Jason Derulo. My water was getting to dirty so I skipped down stairs to refill it. The front door opened. I smiled as I turned around, expecting to see Derek, but saw Finn. My smile faded and I crossed my arms over my chest. “You should really lock to the door, it’s not safe to leave it open,” Finn said closin g and locking the door. “Ever heard of knocking?” I asked rudely. “What are you doing here anyway?” “I can to see the sexy girl in the black underwear,” I blushed and looked down. I forgot that I wasn’t wearing clothes. “Shit,” I muttered. He chuckled. “I’ll be seeing more of this soon,” “Excuse me?” I snapped. “I’ll be your room mate next week,” “What?” I exclaimed. “Derek wont be going and I will, therefore we’ll be living together,” “No, no, no,” “Yes, yes, yes,” “If you’re lying tell me now,” “I’m not,” “Ugh! Why can’t you stay out of my life?” “Fate wants us together. Don’t fight the feeling,” “Well, fate is wrong. I don’t want to be with you anymore,” “Why is that?” “Anymore?” “Yes, I’m over you and I’m done this conversation,” “I’m not. Why don’t you want us together? Remember high school?” “I do remember, every gosh damn day! I gave you my heart and my body and you threw it all away. You broke my heart and you lied to me. You slept with Carey and al l you wanted was me in bed. I did love you but now I don’t,” “Alex, I told you what happened. There was nothing I could do,” “How about tell me the truth! I would have believed you,” “I didn’t know that then, but I know it now,” “Now’s a little to late,” “Alex, I still love you, I never stopped. Will you just shallow your pride and tak e me back,” “No!” “Then look me in the eyes and tell me don’t love me,” I looked him in his eyes and opened my mouth. “I don’t…” Something stopped me. I couldn’t say it. “I don’t…I don’t…Love…”

Say it! I scream at myself. “Finn, I don’t…love…” “You can’t say it,” he smirked. “Everything was fine, until you came,” He shrugged. “I couldn’t live with out you,” “Then jump off a cliff,” “Nah,” “I don’t care about you anymore,” “Ha! You said care not love,” “Whatever,” Finn wrapped his hands around my waist. “You still love me,” he whispered in my ear. Damn, he still knew how turn me on. “Just say it. Derek’s not your type, he’s nothing special. But me and you, baby, we’re s omething. We went through high school, I messed up, forgive and forget right?” He put his hand under my chin, pulling me to him. Our lips brushed against each others and I opened my mouth a little. Finn did the same and they closed on each other. Our lips moved together slowly and timidly. Finn ran his fingers through my hair and his other hand moved up and down my sid es, brushing my breast. I pushed him away and backed up. “No,” I said wide eyed. “That didn’t happen,” “Alex,” “Out!” I said running to the door. I tried to pull it open, but thanks to Mr. Safety First it didn’t open. I unlocked it and Finn took my hand away. “Tell my you love me,” “No, I don’t love you,” “You don’t mean that,” “Yes I do! Leave,” Finn crashed his lips onto mine. I pushed him away and kneed him in the balls. I opened the door and he looked at me with sad eyes. Tears flowed down my cheeks. Did I want him to leave? Finn stood up and walked out without a word. The front door opened and Derek walked in. “Honey, are you okay?” he asked. I was in the kitchen baking as I cried. Derek knows I only bake when I’m upset. He hurried into the kitchen and turned me around. He hugged me immediately. I held him tightly and cried a little bit harder. He led us out of the kitchen and to the sofa. Derek rubbed my back and whipped away my on going tears. “I’m so sorry,” I muttered. “What’s wrong? What happed? Whose ass am I kicking?” “Finn,” “Finn’s ass?” he questioned. “What did he do?” “Nothing,” “Then why are you crying? Alex, no secrets remember,” I couldn’t and won’t tell him what happened between me and Finn. I kissed him, well he kissed me, but I kissed back. Almost married women do not kiss their ex boyfriends. I kissed Derek quickly and pulled away. “Its fine,” I forced a smile on my face. “Alex, what did Finn do?” “I’ll tell you, one day, but for now, it’s safe in the wood work,” Derek just looked at me. He does that when he’s mad.

I sighed and kissed his cheek, before heading to the kitchen. I heard Derek go up stairs to our room and slam the door. He’s mad. I finished my cookies and finished eating my cake. I can’t believe Finn. A part of my wants to kick myself for falling for him and the other half wants t o leave Derek. Finn equals heartbreak, I learned that lesson. Derek equals happiness, I know that. Derek is the one I love and he’s the one I’m going to marry and he’s the one I’m going t o grow old with. Derek Young is my love forever. I headed upstairs and opened our room door. Derek was painting in his good church clothes. I giggled and walked over to him. “Hey,” “Hey,” “I made cookies,” “For unknown reasons,” I sighed and took Derek’s hand. We sat on our bed and I looked down at my hands. Derek took them and I looked him in his eyes. “Tell me,” I sighed again and tears rolled down my cheeks. “Finn and I…we hated each other in high school. He was the asshole senior and I was the fresh meat freshman. We bullied each other and somehow, through all of that, we fell for each other. Looking back, it sounds like a cliché love novel that som e twisted teenager wrote but it happened. We loved each other, until, Carey brok e us up. She slept with Frank and made it look like she slept with Finn, but she really did slept with Finn. Finn broke up with me and told me he was using me. I never forgave him for that. I never did and never will. I thought he was out o f my life forever, but he came back for me. Asshole. Him being here brings up so bad memories. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, it’s sore spot for me,” “It’s okay,” Derek smiled. “I’m just glade you told me. I’m guessing that’s why you didn’t to date me sophomore year?” “Yeah, I wasn’t over him,” “Are you now?” ¬¬I looked at him and smiled. “100%. I love you,” “Good,” Derek kissed me quickly. “Paint with me?” “Sure,” I smiled and grabbed a paint brush. I finally told Derek about Finn and I. it felt good to clear the air. **** “Hey, want to help me go shopping for the ski trip?” I asked Derek. “No,” he said. “But, since I love you, I will,” “Aw, you get a kiss for that,” I said kissing him. He grinned. “You’re also sexy, amazing, beautiful, smart, talented, crazy, loving, w onderful…” I kissed Derek in between each word he said. He kissed me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He took my hand in his and interlocked our fingers. I smiled and pressed my lips to his harder. He pulled away and started to waltz with me. I laughed as he spun me around. “There’s no music weirdo,” “I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid, tell me, princess, now w hen did you last let your heart decide?” Derek sang. Aladdin is his favorite Disney movie. We continued to dance as he sang to me. Once he was done I kissed him again, then he led me out to the car. (Finn’s Point Of View)

In just two days I will be alone with Alex for a week. Just the thought of being with her makes me smiled I was all packed and ready to go. The day before I went to go pay Alex a little visit. I tried opening the door and failed. It was locked. I rang the door bell and waited for someone to answer it. “Who is it?” I heard Alex called. “Your lover!” I called back. “Go away,” “Come on, open up,” The front door opened and Derek greeted me, in only pants. Awkward. I walked inside and saw Alex in her rob. “What do you want?” she asked between her teeth. “What time should I pick you up tomorrow?” “Never o’clock. Derek’s taking me,” “But he has work, it’s better if we went together,” Alex rolled her beautiful eyes. “I think you should leave,” “Alex, he does make a good point and I have work,” She gave Derek a look and he just shrugged. “Seven sound good?” “Sounds peachy,” she muttered. I grinned. “see you then,”. I left the house grinning. (Alex’s Point Of View) “Dude! Why did you say that?” “It would be better and I have tons of work to do,” “I don’t care, you have to save me from him,” “I trust you and if he tries anything call me, I’ll be there to kick his ass and to take you to a romantic dinner,” he grinned. “Whatever,” He laughed as we headed back upstairs. We changed into our clothes, since Finn ruined the mood. Moments later Derek left for work. That seems to be his life all of a sudden. He goes to work early and comes home late and won’t tell me why. He’s a painter, how busy can he be? I just bake brownies to get out my frustration and nervousness. A week with Finn is a week in hell. I got in my car and headed to my parents house. They wanted me to make a moral of the ocean on their bathroom wall. That has been keeping me busy, since Derek has been busy. **** I was in bed drawling when Derek came home. It was minutes to midnight. We were suppose to spend our last night together. I turned our room into a romantic love making spot. Derek walked in and smiled slightly. “Honey I’m home,” “No,” I glared. “I’m sorry,” “I don’t want to here your lame excuse,” “Alex,” “Nope,” “It can still be special,” he said kissed my neck. I gave in too quickly. In minutes we were naked.

**** “Fate wants us together. Don’t fight the feeling,” “Well, fate is wrong. I don’t want to be with you anymore,” “Anymore?” “Yes, I’m over you and I’m done this conversation,” “I’m not. Why don’t you want us together? Remember high school?” “I do remember, every gosh damn day! I gave you my heart and my body and you threw it all away. You broke my heart and you lied to me. You slept with Carey and al l you wanted was me in bed. I did love you but now I don’t,” “Alex, I told you what happened. There was nothing I could do,” “How about tell me the truth! I would have believed you,” “I didn’t know that then, but I know it now,” “Now’s a little to late,” “Alex, I still love you, I never stopped. Will you just shallow your pride and tak e me back,” “No!” “Then look me in the eyes and tell me don’t love me,” “I don’t…I don’t…Love…” “You can’t say it,” he smirked. Finn wrapped his hands around my waist. “You still love me,” he whispered in my ear. “Just say it. Derek’s not your type, he’s not hing special. But me and you, baby, we’re something. We went through high school, I messed up, forgive and forget right?” He put his hand under my chin, pulling me to him. Our lips brushed against each others and I opened my mouth a little. Finn did the same and they closed on each other. Our lips moved together slowly and timidly. Finn ran his fingers through my hair and his other hand moved up and down my sid es, brushing my breast. I jumped awake and breathed deeply. Just a bad dream. I ran my fingers through my hair. “Alex, babe, are you okay?” Derek mumbled. “Yeah,” “Okay, go to sleep love,” I cuddled next to him and tried to sleep without Finn in my head. The next morning Derek and I woke up early. I took a shower while Derek made me breakfast. I got out quickly and got dressed and ready. I did all my last minute packing and rushed down stairs. “You look pretty,” Derek said. “You can’t see me,” “So, I know you look pretty,” he said facing me. “Nope, I was wrong. You look gorgeous ,” I smiled and kissed him. We had breakfast together and I nearly cried. “This is our last breakfast,” “Alex,” “That will be the last time you say ‘Alex’,” “Alex, it’s only for a week. I’ll you every night,” “Okay,” I said pouting. “Why is work more important than me?” “Don’t say that. I already feel bad,” “Whatever,” I said finishing my orange juice. There was a knock on the door and I rolled my eyes. Finn. Derek got up and answered it. “Hey,” he said as Finn walked in. “Morning. Ready Al?” “Don’t call me Al and one second,” I said heading up stairs.

I grabbed my art supplies and headed back down stairs. The guys had already put my things in the truck and were out side talking. I joined them and gave Derek a big hug good bye. “I’ll miss you,” I whispered. “I will too, I’ll call everyday,” “You better,” He kissed me goodbye and pulled away. “Have fun,” “You too,” I got into the passenger seat, next to Finn. I sighed as he started up the car and back out of the drive way. I waved bye to Derek and Finn tooted his horn, as his wave and drove way. “I’m sad now,” I mumbled. “Don’t be sad, you have me all to yourself,” “Yay,” I said sarcastically. I picked up a magazine and flipped through it aimlessly, cutting of all conversa tion with Finn. After an hour of driving I looked out the window. A welcome to New Jersey sign passed by, I looked over at Finn who was nodding hi s head to the music. “You’re going the wrong way,” “She specks,” he smirked. “You’re-” “I know, I’m getting gas,” “In New Jersey?” “It’s cheaper here, don’t worry my little cherry top, we’ll get there,” “Cherry top?” “Yeah, sugar lips,” I rolled my eyes. “Whatever you say dipshit,” “Hey, that wasn’t nice,” “Whatever,” I said closing my eyes. I wanted this trip to be over quickly and painlessly. We were still driving? I opened my eyes and looked around and sighed. Finn was nodding his head to the radio as he drove. “Your up,” he smiled. “Are we there yet?” I asked tiredly. “Almost, dear, less than an hour,” I looked out the window and watched the cars go by. “So, how’s everything?” Finn asked. I looked at him. “Okay,” “Just okay? I haven’t seen you in eight years and that’s all you say?” “You weren’t supposed to come back,” I muttered. “Why did you think that?” “You went to college a million miles away, you never came home to visit and I told you I didn’t love you,” “Didn’t?” he asked raising an eyebrow. “Don’t get smart, you know what I mean,” “You make a good point. I just needed time to think about my next move in life. Wh at I wanted, what I wanted to do, all that good stuff,” “What did you decide?” I asked resting my feet on the dashboard. “I know I want to be a lawyer and closer to my family. I know I wanted to be close r to you,” I looked over at him; he was looking straight ahead smiling a little. “What about you?” he asked. “How was high school?” “Sophomore year was interesting,” I said choosing my words carefully. “How so?” he asked. “I meet Derek,” I shrugged. “Oh, right,” “Yeah, he’s great. Other than that, I went to an art school. Derek and I are trying

to open up a business slash shop. For house decorating or whatever and to sell o ur paintings,” “That’s cool,” “Yeah, I secretly want to open a bakery,” “Really?” he asked. “Yup, I like to bake and I’m good at it,” “You know, Kelly’s cooking class could use a teacher,” “Really?” “Yeah,” he smiled. “I can take you there one day,” “That would be great!” I said grinning. “It’s a date,” “No its not,” “I tried,” “And failed,” He chuckled. “What else have I messed?” “Your brothers wedding,” “Yeah, I got the invitation,” “Why didn’t you go?” “He ruined my life, so I don’t want to be apart of his,” “How…oh,” I said just realizing what he was talking about. Me. Frank did help break us up. “The wedding was nice,” I said. “That’s good. How are the kids?” “Good,” I smiled. “That’s good,” I nodded my head. “You know,” Finn said. “That night, when I slept with Carey, I was so tried and out of it I didn’t even know the difference. That day kills me everyday. I wish I could roll back time or something. I would have told you about Carey, but I was ashame d. I didn’t know what to do. I should have known better I know that now. I thought you needed to know that,” “It doesn’t change a thing, but thanks,” “Eh, I tried,” “If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it s yours, if it doesn t, it never was, and it s not meant to be,” I muttered. “I guess I should pray more,” I chuckled. “You never give up,” “If you really want something you fight for it,” I sighed. “I guess,” “I haven’t in eight years, just saying,” “Liar!” I snapped. “There is no way that a man whore like you didn’t date anyone,” “I had my temptations, but nothing,” “But, you’re Finn Johnson,” “And you’re Alex Oz,” “You didn’t do anything?” I asked again. “Nothing, not even first base,” “Finn, you don’t have to do that,” “I want to, we might not be together, but I’m staying loyal to you,” He pulled into a little diner and smiled. “Hungry?” he asked. “Kind of,” “Good,” he said getting out of the car. I followed after him shortly. He didn’t sleep with anyone or anything in eight years. For me? That boy, when I think his gonna zig he zags. I sighed and walked in the diner. “So, what are your plans for this bakery?” Finn asked as we eat. “Do you remember that little restaurant that we went on our first date?”




“Yeah,” he said after thinking for a few minutes. “That sushi place?” “Yeah, well they closed down a few years ago. I was thinking about using that spac e for my bakery. I have all my plans hidden in my room,” “Where?” “Wouldn’t you like to know?” “Come on,” he begged. “It’s in my pillow,” “Why there?” “Why not there?” He smiled and continued eating. “I like talking to you again,” “Me too,” Finn smiled. “So, why skiing in the summer?” I shrugged. “It gave us something to do,” “You guys are weird,” Finn laughed. “Says the ex pack leader,” “Yeah,” he grinned. I laughed. Once we were done our twenty two dollar meal we left the dinner and headed on th e road again. “Aw, Derek called,” I said texting him. “Oh, yeah, you were asleep,” “Thanks,” I muttered. “I didn’t think it was important,” I glared at him and closed my phone. “I’ll get you back for that,” “Oh really?” Finn raised his eyebrow. “Huh, sleep with your eyes open,” “Oh, please Alex, don’t hurt me. I’m begging you,” Finn joked. “You keep on laughing and see where that will get you,” He laughed. “Whatever you say Al,” “Asshole,” “Shit bag” “Rats ass” “Dumb ass” “Hag” “Troll” “Bag boy” “Lint licker” “Pee drinker” “Butt smeller” “Female dog” “Family dentist” “Benedict Arnold” “King George” “Leggos” “Man whore” “Wanna be whore” “Girly girl” “Gay” “Lesbian” “Banana” “Apple” “Popsicle” “Jerk,” “Fresh meat,” “Butt head,” “Nut,” “Your mom,” “Your face,” “Your …” “Ha! I still win,”

“I was thinking,” “You took to long little girl,” “Whatever,” Finn smiled victoriously and pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, where we will be staying. I took out my phone and called Travis. “What’s up beautiful?” “We’re here,” “Awesome, I’ll let the others know. See you soon,” “Yup, love you,” “You too,” We hung up and I hurried out of the car. Finn opened the trunk and I took out my things and took out his. “Like it?” I asked. “So far,” “Good,” I smiled walking inside. Finn’s Point Of View I followed Alex into the warm hotel. I had to say I was glad we were on good terms. Yeah, we butt heads, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Alex talked to the man up front and I stood next to her. “Hey guys!” Devin said waving her hand in the air. Showing off the rock on her finge r. Alex laughed her amazing laugh and mocked her. “Whatever,” Devin snapped. “I’m just glad you guys are here,” “In on piece,” Oliver added. Alex and I laughed. “It wasn’t easy,” she said. I winked at her and rolled her eyes. “Here are your room keys and check out is at eleven,” “Thank you!” Alex said handing me the other key. The guys helped us carry or things to our room. “Okay guys, in five hours we’ll meet up for dinner and drinks,” Chris said. “Deal,” we agreed and headed to our rooms. Alex and I unpacked together. After a while I fell on the bed, exhausted. “Wait!,” Alex said in horror. “Where’s the other bed?” I shot up and looked around. Only one bed. Yes! I slowly began to smile. Alex looked at me and I smirked. “Looks like your gonna be my teddy bear tonight,” “Hells no!” “Aw, come on,” “Nope,” she said picking up the phone to call the front desk. After fifteen minutes of listening to her argue she hung up. “Move over,” she snapped. I laughed. Yes! I woke up cuddled next to Finn. I pushed myself away from him and looked at the clock. I smiled. I had enough time to run down to the gym. I got out of bed and hurried to my gym bag. I quickly pulled off my jeans and slipped on my shorts. As I turned around to pick up my sports bra I looked at Finn. He looked so cute when he’s sleeping. I didn’t just think that. He started to wake up a little. I quickly took off my shirt and bra.

(Finn’s Point Of View) I slowly opened my eyes. Right in front of me was a half naked Alex. She quickly took of her bra and pulled on her sports one. Damn… “Where are you going?” I asked as she pulled on a tank top. “The gym,” I watched her pulled on her socks. “Have fun,” I muttered. “I will,” she said grabbing her room key and hurried out the door. I sighed and took her pillow and covered my face with it. It smelled like her. I smiled and hugged the pillow. How I wish I could hug Alex. I hung out with Travis and Chris, to kill some time, before taking a shower. I was buttoning my shirt when Alex walked in, he music blasting. Her body was glistening with sweat. Sexy, I thought as she slipped into the bathroom. I ran my fingers threw my hair and put a little cologne on. Alex came out of the bathroom with a towel on. “Stop staring creeper,” I chuckled as she grabbed her things and went back into the bathroom. (Alex’s Point Of View) After an hour I was ready to go. Finn and I left our room together and met the guys down stairs. The hotel we were staying at had a bar and restaurant. Tonight we were going to the bar to get trashed. I had Hannah order me a drink so I could call Derek. “Hey,” he said. “Hi, what are you up to?” “Work,” “Dude!” “I know, I should be leaving soon,” “Whatever, I just want to call you before I get drunk,” “It that time already?”’ “You’re missing out,” “Yeah, I should get back,” “Okay,” “I love you,” “I love you more,” “Liar,” I laughed. “Bye,” “Bye, love,” We hung up and I joined the guys and picked up my shot. I gulped it down and asked for another. ****** Around midnight or so, we headed back to our rooms. Finn opened the door for us. I didn’t bother washing my face, I was too tired. I slipped off my dress and pulled on one of Derek’s old T shirts. I took off my bra and threw it somewhere. Finn was staring at my chest. I rolled my eyes and walked over to him. “My eyes are here,” I said lifting his head to meet my eyes. I walked over to my stuff and looked for my toothbrush. (Finn’s Point Of View)

As Alex bent over to look for something I stared at her ass. She was wearing a long white t shirt. How does she expect me to control myself? Plus I wasn’t really sober right now. I undid my shirt and pulled off my jeans. Alex looked at me then did a double take. She stared at my body in shock. I must say, that over the years my body has gotten better. “My eyes,” I said walking over to her. “Are here,” I lifted her head and smirked. “Whatever,” she said walking into the bathroom. I joined her and brushed my teeth. Once I was done I smacked her butt and I heard her muttered something. I chuckled and walked into the living room. (Alex’s Point Of View) Asshole, I thought once he left. I decided to wash my face, after all. I walked back into the bedroom area. Finn was putting things away. I lied down on the bed and Finn turned off the light and joined me. “Night sexy,” I said. “Night asshole,” I heard him chuckle and shift his position. I felt his breath on the back on my neck and his warm body pressed against mine. “You should nicer to me,” he whispered in my ear. I tensed. “And if I don’t,” “Then, things will get nasty,” “Bring it,” I said. Finn pinched my butt and I gasped rolling over to face him. I didn’t realize how close we were together. “Don’t touch me,” Finn poked my boobs and smiled. I glared at him until I got an idea. I brushed my lips against his and he gave in instantly. I then pushed him off the bed and he grabbed my arm bringing me down with him. I screamed a little and his laughed. “Shit,” I muttered. “You asshole. Suck a dick,” “You can suck mine anytime, baby,” I rolled my eyes. Finn gripped my waist a little tighter and smiled. I raised an eyebrow at him. He brushed his lips against mine and smiled. “You messed with me now its my turn,” Suddenly Finn’s lips landed on mine. I pulled away and got up. “Have fun sleeping on the floor,” I sad throwing him a pillow. I got back in bed and tried to sleep. “Hello?” I mumbled into the phone. “Hey,” Derek said wide awake. He was more of a morning person. “How is my beautiful wi fe to-be?” I muttered something and he just laughed. “How about you call me back when your wake,” “Sure,” I managed to say. “Alright, my love nut, I’m heading to work,” “Your jobs a bitch,” “Alex,” “You’re an artist. What the hell are you working on?” “Something, you’ll see,” “Whatever,”

“I got to go. Love you,” “Yeah,” I said hanging up. I sighed, now fully awake. I got out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans. “Morning,” Finn said standing up. He slept on the floor. “Hi,” I said facing the wall. “Turn around,” “I’m going to the bathroom, calm down,” I waited until Finn was in the bathroom before I finished getting dressed. I was fully dressed by the time Finn left the bathroom. “About time,” I said walking past him. I finished getting ready and fixed my make up that I put on in the shitty lighti ng in the main room. “Ready?” Finn asked. “Almost,” “You look beautiful, so stop fussing,” I sighed and put the blush down. “Fine,” I grabbed my bag and turned off the bathroo m light. Finn followed me out the room and down to the restaurant, where the guys were wa iting. The boys were already there and the girls were shortly after me and Finn. We sat and enjoyed breakfast together then we hit the slops. We gave Finn a quick run down of how to ski. He seemed to understand it. I sat next to Morgan on the swings. Finn and Travis were in front of us. Travis and Finn jumped off at the same time but Finn fell and Travis skied down the hill. I laughed at Finn. He was always good at everything he did. This was the perfect opportunity to make fun of him. He glared up at me and I laughed harder. The snow clung to his face. “Have a nice fall?” I asked before Morgan and I jumped off the swings and skied down the hill. Finn tried numerous times to jump off the swing and ski down the hill. He was getting better and it was getting harder to make fun of him. After a couple of hours of playing in the snow, we went to the near by coffee sh op and had some hot chocolate as we joked about the past. **** Finn left with the guys for some beer and the girls went to the spa. Going to the spa wasn’t really my thing and I wasn’t in the mood to hang with the gu ys. So I stay in the hotel room and relaxed. My phone rang suddenly. I picked it up and looked at the caller. Derek. “Hey babe,” I said smiling. “Hey, how are the slops?” “Great. Dude! You missed a show. Finn fell so many times. It was hilarious,” Derek chuckled. “Be nice,” “Whatever, you have to come up here. Please! What could you be doing that takes up so much of your time? Just stay a day with me. I miss you. You can laugh at Fin n with me, before he gets good. Please, get your ass up here,” “I’m almost done with my work, I’ll try and make it,” “You’ll try?” “Honey, I’m doing something important,” “Painting a stupid wall?” “Alex,” “No! Tell me what is so important!” “I can’t,” “No secretes, remember,” “Don’t pull that,”

“Why not! What the hell are you hiding?” “You’ll see,” “Just fucking tell me,” “Whoa, I’ve never heard you drop the F bomb before. You’re really upset aren’t you?” “Hell yeah. Please, baby, tell me,” “It’s nothing bad, it’s a surprise and it just happens to be taking up all of my time,” I sighed. “Just get your ass up here as fast as fucking possible,” “I will. Love you,” “I can really tell,” “Alex,” “Good bye,” I said hanging up. I sighed and closed my eyes, trying not to cry. “Wow,” Finn said. I looked up and rolled my eyes. “Eavesdropping?” “Not really, you were pretty loud,” “Sorry,” I muttered. “Why are you getting so upset over him?” “Because, he’s my husband. He’s suppose to be here with me,” “He’s not your husband yet,” Finn pointed out. “Whatever,” I muttered. “He’s hiding something from me. He calls it a surprise,” “Or he’s cheating,” “Excuse me?” “Think about, he’s an artist. He goes to work for a few hours and comes back home. B ut now he’s coming home late and going to work early? Connect the dots Al, he’s chea ting,” “No he’s not,” “Yes he is and you know it,” “Shut up,” “Alex, he’s busier than I was in law school. Law school!” “Derek would never cheat on me!” I snapped. “How do you know that!?” Finn shouted back at me. “Because he’s not you!” Finn took a step back, hurt. I shouldn’t have said that. “He’s not me,” Finn shook he’s head and walked out of the room. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. I changed into my gym clothes and left the room. Derek’s Point Of View After my little argument with Alex I went out with my old friends. We were sitting at the bar. I told them what happened and they told me to hang in there. My surprise was worth it. The guys and I joked around, making me forget about my problem with Alex. After a few more beers with the guys, Alex was completely out of my mind. A pretty chick walked into the bar and looked right at me. “She looking at me, man,” Ed said to us. “No, she’s looking at me,” I said winking at her. “Why would she look at you?” James said. The guys laughed as she made her way over to us. “Your Derek right?” I walked back my room with my music blasting through the ear buds. My shirt was around my neck and I was wet with sweat. I used the room key to open the room door and saw Finn walking out of the bathro om. I took out my ear buds and walked over to him. “I’m sorry,” we said at the same time. “You should be!” I snapped.

Finn gave me a look. “Alex,” “Sorry, I really am. I shouldn’t have said that. I was a little harsh,” “And I was way out of line. Derek would be a fool to cheat on you and I know he’s a pretty bright guy. He’s nothing like me. You two deserve each other. I made a stup id mistake that I know he would never do,” I smiled. “Friends?” I asked. “Always,” Finn smiled. We went to hug each other than stopped and laughed. “We’ll hug when you’re not gross,” “Thanks,” I muttered and walked into the bathroom, smiling. Derek’s Point Of View I can’t believe I’m here. I thought as I paced outside the house. I rang the door bell again and waited. Where was she? This was the right address. The door opened and out came Lydia. She smiled once she saw me and I smiled back. She was even more beautiful than I remember. “Lydia,” “Derek,” she said pulling me into a tight hug. I missed being in her arms. We pulled away and Lydia led me inside. Finn’s Point Of View Alex stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, dripping with water. I smiled as I watched her long legs walk over to her suit case. “Stop staring,” she snapped. “Nah,” Alex threw a pillow at me and I caught it before it hit me. “Ass,” she muttered. “I like yours,” “Gross!” I grinned and she stormed away with her close in hand. I laughed and focused on the T.V. Alex came out of the shower again, this time fully dressed, and joined me on the bed. “So, did you like skiing?” “It’s okay,” She laughed. “You suck at it,” “Thanks, babe,” “Well, you do,” “Whatever!” She laughed again. “You’ll get better, sadly,” “Thanks,” “Yup,” she said resting her wet head on my shoulder. Something about this felt right. Derek’s Point Of View Lydia and I were in her dinning room chatting. I told her about Alex and our wedding coming up and she told me about her acting jobs. I knew she would always go far. As I sat with her, I couldn’t help but think about the times we had together. I was starting to love her again. Lydia sighed. “Derek, I’ve missed you so much. If you weren’t getting married, I would want to get us a try. Just one more time,”

“Honestly, I would too,” She smiled sadly. “I have to leave soon for an audition,” “Oh, good luck,” “Thanks,” she said and we hugged again. Before we broke apart I gave her a quick kiss and left. Alex’s Point Of View We were going ice stating. We all carpooled with each other and headed to the ri nk. Britney was an amazing skater. She taught Finn the basics as the rest of us skat ed around. Finn seemed to get it and soon he was having a blast with the rest of us. An hour or so later it was the couples turn to skate together. I, sadly, sat down with the others and watched Oliver and Devin skate together. “Can I have this skate?” Travis asked. I smiled and joined him on the ice, hand in hand. “Travis what are you doing…” “Travis what are you doing with my wife?” Travis and I looked over at where the voice can from and I grinned from ear to e ar. “Derek!” I yelled and skated across the ice. I tried to run on the snow, but didn’t do such a good job. Derek ran up to me and held me tight. I smiled and breathed in his scent. I missed him. “You came!” I said. “I had to see my girl,” he smiled at me. I smiled back and kissed him. “So,” he said once we pulled away. “You and Travis?” I laughed. “He was filling in,” Derek took my hand and led me over to the guys. “Hey,” he smiled. “You made it!” “Of course,” I smiled as Derek pulled on his skates. He took my hand and got on the ice. “So, are you done work?” “I left early, I didn’t want you mad at me,” “Aw, honey, I’m sorry I exploded. I just don’t see the big deal,” “You’ll see,” “Kay,” I said. “Couple skating is over, everyone have a blast,” The guys joined us on the ice and we fooled around for an hour, until it was tim e for dinner. We pilled into our cars and headed to the restaurant. **** “So, Derek, where are you going to sleep? I mean, our bed is only big for two?” “Our bed?” Derek said raising an eye brow. “Ignore him and besides. Finn is staying with Chris and Travis and we are going to be together,” I said smiling at him. Finn rolled his eyes. “Fine,” “Good,” I said once we reached our room. we waved to the guys and piled inside. Finn took his things and left shortly after, leaving Derek and I alone. ***** The past two days have been great. Finn got a hang of skiing, to my dismay, and the guys and I had a blast. Currently, Derek and I are riding home together. we were almost there. “Alex, I have to go to work soon,”

“What? You just got back,” “I know, but, afterwards you can see your surprise,” I sighed. “It just better be amazing,” “You’ll love me for it,” “I already love you and I always will,” Derek smiled and took my hand to his lips, kissing it lightly. We pulled into the drive way and we got out of the car. Derek left it running since he was going out again. He helped me unpack and then left. I sighed and washed our dirty clothes then looked over the wedding plans. The house phone rang and I quickly jumped up to answer it. “Hello?” “Hi, is Derek Young there?” asked a nice little female voice. “No, who is this?” “I’m an old friend, you must be Alex,” “I am,” “You’re a really lucky girl. Derek is a special guy,” “He is. I’m sorry, who is this?” “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Lydia,” Who the hell was that? “Nice to meet you,” “Yes, well, can you tell Derek to call me back?” “Will do,” “Thanks,” “Bye bye,” I said hanging up the phone. The phone rang again. If it was Lydia again I wasn’t going to be as nice. “Hello?” “My love muffin!” Derek said happily. “Who is Lydia and why are you so happy?” “Lydia is a friend of mine and I’m happy because you get your surprise,” “I do,” I smiled. “Yup. Look professionally sexy,” I giggled. “I’ll try,” “I’m coming to get you now,” “Getting dressed now,” “Bye,” “Love you,” I said as we hung up. I quickly changed into a short blue dress and a black sweater. I did my hair and make up and headed down stairs. Derek opened the door as I slipped on my heels. “You look amazing,” “Thanks,” I gave him a kiss and he led me to his car. After a while of driving we came to a little building called, Alexandra’s. Comment! Vote!

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