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Mr. Nitin Wadhwani RTN. Mohinder Pal

Founder & Director Singh Bachher - Director

Mrs. Indrani Malkani Dr. Richa Sharma

Director Director Projects

Advisory Board
Mrs. Sandra Shroff - Philanthropist and Educationist
Mrs. Anandini Thakoor - Civic Activist
Mrs. Lara Shankar - Child Rights professional and Author
Mr. Nanjibhai Shah - Businessman and Philanthropist
Mr. Suraj Lala - Chartered Accountant
Rtrn. Ashwin Kumar Shetty - Rotarian and VJTI Alumnus
Mr. Mohindru Mirchandani - Retired Technocrat
Mrs. Chhaya Angadi – Retired Teacher, SNDT 2


From the Founder’s Desk

Let me begin by saying "Five years gone, forever to go."

I would be lying if I say that it has been a dream come true. To be honest, I had
never imagined that hailing from a ‘for profit’ organisation after 32 years, I will be
heading a ‘non-profit’ organisation. Citizens Association for Child Rights has just
completed five years of honest and credible work, for the children in municipal
schools, coming from low socio-economic background.

During it’s blossoming phase, CACR dabbled with a large variety of projects from
education to healthcare, recreational to edutainment and it was always a challenge
to scale up the projects so that we could reach out to maximum number of children
and ensure sustainability too.

However, things turned around in our fifth year and our hard work as well as
association with MCGM education department resulted in CACR being appointed
as an Urban development partner for project WASH by UNICEF Maharashtra.
Getting technical and financial support enabled us to scale up Project WASH
including Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) as per Swachh Bharat Swachh
Vidyalaya guidelines.

While the BCC training on Handwashing with Soap and Menstrual Hygiene
continued, CACR successfully engaged officials from MCGM education
department into the project, making way for a structured approach to help municipal
schools work towards becoming WASH compliant.
Apart from support from UNICEF, we also started exploring CSR support and it
was a pleasure to get the same from ICCL, a subsidiary of the Bombay Stock
Exchange, which supported us exclusively for the BCC training on Menstrual
Hygiene Management programme (MHM).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Directors, advisory committee
members, project heads, co-ordinators and many youth volunteers who have
continued to provide support to CACR. We look forward to their good wishes,
encouragement and support while we gear up to take larger responsibilities and
projects for children.

Thanking you.
Nitin Wadhwani
Founder/Director CACR

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s

soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
- Nelson Mandela

India is one of the 193 countries that are signatories to the United Nations Convention
of the Rights of a Child. These rights include:
Providing healthy lives;
Providing equal quality education;
Protection against abuse, exploitation and violence.
Apart from the responsibilities that we take, as a nation, for the children of our
country, we have the Right to Education Act (2009) that manifests provision of
compulsory education.
Citizens Association for Child Rights (CACR) is a non-profit NGO that is extending
a helping hand to the children belonging to underprivileged sections of society. The
motive is to practically create equal opportunities, with regard to education, and to
enlighten the students about the well-being of their physical and mental health. The
emphasis includes wholistic development of the children.
The team at CACR is sparing no effort to bridge the gap for these students by creating
right set of circumstances for their inclusion in various mainstream events.

Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)
What is Menstrual Hygiene?
WHO and UNICEF have jointly agreed on the following definition of menstrual
hygiene which states that:
“Women and adolescent girls are using a clean menstrual management material to
absorb or collect menstrual blood, that can be changed in privacy as often as
necessary for the duration of a menstrual period, using soap and water for washing
the body as required, and having access to safe and convenient facilities to dispose
of used menstrual management materials.”

Why does CACR promote MHM programme?

In India 10 % of girls still believe that menstruation is

a disease. It is a topic of shame, not to be discussed
publicly, and is still considered a taboo in many
cultures across the country.
MHM programme is an initiative by CACR to educate
adolescent girls about general hygiene to be followed
during their menstrual cycle.

Identifying a dire need for this programme, started under Swachh Bharat Mission
and as urban development partners with UNICEF, CACR is striving to create
awareness among students. The aim is to cut down dropout rates, that are as high
as 23%, and to inculcate behavioural changes among school going girls as they
approach puberty. It will also help to minimise their absence from school during
the menstruation phase.
The programme was introduced in 2017 and has resulted in a huge impact with
705 girl beneficiaries across 18 schools.
CACR aims to promote well-being of young girls of our society by taking this
programme further and reach out to more and more adolescent girls. 6
Computer Literacy Programme (CLP)
Digital India is an initiative by our Government to bring about transformation by
empowering the nation digitally i.e. to increase internet connectivity and by
providing Government services online.
National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM), working in accordance with the
digital agenda of the government, has laid down the vision to create digitally
literate citizens by empowering at least one person every household with basic
ICT skills.
In a similar vein, inspired by national agenda, CACR designed the CLP with a
10-week training structure.
CLP is one of the most successful projects of CACR since 2013 as it has
consistently helped to empower students as well as teachers from various
Municipal schools.

Highlights of the Project
1. A well-structured 10-week programme, conducted in seven
mediums (of language) in municipal schools, providing students
with basic computer skills like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.
2. Stress on enhancing teaching – learning process in the schools by
putting ICT labs to their best use.
3. One-hour weekly sessions by over 158 volunteers, providing hands
on experience, catering to 30 schools and a remarkable 3039
4. Vision to digitally empower over 5000 students from all MCGM
schools in Mumbai by bringing together a larger network of
dynamic volunteers.
5. 8
Train the Teachers (TTT)

For learning to be effective,

a modern age teacher must
be digitally equipped. It
enhances a teacher’s role as
facilitator and encourages
students too, to adapt to
technology. TTT by CACR
is aimed at helping the
teachers from MCGM
schools to learn and enhance
their ICT skills.

It was observed that

teachers were keen to learn
components like Power-
point, Excel, Word and E-
In the year 2017-18 a total
number of 63 teachers
attended a refresher course
to improve their ICT skills.

Handwashing with Soap (HWWS)

Handwashing with Soap is a programme aimed at effectively developing the

habit of washing hands, a basic necessary hygienic practice, among the
students who are belong to vulnerable strata of socio-economic class. It is
often observed that students belonging to these strata tend to fall ill frequently
due to poor hygiene habits resulting in prolonged periods of absence from
The programme is a module of project WASH (Water, Sanitation and
Hygiene) and was the first pilot project in urban Maharashtra by CACR. The
structure of the programme, provided by UNICEF Maharashtra, requires
providing 60-minute sessions each for 12 weeks in an institution. A step-by-
step procedure is followed by the volunteers to educate students through
various games and activities ensuring conditioning through observation and
As a result, CACR has commendably implemented the programme in 55
schools reaching out to 5534 beneficiaries, with the support of dynamic 235
volunteers, in the span of two years since its onset.
Events at CACR

Several one-day events were attended by students through CACR


Breast Cancer Awareness and Detection Camp

A Breast Cancer awareness and detection camp was held at Kherwadi
school (H-East Ward, Bandra) on 5th March 2017. CACR helped FICCI
in organising this camp with the help of Kasturi Foundation.
Over 100 women, mothers and teachers, benefitted from this noble cause
supported by Apollo Hospitals.

5 Kilometre Run
Children from Petit Municipal and Bazaar Road Municipal School 1 and
2 (H-West Ward, Bandra) participated in a 5 Kilometre run organised by
FICCI Flo on 10th March 2017. It was a cheerful event where students
enjoyed tapping their feet to the beats of Zumba.

Children’s Day Event

CACR strived to create yet another opportunity to include our young
citizens in celebration of a day dedicated to them. An event was
organised by National Stock Exchange in collaboration UNICEF on 14th
November 2017.
Around 200 students, from Standard 1st to 8th, of Nityanand High school
(K-East Ward, Andheri) became a part of this event. CACR distributed
hygiene kits along with the dental kits (provided by dental hygiene
partners IDA) to these students.

Events at CACR

Little Hearts Marathon

Little Hearts Marathon was organised on 7th January 2018 to support

surgeries of little hearts of the nation at Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for
Children. The purpose of the event was to create awareness about cardiac
diseases and to encourage support for the patients.

CACR supported participation of 1500 children from five municipal

schools from H/E Ward; Kherwadi, Khernagar, Ramakrishna
Paramhansa, Bharat Nagar, BKC.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival

Kala Ghoda Art festival is buzzing with visitors across the globe because
of its vast multicultural essence.

CACR for the third consecutive year facilitated the participation of 84

MCGM school children. These children, from Colaba Municipal School,
actively and enthusiastically became a part of creative art workshops.

Participation in Social Film Festival

'YES I am the Change' is a social movie contest organised by YES


NGOs working on achievement of Sustainable Development Goals

(SDG) can participate in the festival. Our team strived to produce two
films for the festival. It was a proud moment for CACR when out of
11,511 films, both the films got shortlisted and the organisation was
bestowed upon with ‘Yes I am the change’ (YIAC) 1st runner’s up award
for social film in partnership with Rotaract Club of SIESCOMS.
Weekend Training Programmes

Football Coaching
Sports are essential for wholistic development of a child in addition to
education, hygiene and nutrition. To encourage the idea CACR organised
football coaching for the students of Dr. Ambedkar MCGM school, BDD
Chawls, Worli.
Four volunteers from CACR provided coaching for around 30 students on

Classical Dance Training

Every child has innate potentials for which they require support and training
to identify and enhance them.
CACR aimed to fortify classical dance training for around 25 beneficiaries
through the humble support of Ms Chhaya Khanavate from Nateshwar
Nrityakala Mandir.
Ms Khanavate arranged for two trainers, Ms Nivika Anup and Ms
Bhagyashree Balkrishna Dhamne, to conduct training sessions in Petit
Municipal school (H Ward West).
The training was spread across 30 weekend sessions.

Workshops at CACR

Workshop with Self-Help Groups (SHG)

CACR strongly believes in the fact that health and nutrition of students
in MCGM schools is an area of great concern because of lack of
availability of adequate nutritional and nurturing food. To create
awareness regarding preparation of better quality and nutritional food,
workshops were conducted in the presence of Nutritionist, Mrs
Shubhangini Joshi for the SHG’s.
More than 150 women from SHGs participated in the workshops. The
workshop aimed at enhancing the nutritional quotient through mid-
day meals programme.

Workshop with Integrated Child Development

Services (ICDS)
ICDS workers from Anganwadis in Dharavi, Mumbai attended a
workshop conducted by Mrs Shubhangini Joshi and Mrs Chhaya
Angadi from CACR team.
Education and awareness on preparation of nutritional food was
provided to sixty women.
The aim was to educate these women to prepare nutritional food from
the available Take Home Ration (THR).
THR packets are provided for children in the age group of 7 months
to 3 years under Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) of ICDS.

Workshop on safe and unsafe touch

Maya Menon and Sarika Pandit of Open Minds Open Doors conducted
a workshop at H P Keluskar Municipal School on Safe Touch and
Unsafe Touch.
The aim was to provide necessary knowledge to the students and make
them aware of the undesired acts that they are vulnerable to because
of their surroundings.
Initiatives by CACR

We, at CACR, believe that inclusion of children in non-
academic areas impacts their psychological and affective
domains that are important for their overall development.
With this vision we took the initiative to organise a visit to
Kidzania for MCGM school students.

With sincere efforts by our organisation and co-operation of

the municipal corporation, that provided funds for the project,
77,000 students visited Kidzania.

It fills us with immense pleasure that this programme was

appreciated and has been further scaled up by MCGM.

Virtual Classrooms
CACR initiated utilisation of virtual classrooms in MCGM
schools. The content delivered to students through this
medium is specially prepared by renowned coaching classes.

The reach of learning through virtual classrooms is vast and

by efforts of our organisation computer classes have been
included in the curriculum. The main objective is to ensure
that every school building has at least one trained computer
teacher so that students can avail the benefits of technology.

Awards and Recognitions

Certificates of Merit for CACR on

World CSR Day
Our organisation was awarded with the Certificate of Merit at
the world CSR Day, held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.
Dr. Richa was felicitated among 100 most impactful CSR

UNICEF Maharashtra Third Development

Partner’s meet
It was a proud moment for CACR when our founder/director,
Mr. Nitin Wadhwani, addressed the audience at UNICEF
Maharashtra’s third Development Partner’s meet. He
highlighted the gaps between policies and their practical

Mr. Wadhwani also expressed the need to include NGO

representatives in School Management Committees (SMCs) in
order to ensure a positive attitude towards implementing
WASH programmes in such schools. He shared that the hand-
washing with soap intervention, carried out by CACR, in
municipal schools had made an impact. The MHM component
has been particularly effective in curbing absenteeism,
particularly during menstruation phase, in school going
adolescent girls.

Financial Statement

GuideStar India’s transparency Key is the Foundation Level
Certification indicating that the organization has filed annual
income tax returns as a tax-exempt entity and has shared the
same in the public domain.


Citizens Association for Child Rights

1, Prabhav Society, Road No 2, TPS III, Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai, India

Mail us on:
Twitter Handle: @cacr6

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