VB.NET INTERVIEW QUESTIONS COULD BE ASKED 1-Difference Between Array and array list?

ANS - Array is the collection of values of the same data type >the variables in an array is called array elements >Array is a reference type data type >The array structure in System's Memory Array list is a class . >when you want to access the elements of an array through its index value location in an array,use an ArrayList. >The use of the arraylist is an alternative to the use of th array. >The Methods Of ArrayList class are 1)Add 2)Remove 3)Clear 4)Insert 5)TrimToSize 6)Sort 7)Reverse ANS 2 --- Array are collection of values of same type.Array list are collection of objects of same type or different type. ANS 3 1.Arrays are built-in data structures in .NET, where as ArrayList must be imported from the .NET Framework library. 2.Array is a primitive data structure, which stores the values in an indexed format, where as an ArrayList is more like a vector, which can be resized. ArrayList is a Collection and stores all data as Objects. 3.Arrays are not always the best structures to use if the size of the data is likely to change. Arrays would give you the best results when you are working with strictly numeric values. Arrays are also helpful when you need direct access to far-away elements in your data set. 4.ArrayLists are more useful when dealing with non-numeric data. Arrays are faster for calculation, where as ArrayLists are faster for inserting elements. ANS 4 Arrays does not provide built-in functions like add(),remove(),removeAt(),insert(),and many more. but arraylist provides all above.

2-What is the base class of .net? System.object is for .Net system.Web.UI is for asp.net The super most base class is system.object. even the system.web.ui comes from the system.object. All the object of type either value or reference type come from system.object. see the msdn doc for the same. 3- How to store and retrieve images in SQL server database through VB.NET? To store images in Sql Database you need to set the field to image in sql server then you have to convert image to binary and then save to database location. In vb.net, the images can be stored into database in the form of ByteArray.At the time of retrieving,we can assign the byteArray to MemoryStream and then convert into image. 4- what is the difference between string and stringbuilder? String is mutable means if we want to add something at the end of string then first it will remove that string then it will write desired string. String builder is immutable means while adding one more char at the end of string it directly upend the string without remove original string.

supports pointers.operator overloading 2.Doesn't support 2. 8. 6. This thread will always be running at the back end.EventArgs) Handles ButtonAdd.Differences between VB. AddressOf MyEventHandler Private Sub ButtonAdd_Click(ByVal sender As System. In ." VB.statement doesn't ends with ".Object. garbage collection system is based on the Mark and Compact algorithm that involves removing of objects that have gone out of scope and compacts all the remaining objects at the beginning of the address space." C# is case sensitive and vb.Vb. the garbage collection process starts.net application is compiled through vbc compiler.NET Framework. garbage collector is implemented as a separate thread.What do you mean by Garbage Collection in VB.How can we remove Handlers at Run time ? RemoveHandler myobj. related to OOPS concepts C# 1.case sensitive 3. AddressOf MyOtherClick End Sub Private Sub ButtonRemove_Click(ByVal sender As System. ByVal e As System. In .Click.Object.5.Click AddHandler Button2.g Read only property Property_name([args]) as type get [statement] end get end property .not case sensitive 3. AddressOf MyClick End Sub 9.Net and C#.net does not support it. 7.net ? Garbage collection is the mechanism to release memory allocated by a objects / Veriables which are no longer exists in programme. Since garbage collector always run at the back end there will be extra overhead for the memory.NET Framework. The space allotted for the application is also referred to as managed heap. C# application is compiled through csc compiler whereas Vb. Therefore garbage collector is given the lowest priority in .Click RemoveHandler Button2. C# supports delegates concept.statements ends with ".Net 1. When a new object needs to be instantiated and if there is not enough room in the application?s managed heap.myEvent.NET Framework. ByVal e As System.The Finalize method is executed whenever the runtime feels it is appropriate.EventArgs) Handles ButtonRemove.Click.How do you define a read only property in a class module? we can create a read only property by using the keyword "Read only" before the syntax .what is non_deterministic finalization? The Finalize method is actually executed by the runtime on a special thread allocated by the Garbage Collector (GC).XML documentation. such as when a low-resource condition occurs and this situation is often referred to as non-deterministic finalization.net is user friendly.e.

11. The CLR performs the task of converting the IL to native code Which gives the .Net that the .EXE is the Out of process component.You can locally also save the data of the recordset by using its Save function.What is .dll 15.What are Console Applications in VB. The communication between the application and component is slow when compared to .NET? Console Applications have only recently been introduced in VB (Excluding VB for DOS). set its active connection property to "Nothing".vb) of a Console Application. So the communication between the application and component(dll) is very fast. The .What is the source code for display the picture in button click event? PictureBox1.Whats the difference bt.Image = Image. Console Applications do not support Windows GUI's.Net FramwWork Base Classes act as services to be provided to the .Explain about the keyword Must Inherit? This keyword prevents a class from directly instantiated.exe extension files? . The Other component Like .Net? In VB to implement a disconnected recordset.WriteLine ("Hello World?) End Sub End Module 14. To work with Console Applications select File->New->Project and in selected "Console Application" from the template under Visual Basic or Visual C#.dll extension and . 12.FromFile("C:olympics08_basketball. after you have filled the recordset with the data.Net Component can talk with each other without worrying about the language in which they are originally. It uses its own memory(not application memory) to run the component. Example (Sample.The feature of .Net is the Middle layer between the operating System and the .Net FrameWork Base classes. Which means that you can't work with controls from the toolbox. .. Module Module 1 Sub Main () System.10. This keyword is present in C# as abstract and it is very useful in creating applications.How VB Implements the Disonnected Architecture as like VB.Net applications to be language Independent .gif") 16- . This keyword forces users to create references to only derived classes.Net applications.Console. They are command line based and run in within a DOS Shell (DOS Window). 13.net? .Net is the Development Platform which provides advanced feature facilities for the web and window application along with the window services . Unlike Windows Applications.Net application . . That breaks the connection to the database. Two main components are CLR stands for the common Language Runtime and the .dll is the In process component where it take up the client's memory space to run.