BOOK REVIEW EAST PAKISTAN TO BANGLA DESH Introduction 1. The fall of Dhaka is an event that will be remembered for as

long as the history of Pakistan. There are tales of those who endured a long rigorous imprisonment. The book “East Pakistan to Bangla Desh” narrates some of the events based on facts and figures observed by the author himself. Being an eyewitness to all happenings, the author has penned down incidents that led to the genesis of political unrest to civil and Indo-Pak war. The writer has amicably highlighted the chronological unfolding of events which caused the debacle of East Pakistan. The story starts from the tragic occurrence of cyclone of 12/13 November 1970, which exposed the impotence and negligence of central government in rescue and relief operations. The cold shouldered attitude from the government further added fuel to fire and became a turning point to stimulate anti west feelings. The rebellion took advantage and an insurgency began. The Book 2. “East Pakistan to Bangla Desh” is a hard bound book, written by Brigadier Saadullah Khan, (HJ). The book was originally printed by G.F. Printing Press Lahore and Published by Lahore law times Publications Lahore. The quality of the paper is not of international standard. It contains 204 pages divided in two parts with several mini chapters. There are two battle sketches which form part of the Part II of the book. The book has been dedicated “to those whom we failed” by the author.

Army role was undermined by Sheikh MujeebUr-Rehman and was not portrayed realistically in newspapers. The role of Awami League further put fuel to fire and hence the story of distrust took its origin. The writer has skillfully unfolded the events leading to the fall of Dhaka without being biased and diplomatic. 5. Part-I deals with civil war and the Part-II is about Indian war. All offers of aid from West Pakistan were completely ignored. Eastern and Western halves of Pakistan. the author was prompted by few influential personalities to put some of his war experience on paper. where aid from West Pakistan was delayed and hence triggered the anti West feelings in the East. The author happened to command 27 Brigade which by the end of September 1971 was moved from Mymensingh to Brahman Baria. the book started with tragedy of cyclone of 12/13 November 1970. the only division then in East Pakistan.2 The Author 3. As prisoner of war. This created an atmosphere of distrust amongst local factions. In the wake of an atmosphere where a stage was set to discriminate both Indian Government activated her potentials and thus charged her Eastern Command with . The book consists of two Major parts. As mentioned in prelude. The writer has given a first hand knowledge and keen observations about the events in a justifying manner. Summary of the Book 4. (HJ) was the Colonel Staff of 14 Division. Brigadier Saadullah Khan.

He made a special acknowledgement to MI-8 Pilots Lt Col Babar and Maj Bajwa who under took daring sorties under hostile condition. politically and militarily. The second portion of the book deals with the Indian War. By then the writer was promoted Brigadier while his brigade was defending Madabpur Sector to Shahbazpur Bridge to Salda Nadi in the south.3 the 6. Initially the orders were taken as unauthentic and enemy’s psychological warfare. There was a flurry of agitated conversation and opinion at all levels amongst the troops. our troops at all level suffered at the time when they received the orders to lay their arms. various operations were carried out with the help of sketches only. East Pakistan had slumped into “Bangla Desh”. The writer has applauded role of Army Aviation in East Pakistan. task of perpetuating insurgency in East Pakistan and subsequently ordered to “liberate” this portion. However soon the bitter fact was revealed that we had lost the war without losing the battle. The book is a concerted effort which gives an idea of chain reaction of political failure ultimately leading to military set back in . Comments on the Contents 7. The details of events happening in East Pakistan have been described in various small chapters so as to distinguish their historical significance and relevance. The story of fall of Dhaka till surrender of Pakistani Forces has been narrated in a very impressive manner. The writer has given out the existing military situation at that time and concept of operation in very clear manner when. The author’s comments on utter humiliation of surrender reflects the pain and sorrow. outmaneuvered diplomatically.

Overall this is a good book and gives a fair idea about genesis The book really touches a of the root problem in East Pakistan. The language used is difficult and hard to understand. The book is an old publication of 1975 and possesses few spelling mistakes and syntax error. The writer has made a whole hearted endeavour to make it interesting and simple. Conclusion 9.4 East Pakistan. The book is recommended to be read by students of military history and young officers in particular. Recommendations 8. . reader and provokes thoughts as to how political system should have reacted to save the sovereignty of the country.

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