What is the Hashlamah Project?

Peace and Reconciliation to the B'nei Yishmael and B'nei Yisrael...

'' Throughout the ages prophets have come and gone, each speaking a Universal message of Justice, Peace and Submission to the Laws of Nature, and the Will of the Divine. Over the years after their departure, the followers of their teachings (some sincere in intention and some seeking power, fortune and fame), bound them to the surrounding cultures and dogmas, thus making the original teachings seem almost indistinguishable from the surrounding societies' cultural baggage. Dismayed with this, the prevailing reaction (of those who become painstakingly aware of this cultural bias and religious bastardization of the original religion of Nature), is often withdraw from the spiritual and the core teachings of the prophets completely. But this has left a spiritual emptiness, not only within the hearts of those particular individuals, but also within the prevailing Western cultures which they are often a part of... Nevertheless, throughout the ages the Message has never changed, only the times, cultures, languages and the like have. The religion, Way or "Spiritual Path" (Derekh) of the Prophets has always been the same, echoing throughout the ages. This message was ultimately one of Peace, Shalom ( ), Salaam ( ), and their teachings were a guide to how to arrive at true and lasting Peace, both internal to ourselves, and externally, throughout our surrounding societies. From this same root word of "Peace," the Hebrew word for equanimity is "Hashlamah" ( ) which is directly related to the word for Completeness or "Shlemut" ( ), and the three letter root "Shaleym" ( ), meaning "to be full" or "complete." In English, "Equanimity" derives from the Latin word "aequus" meaning balanced, and "animus" meaning spirit or internal state. This is the Faith of ALL Prophets, from Abraham to Moses to Laozi, the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad. We see this same concept of Peace, Equanimity and Perfection continued in the words of Jesus, when he taught: "The Student (Talmid, ) is not above his Teacher (Rabbi, ): but everyone that is Perfect (Mushlam, ) shall be as his Teacher (Rabbi, )."

As Believers ( ) we strive to follow the Way of Life or "Derek Chayyim" ( ) of the Prophets or "Nevi'im" ( ). We believe that from the time of the prophet Adam, YHWH ( ) sent Nevi'im to all nations and peoples, each with a Divine Message to lead us towards "Shlemut" ( ), to make us "Mushlamim" ( ) and prepare us for a coming Era of Messianic Consciousness ( ) of the Superior Eden. Our Deen, our Derekh is Hashlamah, the Deen of ALL Nevi'im. Abraham, Moses, David, John the Essene and Jesus were all Maminim ( ), Nevi'im ( ), Mushlamim ( ) and lived in a state of Hashlamah ( ). In seeking Hashlamah and Shlemut, we strive to take

Christianity back to its roots, Zoroastrianism back to its roots, Daoism back to its roots, Judaism back to its root, and ultimately all followers of the Nevi'im back to the roots of the original Teachings. We seek the Truth wherever It has manifested. For as Ja`far as-Saadiq, the great leader of the small party of believers in `Arabia, once responded when he was asked: "O my Master and my Noble One! Why are the people of Moses called 'Yahud' (in the `Arabic language)?' He said, 'Because of the saying of God the Mighty and Magnificent, "Verily, we turn (hudna) unto You." That is, "We seek Your guidance."' He said, 'What about the Nasara (Christians)?' He said, 'Because of the saying of Jesus "Who will be my helpers in the Way of God?' The Disciples said, 'We are the helpers (Ansar) of God. We believe in God and bear witness that we are those who submit (Muslimoon).'" So, they were called Nasara because of their help to the Deen of God.'" Yes, the TRUE Jews are those who "turn" towards Ha'Shem; coined in Hebrew for the righteous ones of the B'nei Yisrael in the region of Yehudah (Judea), and particularly those who remained true to the One and Only God in the Southern Kingdom, the "Y'hudim" or Tribe of Judah. The TRUE Christians are those who are the "helpers" of Ha'Shem. These same are those who "Submit" to Ha'Shem, those who are made "Perfect" just as Jesus, told us to "Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is Perfect." For just as the `Arabic Scripture tells us that the Disciples, the Talmidim, the Hawariyyoon, were "Ansar" or "Helpers" of Ha'Shem, in this `Olam Ha`Asiyah, we also see that they are called "those who Submit" or "Muslimeen" in the same text. In truth, there is no separation between any prophet or their followers. Had the true followers of Abraham seen the face of Moses, they would have surely followed him. Should the true followers of Moses seen the face of Jesus then they would have followed him without a doubt. "And when I inspired the disciples, (saying): Believe in Me and in My Messenger, they said: We believe. Bear witness that we have surrendered (unto You) 'we are those who submit (muslimoon)'." Qur'aan, 5:111

The Mind of Ha'Shem is not at odds with Itself. It is in Perfect accordance with Itself and Submission to Itself. In the same way, the true Mamin, the true Mushlam, the true followers of the Prophets throughout the lands and ages strive for perfection, to be Perfect as our Father in Heaven is Perfect. O brothers and sisters! O children of Adam! Realize that every prophet was a prophet of the One and Only God, YHWH; whether we call him by the Hebrew tongue "Ha'Eloah" or by the name "Gott" in German, or in French "dieu," in Italian "dio," in Spanish "Dios," in Portuguese "Deus," in Farsi "Khuda," in Aramaic "Alah," and yes in Arabic "Allah,? there is no difference between the God, only between languages. Thus, when a prophet comes to the world or any people therein, the true Mamin, the true Believer, accepts that prophet, whether he calls God by the name God, by the name Khuda, by the name Eloah, by the name Allah or by the Supreme Name YHWH (the verb describing the nature of God). The myth that "Allah" is some "other" God, is a

myth of the Catholic crusaders dating back to the middle ages. O Children of Adam! The prophets were not on a "crusade." No prophet fought unless his people were oppressed. No prophet fought unless there was no other option. No prophet took delight in bloodshed or the spectacle of pain. No prophet sought to deprive people of their homes, property or lives in the name of the Most High. It is for this reason that the prophet, the prophet Muhammad said: "The ways to Allah are as numerous as the breaths of the creatures," and his son-in-law and spiritual brother `Ali, paraphrasing the ancient 3rd century CE Midrash, said: "God admits any to Paradise by way of sincerity of Faith." "Behold I stand to call upon heaven and earth (to witness) that a person, whether Gentile or Jew, man or woman, slave or free man, according to the deeds he does the Holy Spirit (Ruach ha'Qodesh) rests upon him." (Tanna D'vei Eliyahu Rabba 10:1)

Is it not clear that the Way, the deen of the Prophets, the Nevi'im was Universal, One and the same. The true believer does not get distracted by the languages of the world. The true believer does not look at the cultural affinities of this nation or that. The true believer does not make any difference between the prophets. The true believer seeks the original deen, the deen of Nature itself, not of any "ism" or "schism." For no prophet taught anything but how to live in accordance with the laws of our Creator, and truly, Nature is the Shadow of the Divine, Zel Shaddai. So come, let us work together in Unity to return to that original deen, that original deen of the Talmidim of historical Jesus, that original deen of Qumran, that original deen of the B'nei Yisrael, that original deen of our Father Avraham, that original deen of our Father Adam, and yes, that original deen of Nature Itself.

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