The Chieftones


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The name may be new to you, but it's be-' coming familiar to more and more people every day. Peoplewho have seen them will never forget them. Return engagements-repeat return engagements have become a routine matter for them.

Their heritage issteeped in one of the world's proudest and most distinctive civilizations, the Tsimshian lndian Nation of what is now British Columbia, Canada. Born in Northwest British Columbia, Billy ThunderKloud, Jack Wolf, Richard Grayowl and Barry Littlestar were educated at an lndianResidentialSchool in Edmonton,Alberta. It has been a long up-hill climb for BILLY THUNDERKLOUD G THE C I F O E beginning HE T N S in 1964. One of the greatest achievements came when Billy ThunderKloud was named "Outstanding lndian of the Year for 1975".

A special something marks their personal appearances. Charisma?. Perhaps. Whatever it is, it works. As the management of countless shows can back up, their "guarantee" of a successful show is more than a show business hype.
The explosion involving the act is more than what happens on stage. Counting the standing ovations has become a frequent' backstage game. One promoter counted 11 during two consecutive shows. With a blend of the Nashville Sound, contemporary, pop, religious and much more, they possess a unique sound-one with unlimited appeal. All ages come and all ages are conquered.

It's a long way up
It has been a long climb from a small Indian settlement in the Canadian Northwest to the international acclaim Billy ThunderKloud and The Chieftones now enjoy. They have brought with them a strong personal charm that says much for their Indian heritage.

Billy ThurlderKIouu
Chief Billy ThunderKloud is a hereditary frog clan chief, belonging to the Gitksan Tribe of the Tsimshian Nation. Born in the village of Kispiox, British Columbia on May 7th. Billy's Chieftainship name (Chief Dau-Hkansqu)is a very ancient and historical name, and is only used at ceremonial feasts. The name means "brace or support", a (Chief that stands solid never to fall). Billy is a deep and sober individual, a "deep thinker" and very emotional. He tries very hard to please and puts his all into his singing and must feel the part of the song. H is a very proud individual and his personality is affected e by his Chieftain demands. Off-stage he has an obvious sense of care for all those with whom he comes into contact-wishing only the best for them. A restless young man, he strives continuously for an ultimate in performance and audience relationship for himself and the Chieftones.

Jack Wolf is a Niska Indian of the Tsimshian Nation born October 29th in the village of Ayanish, British Columbia. He is a very deep and stable individual who gives the impression of being very stern, but is really very deep in feeling, with great understanding and compassion for others. Like Billy ThunderKloud, he is his own worst critic, not satisfied with doing well, always striving to do better. His childhood wasn't the happiest imaginable, and his teens were uneventful. As a result, he savors every experience and relationship that being a part of the Chieftones brings him.


Barry Littlestar is a Gitksan Indian of the Tsimshian Nation, He is Billy ThunderKloudls older brother and born in the village of Kispiox, British Columbia on April 8th. He is a charmer. A ladies man. A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the group. As Dr. Jekyll, a real ham, very unpredictable and very full of life. H is apt to be the slap-happy goof. e H is cute, lovable and brings out the maternal instincts e in ladies. The Mr. Hyde of Barry is very sober, stern and sullen faced, and very quiet. This mood can only be broken when he wants to break it.

Richard Grayowl is a Gitlaan Indian of the Tsimshian Nation, born May 25 in the village of Kitwancool, British Columbia. Richard is a placid, happy-go-lucky,smilingest and shyest member of the group. He fits into any situation, always smiles and can never go through a day without forgetting something. He is extremely easy to get along with and he gets along with everyone. He hardly ever loses his temper and if and when he does, he finishes up laughing at himself. He likes people of all ages.

TOTEM POLE CARVERS. Unique among professional vocal groups, Billy ThunderKloud and the Chieftones all are Tsimshian Indians, also known as the Totem Pole Carvers from the far Canadian Northwest. In the U.S.A. and Canada they have carved a very special place for themselves in the hearts of millions.

Nashville's finest.
In January, 1975, BILLY THUNDERKLOUD G THE C I F O E announced the addition of a band HE T N S to their show, and nothing but the best would do. Their show now includes this very talented and versatile group of Nashville musicians, George Edwards, Jerry Rivers, Terry Ishmael, Warren Keith and Ron Hughes.

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