Ultimate Bet Timeline 11-09-07 – Gank posts and UB High-Level Executive Fired, Son Cheating


“A higher level executive was fired not to long ago, because her 19 year old son, who she got a job at UB, was caught cheating games at the UB office. He definitely was cheating customers somehow, maybe a combination of the above things mentioned at the very least.” "The woman's son had"administrative access" which let him see hole cards." and that the source "wouldn't besurprised if administrative access still exists" The person went on to say "there's also evidence that at least a couple months ago AJ (Green) was overseeing day to day operations" 01-8-08 –Suspected Cheating Going on with NioNio at Ultimatebet Reported on 2p2 1-8-08 – Omniheart, 2p2 member makes the first post of the thread 1-8-08 - dlpnyc21 a few posts later
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthread.php?t=99247&page=2 So trambopoline (well respected hsnl player/poster) and myself created the original thread about Nionio. To be clear, trambo and I believe we were victims of a superuser who could see our cards. Others believe there was highly highly suspicious play/winrate/stats from Nionio on UB from the period of July though Seeptember. We have around 3,000 hands during which time nionio was up $300,000. What's more surprising is that NioNio played another 5,000 hands, which is not available right now. He wins at 60ptbb/100 over sixty-four hours of play, while paying a 60/40 style. He only had ONE losing session in which he lost $2,000. So far on 2p2 these posters have said he beat them for a lot: myself, trambo, scratchy1, tempest122, cts, mynameizgreg, etc. “He won over $300,000 in 3,000 hands, and won at the same rate for 5,000 hands. Around 9/4 /07 (around the time the AP scandal broke), he just mysteriously stopped playing on Nionio.

1-8-08 - dlpnyc21 posts comments from CTS and Taylor Caby

Here is what CTS posted: ”Ok I remember this guy now, I lost a boatload to him. Seriously this has happened to me on UB like five times where I have suspected I was playing against someone who could see my hole cards.” FWIW one other very reputable hsnl player not in this thread has shared similar thoughts with me. I have been very careful who I play/how much action I give on UB lately.” http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2145845&postcount=15 Taylor Caby's post on the old thread: I don't think this is conclusive proof. I think the fact that he quit 9-4-07, is that the day the AP news broke? That his account is gone now is the most damning evidence.

1-9-08 - Posted by Trambo - Re: Suspicious Plays on UB 25/50 and 50/100 http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2146237&postcount=21 Anyway, here is the poker ev graph of the 2,300 hands I have on him. Note the $72,000 won at showdown and $124,000 won without showdown http://img210.imageshack.us/my.php?i...iographlp2.png 1-9-08 - Posted by dlpnyc21 and 2p2 think Investigation is warranted

Ok, at this point it's clear that there is enough suspicion to warrant a more thorough investigation. thankfully, I guess the evidence was presented in a more clear, deliberate manner in this thread, making others suspicious as well (as we saw in the last thread, only the players who had played on ub vs. nionio felt that way). 1-9-08 – Posted by Josem – First Math Explanation of NioNio

The alleged UB cheater is winning at around 10 standard deviations above the mean The confessed AP cheater was winning at around 15 standard deviations above the mean I think that 10 standard deviations is something in the order of winning a 1-in-amillion lottery three or four times consecutively - although I'd prefer if a maths expert could be a little more clear. If we reduce the sample size to the 334 players with 2,500 to 3,500 hands recorded, the mean bb/100 becomes .52 and the standard deviation is 17.12 - leaving the alleged cheater out at almost 9 standard deviations above the mean. 9 standard deviations is something in the order of 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 - or winning three consecutive 1-in-a-million events. 1-10-08 – Posted by dlpnyc21 – Phil Hellmuth notifies UB while playing online

FYI: Last night mrwonkman and blackhole and myself were sitting in the 25/50 game on UB because Phil Helmuth was sitting there, and we obviously chatted to him about NioNio and the strong possibility he was a super user, and he sent an email to UB while we were playing online. 1-10-08 – 2 Posts by Josem about his Math of NioNio winnings
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2175709&postcount=137 http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2175921&postcount=139

However, it seems unlikely, and adds further weight to the need for UB to investigate and come clean about what happened here. This is not something that is, on the evidence to us, like hitting a 1-outer. We're talking about stuff in the vicinity of hitting fifteen consecutive 1-outers. 1-11-08 – Trambo and Phil Hellmuth Talk About UB and AP

When talking to Phil Hellmuth on UB today, I was bombarding him with questions. He said that if he thought UB was not safe he would leave the site as a pro. I asked him if he would continue to be a pro for UB if Nionio was confirmed 100% to be a cheater and

he said 'yes i would if it was just some rogue employee'. Not once did i mention that I thought it was an employee at UB, but from this statement I kinda got the feeling that thats what he thought. 1-11-08 – Omniheart Wins 600K and Disappears– Factual Data

He won a total of 600k and disappeared. How many fish do that? 1-11-08 – dlpnyc21 and 2p2 see NioNio won $600,000, His & Trambo losses http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2185257&postcount=167 So, it's pretty clear $600,000 was taken from HSNL players during this time, $28,000 from me, $57,000k from trambo, and $27,000 from zeebo, etc. etc 1-12-08 – Trambo sends 8,200 hands from mypokerintel to Omniheart http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2191680&postcount=199 Alright, http://www.mypokerintel.com has sent out all 8200 hands. I forwarded them to omniheart and hes currently uploading them as we speak. Our next step is to email UB and try get the same hand histories except this time with the holecards of ionio 1-12-08 – Trambo posts Gank’s story about UB High-Level Executive Son Cheating
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2198479&postcount=218 Once Tramo posts link to November story, 2p2 HSNL Thread Regains Momentum.

1-12-08 – Scratchy1 talk to Hellmuth, Screennames Listed http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2202897&postcount=233 So I talked to Hellmuth at the tables earlier tonight and he said they were investigating and that it looked like it was a legit well known player and that they would be releasing information slowly. Rumors are he won 700k then lost 200k under a different name. All sessions were at 10/25 HU table or 25/50 50/100. UTakeIt2 - 8,046 hands played last session 8/29/2007, 770 hands from my database ilike2win - 5,545 hands last session 6/22/2007, 715 hands from my database FlatBroke33 - 3,753 hands last session 8/11/2007, 650 hands from my database The next 3 i will blank out as their hand samples are small. XXXXXX - 1561 hands last session 9/22/2007, 200 hands from my database XXXXXX - 899 hands last session 9/26/07, 255 hands from my database XXXXXX - 777 hands last session 6/30/07, 127 hand from my database I’m not stating factually any of these are cheats, just presenting evidence. 1-13-08 – dlpnyc21 Playing with Phil Hellmuth, Talking About NioNio http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2203329&postcount=235 Playing phil hellmuth now, in the chat he is saying the nionio account was a "wellknown player" that then lost 200k back on another name. they are saying UB is convinced he is not a cheat...WTFFFFF

1-13-08 - Omniheart posts NioNio hands, Add Phil Hellmuth Talk http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2204923&postcount=247 “Can’t believe Hellmuth said nionio is well known. That might be the tip to everything.” 1-14-08 – Trambo Talks With Phil Hellmuth and Phil Agrees Hand Are Suspicious

I have been given Phil's phone number and I can call him whenever I want. I also have to re-confirm that its fine for me to record our conversation with Phil although he did say yesterday that he would allow it 1-14-08 – Trambo Now Says Phil Hellmuth Emails Fake

“So the emails ive been getting that I thought were Phil Hellmuth (I had good reasons to believe so) turned out to be some playing me like a fiddle, apparently ****ing with me for no good reason.” “I just got off the phone with him after speaking with him for well over an hour. He informed me that he understands I made an honest mistake and totally forgives me, and even informed me to post that he said so. We went over the accounts in question and I got to say, he was very suspicous to say the least. . He informed me that UB has already started an investigation and that info should be released within the next few 1-14-08 – Old UB / Aruba Deal Brought Up, Daniel Negreanu & Russ Hamilton

UB held a $250,00 FreeRoll. Russ Hamilton was behind the idea. Many poker pro’s turned down the event and rumors were UB had no intention of paying the prize. Phil Gordon won that event "I'm still not going to comment on the whole Aruba/UB deal. I wasn't invlolved in it, and I just don't want to open up that can of worms for a number of reasons. Yes, I was offered a free room and flight to Aruba, along with a seat in the televised Pro Tournament. I declined the offer, for reasons I'm just not going to discuss. Daniel Negreanu The whole thread can be found here http://tinyurl.com/yveosf 1-14-08 – Nat Arem Posts Info. On NioNio and Nopaddles http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2227711&postcount=393 -The nionio account was changed to nymobser -The nopaddles account was changed to sleeplesss. -The changes were made on the same day. 1-14-08 – Trambo asks about whckme44 http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2232054&postcount=417 Another alleged account, whackme44. he played mostly 300/600 so I doubt anyone has any hands on him. Played from 7/7 to 8/20.

1-14-08 – Flatbroke33 Account Name on Another Forum, Not Sure if Connected http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2235073&postcount=431 Hey everyone, glad to say that I've joined the hamb. My name is Larry Dutcher 40 married with a very understanding wife. We live in Moncton, New Brunswick. I own a repair shop, can't wait to learn on how to move around on the HAMB. 1-18-08 – According to Phil H, UB Giving HH’s to a Third Party UB has not offifcially released a statement, but according to Phil they’re going to give all hh's to an 'independent 3rd party', which im quite sure means a well respected player whom has nothing to gain/lose from this. 1-22-08 – Trambo Brings “55 Name Similarities” To Light, New Names http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2359165&postcount=532 Several of the biggest winners at the site seem to compose their name structure very similiarly. For instance, there is dannyboy55, 55washere and crackcorn55. Also, players like flatbroke33 and whackme44 seem to also fit this category I also want to re-iterate what scratchy said earlier.... "I’d be curious if anyone has any hand histories on some of the other players listed particularly those with a lot of hands (flipflop2, rockstarla, etc). Check them out and see if their PT stats at all fit the profile and if anything looks suspicious we will try to get their hand histories. FYI some were '06 players." 1-23-08 – UltimateBet “Stalling and Delaying” Still No Statement http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2372611&postcount=547 “UB is obviously stalling or delaying on releasing any statements, so whom am I supposed to talk to? To my knowledge, he is trying his best to push forth this investigation. To be honest he was surpised himself when he learned that UB has yet to make an official comment on the entire situation.” 1-28-08 – Phil H. Thought A Statement Would Be Made Late Jan/Early Feb. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2451502&postcount=580 I haven't talked to Phil in over a week now. Even a week ago though, he said that he thought that within the next 2-3 days (4-5 days ago) that UB would probably be releasing some sort of statement. 1-30-08 – UB Rep. Tells dlpnyc21 Investigation Is Complete http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2481195&postcount=587 I just got a phone call from jd.silver@ultimatebet.com (JD Silver). I immediately grilled him about the superusers and he said that UB conducted a thorough investigation and they found out that "nionio" wasn't cheating. I asked them if they had released an official statement. He said, "yeah i think so, maybe on pocketfives.com or something."

2-3-08 – Email from UB Admits They Were Notified 1-12-08 About NioNio

Jimmy13 posted: Received the following email this morning: On Saturday, January 12, 2008, UltimateBet was notified by customers that a player with the online handle 'NioNio', demonstrated an unusually high winning percentage. We have also engaged the services of an expert third-party to help us determine whether or not this allegation of suspicious play is accurate and we are in open discussions with our regulatory body, the\ We also recognize the importance of communicating timely and accurate information regarding this incident to our customers as we learn the facts. 2-7-08 – Trambo Told By Phil 100s of Account Narrowed To Less Than Ten

I was told by Phil about 2 weeks ago that supposedly they started the investigation looking at about 100 accounts and have narrowed them down to less than 10. 2-7-08 – Trambo Emails Phil Hellmuth, Phil Claims UB Is Looking at 6 Accounts http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthread.php?t=99247&page=66 “Any updates as of lately? Why hasn't UB released the name of the supposed 3rd party investigator?. They're telling the players absolutely anything. Ive heard reports of them saying "no commment", to "there is a current investigation" to "the investigation is over and they have issued full refunds". This is the response he gave “I'm in London playing and commentating for the European Open and the Premiere League. My cell doesn't work here, but I'll be back on the 17th.. I know that they are looking at six accounts, but that it takes a long time, time to go through all of the individual hands 2-16-08 Posted by Trambo – UB has Finally met the KGC

“Ok I was told by one of my 'informants' that UB has finally met w/ the KGC about this and 'the ball is rolling on the investigation.” 2-16-08 – Two Posts by dlpnyc21, Receives Same Email About UB Cheating http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2757385&postcount=672 “I immediately asked her about the super user investigation and she said the investigation has been resolved and that the players who were affected will be getting their money back. She then asked if I was affected and I said yes. She said she will pass my screen name along to her supervisor who "has more information." –dlpnyc21 http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2758504&postcount=673 Received this email, Same As Posted by Jimmy13. It's pretty clear from this email that they have no idea that other accounts were suspected super users. Fwiw, I received this email back after I called the "VIP" support hotline and asked for information.

2-20-08 – Nat Arem Disappointed With Abolute Poker Outcome http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2819831&postcount=682 “I've been pretty quiet because I don't really know what to do about it.” “I was somewhat disheartened by the lack of consequences for AP. I realized then that whatever I did wasn't really going effect any sort of long-term change. There just isn't any point to pursuing things like this if there aren't any real and significant consequences for the site.” 2-24-08 - Trambo: 6 Weeks, Nothing From U.B. & He’s Up A Million http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2874377&postcount=694 “I sent Phil an email a few days ago asking for any updates and he replies 'no updates, hopefully this is all over soon!' It has been what, 6 weeks already and UB hasnt said **** aside from 'were investigating the matter'.” “The thing is UB has always been my main site for many years. It has been the only site which Ive always had a lot of money on. On UB I’m like 1mil+ winner. It is so rare for a really good 50-100$ game to run on any site these days, and lately UB has had some ridiculously soft high stakes games.” 2-24-08 – Trambo Links Cheating Accounts Login Times, Back to Back Wins http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=2878212&postcount=696 http://img222.imageshack.us/my.php?image=niosva5.jpg “ In fact there were sooooo many instances where one of the screenames would play a quick session, book a big win then sign on to one of the other screenames in question, and do the same thing.” “Literally when you matched up the times that they started/ended sessions it really makes it look like all of these accounts belonged to 1 person. So if I had to give a guess, Id def say that someone at UB was using these accounts and using accomplices to cash out so as not to be detected.” “In conclusion these are accused cheating accounts Flatbroke33, iLike2win, monizzzle, nionio, nopaddles, nymobser, nvtease, sleeplesss, stoned2nite, utakeit2, and whackme44.” These are all of their detailed stats provided by http://www.mypokerintel.com. The date next to their name indicates the last date they played on Ultimatebet. Flatbroke33 = 8/11, 65.5 bb/100 over 3753 hands- deleted or name changed iLike2win = 6/22, 37.34 bb/100 over 5545 hands - deleted or name changed Nionio = 9/4, 57.3 bb/100 over 8100 hands - name changed to nymobser Nopaddles = 8/31, 89.6 bb/100 over 1508 hands - name changed to sleeplesss Nymobser = 9/26, 46.7bb/100 over 899 hands - now deleted or name changed, Monizzle = 11/20, 38.51bb/100 over 2265 hands - deleted or name changed Sleeplesss = 9/22, 98.87bb/100 over 1561 hands - now deleted or name changed, stoned2nite = 6/30, 129.2 bb/100 over 777 hands - deleted or name changed Utakeit2 = 8/29, 45.41 bb/100 over 8046 hands - deleted or name changed Whackme44 = 8/20, 47.73 bb/100 over 946 hands - deleted or name changed

3-5-08 – Trambo Sends Angry Email To Phil, Nothing Said in 2 Months
“So I sent Phil an email yesterday. The 'angry tone' was meant to be directed more towards UB but at this point I dont even care anymore I am assured that there will be a thorough investigation into the matter and that it is being handled accordingly yet its been 2 months and nothing has been done.”

3-6-08 - Scratchy1 Trambo told by Phil Statement Coming Next 2 Days http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=3038360&postcount=743 “Phil says there should be a release tomorrow and a full report within 2 weeks. Take that for what it's worth.” – Scratchy1

*New Thread. Ultimate Bets’s First release About Cheating*
3-6-08 – Ultimate Bet Interim Statement About Cheating Poste by Mason Malmuth http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=3065891&postcount=1 On January 12, 2008, UltimateBet was alerted to allegations that a player with the online handle “NioNio” exhibited abnormally high winning statistics and was accused of having an unfair advantage during play. These allegations were made both directly to UltimateBet by concerned players and the KGC, and indirectly through several web forums. The allegations also included reports of suspicious activity concerning the deletion of the NioNio account and other accounts that may have been related to this scheme. “We immediately launched an extensive inquiry involving an independent thirdparty expert to review hundreds of thousands of hand histories, The initial findings of our third-party expert confirm that the NioNio account’s winning statistics were indeed abnormal and whether additional accounts beyond those of NioNio were involved.” The investigation has proven to be extremely complex and, therefore, has been more extensive and taken much longer than initially expected.—Statement Shortened 3-7-08 – Bluff Magazine Responds To U.B. News Statement

While you are doing a service to some degree for the posters here by posting what UB asked you to, I think that in reality it is somewhat of allowing UB to copout. UB has never had good communication with posters here Allowing UB to use indirect means to communicate something here allows them to engage in a one-way only conversation where they don't have to face any tough questions in response. That does not seem to me a good situation long term for 2p2 posters, and rather only benefits UB in the short term. While I realize you are just trying to help posters here primarily by keeping them informed, perhaps the better course of action in the future is just to inform UB that they are welcome to make an official rep account and have same verified by the Again I think you are trying to help 2p2 posters who play on UB, but for the reasons above, making them carry their own water is perhaps the better path. Bluff

3-7-08 – Trambo Talks to Hellmuth, Investigation Ongoing, 3 Weeks Max

“Ok I talked to Phil this morning and he said that the investigation is still going and that that apparently they’ve had to look at several hundred thousands so thats supposedly one of the reasons why it is taking so long. He expects the investigation to take 3 more weeks at max.” 3-7-08 – HSNL Thread Gets UB Statement From NVG Thread

UBStatement posted in NVG: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=3065891&postcount=1 No, Other Posts from 3-7-08 to 4-1-08 in the HSNL thread appeared to be relevant IMO. Mookman5, I Will finish this thread then go on to the NVG thread started on 3-6-08

4-1-08 – MYNAMEISGREG Loses $71,933 to UltimateBet “Believed SupeUsers” http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=3432299&postcount=802 “I just wanted to say I sent them an email demanding action and if they do not respond in 24 hours I will volunteer myself and Leggo to take charge of getting some sort of results.” “For entertainment purposes I am down $71,993 to NioNio, iliketowin, UTakeit2, & FlatBroke33 ($35,000 to NioNio specifically) I 100% believe they are all superusers.” 4-25-08 – Trambo Told Everyone Will Be Happy http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=3820890&postcount=839 “According to what I’ve been told everyone is going to be very happy with the final results of this investigation, though no real time frame was given to me. I’ve been pushing very hard for UB to release another report but so far nothing.” 4-25-08 –U.B Claims Too Much Info Released In The AP Scandal Too Early

“The claim by UB here is that they messed up royally in the AP scandal by releasing too much info too fast, which in turn turned out to be false info (like when they said that its impossible to have a superuser account). So it appears they did the exact opposite in this case by not releasing ANY info, at least to the public. This way is even worse than how they handled the AP situation though. If no action has been taken by UB in any way within a few weeks im supposed to call Phil again fwiw” 4-26-08 – Scratchy1 and Comments Annie Duke Made

“Annie said the situation is complex and there will be no denials or mis-directions and that the handling of the investigation is part of the reason she agreed to come back on to UB as a consultant. She expects closure mid May.” 4-26-08 – Four Months and Only One Statement From Ultimate Bet


Trambo Said: “I kind of agree that more time may mean more details, however 4 months is waaaaay too long. And not only that, they have only made one public statement regarding the whole situation. If its going to take this long they need to keep in contact with concerned players with what’s going on in the investigation. And no, I know for a fact that 4 months for this situation is far too long.” 5-4-08 – Nat Arem Posts On Pocketfives About U.B. Cheating http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=3970887&postcount=917 http://www.pocketfives.com/poker-for...candal-2843312 “Okay, so as you all know there is significant evidence that there were superusers on Ultimate Bet as well as Absolute Poker. The evidence comes from around the same time period as the AP cheating.” “I've spoken with the guy who is, basically, leading the investigation at UB. While I can't tell you a lot of what he's told me, I can tell you that UB is not ignoring it internally. In fact, the delay in resolution is not at UB itself.” “I reallllllly want to tell the whole story as I know it, but I can't. In fact, telling the whole story as I know it could jeopardize the whole outcome of this situation. Once the facts are revealed, people will understand why I can't say what's going on right now. You'll just have to trust me on that.” “Make no mistake about it -- there was blatant cheating on both AP and UB in 2007 and if the players never spoke up, nothing would have ever gotten refunded or fixed. That's obviously inexcusable and it's up to AP/UB to show that it has made things right and that it will be clean going forward.” “I believe in the current management at AP/UB. However, they're still cleaning up an enormous mess left by previous management/ownership -- imo, there's a good but unfortunate reason for why they've taken so long.” –Nat – Statement Shortened 5-6-08 – Annie Duke Comments On Pocketfives http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4006917&postcount=1 From Annie Duke.. Found on Pocket Fives “So...I have been contacted by a bunch of friends and by a ton of people on several web forums in the last week regarding the nionio thing at UB.” “First, I want to let you know why I didn’t respond initially. I am not conducting the investigation so didn’t really feel it was my place to comment. My role at UB is limited to revamping the tournament schedule and re-energizing the UB brand, a brand I am very emotionally invested in. Although several people have suggested otherwise, I do not have a direct line of contact with the senior management at UB on a day to day basis nor do they write my posts for me. I do all that myself. I do not have any direct information from management day in day out as to what is going on with the investigation into alleged cheating on the UB site. I can say that before agreeing to take on a larger role at UB, I needed a high level of comfort with the way the investigation was being conducted. That it was being conducted in an upright and forthright manner that was thoughtful and thorough. I definitely sought those assurances from the management team at UB was thoroughly investigating this issue and working in a way to come to a quick resolution the issue of alleged cheating. After some super frank discussions, during which I have to say I was

not kind and, in fact, rather blunt about my feelings on the issue, I came away satisfied with both the intent of the management team to deal honestly with the allegations, as well as with the integrity of the management team itself. That is coming from someone who was as skeptical as could be. As skeptical as you all might feel, trust me, I was more skeptical than that going into meeting this new team. But I have to say they are seriously guys who “get it.” Let’s all remember this management team inherited this investigation and I am satisfied with how they are approaching it. I have no reason to believe that management is not pursuing the investigation fully and completely. That being said, I want to see the results of this investigation and UB’s final report as quickly as possible, and as quickly and badly as all of you do. I know that the management team is eager to make its findings public within the month, and I am hopeful that all the details will be released very soon, I have been told perhaps within two to three weeks. I fully expect that management will be true to its word and that we will see a full and accurate report on these serious allegations. Until then, I will continue to promote the UB brand because it is a brand I believe in and love and am deeply emotionally invested in. I sincerely want thank you all for your comments on the schedule and I hope you will keep them coming. This is a group effort. Dialog is the only thing that will make all this better and better and give you the most kick ass schedule on the net! (At least that is my goal!). Annie 5-6-08 – Dave Provides Cornell Fiji With Some Good Links, POTRIPPER Video http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4007832&postcount=940 Here's an unlocked thread in BBV (there were maybe 10 massive threads there over the course of events). I don't think this is the totality of events after a quick skim - I'd PM apefish, Adanthar see if they can't link to a more complete post. There is a great deal of info in here however: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/sh...ad.php?t=18622 And here's the POTRIPPER vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FczbS7FiWSM 5-6-08 – Adanthar Talks About Going On 60 Minutes http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4011994&postcount=945 “Nat has, however, and his word is good. If he says that the resolution will be good and is coming soon, I trust him completely. Of course, as somebody that's likely going on 60 Minutes to talk about AP (yes, that's still on) at some point in the next few months, I am fortunate to be in a good position to, shall we say, ensure UB does not decide to sit on this much longer, and senior management there is very much aware that what I talk about on camera will have a lot to do with how they handle this in the (near) future. Because of that and because of Nat's statements, at this point, I am confident that the delay is temporary.” The rest of May Is spent talking about wearing anti-UB T-shirts at the WSOP. Cornell Fiji works Hard On A Summary.

5-20-08 – Cornell Fiji Post a Summary of Events For 2p2, NVG

It has been 150 days since allegations about suspicious activity in the high stakes no limit poker games on UltimateBet were first made public in this thread in the High Stakes No Limit forum (referred to as ‘HSNL’ from this point) on twoplustwo.com. Several million dollars were stolen and the evidence in the HSNL thread indicates very strongly that: UltimateBet has known about the cheating for at least nine months. UltimateBet knew about but did not make any attempt to acknowledge the cheating before it was exposed on 2+2 People who worked for UltimateBet facilitated the cheating. UltimateBet actively took steps to cover up these crimes and thwart the investigation of this scandal. Additionally: UltimateBet did not make any public statements or acknowledge that cheating had occurred until March 6th, 2008, three full months after the crimes became public. UltimateBet has not reached out to any of the players who were stolen from (many of whom still don't know that they were cheated). When players read the HSNL thread, discover that they have been cheated and attempt to contact UltimateBet, they’re forced to wait several days for an email response, only to be told that UltimateBet is 'looking into the allegations. “After 'trambopoline' and 'dlpnyc21' showed beyond any reasonable doubt in the HSNL thread that NioNio was cheating, many more 2+2’ers began compiling their hand histories and searching through www.myPokerintel.com for suspicious accounts.” “If it was happening with one account why couldn’t it be happening on others? Within a matter of days, posters on 2+2 identified a number of accounts as having highly suspicious activity. They all played the same 60/40/aggressive style that was shared by NioNio and the superuser at Absolute Poker and all stopped playing around September 07, 2007 when the Absolute Poker scandal broke. They also all had had success at a profit rate of several degrees better than the win rates showed by the best players in the world. These suspicious accounts were: Flatbroke33, iLike2win, monizzzle, nionio, nopaddles, nymobser, nvtease, sleeplesss, stoned2nite, utakeit2, and whackme44. For the seven accounts out of ten that we received detailed records on, their total take was over $1.5 million. It is still unknown how much the other three accounts stole. Other than their one press release stating that a three month extensive investigation revealed that NioNio had "abnormally high winning statistics" (something that was proven three lines into the first post in the HSNL thread) UltimateBet has not made any public comments about these findings. UltimateBet has also largely refused to discuss this scandal with its players other than to say that their investigation is ongoing. UltimateBet has not acknowledged their involvement in the cheating. To this date the perpetrators of the Absolute Poker scandal have not been charged with any crimes. It is unknown if UltimateBet has filed charges against the people responsible for this multi million dollar theft or crimes related to the cover-up of these crimes. “The only two sites to ever be caught exploiting a superuser account to steal from its customers are both owned by Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.” Steven Ware Cornell Fiji

5-28-08 – News Spreads That UB Is Going To Make A Statement Shortly http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4387072&postcount=1040 “Congratulations, we're finally assured compensations. REALLY wish they wouldve given some timeline for when they're paying everyone back, who knows how long they may decide to put actual payments on the backburner......Trambo 5-29-08 - ULTIMATEBET ISSUES STATEMENT REGARDING UNFAIR PLAY http://www.ultimatebet.com/poker-news/2008/may/nionio-findings MONTREAL, CANADA (MAY 29, 2008) --- Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG ("Tokwiro"), proprietors of UltimateBet.com ("UltimateBet"), one of the world's largest online card rooms, today announced the results of its lengthy investigation into allegations of unfair play, which was triggered by concerns about an account named 'NioNio'. Tokwiro has worked diligently in cooperation with its regulatory body, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission ("KGC"), and with independent third-party experts to conduct a thorough investigation that included a comprehensive review of hand histories and game data, thorough analyses of software and network security, and audits of its security practices and procedures. The investigation has concluded that certain player accounts did in fact have an unfair advantage, and that these accounts targeted the highest limit games on the site. The individuals responsible were found to have worked for the previous ownership of UltimateBet prior to the sale of the business to Tokwiro in October 2006. Tokwiro is taking full responsibility for this situation and will immediately begin refunding UltimateBet customers for any losses that were incurred as a result of unfair play. The fraudulent activity was enabled by unauthorized software code that allowed the perpetrators to obtain hole card information during live play. The existence of this vulnerability was unknown to Tokwiro until February 2008 and existed prior to UltimateBet's acquisition by Tokwiro in October 2006. Our investigation has confirmed that the code was part of a legacy auditing system that was manipulated by the perpetrators. Gaming Associates, independent auditors hired by the KGC, have confirmed that the software code that provided the unfair advantage has been permanently removed. Throughout the investigation of this incident, Tokwiro's consistent priorities have been: To permanently remove the ability to engage in unfair play; To complete its investigation and come to a full understanding of what occurred; To refund the affected customers; and To implement measures that prevents future incidents. We would like to thank our customers for their patience, loyalty and support, as well as for their understanding that we are doing everything we can to correct this situation. The staff and management of UltimateBet are fully committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our players, and we want to assure customers of our unwavering resolve to monitor site security with every resource at our disposal." Investigation Timeline These are the key events in the course of the incident. January 2008: UltimateBet is alerted to suspicions of unfair play on the part of the account "NioNio". Within 24 hours, UltimateBet contacts the KGC to provide formal notice that UltimateBet has initiated an investigation of the incident. UltimateBet subsequently forwarded a copy of all related data to the KGC.

January 2008: The "NioNio" account and related accounts are suspended pending further investigation. February 2008: Preliminary findings indicate abnormally high winning statistics for the suspect accounts. After discussions with the KGC, UltimateBet engages third-party gaming experts to assist with the analysis. February 2008: Investigators confirm that the suspect accounts are associated with individuals who had worked for UltimateBet under the previous ownership. February 2008: UltimateBet discovers the unauthorized code that allowed the perpetrators to obtain hole card information during live play. The code was part of a legacy auditing system that was manipulated by the perpetrators of the fraud. February 2008: UltimateBet immediately removes the unauthorized code and works with the KGC and with third-party auditors to verify that the security hole has been eliminated. March 2008: Six player accounts are confirmed to have participated in this scheme. No accounts were deleted at any point, although some account names were changed multiple times. The following account names are known to have been used in the fraudulent activity: NioNio, Sleepless, NoPaddles, nvtease, flatbroke33, ilike2win, UtakeIt2, FlipFlop2, erick456, WhackMe44, RockStarLA, stoned2nite, monizzle, FireNTexas, HeadKase01, LetsPatttty, NYMobser, and WhoWhereWhen. May 2008: The investigation confirms that the fraudulent activity took place from March 7, 2006 to December 3, 2007. May 2008: Gaming Associates certifies that the software code that enabled unfair play was removed from UltimateBet servers in February of 2008. May 2008: Customers affected by this incident are identified, and plans for corrective action are reviewed with the KGC. Corrective Actions Taken The following actions have been taken or are currently underway as a direct result of this investigation. The security hole identified in UltimateBet's investigation has been permanently eliminated. UltimateBet is establishing a state-of-the-art software Security Center that consolidates and greatly enhances existing security capabilities. The first release of the new Security Center focuses solely on the immediate detection of abnormal winnings. Gaming mathematicians, poker professionals, and security software developers have all contributed to the specifications for the new Security Center. UltimateBet customers are no longer permitted to change account names unless they have suffered abuse in chat rooms. Requests for changes must be supported by proof of abuse and must be approved by the Chief Compliance Officer. In addition to its existing security department, UltimateBet has established a new specialized Poker Security team of professionals dedicated to fraud prevention. The refund process will begin immediately. The accounts associated with fraudulent activity did not use an unfair advantage in all play sessions. Regardless, UltimateBet is refunding all losses to these accounts. Accounts related to the fraudulent activity have been disabled, and the individuals associated with those accounts permanently banned from the site.

UltimateBet has worked closely and transparently with its governing body, the KGC and its designated expert auditors, to determine exactly what happened, how it happened, and who was involved, and has taken action to prevent any possibility of this situation recurring. Tokwiro is pursuing its legal options in regard to this incident. For further inquiries please contract press@ultimatebet.com 5-29-08 – Cornell Fiji Starts NVG Thread With UB Announcement http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4386860&postcount=1 UB Press Release! UB Admits to 20+ months of cheating.Continues to cover up the truth 5-29-08 – Trambo Gets $234,871 From UltimateBet Cheaters

Alright scratch that, I just got a call from a UB higher up informing me that i will be receiving ~155k by the end of today. I am ecstatic right now! Edit: Already received money in UB account, total refund: $234,871. What shall I spend it on? 5-29-08 – Player’s Annouce Refund Amounts
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4398908&postcount=1049 MagicNinja - $185,000, MYNAMEIZGREG - $90,000, 5-29-08 – Taylor Caby Blogs About Refund on Cardrunners, Posts UB Refund Email http://www.cardrunners.com/members/index.php?option=com_mamblog&Itemid=29&task=show &action=view&id=18795&Itemid=29

Dear Taylor, Recently we have been investigating allegations of unfair play at UltimateBet. After a lengthy and time-consuming investigation, we have concluded that unfair play did occur, and that you have been a victim of fraudulent activity. Your account (Green Plastic) has been refunded for any losses against accounts associated with unfair play. If a particular account ever used an unfair advantage, even for a single hand, we are crediting all net losses for all hands ever played with that account. “Net loss” is the sum of the money that you lost to the accounts in question minus the sum of the money you won from them. On this basis, we have calculated that you are entitled to a refund in the amount of $24,588. If you have any questions about the refund process, please write to us at pokersecurity@ultimatebet.com or call (1.888.200.2933). We want to express to you our sincere gratitude for your patience, loyalty, and support, as well as your understanding that Tokwiro is doing everything it can to correct this situation. We also want to reiterate Tokwiro's and UltimateBet's commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for our players and our unwavering resolve to monitor our site security with every resource at our disposal. For a full report on the investigation and corrective measures taken, please visit www.ultimatebet.com/poker-news/2008/may/nionio-findings The UltimateBet Team

So apparently some dude stole $25,000 from me sometime over the past 18 months and now I get it back. Time to go out and buy something stupid!!!!! TC 5-29-08 – UB (Paul Legget?) Interview with Nat Arem

I was able to get an early look at the statement and Ultimate Bet agreed to answer some of my questions, Here are my 10 questions and Ultimate Bet’s answers: 1. The “individuals worked for the previous ownership of UltimateBet” — does this mean they were employees of UB only pre-sale but not post-sale? Were any of them owners at any point? UB - All individuals involved worked for the previous ownership prior to Tokwiro acquiring in Oct 2006. We have learned through our investigation that one of the individuals involved was a liaison to UB post sale as part of the transition, but that person has not worked for the company or had access to systems for roughly a year. The previous ownership of UB was a publicly traded company and we do not believe anyone involved was an owner of the business. 2. When you say Tokwiro is pursuing legal options, does this in anyway include an attempt to have legal charges (either civil or criminal) brought against the individuals responsible? UB - Yes. We are reviewing all of our legal options, both civil and criminal. 3. Do you expect the names of the individuals responsible to be released at some point? UB - At this point, we are uncertain how the legal action will ultimately unfold. We have turned over all evidence and information to our regulatory body the KGC. 4. When you say Tokwiro is taking full responsibility, does that mean all of the refunds are coming out of Tokwiro’s pockets? Was any money able to be recovered? If nothing was recovered, do you expect to recover any at any point? UB - No money has been recovered at this point. All refunds are being paid by Tokwiro. Whether or not we recover any funds depends on the outcome of any legal action. 5. Obviously, people are not happy that it took such effort on the part of the players to notify UB and, for all intents and purposes, harass the site for months and months with the only response being a short statement confirming abnormal winning activity. What would you say were the biggest factors that contributed to the delay? UB - The most important factors that contributed to the delay were:

First, the complexity of this investigation. We are dealing with a third party software provider and previous software development shops, old versions of the database that complicated our analysis, our regulatory body and their auditors, as well as many years of data. Second, our desire not to release information until we were certain of its accuracy and thoroughness. Third, our priorities throughout this investigation have been to make sure the vulnerability was fixed, to make sure that we understood everything that happened. We didn’t want to make any statements before this. Now we are making a statement and refunding players, and the company will continue to do everything possible to prevent anything like this from happening in the future. 6. What sort of information can you give us on the total dollar amount in question? UB - At this time we are not ready to provide a specific amount. 7. Some of the account name changes happened post-sale. This seems to mean that some of these employees were still involved in the AP-UB enterprise. Either that or they still had friends willing to help them out. Assuming these employees have been fired, when were those responsible for the name changes fired and what sort of further action does Tokwiro have planned? UB - Unfortunately, some of the account name changes did happen post sale. One individual who was employed by the previous ownership appears to have aided the perpetrators by changing account names. This individual served as liaison to UB through a transition period post sale. After the transition period, this individual continued to send name change requests to our customer service department. The person has not been involved with the company for approximately a year and we have since implemented a no name change policy. 8. I’ve been helping you a little with the Security Center for UB — I think it’s going to be a great tool when it’s finished. When do you reasonably expect it to be ready? Will it apply to both AP and UB? UB - This Security Center application is a top priority for Tokwiro and this will be used for both AP and UB. We expect the first release to be in production in 6 to 8 weeks. 9. Are you going to have the entire software source code reviewed for any other loopholes? While GA says this loophole is gone, it certainly seems possible that there are other loopholes that current management might not know about. UB - Gaming Associates has confirmed that the vulnerability has been permanently removed. We are confident that the site is entirely secure. Currently, Gaming Associates is in a continuous audit.

10. If I recall correctly, the AP refunds were completed in under one week (or something close to that). Do you expect the same sort of speed here? Also, will the refunds carry interest in the same manner as the AP refunds? UB - We expect to have all refunds completed within several days. Tokwiro will be refunding players their net loss for every hand played against the cheating accounts without interest. 5-31-08 – National Post Does Story On Joe Norton & U.B. Cheating http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/story.html?id=552913 MONTREAL - Confidence in the ability of Mohawk regulators to police lucrative online gambling operations on the Kahnawake reserve has been shaken following the second cheating scandal in less than a year. UltimateBet.com, which is owned by a company controlled by former Kahnawake grand chief Joe Norton, acknowledged on Thursday that unnamed insiders had altered its poker software to allow them to see opponents' hidden cards. "The individuals responsible were found to have worked for the previous ownership of UltimateBet prior to the sale of the business to Tokwiro [Mr. Norton's company] in October 2006," the site said in a statement.

6-2-08 – Brian Townsend, sbrugby, Says Ultimate Bet Handled Cheating Well
http://www.cardrunners.com/members/index.php?option=com_mamblog&Itemid=29&task=show &action=view&id=19014&Itemid=29

Dear Brian, Your account (sbrugby) has been refunded for any losses against accounts associated with unfair play. If a particular account ever used an unfair advantage, even for a single hand, we are crediting all net losses for all hands ever played with that account. “Net loss” is the sum of the money that you lost to the accounts in question minus the sum of the money you won from them. On this basis, we have calculated that you are entitled to a refund in the amount of $19120.5. If you have any questions about the refund process, please write to us at pokersecurity@ultimatebet. For a full report on the investigation and corrective measures taken, please visit www.ultimatebet.com/poker-news/2008/may/nionio-fi ndings The UltimateBet Team

“My hats off to them for making the correct decision and paying everyone back. I am very impressed with UB and the way they handled themselves in this situation. I don't know if I will ever play at UB again as I am still weary of there games. I took my money off towards the end of last year and have not decieded if I will play there again. That said this is defenitly a step in the right direction to having me return my business.
6-2-08 Paul Leggett UB COO Tokwiro Enterprises on Pokercast http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5133508&postcount=4

Paul Leggett on Pokercast joins in show at 45:00 into program. Transcript of interview that took place on 6-2-08 by Mookman Question #1 Poker Cast: Can You give us UB’S version starting from January to now (June). How it started and where it is at this point? Paul Leggett - Sure. Thanks for having me guys. Well I guess it, it started January 12, 2008. We were first alerted to um, by one of our customers that there were allegations on unfair play on the Ultimate Bet site. We immediately then contacted the, KGC, out regulatory body, and notified them we were launching and investigation. That investigation was comprehensive and it lasted several months. Through out investigation we were able to determine that cheating did in fact occur on the site. The cheating took place from March 2006 to December 2007. The perpetrators of the cheating were employed by previous ownership of Ultimate Bet prior to Tokwiro purchasing UB in October 2006. The method that was used by the perpetrators was the yused unauthorized software on our servers in order to gain hold card information during live play. Again that software code was on our servers prior to Tokwiro acquiring the business. Question #2 Poker Cast – How much money are we talking about here? Do You have a sum total of how much money was stolen? How much money will be refunded to the players? Paul Leggett – Um I do have rough numbers but at this point for operational legal reasons, we’re not able to come out with it, but I believe the number will come out in the future. Question #3 Poker Cast – Ok. One of the questions that I think a lot of people are a little confused with is a lot of the talk about previous ownership vs. current ownership. I was wondering if and the assertion in the press release is that the wrongdoing was done by employees of the previous ownership. Is it completely different people that own and rn the company compared to pre-2006? Is / Are the people that owned before are no longer involved with UltimateBet in anyway and it is totally different people? Or is it just a new company name sorta paperwise that owns it, but there’s a lot of the same people running the company now and involved in the decision making that were involved prior to the change of ownership? What is the old ownership versus new ownership situation?

Paul Leggett – Well the old ownership of UB, I believe the company name is E-World Holdings which is a private company. I belive by… I am not sure, I am not an expert on the previous ownership. Then the software service was provided by Excapsa Software Services which is a publicly traded company. None of these people have any involvement with business or Tokwiro anymore, um so it is completely different people, completely different ownership. Question #4 Poker Cast – Paul we had a situation over at Absolute poker as well. You know through the investigation, some 2p2’ers come across the fact that it was Scott Tom and AJ Green, it wasn’t like it was forthcoming or anything. So I guess the concern there was it wasn’t a low-level employee, it was actually a founder of the company that was doing this. You haven’t released who it was involved at UltimateBet can you do that for us, tell us who it was? Paul Leggett – I cannot at this time. Frankly we are very upset that cheating, that individuals were able to cheat our players and steal money from our site. Our priority throughout this whole thing has been to complete the investigation. Through the investigation our priorities have been to: Make sure that the ability to cheat has been closed and fixed, Find out exactly what went on here, Refund our players which we were able to do this week, Put in preventative measures to ensure that this can never happen again. At this point we are pursuing our legal options both criminal and civil. Question #5 Poker Cast – Can you see how the transparency is important though? I mean it is not a low level employee at Absolute Poker, it’s a founder, we are sort of going forward with Ultimate Bet, if you hope to have the players trust, I think it is important to come out and be completely transparent about this and it really doesn’t seem like, you know, not talking about who it was and how it happened actually, like specifically, seems to be a bit of a sore spot. Paul Leggett – And I realize that. And We tried to be as forthcoming as possible in the statement we came out with this week. I believe there’s a lot of information um, that well, we released a lot of information from our investigation however there are some things we just cannot come and publicly say immediately. I have a lot of evidence that has been turned over to the KGC, like I said we are pursuing our legal options both criminally and civil now. Question #6 Poker Cast – Paul, One of the obvious questions people are going to ask. You started the investigation when the NioNio account was brought to your attention in January. And then it says in the timeline here that UB discovered the unauthorized codes in February, so basically one month later. So the question a lot of people would of course ask is, When you purchased the company from the previous ownership, obviously a review of the security would have been done at that time, you would think. And After the Absolut

Poker Scandal you would think at that time another review would have been done, particularly when a third party auditor had come on and all of that stuff. How was this not picked up either when you reviewed it when you first took over the company, or how was this not picked up at the same time of the AP poker scandal? When once it was brought to your attention you were able to discover it in a period of about a month or so? Paul Leggett – Well I think that the key part to this is that the individuals who perpetrated the cheating were employees of the previous ownership. That gave them access to this unauthorized code that we had no idea existed. It gave them access to change usernames. It gave them a complete understanding of how our business worked. They could get around, uh, They could create this scheme where they could cheat fomr us, or cheat the UB players, while working there and to continue to do so after the business was sold. If they weren’t employees at some point for UB, there is no way they would have been able to perpetrate this scheme. Obviously we are very upset that this did happen on our watch and we are doing everything we can because of this to ensure the business is secure. We are investing a lot of money in security. We’re..The most important priority for me is watching the new security center which is the first release, its sole purpose is to immediately detect any abnormal winning statistics. In that security center application we had input from professional poker player, gaming mathematicians, and individuals that were instrumental in exposing the AP scandal. We have also established a new poker security department that is completely separate from our security team we have now. Its sole priority is to identify fraud that relates to the poker room. We are also going through a risk assessment with Gaming Associates and the KGC. There’s tons of confined stuff that we have to adhere to in order to keep a license. It is horrible the incidents that happened but I really believe we are more secure because of it. Question #8 Poker Cast – I want to get to the Gaming Associates and the KGC in a minute. You are talking about it happening on your watch. Other sites, even UltimateBet as well, when somebody wins a fair amount of money or wants to cash-out, you really get a lot of stopguards there, where people who are with the site will look at these accounts and see what is exactly going on. The part of this for a lot of people that is so hard to believe from all of this. How in the world can an account like NioNio or others, play for almost two years, win at a rate that is equivalent to winning the powerball lottery three days in a row, cashing out millions of dollars, change the account name over and over, and no one in the entire organization takes five minutes to investigate any of the accounts. When they are cashing out over and over and over again. That’s the hard part to believe. Yeah it might have happened and might have been done by somebody that used to work at the company, but all this happened with current ownership in place. Paul Leggett – That’s Correct. Again we are very upset that the cheating….That our players were able to be cheated while we have been running the business. Again that the key part of this is that they were employees, and what they were bale to do was set up so these accounts so that they appeared as VIP professionals. They were able to change their

usernames, because these players had this type of status they were able to make fast withdrawals and basically bypass our security checks. Question #9 Poker Cast – You talked about the people you are responsible, the KGC. You have also brought in an independent auditor called Gaming Associates. One of the questions I had, particularly with the connection to the Absolute Poker Thing and now this happening. You would think that UltimateBet would want a third party to come out and make an actual statement backing up your press release, saying that yes we have done this review and we stand behind what UB is saying. I think that a lot of people know that one of the main parties in the ownership of Tokwiro Enterprises is Joe Norton, who used to be Chief of the Kanawake Territory and that there may not be a complete arms reach distance as far as that relationship goes. Can you maybe talk about why the KGC and Gaming Associates haven’t come out with their own statements, saying yes we have reviewed this and we agree or we are now making a statement that everything UB is saying is in fact true and correct? Paul Leggett – The KGC and Gaming Associates have both reviewed our press release before it went out to make sure it was accurate and factual. So that has happened. And I believe very, very soon the KGC will come out with an announcement or some kind of press release confirming a lot of facts from our press release. Specifically that the hole has been fixed, that the individuals involved were from the previous owners, im mean were employees of previous owners, and have never had any relationship with Tokwiro or Absolute Poker in any way, if they already haven’t come out with it. I believe they will come out with it very, very soon, early, early this week or next week. Sorry. With regards to Joe and the KGC. I know there are a lot of rumors out there regarding that relationship. As I am sure you guys now, Joseph Norton was the Grand Chief of the Mohawks of Kanawake and He served there two years in public office. He then went into private business in early 2000. In 2006 He established Tokwiro Enterprises and acquired both Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. Both Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet have license’s with the KGC, gaming license’s, and that is the relationship…….The KGC has many, many licensees, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet are just two of the many. And Joseph’s relationship is no different from than a U.S. Congressman becoming a Lobbyist. So I know there is a lot of rumors but these are the facts. Question #10 Poker Cast - Paul looking at it from the outside looking, you know that is all we obviously have. It seems like the purchase of Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker by Tokwiro or Joe Norton is sort of this extra added level of, removal, for the lack of a better word, for the previous owners to still continue on gaining profits from the site, but not actually own the site. For instance, we have got with Absolute Poker where Scott Tom or AJ Green that set up their salaries as a large portion of the profits from Absolute Poker. So while they removed themselves from responsibility, for bad things, taxes and whatever happens. And it seemed like that is what happened with Ultimate Bet as well. The question is, How are we to know that all the stuff that happened before won’t just keep going on. And if that is true?

Paul Leggett – Again there is a lot of rumors out there. Joe Norton owns 100% of Tokwiro Enterprises. And Joe Norton is the owner of UB and AP. With regards to individuals that might have been involved in ownership staying on as consultants, after the sale, I am pretty confident that that has happened. I cant speak to it in detail, but Joe Norton owns both businesses 100% With regards to it never happening again, really our goal is not to just say that we are secure, we want to prove that we are secure. The things like the new poker security center, the new poker security department and after the WSOP, we will be hosting a security meeting, we are inviting many representatives from the poker industry. All the Big Poker Sites are inviting people, All the big poker businesses are inviting representatives, and we would love for 2p2 to participate in that. We really want the Poker Community involved in observing what we have in place for security, and help us to see what the priorities should be going forward, and we want to be as transparent & secure as possible. The security center I think is the most important thing we can do at this time and that is the priority for our company. So we are doing everything we can to learn what had happened in both these incidents and become better for it, a more secure company. Question #11 Poker Cast – I think that was said after the Absolute Scandal, that there was going to be a security conference and it didn’t seem to happen. Is this the same one you are talking about before? Paul Leggett – It is the same one. The main goal was to get the requirements for the security center and we are having a hard time establishing A. That we could get everybody to participate; we did get lots of peoples input into the security center. Everybody that we asked to come wanted the Ultimate Bet investigation completed before they came to participate, so we postponed it. We are trying to do it after the WSOP when everybody is available. Question #12 Poker Cast – Just to confirm, none of these individuals that were associated with the cheating on Ultimate Bet, are no longer employed or receiving compensation from the company, is that right? Paul Leggett – That is 100% correct Question #13 Poker Cast – There is sort of a common statement I am hearing out there from people who have played on Ultimate Bet and are now gun shy to play there again. And that statement is whether UB knew that this was happening and was involved in it and don’t believe the press release. Or whether they believe the press release, and also they are basically then interpreting the level of security at UB not to be able to pick up on this. To only to be able to detect it after it was brought to their attention by the players that were victimized on it. Either way they are dealing with a site that is not being truthful or they

are dealing with a site that doesn’t have adequate security. Whether it is A or B I just can’t trust myself to play at this site anymore. What would you say to those people? Paul Leggett – I guess it goes back to the point I made that, well the number one that it was employees from the previous ownership, so it had nothing to do with Tokwiro Enterprises. Second, that it was very unfortunate that this did happen on our watch and we are very upset that we allowed the players to be cheated. Again, if they were not employees of the previous ownership there is no way this would have been able to bypass our security. However, because of these incidents we have been increasing our security. Like I said before that we have, we are working on many things that make sure the site is secure. (Edited part out.) Also our ability too, that when this thing did happen, realize the investigation was lengthy. The end result was we did the right thing, came out with as much information as we could, as fast as we could. It was necessary that the investigation took so long because it was very complex. But in the end we refunded the players that were affected and that was our priority. Question #14 Poker Cast – Just quickly on criminal charges, It is saying right now in the press release they are being considered. They haven’t been promised yet. The assumption is you would want to seek justice and would want your name further distanced from this, by turning over files if you know who the guilty parties are to the authorities in whatever jurisdictions they live in. Why wouldn’t this be a no-brainer to automatically pursue that to clear your name? Paul Leggett – Well again out priority was to complete the investigation as thoroughly as possible and now we are pursuing our legal options both criminal or civil. We are very upset. Money was stolen from our player and from the site. We do want people brought to justice. We turned over all of the evidence about the perpetrators and all of the supporting evidence to the KGC and now we are pursuing our legal options to determine what to do next. Question #15 Poker Cast – Would the person or people involved. I guess it is hard for us to understand how the KGC or the Kanawake Tribe could prosecute, or would actually be interested in prosecuting anybody if it happened on the reserve. Is it a question of jurisdiction for it, or what’s going on there? Paul Leggett – Well Again our legal team is providing us with advice now on what our options are and they are looking into many different options. That is one thing that is complicated. I’m not an expert in this area. I don’t know. I know I can’t just use the data I have and condemn someone publicly, so a jurisdictional thing is a problem. That’s one of the many things we are looking into now. Question #16 Poker Cast – Paul, you came over from Absolute Poker, what are your feelings on why A.J. Green or Scott Tom were not prosecuted?

Paul Leggett – Essentially there was, After the investigation on Absolute Poker and the audit from the KGC & Gaming Associates, there was confirmation that a perpetrator, an individual perpetrator was responsible for the cheating. That the perpetrator provided us with a statement about how they did and what was done exactly. At that time, as I understand it, A decision was made from the business to get that statement from them in order to determine exactly what happened, fix the hole, get players back the money, and finish the investigation. In exchange for that, there was protection of the person’s name, except for exposing it obviously to the KGC and Gaming Associates with a commitment that no legal action be pursued. Question #17 Poker Cast – Hey Paul, why do you think that Tokwiro, Absolute Poker, and Ultimate bet specifically haven’t been punished by the KGC at all? This has now happened twice. You stil have 100% seal of approval from them. A complete endorsement that this is a great, secure site to play at. Even though the two biggest cheating scandals have now happened within the same company. How has there not been any penalty, any punishment, or taking away that seal of approval from the KGC. Are you surprised by that? Paul Leggett – I am not surprised, no. With the Absolute Poker incident, or cheating scandal there was obviously, players were refunded immediately. I believe the total damage was $800 thousand. $1.6 million was refunded. There was a fine of $500,000. There was a fee that had to be paid of $225,000 for the gaming associates audit.There was an extensive amount of corrective actions that had to be implemented by Absolute Poker. I believe it Is June 15, 2008 when the Gaming Associates & KGC are coming to our offices to confirm and verify that we are in compliance with those corrective actions. In addition to that there is a Risk Assessment that will happen that will require a lot more corrective actions after those initial ones are verified. There is monthly reporting requirements that we have complied with. There is ongoing spot audits. As well we’ll have to deal with the KGC and Gaming Assocaites. With the UB situation, there has not been any fine or any sanctions yet. But they have an investigation and audit ongoing. I am fairly confident as it concludes that there will be sanctions, corrective actions, and fines, but I can’t comment on what actions will be presented. Question #18 Poker Cast– Tough one at you Paul. Was there any discussion at all of just shutting down the operation of these sites, of saying listen we just don’t have good enough security at UB and AP to continue to offeronline poker to these customers, and we just don’t feel it is a safe place to play, Was shutting down these sites brought up as an option? Paul Leggett – It was never brought up to me. It is possible those discussions have happened within the KGC. Again, these are horrible incidents that have happened. That are no different than the many other things that have happened in Land Based Gaming, government based gaming, or in the financial sector. You could take Society-General, with the four-billion dollar scandal there. Either the whole company is not bad because

the actions of a few people and obviously the investigation in these situations are complex. We are a company of 500 people and a lot of those people care about the poker community. They care about this business and take a lot of pride in it, so this is just very unfortunate that a few people’s actions can have an effect on our business. Again these things happen and we are learning from them and dealing with the ramifications, and the sanctions from the KGC and the fines and hopefully we become a better business for it. Hopefully poker is more secure because of it. It is not an excuse, two horrible cheating incidents happened and we deserved the backburn. We have to implement measures to prevent them from ever happening again and deal with the ramifications of the KGC’s findings. Question #19 Poker Cast – I will ask you about Gaming Associates. It seems like they are the third party independent auditor so to speak. They come in and really haven’t been good at what they are supposed to be doing, really you know, catching things like this that were goin on. Was there thoughts to choosing a different auditor, maybe that didn’t have the problems the Gaming Associates ran into? Paul Leggett – I don’t know what problems you are talking about specifically with Gaming Associates. I’m not aware of any problems but it is one of those situations you are kind of, there is no right way to go. If we change auditor’s people question that. If it is the same auditors people will question it as well. It is kind of a no-win situation. I think the KGC decided to keep them there for consistency and to monitor. Question #20 Poker Cast – Do you think this kind of hole-card cheating is going on at other poker sites as well, Paul? But they (the cheaters) have been more subtle about it, have been doing in am anne not to get caught, where as In this case it has brought negative press to Ultimate Bet because they were doing it in such an outlandish way that it was available to be caught? Paul Leggett – I have no reason to believe there is cheating going on other sites. However I am very concerned that cheating incidents have happened on such a large scale on the Tokwiro Sites, so that is why I think it is so important that we invest in security and open up our business to the Poker Community, to let them see what we are doing to ensure that nothing can happen on a smaller scale and that they are very happy and have an impact into our security. Question #21 Poker Cast – If you were a high stakes cash game player and played online poker, I don’t know if you do or you don’t, but would you play at Ultimate Bet today? Paul Leggett – Yes I would. Again many players that have contacted myself after the refunds are very happy that we took this step. They believe we did the right thing. Obviously we have to keep doing the right thing in order for them to trust us. Several of

these people, specifically the ones have spoken to me before and have played on the site since we have given them their refunds and know that we are trying to do everything possible to get players their money back and make sure that this can never happen again, so Absolutely I would. Question #22 Poker Cast – On Absolute Poker there was interest paid. Is there interest being paid this time around with the UltimateBet issue? Paul Leggett – The way that we have determined the refund on the UB incidents was to give anybody the entire net loss for any hand played against any of the accounts that were involved in the cheating, or associated with the cheating, We are not paying the interest this time because with the Absolute Poker situation, from my understanding, the company felt a greater liability because of the internal employee(s) 1:13 minutes in And where they overpaid in that situation to ensure that everyone was happy and paid with interest as well on top of that. In this situation there are some hands it seems like were not involved in cheating, we just wanted to blanket every single hand that anybody played against these accounts, and that is where we are at this point. It is possible we may do something in addition for customer service reasons for the players that were affected though. Question #23 Poker Cast – was there a though in the interest of transparency, when you are doing the refunds to players, to give them the hand histories & give them all the information. I guess without getting all the information each player kind of just has to hope that that is all that was stolen from them, correct? Paul Leggett - That is correct. We have taken all the requests people have for hand histories, it is pretty complicated because of the duration of the cheating. Some of the requests for entire HH’s from their entire history at UltimateBet. It is an enormous amount of data so it requires setting up like an ftp site. Then give them access for each person, it is not a simple thing but it was 100% our priority to make sure that they could take all of our HH’s from UB and put them into a Poker Tracker 2 or similar application and see the two numbers. Our refund amount and their number would match 100% It took a lot of analysis to make sure and a lot of testing to ensure refund amounts were perfect. Again if anyone had any complaints they can email us at pokersecurity@ultimatebet.com and anything to do with this investigation is 100% priority and we will work with them to get the refund amount. Question #24 Poker Cast – Paul, if online poker was legal and regulated all around the world, do you think something like this would have happened? Paul Leggett – It is definitely possible. Again the individuals like the banking or the government lotteries that have scandals. It doesn’t mean they are immune to employees or individuals stealing or cheating. These things happen in all kinds of industries. Well I

think regulation in every country will help, but I don’t think it is immune to these kinds of incidents from occurring. Question #25 Poker Cast – Would you characterize both situations with Absolute & Ultimatebet as happening in a similar fashion? That is it is a piece of software the person had. Is it a similar sort of software hole in both Poker Sites? Paul Leggett – They definitely are similar in a sense that cheating occurred. The cheaters were able to see hole cards during live play. However, they are in fact quite different. UB and AP are run on completely separate software and platforms. I think the key thing that separates the UB from the AP is that the perpetrators in no way worked for Tokwiro or Absolute Poker. That the KGC’s report will confirm this fact. Question #26 Poker Cast – What are your high profile sponsored players saying to you now, or to Joe at this point in time? Are they wanting to distance themselves from you? What kind of conversations have taken place between UltimateBet and the Phil Hellmuths or Annie Dukes of the world the last couple of days? Paul Leggett – Obviously they are not thrilled that anything like this occurred on a site the are endorsing. Both Phil and Annie Duke are happy with the way that we have dealt with the situation. It is something we inherited, a problem we inherited and we have taken full responsibility for it and made it right. They know what we are working on from a security standpoint and they are going to make sure that this can never happen again. We are actually getting others to come in and endorse our site. There will be release’s in the next few weeks of new poker professionals coming on board to endorse UB. Question #27 Poker Cast – Are they part owners of the company, like some of the sponsored players at Full Tilt are? Or are they unconnected entirely more like PokerStars? Paul Leggett – They are unconnected entirely like PokerStars. They are just celebrity endorsements. Annie Duke has come on board recently as our tournament director to rebuild our tournament schedule. Again which is a new product and I think is fantastic Question #28 Poker Cast – Paul I want to thank you for coming on the program. We really appreciate it. I know this is a trying time. A lot of people out there are probably saying this guy has been with the company less than a year and been through two crises, what the heck is he doing still working there? What keeps you with the company after these two devastating hits? Paul Leggett – That’s a really good question. Basically when the AP scandal hit I was considering leaving the company but Joe convinced me to stay. He charge me with

making sure players got their money back, that we could get through the investigation, found out exactly what happened, and deal with the ramifications of it. Putting measure in place to make sure it could never happen again. I decided to stay on board because of Joe’s approach to the whole thing. Again with the Ultimatebet situation, I just want to make sure it was handled well, that we fix the problem, make sure it can never happen again, and refund money to the players that was owed to them. That is why I am here. It has been a trying year. I am committed to this business and helping it rebuild and grow. Question #29 Poker Cast – What can we expect from here on out as a timeline as far as how all of these things are going to come down specifically, transparency as talking about how it happened and who it happened with, and some of the criminal charge things? Is there sort of a timeline? Paul Leggett – I do not have a timeline at this point. Really because of our effort to get that release out and refund out players and concluding the investigation. Now we are obviously dealing with the Media and focusing our efforts on that stuff, so I don’t have a timeline at this point, but there will be updates from UB and the KGC in the near future I am sure. Question #30 Poker Cast – Now you have paid back money that you are claiming that somebody has taken that is no longer connected to the company. Do you ever think you are going to see that money yourselves? You have distanced yourself as the guilty party. So you could have also said we were not the ones that took the money so we are not responsible for paying it back. Based on the press release, you paid back money you didn’t take. Do you ever think you are going to recover that money that you paid back, that you didn’t steal in the first place? Paul Leggett – I don’t know. I would certainly hope so, however I do not know how it is all going to unfold at this time. 6-4-08 – Taylor Caby Says U.B. Handled Cheating Horribly

“As i told dlp away from the msg board, i think UB handled this situation horribly. it was a total debacle from day one, and refunding the money was MAYBE a small step in the right direction, but that remains to be seen. in my blog i simply posted that i was happy that i got 25k, which is true. UB has invited me to some conference where their new security procedures will be exposed and criticized” 6-4-08 – Trambo Lists 9 More cheating Accounts UB “Left Out” http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4485562&postcount=1073 “So I just got off the phone with the ceo and gave him a list of 9 other accounts that they seemed to have 'missed' in the investigation. Im quite sure that every account listed here is a cheating account and would be very surprised to hear otherwise. I was informed that there are still accounts being investigated and that I will be contacted within a week regarding the investigations of the given accounts. Here is a list of the accounts I gave

him... blueberry101 ( X - 5/9/06) ($373,919 over 8504 hands) *44.4 bb/100 dannyboy55 ( X - 6/17/07) ($119,195 over 2211 hands) *125.1bb/100 h_curtis ( X - 11/25/07) ($388,475 over 5229) *103.4bb/100 broke_in_L_A (~7/24/06 - 8/26/06) ($196,604 over 2553 hands) *87.4 bb/100 ---> possibly beachbumAA (8/30/06 - 9/04/06) twenty 1 ( X - 12/12/07) ($183,194 over 6132 hands) *50.2 bb/100 ) wacomaniac (10/22/06 - 10/28/06) ($152,315 over 1831 hands) *42.4bb/100 slimpikins2 (10/21/06 - 10/30/06) ($82,010 over 946 hands) *65.2bb/100 tonyspilotro (12/28/06 - 1/28/07) ($99,403 over 2179 hands) *102.6bb/100 He said h_curtis and twenty 1 were already being investigated and its definitely a high possibility they were cheating at this point. It appears I forgot to list 2 accounts: Crackcorn55, 55washere. I was told that crackcorn55, 55washere and dannyboy55 all appear to aliases of one cheating account. Thank God whoever decided to pull this off was honestly stupid enough to use the same '55' reference in every name of his. I would expect more refunds in the near future. As for erick456, one of the accounts confirmed cheating in the latest UB press release, well apparently they botched the name and its actually eric456. You'd think after 5 months they'd at least proofread their own statement.. 6-5-08 - Status Update on NioNio Investigation, and on Refunds to Players from UB

June 5, 2008 - As announced previously, UltimateBet began the process of issuing refunds to affected players on May 29, 2008. Since then, we have continued to investigate additional accounts and data surrounding the unfair play. We have also received inquiries from our customers for a few accounts that we have included in our investigation. We are confident that we have uncovered the majority of the usernames involved in the fraud and processed the corresponding refunds. However, we are currently analyzing data for additional usernames that appear to have suspicious activity. If we determine that these usernames were in fact part of the scheme, we will refund the net losses incurred by any customers who played against them. We expect to have the investigation concluded by June 30, 2008. 6-14-08 - UB Being Pressured To Make A Statement, Reason Names Left Off http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4636036&postcount=1097 “When asked how they could be so incompetent to miss all of these obvious cheaters I was told 'well we were really being pressured to release a statement so we went ahead and released the accounts we knew for sure were cheating and were going to continue to investigate other accounts'. For real? After 5 months of investigating you seriously can not find several of the most blatantly obvious cheating accounts? Also if im not mistaken they did not say anything in their latest press release about continuing to investigate other accounts. Id be willing to bet if I didnt personally contact Paul about this that these accounts would not have been made public. I was told they will be releasing another statment by June 30th which will entail all other accounts found to be cheating + more refunds.” --- Trambo

6-15-08 – Tokwiro, UltimateBet, Excapsa Software, Blast Off Ltd, E-World Holdings

“When Tokwiro says they bought Ultimate Bet, what does that mean? Excapsa was a network like Ongame or Ipoker, and Ultimate Bet was a skin on the network like Tower or Titan. Ultimate Bet was by far the dominant skin on the network (so the Party network might be a better comparison) but they were not the only one - The infamous Pokershare for example. Excapsa was bought by Blast Off in Oct of 2006 (Excapsa was briefly traded on the London stock exchange and quickly went private on the eve of the UEIGA). Tokwiro says they bought Ultimate Bet in Oct of 2006, but Tokwiro has made no mention of buying either Excapsa or Blast Off., only Ultimate Bet. DV8poker.com still exists as a skin of the "network formerly known as Excapsa". GreenTiePoker.com still exists as a skin of the "network formerly known as Excapsa". UpperClassPoker.com still exists as a skin of the "network formerly known as Excapsa". Blast Off is still registered as an active company in Malta. Excapsa is still registered as an active company in Quebec (requires annual renewal). So does Tokwiro just own a skin on someone else's network? It's the networks that really run the show, NOT the skins. The way these deals work, the majority of the profits are paid to the networks. The skins are really just commissioned salesmen. Even if we give Tokwiro the benefit of the doubt (ha!) it doesn't matter if they're not actually the ones running the network

6-27-08 – Annie Duke Interview
http://www.pokernews.com/news/2008/06/annie-duke-discusses-ultimate-bet-scandal.htm http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5133508&postcount=4

6-29-08 – Brainwashdodo Claims to be a UB employee & makes his 1st post

Hello, To whom it may concern, I came to post today with the claim of no less than the so called "nionio" was manufactured by the current management of the company. Tomorrow or the day after, you will receive an extensive report from both KGC and UB/AP, on how the company was the victim the wrongdoing of the previous management, very similar to Annie’s statements. I only wanted to come out now, just to say a few words before these new founding’s and the additional refund process begins. Also to give you a hint how the company “found” the “additional accounts and data surrounding the unfair play”. I helped them. My posts will soon to follow these upcoming statements, please stand by, and I see you guys in a few days.

I am sorry to post this message all over the forum, but the last time I have posted here, my message survived about 10 minutes. Here I would like to ask the editors of 2+2, to please make my future posts available to this forum. Thanks. --- Posted by brainwasdodo 6-28-08 on 2p2 poker forum

6-30-08 -- Great news for Party players! Thread Started by Brainwashodo
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4877840&postcount=1 http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4880022&postcount=6

http://www.partygaming.com/images/do...30June2008.pdf Here is a cliff note for you. Forgot to mention that my friend Paul told me the other day, that he would rather sacrifice the reputation of the company he works for by letting sensitive information leak out, than have his own get stained. He can always get another CEO position somewhere else, explained. Now I see how right he was. He had other things to say, I will share that with you lather. http://contracts.onecle.com/cryptolo...01.12.18.shtml 7-1-08 – Brainwashdodo Comments on Annie Duke Interview
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4899139&postcount=56 Re: Annie Duke a liar?

Today I had some time to watch Annie’s report on pokernews. She says internet fraud is extremely complex and hard to prosecute. How do you prove that the actual person was at that computer at that time? What jurisdiction it belongs? And if it belongs to US, how they will prosecute the criminals in this unregulated, grey area of the law?Well, let me help you a little bit there Annie. Manuscripts of MSN logs and email conservations are permanently marked on gov servers. Remember Mr. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) who got too horny on kids? He had to learn this a hard way.. Whatever nio ever had to say to friends, colleagues is there. Someone just have to look. And what can come out if they start looking? Are you getting the chill? Today probably no one would start looking based on some second class gambling fraud, but what if there is a lot more on nioman and the club of friends? Lastly, what justify your company to investigate itself joined with KGC, and under what authority? The most they can do is iesnare people or freez some funds. Will you comment on these somewhere pls? I practice what I preach, ha-ha. I do that too. – Brainwashdodo 7-2-08 – Brainwashdodo Predicts a Statement from UB Soon

Thanks for asking. I will slowly start to share everything with you and this forum, but I have to wait for the second part of the UB financial suicide letter. They promised 30th of June for the masterpiece, I don’t know what is taking them so long. http://www.ultimatebet.com/poker-new...igation-Update

7-4-08 – Brainwashdodo Mentions Russ Hamilton Again
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4944334&postcount=600 Q: why do I have RussHamilton on my UltimateBuddy list by default? Not my buddy. Than if I want to add him again, says failed, buddy does not exist.

7-5-08 – Ultimate Bet Release an official statement about Cheating http://www.ultimatebet.com/poker-new...igation-Update As announced previously, UltimateBet began the process of issuing refunds to affected players on May 29, 2008. Since then, we have continued to investigate additional accounts and data surrounding the unfair play. We have also received inquiries from our customers for a few accounts that we have included in our investigation. We are confident that we have uncovered the majority of the usernames involved in the fraud and processed the corresponding refunds. However, we are currently analyzing data for additional usernames that appear to have suspicious activity. If we determine that these usernames were in fact part of the scheme, we will refund the net losses incurred by any customers who played against them. We expect to have the investigation concluded by June 30, 2008 7-7-08 Brainwashdodo another Post by the “UB Insider” http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=4983879&postcount=71 Who lives at ? I could not get further than http://www.ip2location.com/free.asp Did Joe moved to Missouri? http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=gx2crsh9 Next has a comment “KGC working Hard” Posts an “admin” shot of UB screen
Thanks. --- Brainwashdodo

7-08-08 - Status Update on NioNio Investigation http://www.ultimatebet.com/poker-news/2008/july/Investigation-Status-Update http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5353529&postcount=83
UltimateBet’s continuing investigation has confirmed that other usernames, in addition to those previously identified on this site, were associated with the cheating scandal. The additional usernames include: Crackcorn55, WhakMe, GrabBag123, gravitation, Bgroup, H_Curtis, Twenty 1, WacoManiac, Broke_In_L_A, ShaqTack, BlueBerry101, HolyMucker, 55WasHere, Xnomas, dannyboy55, Indy05, SlimPikins2. The same perpetrators we had previously identified controlled all of these usernames; there are no new perpetrators involved, only new usernames. We have also confirmed that the cheating dates back further then we initially believed. We can now confirm that the cheating began in January 2005, long before Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG acquired UltimateBet from the previous ownership. Tokwiro regrets that we did not discover this scheme during our due diligence when we purchased UltimateBet in October 2006, and that we did not identify the fraudulent activity until

this recent investigation. We remain committed to our players, and to resolving this problem completely. We will start refunding players for any net losses in hands played with the usernames listed above once we complete our investigation. Tokwiro considers itself to have been a victim of this fraud and we are continuing to explore our legal options. As part of this effort, we are compiling all of the information we have gathered in regard to the perpetrators and their activities, for possible use in any legal action. We will continue to provide updates on our investigation, as we are still looking at a few accounts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the poker community for their invaluable contributions to this investigation and remind them that we remain committed to fully examining any claims of fraud that we receive. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this investigation, please contact us at pokersecurity@ultimatebet.com

7-08-08 – Brainwashdodo Posts UB Transfer Histories, Players Account Info.

You not gonna like this. This will be not a well constructed, well planed post, just throwing stuff out on the run. Out of curiosity, I have started my own audit within, since I saw no KGC or any other investigator coming or going. All the results will be shared with you soon, a website is coming together Looking for larger transfers, this was an account that got my attention. 799766972 20000.00 Transfer From kid55 2007-JUN-16 04:01:56 AM customer req So I went to his account trans history, and found some scary stuff like this: And what I could do with my limited access in the matter of a few minutes, that seemed to somehow "skipped" the attention of the current management for 5 long months (or for 2 years?), so just have a look at account buckskin Now let me go get arrested, and see ya folks in a while. Btw, the nio screenshot was only to show what is happening to accounts now. Getting wiped.” By.—Brainwashdodo 7-9-08 – Brainwashdodo Makes Last Post on 2p2, Lists More Transfers

“No speask enlis god, i hawe to rn, b4 the ub aremy get my sory azz. bi back laatker” 7-9-08 - Transfer History on 2p2 Linking Cheater & Russ Hamilton
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5006299&postcount=94 http://throwfar.googlepages.com/UBScandal.htm

Analyzes the posts from Brainwash and notices ShaqTack (a known cheating account on UB) had gone through several name changes, including WhakMe, slimpikins2, HolyMucker, and broke_in_l_a, however WhakMe and HolyMucker weren’t listed on UB’s original statement. UB added WhakMe and HolyMucker to their statement after this observation was posted on 2+2. Also, later Trabopoline talks to Paul, the current CEO of UB, who says it was simply a coincidence that the two names were added late.

People start analyzing the transaction audits posted by Brainwashdodo, and the biggest piece of info in these transaction histories showed that -Fred- made a transaction to ShaqTack for $10,000. ShaqTack was one of the known cheating accounts. Also, it seems that the accounts RussHamilton and –russh- were funding other accounts through the –Fred- account because of transfers like the following. This is important because Russ Hamilton is a previous owner of UB. The –Fred- account appears to be an account primarily used to transfer funds to an assortment of players. 7-9-08 – Trambo Links NioNio to Account in New York and Haim Bajayo
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5036798&postcount=789 http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5021880&postcount=315 Trambopoline, from 2p2, explains that the email address that was registered to the NioNio account was the same one that was registered to the H B account. The H B account was also funded by the –Fred- account. The name listed as the owner of the H B account is Haim Bajayo. “Alright, fine. I wasn’t going to release his name but since Nat already gave his first name anyway. Haim Bajayo. Rapper from New York who out of nowhere begins to sell real expensive real estate in the NY area.” Ok, more info that ive known for a while that im gonna let out. The original email address registered to nionio was NOT siouxprincess. It was another email address which was also registered to another account, H B. H B was a prop account opened up right when UB started up. Notice in the xfer history for -Fred- there are several xfers to H B. All of this info came from Nat and that fact that H B shows up again tells me its most definitely correct. Not sure what to make of this info yet though “I can tell you with 99% certainty (literally) that the account was registered to Haim Bajayo and to the email address isrelly@aol.com. A google search will yield this http://www.soundclick.com/members/de...member=isrelly further supporting that both Haim Bajayo and isrelly@aol.com can be linked together. I will not out my source since I dont think he wants to be outed, however all I can say is ALL of my info has been 100% correct up to this point so I actually cant believe that im being questioned about whether my info is valid or not. I have yet to post anything this entire investigation that im not quite sure has been proven to be true.”

7-10-08 – Annie Duke’s Second Interview, this time on Poker Road Radio http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5133508&postcount=4 “Whether or not the poster (Brainwashdodo) was trying to blackmail the company has no bearing on truth or untruth of the postings themselves.” Annie Duke

7-13-07 - UB Scandal Continues Starts With Nat Arem Linking Russ Hamilton

http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthread.php?t=248884 http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5077038&postcount=1 NOTE: Since there was some new details that came to light in the Duke/UB thread, and it had gotten quite unwieldy, I decided to copy over some posts with the new information and start a new thread. Sorry I'm not as good with the Cliffnotes thread as Cornell Fiji, but it's a good start I suppose. These posts start from post 1384 in the previous thread dedicated to the UB scandal. Here's a link to the Cliffnotes that NoLimitLeagues did from earlier in that thread – Kevmath Okay, so these are the total names release by AP and UB:The following account names are known to have been used in the fraudulent activity: NioNio, Sleepless, NoPaddles, nvtease, flatbroke33, ilike2win, UtakeIt2, FlipFlop2, erick456, WhackMe44, RockStarLA, stoned2nite, monizzle, FireNTexas, HeadKase01, LetsPatttty, NYMobser WhoWhereWhen The additional usernames include: Crackcorn55, WhakMe, GrabBag123,gravitation, Bgroup, H_Curtis, Twenty 1, WacoManiac, Broke_In_L_A, ShaqTack, BlueBerry101, HolyMucker, 55WasHere, Xnomas, dannyboy55, Indy05, SlimPikins2 In the first set of names, we know that: NioNio was changed to NYMobser on Sep 5th, 2007. His other account name was H B. The name on the account was Haim Bajayo and the email was isrelly@aol. Also, nvtease, sleeplesss and NoPaddles are the same account. It went in the following order... Until April 6th, 2007, the account was known as nvtease. From that point until Sept 5th, 2007 (same date as above), the account was known as NoPaddles. After Sept 5th, 2007, the account was known as sleeplesss. In addition, the name on that account was Lauren Makar and the address was a Las Vegas address. I won't release the address on here because, more than likely, the person was innocent. Does anyone know how to look up property ownership records in some database? If so, post a link/explanation. Also, if you know the name Lauren Makar, please let us know. Lastly, this account cashed out WAAAAY more than it should have. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars that was not won at the table. It seems like it was a money funnel of some kind. I feel pretty bad releasing names because these people were probably just pawns being used by the real cheaters, but if it comes down to that, the people with this info will just have to do that until something comes out. The dirt is out there. 7-13-08 – Nat Arem OMG Wow, Russ Hamilton Linked http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5074278&postcount=1395 OMG wow... http://sandgate.co.clark.nv.us/servl...el=13819810002 The address is 138-19-810-002 HAMILTON RUSSELL & CAROLYN *20060523:03704 05/23/2006 JOINT TENANCY 200 SUBDIVIDED LOT Okay people, the address on three of the accounts is owned by Russ and Carolyn Hamilton. FWIW, this was the info given out by a UB whistleblower (not brainwash, as far as I know): Customer ID: Token ID: Username: Status: Creation Date: Update Date:UNITED STATES Customer Phone: 702326xxxx Customer Birthdate: 1967-xx-xx Email

Information: Address: atease@vegasinbox.com I got rid of some information like the birthdate and phone number to protect whoever Lauren Makar is. 7-13-08 – Optimus Post Tranfrers with Russ Hamilton, Fred Account, etc. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5077043&postcount=6 “The most active accounts in terms of the # of inter-player transactions Russ, -russh- to -Fred- for a net of 760k (-Fred- sent them 784k in 22 transfers); they sent to -Fred- 3 times for a total of 24k) wbchampion to -Fred- (received from Fred 12 times totaling 70k) peanuto (sent to Fred 12 times totaling 59k, received from -Fred- 3 times totaling 2k)” 7-13-08 – Becky Markar, Woody Moore Connection With Russ Hamilton, Poker http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5077053&postcount=16 http://www.worldpokertour.com/Shared...row_Moore.aspx http://www.bluffmagazine.com/players/rebecca-makar/18381/player-profile.asp Becky Makar is married to Charles "Woody" Moore , “He was an old dude that got 3rd at LAPC that Phil Ivey won.” Poker players that Rebecca most respects: Woody Moore, Russ Hamilton. While Woody's career consisted of years in the oil and gas business, specifically his own drilling business, it was the leisure activities that were the most fun for him. Golf has been a game that he has enjoyed for years, even playing with several wellknown poker players like Mike Sexton, Russ Hamilton, and Blair Rodman. He has even become embroiled in some high stakes golf games with the group. 7-13-08 – Interview with Nat Arem about UB Scandal http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5133508&postcount=4

7-16-08 – Cornell Fiji Retraction post about Joe Norton
http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5140724&postcount=1 Chief Norton, Sorry for taking so long to make this post but your lawyers sent the letter to my old address. --I would like to publicly retract the statement that I made calling Chief Joe Norton "one of the greatest Canadian organized crime figures in the 20th century." I would also like to publicly retract the statement that Chief Norton was the "center of many organized crime operations" and the implication that he was involved in "gun running, drug trafficking, illegal tobacco production and trade, money laundering, tax evasion and tax fraud" I tried my best to keep all opinion out of my previous posts as I sought to only restate the facts as I had learned through my research. My research led me to believe that members of the Kahnawake tribe were involved in gun running, drug trafficking, illegal tobacco production and trade, money laundering, tax evasion and tax fraud. It has been a little while since I engrossed myself in learning about the Kahnawakes so I might have forgotten where some of the evidence is

but upon a quick review of a sample of the articles that I have saved it seems that there is less evidence to back up my claims of the financial crimes than there is of the other crimes. Upon the threat of a lawsuit I would have to say that I do not have enough evidence of money laundering, tax evasion, or tax fraud to cover my ass in court so I would like to publicly retract my statement that the Kahnawake's were involved in those crimes unless I can find the links to support those claims. Furthermore, in my previous comments I sometimes associated the 8,000 member Kahnawake indian tribe with its chief of twenty years when in fact they are not one and the same. I should have stated that members the Kahnawake tribe partook in the crimes listed above and that Chief Norton was the head of their organization; I should not have stated that Chief Norton was the head of an organization committing those crimes. Like I have previously stated, I have not done any first hand research into the tribe or its activities. All that I know about the tribe and the crimes that its members allegedly partook in is gleaned from the sources linked below. Unfortunately, I have lost some of the links from my research but if any of my comments about alleged illegal activity are not backed up in the links below please let me know and I will try to find more evidence of the alleged crimes. Chief Norton, please let me know if there is anything else that you would like me to publicly clarify on your behalf. Steve Links removed, please read rest of the retraction.

7-16-08 – Interview with Serge “Adanthar” Ravitch http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5133508&postcount=4 7-25-08 – Tokwiro Concludes Its Investigation
http://www.ultimatebet.com/poker-news/2008/july/Tokwiro-Concludes-Its-Investigation-IntoUnfair-Play-On-Ultimatebet-Site TOKWIRO CONCLUDES ITS INVESTIGATION INTO UNFAIR PLAY ON ULTIMATEBET Findings Turned Over to KGC Refunds to Affected Players Continue Company Will Pursue All Legal Remedies MONTREAL, CANADA - (July 25, 2008) - Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG ("Tokwiro"), proprietors of UltimateBet.com ("UB"), one of the ten largest on-line poker cardrooms, today announced that it has concluded the investigation into allegations of unfair play on UB’s web site. Tokwiro has compiled complete forensic evidence including the IP addresses, devices, transfer and withdrawal histories, and names associated with the player accounts that benefited from illicitly viewing hole card information. The results of Tokwiro's internal investigation have been turned over to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) and its auditors, as that regulatory body continues its independent investigation. These results are in addition to the data which Tokwiro has already shared with the KGC. Tokwiro has identified a total of 19 accounts and 88 associated usernames that were involved in the cheating, including the accounts that were named in Tokwiro's publicly posted investigation updates of May 29, 2008 and July 8, 2008. The same perpetrators that were previously identified controlled all of these usernames. There are no new perpetrators involved,

only new usernames. Usernames were changed many times over the course of the cheating scam in an apparent scheme to avoid detection. Our complete list of usernames involved in the cheating scheme has now been turned over to the KGC, and the Company does not expect to uncover any additional usernames. Paul Leggett, Tokwiro's Chief Operating Officer, said, "Make no mistake: our management team is outraged that this cheating occurred on our site through illicit software placed on the UB servers prior to our purchasing UltimateBet. Tokwiro is aggressively pursuing legal avenues of redress in order to protect and compensate our players and the business. Rest assured that we will release more information to the poker community and to the public at large as we enforce our and our players' rights." "With respect to refunds to the affected players, we are continuing our analysis in order to determine the refund amounts. We will move forward with another round of refunds in the weeks ahead. We thank the poker community for its invaluable contributions to this investigation and assure it that we remain committed to fully investigating any claims of fraud on our site," Mr. Leggett said.

The investigation revealed that the perpetrators logged into the client software, using an account that had the ability to view hole cards. The ability of a specific account to view hole cards was enabled by illicit software that was placed on the UltimateBet servers prior to October 2006, which was before Tokwiro acquired the business. The account that was used to view hole cards never actually played in a game. Instead, the perpetrators used hole card information gained from logging in with this account while playing on other accounts, which thereby benefited from the cheating. The money won by the accounts that received hole card information was then moved around and off the site in a complex web of player-to-player transfers and withdrawals. This contributed to the complexity of Tokwiro's efforts to uncover the truth. Mr. Leggett concluded: "We cannot over-emphasize the fact that Tokwiro and its entire management team had no knowledge of the illicit software until it was revealed by our investigation; and no one associated with Tokwiro was involved in the cheating scheme at any point." 8-1-08 – Paul Leggett Interview with Pocket Fives
www.pocketfives.com/podcast http://ca.prweb.com/releases/2008/8/prweb1167244.htm

“There has never been any cover up in our investigation. We've made two statements listing the accounts that were involved and we made another statement last week regarding the completion of our investigation.”