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version 0.

01b 3 sep 2001

* first version

version 0.02b 6 sep 2001

* i was very surprised with a lot of e-mails, that came in two days after
first release; thank you all for support!
! fixed bug with mouse cursor visible, fixed settings dialog
for leds and memory model [suggested by Maxim A. Vasilyev]
+ disk rotation emulated [thanks to Mac Buster for Beta 128 timings]

version 0.03b 10 sep 2001

! fixed bug when TRDOS reads index even if no disk, that appared in 0.02b
! fixed kempston mouse [credits to Kuba Adamowicz]
+ added SwapButtons and MouseSpeed
! fixed small bug in tape traps
+ fully customizable keyboard
+ kempston joystick on keyboard
+ keymatrix effect
+ 1T screen update for best border effects and multicolors
+ faster screen output mode without border and multicolors for slow PCs
+ load from archives and archives inside archives ;=)
! fixed bug when boot not attached to SCL
* several speed optimizations
+ new video filter - chunky 2x2
+ new video filter - smart scaling. sorry, not optimized yet

version 0.04b 17 sep 2001

! changed load dialog [suggested by Maxim Vasilyev]
* 'smart scaling' filter optimized
! fixed directory for qsave/qload
+ FDI read/write, but can't format and use write_protection flag
! fixed HALT emulation
! fixed fadeout (envelope #01) and envelope #0E on AY chip
+ all syncronization in INI: monitor refresh, int freq, VSync option, etc...
read <notes.rus> how to make smooth screen repaint
! more accurate AY tones, especially high frequencies
+ new video filter - 'nice colors'

version 0.05b 24 sep 2001

! fixed one more bug in load dialog [reported by Maxim Vasilyev]
+ preset for AY Chip = none [suggested by Maxim Vasilyev]
+ added YM chip: sound is same with AY, but FFFD behavior is different
! small changes in beta 128 emulation
+ emulated write protection flag (FDI-from header, TRD,SCL-from R/O attribute)
+ multiple command lines for one archive format [suggested by Maxim Vasilyev]
! fixed (finally!) AY envelope
+ General Sound (MOD player not complete) [credits to Shiru Otaku for GSPAK.ZIP]
+ memory models: pentagon-1024, extension on ports #DFFD,#1FFD,#FDFD
+ display exception position and registers on crash (for bugreports)
version 0.06b 26 sep 2001
! fixed AY envelope [ looks like a tradition ;-) ] - now really, i hope
! logarithmic volume tables for General Sound
! many improvements in MOD-player, but still not complete
+ reads zero-padded .TAP files [suggested by Georgy Lomsadze]
+ monitor shows contents of memory extension port
* changed fps led [suggested by Vitaliy Pigo]
! fixed bug when GS (almost) always plays wrong sample
+ digital filter for general sound
+ kempston joystick on mouse - not really playable, just for fun

version 0.07b 1 oct 2001

* yesterday i've received 100th e-mail concerning emulator :)
no doubt - ZX platform will never die !
! works in windows NT4 [bug reported by Georgy Lomsadze]
! fixed terrible bug in GS sample player [thanks to Vitaliy Pigo]
* INI option: LEDS\PerfShowT, coz some people wants to see t-states, many don't
! mod-player: set tempo ignored (what the difference in speed and tempo?)
now music in 'green beret' works better [bugreported by Moroz]
! killed clicks in GS player [bugreported by Moroz]
+ conditional breakpoints (uses c-like expressions of any complexity); breaks
to range, port in/out, on instruction, on memory change superseded by this
powerful feature and removed as obsolete. RTFM before use
@ fixed blah-blah in documentation about 'disk spinning is not emulated'
it's emulated since version 0.02
! monitor: enabled save and load block (just forgot to bind keys to this funcs)
strange, that nobody noticed that
! monitor: fixed bug in 'set bank'
! better TR-DOS, now Unreal Megademo (by KSA) works, if trdos traps disabled.
(Z80S, R80, RealSpectrum failed to emulate this demo) [bugreported by Drew]
+ runs without soundcard (sound\fq=0 in INI) [suggested by Alexey Kravchenko]
+ INI option for autosave TRD/FDI
+ monitor: general sound status/fxplayer dialog
- removed memory ATM-1024
+ MMX simple video filter - it's first assembly routine in emul.
in future versions i'll replace most filters using MMX and
bilinear CPU expensive filters using 3DNow!
+ unbelievable video filter - chunky filtered (look to REFRESH or LIFEFORMS)
not fully optimized, but will be recoded with 3DNow! in future versions
[thanx to Mr.Dsteuz//Proxium for this excellent idea]

version 0.08b 8 oct 2001

! fixed MOD-saver [reported by Shiru Otaku]
+ INI: MISC\DIR [suggested by too many people to list them all]
! fixed portz selection (for RST7 crazy coding style :) [thanks to Paul Pavlov]
! killed screen flicks when tracing on F8 [reported by Max Vasilyev]
+ monitor: added stack window
* changed font in monitor: it's grievous, that people prefer PC font instead of
native Speccy charsets, but i've added a nice gfx as a compensation :)
[stolen from XL-DESIGN - sorry, guys]
+ able to debug borders/multicolors: screen updates when tracing with F8
+ emulated pentagon with AY on 3.5 MHz [suggested by Shiru Otaku]
+ changed GS dialog
! a bit fixed INT signal, but not perfect - differs by 1T from real pentagon :(
* some video filters removed, some mmx-optimized
+ video: motion blur for jumpin scrolls[thanks to Ms.Dsteuz for fast algorithm]
! able to load uncompressed Z80 2.01 [thanks to Dmitry Sanarin for files]
+ monitor: watches
+ monitor: text dump mode [suggested by Max Vasilyev and Ironfist]
+ border only mode for debugging border effects [suggested by Mad Cat]
+ INI option: MISC\RESET
! monitor: fixed PgUp/PgDn [reported by Ironfist]
! fixed terrible bug in tape loader (with max speed) [thanks to Dmitry Sanarin]
! fixed speech on rasputin & robocop [reported by Dmitry Sanarin], but added
new bug: AY does not play when tone period = 0
! separate tables for AY and YM
! AY: rewritten noise, fixed period, noise rand() from AY_Emul

version 0.09b 10 oct 2001

! fixed rare bug in AY
! changed BMP-saver [suggested by diver]
! changed palettes for all chunky filters, small changes in chunkFX filter

version 0.10b not released to public

! fixed clicks in mod-player [bugreported by Moroz]
! fixed diskette saving led (broken in version 0.07)
* speed optimizations in video (using 486+ opcodes in conjuction with MMX)
* one filter rewritten in MMX
! changed SNA loader - now may load incorrect files [bug found by Ironfist]
+ hotkeys for selectin' AY/YM,ABC/ACB on the fly [suggested by Max Vasilyev]
! fixed bug in BMP screenshot for 'small' and 'scanlines' modes
! emulated GS bug: cmd #3E loads _*unsigned*_ samples [thanks to Moroz]
* tested monitor with 100Hz refresh - great! for setting rate in windows 95
use PowerStrip or similar utility, for NT/2000 edit emul.ini
! undone INT changes, made in 0.08

version 0.11b 18 oct 2001

! monitor: bit 6 in beta 128 port #FF displays right [thanks to Alex Makeev]
! monitor: repaint screen on task switching [bugreported by Alex Makeev]
* documented many bugs - read unreal.txt
! changed palette for noflic2 [suggested by diver]
! black background in 'small' and 'scanlines' filters [suggested by many people]
! fixed loading of too long tapes [bugreported by Andrew Moonlight]
+ video filter: using hardware blitter [idea by Alex Baskakov]
+ monitor: stepover(F8) trace rst/call with stack params at one step (rst#28)
+ sticky keys mode [completely stolen from ZX_Emul, read description there]

version 0.12b 22 oct 2001

* fantastic (>50%) speedup for CPU with 32 byte L1 cache line (K6-2)
probably poison for intel pentium-I, but i don't care
[thanks to AMD's "Processor Code Optimization Application Note"]
+ hi-color chunky filters, designed especially for LIFEFORMS [hi, Placebo!]
filtered 2x2 chunky allows read all texts in demo and does not loose colors
* in next version some 8-bit filters will be removed. mail me, if you need them
* small speed optimizations in Z80 core
! load dialog remembers last dir [suggested by Alexey Kravchenko]
! screenshot saving to emulator directory

version 0.16b 26 oct 2001

* drastically improved overall sound quality [thanks to Hacker KAY]
! 'save VTX' does not ignore chip, stereo layout, and 3.5mhz mode
* changed monitor save/load [suggested by Ironfist]
! always loop MOD in GS player [suggested by Moroz]
+ monitor: ripper's tool [idea by Ironfist]
+ Hobeta loader (read doc) [suggested by Mr.Dsteuz]
+ FLASH-COLOR [thanks to Mad Cat for description]
+ INI option to hide video filters, that do not work on your system
? gameport joystick as kempston (not tested - just copied code from DirectX SDK)

version 0.16b2 31 oct 2001

* slightly increased quality and speed for 2x2 hicolor chunky
! able to load 48K qsaves [bugreported by Kuba Adamowicz]
! fixed some bugs in keyboard layout [bugreported by Alexey Kravchenko]
! load dialog: fixed masks for hobeta and fdi [bugreported by Paul Pavlov]
! may work in 15-bit hicolor (not tested) [thanks to Vitaliy Pigo for techinfo]

version 0.17b 5 nov 2001

! fixed bug in 15-bit hicolor (not tested)
* MCR optimized for any (K5,K6,K7,P-I,P-II,P-III) cpu, not only for K6-2
+ scorpion timings (available from INI) [s.b. Alexey Kravchenko]
! monitor: fixed bug in GS samples preview
+ hardware multicolor [s.b. Nuts and Mr.Dsteuz]
+ support for ZS Scorpion Service ROM 2.94 [s.b. many people]
+ customizable (from INI and GUI) ROM sets [s.b. many people]
+ memory model: ZS Scorpion 1024K
- removed many useless 8-bit filters. i've received only one request for
keeping them, so i think 16-bit modes much better

version 0.18b 26 nov 2001

! monitor: LD (nnnn),HL and LD HL,(nnnn) assembles now to short (not #ED) form
! fixed bug in short #7FFD addressation [thanks to Paul Pavlov]
! fixed port #FF (broken in 0.17?) [thanks to Alexey Kravchenko]
! finally found lost 3T in MCR. now exact pentagon border
! some changes in beta128 timing [thanks to Max Vasilyev], but still incomplete
! monitor: fixed flipping video pages in dialogs using GDI
! monitor: update MCR on every trace step
- monitor: removed logo [alas, found a copyright owner :)]
+ led: current time [s.b. Alone Coder]
+ INI: GSReset [s.b. Ilya Podrezov and Necromancer]
* small changes in INI:SYSTEM.KEYS
+ monitor: save cursor positions [s.b. Alone Coder]
+ monitor: context jumps [s.b. Alone Coder]
! shame on me - fixed bugs in Z80 (not all) [thanks to Alone Coder]
+ GS: LPT covox mode
* small changes in INI:LEDS
+ autofire [s.b. Alexey Kravchenko]
+ DirectSound for w95. delay=2frames, if DS driver uses hardware acceleration
(also select out_ds.dll in winamp;) [damn,i've got >10 requests for this shit]
+ user palettes on hotkeys [s.b. diver]
+ CMOS+RTC [s.b. Pawel Kislyak]
+ hotkey for quick saving disk images and cmos

version 0.18b2 29 nov 2001

! fixed bugs in palette for some filters (appared in 0.18)
* some hi-color speed optimizations (but still 32 bit instructions)
+ "new" video filter for chunky demos
+ INI: ShareCPU [s.b. Dexus]

version 0.19b 19 dec 2001

* completely rewritten video engine: requires video overlay hardware, but works
in windowed mode; plz review hardware requirements
* changed AY Chip=digital (added anti-vibratto, ambience effect, etc...)
- GS: removed MOD player (b'coz it suxx), now able to exploit BASS Sound System
+ 512x192
+ added 5 fast, but low-resolution hicolor chunky modes
! fixed bugs in GS [found by diver]
+ unreal api [s.b. PoP HL^exult]
* +10% speedup in z80 emulation
+ monitor: on-screen watches
+ on-screen watches trace used RAM/ROM banks [s.b. Mad Cat]
? fixed bugs in gamepad/joystick (?)
+ TD0 read/write [thanks to Alex Baskakov for HalfElf's sources]
+ video filter: color tv (not optimized -> slow)

version 0.19b2 21 dec 2001

! TD0 reader updated for TD0 v21

version 0.19b3 24 dec 2001

! video: supported pixel format RGB555
! fixed bug in windowed mode [found by Ilya Hromenkov]
+ video filter ch4true - best quality

version 0.19b4 25 dec 2001

! video: supported MPEG1 YUY2 (for nVidia cards), some video code cleanup
* video filter 'color tv' optimized
! fixed EI:HALT [thanks to Alone Coder]
! 'fixed' bug in beta128 [found by Larchenko Eugene]

version 0.19b5 28 dec 2001

! fixed ds driver for win98. INI:DSoundBuffer is obsolete (auto-detection)
sounddrv=wave will be removed in next version
! fixed windowed mode bugs in win98
+ monitor: disasm to file [s.b. Sergey Bulba]
+ monitor: INS/DEL in line editor
! monitor: fixed bug in read block from file

version 0.20 final 9 jan 2002

* first not-a-beta, though not all bugz fixed
+ open source
- soundchip tables are wrong again (opensource restrictions, see sound.cpp)
+ check against loading same disk image to different drives [s.b. Alone Coder]
! fixed ch2hw,ch4hw for nVidia cards
* more flexible video settings
+ monitor: select active window with mouse [s.b. Sergey Bulba]
! GS/MOD: fixed bug in position jump [found by Ironfist]
! dialogs do not trash main window while dragging over it [s.b. Alex Baskakov]
+ keyboard layouts can be selected without restarting emul [s.b. Flying]
* faq updated
+ INI: DSPrimary may be for win98 (win2k works well in both modes)

version 0.20 fix #1 29 mar 2002

* +5% z80 speedup when monitor not used
! RTC day_of_week [fb Alone Coder]
+ video renderer: standart win32 GDI
* new sound mixer: always max quality
+ clock-precise ay/ym emulation (in prev. versions i've used a simulation)
! fixed covox on port #DD
+ video: wide border [esp. for ZX-Time]
+ #EFF7 bit2 and bit3
+ video: new screen mode [from ZX-Guide#2]
+ video: works in 320x200, 320x240, 400x300, 512x384, 800x600 modes
+ boot auto-appends to disk in any format, not only to SCL
* new engine for WD1793 emulator:
! complete emulation of all WD93 commands and status register
! right CRC in address and sector [thnx to AlCo for track dumps]
! complete timings (insult, powerup works as real with traps=0,fast=0)
+ load/save unreal disk image format
+ built-in converter HOBETA -> TRD <-> TD0 <-> UDI <-> FDI <- SCL
! TD0 writer updates CRC
! able to load TD0 with description [fb AlCo]
* many cosmetic bugfixes/flicfixes/improvements

version 0.20 fix #2 1 apr 2002

! fixed FDD_MOTOR bug [fb SirX]
! fixed ay sound [fb SirX]
! fixed bugs in FDI loader [fb SirX]
! fixed FDD step bug

version 0.20 fix #2.5 10 apr 2002

! fixed ay envelopes #0E and #0A [fb SirX and Alex Makeev]

version 0.20 light edition 19 apr 2002

- shit removed
* some MCR optimizations
+ separate reading left and right shift,control,alt
+ direct access to video hardware, full speed on iP100 (without sound)
use 50/100/150hz modes - set EGATiming in INI for your display

version 0.21b 20 may 2002

* video output +20% faster
- removed filters: sgdi, motion blur, flashcolor. removed leds: FDD (too ugly)
+ resizable-window video mode for accelerated cards (recommended for GeForce1-4)
+ chunky modes through hardware bilinear filter (realtime in gf2/1600x1200x32)
* leds: ïðè óêàçàíèè êîîðäèíàò âîçìîæíû îòñòóïû ñíèçó èëè ñïðàâà îò ãðàíèöû ýêð
* all tape routines completely rewritten (maybe reading WAVs in next versions)
- tape traps removed. pls press NumLock or enjoy loading process
! load TZX with direct recording and loops [thnx to Dmitry Sanarin for files]
! better support for TZX info blocks: messages, hardware info, pokes, etc...
+ CSW loader (hacked from couple examples, if you have specification, mail me)
* monitor: disassembly window acts like STS 3.2
+ General Sound low-level emulation [greets to PSB/Halloween & Adventurer #13]
(GS firmware sux (details in notes.rus). use BASS for 16b/8ch)
* faster emulation of DDCB/FDCB opcodes
! speed-up & bug-fix wd93 emulation [thanx to Alone Coder for tests on real zx]
! block read/write when FDD motor is not spinning
* support for new version of UDI format, read <udi.rus>
+ executable file is not UPX'ed (+2% faster loading)

version 0.21b2 31 may 2002

! updated sound mixer [fb Siril, thanks to SirX for bugreport]
! save/load dialogs don't clear background in 8bit fullscreen mode
! correct CSW loader [thanks to Ramsoft for docs]
! TZX loader updated to format version 1.13
* minor video optimizations
+ loader for .SP snapshots
+ monitor: diskeditor [sb Alone Coder]

version 0.21 light edition 17 jun 2002

* as usual, 'lite' release

version 0.21b3 25 jun 2002

! diskeditor fix [released 10 jun 2002]
* Z80 emulation +8% faster
* video output optimizations
! fixed bug in AY mixer, much faster AY/YM emulation
+ new unreal soundchip: YM-turbo (headphones recommended)
+ custom AY volume/stereo presets (+bonus - over 10 ripped volume tables)
+ ULA presets
* flash-color is back

version 0.21b3LE 25 jun 2002

+ monitor works better, but still incomplete functionality
version 0.21b4
! fixed: 0.21b3 could not load ULA/AY presets on win9x
! fixed: TRD writer saves last accessed track instead of trk 0 [fb AlCo]
+ F1 invokes help on bound keys (requires IE4.0 or later)
! fixed bilinear filter (crashed in 0.21b3)
! fixed small bug in flash-color, now may work with bilinear filter
! fixed 'nopaper' mode
* video sub-system rewritten. overlay in 'double' mode don't pervert colors
+ profi ROM and screen (to run CP/M, find profi.rom and cpm.udi)
profi service ROM can start only when BETA128 delays enabled
+ pentagon service ROMs (details in service.rus)
+ my service ROM included in archive (service.rom)
+ pentagon 256K, pentagon 128SR (service ROM on #7FFD)
+ #EFF7 switches 512x192 and HWMC, #DFFD - 512x240
(without changing screen mode - always 50fps, even if switching each frame)
- unreal API removed, looks like nobody uses it
+ configurable scanlines brightness
* if some ROM not defined in ROMSET, it substitutes with #FF's
+ gui: config page EFF7 - set/reset/lock arbitrary bits of #EFF7
+ filter anti-64 for reading e-zines: converts 4x8 fonts to 8x8/8x16 on the fly
to run on slow pc's, unset 'update border' and set 'low quality'. works only
with known fonts. i've used fonts from heresy, body and others,,, (sorry ppl)

version 0.21b5
! monitor: fixed stupid bug in 'watches' window, added Alt-F, Alt-S, Ctrl-U
! fixed HIMEM=PENTSR - #7FFD bit 4 should not lock #7FFD bit 7
* recompiled with vc7, separate versions for pentium and p-II
in virtue of this amazing compiler unreal runs on pentium-166MMX!
! monitor: Alt-S,Alt-C,Alt-P didn't work in registers window
* all asm fragments removed from Z80 engine, now it's pure portable C++
! TZX loader: fixed overflow on too long description strings [fb Ir0n Man]
+ video: AlCo-384 on #EFF7 bit 6
* anti-64: more fonts

version 0.22b
! fixed: emul played ay-envelope #0B instead of #01 [fb Mad Cat]
! Z80: fixed DD,CB and FD,CB opcodes [thanks to Kamill Karimov]
! fixed many small bugs in TZX loader
! fixed bugs in WD1793 and FDD emulation
+ text64: detect per-pixel scrolling and 6x4 fonts, font searcher
- text64: pre-defined fonts removed [(c) restriction]

version 0.23b 13 sep 2004

- win95/98/ME are no longer supported
- NT4.0 (directX 3.0) is no longer supported
- no special version for P5,K6 CPUs. code optimized for P6/K7
! a bit better AY sound, still not perfect [acn#32]. btw, AlCo, border=wide is a
ble to display 300 lines for 384x304 screen (pls read unreal.txt)
+ faster AY emulation
! AltLock=1 could freeze keyboard, fixed
! fixed crash on playing zero-length GS samples
+ mouse buttons and wheel can be bound to spectrum keyboard
+ ini:[ARC]SkipFiles - ignore archive descriptions
+ anti-text64 font setup: "find next" searches through left/right,linear/planes
* improved font searcher in anti-text64 font setup

version 0.24b 26 oct 2004

* increased filter order in sound engine (better AY sound)
+ ATM 7.10 128/512/1024 (requires BIOS to setup memory) thanx to Timonin Maxim
+ ATM 7.10 video modes (palette does not work)

version 0.24b2 5 nov 2004

! fixed bug in WD1793 engine (ZX-Power#3, ATM CP/M)
! flash attribute in AlCo384 screen mode
! unable to edit ascii memory dump in monitor
! fixed saving ATM screenshot from windowed mode
! fixed screen repaint in pause mode [fb Gambler]
+ ATM palette
+ ATM7.10 128/256/512/1024kb ROM
* minor ATM bugfixes/improvements
+ able to load config from command line (unreal.exe -i cfg.ini)
+ added atm2.ini, slowcomp.ini

version 0.24b3 bugfix release 11 nov 2004

! fixed ATM text-mode attribute [fb Gambler]
! fixed loading from archives - broken since 0.24b2 [fb Paul Pavlov]

version 0.25b 15 jan 2005

+ ATM screen mode #7 [thanks to Timonin Maxim for scrshots]
! fixed bugs in sound engine [fb Alex Fill]
* FDD led shows current track
* BestView, ZX-Power, etc now works with [BETA128] Fast=1
* "disk modified" flag shown in BETA128 settings [sb AlCo]
! fixed small bug in Z80 [fb AlCo]
! fixed bug in service ROM emulation [fb AlCo]
! reset should not clear Z80 registers [fb AlCo]
+ BASIC-48 labels from file "sos.l" shown in monitor (Ctrl-L)
unfortunately, i have no BASIC-128 and TR-DOS labels
! fixed crash on Alt-Tab with dsprimary=1 [fb AlCo]
! fixed screen update when returning from full-screen in gdi/overlay mode
+ ATM/Nemo ATA HDD emulation [alpha]. works with images and real drives
@ ini: changed ROMSET=pentagon (some soft expect tr-dos in service ROM)
! fixed saving/loading snapshots (Snowball, Return to Eden)
+ XAS7 labels shown in monitor (Ctrl-A,Ctrl-L). for XAS 128k config
+ alasm labels shown in monitor (Ctrl-Shift-A,Ctrl-L) [thanx to Alco for docs]

version 0.26b 27 jan 2005

! HDD emulation: fixed reading in CHS mode, when it goes to next track/head
@ changed ini: [SOUND]SoundBuffer=2 (less sound delay for 1GHz+ CPU)
+ jump to address under cursor from registers window [sb AlCo]
+ cache size option: 16/32K
* new gui/ini design for selection of model, romset and memory size
+ ULA option: "unstable data bus" [sb AlCo]
! invoking monitor from full-screen mode has switched screen resolution
+ Scorpion PROF-ROM (useless without SMUC hardware) [greetz to jtn, Neu Animal]
* able to load XAS/ALASM labels from PENTAGON-256/512 high-memory
* added "cancel" button when replacing unsaved disk or exit [sb Vitamin, AlCo]
* selecting normal/double switches window size in GDI mode [sb elf/2]
* centered picture of 384x304 video mode when border=none,small [sb AlCo]
+ ATM XT keyboard [thanx to Kamil Karimov for 8051 disasm]
! saving snapshots/images with dots in filename [fb lvd]

version 0.27b 27 feb 2005

! asm/disasm of DD/FD+ED (out (c),xl, etc) [fb MadCat]
@ ini [SOUND]SoundBuffer=2 changed back to 6 (was unstable)
! fixed bug in GS emulation [fb Moroz]
* trace step removes "cpu halted" mode [sb lvd]
! disk image filename was not changed after "Save As" [sb AlCo]
+ memory R/W breakpoints. new gui for bp manager (Alt-C)
* switching to/from ATM XT mode without resetting controller [sb Gambler]
+ tactmeter [sb Spectre]
! noflic did not work in 8-bit and GDI modes with scanlines
+ GIGASCREEN on #EFF7 bit 4, without multicolors yet (use with noflic)
+ option for alternative (interlaced) noflic algoritm for filter=double
+ paste text from clipboard [sb Alco, elf/2]
* anti-text64: fonts from ACE,PC20 in default fontset
+ anti-text64: search font in external file
+ anti-text64 detects inverted characters [sb AlCo]
! closing on ALT-F4 sometimes didn't ask "save? yes,no,cancel"
* register #0B bit 2 of CMOS RTC controls binary/BCD mode
* new option [VIDEO]DetectModel (description in unreal.ini)
+ Kondrat'yev ISA modem [mapped to windows driver for real modem]

version 0.28b 28 mar 2005

! pc joystick/gamepad did not work since 0.27 [fb Terazini]
+ pc joystick/gamepad can be bound to any keys, not only kempston joystick
please create new keyboard layouts with JLEFT=6,JRIGHT=7,JUP=9,... etc...
+ AY mouse [thanx to [bETA]mEN for scheme]
* mouse coords updated (interpolated) every Z80 cycle, not every frame
+ loading labels from user.l for external assemblers [sb Kurles^HS^CPU]
label format is 'PP:AAAA nnn', PP - page, AAAA - offset, nnn - text
* flash-color options read from ini [sb Agent Cooper]
@ ini: [SOUND] Fq=48000 by default (supported by most AC'97's. for others,
consult soundcard manual or set default 44100)
+ Scorpion SMUC: PROFROM,IDE,CMOS,NVRAM [thanx to Neu Animal for scheme scan]
* press F12 to reset in default mode, as specified in ini: [MISC]Reset
* GS emulation code re-organized in object-oriented way
+ monitor: jump to label [sb Kurles^HS^CPU]
* edit MODS.H to compile size-optimized versions without unnecessary parts
@ fixed errata in documentation [thanx to AlCo]

version 0.29b 29 may 2005

* added ATA-1 compatibility (address registers after read/write) [fb Blade]
! fixed bug in sound engine, that cause crash after long running
+ AY 2nd chip: Turbo-AY (POS), Turbo-sound (NedoPC) and Quadro-AY schemes
monitor: Alt-Y switches active chip
+ frame resampler: converts spectrum 50hz-int into 60/75/80/... hz display
refresh, has built-in low-pass filters to handle 3color and noflic.
set [VIDEO]Refresh to maximum for you monitor in 640x480 (75,85 or 100 hz)
! fixed bug in .Z80 loader [fb Terazini]
! General Sound was accidentally disabled in 0.28b
! fixed INTRQ bug in ATM HDD scheme
! fixed GS volume tables in low level mode [fb psb]
! fixed bugs in GS Z80 [fb psb]
! fixed bug in on-screen watches [fb MadCat]
! fixed reset keys inside monitor

version 0.30b 1 aug 2005

! fixed bug in TV+noflic [fb AlCo]
+ video filters menu on F4 / SHIFT-F4
! fixed general sound BASS mode: sound effects not played (bug since ver 0.28)
! OSD GS led continue show volume after sample stop for looped samples
! fixed bug in frame resampler - crash on full border mode [fb Alex/AT]
! fixed bug in frame resampler that caused additional flicker
* better contrast in frame resampler (less frames to mix => more contrast)
+ frame resampler works with all renders, for slow (less then 600mhz)
machines use 8-bit ddraw driver. it is b/w and does not use MMX
probably there are bugs with ddraw/ddrawh. ddrawt/blt/ovr work fine
@ for LCD monitors, pls use refresh=60 with "frame resampler": LCDs can't
switch pixels so fast and picture worse with higher rates
* added SMUC version ports (#5FBA & #5FBE) [sb deathsoft]
* border (port #FE) not cleared on reset [sb deathsoft]
+ KAY-256/1024: himem,ROMs (note that ROMs in the net have invalid pages order)
- scorpion port #1FFD decoded as in real scheme. pentagon soft may not work
* some changes in overlay render (may not work on old vcards, i don't care)
! removed unnecessary screen mode switches when entering monitor
+ modem: speccy able to control transfer mode and rate [code by Alex/AT]
! modem: fixed bug - could read trash byte from input buffer [fb Alex/AT]
+ IDE/ATAPI cdrom (needs physical drive or windows-level emulated device)

version 0.31b 24 aug 2005

! atapi: sense key not placed into error register on ATAPI error
! atapi: fixed bug in ATAPI commands, that don't return data block
! atapi: fixed bug with DRQ on end of ATAPI data block
! gs: "save mod" was disabled since 0.28b [fb TJ]
! fixed bug in window size after leaving fullscreen [fb Tj]
+ new funny led shows R/W/X dynamic in spectrum memory [sb Raider]
+ keyboard shortcuts in windowed mode: Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3
+ 4x scale video filter [sb Shiru Otaku] (set minres=1024 to avoid 1280x960)
+ shows condition hit and jp/ret/call direction in trace window [sb Dexus]
+ monitor: Alt-F9 shows only ray-painted screen area
+ monitor: Alt-S cycles through watches / screen dump / ray-painted
- monitor: mon.render hotkey is deleted (as obsolete)
* monitor: detection internal loop exit when tracing loop on F8 [sb Dexus]
+ monitor: fill memory with pattern [sb Raider]
* FDD & FDC code comletely rewritten, bugs may appear
! when saving disk image, prefer original format as default, not TRD
! CacheVox works fine with [BETA128]Fast=0. no other emul can handle this yet
! better WD1793 sector write emulation (overwrite old gap and data AM)
+ monitor: more fields in beta128 panel (see docs)
@ visual ini-file editor available at
version 0.32b 4 sep 2005
+ monitor: jump destination marked with arrow [sb Dexus]
+ ini option "HighPriority"
+ non-bluring scale 2x,3x,4x, developed in AdvanceMAME project (MMX-rewritten)
@ scale3x is not MMX-vectorized and slower then scale4x
@ if your monitor displays only up to 1024x768, use border=none for scale4x
! better FDD emulation: BestView works with [beta128]fast=0 [fb Kubas]
! temporary hacks in scorpion trdos replaced accordingly to scheme
! better FDC emulation: adjusted timeouts in fast=1 mode
@ [beta128]IL is 2 by default in INI: speed-up #3D13 loaders in fast=0 mode
! no crash on 1280x1024 scrshots: dynamic buffer size

version 0.32b2 21 sep 2005

! fixed bug (only drive A: can be used) [fb Strunov]
! fixed bug in FDD delays [fb Kubas]
* some changes in multicolor renderer [sb AlCo]
* Pentagon-1024: #7FFD.5 is a 48k mode lock when #EFF7.2=1 [sb AlCo]
* color console output
* AdvMAME scale 2x,4x optimized for SSE2

version 0.33b 7 dec 2005

* monitor: importing ALASM labels with searching in whole memory
+ monitor: Alt-M to edit model-specific high memory port [sb Spectre]
+ monitor: transfer data between FDD image and spectrum memory [sb AlCo]
+ Alt-F6 - memory (cheat) searcher [sb Kpa3]
+ SAM style video drive (disabled by default, edit mods.h and recompile)
+ Alone Coder's 4bpp video mode (on #EFF7 bit 5)
+ TRD/SCL preview in save/load dialogs [sb 3HAXAPb]
+ added "AUTOLOAD" ini section [sb AlCo]
+ load file with drag'n'drop from explorer window
* mouse capture on left-click to main window (Shift+ESC still works)
! restored fire function in "joystick on mouse" mode
! fixed small bug in HOBETA loader [fb AlCo]
* GLUK 6.1 is used as default system ROM

version 0.34b 22 jan 2006

! correct border color after snapshot loading [fb [bETA]mEN]
! fixed bug in ATM memswap on RG0 [fb AlCo]
! fixed rare crashes on reading port #FF
! fixed bugs (not all) in CD-ROM emulation [fb AlCo]
+ Z80 INT length emulation (Adventurer#13 intro works with right timings)
* ignore some unwanted mouse clicks and keyboard pushes [sb AlCo]
+ complete emulation of ATM-TURBO 4.50 [thanks to Doronetty and Max Timonin]

version 0.35b 22 jul 2006

! Z80: fixed flags after ADD IX/IY,SP instruction
! Z80: fixed undoc flags after LDI(R)/LDD(R)
! Z80: fixed undoc flags after CPI(R)/CPD(R)
- Z80: undoc flags for IN<I|D>[R] / OUT<I|D>[R] not ready yet
! Z80: MEMPTR implemented (as described in boo_boo & Kladov research)
! anti-text64 now works in ATM-TURBO models [fb AlCo]
! monitor: don't waste CPU time in spectrum screen view (F9) [fb AlCo]
* changes in HDD/CDROM code: physical layer moved to separate classes
! GS: fixed unused port#BB bits (some games rely on it) [fb moroz]
+ CD-ROM access via SPTI (native WinNT) or ASPI (3rd-party wnaspi32.dll)
* used my SNDRENDER library for sound & AY emulation (easier & reusable)
* implemented 16/32bpp renders for ATM-1,2 640x200 screen mode
* improved GS quality: high-level emulation mode playing samples using BASS
@ please upgrade BASS to version 2.3 (API changed)
version 0.36b 28 feb 2007 (Alone Coder)
+ ïîääåðæêà YM2203 (TurboSound FM) èíòåãðèðîâàíà Dexus'îì ñ èçìåíåíèÿìè Alone Coder'à. Òåïå
der's changes. Fixed emulation now (TurboFM Revision C)
* èñõîäíèêè òåïåðü êîìïèëèðóþòñÿ ïîä MSVC6 (áûëî MSVC7). Sources are now compiled by MSVC6
- â ñâÿçè ñ ýòèì âûáðîøåíû ôèëüòðû AdvMAME, FrameResampler. Because of that the filters Adv
! öâåò íà òî÷êó ïî EFF7 bit0, ìóëüòèêîëîð ïåðåíåñ¸í íà bit5. Colour-per-pixel mode is set b
! èñïðàâëåíà çàãðóçêà 48k ñíàïøîòîâ, åñëè äî ýòîãî áûë óñòàíîâëåí ðåæèì Pentagon 1024k: âìå
! ñáðîñ â 48k íà Pentagon 1024k âêëþ÷àë 32-þ áàíêó. Reset to 48k was setting 32nd bank on P
- óáèòà çàùèòà îò âûãðóçêè sna â ðåæèìàõ >128k, òåïåðü ìîæíî îòãðóæàòüñÿ â Walker'å. SNA sa
! ìàêñèìàëüíàÿ äëèíà äîðîæêè óâåëè÷åíà äî 7000 áàéò - òåïåðü ðàáîòàåò èãðà "Øèáåíèöÿ" (gall
+ ðóññêàÿ âåðñèÿ õåëïà. Russian version of help
+ íàçâàíèå ïîñëåäíåãî çàãðóæåííîãî äèñêà âûâîäèòñÿ â çàãîëîâêå îêíà ýìóëÿòîðà. A name of la
! âûâàëèâàëîñü ïðè îáðàùåíèè ê IDE-óñòðîéñòâó, åñëè îäíî èç IDE-óñòðîéñòâ íå áûëî íàñòðîåíî
! CD-ROM íå ðàáîòàë ïîä Windows 9x, òåïåðü ðàáîòàåò. Ñäåëàí îáõîä ãëþêà, êîòîðûé âîçíèêàåò
int ATAPI_PASSER::SEND_ASPI_CMD(void *buf, int buf_sz)
SRB_ExecSCSICmd SRB = { 0 };
SRB.SRB_HaId = (unsigned char)dev->adapterid;
SRB.SRB_Target = (unsigned char)dev->targetid;
SRB.SRB_BufPointer = (unsigned char*)buf;
SRB.SRB_BufLen = buf_sz;
SRB.SRB_SenseLen = sizeof(SRB.SenseArea);
SRB.SRB_PostProc = hASPICompletionEvent;
memcpy(SRB.CDBByte, &cdb, ATAPI_CDB_SIZE);
/* DWORD ASPIStatus = */ _SendASPI32Command(&SRB);
passed_length = SRB.SRB_BufLen;
if (SRB.SRB_Status == SS_PENDING) {
DWORD ASPIEventStatus = WaitForSingleObject(hASPICompletionEvent, 10000);
// timeout 10sec
if (ASPIEventStatus == WAIT_OBJECT_0) ResetEvent(hASPICompletionEvent);
if (senselen = SRB.SRB_SenseLen) memcpy(sense, SRB.SenseArea, senselen);
if (temp.win9x) senselen = 0; //Alone Coder //makes possible to read one CD s
ector in win9x
if ((temp.win9x)&&(passed_length >= 0xffff)) passed_length = 2048; //Alone Co
der //was >=0xffff in win9x //makes possible to work in win9x (HDDoct, WDC, Time
version 0.36.1 10 mar 2007 (Alone Coder)
! áóôåð íà 256 çíà÷åíèé YM2203 óáðàí - ìåøàåò öèôðîâîìó çâóêó ÷åðåç YM2203. Buffer for 256
+ ââîä èç êëèïáîðäà òåïåðü ïîääåðæèâàåò è ðóññêèå ñèìâîëû (êðîìå äâóõ:
çàãëàâíàÿ ¨ ïîíèìàåòñÿ êàê Å, çàãëàâíûé Ú - êàê àïîñòðîô). Paste from clipboard understands
* óáðàíî îêîøêî, èçâåùàþùåå îá èçìåíåíèè ôàéëà user.l (sb Elfh). Messagebox "unreal discove
* äîïîëíåí õåëï (îáÿçàòåëüíî ïîñìîòðèòå ðàçäåë "íåñîâìåñòèìîñòü"!). More info in help (plea
* äîïîëíåí êîìïëåêò ôàéëîâ. File set is filled up
version 0.36.2 28 mar 2007 (Alone Coder)
! êëàâèøè â max speed ðåæèìå îïðàøèâàþòñÿ êàæäûé ôðåéì:
temp.inputblock = 0;//temp.vidblock;
à òî íå âñåãäà ðåàãèðîâàëî íà NumLock â max speed ðåæèìå.
Keys in max speed mode are scanned every frame, for better responsibility
of NumLock in max speed mode.
! çâóêîâîé áóôåð íå ÷èñòèëñÿ (sound_stop()) â ìåíþ Save disk
(main_save(), correct_exit()).
Sound buffer was not cleared in Save disk menu
! âûâàëèâàëñÿ ïðè ïîêàçå ìåòîê äëèíîé 10 (sb Elfh).
Emulator crashed when tried to display 10 char long labels
* 0 íå ïîêàçûâàåòñÿ êàê ìåòêà.
0 is no more shown as a label
! ÷òî-òî èñïðàâëåíî â èíòåðôåéñå ñ BASS.DLL (fb molodcov_alex):
if (!BASS_ChannelPlay(hmod, FALSE)) reportError("BASS_ChannelPlay() [music]");
Something fixed in BASS.DLL interface
! ïîðò #7ffd íà Ñêîðïèîíå äåøèôðîâàëñÿ íåïðàâèëüíî (òåïåðü ñ ó÷¸òîì A12, êàê
#1ffd) - íå ðàáîòàëà ëèñòàëêà ACNews.
Port #7ffd in Scorpion mode was deciphered without A12 -
ACNews lister failed to work