1. Meaning of statistics? 2. Major characteristics of statistics. 3. Importance and scope of statistics. 4. Define probability. Explain its importance in statistics. 5. Two different types of probability. 6. Define random experiment. 7. Define sample space and its various types. 8. Define term null event. 9. Define exhaustive events. 10. Define equally likely events. 11. What are the properties of probability? 12. What is the probability that if a card is drawn at random from an ordinary pack of cards it is one of court cards? 13. A card is drawn from an ordinary pack of playing cards and a person bets that it is a spade or an ace. What are the odds against his winning this bet? 14. State addition theorem/theorem on total probability? 15. A dice is rolled. What is the probability that a number 1 or 6 may appear on the upper face? 16. Define multiplicative theorem/theorem on compound probability? 17. Define complementary events. 18. A problem in mathematics is given to three students Dayanand, Rajesh and Naresh whose changes of solving it are ½, 1/3, ¼ respectively. What is the probability that the problem will be solved? 19. Find the probability of the event A if the odd against in are 1:4 and if the odd in favor are 3:2? 20. n cadets have to stand in a row. If all possible permutations are equally likely. Find the probability that two particular cadets stand side by side? 21. State conditional probability? 22. Let A and B be events with p(A)=1/3, p(B)=1/4, p(AnB)=1/12. Find p(A/B), p(B/A) 23. Define independent events.

.. Give two uses for probability in business. If X is a poisson variate and p(X=0)=p(X=1)=k.. State 4 example of poisson dist/. 43. 40. 41. 49. State binomial distribution. Define mutually exclusive events. What is the probability that at least one of them will get the scholarship? 25. What is the prob/. 29. 44. 52.. Define uses of normal dist/. of guessing correctly at least 6 of the 10 answers in a TRUE/FALSE objective test.24. 48. Define discrete random variable and PMF? 31. A coin tossed six times. Define expected or theoretical freq of binomial dist/. 54. 51.. Define continuous random variable and PDF? 32.. What is the probability of getting at least two heads 28.9 and that a girl will get is 0. The probability that a boy will get scholarship is 0. Define Baye¶s theorem. of getting a non-zero value of this distribution. 30. 47. 37. Define Poisson distribution... Define normal and standard normal distribution. 50. There are 4 hotels in a certain city. 36. State condition for application of binomial dist/. find the binomial dist/. dist/. Find the variance of the prob/.. of number of success.8.. 45.. If 3 men check into hotels in a day. If we take 1280 sets each of 10 tosses of a fair coins.5% 42.. Getting a number 4 is considered a success. What is the probability that a leap year selected at random will contain either 53 Thursdays or 53 Fridays? 26. 35. State characteristics of binomial dist/.. Define modes of binomial dist/.. 55. What is the probability that they each are into a different hotel? 27.. How many tosses of a coin are needed so that the prob/. in how many sets we expect to get 7 heads and 3 tails. A dice is tossed twice. 38. State mean and variance of poisson dist/. 34. of number of sixes in 3 tosses of a dice. . 39. Show that k=1/e.. Calculate the prob/. State properties of normal distribution. 46. Condition and characteristics of poisson dist/. Define random variable. State mean and variance for probability distribution? 33. of getting at least one head is 87. What is joint probability? 53. the mean and variance are 4 and 3 resp/. Find the probability dist/. Distinguish between discrete and continuous probability distribution.

none of them will be selected 2. A coin is tossed six times.Y and Z become managers are 3/10. 8. both of them will be selected b. Let x be a binomially distributed variable with mean 2 and standard deviation 2/ ..1/2. 2. A husband and wife appear in an interview for two vacancies in the same post.P(X>=5)and P(3<X<=6). 3. A pairs of dice is thrown 10 times. 4. If the bonus scheme has been introduced what is the probability that the managers appointed was X. The probability of husband¶s selection is 1/7 and that of wife selection is 1/5 . Y. a) How do you find the prob/. What is meant by independent events? 16 MARKS 1. Explain the characteristic features of a normal distribution. . 5.1/3 respectively.56. of occurrence of A. what is the probability that obtaining four or more heads .find the corresponding probability function. the probability that the bonus scheme will be introduced if X.. The probability X. of occurrence of even A. X 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 P(x) a 3a 5a 7a 9a 11a 13a 15a 17a 1.4/5 respectively. only one of them will be selected c. 6. If the occurrence of even B affects the prob/. (2) Evaluate P(X <4). A discrete random variable X has the following probability distributions. Z becoming managers are 4/9. if getting a doublet is considered a success find the probability of a) 4 success b) no success. A random variable X has the following probability mass function X 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 P(X =x) k 3k 5k 7k 9k 11k 13k (1) Find k. 57. given that B has occurred? b) Suppose when the events A and B are independent how do you find P(A/B ).what is the probability that a. Find the value of a. Find P (x<3) 3. Find P (3<x<7) 7.2/9.

The mean of a binomial distribution is 6 and its standard deviation is 3.exactly 9 incoming buses during a period of 5 minutes 2. Four coins are tossed simultaneously . Fewer than 10 incoming buses during a period of 8 minutes.005. 11.9). 17.is this statement true or false? Comment.find the probability that there will be 1.1353. If the probability of a defective fuse from a manufacturing unit is 2percent in a box of 200 fuses find the probability that a) exactly 4 fuses are defective b)more than 3 fuses are defective.if 1000 persons are inoculated.819) 16. If a publisher of non ±technical books takes a great pain to ensure that his books are free of typological errors so that the probability of any given page containing at least one such error is 0.the [probability that he will clear each hurdle is 5/6 . . If on an average 1 ship out of 10 do not arrive safely to ports. The overall percentage of passes in a certain examination is 80.what is the probability that he will knock down less than 2 hurdles. 18. 14. find the mean and variance of the ship returning safely out of a total of 500 ships.what is the probability of getting a) exactly 2 heads b)at least 2 heads c) at most 2 heads . Suppose that the probability of suffering a side effect from a certain vaccine is 0. If the number of incoming buses per minute at a bus terminus is a random variable having a Poisson distribution with (lambda = 0. =0.if 6 candidates appear in the examination . b) at most 3 pages with errors ( =0.what is the probability that at least 5 pass in the examination. In a hurdle race a player has to cross 10 hurdles . find approximately the probability that a)at most 1 person suffer b)4. 10. c) At least 14 incoming buses during a period of 11 minutes.9. 13. 15. 12. A die is thrown 120 times and getting 1 or 5 is considered a success. find the mean and variance of the number of successes.5 or 6 persons suffer.005 and errors are independent from page to page a)what is the probability that one of its 400 page novels will contain exactly one page with error.

3 inches.59m rem. find the height below which 99%of the student. 21.5 inches and SD 3.20 m rem of cosmic radiation of such a flight.5 and 31. 25. what is the probability that a person will be exposed to more than 5. find the probability that in a sample of 10 bolts chosen at random exactly 2 will be defective using a)binomial distribution b) Poisson distribution.5 psi ? 24. between 30. a) what is the probability that the pressure for a randomly selected tyre 1.2 psi. Alpha particles are emitted by a radioactive source at an average rate of 5 in a 20 minutes interval using Poisson distribution find the probability that there will be a) 2 emission b) at least 2 emission in a particular 20 minutes interval . The mean score of 1000 students for an examination is 34 and SD is 16 . The number of accidents in a year involving taxi drivers in a city follows a Poisson distribution with mean equal to 3. 23. 20. . Assuming the weights are normally distributed.out of 1000 taxi drivers find approximately the number of drivers with a)no accidents in a year b)more than 3 accidents in year. The air pressure in a randomly selected tyre put on a certain model new car is normally distributed with mean value 31 psi and SD .5 psi 2. 27. The life of army shoes is normally distributed with mean 8 months and SD 2 months .if 5000 pairs are issued. Suppose that the amount of cosmic radiation to which a person is exposed when flying by jet across the united states is a random variable having a normal distribution with a mean of 4.19. If the height of 300 students is normally distributed with mean 64. 20% of the bolts produced in a factory are found to be defective. 22. Find how many students weigh a) between 120 and 155 pounds b)more than 185 pounds. how many pairs would be expected to need replacement within 12 months. 26.35 m rem and a SD of . between 30 and 32 psi b) what is the probability that the pressure for a randomly selected tyre exceed 30.a)how many candidates can be expected to obtain marks between 30 and 60assuming the normality of the distribution and b)determine the limit of the marks of the central 70%of the candidates. The mean weight of 500 male students in a certain college in 151 pounds and the standard deviation is 15 pounds.

10% of the student scored below 40 marks and 10%of the student scored above 90 marks.of students scored between 40 and 90. .28. Marks in an aptitude test given to 800 students of a school was found to be normally distributed. Find the no .

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