Management 370-01 Operations Management Consulting Assignment

The objectives of this assignment are to 1. Enable you to prepare a Business Consulting Proposal in accordance with the Business Writing Across the Core (BWAC) component of this course 2. Provide you with an opportunity to experience Operations Management firsthand thereby satisfying the Experiential requirement of the course. SCENARIO It is now the end of your undergraduate program here at Ramapo College and you are getting ready to work as an Analyst for a major management consulting outfit based in the Northeast. However, you just received a call from the company informing you that the client that they had whose consulting project you were supposed to work on decided to delay it by 7 months. This means that during this period, you must find temporary full-time employment since backpacking in Europe, Australia or East Asia is not feasible. Anything else can make your resume look bad. Realizing that you really had your heart set on working in consulting, you decided to be bold and find a short-term consulting project. You must therefore identify a potential client and convince the company that you can find a way to make their operations more efficient. REQUIREMENTS 1. Identify the organization whose operations you wish to improve and prepare an initial report (3 pages) which includes the following topics: Name of the organization, business address and contact telephone number, owner or chief executive, head of operations, products sold and a letter offering your services to evaluate their operations, a timetable and the fee that you will charge. Make sure that you can live on this fee for 7 months so find an operation that is big enough to justify such an expense. 2. A full report of your evaluation and recommended improvements (10 pages) using the following outline: a. Executive summary b. Company background i. Brief description of the organization ii. Ownership structure iii. Management structure

f. d. Description of operations v. e.iv. Financial data if available c. . g. Operations Problem(s) identified Analysis Proposed solution(s) Project schedule Conclusion. Products sold vi.


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Fair Lawn. a timetable and the fee that you will charge. they still have not been able to greatly reduce their debt. 2010 Mr. Mitchum antiperspirants and deodorants. Ron Perelman is the chairman of Revlon. Inc. competing alongside companies such as Estee Lauder and L¶Oreal. Alan T. 90 Garwood Rd. and Ultima II and Gatineau skincare products. Ennis has been the CEO since May 2009. Ennis is also the president and director. Their address is 237 Park Ave. For a short term consulting position. Its beauty aids are distributed in more than 100 countries. NJ 07410 December 16. 237 Park Ave New York. NY 10017. Ennis. Though you have succeeded in . New York. Make sure that you can live on this fee for 7 months so find an operation that is big enough to justify such an expense. They sell Almay and Revlon brand makeup and beauty tools. The company makes Revlon ColorSilk hair color. To get into contact with them. I would like to work for Revlon. NY 10017 Dear Mr. their phone number is 212-527-4000. Though every year they make a decent profit. From observing your financial data over the past few years. Revlon is in the cosmetics business. Charlie and Jean Nate fragrances. . it shows that you have been working on ways to reduce your debt. Chris Elshaw is the COO and EVP.2. Ennis Chief Executive Officer Revlon. and Alan T.

Thank you. Revlon¶s total debt is 1. I have marketing and advertising ideas which will leave your company in a better financial situation. Though I can only work in this company for 7 months.10 (in millions). I am available to start working as soon as possible. Sincerely. Nicole Capouet .reducing it. and I can help your company become more profitable. I can be contacted at the address stated. As of September 2010. It has reduced about 50 million since September 2008. Revlon is a leader in the cosmetics business. there still much improvement needed. I am looking to become a shortterm consultant and evaluate your operations.223. but I know Revlon has the capacity to do better.

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