Days in Darkness and the Rising Sun –

Honoring our Ancestors as We Walk into the Future

by David Metcalfe

Originally presented as a prelude to the Winter Solstice of 2010 at

this is truth. There is no better time to remember those who have passed before and those still with us who offer themselves as friends. Winter solstice comes on. Cycles of nature return to remind us that we are not alone in the walk. the sun moves beneath us. This is at the heart of the gifts given in this season. something that’s often lost in the fevered lurch towards progress that our culture has assumed as a normal course.“Guarded by warriors we knew. and many have passed before whose influence still lives in us and through us. ageless voices calling us to a brighter day. do you remember? There is no progress without a fertile past. she gestures all around her then she whispers “everywhere…” – Pandemonium. so let us not forget. a way inward. let us look deeper then. seeing the past as the future. courting wisdom comes from respecting the guidance of those who have walked before us setting the markers along the way. ours is an outward quest to the physical stars. “I ask her of her next of kin and loved ones in her care. Expression of wisdom comes from our active hands. Don’t be fooled by the mirror of time. Cycles of commerce have weakened this sense. past the branding that binds us. . Look to the manifestations of a civilization to mark it’s mind. and comes up behind. We look West to a sinking sun. those who lay behind walk before us. The darkest days approach. The book of nature is open to those who would seek it’s wisdom. This is the heart of tradition. looking past the fall to come. total darkness. our ancestors as those who are ahead. Are you surprised at daybreak? Or have you kept the fire burning in your heart and on the heath as a reminder of this process? Vista Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem Visit the interior of the earth. There is no death. Killing Joke We are surrounded by a wealth of words and wisdom if we look carefully. and while we stare off into the horizon. Do we find solutions to overcome the present pain? That too arises from the past. into the consequence and care that has been passed down. into the redemption and new Eden beyond. companions and guides. There is another way. guided by our ancestral voices” – The Raven King. Killing Joke Does the earth cry out in suffering? It was through the actions of those who came before that this situation arose. to the material planets. a well attuned present. only forgetting. there to discover and rectify the hidden stone. this year attended by a lunar eclipse.

“Oh. and sail our ships through silent waters. all that ends is merely moving to a new beginning. ever forward as we become the past. Holy books and history texts forget because we know. or to steel ourselves if we are strong. the dead arise and walk ahead. let us remember our ancestors. So as this year’s Winter solstice approaches. Killing Joke Winter washes the earth. Ezekiel’s chariots streak across the skies. the cold wind that whines through barren trees. a sacred return to the cycles of nature wherein we find the true fulfillment of spirit. souls are recycled in the death and resurrection show.” – Death and Ressurection Show. and remember whenever you read this that the solstice is always approaching. This is the heart of the permaculture revolution. This is the cycle of life. beckoning with joyful hands to a future we can barely see as the sun grows wane in the West and rises brightly in the East. . beseeches us to lay down if we are tired. hold in our hearts the flame of renewal. how ingenious the centuries of lies.