Empow ering Women

Encouraging Self Em powerm ent, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth Reclaim ing Authentic Power & the Goddess W ithin!

Empowering Women aims to inspire women with the courage to break free from the chains of limiting belief patterns and societal or religious conditioning that have tradiitonally kept women suppressed and unable to see their true beauty and power.

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This section offers self help tools, information, encouragement and inspirational quotes and sayings for and by women to use as a guide on the journey of Reclaiming Their Power. Women are encouraged to see and bring forth the beauty and strength within themselves, to be inspired to be the best they can be, and to let their Spirit (Goddess Selves) shine through. For those of you who are in challenging circumstances, the words here-in can help you find some peace and some strength to begin to turn your life around. The Change Starts With You. You only need to take small steps at a time. And remember that you are not alone. If you have come to this section of the site first, please take some time to browse through the rest of the site, where you will find many more inspirations to help you on your journey of spiritual growth.
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Tools For Self-Growth The Tools For Self Growth page is aimed at helping women see with a new perspective and to take control of their lives. Currently includes the works of Byron Katie and Carolyn Myss. Inspirational Women's Books A collection of Inspirational Women's Books for self-growth. Inspiring Women A small collection of women who have inspired the world in their lifetime. Women's Wisdom Inspirational quotes and sayings by women and for women. This collection is designed to helping and encouraging us to bring forth the beauty and the power within us all. Empowering Women Quotes Women Quotes, various authors Mother Teresa Quotes Helen Keller Quotes Byron Katie Quotes Caroline Myss Quotes Marianne Williamson Quotes

It's not just in some of us. fabulous? Actually. You may also visit my main webrings page here Our Deepest Fear "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. talented. not our darkness. Women's Web Rings & Memberships My Women's Webrings and Memberships. as children do. it is in everyone. We ask ourselves. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Your playing small does not serve the world. who are you not to be? You are a child of God. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. gorgeous. As we are liberated from our own fear. who am I to be brilliant. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. our presence automatically liberates others.Mother Teresa Keller Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes Maya Angelou Quotes Eileen Caddy Empowering Women Poems Time-Tested Beauty Tips Warrior Woman Has Finally Awoken! The Awakening The Beauty of a Woman The Strength Of A Man The Empowered Woman Quotes Women's Self Help Websites Websites For and by Women are offered here that are considered to help empower women on the journey of change. We are all meant to shine. we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.from "A Return To Love" ~ Websites For Women by Women ." ~ Marianne Williamson .. that most frightens us. offering self help tools for personal and spiritual growth. Women Helping Each Other Causes for or by women that we can become involved in. And as we let our own light shine.Helen . It is our light.

Carolyn Myss Gateway for people seeking holistic methods for achieving good health. Metaphysician & Spiritual Life Counsellor Offering Self Empowerment & Soul Healing to Achieve happiness.Author. Arizona. She expands on the "Law Of Attraction". Join us for women's retreats and workshops in beautiful Sedona. and spirits. Louise is an international leader in inspirational. Louise Hay Best-selling author. Soul Awakening : Home of Alison Stormwolf . Success Articles. healing from a soul level. especially for women. including my philosophy and those of other professionals. self-help publishing and self-healing.. and contribute to the development of the field. encouragement and inspiration to help awaken sleeping souls to their beauty and precious individuality. speaker and founder of Hay House.Poet.Retreats and Workshops A healing sanctuary.Melanie Tonia Evans . personal & spiritual growth through Poetry. Spiritual Healer A place of self-empowerment. Author. including more wellness in our bodies. positive philosophy and how we can create more of what we want in our lives. spiritual enlightenment & awareness. buy education resources and health aids that help people heal themselves. Offering hope. energy and intuitive medicine. success and happiness. She teaches the connection between the mind and body. minds. including an annual conference on women¶s spirituality held each February in Seattle. Facilitating a lively interactive Internet community through which people can: learn about holistic. even if it just increases . Love. books and healing services including past life regressions to assist with selfempowerment. Energy Healing Services. Washington. Inc. a place where women can find balance and discover that they already are the women they aspire to become. explains how our thoughts create our reality and how to manifest your desires to create authentic love. spiritual direction. and wisdom quotes. A Woman's Way . Spiritual Philosophy. Women of Wisdom An internationally recognized organization that provides diverse and innovative programs offering women opportunities for personal growth and transformation. Womens Voices Quotes by women Women's Causes Below are a few causes and activites that you can participate in that will help make the world a better place for women. healing techniques.

.com/whowe.. provide the women's shelter with financial support necessary for the survival of desperate women and boost Women's aspirations in gaining freedom and equality with their fellow men. ~ Help Stop Abuse Of Women & Girls In Afghanistan ~ ~ Further information on the situation of these women ~ The Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq The OWFI was created to strengthen international solidarity for the support of women's movement in Iraq in their struggle against Islamist influenced male violence. it will not bring us closer to democracy and it will not improve the lives of Iraqi women.equalityiniraq. I would love to hear from you.htm ~~~~~~~~ "This so-called transition is an attempt to cover up the total fiasco of the US occupation". . Please email me with your suggestions.your own awareness. creative protest and non-violent direct action. Read the about the OWFI organisation and their aims: http://www. it will not stop the violence. If you are aware of any women's causes or issues that may be suitable to present here. We need the solidarity of women in the United States to help us achieve true sovereignty and women's rights. "Unfortunately." ~ Yanar Mohammed ~ ~ Women United Against War ~ CODEPINK WOMEN'S PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE FOR PEACE CODEPINK is a women initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement that seeks positive social change through proactive..

Change Project Prosperity Your Life. Inspirations for & by Women: Empowering Quotes by Women Time-Tested Beauty Tips Warrior Woman Has Finally Awoken! The Empowered Woman The Awakening . A unique integration of the spiritual and material paths to prosperity -.org Self-Esteem Campaign Be Good To You Be Yourself ~ Truthfully Accept Yourself ~ Gracefully Value Yourself ~ Joyfully Forgive Yourself ~ Completely Treat Yourself ~ Generously Balance Yourself ~ Harmoniously Bless Yourself ~ Abundantly Trust Yourself ~ Confidently Love Yourself ~ Wholeheartedly Empower Yourself ~ Prayerfully Give Of Yourself ~ Enthusiastically Express Yourself ~ Radiantly Author Unknown Empowering Women Menu Empowering Women Home Quotes.from the inside out. Poems. Change The World ProjectProsperity. Visit ProjectProsperity.a true "best of both worlds" approach.org supports individuals who are ready to awaken and expand their own ability to create prosperity -.

.Yes.. Oppression and atrocities on women are still rampant.women r moreover perfectionists in all spheres. The last decades have witnessed some basic changes in the status and role of women in our society.. They are poor. Wom en Empowerm ent Women Empowerment .very differently from the rest did and i feel that he is the one responsible for bringing the indian women out of their homes and makin. uneducated and insufficiently trained. Patriarchy continues to be embedded in the social system in many parts of India....they r equal 2 men in all aspects. The Constitution of India grants equality to women in various fields of life.. after the vedic times women were treated like mans play thing. Yet a large number of women are either ill equipped or not in a position to propel themselves out of their traditionally unsatisfactory socio-economic conditions.and it is the duty of every society to provide this. Tulsidas' verse from Ramayana 'Dhol. This process has been further accelerated with some sections of women becoming increasingly self-conscious of their discrimination in several areas of family and public life..Women empowerment have started their very first struggle from this very point i should say.. Helen . In the vedic times. The over-riding importance of community NATIONAL POLICY FOR THE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN (2001) | | |Introduction | . |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | The latest news items regarding violence committed against women reveal that women's position has worsened. shudra. Mother Teresa Women's Women's Women are one of the greatest assets in a society..A reality or Myth The Government of India had ushered in the new millennium by declaring the year 2001 as 'Women's Empowerment Year' to focus on a vision 'where women are equal partners like men'. If you actually observe the period after the vedic times you can really see the contrasting status and freedom levels of a woman in society. Gandhiji thought differently...They were considered as suitable only for household activities and the women being a part of bread making in the house was considered shameful by men and thus began their ill-treatment.all that they need in 2day's world is a bit of empowerment. The most common explanation of 'women's empowerment' is the ability to exercise full control over one's actions.. They are often absorbed in the struggle to sustain the family physically and emotionally and as a rule are discouraged from taking interest in affairs outside home. they were allowed to voice their own opinions.exhibit their talents and the list goes on. There has been shift in policy approaches from the concept of 'welfare' in the seventies to 'development' in the eighties and now to 'empowerment' in the nineties. They are also in a position to mobilize themselves on issues that can affect their overall position.women were given an equal status like men in society. nari ye sub nindan ke adhikari' highlights the discrimination and deep-rooted gender bias which still exists in all sectors on the basis of caste. denying a majority of women the choice to decide on how they live... religious affiliation and class.. community. janwar.The The Beauty Strength of Of Tools Women's a A for Self Woman Man Women: Growth Books: Books Women: Keller Self-Growth Tools For Inspirational Inspirational Inspiring . pashu.

. hazardous and insecure jobs in the unrecognised sector. a close examination of social and economic status of women. but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. the Beijing | |Declaration as well as the Platform for Action (1995) and the Outcome Document adopted by the UNGA | |Session on Gender. | |1. In recent years. | |The National Commission for Women was set up by an Act of Parliament in 1990 to safeguard the rights | |and legal entitlements of women. Wom en Empowerm ent The National Policy for Empowerment of Women 2001 aimed at bringing about advancement. 1951: highlighted the need for organizing women. | |the empowerment of women has been recognized as the central issue in determining the status of women. It also suggested speedy implementation of the principle of equal pay for equal work and provided for training to enable women to complete for high level jobs. | |1. development and empowerment of women in all spheres of life. | |Within the framework of a democratic polity. Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. A Women''s Welfare and Development Bureau under the Ministry of Social Welfare was established to serve as nodal point .4 The Mexico Plan of Action (1975). Citing published facts and figures. Key among them is the ratification of the Convention on Elimination | |of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 1993. The Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-79): brought in a comprehensive policy for women''s employment. Plans and programmes have| |aimed at women s advancement in different spheres. What concrete steps should the government take to address this issue? The First Five Year Plan. the Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies (1985). exploitation of women in low paid. The 73rd and 74th Amendments (1993) to the Constitution of India have| |provided for reservation of seats in the local bodies of Panchayats and Municipalities for women. From the Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-78) onwards has| |been a marked shift in the approach to women s issues from welfare to development. | |laying a strong foundation for their participation in decision making at the local levels. a National Plan of Action was evolved based on the United National World Plan of Action for Women. However. wide gender laps in literacy and in wage rate.|The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble.. stressed for maternity benefits and crèches for children. It provided for special steps for admission for women to educational institutions on a strictly nondiscriminatory basis and recommended a programme of functional literacy. especially in the rural areas shows unsatisfactory achievements in most human development indicators. Fundamental | |Rights. The Second Five Year Plan. our laws.3 India has also ratified various international conventions and human rights instruments committing | |to secure equal rights of women. In 1976. development policies. evaluate the reasons for the failure of the government of India in areas such as growing feminization of poverty. and escalating violence against women and the rising incidence of female foeticide and infanticide. The Constitution not only grants equality to | |women. 1956-61: made an attempt to protect women against unsafe work.

Although neo-colonialists and those who believe in the white man's superiority have attributed the origin of Women liberation movement to the USA claiming that the movement was gingered by the American Civil Rights Movement which was emulated by other countries particularly the third world countries. the objectives of this Policy include: Creating an environment through positive economic and social policies for full development of women .11 as under: 1. They should stay at home while their men think for them. Women have assumed one imposed role after another. Women were not considered capable of handling any administrative post. as well as wage differentials. Our tradition favour men against Women. cook and servant of the family. For many years. Govt. of India has prescribed some goal and objectives as per Point 1. natural resources. Women are not seen as individuals who have their own mind. It further stipulated that women were to form at.to coordinate programme of other Ministries and to collect relevant data. Govt. credit. legal and customary barriers to ownership of or means of access to land. of India has circulated the National Policy for the Empowerment of Women 2001 for implementation. contribute to impeding the economic progress of women. to the informal sector. In Nigeria. Em powerment Of Wom en :: NATIONAL POLICY FOR WOMEN :: Introduction: Ministry of Human Resource Development. For the majority of women. technology and other means of production. Even after Nigeria attained independence it did not change the negative perception of Women.11 The goal of this Policy is to bring about the advancement.slave. It is however pertinent to note that the move for the empowerment of Women had its foothold and impulse in the primary societies taking into cognizance the relentless efforts of Deborah who directed a war against the Canaanites the enemies of God. And the Israelites and came out victoriously. Women were supposed to pursue their feminine roles of child-bearing and home making. which they often combine. capital. Factors Inhihiting Wom en Empowerm ent In Business INTRODUCTION In all African societies. Department of Women & Child Development. Specifically. development and empowerment of women. However. The struggle for the empowerment of Women did not start in recent times.. sex object for relaxation at will. Women are active in a variety of economic areas. The Policy will be widely disseminated so as to encourage active participation of all stakeholders for achieving its goals. continuing obstacles have hindered their ability to achieve economic autonomy and to ensure sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their dependants. Women have been looked upon as lower creatures. The Sixth Plan: stressed the need for greater attention to the economic emancipation of women along with access to health care and family planning services. bearer of children. ranging from wage labour and subsistence farming and fishing. It has for the past centuries been in existence..

that she possesses a feminine power weak for the time. They justify this belief by saying that they are stronger and more capable. cultural and civil. not the masculine one she had tried so hard to achieve through its imitation. and serve their husbands. thus.. While her environment is portrayed as a tool for social repression. They are no longer compelled to become domestic housewives who stay at home to cook. Equal access to women to health care. clean. However. John Steinbeck. Elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence against women and the girl child. it is through nature in her garden where Elisa gains and shows off her power. they are given more choices and opportunities. politically.political. They have split up the domestic chores with their husbands and entered the workforce and/or returned to school. quality education at all levels. social. women have proven to society that they are just as capable . social security and public office etc. Govt. economically. women have challenged the traditional female roles and have gradually climbed up the social ladder. career and vocational guidance. Elisa has trouble extending this power outside of the fence that surrounds her garden. and Building and strengthening partnerships with civil society. They place themselves on pedestals and force women to believe in their own inferiority to men and their incapability to excel educationally. Mainstreaming a gender perspective in the development process. of India has also prescribed some Policy Prescriptions Judicial Em powerment Of Wom en The Empowerment of Women Most men view themselves as being the superior life-form in society. economic. care for the children. and domestically. political and economic life of the nation. equal remuneration. Elisa Allen tries to define the boundaries of her role as a woman in such a closed society. employment. Changing societal attitudes and community practices by active participation and involvement of both men and women. As the story progresses. making them more qualify for the more important roles in society.to enable them to realize their full potential. occupational health and safety. Strengthening legal systems aimed at elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. Through the years. and are becoming more independent. in his short story "The Chrysanthemums" depicts the trials of a woman attempting to gain power in a man's world. Elisa learns but does not readily accept. From the time of the women's movement. particularly women s organizations. But the truth is that women will eventually advance in all these areas and come to realize that they do not need men to survive. Equal access to participation and decision making of women in social. The de-jure and de-facto enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedom by women on equal basis with men in all spheres .

The battle of the sexes is as old as the hills.1% higher return on equity and 34% higher total return to shareholders. Gender equality is.. global female workforce increased from under a billion to 1. But there is a hope because several organizations have come forward working on various projects related to women empowerment. They always emphasized on superiority of men over women.. Power is identified with equity and equality for women and men in access to resources. .and qualify for the same roles that men perform. But Indian philosophers have shown positive inclination towards women. They are treated as Goddess. THIS attitude makes the Indian marriages successful. Very willingly (forget the exceptions) they internalize these thoughts and make selfless effort to convert these sayings to reality. Maruti Women Empowerment Many philosophers were against women empowerment. According to Rousseau. Even many of them haven t felt shy in making women responsible for reproductive impulse. In patriarchal societies. class. Since they have been given more educational opportunities. "Empowerment means moving from a position of enforced powerlessness to one of power". participation in decision-making and control over distribution of resources and benefits. women are conditioned to accept men as the superior sex.22 billion. Concept of Empowerment of Women: According to the Country report of Government of India. they have also proven that they are just as competent by accomplishing the. Women's empowerment addresses power and relationships in society intertwined with gender. Looking at other direction. More than anything else. race. age. Even from 1991 to 2005.. Companies with most female corporate officers posted 35. They can t be secluded behind purdah and confined to four walls. ethnicity. culture and history. Indian Women are brought up to believe that Marriages are Made in Heaven and Marriage is for Life .. Not only there are qualitative factors but quantitative figures also to support the fact that women in no way are behind anybody. women empowerment demands equality even if it is at the cost of liberty.

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