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HOLE MONTES ‘Ercara ny Nop, Pita TIO Pane 239.254 2000- Fans 02502000 March 12,2020 Mr. Barton Bradshaw City of Marco Island 0 Bald Eagle Drive Marco Island FL 3414S RE: CONSTRUCTION ENGINDDRING AND INSPECTION SERVICES, REPLACEMENT AND IMPROVEMENT OF UTILITIES WITHIN ‘THE YELLOWBIRD STREET CORRIDOR HM File No. #2004, Dest Bart ‘We are pleased to submit this proposal for profesional construction engineering and inspetion services (CB forthe uty replacement and improvement within te Yelowbird Steet corridor, The lity work Will be competed in conunction with the stret improvements under a single construction contac. CGenealy the ulity work will precede the tee improvement. There will be some overap of work, but, this is expected to be minimal, In conjunction withthe UIiy CE Services, we wil lo, Under Separate onrat with the City, be providing Roadway CEI servess. Our serves for the uly pation wil be provided under Contract 17-014, ‘Scope of Services ‘We propose to provide the flloving scope of services. 1. Coordinate and conduct a preconstruction meeting with the Contractor and City staff. Prepare agenda {or meeting and meeting mines following. (Spit with roadway.) 2 Provide timely review of shop dcawings and submis (Schedule of Vales, Preconstruction Video, Construction Schedule). We Will process, review and respond to submitals and will maintain the submittal logs, 3. Respond o RFs tom the Contactor, which wl be provided witin a target average ofthe workdays 4 Provide roview of monthly Applications for Payment wit updated constuction schedules. A penll copy shal be iniially review in the Fel 5. Provide assistance with Work Directive changes and Change Orders during consrtion. We wil prepare requess for Contacte pricing; review Contactor provided pricing and constuction contact {ine requests and prepare Work Directives and backup ta for Change Orders for execution bythe City, 6. Prepare for and attend bi-weekly progress meetings during active periods of constuction. During non- active periods, progress meetings are anticipated monthly. Prepare drat agenda for review by City, Finalize and distbute agenda, chair the meetings and prepare mesting minutes for disibatin. We have included 16 progress meetings We have included an Engineers sit visit inconjuetion withthe prowess meeting. This hasbeen bused upon uty work preceding the roadway work, adjustment willbe made ifocerting concur.) 17, Provide periodic onsite observation of eonstrastion inching review of general conformance with the Plans and specifications; witers onsite testing at rquest of Cty, accompany visting inspectors from Fegulatory agencies having jurisdiction; provide ste observation reports with photographs following periodic site visits and distbute tothe City and Contractor. The Ciy shall provide ful tine onsite Shservatons of construction and shall provide dally observation reports. 8 Alten the Substantial Completion walkthrough withthe City and Contactor. Th City shall prepare the list of uncompleted and coretve items for the projet. Based on the Substantial Completion, we wil issue a recommendation fo the Certfeat of Substantial Completion. The City shall monitor thelist © ples Fr er Mr. Barton Bradshaw HM File No, £2008 March 11, 2020 Page 2 determine Final Completion. When complete, we will conduct Final Completion walkthrough wth he City and Contactor. 9, Prepare Record Drawings for the project based on Contractor as-built survey City redlnes and site observations. A draft of the Record Drawings wil be distributed to the City, Upon receipt of any ‘comments, we wll aalize the documents. 10. Assist he City in final closeout ofthe projec. This shall include review of the Contract’ Final “Applicaton for Payment packane ‘We have based our proposal fr the uty replacement and improvements construction curing over a sixsmonth period. The uy work wil generally precede the sees mprovements. There wll be Himited taverlap ofthe work. We have inluded 400 hour of part tine ste observations during this 6-oath perio. ‘This proposal does not include engineering desig, preparation of permit applications, constuction surveying or stakeout, record survey, mateial sampling or Inbortory testing, and investigation or ‘management of hazardous materials an histori artes Professional Services Fees ‘The professional engineering and construction administrative services associted with this project hal be completed on a tine and material bass. The services for Construction Engineering & Inspection Services se estimated to be $116,735.00, Please refer tothe enclosed spreadsheet tat identifies ur estimates for the various actives anticipated ‘We lok forward to working with the City of Maco Island to provide a succesful, coseffetve construction project forthe Replacement and Improvements of Uilies within the Yellowbid Steet, Condor I you have any questions about tis proposal, plese give me a this opportunity tobe of sevie othe Cty st your convenience, Thank you for Sincerely Yous, HO} HS, INC. wid W. Smit, PB, ‘Vie President bws:ah closure C2 Jef Potet, Maco Island ‘Tim Pinter, Maro Island Ronald Benson, Hole Montes, Ie ~ EEPEEEE « o = oo pig Aes ca yo" ";,2 8 = pid fees ey __: ae acme Se oe