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Y Meaning of statistics?
2 Major characteristics of statistics
3 ortance and scoe of statistics
4 efine robability Exlain its iortance in statistics
5 o different tyes of robability
6 efine rando exerient
7 efine sale sace and its various tyes
8 efine ter null event
9 efine exhaustive events
Y efine equally likely events
YY hat are the roerties of robability?
Y2 hat is the robability that if a card is dran at rando fro an ordinary ack of cards it
is one of court cards?
Y3 card is dran fro an ordinary ack of laying cards and a erson bets that it is a
sade or an ace hat are the odds against his inning this bet?
tate addition theore theore on total robability?
Y5 dice is rolled hat is the robability that a nuber Y or 6 ay aear on the uer
Y6 efine ultilicative theore theore on coound robability?
Y7 efine coleentary events
Y8 roble in atheatics is given to three students ayanand, Rajesh and Naresh hose
changes of solving it are ½, Y 3, ¼ resectively hat is the robability that the roble
ill be solved?
Y9 ind the robability of the event if the odd against in are Y 4 and if the odd in favor are
3 2?
2 n cadets have to stand in a ro f all ossible erutations are equally likely ind the
robability that to articular cadets stand side by side?
tate conditional robability?
22 et and B be events ith  Y 3, BY 4,  nBY Y2 ind  B, B 
23 efine indeendent events
24 he robability that a boy ill get scholarshi is  9 and that a girl ill get is  8 hat is
the robability that at least one of the ill get the scholarshi?
25 hat is the robability that a lea year selected at rando ill contain either 53
hursdays or 53 ridays?
26 here are 4 hotels in a certain city f 3 en check into hotels in a day hat is the
robability that they each are into a different hotel?
27 coin tossed six ties hat is the robability of getting at least to heads
28 efine Baye¶s theore
29 efine rando variable
3 efine discrete rando variable and PM ?
3Y efine continuous rando variable and P ?
tate ean and variance for robability distribution?
33 ind the robability dist of nuber of sixes in 3 tosses of a dice
34 dice is tossed tice Getting a nuber 4 is considered a success ind the variance of
the rob dist of nuber of success
tate binoial distribution
tate condition for alication of binoial dist
37 efine exected or theoretical freq of binoial dist
38 efine odes of binoial dist
tate characteristics of binoial dist
4 hat is the rob of guessing correctly at least 6 of the Y ansers in a RUE 
objective test
4Y o any tosses of a coin are needed so that the rob of getting at least one head is
87 5%
42 f e take Y28 sets each of Y tosses of a fair coins, in ho any sets e exect to get 7
heads and 3 tails
43 find the binoial dist the ean and variance are 4 and 3 res Calculate the rob of
getting a non-zero value of this distribution
44 efine Poisson distribution
tate 4 exale of oisson dist
46 Condition and characteristics of oisson dist
tate ean and variance of oisson dist
48 f X is a oisson variate and XXYk,
ho that kY e
49 efine noral and standard noral distribution
tate roerties of noral distribution
5Y efine uses of noral dist
52 hat is joint robability?
53 efine utually exclusive events
54 Give to uses for robability in business
55 istinguish beteen discrete and continuous robability distribution
56 f the occurrence of even B affects the rob of occurrence of even , a o do you
find the rob of occurrence of , given that B has occurred? b
uose hen the
events and B are indeendent ho do you find P B 
57 hat is eant by indeendent events?


Y husband and ife aear in an intervie for to vacancies in the sae ost he
robability of husband¶s selection is Y 7 and that of ife selection is Y 5 hat is the
robability that
a both of the ill be selected
b only one of the ill be selected
c none of the ill be selected

2 coin is tossed six ties hat is the robability that obtaining four or ore heads

3 he robability X, Y, Z becoing anagers are 4 9,2 9,Y 3 resectively the robability
that the bonus schee ill be introduced if X,Y and Z becoe anagers are 3 Y,Y 2,4 5
resectively f the bonus schee has been introduced hat is the robability that the
anagers aointed as X

4 Exlain the characteristic features of a noral distribution

5 rando variable X has the folloing robability ass function

X  Y 2 3 4 5 6
PX x k 3k 5k 7k 9k YYk Y3k
Y ind k
2 Evaluate PX <4,PX>5and P3<X<6

6 discrete rando variable X has the folloing robability distributions

X  Y 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Px a 3a 5a 7a 9a YYa Y3a Y5a Y7a
Y ind the value of a
2 ind P x<3
3 ind P 3<x<7

7 et x be a binoially distributed variable ith ean 2 and standard deviation 2  find the
corresonding robability function
8 airs of dice is thron Y ties if getting a doublet is considered a success find the
robability of
a 4 success b no success
9 he ean of a binoial distribution is 6 and its standard deviation is 3 is this stateent true
or false? Coent

Y die is thron Y2 ties and getting Y or 5 is considered a success find the ean and
variance of the nuber of successes

YY f on an average Y shi out of Y do not arrive safely to orts find the ean and variance of
the shi returning safely out of a total of 5 shis

Y2 our coins are tossed siultaneously hat is the robability of getting a exactly 2 heads
bat least 2 heads c at ost 2 heads

Y3 he overall ercentage of asses in a certain exaination is 8 if 6 candidates aear in the

exaination hat is the robability that at least 5 ass in the exaination

Y4 n a hurdle race a layer has to cross Y hurdles the [robability that he ill clear each
hurdle is 5 6 hat is the robability that he ill knock don less than 2 hurdles

Y5 f a ublisher of non ±technical books takes a great ain to ensure that his books are free of
tyological errors so that the robability of any given age containing at least one such
error is  5 and errors are indeendent fro age to age ahat is the robability that
one of its 4 age novels ill contain exactly one age ith error b at ost 3 ages ith
errors U   Y353; U   8Y9

uose that the robability of suffering a side effect fro a certain vaccine is  5 if
Y ersons are inoculated, find aroxiately the robability that aat ost Y erson
suffer b4,5 or 6 ersons suffer

Y7 f the nuber of incoing buses er inute at a bus terinus is a rando variable having
a Poisson distribution ith labda   9,find the robability that there ill be Y exactly 9
incoing buses during a eriod of 5 inutes 2 eer than Y incoing buses during a
eriod of 8 inutes c t least Y4 incoing buses during a eriod of YY inutes

Y8 f the robability of a defective fuse fro a anufacturing unit is 2ercent in a box of 2
fuses find the robability that a exactly 4 fuses are defective bore than 3 fuses are
Y9 2% of the bolts roduced in a factory are found to be defective find the robability that in
a sale of Y bolts chosen at rando exactly 2 ill be defective using abinoial
distribution b Poisson distribution

2 lha articles are eitted by a radioactive source at an average rate of 5 in a 2 inutes

interval using Poisson distribution find the robability that there ill be a 2 eission b at
least 2 eission in a articular 2 inutes interval

2Y he nuber of accidents in a year involving taxi drivers in a city follos a Poisson
distribution ith ean equal to 3 out of Y taxi drivers find aroxiately the nuber of
drivers ith ano accidents in a year bore than 3 accidents in year

22 he ean score of Y students for an exaination is 34 and

 is Y6 aho any
candidates can be exected to obtain arks beteen 3 and 6assuing the norality of
the distribution and bdeterine the liit of the arks of the central 7%of the candidates

23 he air ressure in a randoly selected tyre ut on a certain odel ne car is norally
distributed ith ean value 3Y si and
 2 si
a hat is the robability that the ressure for a randoly selected tyre
Y, beteen 3 5 and 3Y 5 si 2, beteen 3 and 32 si
b hat is the robability that the ressure for a randoly selected tyre exceed 3 5 si ?

uose that the aount of cosic radiation to hich a erson is exosed hen flying by
jet across the united states is a rando variable having a noral distribution ith a ean
of 4 35  re and a
 of 59 re hat is the robability that a erson ill be exosed
to ore than 5 2  re of cosic radiation of such a flight

25 he life of ary shoes is norally distributed ith ean 8 onths and
 2 onths if
5 airs are issued, ho any airs ould be exected to need relaceent ithin Y2

26 he ean eight of 5 ale students in a certain college in Y5Y ounds and the standard
deviation is Y5 ounds ssuing the eights are norally distributed ind ho any
students eigh a beteen Y2 and Y55 ounds bore than Y85 ounds

27 f the height of 3 students is norally distributed ith ean 64 5 inches and
 3 3
inches, find the height belo hich 99%of the student
28 Marks in an atitude test given to 8 students of a school as found to be norally
distributed Y% of the student scored belo 4 arks and Y%of the student scored above
9 arks ind the no of students scored beteen 4 and 9