Harris Academy South Norwood Short Term Planning Template: Weekly Overview (3 lessons) Subject Area: History Half

Term: 2 Week Beginning: 3 Class: Year 7 Title:“How did Parliament rise in power and prominence?” 3 lessons Differentiation Weekly Learning Objectives
Students will have an understanding of the demands made by the barons of King John and the basics of the Magna Carta. They will understand why Henry III was so unpopular. They will understand that the quarrel between crown and parliament came to a head in the 1640s.

Weekly Learning Outcomes
Study and attempt questions 1-3 on p55 (IPM). Study pages 56-57 (IPM) and do questions 1+2. Study pages 76-77 (RRR) and attempt questions 1 and 2.

Resources “Invasion, Plague and Murder” (Wilkes) “Renaissance, Revolution, Reformation” (Wilkes) Worksheets

(NC Range)


(NC Range)

Above and understand the short-term and Complete questions 1-4 on p55 (IPM) and write at “Invasion, Plague and long-term significance of the Magna least a paragraph for 4b. Murder” (Wilkes) Carta and be able to explain their answers. Above and complete questions 1-4a on p57 (IPM). Above and understand the roles played by Simon de Montfort and the barons. Above and understand how parliament had grown in strength by the 17th century and what their concerns were. Also be able to explain ‘Divine Right’.


“Renaissance, Revolution, Reformation” (Wilkes) Above and complete questions 1-3 on p77 (RRR). Worksheets

(NC Range)

Above and be able to contextualize the points made in the Magna Carta by drafting a modern-day charter for the academy.

Study and complete questions 1-5 on p55 (IPM) and draw up a reasoned modern-day charter .

“Invasion, Plague and Murder” (Wilkes)


Above and explain how the setting up of the first “Renaissance, Revolution, parliament was such an important change in Reformation” (Wilkes) Above and contextualise the changes by the way that England was ruled, paragraphed looking at the long-term effects of a answer to 4b on p57 (IPM). strengthened parliament. Complete all questions 1-4 on page 77 (RRR) and Worksheets Above and offer an opinion about who write an extended answer, with developed was most to blame for the Civil Wars. reasoning explaining their conclusions about the causes of the war in Q4 p77 (RRR).

Starter Painting of King John at Runnymede Slideshow of early parliament Clips from ‘Cromwell’ and ‘Battlefield Britain – Naseby’.

Suggested Learning and Teaching Ideas Development Read, begin and complete exercises in “Invasion, Plague and Murder” and “Renaissance, Revolution, Reformation” (Wilkes)


Assessment Extended writing.

Resources “Invasion, Plague and Murder” (Wilkes) • “Were all medieval monarchs successful?” pp54-55 • “Long Live the King” pp56-57 “Renaissance, Revolution, Reformation” (Wilkes) • “Why did the English Civil War start?” Pp76-77 www.learnhistory.org.uk www.schoolhistory.co.uk Cross Curricular Checklist (in relation to 6 week overview)
Lit √ Num √ ICT √ Ent/WRL





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