Soul Stealers By: Danielle Daniel

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Everything seemed to slip away right into nothing. I stood there looking around, looking at vast emptiness. What happened? Where did everyone go? HELLO! I screamed. All there was was an echo. I started walking around not knowing where I was going, but trying to go somewhere. Maybe I could find a sign of what happened. Maybe even find someone left here with me. I walked around for what seemed like hours, but still I couldn t find a single soul. I started getting frightened. Then, out of nowhere, there was a bright light in the distance. Maybe there was someone there. So I took off running with my hopes high. I was running so fast I felt as if I was flying along, not even touching the ground.
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I reached the light source. It was a big fire burning very bright, but there wasn t anyone around. HELLO! I screamed once more, but my only friend being the echo. I sat down on the street curb and started crying. It took me a while before I found the strength to get up. But I knew I couldn t stay there forever. I walked back to my house, still in tears. I was feeling worse than I did when all of this started. I didn t understand what was happening. One second I was standing there talking to my mother about my first day of senior year, and the next thing everyone disappeared. She vanished right before my eyes. Where did everyone go? Why was I the only one left? Or was I the one who had left? Did I disappear into nothingness?

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I crawled into my bed, and cried myself to sleep. When I awoke it was the next morning. I hurried up and dressed, to excited to pause and think about what I was putting on. Was anyone back? I ran downstairs, it was quiet. Hello? I asked as I stepped into the living room. Still I got nothing in return. I stood there thinking, and I caught a smell. Was that Bacon, cooking in the kitchen? My heart skipped a beat as I turned and ran into the kitchen. Maybe everyone had come back. I went through the doorway and stopped still in my tracks. There was a strange man standing at my stove, dressed in all black. I ve been waiting for you, he said, not looking up from the frying pan. Who are you? I asked, still standing in the doorway ready to bolt if anything went wrong.

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Had he broken into my house? What did he mean waiting for me? He didn t say anything while he took the bacon out of the pan. When he was finished he looked up at me and smiled. I have been waiting for you for so long my dear, he said. He just stood there and smiled at me, never taking his eyes off of mine. Who the hell are you? I managed to asked, trying to sound fierce. Maybe I could scare him away. You don t know who I am? he asked looking confused. How did this guy expect me to know who he was? No I don t know who you are, or what you are doing in my house, I said. I don t even know what is going on around here, or where everyone disappeared to. I was starting to panic. You re in what we like to call a sort of limbo. You ve been here awaiting my arrival, he smirked.
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I did the only thing I knew how to do here, I ran. I ran outside and down the road, I didn t know where I was going, but I was determined to get somewhere that I might be able to call safe. I knew he was close behind me, I could feel him getting closer. All of a sudden I felt my feet come out come underneath me, and I was falling towards the pavement. He was on top of me in a second, flipping me over. He said, It s you re time to go. There is no one around to stop me. There is no one around to save you. Make your last wishes now, this is your last chance. Then out of nowhere two long fangs protruded from his mouth, and I lay there watching as the last few seconds of my life were coming to an end. I stopped fighting, for it did no

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good for me, and I shut my eyes as I felt the sharp pain course through my body, and then blackness overcame me.

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Chapter 1: Nightmares

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I woke up the next morning in a panic. I ran downstairs to find my family watching T.V. It was just a nightmare. I sat down on the stairs and let out a sigh of relief. The nightmare had felt so real. I couldn t get it off my mind when I walked into the kitchen to get some coffee. I poured in some sugar and headed up to my room. Today was the first day of my senior year, and I was stoked. So I put the bad dream in the back of my mind so I could start getting ready for the best year of my life. I already had the perfect outfit for the day picked out, a pair of designer jeans, a pink and blue Hollister shirt, white DC tennis shoes, and my black Coach purse. I had just finished getting dressed when my mother walked in. She always happened to know if something was
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wrong. Sweetheart, what s bothering you? she asked as she sat down on my bed. She would think I was crazy if I told her about my dream, especially if I included that it felt more real than this conversation. I m fine mom, I m just nervous about today, which wasn t a total lie, I really was nervous. Well if you want to talk about anything, me and your father are always here for you, she said. Which that reminds me, I and your father have a surprise for you whenever you come downstairs, just don t be too long. I did my hair and makeup and headed downstairs as fast as I could. I m ready for my surprise! I announced as I jumped off the last step. Where is it? My father looked at me, holding back a laugh. Well, your mother and I decided that we are going to blind fold you first. We want it to be a real surprise.

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That will mess up my makeup, I whined. I always tried the whine to get my way, it usually worked until now. I slouched down and closed my eyes as soon as I seen my dad shake his head no. He put the blind fold over my eyes, and he led me around while we walked. It felt as if he was walking me around in circles, probably trying to throw me off. Are you ready? My father asked when we finally stopped. YES! I screamed, jumping up and down. He removed the blind fold and I seen it, sitting in our driveway, shining in the sun. It was a brand new, midnight blue Chevy Camero with completely blacked out windows. I loved it the instant I saw it.

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I hugged them both and told them I loved them, got the keys to the car and got in. I immediately called my two best friends Mya and Cassie. I told them I was going to pick them up for school in my new ride. I pulled up outside of Cassie s house first; I was so excited to show my car off. I honked when I stopped, and she came running out of the house, Oh My Gosh! Isis, how did you get this? She looked as if she was about to faint. Seriously, I told you my parents got it for me as a beginning of senior year present, I said as she climbed in the front seat. I call shot gun all year, she smiled as she said this. That backseat seems a little too small for my taste. I ll let you and Mya

work that out on your own time, I said and we were off to Mya s to pick her up.

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She had just about the same reaction when she came out of her house. Wow, your parents must love you. I don t think I could ever get anything this nice out of them, she said as she climbed in behind Cassie. They spent the whole ride to school arguing about whom got the front seat the rest of the year. I was too busy basking in the joy of my glorious new car to pay any mind to them. I knew the reaction we would get when we drove into the parking lot. We lived in the small suburb of Cold Spring, New York. There might have been many wealthy families around here, but it s still small, so whenever someone had something knew it was the talk of the town. The parking lot was crowded when we pulled in. Of course everyone would be loitering in the parking lot before
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school started. No one ever wanted to go into the school until the last minute. Damn Isis, your parents are spoiling you this year, a guy named Jake Thomas said, as I stepped out of the car. This is what you get when you don t spend the summer getting in loads of trouble, Cassie spat at him. At the beginning of the summer Jake had dumped her for a freshman named Stephanie Barrs and she was still a little bitter over the whole ordeal. Oooohhh, was all a group of his buddies said.

Shut up you guys, Jake said as he walked back to join them, punching one of the boys in the arm. I laughed a little to myself as I walked into the school to get ready for class. I was taking all easy classes this year so I can spend the year having fun and not studying.

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I went to my locker to get my books and headed over to Cassie and Mya. I heard there was a cute new boy starting

this year, Mya was saying as I walked up. I know I m excited. I heard he was from the city, Cassie said. They were all sorts of boy crazy, but me, not so much. I still had last night s nightmare weighing on my mind. The guy in it couldn t have been more then eighteen, with his baby blue eyes and shaggy, jet black hair. He was really tall, probably over six feet, and had really pale skin, almost white. He almost looked sick. I was thinking it over and over in my mind when I heard Cassie talking to me, Earth to Isis. Mya was laughing when I came away from my thoughts. I m sorry, I was just thinking about what this new guy might look like, I lied. I knew this

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would make their minds wonder away from me and to that very thought.

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