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the appearance of the facility. followed by physically accessing the facility. the concern expressed from various staff and providers for the patient’s well-being. the quality of the interaction with providers. and other service providers and their respective physical locations. the admissions process. the quality of the food. Factors may include the cleanliness of the environment. Where in Hospitals can prepare a questionnaire of there own. Overshadowed by measures of clinical processes and outcomes in the quality of care equation. They can also edit a questionnaire by adding or deleting questions from it. encounters with physicians. lab personnel. the clarity of the communication from providers. There are any number of factors that could impact on the patient’s perception of the care provided throughout an inpatient stay. 1.[Type text] Measurement of patient satisfaction stands poised to play an increasingly important role in the growing push toward accountability among health care providers. Patient Satisfaction Survey Through Care 2000 Patient satisfaction survey through Care 2000 is completely master driven functionality. patient satisfaction measurement has traditionally been relegated to service improvement efforts by hospitals and larger physician practices.g. while some plans tie satisfaction scores to financial incentives as a portion of their calculation of payment bonus to primary care physicians with capitation contracts.    YES/NO Good/Fair/ Poor Completely satisfied /somewhat satisfied/Neutral/some what dissatisfied /completely dissatisfied/NA. The first encounter is with the facility’s parking lot. the cost of the visit. and finally the billing/payment process. Management can also customize the type of scale (Based on the type of questions being asked) to be used for answering the questions e. the outcome from the care provided. nurses. the perceived efficiency in which care was delivered. the amount of time they had to wait before getting care. the discharge process. and to fulfilling accreditation requirements of health plans. and on and on. A patient’s experience within a hospital environment is based on numerous encounters with a wide variety of individuals and locations. the ease of access to specific locations. . including patient rooms and the care they receive while in their room.

I. Nursing Services: .[Type text] Snap shots: The snap shots show the master used for defining the questions.

[Type text] ii. Physician Services: .

Hospital Emergency Room/Department Ratings: .[Type text] iii.

[Type text] iv. Admission and Discharge Services: .

Nutritional Services: .[Type text] v.

Diagnostic Services: .[Type text] vi.

[Type text] Snap shot: The snap shot shows the master used to define the scale to be used for the questionnaire .

A printed questionnaire (printed/hard copy of the transaction screen) can be given to the patient. Results from the filled questionnaire can be entered in the system by hospital personnel. The two methods which can be used for data capturing are Questions are asked by a hospital employee and answers (as given by patient) are entered in the transaction screen.[Type text] A transaction screen is available for entering the results of a survey. Snap shot: The snap shot shows the result entry screen .

Graphical representation of the same is also displayed. .2. Reports The report available gives the weighted average fro each question asked .

Survey Type: Admissions and Discharge Services Staff attention Complet ely Satisfied 9 Somewh at Satisfied 3 Neutral Somewh at Dissatisfi 2 Complet ely Dissatisfi 3 Admissions and Discharge Services 3 Over all rating of the admissions Wait time 8 5 2 2 3 6 3 5 2 4 Explanation of procedures Personality of admitting staff Information provided on billing process Transport to room Over all rating of discharge process Clear and understandabl e bill Explanation of aftercare instructions 8 3 4 3 2 8 6 1 2 3 11 3 1 2 3 10 3 2 1 4 8 6 1 3 2 7 6 2 2 3 11 2 2 2 3 .

Patient Satisfaction Survey Company confidential Page 13 of 16 PSS.doc 04-01-2009 .

Patient Satisfaction Survey Survey Type: Physician Services Physician Services Over all rating of physician services Physician responsivenes s to questions Explanation of tests.doc 04-01-2009 . Courtesy and respect you were given Ability to diagnose problems Thoroughness of exams Skill in treating condition Aftercare instructions Complet ely Satisfied 12 Somewh at Satisfied 10 Neutral Somewh at Dissatisfi 5 Complet ely Dissatisfi 3 1 11 10 3 6 1 11 9 3 5 3 12 8 2 6 3 10 9 3 6 3 13 7 2 5 4 12 7 3 6 3 11 9 3 5 3 Company confidential Page 14 of 16 PSS. procedures.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Survey Type: Hospital Emergency Room/Department Ratings Over all rating of ER services Level of care provided Wait time Complet ely Satisfied 13 Somewh at Satisfied 3 Neutral Somewh at Dissatisfi 3 Complet ely Dissatisfi 2 Hospital Emergency Room/Dep artment Ratings 1 12 4 1 5 0 12 4 2 4 0 Explanation of procedures or services Emergency department facility Attending physician personality Nursing staff personality Quality of aftercare instructions 14 3 1 4 0 11 6 1 4 0 13 3 2 4 0 11 5 1 5 0 14 2 1 4 1 Company confidential Page 15 of 16 PSS.doc 04-01-2009 .

doc 04-01-2009 .Patient Satisfaction Survey Company confidential Page 16 of 16 PSS.