What is SWOT Analysis?
A SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and is a simple and powerful way to analyze your company's present marketing situation. The best way to understand SWOT is to look at an actual example: AMT is a computer store in a medium-sized market in the United States. Lately it has suffered through a steady business decline caused mainly by increasing competition from larger office products stores with national brand names. The following is the SWOT analysis included in its marketing plan.


Huge number of customer care centre can increase the number of customer. Low call rate 3. No one can copyright their company patents.STRENGTH These are the strengths of Warid telecom – 1. their call rate is so cheap. Low price internet service: Warid internet price is so cheap. This is one of the most important strengths for Warid telecom Ltd. Instant cash back and high frequency 1. Good customer care 4. Low call rate: Warid telecom. 3.29taka Warid to Warid and other operator number is 0. 2. 4. In city or town area there are available customer cares centre. For this reason they are different from other company. For this reason they are different from other competitor. Patents: Warid have company patents. where they serve their customers. In FNF number their call rate is 0. Good customer care: Warid telecom has good customer care.20 taka for 1KB download. Low price internet service 5. 2 . They cut 0.69taka per min. In caring customer they use modern technology and equipment. Patents 2.

Slow internet service 5.5. They use modern technology and equipment which is costly. They invest lot of money. But in rural area it is difficult to get Warid network. We can hear clearly. Instant cash back and high frequency: Warid gives instant cash back facilities. In city or town area their call frequency is high. High cost structure 2. because they have network towers in many places. WEAKNESS: These are the weakness of Warid telecom – 1. 3 . High cost structure: Warid company structure is so high cost. Frequency is low in rural area 6. Customer care is not available in rural area 4. If their customer uses minimum 5 taka then they give 20% cash back. Network is not available in rural area 3. 2. Easy-load service is not available 1. There are no sufficient numbers of network towers in rural areas. Network is not available in rural area: In city or town customer they get Warid network.

The network of Warid internet cannot be found. OPPORTUNITIES: 1. 4. Slow internet service: Warid internet service is so slow. Warid increases their internet speed 5. because their network is not available in rural area.3. But in rural area it is difficult to find out Warid customer care. Easy-load service are not available: Easy-load services are not available. It should be more so that they don’t have to face the problems of recharging or otherwise they will loose even the existing customers. Frequency is low in rural area: Warid call frequency is so low in rural area. Warid developing their easy-load service 4. 6. Warid tries to increases their customer care in rural area 4 . Warid tries to develop their network 2. Sometime it is 15 to 20 kbps speed. Customer care is not available in rural area: In city or town we see so many customers care. For this reason customer can’t recharge. Joint-venture with Airtel 3. 5. We can’t hear clearly.

Banglalink 3. 4. THREATS: They are the threats for Warid telecom – 1. 3. Warid tries to increases their customer care in rural area: Warid telecoms try to increases their customer care center in rural area. Citycell 5. Warid tries to develop their network: In rural area Warid network is not available. Sometime it’s speed 15 to 20 kbps. For this reason they try to develop their network and they want to distribute their network. which is a great offer for them. 2010.If they could reach there they could have get more customers than now what they have. Joint-venture with Airtel: Warid will start their joint venture with Airtel in 10 December. Warid developing their easy-load service: Warid easy-load service is not available. 2. Robi 4. Teletalk 5 . Warid try to increases their internet speed. By which they can increase the number of customers. For this reason they develop their easy-load service.1. So. 5. Grameenphone 2. In rural area their customer service is not available. Still they couldn’t reach to the rural areas. Warid increases their internet speed: Warid internet speed is slow.

Citycell and Teletalk are weak competitor for Warid. new benefits and new services so it would be a threat for the Warid telecom. New competitors New competitors are the companies such as Vodafone. Government also can fix the Warid’s call rate. They are not a big threat for Warid. As they will come with new prices. Whenever a government changes they changes the strategies and also the policies of the company. since new government has new plans. which will come in future and they can create threats for the existing company like Warid Telecom. Because they have weak network. Grameenphone and Banglalink have cheap call rate. Government regulation: If government wants they can increase the tax rate on sim of Warid telecom. high call rate and not good customer care. strong network and strong customer service. Even they can ban the company.Strong competitor: Grameenphone and Banglalink are the biggest threats for Warid telecom. 6 . Weak competitor: Robi. Idea and so on.

7 . Companies are inherently insular and inward looking SWOT’s are a means by which a company can better understand what it does very well and where its shortcomings are.matching a firm’s opportunities and threats with its strengths and weaknesses.Conclusion SWOT helps a company to see itself for better and for worse. Central to making SWOT analysis effective is accurate internal analysis – the identification of specific strengths and weaknesses around which sound strategy can be built. SWOT analysis has been a framework of choice among many managers for a long time because of its simplicity and its portrayal of the essence of sound strategy formulation . SWOT’s will help the company size up the competitive landscape and get some insight into the vagaries of the marketplace.

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