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I, K. Siva Karthik, deem it an honour to introduce myself to your esteemed

university. The objective of addressing this Statement of Purpose is to seek admission for
the Graduate Course in your University in the field of “TRANSPORTATION
Transportation form one of the very essence of development and lends teeth to the
economic might of a nation. It is one of the core aspects in human life alongside the
basics such as food, clothing, and shelter. The ever-increasing human population and an
exponential increase in the vehicular traffic have propelled a new dimension to the aspect
of Transportation Engineering, very much on the basis of extensive research work in this
field. The requisites that go into it involve planning, construction, and operation of
highway systems, urban streets, roads and bridges, as well as parking methodology.

In the developing countries, the existing traffic management systems have failed
to handle the ever-increasing volume of traffic, yet these flows get accommodated
leading to a manifold increase in the rate of per hour kilometer coverage, unseemly
increase in pollution levels, besides the increase in the rate of accidents and casualties.
Having been brought up in one such country-INDIA, this issue has disturbed me from a
very young age. This kindled a strong desire in me to take up a study in this field in my
future and work towards developing an efficient transportation and traffic management
system in my country. This desire over the course of time formed the basis for my
choosing a potential career goal in Transportation Engineering.

With the hard work and perseverance I have put in during my two year stint in
intermediate (11th and 12th standards), I got admitted into the Department of Civil
Engineering in Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology-one of the very few reputed
engineering colleges in my state.

Acting on the goals I have set for myself in life, I have worked diligently to gain a
strong grasp in the concepts of the Civil Engineering. Apart from Transportation
Engineering subjects like structural Engineering and Surveying have also interested me.
To further my knowledge in the latest techniques of Surveying, I have worked on the
project of GPS Surveying under the guidance of my professor Mr.S.S.V.Chalam.

In the 4th semester of my under-graduate study I was offered a course in

“Transportation Engineering”. The innate interest in this field coupled with the
knowledge I have acquired in it during this time, have not only helped me to attain top
grades in this subject but also encouraged me to take up a project titled, “SPEED/LEVEL
OF A VEHICLE WITH REFERENCE TO PARKING”. The project is aimed at studying
the variation of speeds of different kinds of vehicles due to the presence of another
parked vehicle on the road. This project is being carried out under the able guidance of
my professor Mr. I. Rama Chandra Reddy-who is well known as “Jewel Of India” in the



Field of Transportation Engineering. My interaction with him during the course of this
project has greatly enhanced my knowledge in “Transportation Engineering and Traffic
Management Systems”. This has served as a source of motivation for me and encouraged
me to take up another project titled “SOIL STABILIZATION USING ADMIXTURES”,
which aims at improving the sub-grade quality using admixtures like fly ash, rice husk
ash, geo-textiles.

Apart from these projects I also took part in various national level technical
symposia and presented several papers like “Applications of Global Positioning System”,
“Innovative Road Surfaces”, “Earth Quake Resistant Design Of Structures” and “Repair
and Rehabilitation Of Concrete”. Participating in such events has improved my self-
confidence and communication skills, a great deal.

Being a strong proponent of an adage stated in Sanskrit literature – Sarvaangina

vikaas (All round development of a person is an essential criterion for the professional
growth), I have taken part in several extra curricular activities ever since my childhood.
This includes participation in “LEAD INDIA 2020”, a social service program aimed at
improving the social standards of under-privileged children. I have also been a part of the
chess team, which represented my college.

As I now stand on the verge of choosing my career goals nearing the completion
of my under graduate studies, I have decided to pursue further studies in the field of
“Transportation Engineering and Traffic Management Systems”. I have been fortunate to
have the opportunity of interacting with people of eminence in this profession and their
advice has been to seek the culmination of my career pursuit in United States of America,
which has the reputation of having one of the most efficient traffic management systems
in this world. This stems from the standard of research facilities and superior caliber of
the faculty present in the university like yours. The research work that is taking place in
your university has appealed me the most and thus instilled a strong desire in me to
pursue my graduation in your institution. With the strong fundamentals in Civil
engineering and a strong desire to master the field of Transportation engineering, I am
very confident that I would be worthy of candidature in your esteemed university. I
assure you that the confidence reposed on me will spur me to live up to the expectations
bestow upon me.