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CONTENTS Why Isha Vidhya – A Synopsis Founder's Vision Project Director'’s sharing Our Management Structure Key Events and Activities During this year Our Journey So Far Our Scholarship Program Financials Future Plans – Expansion at Seven Schools A Day in the Life of an Isha Vidhya Student Muthuraj's Story You are making it Happen 02 03 04 06 07 09 12 14 15 16 18 19 01 .

Why Isha Vidhya . J. 2004-2005 studies ** Primary school teachers in rural India have a 25% absenteeism rate Study by Chaudhury N. yet poverty continues to pervade rural life. Isha Vidhya aims to transform the lives of rural children by providing affordable. Absence in Developing Countries'. Volume 20. 'Missing in Action: Teacher and Health Worker. Pittsburg *** Annual Status of Education Report.Muralidharan. Education imparted in the local language restricts future opportunities to the small boundary of the native locality**.. M Knemer. Hammer. In the first phase. November 1. India 2009 02 . For most rural children.Rogers (2006). however. still lives on less than $2 a day*. and only 10% can read simple sentences in English.Journal of Economic Perspectives. school means run down facilities with unmotivated and frequently absent teachers.. Education is the key to opening the door for India's rural populations to escape poverty and share in the country's economic growth. high-quality education where it is otherwise unavailable. Eighty percent of India's 780 million rural population (which constitutes 70% of India's total population).H. *** Isha Vidhya's scalable model employs a carefully designed methodology which guarantees a high standard of education despite the limitations of the rural setting. Less than 50% of Tamil Nadu students in the 3rd through 5th standards can read simple sentences in Tamil. rural students often graduate lacking basic skills and are unable to find suitable employment or pursue higher education. After completing 12 years of schooling. Isha Vidhya plans to set up 207 schools in villages across Tamil Nadu. K. one school for each of Tamil Nadu's 207 taluks.A Synopsis India as a whole has experienced great economic success over the past two decades. and F. * International Fund for Agricultural Development.

~ Sadhuguru Jaggi Vasudev Having one billion illiterate. for the first time we are capable. Isha Vidhya is a small effort in this direction. Education which does not move people towards an unprejudiced. No society can ever hope to flourish with this kind of baggage. disorganized. disciplined. they will have a chance to come out of their situation. unshackled way of life is not education. about making them into loving. what is happening is education is being conducted as a business: New schools are being built in cities where money is abundant. uneducated. we need to provide education to each and every child in the country. irrespective of where they are. Are we as a people going to make ourselves into a disaster or into a miracle remains to be seen in the next 20 years. but also. we have the necessary resources. caring. If we can provide villagers with this ladder. For the first time in the history of humanity. So. but they're not being built in places where they are needed the most. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Isha Vidhya Founder Trustee & Chairperson 03 . At Isha Vidhya. committed and inspired would be a miracle. We are sitting on a threshold of possibility. capability and technology to solve all basic human problems of nourishment. our concern is not merely about preparing our children to get through the examinations. but whether we are going to do it or not is the big question. and cheerful human beings. unhealthy and undernourished people is a huge liability for any country. focused. At the same time. The only thing missing is the necessary willingness. To put India on the developing path. health. fearless. and earn money. whether they are in villages or in cities. get a good job. But. The only remedy to this situation is education.Founder's Vision Generation after generation people in villages are living in the same suppressed socio-economic conditions without any improvement. the necessary consciousness to make it happen. having one billion people who are educated. education and livelihood.

. they more often than not.. irrespective of whether it was a relatively new school or old. was simply touching. parents and volunteers.Project Director’s Sharing I have recently taken over as Project Director of Isha Vidhya from my predecessor. As Sadhguru told me just before I took up this responsibility. These children not only learn a new language. the commitment and sincerity they showed. Venkat. Most of them are first generation school goers and can get absolutely no help in their academics at home. this is not just another job. Out of the average 400 children in each school. given our resource constraints. our schools are all located in villages at least 10 to 25 km from the nearest town or city. meeting with teachers. And when we asked them to tell us their grievances and suggestions for improvement. As you know. ~ Project Director. Being new around here. These words have been ringing in my head every wakeful moment of mine. If we don't build and run these schools. I would like to share with you some of these experiences. a lot of my time has been spent visiting our schools. these children just don't have any other chance to get out of their helpless situations and improve their lives. To overcome the handicap of their background. Also. the salaries we offer our teachers are also perhaps relatively lower than most private schools and certainly far below those of Govt. Our students too come from the lower economic strata of society. but they have to learn in a new language. It is very clear that our teachers deeply cherish the opportunity that our schools provide them. But the cheerful way I saw them go about their work. our teachers use several tools which they themselves spend several days learning to use. Isha Vidya The meeting of the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is an annual feature in each school and I had the privilege of attending them in each of our seven schools last month. Many of our teachers travel the extra distance (and the extra two hours) every day. To me. reminding me of the long way we have to go. ended up praising the school. this has been as much an emotional experience as it has been a learning experience. Being a part of Isha Vidhya is certainly one of the greatest privileges of my life. to shape the destinies of these otherwise helpless children. viz English. who had tirelessly nurtured this organization for the last four years. My sincerest thanks to every single donor who has cared enough to make this happen for children they have neither known nor seen. 04 . The first thing that struck me was the heavy attendance at every one of these meetings. schools. almost 200 to 250 parents were present for each of the PTA meetings.

shared. something they had not even dreamed possible earlier. Another parent came up and said she was from a lower middle class sect. Neither of them learnt to speak English properly despite studying in English medium schools. while the other failed. Only one barely passed the 10th standard exam. 2600 in spontaneous. who was now in Isha Vidhya. To see them make this effort and show such concern was truly touching and deeply humbling. the results did not show. A parent shared about her two older children. with very ordinary income levels. despite their low incomes. Many share that they cannot believe the kind of education their children are getting. Sincerely Vinod Hari.Most parents feel sad that they are unable to help their child with the homework but are deeply grateful that the school does not demand it of them as the extra help their children need is provided by the teachers themselves. which concluded soon after. She said she felt deeply grateful to all those donors who gave her child this school. Many are plainly relieved and grateful that the future of their children seems far more secure and meaningful than their own. dissatisfied with what they had offered. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has made these schools possible. Her third child. and handed it to me to buy two new books for the school library. she too wanted to contribute in her own small way. was a far happier contrast and thoroughly enjoyed school and studying. To our surprise. whom she had moved from school to school.250 which she said she had been saving for the last few weeks. These were very ordinary people. Isha Vidhya Project Director 05 . volunteers and our donors in particular. that his little daughter was now teaching him to read. I had to wipe a tear off my own eyes. She pulled out Rs. working as a laborer. but seeing how so many totally unseen and unknown people cared enough to contribute and build this school. From her past experience she could really appreciate the importance of a child enjoying the process of learning and thanked the school for using methods that ensure it. Hers was the last sharing of the meeting. unsolicited contributions. when an illiterate parent. the teachers. Despite all her efforts to help her children study. several parents came to us after the meeting and in 15 minutes we found that we had Rs. parents.

and HDFC Standard Life ltd.Our Management Structure BOARD OF TRUSTEES Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.Kumaran. Nisarga. Shri. Chairman. Ad Guru Shri. K. Founder Trustee & Chairperson Smt. Managing Trustee Shri. Prahlad Kakkar. Dorairaj. Educationalist ADVISORY COMMITTEE Shri. Dr. Industrialist Shri. Former Director. Chairman. HDFC Ltd. ME.R. Ravi Venkatesh. M. Deepak Satwalekar. Karthikeyan. New Delhi Shri. Microsoft India Shri. Sir Ganga Ram Hospitals. CBI Smt. D. Barathi Varadharaj. Ex Managing Director. Lawyer 06 .Rajarathinam.S. Sama. Treasurer Shri. Attorney Swami. Radhika.

Key Events during this Year medical cam p krishna jayanthi diwali celebrati on y sport’ s Da n dedication functio independence Day Annual Day 07 .

Key Activities during this Year Mid-day meals at Co imbato re. Cuddalor e and Na gerco il Yoga Class sc ience exhibit ion Art Class fruits day ining al t ra Physic ning Aided lear comput er 08 .

to the 2nd villages near Erod e. Isha Three Isha Vidhya 2007 Schools opened in 8 and in 2009 mally introduced in 200 hool libraries were infor Sc lupuram and d near Cuddalore and Vil two new schools opene re inaugurated 000 children’s books we libraries containing 1500-3 signing and Isha Vidhya also began de in two existing schools. We also started providing nutritious lunch every day at three of our schools in Coimbatore. 09 . oks were f text books and three bo publishing its own line o emic year. Sandegoundenpalayam 25 Km outside o with 263 students from Lower Kindergarten Standard. released during the acad 2008 & 2009 2010 One new school opened in Vanavasi near Salem. Cuddalore and Nagercoil. Nagercoil Vidhya Scholarshi p Program was also launched in same year to en sure children from even the most econ omically deprived backgrou nds have a chance to receive quality education and Tuticorin.Our Journey So Far .Milestones 2006 First Isha Vidhya School opened in f Coimbatore.

field trips. Through DVD programs. and other methods. nutritional and general health.Students Isha Vidhya welcomes students from all castes. not only in studies. roughly 60% of Isha Vidhya students are first generation learners in their families. computer classes. manners and overall wellbeing. and teachers provide ongoing guidance to the parents in these areas. They are learning with computers and singing in English. The schools hold annual medical camps to check students' vision. behavior. but also for introduction to the world outside of their local community. the Isha Vidhya teachers go beyond the duties of regular teachers and take on a parental role in guiding students through the basics like simple hygiene practices of brushing of teeth. After joining Isha Vidhya. interest in learning and general enthusiasm and energy. they look like different children altogether. bathing. 10 . hearing. creeds and socio-economic backgrounds. preparing them with the savvy to adapt and respond with ease to whatever new situations they may face in the future.Our Journey So Far . as well as simple social skills for polite interaction with others. With the school locations specifically selected to serve areas where the majority population is economically weak and where access to quality education is limited. Parents who transfer their child from another school into Isha Vidhya are often impressed to see the how much their child improves at Isha Vidhya. encouraging a rich diversity amongst students and teachers. And the uniform has a richness that cannot be explained!” ~ Kootampuli Sirupadu Villager To further support students' proper physical and mental development. lentils and dried fruits. noticeable changes occur in students' health. but also in physical health. and wearing clean clothes. Most students rely entirely on the school not only for academic education. dental. “Till yesterday these children were all looking so dirty and unkempt. Isha Vidhya exposes students to the world beyond their local villages. library period. In just one year of attending Isha Vidhya. Because of various limitations the students have at home. the schools provide students with protein and nutrient rich health snacks composed of nuts.

I have worked for many years as section head and teacher at another school. The children are very frank and open because they have no fear of the teachers or the Principal. and I’ve seen remarkable growth in the students because of this approach. We’ve adapted ourselves to the new methods. We find ourselves changing into students and bubbling up with energy and anticipation for the activities conducted in the workshops. van drivers. and they are doing so well.those who know the ins and outs of the Isha Vidhya Schools are the first to get their children's applications in for enrollment.Teachers If the testament to a good school is when those most closely associated with it enroll their own children. punishing or using harsh words with students. principals. administrators . Principal Isha Vidhya Kurandi 11 . but being in Isha Vidhya is something very different. which include not beating. The training they give us here has been very useful. then Isha Vidhya is coming out with flying colours. They are taking up their studies out of interest and self-motivation rather than fear.Our Journey So Far . ~Shylakumari. Teachers.

and academic progress reports. and sponsors are welcome to visit their student at school. The scholarship donation amount of RS 10000/USD 240 provides tuition. varying based on the season and demand for employment. photos. field workers. and watch as the child grows and blossoms. Only because of the scholarship program my daughter is able to study in this type of English-medium school with computer facilities. ~Isha Vidhya Scholarship sponsor Sponsoring a student represents a unique way to dramatically touch the life of a child. including letters from the student. tea shop owners. even minimal fees are unaffordable for many rural families. It was so obvious.Our Scholarship Program Isha Vidhya strives to keep fees to a minimum. act as a mentor. Sponsors receive regular updates on the student's progress. notebooks and nutritional health supplements for the scholarship student. The school facilitates correspondences between the sponsors and students. dhobis. barbers. Most students' parents work in temporary jobs as laborers. Sponsoring a student was so clear a choice. -Parent of scholarship student 12 . auto drivers and street vendors. I'm a barber by profession. This often forces families to cut expenditures in other areas such as food. Income from these jobs is inconsistent. construction workers. medicine and clothing. Each sponsor is matched with a student(s) and encouraged to donate yearly for the child's full education at Isha Vidhya. and often insufficient for meeting basic household and dietary requirements. She is the first one in my family to study in a matriculation school. What it costs to support a child for a year is very little by American standards. books. The reality of this situation necessitated the development of a scholarship program. carpenters. however. But how it's put to use here… it means everything for someone else.

there was no water and the food was bad.The Scholarship Program began in the 2007-08 academic year. again nearly doubled for the 2009-10 academic year to include 1264 students. with 238 students covered between the four Isha Vidhya schools. I play a lot. and presently includes 1485 students in 2010-11. drawing and letter sounds. food and water. English rhymes. Isha Vidhya School. Kindergarten All the schools will be expanded for the upcoming academic year up to the 7th Standard. In my other school. ~ Nandhana. play on the computers and watch DVDs. with close to 600 of them likely to need scholarship support. An estimated 800 additional students will be enrolled. I have learnt Tamil. which needs to be mobilized by the end of May 2011. I like the clean place. The number of scholarships more than doubled the following academic year (2008-09) to include 663 students. learn English and Tamil. 4000 Students Strength 3000 Students on Scholarship 2000 1000 ‘06-’07 ‘07-’08 ‘08-’09 ‘09-’10 ‘10-’11 ‘11-’12* STUDENT & SCHOLARSHIP GROWTH *2011-12 numbers are estimates 13 . Here.

76 Villupuram School Location Academic year Total no.60 Sandegoundenpalayam (Coimbatore) 2007-08 12 1 1 4 0 1.62 38.87 44.20 52.36 1.66 2008-09 17 1 1 3 0 1.481.20 4.000 14.54 Kurandai (Nagercoil) 2008-09 2009-10 19 12 1 1 1 1 4 3 0 0 3.00 48.841 Infrastructure development in each school ¹ Total number of rooms includes classrooms.61 86.989 7.829.07 73.942.98 143. Electrical.84 92.Key Indicators for 2009-10 (Audited) Details Income from School Fees Schools Operational Expenses Excess of Expenditure over Income Infrastructure Assets Added Computers.757. staff room.57 6. of rooms ¹ Playground Toilet Block Rented Vans Owned Buses Development cost ² in Million RS in ‘000 USD 2007-08 8 1 1 1 0 4.Financials Isha Vidhya Matriculation Schools .96 47. of rooms ¹ Playground Toilet Block Rented Vans Owned Buses Development cost ² in Million RS in ‘000 USD School Location Academic year Total no.59 Vanasi (Salem) 2010-11 21 1 1 5 0 12. Furniture.54 Nagerco il School Location Academic year Total no.887.30 151.64 Cuddalore School Location Academic year Total no.645 2.85 2010-11 26 1 2 0 4 3.86 44.167.01 2007-08 8 1 1 2 0 6.04 School Location Academic year Total no. of rooms ¹ Playground Toilet Block Rented Vans Owned Buses Development cost ² in Million RS in ‘000 USD 157.93 2009-10 15 1 1 4 0 1. of rooms ¹ Playground Toilet Block Rented Vans Owned Buses Development cost ² in Million RS in ‘000 USD 2007-08 10 1 1 3 0 5.68 2.84 140. and audio/video and computer laboratories ² Development cost indicates expenditures towards the entire school infrastructure in respective years Coimbatore School Location Academic year Total no.04 2010-11 21 1 2 3 1 3.75 Kutamboli (Tuticorin) 2008-09 12 1 1 3 0 1.58 37.557.73 113.22 Erode Perumapalayam (Erode) 2008-09 2009-1 0 15 17 1 1 1 1 4 3 0 1 1.40 129. of rooms ¹ Playground Toilet Block Rented Vans Owned Buses Development cost ² in Million RS in ‘000 USD 2006-07 9 1 1 3 0 5.04 Tuticorin School Location Academic year Total no.26 2009-10 20 1 1 2 2 2.80 139.94 2010-11 23 1 2 5 2 5.74 161.00 14 . of rooms ¹ Playground Toilet Block Rented Vans Owned Buses Development cost ² in Million RS in ‘000 USD Madavapallam (Cuddalore) 2009-10 2010-11 10 21 1 1 1 1 3 3 0 1 6.624 5.365 15.76 42.00 2010-11 23 1 1 5 0 1.196 22. Lab/Play Eqpt School Buses School Buildings (completed & under construction) Total Fixed Assets Added Cost (Rs) 7.77 42. offices. of rooms ¹ Playground Toilet Block Rented Vans Owned Buses Development cost ² in Million RS in ‘000 USD Salem Tirunavallur (Villupuram) 2010-11 2009-10 21 13 1 1 2 1 1 3 2 0 5. Library books.00 288.82 115.

800 2.000 1.000 600 Cuddalore Qty 2 2 1 1 2 0 1 1.000 700.000 1 74.200 0 150.000 14 33.750.000 25.400.140.000 1 127.000 570.140.000 2 570.000 7 570.000 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1.000 25.000 2 33.075.000 1 25.000 126.750.000 300.000 1 0 1.100.000 300.000 570.000 1.000 7 200.000 1.750 1 6 50 1 1.000 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 20 Cost Qty 2.000 1 1.000 25.000 10 0 1 0 3 1.000 5 0 5.200.000 1 570.200 0 150.000 74.000 1 74.000 1.000 1 1.000 570.000 520.000 1 200.000 1 74.400 7 306.750 300.075.000 1.000 30 51.000 1 25. stand.980.600.750 1 6 50 1 1.000 1 12.275.000 300.250 300.000 900.000 127.000 1 101.000 350. stand.000 2 33.500 51.000 1 1.000 7 74.000 1 12. The plan is to expand one grade level each year till the schools reach full running capacity up to the 12th standard.140.000 1 200.200.875.000 1 25.000 900.400 1 306.900 Total Cost 16.500 100.000 33.000 50.400 1 306.000 2 570.No Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 School Bus Class rooms (500 sqft) Maths Lab (500 sqft) Computer Aided Learning Lab (500 sqft) V-Sat / Audio Visual Class (500 sqft) Toilet Block (Boys 12 & Girls 12) Multipurpose Hall (2250 sqft) Compound Wall (ft) Noon Meal Kitchen Building & Equipment Class & Lab Furniture & Fittings Student Benches Library Furniture.500 51.000 2 570.140.804.000 20 11.000 127.990. [Cost in Indian Rupee] S.142. compound walls and noon meal kitchen. multipurpose hall.000 3.750. speaker set Plastic Chairs Total Unit Cost 1.400 Tuticorin Cost Qty 3.000 1 151.400 SGP Cost Qty 0 2 1.000 570.000 40 30.000 1 700.000 1.000 1 151.140.000 0 0 0 900.000 1. Isha Vidhya Capex Requirement for the academic year 2010-11 to be incurred before May 2011.000 50.000 1 200.250.000 50.750.140.400 1 306.000 40 51.700.No Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 School Bus Class rooms (500 sqft) Maths Lab (500 sqft) Computer Aided Learning Lab (500 sqft) V-Sat / Audio Visual Class (500 sqft) Toilet Block (Boys 12 & Girls 12) Multipurpose Hall (2250 sqft) Compound Wall (ft) Noon Meal Kitchen Building & Equipment Class & Lab Furniture & Fittings Student Benches Library Furniture.000 100.000 12.000 200.140.000 2 0 0 900.000 74.000 100.000 2 33.000 7 570.000 50 51. Computer Library Books Educational Aids Maths Lab Materials Science Lab Material & Furniture Computer Aided Learning Lab Eqpt V-Sat/ Audio Video Equipment Sports Equipment Set PA System Mike. All the Isha Vidhya Schools are to be expanded up to the 7th Standard for the 2011-12 academic year and each school is to be equipped with additional classrooms.140.000 175.000 1 12.400 306.000 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 20 Cost Qty 3.600.000 1.000 1.000 2 0 1 900.300 2.800 5 125.000 1 1.000 7 12.000 0 0 1.000 50.200 150.000 1 570.400.000 1 74.000 25. Maths labs.500 38 100.000 7.000 1 151.000 0 50.000 33.000 2 570.750 300.000 1 570.200.000 700.750 300.000 3 1.800 6 125.200 150 50.200 1 150.100 S.400 306.000 12.000 1 12.000 1 127.000 2 33.200 5 75.000 1 200.400 1 306.000 2 570.000 750.000 8.000 7 127.000 570.750 300.750.300 2.000 2.000 1 127.000 700.000 0 1.363.400 775.000 316.000 140 9.000 889.000 1 570.000 51.750.000 1 74.000 231.000 570.000 1 25.000 1 151. Computer Library Books Educational Aids Maths Lab Materials Science Lab Material & Furniture Computer Aided Learning Lab Eqpt V-Sat/ Audio Video Equipment Sports Equipment Set PA System Mike.000 0 50.400 306. VSAT stroke audio-visual rooms.000 0 1.000 310 30.200 1 150.000 570.000 25.000 84.000 961.600 Erode Cost 2.990.800 4 125.400 Vilupuram Cost Qty 1.000 127.000 570. amp.000 14 570.000 3.800.000 12.000 1 127.800 6 125.750 300.000 570.000 64.555.000 1 127.140.000 1 570.600.000 0 1.000 1 12.000 3 1.000 1.000 20 5.000 2 33.200 15 .140.140.400 1 306.000 7 126.000 1 1.750.700.000 1 200.000 14 1.400 Nagarcoil Cost Qty 3. speaker set Plastic Chairs Total Unit Cost 1.000 570.000 20 10.200 150 50.000 0 0 0 1.000 600 Vanavasi Qty 3 2 1 1 2 0 1 1.000 1. amp.000 570.000 74.000 1 1.000 7 25.400.000 5.000 50.000 50 51. CAD learning labs.583.000 20 11.000 20 8.000 1 25.000 2.Future Plans Expansion at the seven schools Isha Vidhya Schools from now on aims to open their first year with classes from Lower Kindergarten up to the 6th standard.000 33.

A day in the life of an Isha Vidhya student. Brushes through the lessons and hops onto the Isha Vidhya bus to get to school... At the break of dawn the child enthusiastically gets ready for school. 16 .

yoga. [Continued] At school they enjoy various tasks like audio-visual and computeraided learning. nutritious meal.A day in the life of an Isha Vidhya student. 17 .. curriculum classes. indoor and outdoor sports..

and his harsh language put a distance between him and the other students. By the second term of the year. a village so dry that only rocks and sand seem to survive. and hence finances are scarce. he started making friends and became more interested in being in class. At home. They never considered educating Muthuraj. But his grandmother was constantly worried about him and his future. Even his very nature changed. But the patient and caring nature of the teachers gradually brought changes in Muthuraj. 3-year old Muthuraj lives there with his parents in a small hut. he doesn't pick unnecessary fights with his siblings. The rest of the year. His rebellious nature initially made him protest against attending.Muthuraj’s Story Muthuraj comes from Keelakootudankaadu. 10km from Tuticorin. convincing Muthuraj to come to school wasn't a simple task. When she got a job as an Aaya (helper) in Isha Vidhya. However. work is unavailable. He wouldn't miss a chance to escape from the classroom to run off and find his grandmother. His grandmother is filled with pride to see this transformation. His parents work as laborers for four months of the year. politeness reflected in his speech and he began taking care of his clothes and hygiene. She immediately admitted her grandson to the school. and is confident now that he will blossom and become like a tree which will give shelter to many others. 18 . she found out that even poor families could send their children to an English-medium school.

Ltd. Parvathi donated for the expansion of the Nagercoil School. Ajanta Devi.. Somesh Batra with the Sea Horse Trust fully sponsored the library in Tuticorin School. Mastek sponsored scholarships for 35 children. Individual donors from across India and the world who together have sponsored over 1000 children and helped make the expansion of the schools possible. Chase Community Giving sponsored expansion at various schools Scholarship Sponsors Barclays Capital has sponsored scholarships for 100 children. Jayabaratham Furniture (JFA) donated furniture for all our schools. Dr. Asha For Education sponsored 80 scholarships for students in Tuticorin. Avinash Batra & Cpt. donors. Mumbai Marathon participants for Isha Vidhya sponsored the expansion at the Erode and Tuticorin Schools. Cpt. Life Insurance Corporation of India donated for the expansion of Coimbatore school. Bharathi Airtel supported through the Mumbai Marathon to fund expansion of the Tuticorin School. Thank you for giving us a chance. volunteers and corporate sponsors without which the project would not be possible. Shri. Isha Vidhya acknowledges the support of the numerous. South Africa. Mr. Bala Naidoo. Arimilli. contributed significantly to the expansion of our schools. Ananthanarayanan donated the land for Vanavasi School. Special recognition is given to the following: Agility Logistics Pvt Ltd fully sponsored construction of the IV School near Villupuram.. fully sponsored construction of IV School at Vanavasi near Salem. We have received 1485 scholarship so far. Isha Foundation supported construction of the Cuddalore School through its Tsunami Fund.You are making it happen. Ramaniyam Real Estates Pvt. 19 . Mr.. Sudhakar Ram. Ms. R. Gopal Jain of Gaja Capital Advisors donated for expansion of Cuddalore School. Chairman. Ms.. Hyderabad have also contributed significantly to expansion of our schools. Chennai & V. EID Parry donated for expansion of Cuddalore School.

org 20 . or call +91 Singapore & Malaysia tina@ishafoundation. Isha Foundation Inc. USA. Florida.After all said and All donations made from India are eligible for tax benefits under Sec 80G & All donations made from USA are eligible for tax benefits under Sec 501.ishavidhya. Kannaperan Road. PO Box 559.defreitas@ishavidhya. UK. Isleworth. Please write cheques in favor of: Isha Education [for India].. [for USA & Canada] and Isha Institute of Inner Sciences [for UK] INDIA Isha Education. TB75WR. 14 CA Thevar Layout. 641 028.raj@ishavidhya. For more information on how your donation works please visit us at www. More children await to be touched by generous hearts like you! If you wish to donate towards infrastructure by providing land or taking up the entire construction of the school please feel free to contact us at vinod. Ph # +91 9442544458 USA & CANADA Isha Foundation Inc. Coimbatore. Ph # +44 2088921916 carla. it is certainly not a time to rest.hari@ishavidhya. UK Isha Institute of Inner Sciences. Ph # +1 8134343515 sathish. Udayampalayam. 6488 Rookery Circle Bradenton.

Ltd. . Ramaniyam Real Estates Pvt.’s fully sponsored construction of Isha Vidhya School near Salem.Agility Logistics Pvt Ltd’s fully sponsored construction of the Isha Vidya School near Villupuram.

The basic purpose of life and the basic purpose of education is to enhance one's boundaries of perception. They must blossom and flower wherever they go ~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev . I don't want the children to just survive after ten years of schooling here.

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