Which is the file extension for Pro/E sketch file i) a. dwg b. Stl c. sec d. dxf e.


“Feature” in Pro/E refers to ii) a. Line b. Circle c. Geometric d. Entity e. None

Minimum number of surfaces when adding a shell feature iii) a. 5 b. 3 c. 1 d. 2 e. None

Which one is dimensional pattern iv) a. Reference b. General c. Rotational d. Bi-Direction e. None

If you erase the dimension,it is gone forever v) a. Yes b. No c. Neither d. None

Which one of the following is used to find parent/child relationships vi) a. Reroute b. Redefine c. Reorder d. Global ref. viewer e. None

Which one of the following is standard hole type vii) a. ANSI b. UNC c. ASME d. ACME e. None

Which one of the following is system parameter in detailing viii) a. Title b. Drawing name c. Cost d. Weight e. None

Which option is the best suited to take a backup of an assembly ix) 2) a. Save b. Save As c. Write d. Backup e. None

Can a symbol be a nested one i) a. Yes b. No c. Neither d. None


Is all features have parents i) a. True b. False c. Neither d. None


What is the option used to blend two section with non-equal entities i) a. Curve b.Blend Vertex c. Point d. Edge e. None


The display mode for each view in drawing mode is set using the following option i) a. Show / Erase b. Visibility c. Disp mode d. layer status e.none


The relation parameter used in variable section sweep is i) a. Sin ( ) b. Log ( ) c. Evalgraph d. Trajpar e. None


To calculate the mass property one reference is needed i) a. Plane b. Co-sys c. Axis d. Curve e. None


The setup file in drawing mode is i) a. Config b. Train c. Trail d. Dtl e. None


Pro/Toolkit is the module which deals with i) a. Modeling b. Pro/program c. Die face d. Programming using ‘C’ e. None

Axis b. Hole table b. ANSYS c. 3 or 4 d. None 15) The FEA module in Pro/E is i) a. Blend c. None 22) What is the minimum no of reference needed in a sketcher i) a. None 14) The repeat region is used to generate i) a. COSMOS e. 4 or 5 d. Dtl e. Trim b. None 24) In surface merging the following is used i) a. 1 or 2 b. Shear modulus e. Plane c. 5 or 6 e. None 13) The parametric assembly design in Pro/E is i) a. No. BOM d. Title block c.Ref e. None 12) The following option in round is used to finish smoothly i) a. Co-sys b. Drawing symbol d. . Intersect c. Scale e. Description d. Envelope d. None 21) What will be the minimum no. Round extent b. 1 or 2 c. Axis b. None Select the file name which is used in setting up of environment in Pro/E ii) a. Draft c. 1 or 4 b. File>Page Setup b. Part c. Assembly d. Config b. ADAMS 16) For rotational pattern the feature must have a strong reference like i) a. Pro/Dieface b. Vertex d.none The table origin can be set by using the option in drawing mode a. None 20) Which is the parameter automatically created for a new part i) a. Drawing e. Enthalpy d. Checked By c. Cut d. Top down b. Process chart e. Emissivity c.None 11) The following parameter is used in Pro/ Mechanica i) a. None 18) To generate “CAM” profile which option is used i) a. Tweak b. Transition d. Format>Replace c. Set rotation origin c. None 17) The following cannot be shown using show / erase i) a. Edge e. Zone e. Extend d. Sketcher b. Co-sys d.of constraints of an assembly i) a. Trail d. Ref. 2 or 3 c. Edit>Properties d. None 23) Which is the bottom level where a relation can be added i) a. Groove d.10) Which one of the following is the cosmetic feature i) 69. None Which is called a Macro in Pro/E . Package c. ii) a. Variable section sweep b. Poisson’s ratio b. Point e. Drawn By b. Helical sweep 19) In wildfire to edit format in drawing mode i) a. Rib e. Surface finish e.dimension c. Pro/Mechanica d. Train c. Auto blend c.

parameter d. Drawing mode c. Save As Which text should not be edited in the title block of the drawing iii) a. General c. exp e. None 34) Non-uniform pattern is created using the option i) a.iii) a. Detach e. Drg. Save e. Erase b. Dim d. None Which one of the following is assembly constraint iv) a. Uni directionb. Mfg. Table d. None 31) To erase a view in wildfire i) a. Bi direction c. None 26) In Pro/E the associativity is i) a. Scale c. Name & Date d. None 29) The skeleton model is created in i) a. Input file e None . Dtl d. Coincide b. Part mode b. None The following option is used in Pro/Program to get values from a file ii) a Get file b. View>Drawing display b. Title e. Delete c. Read file d. Delete c. Good b. Top c. Align d. None d. None In drawing mode. Feature number b. Feature id d. Identical b. None 33) Is parent / children relationship i) a. Sheet>Create d. None “Store Back” relates to the following file management option in Pro/E ii) a. Feature parameter c. File c. Parametric d. Config c. None 28) Which one of the following is trim option i) a Vertex b. None 25) Which plane will be created while creating a feature. None 30) The model should be on the basis of i) a. Assembly mode d. Assy parameter e. Front b. Corner c. Fly d. Format e.. Format d. Edit>Properties c. None 27) The following parameter cannot be used in relation in drawing mode i) a. Bad c. Bend c. None 32) The forming operation in a sheet metal models can be performed using i) a. Part parameter b. created dimension can be removed by ii) a. Show / Erase b. Ref e. Form b. i) a. Mapkey b.process c. Point e. Size b. Attach c. Neither d. Right e. Break d.

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