My New Red Shoes

Annual Report 2009

The mission of My New Red Shoes is to empower homeless and low-income youth to succeed in school by providing them with brand new clothing so that they may greet the school year with pride and by educating and rallying the youth community around the needs of homeless children. My New Red Shoes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization EIN #20-4683289
© Leonard Brzezinski, 2009

Heather Hopkins, Founder and Co-Chair Timi Most, Co-Chair Alison Berkley Wagonfeld, Vice Chair & Interim Treasurer John Brown, Secretary Ray Bramson Sohi Sohn Chien Roxana Dommer Lisa Goldman Megan Iwersen Katy Manier, Stanford GSB Fellow Dayna Li, Junior Board Member Robert Pietsch Cindy Skaruppa, Stanford GSB Fellow Marianne Walters Caron Tabb, Ex Officio and Executive Director

Cover photo and photos opposite © Leonard Brzezinski, 2009

From the Director and Founder
Dear Friends, It’s hard to summarize 2009. It has been an incredible year of challenges and juxtapositions: as the economic reality unfolded and homelessness struck even more children, My New Red Shoes witnessed an increased demand for our services while we saw the possibility for funding decrease. Extreme times call for extreme measures. At My New Red Shoes, we met these challenges by focusing on creative solutions and energizing the community to support our mission. As the year draws to a close, we feel very privileged to report that, despite the odds, 2009 has been a year of major expansion in both our programs and the community’s support for My New Red Shoes: We distributed significantly more gift bags than ever through our Clothing for Confidence program, providing for 2,119 homeless youth and expanding to serve youth in Alameda County. We directly engaged over 1,500 (and indirectly engaged over 4,000) housed youth in support of their homeless peers through our Kids Helping Kids Youth Leadership programs. We kept costs down by launching several creative partnerships including a collaboration with FedEx (which shipped our gift bags around the Bay Area at no cost) and a partnership with a correctional facility in Southern California (whose inmates sewed gift bags as a community service). We increased our volunteer opportunities and inspired over 500 volunteers to spend over 3,000 hours working in support of our mission. We grew our family of supporters by over 600 individuals, expanded corporate outreach, and successfully engaged new foundations. We strategically expanded the Board of Directors and solidified our organizational infrastructure, systems and operations to ensure transparency and implement nonprofit best practices.

     

Our success is your success. Without your financial support and belief in our mission and ability to serve this community, My New Red Shoes would not have been able to celebrate this remarkable year. Thank you! We launch into 2010 with optimism. While the community need continues to drive My New Red Shoes’ team to excel and reach beyond our limits, we believe that, with your support, we will successfully clothe 3,000 homeless youth from over 60 Bay Area homeless shelters for the first day of school in 2010. Our Kids Helping Kids Youth Leadership and community engagement programs will once again soar to new heights with over 4,000 students serving their homeless peers. We hope you will choose to join us again to support homeless youth in 2010 and that we will have the opportunity to meet with you in the near future to share this success with you in person.

Caron Tabb Executive Director

Heather Hopkins Founder & Board Co-Chair My New Red Shoes Annual Report 3

P.S. Stay posted for My New Red Shoes’ new look and mailing address in early 2010!

Clothing for Confidence
My New Red Shoes’ Clothing for Confidence program provides homeless and low-income children with a hand-sewn gift bag containing brand new shoes and a $50 gift card to a clothing retailer so that they may greet the school year appropriately dressed, proud and ready to learn. My New Red Shoes partners with homeless shelters and other community service agencies to identify children in need of clothing and distribute donations. By leaving their students’ backto-school clothing needs to My New Red Shoes, agencies can focus on providing the profes-

2,115 youth served
Hispanic Asian Afican American Caucasian Multiracial Native American Other Boys Girls Ages 5-11 Ages 11-18 San Francisco San Mateo County Santa Clara County Alameda County 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400

On any given day, approximately 5,000 school-aged children experience homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area. This situation has a devastating effect on a child’s education; youth who have experienced homelessness are twice as likely to repeat a grade as other children and are at much higher risk of not attending school, ultimately increasing their chances of repeating the cycle of homelessness in the future. National and local homelessness organizations have repeatedly identified a lack of school clothing as one of the barriers to education for homeless youth both because it is a basic need and because children feel reluctant to attend school without suitable clothing. By filling this gap, My New Red Shoes not only helps increase the school attendance of homeless youth, it gives children a much-needed confidence boost.

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 4

At a Glance
During the 2009 back-to-school season, My New Red Shoes:  Provided $50 clothing gift cards and brand new shoes to 2,119 homeless and low-income children, helping them feel more confident and prepared for school.  Supported 30 community agencies (with 40 sites) serving homeless and low-income families.  Funneled over $105,950 of clothing and shoes into the Bay Area community.  Served 92% of the homeless school-aged population in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties combined.  Rallied over 500 volunteers and 51 community organizations including corporations, social service clubs, religious organizations and school groups to support its mission.

SAN FRANCISCO Asian Women’s Shelter Community Housing Partnership: Arnett Watson Apartments, Iroquois, and Senator Compass Community Services: SF Home, Positive Parenthood Project, Family Housing Crisis and Compass Family Center GLIDE Hamilton Family Center La Casa De Las Madres Raphael House St. Joseph’s Single Room Occupancy Collaborative: Chinatown, Mission, and Tenderloin Tenderloin Housing Clinic SANTA CLARA COUNTY Bill Wilson Center EHC LifeBuilders: Boccardo Family Living Center, Sobrato Family Living Center and Sobrato House Family Supportive Housing InnVision: Villa and Opportunity Center Kinship Resource Center Unity Care Group SAN MATEO COUNTY Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse Ecumenical Hunger Program Human Investment Project Housing InnVision: Clara Mateo Alliance Interfaith Hospitality Network Samaritan House Shelter Network: Family Crossroads, First Step for Families, Haven Family House and Redwood Family House Youth and Family Enrichment Services: Differential Response ALAMEDA COUNTY Building Opportunity for Self Sufficiency: The Village and Shelter Plus Care Building Futures for Women and Children East Oakland Community Project: Crossroads, Families In Transition and Matilda Cleveland Transitional Housing for Single Parent Families First Place for Youth Operation Dignity: Dignity Commons

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 5

Clothing for Confidence
Elizabeth and her husband Eric have six children between the ages of five and twelve. The family had been suitably housed and making ends meet for many years until an accident left Eric crippled. With Eric no longer working and needing assistance in his daily tasks, Elizabeth struggled to care for her large family. The family was forced to move into a homeless shelter and soon after their arrival, received gifts from My New Red Shoes. Although every child in the family benefited greatly from this donation, AJ, the youngest, was perhaps the most affected. He was worried that his hand-me-downs would make him stick out in kindergarten, but when he received a bright blue gift bag from My New Red Shoes containing his first-ever pair of brand new shoes, AJ thought, “Shoes with laces; I really am a big boy now!” AJ’s mother was also appreciative of the gift card that enabled her to buy school uniforms for her six children who were now able to start their school year with pride.

“The mothers in our program have low or no income, they will not be able to buy new school clothes or shoes for their children’s first day back to school. My New Red Shoes has helped make their back to school experience positive.” -Homeless agency professional

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 6

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2009

Luisa was unable to work after breast cancer and a double mastectomy. While she planned to return to work cleaning houses after her reconstructive surgery was complete, Luisa’s loss of income made it difficult for her family to make ends meet. With the gift from My New Red Shoes, Luisa’s two children were able to look forward to the start of the school year, a brief respite from the fear and anxiety that had troubled them in months past.

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2009

Success Stories
George is a six-year-old homeless boy. Despite the hard times they have endured, George and his family have positive attitudes and even help out at their shelter’s afterschool program. Because George’s mother receives only $600 per month in CALWORKs benefits, buying new shoes and clothes for George and his nine-year-old sister would mean their mother would not be able to buy food and other household necessities that month. When George received new shoes and a $50 gift card from My New Red Shoes, he proudly carried his shoes around the shelter offices to show the staff. He could hardly wait until the first day of school to show his shoes and clothes to the other children in his class.

Six months ago, Martha fled her abusive partner and the father of her children. Martha and her four children stayed with her uncle in his onebedroom apartment until the landlord threatened to evict. Martha and her children were forced to move into a local family shelter. All four of Martha’s children were starting new schools in August and were very anxious. Martha knew her kids desperately needed new clothes and shoes; the thought that she would not be able to provide for them was overwhelming. After receiving gift bags from My New Red Shoes, Martha was able to focus on the other essentials that would help her family to succeed.

*Please note that the stories and quotes collected here do not correspond with the photos. My New Red Shoes Annual Report 7

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2009

Kids Helping Kids
My New Red Shoes’ Kids Helping Kids Youth Leadership Programs plant the seeds of compassion and charity in students by engaging them in educational programming and service projects that teach them about the effects of homelessness on children. The goals of the Kids Helping Kids Youth Leadership Programs are to empower students to become volunteers, leaders, advocates and activists in support of their homeless peers. Kids Helping Kids Youth Leadership Programs answer the dual needs for public awareness and volunteerism to support homeless families. The program utilizes the service learning model, a recognized best practice in education, that has been proven to create lasting social change and transform students into giving, volunteering adults “Volunteering and being a part of TAC has been a truly empowering experience...Most people think that homelessness is caused by drug and alcohol addictions, but that is not the case at all. Throughout this experience I have met and spoken with people who have just had plain bad luck or who have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I now see homelessness in a completely different light because of the people I have met and the stories I have heard. I will definitely be a member of TAC again next year and I would recommend this type of service to other students my age who want to gain and spread homelessness awareness.” -Peninsula TAC Participant

Shiny Shoe Party participants celebrate a birthday while giving back to the community. Over XXXX pairs of shoes were collected by youth during 2009 at over XXX Shiny Shoe Parties.

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 8

At a Glance
Kids Helping Kids Youth Leadership Programs Include:
Teen Advocacy Council (TAC): A high-impact, intensive, semester-long leadership and advocacy program for high school students interested in assisting local homeless children. Participants in the Teen Advocacy Council:  Interact with homeless and formerly homeless individuals, service providers and community officials to learn first-hand about the struggles facing their homeless peers and then raise awareness about the issue with schools, community groups, friends and family.  Volunteer for at least 20 service hours in ways that directly impact homeless families.  Gain valuable leadership skills and make an active contribution to their community. School Partnership Program: A long-term, comprehensive program that offers service learning, a tailor-made curriculum, and philanthropic opportunities for students. Participants in the School Partnership Program:  Gain an in-depth understanding of homelessness and its causes through multiple educational sessions and workshops.  Develop advocacy skills to support homeless children at school.  Impact and inspire other members of their school community.  Volunteer to benefit homeless children in a structured program. Community Engagement Programs: A short-term, customized educational engagement that offers homelessness education and volunteer opportunities for classes, afterschool program participants, Boy and Girl Scouts, summer campers, and members of faith-based organizations. Participants in the Community Engagement Programs:  Gain an understanding of homelessness and its causes (typically during 1-2 sessions).  Learn about advocacy skills to support homeless children at school.  Impact and inspire other members of their school community.  Learn about how to volunteer to benefit homeless children.

“Although I know I am a fortunate individual, seeing several individuals who have not been as fortunate as I have been makes me truly appreciate what I have even more. The people who I met when volunteering were incredibly inspiring. Helping others is something that makes me feel great about myself.” - Peninsula TAC Participant
My New Red Shoes Annual Report 9

Kids Helping Kids
Teen Advocacy Council (TAC) - two sites: San Francisco and the Peninsula:
Thirty-six participants:  Received over 14,000 cumulative hours of homelessness education and spent more than 360 hours volunteering in four homeless shelters.  Spent a total of 360 hours with experts in the field of homelessness and 270 hours with currently or formerly homeless individuals.  Raised over $6,000 to clothe more than 120 homeless children through the Clothing for Confidence Program.  Helped coordinate My New Red Shoes’ annual Walk In Their Shoes walkathon, which increased 300% in attendance from the prior year.  Engaged over 500 children and 300 adults in various educational and speaking engagements, including providing the educational content for the walkathon. In 2009, My New Red Shoes launched a TAC alumni program. In addition, TAC partnered with San Francisco State University to allow students to earn three units of college credit.

School Partnership Program:
550 students from the Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School, East Palo Alto Charter School, and Escondido Elementary School:  Received over 2,600 cumulative hours of homelessness education and spent over 350 collective hours of volunteer time in homeless shelters and 300 hours with currently or formerly homeless individuals.  Raised over $5,000 to clothe more than 100 homeless children through the Clothing for Confidence Program.  Created a ripple effect in their schools by involving other students in school-wide drives for art supplies, toiletries, and pocket change to benefit local homeless children.

Community Engagement Programs:
More than 900 students from over 40 schools, community groups and religious sites:  Raised over $7,000 to clothe over 140 homeless children through the Clothing for Confidence Program.  Collected 400 pairs of shoes.  Sewed more than 200 gift bags.  Collected over 800 accessories and hand made over 1,000 cards to be included in gift bags.

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 10

Success Stories

TAC members teaching a class about homelessness at Burlingame’s Crocker Middle School.

Teen Advocacy Council Survey results:
     

100% of the teens said they had spoken to their friends, families, or other community members about homelessness as opposed to 78% before program participation. 100% of the teens said they are better able to speak to adults and peers regarding causes about which they feel passionate as a result of their participation. 82% of the teens reported that they engage in community service activities more since joining TAC. 94% of the teens believed they had genuinely helped a homeless child as opposed to 37% before program participation. 100% of the teens made a personal commitment to helping the homeless as opposed to 67% before program participation. 75% of the teens believed homelessness was the most important issue facing their community, as opposed to 31% before program participation .

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 11

Program Synergies
In 2009 My New Red Shoes’ core programs demonstrated a strong synergy with each supporting the other to achieve its goals.

Kids Helping Kids Educates youth about homelessness and rallies them to support their homeless peers

By creating a powerful educational intervention, the Kids Helping Kids program provides the following support to the Clothing for Confidence program:

Supports Clothing for Confidence
Kids Helping Kids Program Participants:  Learn about homelessness (over 1,500 youth received over 16,000 cumulative hours of education).  Fundraise to clothe homeless youth through community events, school drives and individual efforts (participants raised $18,000 in FY 2009).  Decorate thousands of gift cards and bookmarks for Clothing for Confidence gift bags.  Volunteer in shelters (over 900 hours in FY 2009).  Play leadership roles at My New Red Shoes volunteer events and provide support in My New Red Shoes’ office.  Collect shoes (400 pairs in FY 2009).  Sew gift bags (over 300 in FY 2009).  Increase attendance at My New Red Shoes events (by % 300 in FY 2009).  Donate gift bag items (i.e. over 300 calculators in FY 2009)  Speak publically about homelessness and develop content for community events to raise awareness (over 60 hours in the early part of 2009 alone).

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 12

Clothing for Confidence Provides new outfits to homeless children for their first day of school

The Clothing for Confidence program leverages its relationships with shelters and other direct service providers to support the Kids Helping Kids program in the following ways:

Supports Kids Helping Kids
Shelter and Agency Professionals:  Provide expert knowledge about homelessness by teaching in a variety of Kids Helping Kids educational settings (shelter professionals provided over 50 hours of education in 2009).  Work with My New Red Shoes’ staff to provide volunteer opportunities in shelters that ground the educational process in the reality of homelessness.  Help youth to comprehend the direct impact and result of their fundraising by connecting students with currently and formerly homeless families.  Volunteer with My New Red Shoes in preparation of the gift distribution season. Caron: this doesn’t seem to

support the KHK program as it is written. Can you be more specific about how this volunteering impacts students?

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 13

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My New Red Shoes Annual Report 15

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My New Red Shoes Annual Report 19

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Lynn McKinnon Kerny McLaughlin & Bill Schilit Catherine & Greg McMillan Nancy & Paul Melmon Shirley Meredith Virginia Merrifield John Merritt Darlene Millan Carolyn & Marving Miller in memory of Albert "Steve" Rogers Margaret J Millett Susan Milotich Tisha Mitrovich Allison Mnookin & Cornelius Olcott Gretchen & William Mobley Stacy Molano Karen Molinari Michael Moloney Aviv I Monarch Katie Montgomery Frank Montoro Lauren Moore Lisa & David Mooring Karen Moos Ellen & Matthew Moran Kelly Morehead Beverly & Tom Morgan Cheya Pope & Rick Moriarty Susan Moriconi Ann Morrical Noel & Jim Morrill Susan & Robert Morse Jane Morton Evelyn Most James Most Ellen & Marvin Mouchawar Katherine Movalson Patricia Moxon Kelly & Chuck Muenzen Conrad Mukai Randi & Gordan Murray Jennifer Murray Leslie Airola-Murveit & Hy Murveit Eleanor Myers Jennifer Myhre Christine & Robert Myhre Nadar Nafissi Siva Nagallapati Hadi Nahari Richard Namm Mamta Narain Rampalli Narasimhan Hope Nariz Rajesh Natarajan Noam Naveh Michele & Jim Nemschoff Lexa Neufeld Andi Neugarten Stanley Ng Patricia Nicholson Frances Nippes in memory of Albert "Steve" Rogers Christine Noma Rob Nunes Katherine Nunez Jeffrey M. Oakes Lynne Ohara Elizabeth & William O'Leary Jeanna Olerich Jacob Olian Monika Fowle & Kris Olson Sandee & Richard Osborn William Osterman Madhavi Padval Anna & Ronald Paiva John Palchak Carol & Curtis Panasuk Charlotte Pannell Linda Papin-Zairi Ellice Papp Marquis Parker Patricia & Reese Parker Carmen Parra Anne Parsons Taylor Partee Carolyn Pasquarella Ribhu Pathria Amita Jain & Niteen Patkar Benjamin Patton Annette & Kirk Paulsen Joy Baker Peacock Sharon & Samantha Pearlstein Susan Purdy Pelosi Ellie Bullis & Bill Pendleton Liza Hayes Percer Riley Perdue Ruben Perfetto Mary Perkins Anne Perlman Frances & Bryce Perry James Pertsch Ellen Peskin Stephanie & Alex Peters Barbara Peters in honor of Lizzie Henehan Helen-Marie & Alan Petersen Courtney & Andy Pflaum Lauren Pierce Irene & Robert Pietsch Robin Pitman Pat & Greg Plant Jill Plant David Platt Ronald Plough in memory of Albert "Steve" Rogers Stefanie Poe Claudia Polsky Frank Ponikvar Julie Pope Roberto Portillo Maria Foley & Richard Potts Sandhya & Ernest Prabhakar Gillian Prebin

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 20

Jonelle Preisser Micaela Presti Naomi Lifschultz Preston Melanie J. Prole Aliaje Prophet Erma Prothro Helen & Russel Pyne Ann Quarles Leslie & Robert Quist Warren Quon Amy Rabbino & Neal Rubin Diane Rahe Elaine & James Raitt Suresh Suresh Rajasekaran Sally Randall Art Rangel Ted Ray Suzy Redfern-West Sandy & Scott Rechtschaffen Lori Reddy Debra Reed Nicole Reed Lynn & Kevin Reedy Jill Reelfs Diane Regonini Mrs. Robert S. Reis in honor of May Burberick's 90th birthday Brianna N. Reynaud Dana Rhine Dominique & Timothy Rhodes Connie Riccardi Courtney & Edward Rice Jordan Rice Susan & David Riggs Michelle Riley Vanessa Ripsteen Clary & Dean Riskas Gitte & Dr. Matthew Rivera Debbie Robbins Morgan Roberts Tamatha Rodwick Ann Rogers

Cameron Rogers Christine Rogers Diane Rogers Anita Roggendorf Wendy Rohn Giovanni Romeo Jessica Rosenbaum Mollie & James Rosing Stephanie & Jonathan Ross Tara & Gregory Roussel Ellen Roy Alissa Rozansky Natalie Rubin Donna Ito & Jozef Ruck Kathy Rucker Francesca Ruff Colin Rule Brittany Ryan Michelle Ryan Calvin Sabatini Diana Saidin Deborah Sakoda Amy Salisbury Dalia Salman Joan & Hector Salvatierra Christine Sambol Rahul Sandhu Barbara Santos Jen Sarver Kay & Go Sasaki Greg Scallon Tatiana Scanlon Dottie Schaefer Jamie Schein Vicki Schifferli F. Tracy Schilling Jeanne Schulte Chris Schumacher Luann Fluty Schwab David D. Schwartz Irene Schwartz Deborah & Ralph Schwartz

Rebecca Schwartz Kiran Kapany & Michael Schwarz Lesley Seeger Felice Bassin Seeman Courtney & Michael Selfridge Kathryn Shade & Alexander Khairkhahan Penny Shanks Doron Shapira Belvia Sharp Eve Shaw Amy & Jason Sheets Andrew Shelton Laurie Shepard Laura & Jerome Sherman Sheree & John Shoch Becky & Mark Showen Yvonne Shen & Kurt Shroeder in honor of Mack Speiser Paula & Lawrence Shuer Susan Siegel Virginia Simoni Lisa & Steven Sinclair Anita Singh Cynthia Skaruppa Earl Skidmore in memory of Albert "Steve" Rogers Laura Slapikoff Marilyn Slater in memory of Albert "Steve" Rogers Paige Slaughter Elaine & Donald Smith Harriet Smith Michelle Smith Sherry Snow Mona & Naguib Soliman Arthur Soroken Ronald Sosnick Rajaram Soundararajan Mary Lou South Joan & Lewis Southern Dana Spanger

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 21

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My New Red Shoes Annual Report 22

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My New Red Shoes Annual Report 23

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Outreach & Events Program SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR Manager DEDICATED, ONGOING Becca Moos, Kids Helping Kids VOLUNTEERS Program Manager Meredith Ackley, Marketing Rachel Odessky, Clothing for Matthew Brown, Web Confidence Program ManLeonard Brzezinski, Photograger phy Jessica Speiser, Development Mac Choudhry, Technology Associate Michael Kim, Technology Genni Lawrence, Accountant Lemo, back-to-school party vocals and guitar Mother-daughter teams of National Charity League, Menlo Park Chapter Jessica Speiser, Development Volunteer Leonard Speiser, Web and Technology Pam Stoner, E-Newsletter Coordinator Jennifer Taxay, Development Mauricio J. Vacas, Technology Dave Wraight, Webmaster ...and all of our 500 volunteers!

Adam Alexander Audrey Kuan Elana Cohn

Caron Tabb, Executive Director Stacie Hershman, Development Director Genni Lawrence, Controller Rebecca Mayer, Community

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 24

Financial Statements
September 30, 2009 (with comparative totals for 2008)
2009 ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents ST Investments Accounts Receivable Inventory (shoes) Other assets Total assets 93,545 30,000 17,866 57,900 7,361 206,672 79,990 17,700 1,384 99,074 2008

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities: Accounts payable and other liabilities Payroll liabilities Accrued expenses Total liabilities Net Assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets

510 3,955 5,891 10,356

989 2,077 5,573 8,639

181,317 15,000 196,317 206,672

90,435 90,435 99,074

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 25

Financial Statements
Year ended September 30, 2009 (with comparative totals for 2008)
2009 Temporarily Restricted 2008 Total Total


Contributions: Individual contributions Corporate/business grants Foundation/trust grants Civic, community and religious groups Board member contributions Total contributions InKind Support: Donated services Donated goods Donated facilities Total inkind support Program Registration Fees Investment and miscellaneous income Net assets released from restrictions Total revenue and support

$180,042 21,647 21,850 38,168 29,125 290,832 55,837 105,274 17,052 178,163 1,800 1,152 94,029 565,975

$1,075 42,904 54,000 11,050 109,029 (94,029) 15,000

$181,117 64,551 75,850 49,218 29,125 399,861 55,837 105,274 17,052 178,163 1,800 1,152 580,975

$71,371 21,924 58,750 16,691 9,661 178,397 54,193 28,890 4,188 87,271 3,006 268,674

Program services: Clothing for confidence program Kids helping kids program Total program services Fundraising and development Management and general Total expenses Increase in Net Assets

$252,113 94,398 346,511 106,722 21,860 475,093 90,882


$252,113 94,398 346,511 106,722 21,860 475,093

$148,523 42,248 190,771 27,538 20,217 238,526 30,148



My New Red Shoes Annual Report 26


Individual Contributions = 45% Corporate/Business Grants = 16% Foundation Grants = 19% Civic, Community and Religious Groups = 12% Board Member Contributions = 7%
Program Registration Fees


Programs = 73% Fundraising and Development = 22% Management and General = 5%

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 27

Notes to the Statements
MY NEW RED SHOES is a nonprofit public benefit corporation incorporated in March, 2006 for the purpose of providing homeless and low-income children in the Bay Area brand new clothing and shoes for the first day of school so they may greet the school year with pride, and to create a kids-helping-kids community by engaging local students in service activities and educating them about the issues of homelessness and poverty.

Basis of presentation: The financial statements are presented in conformity with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No. 117, Financial Statements of Not-ForProfit Organizations. Under SFAS No. 117, MY NEW RED SHOES reports information regarding its financial position and activities according to three classes of net assets: unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted. Fiscal Year: MY NEW RED SHOES’ fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30. Revenue recognition: Contributions are recognized in full when received or unconditionally promised, in accordance with SFAS No. 116, Accounting for Contributions Received and Contributions Made. All contributions are considered available for unrestricted use unless specifically restricted by donors for future periods or specific purposes. Donorrestricted amounts are reported as increases in temporarily or permanently restricted net assets. Temporarily restricted net assets become unrestricted, and are reported in the statement of activities as release of restrictions, when the time restrictions expire or the contributions are used for the restricted purposes. Special event revenue is recognized when the related event occurs. Contributed services, materials and equipment that do not meet the criteria for recognition under SFAS No. 116 are not reflected in the financial statements. Cash and equivalents: For financial statement purposes, MY NEW RED SHOES considers all investments with a maturity at purchase of three months or less to be cash equivalents. MY NEW RED SHOES currently holds $42,898.60 in short term money market funds. Property and equipment - are recorded at cost and depreciated using the straight-line method over estimated useful lives of 3 to 39 years. MY NEW RED SHOES’ policy is to capitalize such items with a cost of $1,500 or more. My New Red Shoes Annual Report 28

Income taxes: MY NEW RED SHOES is publicly supported and exempt from income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Inventory Valuation: Inventories consist of shoes, gift cards, and something special accessories, and are valued at the lower of cost or market. MY NEW RED SHOES determines cost using the specific identification inventory method.

MY NEW RED SHOES receives support from various individuals and organizations consisting of the free use of facilities, equipment, goods and services. The free goods and services partially defray the costs that MY NEW RED SHOES would otherwise incur for program services, fundraising, and management and general expenditures. A partial list of donated goods and services received is noted Accounting Services $9,600 Background checks (PFC Information Services) $1,378 Payroll service ( $516 Fedex delivery service $667 Volunteer services (which would otherwise have been purchased) $42,176 Gift Cards $1,015 Supplies $3,948 Shoe donations (Nike/Converse) $65,410 Office space ( $11,352 Warehouse space (Nvidia Corporation) $5,700 MY NEW RED SHOES also receives donated services from other contributors and volunteers that are not measurable and, therefore, are excluded from the financial statements.

During the year, temporarily restricted net assets were restricted for the following purposes: Clothing for confidence program $89,029 Kids helping kids program $20,000 As of September 30, 2009, temporarily restricted net assets of $94,029 were released. MY NEW RED SHOES will carry over $15,000 of temporarily restricted net assets to the next fiscal year.

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 29

We have made every effort to ensure accuracy in the Annual Report. If, however, your name has been omitted, misspelled or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and let us know about the error by contacting Caron Tabb, Executive Director, by phone at (650) 539-5454, by email at or by mail at the address below.

111Anza Blvd. Suite 110 Burlingame, CA 94010 650-241-3911

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