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PHILIP SMALL BioRecycling, North Ranch — Shelton, WA and

Soil Scientist BioRecycling, Kalberg Farm — Chehalis, WA.
Since 1997, annual soil sampling and field observations
for two 100 acre forage crop based regional septage land
B.S., Soil and Water Science,
treatment facilities. Evaluate groundwater data and relate
Univ. of Calif., Davis, 1977
to history of land use. Recommend irrigation practices to
Member protect surface water and groundwater quality.
National Society of
City of College Place, WA. Consulting in support of
Consulting Soil Scientists
100 acre sprayfield and biosolids utilization project since
Soil Science Society of America
2004. Prepares annual irrigation and crop management
Highlighted Land plan for irrigated poplars, small grains and forage crops.
Application related
City of Kettle Falls, WA. Consulting in support of
permit revisions for municipal wastewater sprayfield
 8 years with AgriManagement, operation using irrigated alfalfa/grass hay mix
Yakima, WA, as an agricultural
soil and irrigation consultant. City of Ritzville, WA. Consulting in support of 100 acre
sprayfield project since 1997. Evaluate groundwater data.
 Formed Land Profile, Inc. in 1993
to serve land application needs. Prepare annual irrigation and crop management plan for
small grains, oil crops and forage crops.
 27 years certified as both a
professional soil scientist and Natural Selection Farms — Sunnyside, WA.
professional soil classifier. Since 1987, prescribe biosolids loading rates for irrigated
 31 years experience as a fruit, forage and field crops and for non-irrigated
soil scientist. rangeland and grain crops. Evaluate groundwater data
for indications of application impacts. Permitted area is
 Providing crop, soil and irrigation
support services to land treatment about 60,000 acres. The project serves fourteen separate
projects since 1986, he has municipal treatment facilities.
worked on 48 sprayfield projects
and prescribed biosolids loading Port of Mattawa, WA. Consulting in support of
rates for 41 treatment facilities. establishing industrial wastewater sprayfield operation.
 Crafted the “root zone exclusion” Town of Mansfield, WA. Consulting in support of
adopted in state groundwater establishing municipal wastewater sprayfield operation
quality standards (WAC 173-200).
using irrigated alfalfa and wheat.
 Introduced dipyridyl as a reliable
field indicator of anaerobic soil Tree Top — Selah, WA and Tree Top — Prosser,
and groundwater for sprayfields. WA. Since 1992, semi annual soil sampling and field
observations for two permitted irrigation facilities totaling
 V. V. Dokuchaev Award -
Consulting Soil Scientist of the 400 cropped acres. Evaluate groundwater data and relate
Year (National Society of to application history. Recommend management practices
Consulting Soil Scientists - 2000) to protect ground water from nutrients and salts.

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