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To this. to ensure the utmost in reliability. optical-based laser scanning system of the LH 780 analyzers easily reads most barcode labels – even those with lower print quality. we’ve added a broad spectrum of workflow and functional enhancements in response to your requests. specificity and efficiency in WBC differential analysis. and communicates directly to the LH SlideMaker. One potential application of the RDW-SD parameter is that it may assist in the differentiation of the cause of anemia. service and support. reliability. The LH 780 hematology series continues the evolution of advanced technologies. Studies have shown that an elevated RDW-SD may indicate iron deficiency. So when we asked what you wanted most in your laboratories. We’ve tapped the best minds in hematology to design the COULTER LH 780 hematology systems. Our answer: the innovative. ® RDW-SD Parameter Expands Your Insights For RBCs Standard deviation of the width of the red cell population (RDW-SD) is an indication of size dispersion within the red cell population. the system has no moving mechanical parts. The result is the groundbreaking COULTER LH 780 hematology systems. saving time and preventing errors. with one of the world’s best-in-class combinations of performance. we listened carefully. . No one understands high-volume hematology analyzers better than our customers. delivering some of the highest sensitivity. ® Advanced Barcode Reading Our customers believe that worry-free barcode reading is essential for smooth. whereas a normal or decreased RDW-SD may indicate heterozygous thalassemia. What’s more.The LIS interface of the COULTER ® LH 780 series receives STAT information in the Test Order. uninterrupted workflow and greater patient safety.

COULTER ® LIN-C® Linearity Control significantly extends the reportable . HGB and PLT. To facilitate Extended Quality Control Packages Consistency and accuracy are paramount concerns of our customers. systematic error or bias. incorporates medically-based performance standards and provides userenabled rules Extended QC Rules provide for the verification of random error or imprecision. no-prep loading. The XM quality control package provides an exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) of CBC. Intuitive User Interface The improved user interface of the LH 780 series is carefully designed to be easy to learn and intuitive to use. By eliminating complex tracks for specimen delivery.000 runs. 5-Part Diff and NRBC. Extended QC Rules. with its robust reporting and enhanced data handling capabilities. Operators simply insert sample cassettes into the workcell and return later to remove stained blood films with clear slide labeling. COULTER LH SlideMaker and LH SlideStainer The LH 780 configured with ® LH SlideMaker and LH SlideStainer streamlines one of your lab’s most time-consuming manual tasks with automated slide preparation. systematic error or bias. 5-Part Diff and NRBC. range for four pivotal LH 780 series parameters: WBC. and total error or inaccuracy. for up to 20 batches. yet with more features than ever before. Environmentally-Friendly Consumables Consumables are an all-important consideration in any laboratory because they can help optimize both workflow and performance. so LH 780 analyzers empower them with precision tools for quality control. Plus. an additional quality control package. Batch sizes are user-configurable for two to 1. improved formaldehyde-free formulation. for the verification of random error or imprecision. stain-resistant labels and optional bar coding. Productivity is optimized by the easy-to-understand user interface. as well as reticulocyte parameters. as well as reticulocyte parameters. key screens have been redesigned and expanded. you can ehance your ability to manage QC data files with designated QC file filters. and total error or inaccuracy. with the XM QC package. the LH SlideMaker and LH SlideStainer help decrease errors and increase accuracy with simple. COULTER ® LH Series Cleaner offers a new. information access and control.Obtain an exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) of CBC. providing the most frequently used data and information on one screen. RBC. The LH 780 analyzers offer two major advancements in this area.

0 2SD ≤1. Inc.00 x 103 cells/µL 0.9 cm) 27 inches (68. 2814 0481.0 2SD ≤1. www.6% CV ≤14.00 to 900.0 to 100.5 SD ≤0.01 to 15.2 cm) 23. Eastern Europe.3 cm) 30 inches (76.0 to 0.9 cm) 40 inches (101.5 inches (74.49% RET% at 0.5 cm) 24 inches (60 cm) 125 pounds (56.00 to 400. EO#.4 kg) Microsoft Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Istanbul (90) 216 309 1900. PRINTED IN U.2% CV ≤2. Singapore (65) 6339 3633.6 cm) 24 inches (61 cm) 205 pounds (93.A. Taiwan.02 Dimensions and Weight Analyzer/Diluter: Height: Width: Depth: Weight: 35 inches (88.00 x 106 cells/µL 0.0 to 15. Turkey.9 g/dL 0 to 5000 x 103 cells/µL 0 to 900 x 103 cells/µL 0.5 to 1. (1) 714 993 5321. Italy. Brea. Puerto Rico (787) 747 3335.7% CV ≤0.5 x 106 cells/µL Hgb at 14 to 16 g/dL MCV at 80 to 90 fL RDW at 12 to 14% Plt at 280 to 320 x 103 cells/µL Plt at 90 to 110 x 103 cells/µL Plt at 10.0% CV ≤2. USA.8% CV ≤0. Mexico City (52) 55 560 57770. NT is a trademark of Northern Telecom.50 Mean Difference: –0.5 to 1. Cassina de’ Pecchi (Milan) (39) 02 953921.3% CV ≤6.8% CV ≤2.50 to 4. UK. Australia.2 kg) Power Supply: Height: Width: Depth: Weight: 23. Hong Kong (852) 2814 7431. Mijdrecht (31) 297 230630. Middle East. France.1 cm) 29.5 SD ≤0.0 x 103 cells/µL MPV at 8 to 10 fL RDW-SD at 33 to 48 fL Limit ≤1.08 Comparision to Manual Method Population Minimum: © 2006 Beckman Coulter.7 kg) COULTER LH 780 with LH SlideMaker and LH SlideStainer ® Dimensions and Weight SlideMaker: Height: Width: Depth: Weight: 20.3 inches (59 cm) 14 inches (35. North Africa.49% RET% at 1. High Wycombe (44) 01494 441181.9 x 106 cells/µL Precision Parameters WBC at 9 to 11 x 103 cells/µL RBC at 4.23 or CV% ≤16. Gladesville (61) 2 9844 6000.beckmancoulter.5 NRBC Accuracy Characteristics Parameter: Units: NRBC % (NRBC/100 WBC) Comparision to Predicate Analyzer Population Minimum: Population Maximum: Mean Difference: 0. Bromma (46) 8 564 85 900. China. Latin America (1) (305) 380 4709.0 to 99.5% CV Parameters NE% at 50 to 60% LY% at 25 to 35% MO% at 5 to 10% EO% at 2 to 5% BA% at 0. Taipei (886) 2 2378 3456. Switzerland.6 cm) 90 pounds (40. Tokyo (81) 3 5404 8424. South West Asia: Switzerland. Nyon (41) 22 994 0707.5 inches (52.0 g/dL 0 to 3000 x 103 cells/µL Operating Range 0.75 inches (50. Krefeld (49) 2151 33 35.68 or CV% ≤11.S. Mississauga (1) 905 819 1234. Inc.00% RET% at 4.00 x 103 cells/µL 0.00 to 20.00% Limit 2SD ≤3. Johannesburg (27) 11 805 2014.2% CV ≤3.11 0.0 SD ≤0. LY#.0 to 999. BA# RET% RET # 0.2 cm) 80 pounds (36.0 SD ≤0.00 24.0 2SD ≤3.0 to 25.75 inches (60.00 x 106 cells/µL 0.0% 0.5% RET% at 0. Germany.8% CV ≤0. Netherlands. .00 to 8. Villepinte (33) 1 49 90 90 00. South Africa/Sub-Saharan Africa.68 or CV% ≤5.9 kg) SlideStainer: Height: Width: Depth: Weight: 19.COULTER LH 780 Hematology Analyzer Specifications ® Available Parameters WBC NE# NE% LY# LY% MO# RDW-SD NRBC% NRBC# Mode CBC Only CBC/Diff Retic Only MO% EO# EO% BA# BA% RBC Hgb HCT MCV MCH MCHC RDW Retic # Retic % IRF (Immature Reticulocyte Fraction) MRV (Mean Reticulocyte Volume) Plt MPV (Mean Platelet Volume) LH 780 Throughput Sample/Hour 110 110 45 Linearity/Operating Ranges Parameters Linearity Range WBC RBC Hgb Plt NE#. MO#. Canada.0 2SD ≤2. Beijing (86) 10 6515 6028. Japan.23 or CV% ≤14. CA (1) 800 352 3433. Sweden. Nyon 0800 850 810.5 to 5. Mexico.00 Population Maximum: 61.

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