KS5 Long Term Overview: Year 12 for 2007-8 for Paul Mundy Castle to use Subject: History – US Civil

Rights 1945-68, Edexcel Unit 2 (30%) (Exam)

Year 12
Autumn Term 2007 Half Term 1 – 8 lessons Overview of the situation prior to WW2 regarding the position of African Americans since emancipation • Geographical differences in the treatment of African Americans. North and Southde facto discrimination in North de jure discrimination in South. • Reconstruction,Jim Crow, KKK ,Lynching. • Plessey v Ferguson. Separate but equal? • The Great Migration and effects of WW1. • Key individuals- Booker T Washington ,WEB Du Bois. Accommodation v confrontation.Efforts at raising black consciousness • The Depression, New Deal and WW2 Half Term 2 – 12 lessons Did post war abundance improve life for African Americans? • Position of the USA at the end of WW2 • “To Secure these rights”- Did President Truman do much to Spring Term 2008 Half Term 1 – 12 lessons Martin Luther King and Peaceful Protest • MLK philosophy and background • Non violence in practice Sit ins, Freedom Rides and the March on Washington • Birmingham Chronology of the early Civil Rights.Protest ,Legislation and Debate • Kennedy or Johnson – who did more? • Was Selma MLK’s “finest hour” • The Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act • Opposition – State Rights Congress and the White backlash • Ghetto riots and economic inequality Half Term 2 – 12 lessons Non violence challenged – Black Power • NOI philosophy and aims • Malcolm X • The rise of Black Power in the Ghettoes Summer Term 2008 Half Term 1 – 12 lessons How much was achieved across the period? Had African Americans succeeded in their pursuit of “Life and Liberty” by 1969? • The death of MLK • What factors inhibited progress- black divisions, economic inequality, the effects of the Vietnam War • Nixons Silent Majority • Facts and figures- do they show the fight had been won? • Affirmative action – did it work? • Integration or separation • Was the Kerner Report accurate? Review, revision and examination techniques.

• • •

help Black Americans? Supreme Court decisions.BROWN. The NAACP- Little Rock and Montgomery. The emergence of MLK. Opposition to progress- the roots and attitudes of racism in the USA

• • •

The radicalisation of the movement- ghetto rejection of MLK. Watts and Harlem The Black Panthers Did Black Power militancy actually lead to a decline in the ability of African Americans to influence their own future?

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