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Anything but stationary
It is estimated that the Indian market for school and education sector is currently hovering around the Rs 5,000 crore mark. Given the governmentís emphasis on education, this market will only grow in the days ahead. Add to this the demand for paper and stationery items from offices at all levels. All this obviously translates into huge business potential for the stationery industry. Both domestic as well as international players would want to leverage on the growing demands. While Indian players are busy strengthening their positions, some international biggies ñ like Staples and OfficeOne ñ have already arrived on the scene. Thereís a lot for everybody but who gets the larger pie, is something only time will tell. The race is on and the industry is abuzz with words like expansion and innovation. A few months back Todayís Writing Products Ltd (TWPL) opened its first stationery retail store under the brand name Offix and announced the plan to open 500 such stores based on franchise model over a period of three years. ITCís stationery business, which reportedly is growing over 100 per cent per annum, is expanding its product portfolio by diversifying into writing instruments and offering customised solutions. Meanwhile, Navneet is looking at consolidating its leadership position by launching innovative marketing ideas. It has become the first Indian stationery company to install automatic vending machines that will make available products like long books, notebooks, drawing books, pencils and various other stationery products to its consumers. The plan is have 100 such machines within a year. These are just a few examples but they obviously point towards really interesting times ahead. One cannot help but notice that except for the sound, stationery has nothing to do with the word ëstationaryí; this industry is really happening and dynamic. Do share your views with us at timesb2b@netscribes.com Content Editor











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The hexagonal build is a natural. As a part of the spring 2008. consumer durables. Operator Hex Ride. Having launched its first hypermarket in Vadodara with the investment of Rs 25 crore. Innovation has been its paramount global brand value. over a period of five years. both functionally and visually. by opting for a new partnership between the two. The company had declared its intent to emerge as one of the leading retail players in India by planning 1. Oracle will provide retail-based applications. A mega plan is aimed at turning the existing kirana stores into their franchisees. covering the entire bottom of the shoe.000 crore in expanding its operations across the country. Lifestyle. Earlier. Kinetic Fit system and many more. finance related and infrastructure software to the retail arm of Aditya Birla group. Now this technology will be a part of performance running styles such as – the Smooth Fit Hex Ride. The Hex Ride range will be available in Reebok stores across India for both men and women. AV Birla to open hypermarkets soon For Representational Purpose only ten more Around ten hypermarkets under the brand name ëmoreí. DMX and ERS cushioning systems. ABRL had unveiled its plan to invest. Reebok’s Hex Ride running footwear collection features a hexagonal. new practices. in the companyís hypermarket ñ Vishal Megamart. honeycomb-style build which is one of the top strength to weight ratio constructions engineering can offer. efficient. restaurants. which will be a part of the performance running footwear.NATIONALnews Reebok’s latest Hex Ride Collection Reebok has always mixed and matched sporty look with chic style. visual merchandising skill and special promotional schemes on offer. Vishal Retail has chosen to look for smart options RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 5 . It will also take over their supply chain completely. The evolution of Reebok’s Hexalite technology was previously featured only in the heel or fore-foot of the shoe. Hex Ride technology features exceptional cushioning while still providing a lightweight ride. Reebok launched the new state-of-the-art technology . Vishal Retail is also planning to foray into the cash and carry business in the current financial year. since this partnership will help kiranas survive the onslaught of organised retail by enhancing their competitiveness. This model of business can create a win-win situation for both the retailers. These various formats will be categorised For Representational Purpose only Vishal Retail’s mega plan In the tug of war between organised and unorganised retail.000 ñ 10. footwear and speciality formats dedicated to fashion are likely to be the retail options.Hex Ride. ABRL has announced its plan to launch more of such formats in Gujarat and Delhi. IT. will be rolled out by the AV Birlaís retail venture ñ the Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABRL). and energy saving pattern allowing more stable and softer ride. Over the years. Hex Exec and Hex Ride Rally. A minimum guarantee to all kirana stores will be offered by Vishal in order to ensure that they do not lose out on revenue after having joined hands with Vishal. Hex Ride technology is dramatically larger and more impactful. Rs 8. Providing consumers with the best of both the worlds.500 super markets and 100 hypermarket stores in the next five years. Vishal Retail will provide kirana stores with technology. As a franchisor. Reebok has paved the way with new technologies such as – The Pump. This footwear collection is innovative as well as a fashion-forward lifestyle product.

These are the innovative ways in which Vimal will redefine fashion. World’s No. Vimal is all set to offer its customers the best from the world of fashion. In this relaunch phase. feel. the flagship textile brand of Reliance Industries Limited opened its second exclusive retail store at KG Road in Bangalore. 6 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . This Indian textile brand is back with contemporary products that will appeal to the fashion savvy consumers and offer contemporary shopping experience. Koutons has big plans for retail expansion Koutons Retail India Ltd. By the financial year 2010. A new retail partnership forged between Dell and Croma Now a wide range of award-winning Dell Products will be available at select Croma stores. The Dell XPS and Inspiron systems will be available at the Croma stores with distinctive Dell branding and support. the well-known and reputed designer and master suit-craftsman from Italy who is based in Florence. including casuals and formals and the likes. as part of the "Vimal Master Craftsmen Initiative". The redesigned Vimal showrooms will reflect the bold new spirit of Vimal. ëLes Femmeí will sell womenís western wear. browse and experience the Dell Products. Presently. A step in this direction has been Vimalís association with Maurizio Bonas. The home delivered facility will also be available. along with its brand new identity. It will open 100 Les Femme and Koutons Junior outlets and double this number in the 2010 financial year. The whole idea behind this initiative is to help customers touch.5 ñ 3 billion through equity in 2009ñ10 to fund its big expansion plans. They can also request for customisations of those products in order to suit their specific requirements. the upcoming apparel discount retailer aims to raise Rs 2. are also on the cards.150 outlets including Koutons and Charlie Outlaw outlets across the country. Mr Bonas has been associated with Vimal now for a year in its endeavour to train leading suit-makers in the metro cities. This will be the first time for Dell Products to be made available in India through such retail outlets. the company has forayed into womenís For Representational Purpose only wear and kidswear segment with brands like ñ Les Femme and Koutons Junior. Koutons is also looking at acquiring several regional brands as part of this venture. These outlets are likely to open in metros. Recently. the aim is to double this number. 2 maker of personal computers – Dell. Along with revamping its collection. Vimal will offer a shopping ambience that reflects an international retail design and architecture. has tied up with Indian retailer Infinity Retail to sell its laptops and desktops through the Croma chain of stores. The consumers can experience and place a customised order for Dell laptops and desktops (‘Dell Products’) with the consumer electronics retailer in India. Maurizio Bonas will develop seasonal collections for both apparel and fabrics at Vimal to re-define fashion for the new Indian along with giving his valuable inputs on ëvisual merchandisingí at the exclusive Vimal stores. Launching exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) in the near future in order to showcase their latest offerings. the company has a network of 1. tier-1 and tier-2 cities. Vimal to re-define fashion with a reputed Italian designer Vimal. on the art of making fine quality Italian suits.NATIONALnews into separate divisions and will have different CEOs heading them. Dell’s extensive range of acclaimed products will be showcased in a premium retail environment for the first time in India.

and mass merchandising industries. The company said that it is in discussions to sell certain assets of its remaining two Pharm Stores in independent transactions. Spartan to sell 12 Pharm Retail Stores to Rite Aid Corporation For representational purpose only For representational purpose only Apple seizes No 1 position in music retail from WalMart Apple has finally managed to dash ahead of Wal-Mart to become the USís largest music retailer. UK Marks & Spencer has opened a new contemporary 6. Inc. Buckley will be responsible for developing health and nutrition marketing programmes for Vestcomís recently initiated turnkey grocery wellness marketing programme designed for retailers of all sizes. The programme will provide retailers with easy-toread. The only thing that remains uncertain is whether this momentum will carry Apple through the rest of 2008. According to the latest data from NPD MusicWatch. Inc hires well-known nutritionist to head its in-store health and nutrition programme Vestcom International. the leading provider of datadriven shelf-edge marketing solutions to major retailers and brand manufacturers in the grocery. data-driven. while lighting with movement sensors will help to save energy use in the store. Some 70 per cent of all construction waste materials have been recycled. integrated shelf communications that will operate as colour-coded nutrition ëflagsí to identify foods that meet special dietary needs. The transaction is anticipated to occur in 45 to 60 days.000 quality food products from ready meals to fresh produce. The company said that the profits from the sale would be used to help fund its disclosed strategic growth objectives. under the supervision of Anissa Buckley. drug.600 sq ft food store in Ilkley. the largest independently-owned opticians in Scotland. Vestcom also thinks that its health and wellness marketing programme. is a major factor that will help M&S reach its overall goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2012. will provide retailers with the support they need to adopt value-added in-store programs that identify healthy products and streamline shelf-execution. Apple Spartan Stores Inc (SPTN) has agreed to sell certain assets of 12 of its 14 Pharm Retail Stores to Rite Aid Corporation (RAD). Testing eco-solutions to meet the challenges that food retailing presents. and/or Heart Healthy. has been sold to a conglomerate of RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 7 . salads and snacks to an extensive range of fine wines and champagne. a retail marketing company founded in 2005 to support its new initiative. The store stocks over 2. For representational purpose only Vestcom International. It has an in-store bakery and integrates a number of initiatives as part of the company’s five year ‘eco’ plan.GLOBALnews M&S inaugurates its new ‘green’ store in Ilkley. Vestcom family believes that Buckleyís experience will prove to be a huge asset towards the programmeís success. Healthy Kids. It was certainly a quick climb for Apple to the top. Water-saving features include dual flush toilets and self-closing taps. tapped out the retail giant in both January and February music sales. Vestcom recently acquired Buckleyís Rochester. Based on a congratulatory noted circulated to Apple employees. M&S now has ‘Simply Food’ stores across UK. Black & Lizars sold to European retail giant for £20 million Black & Lizars. the iTunes Store gained control over a 19 percent share of all US-based retail music sales for at least one week in January. such as Gluten Free. which was enough to instigate the online music store to the No 1 position. New York-based ëNo Excuse Nutritioní. Organic. has announced the hiring of Anissa Buckley as senior director health and wellness. a few points ahead of Wal-Martís 15 per cent share.

1 million). The Glasgow-based firm. This will result in a 30 per cent reduction in CO2 for Tesco. fresh lettuce and ranch or honey mustard sauce wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. portable snacking options at a reasonable price. which has 255 staff and can trace its history back 178 years. one of the worldís largest and most successful restaurant operating and franchising companies. in October at a cost of Euro 12. The store will make use of timber columns in preference to steel. solar panels to generate electricity. Tesco has been testing new technologies in its stores across the country and as a result of which it has come up with a more sustainable blueprint for its new building. will be available in Grilled. founder of the Warehouse Group. and new technology to create self-sufficiency for heating and hot water. better insulation. The store will utilise 45 per cent less energy and will save 420 tonnes in carbon emissions. The consortium has entrusted an initial funding package to expand the Glasgow-based chainís 25 outlets in Scotland and Northern Ireland through acquisition and to take the brand into England and mainland Europe. more efficient baking ovens. Tesco’s ‘eco store’ drive is certainly not about short-term environmentfriendly initiatives. Spicy or Homestyle ñ with shredded cheddar cheese.GLOBALnews TESCO to initiate its first green store in Ireland For representational purpose only For representational purpose only European investors in a deal assumed to be worth more than £20 million. These chicken wraps are designed to meet consumersí growing demand for high quality. London-based international optical retail entrepreneur Majid Sadjadi is the new chief executive. Wendyís believes that the excellent quality of its chicken and its proprietary spicy offering will enable them to stand out from other competitive wraps in the market. centre-cut chicken breast fillets.5 million (US$ 18. Wendy’s plans to bring in chicken wraps for hungry consumers on the go Wendyís. 8 For representational purpose only RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . has announced that it is introducing a new line of three Chicken Go Wraps. The Chicken Go Wraps. air retrieval and recycling measures. is expected to become part of a Europe-wide network under the chairmanship of UK retail veteran Maurice Bennett CBE. Oasis Stores and Phase Eight. Tesco plans to open its first ‘eco store’ in Ireland. featuring tender. but also about transforming its business model so that the reduction of its carbon footprint becomes a central driver of its business.

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these mundane utility items have come of age. but it is interesting how retailers are trying to make both the ends meet. We are one of the organised national players in the stationery segment with probably the widest range of products in student stationery market. Navneetís aim is to give excellent and value added quality products at reasonable rates. put inside cardboard boxes. The biggest example here is that earlier books were sold in gunny bags by kilos and now they are shrinking wrapped in packs of 10. scrap books. subject specific books and so on. pencils. which together publish more than 3500 titles yearly. this industry has seen a lot of changes over the years. kindly explain? Navneet has adopted ëKaizení since 2002 in our stationery manufacturing units and distribution depots at Silvassa. Yet. retailing of school or office stationery is churning out to be a popular business sector. journal paper. What are paper stationery and non-paper stationery? Which of the two brings more lucrative business and why? Navneet Publications (I) Ltd has emerged as a leader in the field of providing syllabus and non-syllabus based educational material to students. pens. feel and smell of these ordinary items had an extraordinary value for students then. colour pencils and exciting colour range which will be shortly introduced. It was started as a completely unorganised sector. which is slowly changing. Navneet Publications (India) Limited W When I was in school. Daman and Vasai. erasers. practical books. The book publishing division consists of educational books. Navneet Publications (India) Limited is a leading player in the field of providing syllabus and non-syllabus based education material to students since 1959. with the buzz word being ëgreen consumerismí. the brand Navneet enjoys a monopoly status and unshakable brand loyalty. There are old players and new ones in this brewing avenue now. shares his views on the trends of stationery retailing and Navneetís journey so far. sharpeners. Their various techniques have been implemented and practiced since then. The biggest advantage for Navneet has been the timely production and distribution of quality products in the 10 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . notebooks and the likes. How has Navneet adopted KAIZEN (Lean Manufacturing System) in their production. Yes. As such. notebooks. notepads. Also. recycling and eco-friendly products are being encouraged. The product portfolio is constantly evolving with innovation and stateof-the-art manufacturing technology coming in. Hence. sharpeners. Has retailing of stationery and paper products come of age? Kindly elaborate. staplers and the likes are always in demand. being the regular use products. Over a period of time. Navneet is always on the lookout for newer avenues to serve the student community. The advent of the organised retail has also added to this change. drawing books. The paper stationery products include different varieties of ñ long books. Navneet stationery has successfully established itself as one of Indiaís most loved stationery brands. childrenís and general books. some of my most prized possessions were my pencil box. The newest segment is the non-paper stationery segment under the brand name ëFuní with its innovative and state-of-the-art range of products like ñ writing pencils. The look. It might be more expensive.COVERstory Smart equipment for you Sayanti Banerjee finds out more about the art of stationery retailing from Shailendra Gala – VP Stationery Division. How has Navneet positioned itself in the Indian stationery market so far? Navneet Publications (India) Limited has emerged as a leader in the field of providing syllabus and non-syllabus based educational material to students since 1959. erasers. Navneet Publications is broadly divided into two strategic business divisions ñ ëBook Publishing Divisioní and ëStationery Divisioní. techno savvy generation. But now with the gizmo. Shailendra Gala ñ VP Stationery Division. Navneetís stationery division is the only one across the country to offer an entire range of student stationery products since the last 12 years. eraser.

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This machine accepts credit cards as well. Why did Navneet decide to tie up with Grabbit? Is this advance technology suitable for India? We at Navneet are always trying to give something new and extra from service point of view. it is also motivational. How does Navneet ensure that its stationery goods are eco-friendly? Majority of our products are eco-friendly. 12 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . There is no worry of putting exact currency as the machine will also return the change after purchase. After the cane has been crushed to make sugar.COVERstory minimum required space and optimum utilisation of resources. for example ñ Indian Railwaysí ticket vending machine. Making the purchase of any product is now become easy and more convenient. as stated before. You just have to select the product and then the attendant will do the operational part for you. youngsters always look up to all the players. Though this concept of vending is very unique but it is well accepted in our country. What according to you are the advantages of the new age savvy Grabbit vending machine? Highlighting Points on Grabbit vending machine are as follows: Instant product availability Brand perception Showcasing Products are available in a single machine at MRP and no extra cost is charged Machine has currency detector. How user-friendly will the system be? Kindly give an idea of the operation. Navneet is always looking for better value-added products for its consumers ñ mainly students. how they think and the experiences they shared in their journey to reach greater heights. Grabbit is an innovative venture between Navneet group and Empire Industries Pvt Ltd. Insert the currency and the machine will deliver the product of your choice within seconds. of choosing respective code of the product. How successful have exhibitions ‘Stationery World’ been so far? like The company has been actively participating in all major book fairs in India and abroad to gain a wider scope of business and to have hands on experience with other major developments in this field. The thought behind this series is to show students the story of their success. Credit cards are also accepted Personal attendance for its customers Creates brand consciousness and recall amongst our consumers. Why did Navneet decide to tie up with Reebok in order to promote the stories of sportsmen like Dhoni through their notebooks? The Reebok series has currently two cricketers ñ Dhoni and Yuvraj and also one basketball player ñ Allen Iverson. What they did. Since cricket is like a religion in this country. Our paper stationery products are not produced from cutting down trees. This should definitely motivate students to overcome challenges in their respective fields. How educative do you think it will be? Again. to make this paper product absolutely world-class. They are made from a renewable raw material ëbagasseí or sugarcane waste. This series is not only educative. the left over pulp is turned into paper and ëNavneet My Long Bookí eco-buddy book uses this paper and the technology that is harnessed. Mega Events like ñ ëStationery Worldí definitely helps us in generating revenue in terms of brand awareness in the industry.


We believe that customer loyalty will interpret profits for us. We provide complete range of stationery products with prices below its MRP cost. we wish to offer our customers the experience of shopping for their stationery. like never before. retail industry is heedless towards the business of stationery products. The best part is that due to immense competition. Do you think this will hinder the growth of organised retail players in this segment? What factors do you think will help to pull customers towards organised retail outlets? The unorganised nature of the present stationery market is a boon for us. Students and parents are always on the lookout for the latest products. Parents want their children to use the best and new products. With globalisation. Customers always look for good shopping experience. how the company has established its stationery retailing business in the tier 1 and 2 cities Tell us something about Cartoleria Retailing Pvt Ltd. We will be the pioneers to offer discount on the text books this year. they do not get to see the new products. Customers do not have any choice to select from. Customers like to see. How is the competition in the stationery retailing segment? What care must be taken to survive in this competition? At present. When it comes to shopping in big cities. We are veterans in this business of stationery Stationery market in India is unorganised. and hence. which then go in our favour.COVERstory Chasing big dreams in small towns Sandhya Patil finds out from Vikram Mane. These factors make it difficult for the customers to make a buy decision. Indian manufacturers have started pacing with International players. and even the untrained manpower in the shop has no product knowledge. we face competition from the traditional market. This passion propelled us to start Cartoleria Retailing Pvt Ltd. ëpriceí is not a vital issue. a blend of modern retail experience with personal touch factor helps in a big way to attract 14 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . We have also tied up with several schools for supply of text books. With too many SKUs coming of age and the prices of a majority of products getting insignificant. note books and other stationery products to the students at affordable discounts. we can now have an access to any thing and every thing that is latest in the market. However. Modern stationery retail market is yet to grow in India. However. Cartoleria Retailing Pvt Ltd. We saw that there was lack of awareness about the stationery retailing business in India and hence. CEO. this competition is manageable. feel and try the products. felt the need to offer modern retail experience to the Indian customers. Could you tell us what are the trends like in the stationery market in India? How has the market for stationery transformed with retail industry taking hold on almost every segment? What is your take on this? How do you think the retail trend will translate profits for your business? Today average spending per student on stationery products has increased substantially. How did you get started with the stationery retailing business? Why do you feel the need to start the stationery retail business? Stationery trade outside India is altogether a different business.

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may be we will be the support provider for stationery products to all major retail chains. Tell us about the products you retail? Where is this stationery being manufactured? How does supply chain management and logistics work for you? We have an all brand umbrella. which thus works as our plus point. Most of the customers approach our experts first before placing orders. Tell us about your institutional sales. the customer remains clueless. They will see the stationery shopping malls very soon. We have also made available more efficient ways for our customers to place their orders.COVERstory the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the state. In the near future. Our product range includes: Office Stationery School Stationery Student Stationery Home Stationery Executive Stationery. Stationery retailing with modern format will be a treat to the customers. How do you make the office supplies available to your customers? I feel that the Institutional sales are full of ëcheatingí. We help them with advices. And I believe that this will surely take us ahead and away from the competition. Today. We deal in all kinds of products. The suppliers have taken full advantage of customersí ignorance and have cheated them on both quality and quantity level. And I believe that we will certainly have a big impact on stationery retailing in India very soon. These suppliers quote rates for the best quality products and supply cheap and inferior quality products. Cartoleria has also employed experts to assist its customers with their buy decision. they want us to spread our concept in all the malls they have in Maharashtra. Gujarat. They can place their orders through our website. We keep our delivery commitments. They were looking out for someone who will help them start this section in their shop. fax or phone. Customers love the attention and being pampered as well. We have been in these markets for some time and our customers want to see more of us. we have a central supply hub at CBD Belapur and we take care of supplies to our outlets and office supplies from this location. Our delivery vans carry supplies to our customers. How has been the response from these markets? Do you have any plans to take your business to the tier 1 cities? Are you planning to extend your business in other states as well? Our business strategy depends mainly on offering our service in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. And the deal was cracked. There are other big retail chains who want us to do business with them. computer printer ñ suppliers deliver 800 sheets in place of 1000 sheets to the customers practically all over. These factors help us to get more and more customers to our shop. ‘For Representational Purpose Only’ customers in the shop. Haryana and Punjab. We approached them at the right time. However. What is your annual turnover? What are your future retail plans? We have just been in this business for a very short-time. Short quantity supplies are rampant. We at Cartoleria. At present. Our customers have full faith in us. Any final comments for our readers. For instance.We have plans to extend our business in Gujarat and Karnataka in this financial year. follow the transparent policy. These cities give us the broad reach to expand our business with less scope for competition. We have no plans to migrate to tier 1 cities as of now . What kind of business strategy do you follow? Your business is already spread across 16 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . How did the tie up with Godrej Agrovet Ltd happen? Is there anything more to come for Cartoleria? Godrej Aadhaar did not have a full-fledged stationery section.

What is unique about the concept of ‘refilling’ printer cartridges? How costeffective and efficient is it? We use cartridge specific raw material (ink. What according to you are the reasons behind Cartridge World’s success? Cartridge Worldís partners in India ñ AFL (The leading express and logistics company) had all it required. Sayanti Banerjee finds out what makes them stand out in the business world How evolved is the stationery retail sector in India.500 crore opportunity growing at over 30 per cent YOY with no saturation point in view in the future. toner and parts). Bangalore. Delhi. How has Cartridge World’s journey to success been so far? Cartridge World was founded in South Australia in 1997. which are of quality comparable to that of OEMs. what more does Cartridge World wish to offer? Our mission is to provide retail and institutional customers with the best sales and service packages on the supply of consumables. Jaipur. Cartridge World.consumables and services business. Kolkata. Cartridge World operates on a three tier franchise model and all our stores are independently owned and operated by the independent franchisees. After having been named as ‘No.1 toner replacement service franchise’. printers and provide information on the benefits of reusing and recycling. Each cartridge is recharged through a process specific to it. Cartridge World promotes this concept by helping customers reuse their spent cartridges and also by using recycling process itself. industry estimates reflect that printer consumables are more than a Rs 2. Today. Cartridge World.Reuse .Recycleí. Currently we have 34 operational stores across 16 locations like Mumbai. Indore. RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 17 . Also. consumers today have specific needs and manufacturers and retailers are aligning themselves with those consumer needs. Kindly share your expansion plans with us. a well planned strategy and adept execution by the team in India. presently? Stationery retail in India is largely unorganised. Hyderabad. How eco-friendly are the products? The basic mantra for any environment friendly process is: ëReduce . All cartridges recharged at Cartridge World come with 100 per cent money back guarantee. We are glad that it is recognised by FAI and the jury members for the prestigious ëNew Concept in Franchisingí award. differentiates itself by helping customers to re-use their cartridges while guaranteeing OEM like quality at a fraction of the cost. to enable us address their specific architecture. it is one of the worldís largest retailers of printer cartridge refilling services with over 1600 stores across 46 countries. This has given birth to the concept of speciality stores which offer a wide range of products and specialised services to customers unlike the kirana stores. However.We are planning to introduce printer servicing and repair services very soon. In India. CEO South Asia. Cartridge Worldís ability to recharge printer cartridges at half the cost while guaranteeing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) like performance and alleviating consumers of any warranty and quality worries have made it popular. The concept is unique as it is a win-win-win model for the customer. Our retail stores are ëone-stop shopí for all printer related needs. Chennai. We aim to have 100 stores by the end of financial year 2008ñ09 and expand our retail presence to tier 2 cities in India. We operate on franchised retail store format. we aim to cover every region in such a way that the Cartridge World stores are within the reach of our customers. This is the gap that the organised players are positioning themselves to cater to. the franchisee and Cartridge World. Guwahati to name a few.COVERstory A new concept in franchising Through an interview with Naveen Rakhecha. The success was a result of thorough market research. through use of innovative technology. How well does Cartridge World fit into this retail sector? Cartridge World is uniquely positioned as a speciality retail format covering digital imaging supplies .

There has been a warm response from the consumers. size. as awareness is created that it has always been a complete Indian product. Working with key retailers has been much organised as we go by the annual agreement which is mutually accepted by both. which they are situated (the first stage has been the major metros) like Landmark. how one can ‘experience the finest in paper’ S Srinivas Fine Arts (SFA) has established itself successfully in the Indian printing industry. c) customers’ response? There has been a good response from these markets. large and medium formats who have considerable footfall or the location at Stationery market in India is unorganised. National Manager – Retail. this company has always ensured to offer its customers the world-class technology by manufacturing and marketing high quality stationery products for the domestic and international markets. The reason for this focussed presence is that we are providing the right product for the right customer. We are present in Mumbai. as the product is reaching the end consumer through these key retailers. as the quality and the design of our product range is of very high standard. Footfalls to the key retail and the quality of the customer profile will translate into awareness of our products and translate to customer satisfaction and business profits. Bangalore. we believe that there has been a change in a shopperí s shopping habits. More than 40 year old company. Currently we are planning to enter into the medium format stores of the same key retails in tier 2 cities like Mysore.COVERstory Of elegance and substance Sandhya Patil learns from Anand Laksminarayan. which is now changing. How has been the response from these markets – with regards to a) the demographic presence b) working with big retailers and. Reliance Time Out. Staples. Srinivas Fine Arts (SFA). Which retail format do you fall in? In which cities do you vend your products? How did the tie up with various big retailers happen? We fall into the major retail key stores. Based in Sivakasi. and many more. Pune. whose presence is very vast and spread across the country. Odyssey. and so on. design and utility. Hence. the demographics of the key retailers and the footfalls is a major advantage for us and our product presence is adding value to them (giving the customer a better choice). Do you think running a mall or having your space in the mall proves out to be a good business investment? Please elucidate your point of view. Hyderabad. Chennai. Delhi. there is no loop for confusion. Costs matter in this venture. Nightingaleí s wide variety of products are designed to enhance individualí s written expression by giving them the best quality stationery. SFA kick started the stationery business by launching products under the brand name ë Nightingaleí . And this has rendered us with an opportunity to start our retail course with major retailers of the country. We plan to focus entirely on the growth of the organised retail segment in the future and make our presence with them. based on quality. in India? How has the market for stationery transformed with retail industry taking hold on almost every segment? How do you think the retail trend will translate profit for your business? In todayí s changing retailing business environment.This is the reason. And hence. why we have planned to start up shop-in-shop with the major key retail chains across the country. Crosswords. Kolkata. as he/ she wants to buy what he/ she needs. In fact many customers feel that ë Nightingaleí is a brand from the UK. Do you think this will hinder the growth of organised retail players in this segment? What factors do you think will help to pull 18 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . and others. Why do you feel the need to start the stationery retail business? Could you tell us what are the trends in the stationery market.

What’ s your take on this? Is SFA into the race of ‘ eco-friendly’ products? We never used leather from the time we started this business. customers towards organised retail outlet? This used to be a fact but is changing as there are major stationery manufacturers joining the race. In many of our products. ëExperience the finest in paperí is our motto and we take all pleasure to stand up to this commitment by innovation and offering the customer the best of paper products with attractive designs which in itself gives a different experience in writing. we are planning to advertise in selective in flight magazines. As for us. Our future retail plans are to join hands with the major key retailers and make our product range available to the consumer at all times for the many years to come. especially diaries and hard bound books. We are planning to introduce green stationery/ eco-friendly office products in future. we belong to a premium segment and cater to the selective consumer who truly believes in high quality. How do you make the office supplies available to your customers? How does the 19 . Orders are confirmed and the end product is delivered to the corporate. We customise diaries for the major corporates. Which products do you manufacture at SFA? ‘ Eco-friendly’ is a current buzz word with ‘ green consumerism’ making waves amongst various businesses. For the current year. We use cotton cloth as cover material in some of our diaries. we are always ahead of such competition. RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 Tell us about your institutional/ corporate sales. One of the major reasons for this is that the diary is a seasonal product. designs and finish. But we believe in sensible BTL (below-the-line) strategy like good merchandising and product displays in all the outlets we are present. Hence we do in-shop ad like POS (pointof-sale) and mailers and we take part in the stationery expos in India in different regions for creating product awareness and continuous press write-ups are given in the newsprint. fashion. But since we upgrade our manufacturing technology and designs very often. What is your annual turnover? What are your future retail plans? We are a more than 250 crore company with interest in textiles as well. How is the competition in the stationery retailing segment? Who are your competitors? What care must be taken to survive in this competition? The stationery segment is growing at 15 ñ 18 per cent per annum and there are competitors who are trying to match our quality and the designs. Innovation of new products is a major strength and we gain immense knowledge and upgrade ourselves from attending international trade expos. we use boards made of recycled paper pulp. Stationery products are targeted at above 20 years of age group and our range is for the design. What kind of business strategy do you follow? Tell us something about your advertising strategy. hence. We maintain a low ATL (above-the-line) ad strategy. The logistics is very clear as the customer gives us the delivery instructions and the end product is delivered as per their needs to different destinations. utility and quality conscious user. Kindly give some closing words of wisdom to our readers. understanding their designs and needs. We buy/ import finished paper from the manufacturers who are involved in nature conservation. though not directly but indirectly we believe in conserving nature. The floor layout of each organised retailer is easy for the customer to find what they really want and this is where it is advantageous for big brands like us to be present in these retail chain stores. which will be made of just raw paper board with minimum usage of colour/ inks and printing. We follow some of the strict guidelines on usage of paper and finish.COVERstory supply chain management and logistics work for you? We have a dedicated and a highly knowledgeable team focussed only for the corporate client for the diaries.

paper is one of the most common substances we use in our daily lives. This is just one of the simplest ways in which one can make an attempt to protect the environment. The books entertain as they subtly educate. It was meant to serve as a platform for stakeholdersí dialogue on ecological and sustainable publishing practices. environment. Honourable Chief Minister of Delhi. By now we have not only acknowledged the fact but have also experienced the phenomenal climatic changes caused by gradual deforestation. high-profile publishers. the childrenís imprint of TERI Press. Honourable Minister of State for Environment and Forests. Irrespective of what the end product is. delivered the presidential address at the conference. and sustainable development. The mission of Terrapin. and printers debated on ecological and sustainable publishing practices. books or tissue paper for that matter. whether in the form of newspaper. the source of most paper products remain the same ñ trees. The theme of all these books is woven around TERIís mandate of energy. has been spreading awareness among children about various environmental issues.COVERstory Eco-friendly publishing Sayanti Banerjee probes into the concept of ecofriendly publishing which is popularised by TERI Press I In todayís world it is extremely important to use ecofriendly products. Namo Narain Meena. There are so many products which we use on a day-to-day basis that might be harmful for our ecosystem but we are reluctant to let go off them or are unaware of the hazards caused by them. What makes these publications stand out is the effort TERI Press puts 20 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . At this event entitled ñ ëPathways to Greení. paper manufacturers. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in consonance with Delhi government had organised a high-level conference on ecological and sustainable publishing practices in the capital. For instance. notepads. The conference was inaugurated by Sheila Dixit.

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So like the concept suggests. books or products. offer tax incentives to encourage manufacturers and consumers as well as help stabilise the cost of eco-friendly paper products. Teri Press is always looking to adopt new and innovative measures in publishing. with the aim of preventing the waste of potentially useful materials. We print most of our indigenous products including four colour childrenís books on eco-friendly paper. are still not made of recycled paper. handmade and recycled paper. ìEcological and sustainable publishing practices are those that aim at finding some innovative solutions to the environmental hazards that are linked with printing and publishing in India.î With recycling and green consumerism in vogue. paper recycling is the process of recovering waste paper and remaking it into new paper products. chlorine free. This makes them more expensive for consumers as well. It is one of the many efforts that will go a long way in establishing TERI press as ëIndiaís first green publisherí. Indiaís leading environment magazine which goes out to thousands of readers every month on recycled paper. ìWe have a long way to go before paper products come of age in India with respect to their ecological impacts.COVERstory in publishing books on energy. whether in packaging. paper products have come of age. Head ñ TERI press. In India. Recycling is the reprocessing of old materials into new products. and the likes on eco-friendly paper mostly. paper products. Ms Singh Sirohi concludes. Area Convener. ìThough the recycling of paper is a concept that is gathering momentum.î 22 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . it is very far from constituting a mentionable percentage of paper used in India. like the use of recycled paper. All ecofriendly papers are not uneconomical but most of them are higher in price to their counterparts because the processes used to make them environment friendly are expensive for manufacturers and add to the cost. Madhu Singh Sirohi. to ensure that environmental considerations are given utmost priority. Ms Singh Sirohi feels. explains. we want to position ourselves as a leader in environment friendly publishing. Hence.î Eco-friendly papers range from being wood free. We print a monthly magazine ñ Terragreen. As far as the brand position is concerned. environment. it is important for the government to consider reducing import duties.

kitchens and bathrooms have moved from being utility rooms to glamorous and classy. These rooms have gained a lot attention as they lend a style statement to the entire house apart from being a matter of pride for the household. shower enclosures. in spite of being a year old. bathroom accessories and designer tiles have occupied equal Bella Casa in Pune importance as other elements. Indian consumers are increasingly giving importance to the need of upgrading their lifestyle. the very idea of designing oneís home has gone a sea-change. double-income households and the on-line knowledge. Modular kitchens. today. In this interaction with Ananth Narayan. Today. As a result.SPOTLIGHT “The Indian market is very price-sensitive” Bella Casa marked the entry of the R Raheja Group into speciality home improvement retail sector. the concentration was only evident in the living room. CEO. bathrooms and accessories and each and every room is given equal importance. the focus has extended to kitchens. bath tubs. The industry is growing at the rate of 15 ñ 20 per cent at present and Qtr page AD Shimla chemicals . Niranjan Mudholkar checks out the company's progress What is your assessment of the speciality home improvement retail sector in the country? What challenges and opportunities do you see for a player like Bella Casa in this market? With the boom in economy. This change in the consumer behaviour has led to a distinctive change in their lifestyle habits which is not only apparent in their eating and shopping habits but also in their home space. Bella Casa. Unlike a few years ago. Also. stylish and elegant shower cabins. Bella Casa India (Pvt) Ltd. we foresee a lot of untapped opportunities in the market. This new trend has made the home beautification retail emerge as one of the fastest growing sector in the modern retail industry. Today. the customer has lot of options to choose from.

Bella Casa India (Pvt) Ltd is the latest retail venture in home beautification from the R Raheja Group. Spain. Globus Stores. more and more people are adding to this category as lifestyle differentiation is quickly replacing functional differentiation. Each of our stores has a dedicated team of in-house designers who assist the customers in making the right purchase decision and also ensures that he/she is free of any post-purchase installation worries. investments planned and already made and the targeted locations? 24 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . the rising cost of real estate and the availability of relevant manpower are critical bottlenecks in our industry. The team of professionals is trained to assist right from understanding each individualís taste. Therefore. willing to spend money in most cases. one of India’s leading business conglomerates. how many stores do you have? Where are they located and how has been the customer response so far? Currently. Bella Casa ñ This chain of stores is primarily for the elite and those who keep abreast of the latest innovations in the international market. Bella Casa is retail venture from the Rajan Raheja Group. Bella Casa India (Pvt) Ltd is planning to establish about 650 stores in the coming decade. Can you confirm this with details about the format of these stores. finding the right design solutions. our main USP is the services offered to our customers. Reportedly. we have four stores ñ one each in Mumbai. As for the challenges are concerned. England At present. it becomes important for retailers to offer world-class products at good prices but backed by excellent services. All our stores have received good customer response. helping to choose the right colours and patterns and supervising the installation.SPOTLIGHT the growth potential is equal in metros and tier 1 cities. It is the one-stop-shop for tiles. shower enclosures and bathroom fittings. floorings. The average customer walk-in per store would be around 400 ñ 500 each month. Exide. About Bella Casa The term ‘Bella Casa’ derives its origin from Spain which means ‘beautiful home’. we are already into investing heavily on training and manpower recruitment to ensure the availability of quality manpower in this rapidly growing market. Bangalore. Bella Casa has two store formats ñ Bella Casa and Tile Bazaar and the 650 stores will be divided into these two store formats (Bella Casa ñ 250 and Tile Bazaar ñ 400). but we intend drawing synergies from our group companies and take advantage of the same. with diverse interests. Apart from the quality products. It houses some of worldís finest and latest products from interior dÈcor hot spots such as Italy. baths and kitchens. evaluating every rupee spent. but always costconscious. And both branding as well as pricing are the key elements that influence lifestyle differentiation. Germany. As you are aware. Outlook. At the same time. Only a certain section of the Indian consumers has been choosy about its bathroom-ware and kitchenware. With the launch of Bella Casa chain of exclusive stores. However. we have plans to open 650 stores. Prism Cement and RMC Readymix. mosaics. Yes. Pune and Gurgaon. Raheja Properties. Marbonite. thanks to the economic boom. the Indian market is very price-sensitive. the Group marks its foray into the speciality home improvement retail sector. The increase in spending power and the aspiring element growing amongst the consumers in these cities are the key factors which drove us to focus in these markets. The Group has been responsible behind leading brands in the country like Johnson Tiles. Finding properties in metros is our biggest challenge today. What will be Bella Casa’s strategy in this context? Undoubtedly. Austria.

therefore it is too early to talk about the investments. RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 25 . Use of technology. we plan to open around 250 Bella Casa stores and 400 Tile Bazaar stores within a span of 10 years. All our offices and stores are connected through Tally which enables smooth functioning including billings and supply chain management. By then. Where do you see Bella Casa – in terms of market position – in the next two to five years? What kind of market share will you target in that time and what according to you will be the growth drivers? Looking at the rate the industry is growing. at a later stage. Would you consider getting into this format too? Online retailing is really gaining acceptance in our country too. we have 17 stores in different parts of the country and by 2017 we will have around 400. However. is becoming imperative for the retail sector. Guntur. Can you comment on Bella Casa’s investment in and implementation of technology? We also have a very strong IT set up. glass mosaics from Vidrepur. Vizag and Ahmedabad. we will be in a better position to divulge information on the investments. Each Bella Casa store occupies a retail space of 4000 sq ft approximately. Depending on the location. Vijaywada. faucets from Kludi and shower enclosures from HUPPE ñ Germany.SPOTLIGHT and Turkey. accessories and so on. particularly IT solutions. Tile Bazaar ñ This is the countryís first-of-its-kind value retail tiles and sanitaryware showroom. Currently. stainless steel sinks. bath and kitchen ñ and will continue to emphasise on the service segment. we might consider getting into it. kitchens from Nobilia. There are baths from Twyford. We will be introducing more and more products in the segment ñ tiles. This store deals in value engineered and factory surplus right from tiles. the manpower varies from three to five people per store. But. However. The store size of Tile Bazaar stores ranges from 400 ñ1 600 sq ft. storage tanks and modular kitchens will be added to offer customers a complete budget shopping experience. bathroom fittings. All our stores are company-owned. Next in the pipeline are stores in Chennai. we are in the process of fine tuning our business module. we will be in a position to share details on our market share. laminated floorings from Egger. we have four stores and in the pipeline are stores in Indore and Ahmedabad. Vapi. once we increase our presence. Since. At present. we do not intend to get into it at present. Shortly. sanitaryware. Online retailing is a slowly emerging sector across the retail arena. tiles from Imola Ceramica and Cerypsa.

retailers donít mind pampering the consumers in order to make them happy. The highest shrinkage was found in India. Regional Head of Checkpoint Systems Inc. Other things that lead to apparent inventory losses are small or large process errors. explains. Industry circles estimate loss from shrinkage accounts for nearly three to four per cent of an Indian chainís turnover. established in 1969. the retailers feel cheated.70 per household. Dharmesh Lamba. UK and sponsored by Checkpoint Systems Inc ñ shrinkage cost the worldís retailers $98. popular ones being ñ shaving accessories (including cosmetics). employee thefts. Singapore and Thailand. Japan. biscuits. Regional Head of Checkpoint Systems Inc. is a leading multinational manufacturer and marketer of technology-driven integrated loss prevention. This translates into an annual loss of about Rs 9. vendor frauds or administrative errors. The Global Retail Theft Barometer Survey Information Report deals with all retail sectors and vertical markets in India. ìIn the retail environment.RETAILshrinkage Through an interaction with Dharmesh Lamba.000 crore for the industry. any merchandise lost is considered as shrinkage in the store. It has a presence in 80 countries and a global network of more than 25 service bureaus in the worldís apparel manufacturing space. Retail shrinkage can be better defined as the difference between book stock and actual stock or the unaccounted loss of retail goods. merchandising and labelling solutions to the global retail industry. I was bantering about the infamous practices of shop lifting or commercial burglary. toys and clothes. pricing mistakes and the likes.90 per cent. 2. But when consumers chose to take the notorious ëfivefinger discountí as referred to in Australia and the United States. In India.6 billion.20 per cent. which can be estimated as nearly double of their western counterpart. accounting lapses. This can be either due to customer thefts. Australia. Sayanti Banerjee finds out how retail shrinkage can be controlled Caught you there! W When it comes to discounts.î Checkpoint Systems Inc.4 per cent over last years 3. the items that get flicked are ësmall and pocketable itemsí. Well. confectioneries and chocolates. a reduction of 9. This is one of the root causes of retail shrinkage. 32 direct 26 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . According to a recent global research conducted by Centre for Retail Research. representing an annual ëtaxí on honest consumers everywhere of $287. All lead to the shrinkage for the retailer.

Nic Nish. Straps. Mr Lamba elucidates. METRO Cash & Carry. which is a web based data collection service and exception based reporting solution. such as installing RFIDs. and Thailand. merchandising solutions are in-store visual communication.84 per cent). Salasar Garments. It provides shrink management solutions to over half of the worldís top 200 largest global retailers. source tagging and service bureau capabilities. SLIMLINE is the most stylish and fashionable EVOLVE product with innovative ferrite based antenna.70 per cent). It has mounting flexibility. subsidiaries throughout Asia Pacific. Lilliput. increase sales/circulation ñ all leading to greater profitability and productivity by bridging the gap between todayís and tomorrowís technologies. secure and merchandise consumer goods worldwide. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services ranging from traditional security technologies to real-world RFID systems. It can be easily mounted directly on metal. RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 27 . Ritu Wear. This is favourable as it provides narrow antenna technology competing with costly and cumbersome floor systems while maintaining high level of visual deterrent value. Europe and the American continent. PROMART. EVOLVE is one of the latest innovations from Checkpoint Systems. like glass. IT solutions and training employees.418 million. liquor. boost efficiency. ìCheckpoint introduces the first of its kind. a reduction of 9. broader coverage with fewer pedestals and more open space for customer merchandising. This new range of products will offer higher accuracy. Aditya Birla Retail. This helps in seamless interconnection of key components and therefore automatically increases reliability.69 per cent).î Product innovation and subsequent introduction in market is forte of Checkpoint Systems. Of them. Japan. The highest shrinkage rate was found in India. and Apparel/clothing and fashion/accessories (1. fewer missed items.90 per cent.î Checkpointís vast portfolio of services and products enable customers to track. ability to protect smaller items. This new product provides full system connectivity which means evolve electronics is the central point of SMS information. 22. Checkpoint offers retailers with Checkpro Manager Systems. increasing supply chain efficiencies and enhancing customersí shopping experience. Mr Lamba concludes. ìIn India we work with the Pantaloon Group.4 per cent over last year's 3. open entrance walkways and cart enclosed flexibility and aesthetic preservation by avoiding cart and product collisions. Singapore. Koutons. Mr Lamba says. Checkpoint makes it easy to deploy the right value-added solution to meet the customerís need to reduce losses and work more efficiently. The Evolve S10 represents a true breakthrough in RF-EAS Antenna design and the result is a strong and accurate antenna in a very compact and attractive design.0 per cent of shrinkage was regarded as being caused by administrative error. EVOLVE also has software defined radio in which EAS tag signal is directly processed and safe. Ritu Kumar. ìEVOLVE is not only an ongoing revolution for the retailer but also for Checkpoint Systems as we ëevolveí into a ëtotal shrink solutions providerí for our customer. we help our customers control their assets.20 per cent The highest average rates of shrinkage were seen in vehicle parts/hardware/ building materials retail (1.88 per cent).230 retail stores with combined retail sales of $65. Mr Lamba explains. ìCheckpoint Systems. The lowest rates were footwear/shoes/sports goods and sports goods (0. wine. and many more. The products are reasonably priced and are also well accepted in the Indian market. Priknit. and jewellery/ watches (0. They operated 16. Players are keen to invest on shrinkage control mechanisms. Cosmetics/perfume/beauty supply/pharmacy (1. brand and secure their goods worldwide. Australia. apart from having Radio Frequency Electronic Article Survelliance (RF-EAS) system. Checkpoint continually delivers smart security solutions to boost retailersí profitability by reducing shrinkage (the loss of goods along the supply chain).RETAILshrinkage The Global Retail Theft Barometer Survey Information Report deals with all retail sectors and vertical markets in India.î He adds further.î ìRF-EAS and CCTV are Loss Prevention equipment which track the possible thefts in the retail store. sensors. ETAM. Inc. Labelling solutions are different types of labels and tags required to protect various types of merchandise in the store. In India. equivalent to six per cent of retail sales in these five countries. The survey information was provided from 103 large retail businesses of these countries. beer (0. for instance ñ tracking the footfalls in the store. allowing it to be mounted to virtually any surface. 2. The companyís mission is to be the leading provider of solutions that help manufacturers and retailers identify. also provide retailers with people counting units. Capitalising on our extensive experience and global infrastructure. door-mounted RF-EAS Antenna System. has small profile as compared to pedestal. wood or metal while freeing up the valuable retail space for merchandising and sales purposes.80 per cent).68 per cent).

Ian Watt. It is one of the popular destinations to spend your day. The country has lot of opportunities and should be explored to find out the potential areas of growth. are also good options. Sandhya Patil finds out how developers and retailers can decide on various factors before selecting a property to build a retail mall S Shopping in a mall is exciting. Welcoming elevations. And mall owners. For him. which will help the developers construct the right format for retail in India. of Retail Xpressions and Ashwin Puri. Itís the mall developer. proved out to be a good mode of identifying the pros and cons of retail mall scenario. Innovator in Chief. here. who should be blamed for this plight. they forget to translate the international standards in developing the malls. In order to trace those opportunities and to know where India falls short. various colourful brands decked behind those jazzy glass windows. I can spend hours and hours shopping or just roaming around in a mall amidst this ambience without feeling sweaty! Window shopping or brunching at the food centres when hungry. too. everything is so perfect. In an attempt to match the western mall developers. But while getting excited with the thought of entering into the malls.RETAILestate Destination mall Through an interaction with Ian Watt. Vice President of Property Zone. and a chilled-out atmosphere. the 28 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . VP of Property Zone. The Press Interaction with the Innovator in Chief. Time has made it necessary to explore the conditions. in India. plush environment. However. they should not be put to fault. are vying hard to attract the customers to their shops. This country is the hot investment destination and Indiaís retail industry should not be neglected.î says Mr Watt. ìIndians are through the advent of the mall and are now able to enjoy a different shopping experience to what they have had up until now. todayís large spending population is happy shopping at the malls. ìThe Indian consumer is constantly becoming more aware due to various influences in daily life. Retail Xpressions and Ashwin Puri. long strolling escalators connecting one floor to another. these shop owners ignore the very fact of ëspace managementí. it was very important for me to understand the various aspects leading to the unfavourable conditions of retail mall management. By the bye.

He states further. have made malls the flavour of the current times with the growing middle class.î Mr Watts puts in. a privilege enjoyed mainly by hotels till date. They will set the foreseeable new trends and care must be taken not to merely replicate older models as often these are fraught with shortcomings that do not need to be copied. which include: tenant base. Mr Puri puts in. catering for the entire family.î What make malls so popular? The success of a mall counts on the positioning of the mall. India is witnessing the growing trend of mall culture ëof mid-sized malls on multiple levels with developers looking at maximising floor space index (FSI)í. ìMalls are becoming outlets to service the consumer requirements.RETAILestate hypermarket shopping in the larger cities has become a trend. Until a few years ago. expenditure potential. giving rise to the emergence of more malls for the service of the consumers. In recent times. mall experiences were limited to consumers travelling abroad. Malls have definitely changed the perspective of the Indian consumer and have set a new standard of shopping. Shopping with entertainment is fast catching up and shopping malls are slowly becoming the place to meet and conduct business. With Indian consumers now getting access to such experiences within their cities. which broadly tends to segregate women.î ìThe other trend that one notices is that there seems to be a standard model to develop a tenant mix in a centre. it is doing what was always done ñ providing a place for people to meet and enjoy themselves while shopping. better availability of parking in comparison to high streets ñ amongst other factors. ìThis concept should not however be allowed to destroy the unique aspects that are part of the existing retail scene. according to him. Every country has things that are unique to their culture and community. ìThis trend needs to change and developers need to look at correct usage of the rights available rather than just developing the space into shopping. men RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 29 .î adds Mr Puri. availability of national and international brands under the same roof. traffic patterns. But. their shopping habits are undergoing a change. local demographics.î Mr Watt believes that the Indian consumer will have access to concepts and brands through a mall and will enjoy a more global experience.î adds Mr Puri. And this can be determined by factors. The mall should be considered the modern version of the market place and allows for a more formal and organised form of retail but at the end of the day. ì Convenience. This is what creates the point of difference. ìThe shopping centre/ mall industry in India is at an exciting stage with the sheer volume and scope of what needs to be done will allow the opportunity for new concepts and approaches to retail development for starting up here. local consumer behaviour and in-depth knowledge of competing centres/ malls.

A good managed store with spacious structure influence the popularity of the shop and works as a crowd puller. it becomes important to understand the requirement to construct the shopping centre or mall according to the needs of the community who will come to shop.î suggests Mr Puri. where developers can cash in on their investments early. this is going to change life for many people in India. Similarly. developers tend to spend too much time wooing international brands ignoring creating differentiating factors. And these aspects contribute in conceptualising and designing of retail properties or malls. And therefore.î he states. which completely ignore the local market needs. a few multi-mall developers are opting for the same brands in centres/ malls in different locations. you can then plan shops to meet the needs of the retailer.RETAILestate and childrenís shopping experience. He says further. Whether we talk design that can be catered to reflect the community. It is important to understand the principle ëpeople needs first and property returns result from well conceived projectsí.î points out Mr Watt. ìShopping centres/ malls are long term investments unlike residential projects. ìAs I said earlier. ìThe success of shopping centres/ malls is determined by how well a centre is able to enhance the consumer experience. However. there are various deciding factors before opting for a property to build a retail mall. there are a number of challenges that we face while delivering services in India. on the other hand. However. When a retailer opts for his shop. ìHaving taken care of that. these retailers ëdecide/demand rentals that are not realistic or relative to the type of sales turnover that can be achieved.î Mr Watt finds lack of understanding of the fact that there is a chain of connected events. Shopping centres/malls need to be managed and nurtured for them to deliver investment returns. In addition. he looks for space. today is the apparent lack of appreciation for the need to provide adequate parking in a development. I would expect these trends to change in due course of time.î says Mr Puri. Understand the market and the demographics of the site and what the community needs as well as the planning constraints that exist and plan properly. or selection of tenants that serve the needs of the immediate catchments. Two points to remember a) With a car a shopper can carry more goods/ purchases than they can using public transport and this means they inevitably spend more which is good for the retailer and ultimately for the developer because a retailer needs sales in order to pay rent. b) Bear in mind the ëTata factorí and the future impact of the Nano. It is not just about owning a piece of land and deciding to build a shopping centre.î says Mr Puri. 30 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . every problem has a solution. as the main reason for the shopping centre to work.î he adds further. î explains Mr Watt ìA good example of the poor planning that exists in India. In fact.î ì However. Adds Mr Puri. a shopping centre (retail mall) needs to be conceived to service the needs of the community/ customers. Most centres/ malls today ignore the fundamental need to provide the retailer space that they can use efficiently. considering the consumer in all that is done is paramount. as it is said. People in India are only beginning to enjoy the benefits of car ownership and as more people own cars they will want to be able to use them and projects with good and well planned parking facilities will benefit. Therefore. or looking at entertainment avenues need to consider the consumer and how their experience can be enhanced. ìThe major hurdle is the lack of understanding on shopping centres that primarily come due to not having developed such facilities before. No developer should expect that just because he wants to build something that it will be successful.

Ozone Developers. For us.î opines Mr Puri. cater to him and enhance his shopping experiences. The team consist of highly skilled and multi disciplined members.î He further explained that maximisation of FSI is also one of the challenge. Company Profile Pioneer Property Zone Services Pvt Ltd (Property Zone) a 50:50 joint venture between ICS Realty.î he adds. redevelop and help in expansion of projects. Lease management and leasing. ìRarely do developers take into consideration the turnover that retailers need to do to achieve the rental levels. South Africa. Property management services and Asset management. Liberty International. who have the experience and know-how necessary to redefine and implement agreed management strategies. getting a more sound development will enhance the capabilities of local consultant in retail developments. Besides. which results in massing up developments substantially more than what these developers can take. the most significant differences between Indian and international centres/ malls is the volume of people that Indian centres/ malls need to cater to in comparison to its international counterparts. it works with leading developers and retailers in India to optimise performance and returns. leasing and event asset management. Dainik Bhaskar Group. ìThere is a large gap in the understanding of what management of shopping malls entails. Mantri Developers. their company. Taking this into consideration. too. This individual fact is going to mean that Indian developers will need to look at different solutions to problems in comparison to the west. amongst others. While the entire gamut of services offered by Property Zone to its retail customers includes: Design development services. ì To me. Sheth Developers. Use of international consultants needs to be encouraged. P S Srijan Developers. which is not correct. RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 31 . Parking is grossly underdeveloped in most centres in India with developers not realising that parking is an investment towards a successful development and that they cannot look at returns from parking at the same level as rentals. Runwal Group. And therefore. Collection of rent and facilities management is often considered mall management. it is important to constantly determine his needs. agrees with what Mr Watt stated. project conceptualisation. He explains. Property Zone brings with it decades of experience in developing and managing property portfolios. India and Old Mutual Investment Group Property Investment (OMIGPI). a consumer is an essential part.RETAILestate Mr Puri. Currently. the company can boast of an impressive clientele comprising IVR Prime. provides an entire gamut of property solutions for the shopping centre industry right from site identification. The company was created to establish and to boost the retail industryís growth and match international standards.

Peopleís penchant for buying varieties under one roof has encouraged the retailers to establish their retail outlet at every next possible convenient destination. the retailerís are arduously trying to catch up with the requirements of the consumers to earn their How has supply chain process revolutionised both. VP-SCM Consulting Services. Good supply chain management is the recent mantra with each retail supremo heading towards adopting it. This change is the result of different types of products entering the market everyday. It has evolved the functionalities of the supply chain. totality and so on. IT-enabled supply chain is the only way by which you can integrate supply chain across different geographies. And therefore. But now it is a different story. Bristlecone International. Earlier it was not the case. with the availability of range in each product category going up. Integrating e-commerce with sourcing has generated the flexibility of buying goods from cheaper sources in other countries.SCM Moolah matters… O It has become important to invest your money on right applications. Retail is one such sector. It has helped in improving inventory visibility and control. There was no such bull fight among the retailers with regards to spending on the supplier to the store system. Secondly. Naturally. nationally and internationally? There are varieties of products available for the customers and therefore the customersí loyalty is not the same. And therefore. retailers have always ensured to take on this battle and make it a win-win outcome for both ñ the consumers and the retailers. we are able to take actions to respond to those changes. different locations and have the visibility of what is happening at the customersí end. Retailers worldwide have joined the force to deliver the best products and services to their customers and achieve new heights on various levels. This thus changes the process. globalisation is the reason behind the continual supply chain process evolution. are spending more money in order to improve their supply chains. Pallet and Shelves in a Warehouse 32 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . this is because the trend is changing. Retailers. which is thus evolving the retail scenario. ITís application has increased in terms of its role in the supply chain. globalisation has attracted competition from among various sectors. And thus. What according to you are the factors that are responsible for the continual supply chain process evolution? Firstly. Over the years. Whether it is about embracing new technology or scaling their business by introducing new standards. too. People have started preferring retailersí shop rather than buying the day-to-day necessities from a nearby kirana store. the supply chain has revolutionised in terms of sourcing by using ecommerce. It is reduced to the needs or products or to the brands. It has helped in responding faster in changing customers demand levels in terms of volume. And because of that the supply chain has to become more responsive and flexible with the changing requirements of customers. Sandhya Patil finds out how efficiently supply chain can benefit a business in the long run customersí loyalty. making it necessary for you to respond to that. which is going through many changes. Growing consumersí demands and their increased interests of shopping in the retail outlets/ malls has made it necessary to update the stocks available on the shelves from time to time. In this interview with Satish Moorjani. IT-enabled supply chain is something that is catching up internationally At the retail perspective.

you will not bring more of that. And therefore. if the sale is not as per the forecast. wherein you keep certain inventory. The other way out is to outsource such managers. which will thus help in sourcing and procurement. which is adequate enough to serve the variations of demand. All these facilities help the retailer reduce the manpower. then it leads to the cumulation of the inventory. Technology will help the retailer to deal with large number of suppliers. and so on. So the items that are not selling. Being a supply chain manager is always a high pressure job. what stock he has and the issues that he is facing. At SAP the system like SRM (supply relationship management module) helps interpret the number of suppliers and even helps with the visibility of what stock the retailer has. items sell more than what was forecasted. With such system. work collaboratively. He has to deal with different departments like finance. He should have good understanding of the business and the functions and should be sensitive to the demands of all the departments. the time has changed. lack of manpower has led the retailers to adopt technology. and so on. pricing. Now. A retailer does not even need to tell this to the supplier. though it is understood that person cannot have control on the changes in demand. you can replenish that inventory. when infrastructure or workforce breaks down. it will be good enough to IT-enable the whole process system. There are times. But at times. And all these things happen automatically. This involves the technology. despite that he has to ensure that his store do not fall short of supplies.SCM the number of suppliers has also started increasing. And on the other hand. The trend is now towards the pull-based system. So this is one way to help our customers to improve their costs. they tend to forecast the market. hence making it uncomfortable to maintain. he cannot afford to leave any change or cannot overlook a particular item to be out of stock. What are the reasons behind the supply chains being costly? How do you help your client reduce its supply chain costs? What kind of values do you recommend to your client to improve these costs and help your How different is supply chain management to that of logistics? Do you think technology or changing business models are accountable in distinguishing SCM and logistics? RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 33 . With this you can communicate easily. renewing their contract. In the absence of the supply chain managers. This in turn will limit the restocking of your inventory. these inventories become obsolete. According to me. and decision-making. it replenishes the stock level too. And therefore managing those suppliers. He should have various qualities to deal with different departments of an organisation. Such things happen in case of garments. As the supply chains are not very responsive and flexible. The less number of people in the chain. The other way we recommend to our customers is to change the supply chain processes. With competition. then the stores go out of stock. And when the consumersí requirement changes. the supply chain manger has the pressure to utilise minimum inventories. you can see what is the stock and even the supplier from the other end of the world. Many of the companies are now operating on forecast-based system and based on that the company stocks the inventory. So these too call for lot of challenges in terms of unpredictability. because nowadays it is possible to outsource most of the organisationís activities like logistics. The reason is ñ customersí preferences keeps on changing with their demands. client’s organisation to meet its objectives? Elucidate your point with an illustration. requires lot of interfacing with the suppliers. However. The first reason is the number of intermediaries that makes the supply chain costly. There is no need for manual follow up or intervention. However. And as and when the inventory is consumed. that is possible if an organisation has a total IT-enabled connectivity across the supply chain. View of a Warehouse What does it take to be a supply chain manager? Which is the other way a retailer can meet the business challenge in the absence of skilled supply chain managers? A supply chain managerís job is a challenging job. This is what is called as integration of the supply chain and which provides visibility across the supply chain. sales and marketing. This means the challenge on one hand is that the demand is changing. the less will be the expense.

But rather. and so on. functionality. planning that includes demand forecasting and demand planning. procurement. I should try to make the entire supply chain more efficient for all the partners. deliver. Sometimes it refers to the transport system or to a certain aspect of supply chain. Pharm retailers will also need the cold storages to store the medicines. In this case. Therefore. which will certainly increase the storage costs. The members of Supply Chain Council have developed 34 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . giving customers a choice to select their own print on a plain t-shirt is the best way to customise your product to the needs of your customers. Earlier the trend was of optimising only the company. because the reading of the RFID tags depend on the distance. One trend is towards the demand-driven supply chain.and acquisitions are posing a challenge of the dynamic environment for the supply chain to keep itself efficient and cost optimal. this business will need such facilities of maintaining the food items at the proper temperature. It helps to differentiate our product or customise it for the customers. With prices going down. It stands for Supply Chain Operations Reference model. there is a high growth potential in this business. delivery. Could you please tell us something about it. inventory planning. the level of sophistication used in those processes. whether an e-commerce or something else? All these things depend on the level of technology and also the culture of an organisation. The tariff barriers are coming down and world is becoming better connected. more expensive is the cost of the RFID technology. These are the references that they have put down for the companies and on that basis the companies follow the councilís references to see how their own processes work on the SCOR level. level of integration that they have across the supply chain. going forward? The first challenge is the globalisation. According to me. material scheduling and also deciding the measures to change the supply chain. warehousing. the company has to increase its sale on a large scale. These processes explain the factors like inventory planning. They have defined the processes of the supply chain as ñ plan. And secondly. Building good cold chains and maintaining a proper stocked warehouse are gaining impetus. the future gain of an organisationís scalability of its operations has also to be taken care of. supply network planning. Do the suppliers have IT-enabled systems? Is there communication IT-based? What is the mode of sourcing. For instance. and so on. It also increases postponement strategy. because many malls have started including fruits and vegetables on the shelf for their customers. What are some of the other big supply chain challenges coming over the next five years? How this will change your company. how do you address your client in choosing correct software? It depends firstly. it must be difficult for a retailer to decide which software is right for his business model. This will add to the high operating costs.SCM The term logistics is used very loosely. It is sometimes pull-based or sometimes push-based. on the kind of processes the retailers are following. distribution. Tell us something about the SCOR model. source. a cold storage has turned out to be a necessity. I should not do things that would make it inefficient for other partners in the supply chain. sourcing. it has become necessary for a business to show improvement every quarter to quarter. The other trend is optimisation of end-to-end supply chain. It has an end-to-end visibility and with intelligent software it will convey your decisions to your concerned partners in the supply chain. while addressing a client. And in order to increase revenue. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has now become more popular among the retailers. Greater the distance. logistics costs. make. With growing availability of various supply chain management softwares in the market. Supply chain covers other areas like. This growth will be the outcome of the trade through the perishable items. Even the mergers. It also involves meeting customer requirements. The other challenge is the price. Automation is also one of the trends. However. is a kind of identification like the bar code. and return. Do you think these investments are worth for a business to benefit in the long run? Absolutely. this reference model. but if the suppliersí inventory is going to increase then that stock will come back to me in sometime in the future. It is a big business for todayís retailers. So supply chain is more encompassing. and so on. logistics has more to do with movement of material. Tell us about few trends in the supply chain management. production planning and scheduling. if I try to reduce my inventory. For instance. But now the trend is to consider the entire supply chain. Malls sell these items with a ëdiscountí and ëhygienicí tags as compared to that of the hawkers or the kirana stores. It is a tightly integrated supply chain. And therefore. It. RFID technology is more expensive. Therefore. With volumes of the customers going up. And this has definitely brought a huge business for the retailers.

The retailers still look at cost of technology as expenditure rather than a long-term strategic investment for faster and seamless growth. Rakhee Nagpal. DVS has focused on the retail segment in the last 18 months and this will continue to be a key focus sector going forward. which presently accounts for four per cent of the total market and is likely to increase its share to 22 per cent by 2010. Dynamic Vertical Solutions (DVS) is a market and technology leader in end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications. and collaborate. per cent features and functionality for every client to run their business efficiently by reducing cost and maximising the consumer experience. MD Dynamic Vertical Solutions Today the booming retail sector is being empowered by IT solutions. in an innovative way. only practical solutions backed by advanced technology can give the retailers the winning edge. Two eminent representatives ñ Rakhee Nagpal. Apart from the traditional retail formats. educating the market in terms of the advantages of our technology. Within the retail segment. The modern retailers are trying to spread their wings and diversify their presence in the industry. data inaccuracies. online retailing has become popular in the age of e-commerce and mcommerce is soon to make it big in the retail industry. It enables businesses to innovate. customer relationship and supply chain processes. improve productivity. organised retailing has become a booming industry in India with tremendous potential for further growth. A lot of data is mismanaged and not put into the right use. LS Retail based on Microsoft technology is one of the largest end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications that contribute to streamlining financials. Currently there are a number of IT solution providers gearing up to meet the challenges of the retail domain. This is where the integrated. the retailers today are still struggling with the basics manual processes. However retailers are investigating the use of emerging practices and technologies aimed at delivering substantial improvements in performance. Regional ManagerEnterprise. is the concern to consolidate data and convert it into meaningful information. We are investing in research and development and in parallel. What is data management as far as retail industry is concerned? As the retail industry is still at a very nascent stage. In this highly competitive world. what has Dynamic Vertical Solutions been doing so far in this avenue? The changing demographics and consumer behaviour is forcing retail to evolve from the neighbourhood kirana store (unorganised retail) to organised retail. MD Dynamic Vertical Solutions and Patrick Mathias. One of the challenges a retailer today is faced with. Cultivating innovative technologies on a reliable foundation of international best practices and business experience. our aim is to deliver 100 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 35 . minimise losses. DVS delivers scalable solutions that enable its customers to continually improve upon their decision-making capabilities and business success. DVS offers international solutions which have been localised for Indian retailers. end-to-end systems play an integral role. providing comprehensive solutions for organisations of all sizes and all Industry sectors.TECHNOLOGY IT in retail Sayanti Banerjee finds out how the new age IT solutions can facilitate modern age retailers to increase customer satisfaction. Cisco India ñ share their views on the role of IT in retail. and boost profits T Today. and disparate systems.

the LS Retail suite of solutions are being used by leading clients like IKEA. Who are your retail clients? What kind of solutions have you been offering to them? We have more than 1000 stores and some coveted brands as our customers in India like.47 billion) and that for the Indian retailers. Our solutions cater to the fast track retailers. What are LS Retail and Cenium? How can they help Indian retailers? LS Retail and Cenium are internationally proven seamlessly integrated solutions. These solutions will help organisations optimise their business systems. Peocon will help retailers to monitor the behaviour of customers in terms of their choices and convert footfalls into sales. respectively. NAV and Cenium.016. filters out all ëhigh-riskí transactions.6 billion). the company has developed Intelligent Retail Network (IRN) for the retail sector and have been working with leading global and Indian retail organisations. Pizza Hut. Our customers have also adopted international solutions like inventory management solutions . is integral in reducing retailers overall costs by enhancing the management of inventory. Pyramid Retail. human resources. hand point . employee-caused shrink ranked number one. payroll. Door Steps. retail is rapidly approaching the forefront of interactive technologies. Albeli Fashions. Debenhams. Today the booming retail sector is being empowered by IT solutions. Todayís retailer needs to achieve greater information visibility and control between stores and headquarters to continue to survive and grow. retailers increasingly rely on in-store technologies to help enhance customer service. Data which is captured at the front end. in more than 130 countries. Cisco Systems. Shrink reduction and prevention is definitely growing in importance as a vital business practice. Apart from the LS Retail. purchase. an endto-end integrated solution. allowing seamless integration of all functional areas in all of the following activities ñ retail management. Some of our customers have been able to adopt some of the best retail practices that will make them industry leaders in their domain. online and mobile channels. financials. receiving. The StoreVision solution has been proven in various retail formats. It covers everything from POS to back-office and head-office on the same application. CRM and production processes catering to retail and hospitality. and the likes. improve productivity.AGR. malls and the likes. it was close to Rs 8160 crore (Rs 81. Disney Artists Stores. In todayís competitive environment. the global retail shrinkage cost retailers a whopping Rs 4. What has Cisco been doing so far in this avenue? Once a fairly traditional industry. and reporting to retail management. Addidas.01. 36 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . or at a store level. Lilliput. align supply chain management and enhance consumer experience across in-store. that will inturn help the management to make better decision and so on and so forth.) Shrinkage and shoplifting are a large and growing challenge for retailers. who not only want to grow but also ensure high customer service levels and experience.TECHNOLOGY Implementing a solution like LS Retail helps the retailers to improve data integrity and convert this data into meaningful performance reports. DVS also offers add-on solutions that enhance the customer experience at the store level. specialty stores.handheld solutions for effective queue busting and field sales and Peocon . operations. allows for quick review and identification of transaction shrinkage. Booths Supermarket. but also do that without increasing costs. is fully integrated transaction data and CCTV video images. Can DVS solutions help retailers with rapid growth and expansion plans? How affordable are the DVS solutions? All our solutions are scalable and highly adaptable to the expansion plans of our customers. Can retail shrinkage and shoplifting be controlled to some extent by putting IT solutions in place? (Kindly explain with an example. including pharmacies. effective loyalty programmes and cross selling opportunities when a consumer is transacting. built on Microsoft Dynamics Platform that caters to the retail and hotel industry.647 crore (Rs 4. Retailers are employing the right technologies and we are determined to help retailers in loss prevention. Cisco understands these needs of retail environment and has been instrumental in developing Intelligent Retail Network (IRN) which helps retailers to deploy retail applications to trim operating costs. Also internationally. risk management and merchandising. Of all components of total store shrink. They are suitable for fashion and apparel stores. supermarkets. The contribution to total store shrink was reported in five categories: employee-caused shrink. and department stores. hypermarkets. inventory.people flow solution. convenience stores. to help them get an accurate forecast and minimise the cost of inventory. Linc Retail. such as StoreVision. Body Care International to name a few. Levis. and accounting errors/damage. Some of the latest international standard products provided by DVS. and maximise customer outreach across the enterprise. sales. differentiate their stores in the marketplace. shoplifting.

retailers gain the flexibility to meet the constantly changing business and technology demands. Cisco India Well. training. and the supply chain-organisations can develop a roadmap. and refocusing on the future of business as far as the retail sector is concerned? Empowered by the Intelligent Retail Network. brand reinforcement. and digital signage. it is interesting to note that many Indian retailers are adopting technologies that are far ahead of those adopted by their western counterparts. human resources. With technology in place. How are those solutions different from the ones offered abroad? While the technologies and solutions that Cisco offers to customers are standardised across the world. and corporate communications. With IRN. On the whole. How has Cisco been improving access to company information by updating sales technologies. efficient and pleasurable for customers who have a better chance to fulfilling their shopping wish list and walking out satisfied. What is Intelligent Retail Network (IRN)? Ciscoís Intelligent Retail Network (IRN) is a platform that enables retailers to streamline business operations. Implementation of unified network solutions not only benefits the retailer with a transparent supply chain but reap benefits on the human resource front as well. We are not in a position to disclose these names as yet. kiosks. based on this powerful foundation. Regional ManagerEnterprise. The Store as a Medium ñ Supports employee training and productivity and maximises customer satisfaction with in-store broadcasting. places. In-store broadcasting and digital signage to create new revenue-generating advertising as well as accelerating brand awareness and customised messaging also improving the over-all shopping experience. and information especially managing third party vendors Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing the shopping experience Increase revenue by improving decision-making through utilisation and delivery of data Secure and reliable by protecting brand image and assets. flexibility to the equation. in the store to improve operations. and increase revenues. Ciscoís ëIntelligent Retail solutionsí are tuned to meet the specific needs of retailers and offers comprehensive and scalable networking solutions. that will support their corporate vision for years in the future. In all. though much needs to be comprehended one thing remains clear that the IT solutions are certainly going to empower the Indian retailers with smart business tactics. accelerate decision making and improve customer satisfaction and manage inventory better. providing instant communication throughout stores and with enterprise applications and resources. Store Mobility ñ Use of wireless technologies at the point-of-sale for faster checkout and real time product information. each designed to meet specific needs in the retail environment. Cisco retail solutions are made up of four modules. multi-channel shopping. IP Communications ñ Reduces retail costs through converging data and voice systems. and throughout the supply chain to reduce costs. as well as revenue-boosting smart technologies and information kiosks. merchandising. customer services. Ciscoís Intelligent Retail solutions are not only beneficial for retailers but makes shopping quick. Across the store operations. the Indian retail sector is all set to flourish like never before! RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 37 . training opportunities. The ëIntelligent Retail solutionsí impact the retail environment as follows: Store Connectivity ñ Increasing operating efficiency across stores using wide-area networks (WANs) and virtual private networks (VPNs) to access corporate and store information. In-store rich media systems such as plasma video displays.TECHNOLOGY streamline operations. pricing. Who are Cisco’s clients? What kind of solutions does the company offer to Indian clients? We are currently in talks with the Future Group as well as all other leading retail businesses in the country. and personal PDAs and other devices play an increasingly important role in providing customers and stores personnel with advertising. Patrick Mathias. so on and so forth. retailers can: Boost productivity by connecting people. digital signage. including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID-based) inventory management and standard retail applications.

information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. It is affiliated to the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM). used products may re-enter the supply 38 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . It offers courses recognised by the ministry of HRD. you have to be professionally groomed on certain skill sets at least.î In this age of neck breaking competition one thing that gets you recognised easily. be it through better demand forecasting. In sophisticated supply chain systems. USA. we are optimistic that the MNCís will take lead from their American counterparts and recommend this course to their company personnel as well. ëSynergized Supply Chain to drive competitive advantageí was an attempt to bring all the dimensions that help drive competitiveness within the supply chain. ìSupply Chain Management in the retail pie is 75 per cent. Arizona (USA). Supply chain activities transform natural resources. aimed at enhancing executive skills and equip them with the latest strategies and methodologies with all aspects of SCM. together. technology. followed by the human extraction of raw material and includes several production links. I would say ñ retail is a simple business which involves buying and selling but what we need to manage is what follows inbetween. This programme provided insight into the revolutionary change that had happened within the railway freight corridor and linked it up with the Railway Budget 2008. it changes with seasons and during festivals SCM becomes even more important. Government of India. Following are interesting excerpts from the various panel discussions at DISHA 2008: While launching the programme Paul Novak.î Vikas Kumar. component construction. for over three decades. an international seminar on synergized supply chain to drive competitive advantage. and finally reaching the consumer. President ñ International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM). is a certificate from a reputed institute. people. Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) is the only professionally led institution in the field of materials and supply-chain management. stock outs and the likes have to be taken into account as well.EVENT Disha 2008 I Sayanti Banerjee attended IIMM’s seminar to gather views on how synergised supply chain can drive competitive advantage chain at any point where residual value is recyclable. for instance. IIMM had organised DISHA 2008.î Arun Gupta. Thatís where SCM come in. Cost of rejection. returned orders. CEO Future Logistics. Quoting from the book ëIt happened in Indiaí written by Kishore Biyani. To simplify the concept of SCM. Practice Head ñ Wipro Consulting said. Anshuman Singh. raw material and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer. ìHaving had success with the programme at Institute of Supply Management. activities. assembly and merging before moving onto several layers of storage facilities of ever decreasing size and ever more remote geographical locations. Also. performance management. Supply chains link value chains as well. in order to make it big in the retail sector. As far as fashion is concerned. ìRe-write rules but retain values is the motto we follow.î Speaking at the conference. This programme targeted at top executives and professionals. ìFor total value management it is important to decide on the supplier and how to manage relationship with the supplier. Mr Singh said. Today. cost management for short product lifecycles need to be worked out. said. ìOur motto is to provide our consumers with an exclusive experience and not that of just another retail outlet. USA said. logistics and supply chain management. The seminar focused on ñ purchasing. Customer Care Associate and Group CTO. the founder of the Future group. Shoppersí Stop felt. talent retention or embracing new business models. headquartered at Atlanta. Logistic companies follow the retail pathway. It also marked the launch of an international programme on ëCertified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) and its contribution towards a social causeí. So a proper definition of a supply chain or logistics network would be ñ a system of organisations. A typical supply chain begins with ecological and biological regulation of natural resources.

right kind of ambience. and the related services. TCS. So we decided to start our business by setting up stores in these cities of India because. The third format is enterprise store. Till date we have 50 MobileNXT stores across the country. Sandhya Patil reports Tell us something about The MobileNXT. According to you which format brings in more profit? The first type of format is stand-alone stores. We started stores based on these formats in the corporate campuses of Motorola in India. They did not have right range of models. The second type is the shop-in-shop format. We have also created a choice for our customers to buy gaming devices from our store. These stores are owned and operated by us. You will find at least four store executives and one store manager across each Vijay Menon at the store Explain the formats in which the MobileNXT works. the metro cities already had such stores that were catering to the consumers there. Sometimes they are franchisee-owned but operated by us. opportunity to set up a store in store/ shop-in-shop format in their outlets. we thought to bring all these services under one format of one-stop shop with the choice of multiple brands. Delhi. accessories and so on. These store executives are trained consultants. Apart from this we also offer our customers various other gadgets like iPOD. Kolkata ñ we have tied up with various big retail chains like Shoppersí Stop and many more. But as our business evolved. For instance. we started with just the stand-alone format. wherein we establish our store in big corporations. and so on. However for us. Whereas. Romy Juneja. Consumers can buy accessories or mobile phones and even the services of his choice by logging on an online MobileNXT store. We met each other while working at Motorola. accessories. So this was how the genesis or the idea was born in November 2005. Elucidate on the complete telecom solutions and services that you offer? Do you have tieups with any mobile brands? From providing the range of mobiles. mobile handset.MOBILEretailing Get your mobile next door! Vijay Menon. Earlier. How does a ‘one-stop mobile solution shop’ structure work towards the growth? We discovered that the consumers used to go at different places to buy new connection. the other formats came subsequently to us. right kind of salesperson. Bangalore. and so on. Shoppersí Stop and Star India Bazaar (Tataís Trent Ltd) brought us an RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 39 . MP3 players. They operate once in a week or fortnight. wherein we have our outlets at big retail malls. which are mainly found on the high streets or in the shopping centres. MobileNXT gives insight into the retailing world of mobile. all the formats add value to our company. we also offer knowledgeable sales people (store executives). Lastly. in the tier 1 cities of India ñ Mumbai. MobileNxt was started two years ago by me and my friend and colleague. We pioneered this type of format. and so on. who help the customers through a buy decision. The company was registered in February 2006 and our first store was launched in April 2006 at DT Mall in Gurgaon. We found that the stores in tier 2 and tier 3 cities did not offer accurate service to the customers. Therefore. the virtual store format is something that we have online. CEO. These stores do not operate everyday.

where they have not yet reached. the experience that they never had before. We buy these handsets from the national distributors rather than buying from the local distributors. We see a huge potential for our business on both the organised retail side as well as the telecom side. Using these data we have expanded our business. I think there is a huge opportunity in our country in every sector. Samsung. We will also move onto states like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh very soon. We have also picked up the franchising programme very assertively to bring the entrepreneurs to the small towns of India and work with us. I believe the kind of branding with the experience that we offer to our customers make us more promising and different in their eyes. Nokia. 40 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . We are really very excited with such opportunities. Samsung does not have a national distributor. So. We get almost 30 ñ 35 per cent of repeat customers to our store. And on the other hand. the manufacturers admit their promoters to the store. Reliance. we have the customers coming to our stores.MOBILEretailing The MobileNXT Store MobileNXT store. For instance. Sony Ericsson. Sometimes. These focus states are Karnataka. but a regional distributor. who is the national distributor. Punjab. We have built the distribution hub in each of these states. We offer the consumers from these geographies (tier 2 and tier 3 cities). We at MobileNXT understand your needs and help you to make a buy decision. We get the materials from the manufacturers in this distribution hub and then we feed it in our stores. We are building up critical masses in six states in India. and so on. we have tied up with major mobile handset manufacturers like ñ Motorola. An important factor that differentiates us from our competitors is our presence in those geographies. Bihar. We have tied up with major national operators like ñ Airtel. and so on. The reason behind this is that our customers like our store. Vodafone. Tell us something about the process of logistics and distribution and the supply chain that you follow. mainly the idea is that we buy the products from the highest level of the manufacturersí distribution channels. These states were chosen by using scientific method of market potential value and were recognised as the high potential states by this study. our service and so on. What makes competitors? you different from your What are your future plans of extending your retail store chains in India? We are planning to spread our business by starting 500 MobileNXT chains of stores across India by 2010. Idea. Though we are not running any CRM programme or loyalty programme. Haryana and West Bengal. Organised retail is a booming sector and telecom sector is also on its high. we buy Nokia handsets from ACL. We also have ëvalue-addedí offers for our customers. Tamil Nadu. This is our ambition and we are aggressively working towards it.

Apriati brings to the fashion-conscious discerning woman a wide range of beautiful. The watch is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Raga is Indiaís only woman watch in India. Apriati knows and understands the woman on-the-go and that reflects in the jewellery it has designed. This high quality designer fashion jewellery designed in Italy is now available all over India at affordable prices. Malaika Arora Khan. This exquisite crystal studded design is inspired by the first star that dazzles your eye. Look your stunning and glamorous best with the new Fairy dust ñ a beautiful crystal studded watch by Raga Crystals. Timepiece from Raga Titan launched its new collection of Raga Crystals watches. Adorned with a delicate gleaming bracelet and embedded with a unique stone dust dial pattern Apriati launched its accessories designed exclusively for an elegant and sophisticated woman recently in the presence of its brand ambassador. The financially smart independent woman of today looks at jewellery purely as a fashion statement ñ as a reflection of the way she feels ñ Bold and Beautiful. Italian designs boutiques across the city. Add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your wardrobe with Venus ñ a unique new watch by Raga Crystals. An elliptical dial adorned with a promenade of crystals gives this timepiece a very modern appeal. unique and high-end fashion jewellery created by Italian masters known the world over for their uncompromising quality and design at highly competitive prices.BRANDwatch Up for grab Retail Biz gives you a low-down on the new products in the market Indian brand. This collection includes two ranges of watches ñ Venus and Fairy Dust. You can shop this eye catching collection at the Apriati boutique at Kemps Corner or at the soon-to-open RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 41 .

Italian scarlet sofa that will catch the eye to latest European floral prints to enliven your living room. To top it up all kitchen comes with three years warranty Special Living Rooms: A range of products introduced for the first time in the country. walls. we have kept in mind the latest international trends and your needs and preferences. Indiaís most comprehensive home making/ home improvement store from Home Solutions Retail has come up with its new range to make your home an extremely special place. Wide range of configuration. Whatís more. Special Modular Kitchen: A space that is closest and even sacred in the minds of the Home Maker ñ The kitchen. it comes with a two year warranty. Exclusive Italian style kitchens available in four premium options be it contemporary or classic. From your living room to the bathroom. Special Bedrooms From contemporary Platform style beds with storage. to Indianised Wardrobes. From Wenge finishes to suit contemporary interiors to rich grain veneers. Two to tango! Titan Nebula. And it has been compiled to make your home modern. HomeTown. furnishings. we have everything you need for every part of your home. So the choices are unlimited! Interesting interior and décor products specially handpicked by our experts keeping in mind your taste and your budget.. Find everything you had in mind to make your bedroom special! Special Modular Wardrobe: Wardrobes designed to your requirements. And flooring. itís assembled within two days. warm. decor and lighting solutions to match! At Home Town. This catalogue showcases the choicest new introductions we have. At Home Town. we have kept in mind the latest international trends for your needs and preferences. rest assured you will find it at HomeTown. launched the Duet collection ñ three pairs of 42 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . size it to match your space and create a design with the help of trained designers that will truly reflect your needs. flat packed. nothing pleases us more than giving you everything you need to make it so. that are just waiting to become a part of your home. Every piece of this collection has been So whatever it is that makes your home special. Make your home special with HomeTownís all new range of Home Interior and dÈcor products. At Home Town. customise the accessories from ëHisí and ëHerí consoles. At your doorstep. straight from the factory. Special Homes: You like your home to be special.BRANDwatch makes it a classic creation. The perfect way to cast a spell on your special one! Both the watches are available in yellow metal and bi-metal versions and are available at all the World of Titan showrooms as well as the leading multi-brand outlets and departmental stores across the country. completely customised to your entire familyís needs. styles and themes to suit the sense of aesthetics. Benefit from its wall to wall and floor to ceiling construction ñ so that your bedroom looks compact and you donít waste an inch! Choose from more than 18 finishes. and as special as you and your family. the premium 18K gold watch brand from Titan. Veneers used in inimitable style in Marquetry Dining range and Zebrano sofas.

speed and continuous auto-focusing to help you capture fast-action shots. Create slideshows set to varied music options. Superior face detection technology. travel chargers. The high-zoom camera includes Sonyís advanced sports shooting mode. It is a ideal pick for adventure sports. an ideal choice for avid lovers of photography. to identify and focus up to eight faces in a frame which automatically adjusts the focus for correctly exposed photos Advanced sports shooting mode which combines high shutter speed and continuous auto focusing to help you capture fast action shots. The pair in an all gold look comes with a gold bracelet that drapes beautifully around the wrist. which combines high shutter playing up to eight songs via the cameraís USB port. school recitals and family vacations. Meticulously crafted in 18k gold. DRO modifies the range from highlights to shadows through its in-camera hardware processing ñ ultimately producing more natural. pocketfriendly size enabling both photo enthusiasts and those new to digital photography to capture incredible images like never before. Available at all leading retail stores and exclusive Sony outlets. DSCñH10 is a delight to use as it combines superior technical performance in a convenient. sports packs and cases. A full 1080 high definition resolution helps connect the camera to a compatible HDTV set Scan ‘em all Tired of long checkouts at retail counters? Unsure if your hospital/pharmacy is prescribing the correct medication? RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 43 . A powerful Carl Zeiss 10x optical zoom lens and long range flash. DñRange Optimizer (DRO) makes you capture balanced images when shooting in high-contrast or backlit scenes. evenly exposed images Built-in slideshow function for fun playback of photos. The collection is available in mother of pearl dials in both champagne and white options. This intelligent technology allows the camera to quickly focus on fast-moving subjects by predicting where they will be in the frame ñ and ultimately reducing shutter lag. form the collection. batteries. and automatically adjusts the focus for correctly exposed photos. The collection is available in all World of Titan showrooms across the country. The Nebula collection has been so exquisitely crafted that they can be the perfect accessory for any wedding outfit. Its face detection technology can identify and focus on up to eight faces in a frame. of Capture the action Sony India Pvt Ltd. even from a distance. Three pairs of gold watches present in leather and gold straps. Indiaís leading consumer electronics brand.BRANDwatch specially crafted gold watches for the wedding season. The dials come in various adorned looks with unique patterns and are embellished with an all round engraved pattern cases. Each watch comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed to last for generations. helps capturing distant images. Packing a power punch in the small sized camera are some of very sharp and distinct technological features which enable DSCñH10 to have a dominant edge over other models available in the markets. the DSCñH10 also has additional accessories such as wide and telephoto conversion lenses. filters. this collection is a unique blend of intricate gold craftsmanship and fine watch making technology. This allows the camera to focus on fast-moving subjects by predicting the frame and reducing shutter lag. launched its new high-zoom digital camera ñ the Cyber-shot DSCñH10. The 8ñmegapixel camera with its powerful Carl Zeiss 10x optical zoom lens and a longrange flash is perfect for helping you easily capture close-ups.

They will not only add to the comfort but also in turn lead to enhanced productivity. Office owners on busy streets can take advantage of the triple sealing system to completely obliterate noise and dust. Solaris has been developed to increase system output and lower the total cost of ownership. Genesis is going to change peopleís perceptions about barcode readers. It is designed for retail environments including convenience. fire resistant and self-extinguishing and do not fade or discolour even in the wake of harsh weather conditions. innovation. thus keeping the outside. Both The Metrologic MS7820 Solaris and The Metrologic MS7580 Genesis are available through Intelliconís 15 direct offices and over 60 channel partners. Fenesta UPVC windows reduce noise by as much as 30 decibels. reliability. A recently launched new range of Fenesta Windows have been precision engineered to counter wind loads of upto 3000 Pa (249 Km/hr). Fenesta Building Systems (FBS). This new system is made unique by a special ëHurricane Barí to resist heavy winds and a ëRain Trackí that drains rainwater outside thereby effectively preventing it from seeping indoors. as Intellicon launches two best-of-breed products from the stable of Metrologic Instruments Inc.BRANDwatch These are issues of the past. The strength of the UPVC windows helps in making the office structure more secure. USA which will provide unmatched performance due to their dynamic new design and scanning throughputs. The Metrologic MS7820 Solaris is a new vertical mini-slot scanner engineered to increase productivity with an unmatched feature set. Its barcode scanners finished first in each of the five core areas of customer satisfaction: features. window systems which are going to compliment modern office structures. UPVC is a non-conductor. saves energy. It scans the widest range of barcodes from high density to poor quality codes. in turn. Fenesta UPVC require very low maintenance as they are termite proof. Genesis meets the marketís need for a bar code reader including those displayed on a mobile phone screen for new applications like digital boarding passes. The new range will add both to the comfort and ambience of the modern office atmosphere. Some of these features are: Unlike Aluminum. For the second year in a row. This results in reduced air-conditioning bills. Smart and sophisticated. event tickets or mobile coupons. healthcare. pricing and service and support. The Metrologic MS7580 Genesis begins a new era in barcode reading with 2D barcode reading capabilities in a presentation mode. Fenestaís triple sealing system does not allow cold air to escape or warm air to enter. The new system has an international look and feel and provides an exciting array of features for all segments of work places that not only make them economical but also viable. liquor. The new state of the art Fenesta range is designed and developed by FBS purely in India. In addition. it does not transmit heat. a division of DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd (DSCL). This. It is designed for retail. Metrologic has received the top score for its products according to the VSR POS survey. The new range offers latest styles like Slider-Casement Home away from home The search for aesthetically planned work places end with the new world class engineered Fenesta UPVC 44 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . They are structurally strong and durable as they are steel reinforced. manufacturing and transportation industries. has introduced a wide range of Fenesta uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) windows and doors especially designed for the lifestyle and health conscious office population in the country. speciality and grocery stores.

UK. One-of-a-kind ornaments have RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 45 . the trend spread to France. Jaipur Gems introduces its latest floral collection. rings and earrings. have intricately designed creations in their ensemble and are a reflection of tradition and excellence and are in tune with todayís fashion and the times. This line offers a wide variety of opulent and artistic floral styles for the ageless women The new collection brings in a refreshing feel to fashion. amethysts and topaz set in white and yellow gold. When vinyl (main component of UPVC) was developed. diamonds. Floral glamour by Jaipur Gems. best quality of gems and metals. The floral Collection at Jaipur Gems consists of fashionable pendants. Jaipur Gems has turned its love for color and fashion into a sublime collection of exquisite wearable art. a pioneer and market leader having significant presence in US and Eastern Europe. The world market of steel reinforced UPVC windows and door systems is twothirds of the total market. Designed on the theme of flowers. Later. Blossoms of eternity…. The steel reinforced Fenesta UPVC windows and door systems were first launched in India in 2003 in technical collaboration with Spectus Window Systems.BRANDwatch combinations and Tilt & Turn windows. making each piece distinctive. citrines. Fenesta is committed to continuously evolving its product range to meet the changing needs of the Indian consumers. fine craftsmanship. All pieces combine modern jewellery design with classic elements. been uniquely designed and handcrafted. The designs at Jaipur Gems have always reflected a statement of style and luxury to complement and enhance the look of the wearer. This inimitable line of high quality handcrafted jewellery with flowers is made up with an eclectic mix of sumptuous precious and semi-precious gemstones. this inspirational jewellery is sure to add that element of sparkle to your look. the scientists were oblivious of the fact that their invention would come to play a vital role in our daily lives-helping make products like UPVC doors/windows that are simply superior. Italy and the USA and soon caught up with other parts of the world like Middle East. What sets Jaipur Gems apart is the originality in the design. Brazil and China. They were initially launched in Germany and UK between 1960 and 1980 marking the beginning of a new era in the housing and construction segment. making it the ultimate name in jewellery.

Shoppersí Stop. Central. jaquards available in round necks as well as collar options. The exquisite summer collection by Cottons by Century is 100 per cent natural cotton having excellent perspiration absorbing capabilities and facilitates air passage that provides comfort in handling the everyday stress. The Spring Summer Collection from Turtle promises to be a must-have in the wardrobes of discerning men. The collection has a spread of shirts. The fabric used ranges from pure cotton to linen. voiles and even poly satin. A symbol of eternity. While the collection is characterised by a vintage charm. It will certainly add an extra zing the summer fashion. Turtle has announced the launch of its Spring Summer Collectioní08. Also the summer sensation for men from Cottons by Century offers trendy new T-shirts priced encompasses 46 RETAIL BIZ APRIL 2008 . silky denims which are available in flat fronts and pleated trousers. the detailing gives it a fresh timeless appeal. The inimitable collections at Jaipur Gems have opened a mystical window to the fine and opulent jewellery that is creating news far and wide. sinckers. designs. satins . dobbyís. a small island in Italy that is an oasis of calm and serenity. This stylish pendant is attached to a white gold chain and can be worn to light up special occasions this summer. Globus. Summer in Capri is available at all Turtle Worlds as well as at MBOís such as Pantaloons. cut and sews in fabrics such as polo piques.BRANDwatch One of the designs from this stunning floral collection is the delicate pendant that is an amalgamation of green amethyst with citrines and smokey topaz. pinks. The collection of reversible shirts in vibrant stripes and checks will definitely get your heart beat racing which are in regular as well as slim-fits and are well complimented by there 100 per cent cotton trouser range. and so on. titled. an example or strength. patterns and fabric that function together to create unforgettable clothes with unique detailing. trousers. a metaphor for purity. The entire range has been conceptualised in an Italian design studio. in a variety of fabrics and finishes like ñ wrinkle frees. Each garment of this collection is sutured into skin-friendly. The collection for menís formal wear exuberates the summer freshness with a vibrant palette in solid blues. Another elegant creation from this range is the beautifully crafted pendant that is set in white gold with citrines and smokey topaz surrounded by diamonds in the form of a petal. It has fine diamonds placed on the eloquent pendant which makes it look stylish and chic at any evening party. The collection draws inspiration from Capri. Indiabulls Megastore. The collection accordingly brings together a palette of light. corduroys . thatís how Jaipur Gems is defined. yellows and greens and many more colors beast suited from the male perspective. auto stripers. calm pastel shades with crisp cuts and design lines. colours. sheer fabrics that ensure perfect relaxation despite the heat and humidity of Indian summers. Tshirts and accessories. keeping you fresh and cool. Summer in capri Leading menswear brand. set in yellow gold. Beat the heat Enhance your style statement this summer with Cottons by Centuryís latest cool spring/summer collectioní08 in menís formal and casual wear. The short and long kurta collection is also a product which is popular for the variety of prints and embroideries in cool summer fabrics and vibrant shades. knits. line available in a range of chest prints. ë Summer in Caprií reflects a sense of the latest global style and exudes subtle yet crisp cuts. ë Summer in Caprií.

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