BeYourselfBeautiful Makeup LookBook: Daiana Holiday Searching for a new makeup look to go with that pretty party dress


All makeup by Afterglow Cosmetics Prep: Smooth and brighten around the eyes with my favorite eye cream ever:  Turkish Rose and White Tea Eye Cream by Pangea Organics. White Tea leaf extract tones and tightens gentle under eye skin while improving microcirculation to lessen dark circles. Luscious Turkish Rose essential oil is a beautiful anti-aging ingredient that softens lines as well as skin. Face: Choose a foundation color that best suits your skin tone. Sometimes layering foundation in slightly different hues creates the most beautiful, natural look. One of the best things about this mineral foundation is that it builds coverage without caking, and blending is flawless. This is achieved by using only the pure minerals themselves plus some yummy organic extracts for the health of your skin. The minerals meld with your skin’s natural oils to look and feel like your skin; neither mask-like, nor powdery. Daiana is wearing Organic Mineral Foundation in Camel, which matches the neutral undertone of her face, then layered with Caramel to add color and better match her body, then dusted with Honey for an overall soft golden glow and to add some yellow to match the overtone in her skin. Step 1: Perfect and protect your face with Organic Mineral Foundation. Smooth on with Kabuki Brush then buff in a circular motion for an SPF 20. Blend from hairline into neck. You can even blend all the way into your decollete if you are wearing something sexy and low like this hot number!

Step 2: Conceal and brighten under eyes with Organic Total Cover Concealer in a shade slightly lighter than your foundation. Daiana is wearing Bamboo.  Pat onto area just beneath the eye using Concealer Brush and lightly blend from the inner corner out and down.

Step 3: Contour and lift cheekbones with Organic Glow Bronzer in Deep. Follow the underside of the cheekbone with Blush Brush in light sweeping strokes.

Step 4: Create a soft glow with Organic Mineral Blush in First Blush. Dust color onto the tops of the cheekbones with Blush Brush.

Eyes: Define and beguile with pure minerals and organic extracts for added benefit. Step 5: Create a base for color and definition with Organic Mineral Eye Shadow in Bare. Brush on a generous amount for a more opaque coverage with Oval Eye Shadow Brush.

Step 6: Smoke the outer half of the lid with Raven Powder Eye Liner using Oval Eye Shadow Brush. Concentrate color at the lashline and blend upward and outward.

Step 7: Layer Storm Organic Mineral Eye Shadow overtop Raven using Oval Eye Shadow Brush. Concentrate color at the crease and blend down toward lashline.

Step 8: Create a soft iridescent pink hue with Marvelous Organic Satin Eye Shadow. Brush a generous amount onto the inner half of lid with Oval Eye Shadow Brush. The Satin Eye Shadows are sheer, so you may want to build color by brushing on a few layers. Then blend up into the highlight area beneath the brow.

Step 9: Shade brows with a color that most matches your hair. Daiana’s brows are lightly done in Raven Powder Eye Liner. Softly brush powder onto brows with Angled Liner Brush in short feathery strokes up from inner end to arch and down from arch to outer end. Lead brushstrokes with the short end of the brush and follow with the longer tail.

Step 10: Define eyes along both top and bottom lashlines with Gravity Organic Pencil Eye Liner. Taper eye lines from widest at the outer corners to narrowest at the inner corners and feather outward to blend with Angled Liner Brush.

Curl Lashes with Eye Lash Curler.

Step 11: Coat lashes lavishly with Onyx Pure Soul Mascara. For top lashes place mascara wand on top of the lashes and roll out and up from lashline to tips. For bottom lashes brush mascara wand back and forth.

Lips: Shape and glaze with organic oils and pure pigment. Step 12: Shape lips with Organic Lip Liner in Bliss. Feather line toward the center of lips to soften with clean Angled Liner Brush.

Step 13: Color and shine lips with Organic Hydra Gloss in Bubble.

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