Aquatectural vision.

Integrating fish and vegetables with the built environment will create a new urban agricultural economy.
AquaPlanet is a multidisciplinary team promoting sustainable food economies, with strategic planning, design and communications. We enable new growers, starting small.
Economic and environmental trends have required that we rethink how we feed ourselves. New models of food production for high density urban areas are being developed that involve rooftop gardening and aquaponics. These projects are making progress. Financial viability will likely be proven on a commercial scale in the near future. At that point investment capital for expansion will become available. AquaPlanet promotes aquaponics and related systems to communities and organizations seeking a point of entry with the technology. The team’s expertise covers design, engineering, communications and business development. Workshops are being planned in the Raleigh, NC area to introduce small local growers to the near-term market opportunities for produce and fish. Aquaponics has been developing as a technology since the early seventies. Its form was conceived by Jack and Nancy Todd of the New Alchemy Institute. Today, island nations, such as Barbados, Hawaii and Australia have been able to integrate the system into the mainstream, with several full-time operations running continuously. The growth continues in Milwaukee with Growing Power, a nonprofit, and Sweet Water Organics, the first large scale commercial operation that is getting consistent mainstream media coverage. AquaPlanet brings the technology to the local level to train and enable new growers, with a strategic approach to fit the community. A one hundred gallon fish tank and one hundred square feet of grow space can produce an amazing amount of fish and vegetables over a years’ time. Scaling upward becomes easier once a grower is experienced. The AquaPlanet expertise and vision also includes the large scale. Partner Wayne Dorband, with a PhD in aquaculture and decades of experience in industrial site reclamation (in fact he helped invent it), has numerous sites across the US, with ambitious plans for converting factories into growing operations with his firm, WorldWide Aquaculture. Clearly, the stage is set for advancing the next level of sustainable urban design.

AquaPlanet is about education, engineering and creative strategies.

Buying In We work with key community stakeholders, both growers and buyers to plan a roll out of the concepts and technology of aquaponics. We offer various means to access aquaponics for every budget: The Aquaponics Guidebook, written by AquaPlanet partner Bevan Suits is a comprehensive introduction to the way of growing fish and vegetables. Do-it-yourselfers will be able to piece together their own systems with available materials, once they are clear on the concepts. Workshops : AquaPlanet is prepared to present workshops on aquaponics. The best approach to a workshop is to invite participants to an active installation. Consultation : With AquaPlanet you are accessing the knowledge base of experienced professionals in a range of related fields. Small Installations : For high-end residential yards and patio settings, as well as smaller commercial systems for restaurants and stores. This type of project starts at $5000 and includes design/build/install plus consultation for up to two months. Aquatecture : For serious commercial developers, our partner Dr. Wayne Dorband has the scientific and real estate credentials to convert facilities into commercial growing operations. Other Media : AquaPlanet is developing online video training with partner Travis Hughey. Broadcast TV programming is in discussion. Who We Are Bevan Suits, Team Leader, Decatur, GA : BFA Minneapolis College of Art & Design Industrial Designer, Writer
and Entrepreneur; Author of The Aquaponics Guidebook

Dr. Wayne Dorband, Loveland, CO : PhD Fisheries, 35 Years Experience with Aquaculture & Sustainable
Growing Systems; Serial entrepreneur, helped create what we now call brownfield development. Several research initiatives in progress at various sites in Colorado. Consulting firm WorldWide Aquaculture

Travis Hughey, Andrews, Andrews, SC : Inventor of “barrelponics”, 25 years experience as a boat mechanic,
in demand worldwide to train aquaponics, founder of Faith & Sustainable Technology.

Brian Naess, Chapel Hill, NC : Aquaponics innovator, MS in Environmental Management & Policy, UNC Chapel
Hill; Instructor at UNC in Coral Reef Ecology.

Evan Folds, Wilmington, NC : BS Biology, UNC Wilmington, Owner of Progressive Gardens, a retail hydroponics
and biodynamic lawn services company; He is a frequent contributor to national publications on the topic of organic grow systems.

Clegg Roberts, Savannah, GA : Many years experience as a commercial real estate broker and developer.
Committed to helping introduce aquaponics in the Savannah area. Currently a program director for Savannah Public School’s Oatland Island Education Center.

Contact Bevan Suits 404-421-1894

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