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Moisture modeling PLEASE HELP!

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Hello, Does anybody know how to model moisture within fluent? I understand that the species transport model has to be implemented but it is not clear how to set up the model. I am looking at the humidity levels within a livestock trailer. I have modeled sheep as large blocks with a surface generating heat. I now need to set up a humidity model. Does anybody know how I would approach this problem? What type of boundary condition would I need to set? I assume it will simply be a wall with a base level of wetness but it is not clear to me. If anybody can help that would be much appreciated. All the best, Carlos.

August 3, 2007, 21:04

Re: Moisture modeling - PLEASE HELP!


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Hi Use the Species model and define the properties of the "mixture species" in the materials window to have H2O and Air (H2O must be the top one). Choose "volume-wheighted" for density and "mass-weighted" for thermal conductivity and viscousity. Then specify the moisture mass fraction for inlets to the domain (this is the humidity ratio in the psycrometric chart). Specify a "constant" mass fraction value for the body of the sheep.

August 7, 2007, 09:23

Re: Moisture modeling - PLEASE HELP!



19:26 Re: Moisture modeling . August 7.PLEASE HELP! #5 Carlos Guest Posts: n/a Hi AAA. Carlos.html 11/29/2010 . Have you heard about a Psychrometric chart? This chart is usually used by HVAC engineers (please find one) to find properties of air such as humidity ratio (mass fraction) by knowing the temperature and relative humidity. if you can find some one to show you the chart and explain it to you. Best regards. this will be better. maybe I should leave the outlet alone this time! Your help is much appreciated. Now if you don't know any HVAC enngineers. 2007. Thats great. 2007. Still. for example. this method appears to work fine much appreciated. Kind Regards August 7.PLEASE HELP! #4 AAA Guest Posts: n/a Hi Relative humidity must never exeed 100%. 18:03 Re: Moisture modeling . among others. Just wondered if you had any idea of typical mass fractions of vapour for my boundary conditions? When postprocessing I find that contour plots of relative humidity show values of 1000's of %! Clearly the humidity cannot exceed 100% at any given temperature. I think I may be having problems because I am specifying the humidity on the inlet AND the outlet.PLEASE HELP! -. Thanks http://www. kindly send me the temperature and relative humidity you are using for the inlet boundary and I will give you the values for the mass fraction.CFD Online Discussion Forums Page 2 of 3 Carlos Guest Posts: n/a Thanks for your help AAA. thanks for your advice. This will enable you to specify the mass fraction at the inlet and also predict the relative humidity at the outlet. If you have any ideas please let me modeling .cfd-online.

?please help me.. every where isolated except for Regards August 7.. thank you http://www. Otherwise. 2007. August 7.i am trying to write UDF to include natural convection using bossinique model in simple species transport without reaction phenomenon.CFD Online Discussion Forums Page 3 of 3 is almost same.PLEASE HELP! #7 Carlos Guest Posts: n/a Thats brilliant! Thanks. 2009.html 11/29/2010 .com/Forums/fluent/45587-moisture-modeling-please-help. 12:36 #8 denise New Member Join Date: Oct 2009 Posts: 13 Rep Power: 3 Dear AAA.. 20:03 Re: Moisture modeling . Carlos.Moisture modeling . This is done by knowing the temperature and relative humidity at the inlet and finding the corresponding mass fraction from a Psychrometric chart. you might cross the 100% relative humidity line again. 2007. what is the source term? there is no generation of humidity in my room.but in Fluent i can see temperature gradient but there is no mass fraction of H2O gradient. i am trying to solve humidity transfer in enclosure.. 21:15 Re: Moisture modeling . October 25.ceiling is cooled.PLEASE HELP! -.PLEASE HELP! #6 AAA Guest Posts: n/a Hi You still have to specify a "practical" mass fraction for moisture at the inlet to get a reasonable relative humidity for the domain.

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