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Stable. Efficient. Agile. Adaptive. Businesses today have high expectations for their IT services and those who provide them. HP OpenView Operations for Windows® helps you get your business where it wants to be. It provides award-winning and comprehensive Windows-based event management, proactive performance monitoring, and automated alerting, reporting and graphing for Windows, Linux and UNIX® systems, middleware and applications. And it does all of this from a unique Service Driven Operations perspective. Get control of your infrastructure. Make your IT services more efficient and reliable. Synchronize your business with IT operations. Get what you expect: with HP OpenView Operations for Windows.

operating systems. Exchange Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 are in full swing. Certified for Windows ServerTM2003 Microsoft® Datacenter Edition 2 . and expert support and consulting services to help ensure quick time-to-value and return-on-investment. expectations are even higher. UNIX and Linux event and performance management from Windows for managing the heterogeneous enterprise • Centralized point of control for the network. an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Keeping operational costs down. And it enables more efficient use of IT staff by filtering out “noise” and allowing IT to focus on resolving the events that affect the highest-impact business services. from 10 to 1. It provides an optional link to the service desk or to managing SLAs. • Service Driven Operations management: a unique software-based IT service delivery approach to enable synchronizing business and IT • Sophisticated Windows. in software. best practices for process enablement. side by side with UNIX.NET and J2EE applications from the same platform • Microsoft® Windows look and feel for enhanced administrator and operator productivity • Flexible management concept which allows you to configure sophisticated manager of manager concepts It’s a changing world Windows and Linux are in the data center. Migration projects to Active Directory. Server consolidations using industry-standard servers and virtual machines rather than proprietary platforms are the norm. servers. all of the IT infrastructure and customer experience events that contribute to a business service.000+ servers • Capability to manage both Microsoft . but in today’s challenging business environment. HP OpenView Operations for Windows is unique because it allows you to manage from a business service perspective by modeling.NET Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards 2004 Service Driven Operations HP OpenView Operations for Windows is the cornerstone of HP’s Service Driven Operations (SDO). and being able to respond to the changing needs of the business quickly and efficiently are daily imperatives. IT organizations have their hands full.Key features and benefits Winner – Windows & . providing a central console and point of control. service quality high. policy deployment and actions to enable busy IT personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives • Superior application management architecture providing a maximum of scalability • Scalable to environments of all sizes. SDO combines software. applications and services for correlating and managing all the IT infrastructure components of a business service • Extensive out-of-the-box policy-based management intelligence for enhanced time-to-value • Automated service discovery. It enables integration and correlation across multiple silos of traditional IT information.

With this understanding. HP OpenView Operations for Windows has the breadth and depth needed to gain control of your entire infrastructure quickly and easily. HP OpenView Operations for Windows provides that platform. 3 . so you can manage everything from a single console. HP OpenView Operations for Windows also integrates with other HP server management and HP OpenView tools so you can understand your IT services from end to end. and tells you where you need additional IT resources and where you have over-provisioned.Figure 1. it also includes a unique way to visualize. and automatically respond to events. Product overview Reach business stability IT environments are more challenging to manage than ever before. middleware and business applications are present at any point in time. auto-deploy management rules and policies. operating systems. you and your customers can become true business partners in enhancing the IT infrastructure in pursuit of higher business goals. Linux and UNIX systems. Develop business agility Real-time adaptive IT infrastructures are closer than you think. It’s no longer sufficient to manage a single operating system platform and the applications that run on it. and automated alerting.or underutilized. then lets you link that infrastructure to your business services. you can auto-discover the managed environment. middleware and applications. it gives you comprehensive event management. Out of the box. how do you begin to add value to the business? HP OpenView Operations for Windows not only makes your IT organization more efficient. With this data you can reallocate resources to poorly performing services. Improve business efficiency Once you get your IT infrastructure under control. it delivers all this from a unique service management perspective. Better still. as traditional infrastructures have given way to heterogeneous. manage and report on your business services. You need a management platform that lets you quickly get control of your heterogeneous IT infrastructure. Use the built-in performance and reporting tools in HP OpenView Operations for Windows to monitor your systems and applications—including clusters and virtual server configurations—for areas that are over. With HP OpenView’s central operations and performance management console and database. and be ready with additional resources to respond to unexpected projects. A different view. HP OpenView Operations for UNIX extends your traditional operations management with business service views. This advanced automation helps you manage a rapidly changing IT infrastructure quickly and easily. distributed and rapidly changing architectures. Multiple hardware elements and server configurations. and HP OpenView can start you down that road today. reporting and graphing for Windows. This means you can provide innovative value to your customers by helping them understand the business impact of IT infrastructure availability and performance issues. proactive performance monitoring.

Enhanced management. Active Directory and Exchange • Built-in historical reporting and near-real-time graphing • Out-of-the-box report and graph templates. UNIX OS SPI and Web Services OS SPI included • User roles • MMC GUI • Web GUI with service-state views and strong message browser performance • Visualization of services. customizable graphing • Integrated knowledge base support and customization capabilities for select SPIs • Single-port firewall for discovery and performance agent to enhance secure operations • Support for Windows workgroup environments (and Windows NT 4 Server 4. NAT/DUP-IP • Cluster service visualization • Cluster support for managed Exchange and SQL Server applications • Exchange cluster reporting • Pre-deployable agents • Remote agent deployment and configuration • Embedded MSDE database • Support for local or remote Microsoft SQL Server database • Support for replicated management servers • HP OpenView Performance integration • HP OpenView Network Node Manager integration • HP OpenView Service Desk integration • HP OpenView Reporter integration • HP OpenView Internet Services integration • HP OpenView Service Information Portal integration • HP Systems Insight Manager integration 4 .Figure 2. easy insight about your distributed operations and solve problems quickly from a web browser. HP OpenView Operations for Windows features • NEW Management server cluster failover • NEW More heterogeneous platform support • NEW Virtual system support (VMWare & Microsoft Virtual Server) • NEW Message Forwarding and Synchronization (Manager of Manager) • NEW Enhanced HP OpenView Operations for UNIX integration • NEW More command line utilities • NEW VBScript-enabled automation • NEW Documentation of DB tables • NEW Simplified service/process monitoring • NEW Simple message correlation through message counters • NEW Node prerequisite checks • NEW Message Driven Policy Configuration • Windows OS SPI.0-based systems) • Support for DHCP. Manage from anywhere—get fast.

Windows XP. Auto-discovery and auto-deployment get your infrastructure under control quickly. It automatically discovers and maps your entire AD environment. Single-pane-of-glass management Not only can HP OpenView manage almost any platform. It helps you reduce complexity so you can focus your IT resources on business innovation.Key features Manage your heterogeneous enterprise infrastructure Today’s environments bring their share of new management challenges. Support for terminal services and virtual server technologies helps ensure that the system can be accessed by the broadest user community in the most flexible ways. HP-UX. A broad portfolio of HP OpenView and partner Smart Plug-ins provide in-depth system and application knowledge with pre-configured policies. as well as other HP OpenView tools. AIX. High availability (HA) features A new installation wizard supports a setup of the management server on clustered nodes. It helps you reduce complexity so you can focus your IT resources on business innovation. 5 . New support for linking system and application events directly to Microsoft’s online Knowledge Bases decreases time-toresolution and enhances IT value-add. such as managing mixed environments. quick to implement and to fit transparently into your existing environment. The patent-pending Active Directory Topology Viewer is included with the Active Directory Smart Plug-in. Windows 2000. backup server and competency center policies. Use either the MMC-based console from any Windows 2000. In case of a failure. Scalable and flexible Each HP OpenView Operations for Windows management server is capable of supporting more than 1. such as HP OpenView Network Node Manager and HP OpenView Internet Services. Automated corrective actions and built-in tools help operators and application specialists correct problems fast. quick to implement and to fit transparently into your existing environment. The Service Views show how IT infrastructure components are linked to business services. and allow operators and applications specialists to quickly identify root cause and impacted services.000 managed nodes and thousands of events. HP OpenView Operations for Windows now provides much stronger interoperability. distributions. XP or Server 2003 system or use the web GUI from any web browser for anytime/anywhere management of your environment. fast and GUI-supported switch-over and full recovery is provided. reducing costly downtime and service level violations. Synchronized instruction texts and annotations provide you with the necessary information to easily integrate your heterogeneous management operations. automatic. all major Linux HP OpenView Operations is designed to be easy to use. HP OpenView Operations for Windows can be configured to be your top-level management console for server management tools. Unique visualization HP OpenView Operations for Windows includes unique visualization capabilities to make managing your environment faster and easier. Tru64 and NetWare. providing a high degree of data consistency and load balancing between the management server and the DBMS system. Windows Server 2003. Message forwarding and synchronization has been introduced to facilitate smooth and easy communication between different HP OpenView Operations environments. it can also act as a central console for all your management tools. developed by technology specialists with expertise in their particular areas. such as HP Systems Insight Manager. Enhanced flexibility in the management model allows you to configure manager of manager hierarchies and establish follow-the-sun. HP OpenView Operations for Windows lets you manage more platforms from Windows than any other solution—including Windows NT. Support for data center-capable technologies like monitoring 64-bit Microsoft SQL and Intel® Itanium® servers is also included. Solaris. It can also tie in to products like HP OpenView Reporter and HP OpenView Service Information Portal. Proactive control with out-of-box value HP OpenView Operations is designed to be easy to use. Exchange maps included with the Exchange Smart Plug-in discover and map your Exchange environment. Integration with HP OpenView Operations for UNIX To help ensure superior interoperability with HP OpenView Operations for UNIX management server environments.

NetPro**** Norton*. such as BizTalk and SharePoint. Microsoft SQL Server (32 and 64-bit versions)**. SuSE Linux*. with the added bonus of event intelligence and faster problem resolution through automated links to Microsoft’s online Knowledge Base for select system and application events. Windows XP. Tru64 and Linux. Site Server*. Internet Security & Acceleration Server** Microsoft Windows Server system Administration and migration Tools Anti-virus Web application services Security Web servers Storage Quest****. PeopleSoft**. such as Microsoft IIS.com.0*. Red Hat Linux*. Windows Server 2003*. Microsoft Enterprise Servers. Novell NetWare*. such as Citrix. service and application environments. Tandem NonStop Server**** Legend: * HP OpenView Core SPI (bundled with solution) ** HP OpenView Add-On SPI (available for purchase) *** HP OpenView Gallery SPI (free downloadable SPI) ***+ HP SPI (outside HP OpenView) **** Partner solution (Please check availability for HP OpenView Operations for Windows 7. Bernard****. XP and Server 2003. iPlanet*. Solaris.IBM WebSphere** BindView****. Sybari **** Apache*. Content Management Server**. Index Server*. Windows 2000*. Cluster Server*. Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003**. BizTalk Server 2002/2004**. AIX. The Windows OS SPI provides in-depth management for Windows NT®. iPlanet and Apache. and provide both breadth and depth coverage for managed systems and applications. Microsoft Exchange. eSecurity****. System Management Server*. and basic management for many Windows applications. SharePoint Portal Server 2001/2003** SAP**. The Web Server SPI provides coverage for key web server applications. Proxy Server*. Windows NT 4. SPIs contain thousands of predefined rules and policies in logical groupings for managing heterogeneous hardware. VMware****. Commerce Server**. NonStop server management HP NonStop Server ***+. You can also monitor virtual machines. Microsoft SQL Server. IBM DB2** HP Systems Insight Manager*. McAfee* BEA WebLogic**. HP-UX*. IBM AIX*. Siebel eBusiness**** Active Directory**. OpenVMS* OS/400**** MetaFrame**** Firewall-1*** Informix**.Managed applications Platform/vendor Operating systems Application HP Tru64*. operating system. 6 . Microsoft Virtual Server** Citrix Checkpoint Database Hardware element managers Messaging and collaboration Business application Microsoft systems Lotus Notes/Domino****. Sun Solaris*. Turbo Linux*. including Microsoft Active Directory. Data Protector***+. Add-on SPIs are optional and can be used for in-depth management of key e-business applications and middleware.5 with the corresponding partners) Core and extended application management breadth and depth With HP OpenView’s Smart Plug-in (SPI) management modules. such as VMware. Debian Linux*. Certificate Server*. Dell OpenManage*. Oracle®. PeopleSoft and more. you get in-depth intelligence for managing key systems and applications. Sybase**. The UNIX OS SPI provides management for HP-UX. St. or terminal server configurations. Microsoft Internet Information Server* Storage Area Manager***+. Oracle**. Core SPIs are included with HP OpenView Operations for Windows out-of-the-box. SNA Server*. mySAP. 2000. Message Queue Server*. Terminal Server*. Host Integration Server*. Transaction Server* Application Center**.

hp. positions HP to deliver the optimum training experience. visit: www. help desk.com/learn. This experience.com/go/swcustomerconnection Comprehensive training HP provides a comprehensive curriculum of HP OpenView and IT Service Management courses. and achieve better return on your IT investments. you have access to standards-based. HTTP/SOAP • HP OpenView Service Desk—enables service level management center. DCOM. Internet Explorer. Internet Information Server. A complete solution Get the most from your software investment HP provides high-quality software services that address all aspects of your software application life-cycle needs and align with your business goals. best-of-breed solution for managing the Microsoft environment.hp. and HTML/XML. increase your network optimization and responsiveness. Connects with HP OpenView Operations Service Map for service management reporting. allowing them to become immediately productive. inventory and performance. These offerings provide the training you need to realize the full potential of your HP solutions.Microsoft technologies By utilizing Microsoft-native technologies among others.hp. 7 . • HP OpenView Network Node Manager—offers an industry-standard open platform for network element discovery. With more than 25 years experience meeting complex education challenges worldwide. efficient way to access technical interactive support capabilities. For more information about these educational courses. You should expect more of your management platform.hp. • HP OpenView Operations for UNIX—provides greater flexibility in managing and monitoring large. configuration and change management. distributed and heterogeneous environments. For an overview of the HP software services portfolio. in addition to other platforms. Reach stability by getting control of your infrastructure.hp. Connects with HP OpenView Operations for closed-loop service level management. Improve business efficiency by managing IT as a service. Connects with HP OpenView Operations for active Internet services monitoring. Add more value with HP OpenView Operations for Windows. manage and ultimately retire your HP solutions. This wide range of service offerings—from online self-solve support to proactive mission-critical services—enables you to choose the services that best match your business needs. HP OpenView has achieved Windows Server 2003 certification. Connects with HP OpenView Operations for cross-discipline management. It offers an out-of-the-box solution and includes essential Microsoft Windows and Oracle application management capabilities (Smart Plug-ins). With HP as your partner. It is designed for a single management server environment. Be more agile to adapt quickly to the needs of the business. layout.managementsoftware. An integrated solution Supported HP OpenView solutions HP OpenView Operations for Windows integrates with the following HP OpenView products: • HP OpenView Service Information Portal—enables service providers or IT departments to give their customers visibility into their environments by creating a “portal” view of services. Expect more HP OpenView Operations for Windows delivers everything you expect from an award-winning Windows-based event and performance management solution—and more. • HP OpenView Performance—provides an advanced performance management console and agents to give your performance experts power and flexibility. a one-stop information and learning portal for software products and services. Visual Basic scripting. Includes support for ARM (application response measurement). HP OpenView Operations for Windows delivers a Windows-friendly. HP OpenView Operations for Windows Limited Edition–special offering for environments with up to 30 nodes HP OpenView Operations for Windows Limited Edition is a special offering for emerging enterprises with the need to manage up to 20 or 30 nodes total. The smartest way to invest in IT HP Financial Services provides innovative financing and financial asset management programs to help you costeffectively acquire.com/managementsoftware/services To learn more about HP Software Customer Connection.com/go/hpfinancialservices. • HP OpenView Internet Services—includes software probes that regularly simulate the user experience of network applications and Internet services. HP offers a scalable set of services for HP software products and solutions. visit Software Support Online at: www. modular. CIM. visit www. coupled with unique insights into HP OpenView software. such as MMC.com/service For a fast. multiplatform software coupled with HP’s best-in-class services and support portfolio. The product’s interfaces and design are familiar to Windows administrators. HP knows training. For more information on these services. please contact your HP sales representative or find us on the web at www. and makes extensive use of Microsoft technologies. visit: www. • HP OpenView Reporter—provices web-based near-time and historical reporting of all elements in the infrastructure on which the service or line of business depends. Your business has high expectations of you. WMI.

com 5982-9660EN.S. visit www. Linux is a U. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Windows Server 2003 Agents/managed platforms supported: Windows NT 4.managementsoftware. Manuals Korean* B7425AA HP OpenView Operations for Windows Limited Edition BA217AA BA218AA HP OpenView Operations for Windows Limited Edition LTU HP OpenView Operations for Windows Limited Edition Extension LTU (one-time extension) HP OpenView Operations 7.5 for Windows.S.5 for Windows Limited Edition.5 for Windows. Contact information To find an HP OpenView sales office or reseller near you. Debian Linux. Internet Explorer.hp. Microsoft.5 for Windows. 8 . please see the related product manuals.com/buy. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. IBM AIX. English Media HP OpenView Operations 7. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. © 2003. 1. Redwood City. Windows 2000. OS/400 (via partner solution) For detailed software and hardware requirements. Windows XP.hp. Windows Server 2003. Red Hat Linux. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Media Korean* HP OpenView Operations 7.5 for Windows Limited Edition. Manuals Japanese* HP OpenView Operations 7. Japanese Media* HP OpenView Operations 7.5 for Windows Limited Edition.Ordering information HP OpenView Operations 7. Windows and Windows NT are U.5 for Windows Limited Edition.5 for Windows.managementsoftware. 2004. Sun Solaris.0. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Novell NetWare. Media English HP OpenView Operations and Performance 7. Windows Server 2003. registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. For more information. 2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company. Mozilla Manager platforms supported: Windows 2000. Simplified Chinese Media* HP OpenView Operations 7. Windows XP. Manuals English HP OpenView Operations 7.P.5 for Windows.5 for Windows. SuSE Linux. HP-UX. California. 05/2005. Turbo Linux. HP Tru64 UNIX. VMware virtual partitions. Korean Media* B7424AA B7423AA B9157AA HP OpenView Operations 7. Oracle is a registered U. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.5 for Windows. Rev. Manuals Simplified Chinese* HP OpenView Operations 7. visit: www.5 for Windows Licenses–to–use (LTUs) B7406XA B7427AA HP OpenView Operations for Windows Manager. L. trademark of Oracle Corporation. Media Simplified Chinese* BA219AJ BA219AK * Availability planned for Q3 2005 Requirements Console platforms supported: Windows 2000. Netscape. LTU HP OpenView Operations Agent—Desktop LTU for Windows NT Workstation/Windows 2000 Professional/Windows XP HP OpenView Operations Server Agent Tier 0 LTU for Windows NT Server/Windows 2000 Server/Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition or Web Edition HP OpenView Operations Server Agent Tier 1 LTU for Windows NT Enterprise Edition/Windows 2000 Advanced Server/Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition HP OpenView Operations Server Agent Tier 2 LTU for Windows 2000 Data center Server/Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition HP OpenView Operations Server Agent Tier 3 LTU for Enterprise Server HP OpenView Operations Server Agent Tier 4 LTU BA219AA BA219AS B7490YJ B7490YK B7491YA B7491YS B7426AA B7491YJ B7491YK HP OpenView Operations and Performance 7. Media Japanese* HP OpenView Operations and Performance 7. and other countries and are used under license.S. Intel and Itanium are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U. OpenVMS.5 for Windows Media and Manuals B7490YA B7490YS HP OpenView Operations and Performance 7.S.5 for Windows.

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