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Your Palm Analysis Is Palm Reading for real? In-depth analysis Your palm lines Special markings History behind palmistry References

bo, the shape of your hand reveals that you are especially good at

Believing in yourself

The signs we read in your palm indicate you have much to gain by having faith and trusting your own inner goodness. By putting directed energy toward your own self-confidence, your efforts will be returned multi-fold.
Your Palm Analysis Is Palm Reading for real? In-depth analysis Your palm lines Special markings History behind palmistry References

How does Tickle know this about you? Using a sample of over 1400 people, Tickle's psychologists sought to validate what palmists have known for centuries — the lines in your hand and the formation of your palm can be a true reflection of the individual if properly interpreted. Through rigorous statistical analyses, Tickle was able to find empirical evidence that certain relationships exist between the characteristics of your palm and the way you approach life. For example, our research experts found that there is a significant likelihood that people with: A Life Line origin high and close to their index finger live life to its fullest A variable depth Head Line have widely varying levels of concentration A Heart Line destination curving toward their middle finger are highly expressive Rounded fingers and thumbs are impressionable A pink Mound of Saturn have a high sense of self worth and are reliable and cautious Hand analysis has been used for centuries to explore possibilities for the present and future. Hand analysts believe that your life shapes the lines in your palm because the way that you use your hands directly reflects your relationship to the world. An in-depth analysis of your palm can help you tap into your special abilities as well as help you guide your future by reading the signs.
To help you better consider the information you might hear from a traditionally trained palmist or hand analyst, Tickle has generated a traditional palm reading with scientific annotations. These annotations reflect the confidence with which Tickle would agree with a traditionally trained palmist. Items with three checkmarks reflect a high confidence of accuracy — three or more claims were statistically validated in Tickle's study. Items with two checkmarks indicate that two claims were statistically validated. Items with one checkmark indicate that one claim was statistically validated. Items with no checkmarks were not validated in Tickle's study.

Your Palm Analysis Is Palm Reading for real? In-depth analysis Your palm lines Special markings History behind palmistry References

Your Palm Analysis Is Palm Reading for real? In-depth analysis

Palmists can learn a substantial amount from the lines of your palm. The four major lines are your Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line, and Destiny Line. From your Life Line, a palmist can tell what your general approach to life is and how you deal with life's challenges. Your Head Line reveals how you process information and think through problems. Your Heart Line can give a palmist insight into your
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Head Line The Head Line reveals how you process information and think through problems. you are usually fine with stepping aside to let someone else take the lead. You are generally supportive when friends or family come to you for assistance. you are probably quite comfortable in either the role of the leader or the follower. but in different ways. It is a common misconception that the Head Line can tell you how intelligent you are. a palmist can read some of the lesser lines — if they are present in your palm — for information on your level of creativity. You have a natural ability to show your love and sympathy for others. you may also enjoy listening to your intuition when faced http://web.tickle. and attachments you may have or will have with others throughout your life. When you are confronted with difficulties in life. However. With this challenge. you know you are capable of taking on the leader role. including friends. you may sometimes have trouble expressing yourself. they are likely to stem from a sense of not having done enough or wishing that you had done something differently. Primarily. When you have regrets. Even persons with relatively short Life Lines can live a long life. and significant other(s). it is hard to ask for help when you really need it. the information that can be gleaned from your Life Line pertains to your overall outlook and the ease with which you will travel through your life. family. if no one else steps up. Your Destiny Line pertains to changes in your personal drive and focus over time. In addition. When it comes to leadership.com: Your Palm Analysis Your palm lines Special markings History behind palmistry References 04-05-08 20. Life Line The Life Line reveals your approach to life and how you handle uncertainty or hardship. the information that can be gathered from your Head Line pertains to your particular way of understanding the information you come into contact with throughout your life.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests . Persons with various styles of Head Lines can be very smart.jsp Sida 2 av 10 .com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult. Generally. One of the most important things to you in life is to make sure that you are living your life to its fullest. While you can solve complex problems when necessary.Tickle.05 personal relationships. Since taking charge is not necessarily something you covet. Your thought process tends to be a balance of rational and imaginative approaches. communication skill. It is a common misconception that the Life Line can tell you when you will die.

family. At times. The projects that you tend to like the most are ones where you are sleuthing for a solution to a complicated problem or set of issues. including friends. even if you are married. thinking through things one-step at a time and preferring only to begin one phase of a project after the last phase has been completed. People you don't know well may find you somewhat distant. you'd probably rather take a methodical approach. Destiny Line The Destiny Line (also called the Saturn Line) reveals changes in your personal drive and focus over time. the information gathered from your Destiny Line on your left palm pertains to your personal sense of purpose. It is a common misconception that the Heart Line can tell you definitively what relationships you will have in the future. In a close relationship. For more information about your close relationships with others.05 with decision-making.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult. There is much that a palmist can tell about your career and/or personal drive.Tickle. http://web. Heart Line The Heart Line reveals how you handle the relationships in your life and how comfortable you are with intimacy. especially if your ability to do so is sporadic or inconsistent. see the "Attachment Lines" section of this report below. and significant other(s). On average.com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20.tickle. You may find it difficult to make emotional promises. In turn. Your ability to draw on both rational and intuitive parts of your brain may be confusing to some.jsp Sida 3 av 10 .Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests . including approximate timing of major events or changes — just by looking at the Destiny Line! Primarily. you may find that you get yourself into trouble in your relationships by being too unpredictable or overly reactive. Your ideal life partner will likely accept you as a vivacious and energetic force. the information that can be collected from your Heart Line indicates the influences in your life that have in the past or will in the future affect your personal relationships. Your ability to be intimate with others may be influenced by a lack of commitment. When you have a choice. you tend to be an expressive person with widely variable moods. the information garnered from your Destiny Line on your right palm — the Palm you looked at to answer the questions on this test — pertains to your career.

along with your gifted ability to systematically set and achieve goals. the job most likely to make you work around the clock is one that rewards your steady and unwavering pace toward completing objectives. not everyone has a Mercury Line. it is a vertical line that appears below your ring finger. Apollo Line The Apollo Line can predict your level of creativity and flexibility. Dedicated and persistent. Attachment Lines http://web. Your palm does not contain the Line of Psychic Ability. The presence of an Apollo Line — even a short or faint one — suggests higher than average success in creative ventures. There is also a high likelihood of gaining personal recognition.jsp Sida 4 av 10 . Mercury Line The Mercury Line can foretell your skill at communication or psychic ability. you're able to feel comfortable following either path. Most likely. which resembles an arc that is an extension of a person's Mercury Line. those who have the line can more easily tap into their paranormal skills. it is a vertical line that appears below your pinky finger. you will likely have a more difficult time accessing them than someone with the Line of Psychic Ability. A person with a Mercury Line is probably more in touch with their intuition than others. The presence of a Mercury Line — even a short or faint one — implies that you have an extraordinary gift in communication.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult. While you may have psychic abilities. Your career direction is likely constructed by your resourcefulness and adaptability. While psychics do not always have the Line of Psychic Ability. However. A person with an Apollo Line is more likely to receive acknowledgement as an expert or specialist in their chosen field.Tickle. although not everyone has an Apollo Line. When you reach a fork in the road you're probably not worried.com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20.tickle.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests .05 Your career choice is likely influenced by your intense focus. You understand your feelings and express them well.

So. The mounds of your palm can tell you what kinds of energy you possess naturally and which energies will be more difficult for you to access. Through a careful examination of the fleshy areas of your hand. You are blessed with a strong Mound of Jupiter. It's well within your reach! Mound of Apollo http://web. the clear goals you set go hand-in-hand with your self-motivated direction.Tickle. Traditional palmists engage in ample debate about the validity of these lines as predictions of marriages and children.jsp Sida 5 av 10 . most agree that the attachment lines indicate the possibility that a person might marry or have children. as affirmed by its shape and color. just below your middle finger — is related to your concept of self-worth.05 The Attachment Lines reveal the major relationships you may have with others.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult. and security. you can learn which areas of life you will be most likely to find success. However. The following traits were determined by looking at the shape and color of different areas of your hand. just below your index finger — is related to your personal power. whether they choose to or not is a decision left to the individual. what does that mean? When you are at your best. To tap into your inner tranquility all you need to do is put forth the commitment to change.com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20. You probably don't have an innate gift for self-reflection or personal accountability. Mound of Jupiter The Mound of Jupiter — located in the upper right corner of your palm. your hopes and ambitions. Mound of Saturn The Mound of Saturn — located in the upper portion of your palm. and your ability to lead others.tickle. Together these qualities tend to set you apart from others as a strong leader. personal satisfaction. Your palm reveals a somewhat poor Mound of Saturn.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests .

com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20.05 The Mound of Apollo — located in the upper portion of your palm. originality. If anyone is looking for an original perspective. they often come to you as an endless source of unique ideas. You can tell by its great shape and color that a healthy dose of Mound of Mercury sits in your palm.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests . This along with your inventiveness sets you apart from the rest.Tickle. You really understand what makes people tick.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult. Mound of Mars Upper Mound of Mars The Upper Mound of Mars located in the middle left portion of your palm — is related to inner calm. Family and friends look to you as a deep and insightful confidant. you exude creativity effortlessly.tickle. When things are going well for you. and recognition of your talents by others. Mound of Mercury The Mound of Mercury — located in the upper portion of your palm. When you're at the top of your game. http://web.jsp Sida 6 av 10 . Others feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their life with you that they may not with others. You possess a hearty Mound of Apollo. and interpersonal communication. just below your pinky finger — is related to intimacy. just below your ring finger — is related to self-expression. spiritual understanding. one could say that communicating clearly is your strong point. Thinking quick on your feet is what you're known for.

and skill at dealing with life's problems. Lower Mound of Mars The Lower Mound of Mars — located in the middle right portion of your palm — is related to action. At your brightest moments.com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20. your thoughtfulness and caring demeanor shine through as one of your best strengths.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests . and the momentum to make things happen. You stand out above others as extremely motivated. sympathy.jsp Sida 7 av 10 . These traits set you apart from the rest. You're all that. Mound of Venus The Mound of Venus — located in the lower right portion of your palm — is related to love. as indicated by its healthy shape and color.05 boldness. aggressiveness. When you have your best foot forward. your take-charge attitude makes people stop and listen. Hence you possess such a great skill for counseling and have handed out your fair share of advice.tickle. This singles you out from the rest as an exceptionally stable and brave individual. You have a powerful Mound of Venus. The plump shape and color in your palm signifies a strong Upper Mound of Mars.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult.Tickle. and depth of emotion. as exemplified by its vibrant shape and color. Others often want to cry on your shoulder. This is a great attribute along with your energetic approach to life that is contagious. you have the uncanny ability to maintain your cool in the midst of chaos. Mound of Moon http://web. with your strong Lower Mound of Mars. On your best days.

05 The Mound of Moon — located in the lower left portion of your palm — is related to intuition.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests . A palmist would say that you will not have a relationship that ends up in marriage. Although you may have one or more romantic relationships in your life.com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20. they really do play a significant part of a traditional hand analysis. mental acuity. also called the Jupiter Finger.jsp Sida 8 av 10 . The shape of your fingers and thumb reveal that you are an impressionable person. Palmists read signs in the fingers and thumb as well as using them as landmarks for other parts of the reading. The finger and thumb shape create energies that influence the reading of each of your fingers and thumb and by extension. As illustrated by its awesome shape and color. Your Fingers and Thumb While you may not consider the fingers and thumbs as part of a palm reading. your inventiveness can lead you to truly original ideas that most people wouldn't think of.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult. you have a mighty Mound of Moon. your entire palm. probably including a girl. The interpretation of the mounds and lines of the palm are highly influenced by their proximity to each finger and the thumb. http://web. A palmist would say that you will have the opportunity to have at least one child.Tickle. yet you generally don't act in drastic ways. When you're at your best. Your index finger. Hence. Moderation is key for you. The decision to embrace this opportunity to bring children into your life is yours. You are open to the influences in the world around you.tickle. you won't be planning a wedding. and adeptness with thinking outside the box. you will need to make a decision at some point that will either lead you toward or away from each of these relationships. traditionally corresponds with leadership abilities.

crossing both the Life Line and the Heart Line indicates that the person has had to separate himself or herself from something or someone that was important to them. Your middle finger. Becoming dependent on positive feedback won't help you in the long run. This is a rare marking that palmists say distinguishes an individual who has a strong ability to focus on one thing while tuning out others. While gaining approval from your peers is a positive thing. Your Palm Analysis Is Palm Reading for real? Fairchild. you probably find that you have a natural talent for understanding other people. Your thumb reveals that you are a fairly flexible person who commonly tries to keep the peace. including correlations between attributes of the palm and aspects of a person's personality. You are blessed with a strong Mercury Finger. Your ring finger leans in toward your middle finger. Try looking at your own palms and those of the people you know to find some of these markings! Ring around the index finger — Reveals a special talent for seeing through people's facades. You probably second guess your abilities and doubt yourself one too many times.05 You have a weak Jupiter Finger and therefore may have trouble taking the lead. Your ring finger. You probably love contributing to the world in ways that challenge you to think of unusual and original methods of doing things.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult. Division Line — A line that runs diagonally across the palm. also called the Mercury Finger. Working in a team atmosphere or supporting someone with stronger leadership skills may work better for you. by the time the Catholic Church gained power. Your Palm Analysis Is Palm Reading for real? In-depth analysis Your palm lines Special markings History behind palmistry References Although there is some debate over when or where palmistry began. 1995. the history of palm reading is unquestionably a long one. Most palmists who claim ancient roots for the art trace it back to India and cite the Vedas for the laws and practice of palm reading. traditionally corresponds with creativity. Your friends usually routinely turn to you for your insight. which reveals less self-confidence than you would like. Sida 9 av 10 http://web. Tickle found that these claims had statistical validity.tickle. which were seen by the church as the tools of the Devil. In any case. indicating your ability to blend in with most groups and social situations. all due to fear of failure. Since the 20th Century. traditionally corresponds with insight and understanding.com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20. which may mean you were born with your own creative nature. You have a strong Apollo Finger. also called the Apollo Finger. Your index finger leans in toward your middle finger. Your pinky finger. Your Saturn Finger is weak. Your Palm Analysis Is Palm Reading for real? In-depth analysis Your palm lines Special markings History behind palmistry References In this section you'll find a description of some of the special markings that traditional palmists look for when analyzing a person's palm. There are also claims that Aristotle was a great proponent of palmistry. indicating your concern for the consequences of your actions. In some cases. also called the Saturn Finger. Simian Line — The Simian Line appears on palms where the Head Line runs into the Heart Line. Tickle researched the claims that traditional palmists assert. in effect forming a single line bisecting the palm. This tendency may be hampering your creativity because you are always thinking in terms of boundaries and limitations. Your pinky finger leans in toward your ring finger. palmistry has been experiencing a revival and it has entered into popular culture.jsp . and place in the world. indicating your need to know that others feel good about you. whether through logically unraveling the false front or discovering it through feelings and intuition. generally concluding in successful completion of their goals. Dennis. Unfortunately. Your guidance helps them understand their interactions with others. Your thumb can be read to ascertain your level of flexibility when it comes to dealing with people or unpredictable situations. behaviors. Palm Reading: A Little Guide to Life's Secrets.Tickle.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests . As a result. you need to sustain a solid sense of self-worth. Your report is a combination of a personalized palm reading from a traditional perspective and Tickle research. palmistry was vehemently suppressed along with other methods of divination. this can lead to missed opportunities in life. traditionally corresponds with confidence.

Staci and David Bourne.Tickle. 2003. It's All In Your Hands: Hand Analysis Guidebook to Self Understanding. 2001.jsp Sida 10 av 10 . The Official Know-It-All Guide to Reading Palms. All rights reserved.05 In-depth analysis Your palm lines Special markings History behind palmistry References Gibson. Rodrigues. Litzka Raymond. M. Rita. Robinson.S. Mendoza.com: Your Palm Analysis 04-05-08 20. Home About Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Contact Us Advertise Help ©1999-2004 Tickle Inc. Discover Yourself through Palm Reading: Learning How to Read Yourself and Your Future. Larry. Palm Reading: A Practical Guide to Character Analysis and Divination. Download the Tickle Search Toolbar http://web.tickle.Tickle: IQ and Personality Tests . 1999. 2000.com/tests/handanalysis/paidresult.

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