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April  6,  2020  

Governor  Andrew  M.  Cuomo  
The  Executive  Chamber  
Capitol  Building  
Albany,  NY  12224  
Dear  Governor  Cuomo:  
As  you  continue  to  lead  New  York  State  through  the  ongoing  pandemic,  I  write  to  you  regarding  two  
matters  in  need  of  your  urgent  attention.    
Orange  and  Rockland  counties  are  seeing  an  alarming  increase  in  the  number  of  positive  Coronavirus  
tests  in  recent  days;;  Rockland  has  the  highest  number  of  per  capita  positive  tests  in  the  state.  While  
New   York’s   PAUSE   restrictions   are   essential   to   bending   the   curve   and   minimizing   deaths,   it   has  
become   abundantly   clear   that   additional,   significant   enforcement   measures   are   needed   in   our   two  
counties’   hotspots.   I   urge   you   to   take   any   and   all   steps   possible   in   coordination   with   local   law  
enforcement  to  ensure  residents  in  Orange  and  Rockland  are  adhering  to  the  PAUSE  directives.  As  
you  well  know,  this  is  a  matter  of  life  and  death.  
Second,  as  the  virus  continues  to  move  north  from  New  York  City,  Orange  and  Rockland  counties  need  
to  be  prepared  with  overflow  beds.  In  Orange  County,  the  Cornwall  campus  of  Montefiore  St.  Luke’s  
Cornwall,  which  many  years  ago  used  to  operate  as  a  fully-­functioning  hospital,  is  an  ideal  location  for  
non-­Coronavirus  beds.  This  will  provide  relief  to  the  bed  capacity  at  the  hospital’s  Newburgh  campus  
which  continues  to  treat  Coronavirus  patients.  Similarly,  I  support  County  Executive  Ed  Day’s  call  for  a  
field   hospital   in   Rockland   County.   Rockland   Community   College   is   one   of   many   possible   suitable  
locations  to  expand  much-­needed  capacity.  
Thank   you   in   advance   for   your   urgent   attention   to   these   matters.   I   stand   ready   to   fully   support   the  
implementation  of  these  two  undertakings  within  whatever  means  my  office  can  offer.  

James  Skoufis  
Senator,  39th  District