" A long time ago in a distant Malay Archipelagos and Javanese Islands" Martials Arts refer to technique and arts or crafts being developed by societies based upon ancestor’s knowledge and techniques which have been refined or tested during battle fields, wars or self-conflicts. In modern days Malaysia as well as Indonesia, previously known as Malay archipelagos or Javanese territorials lands. We shared common belief using spiritual aspect of shamanistic values, techniques as well as nature awareness and observations in employing our self-defense techniques. With the coming of Islam, spiritual aspect of Islamic "Sufism or mystic knowledge are adapted to corresponds as well as home in on the paranormal aspect of Martial arts. Malaya and Malaysia shared a common historical roots in the aspect of martial arts which is better known in this region as Pencak Silat or Silat , Pencak Silat incorporate the physical aspect or martial arts as well as the spiritual aspect as known "kebatinan". The combative arts have been used by the feudal lords in regional wars as well as personal conflicts. The ancients arts are also clouded in legends as well as historical aspect of legendary heroism in local folk legends, among them Malaya "Hang Tuah" the legendary Saint of Java and their local heroic battles with colonial masters. With countless account of paranormal activities as well as bullet prove warriors and ninja type of secretive maneuvers and technique, this school of martial arts have evolved and branches out into countless names of school of thought and legendary master as their historical lineage. THE SECRET ELEMENT OF KEBATINAN" Incident involved witnessed account as well as presented show showcase by some school among others; Sharp objects invulnerabilities (kebal -immune) and some cases of bullet prove skins, as well as "jurus" using wind or inner power to send punches and hit opponent without touching have become the sought after knowledge in some of the master of the arts.

This does not include countless others elements of paranormal inner power which may incite or produces affect such as; invisibilities, high jump, or event short distance flying and teleportation. To make matter simple we can likened to a modern days Jedi likeness. Either all of this claims can be accounted as myth or legends as well as superticious, only the eye of the beholder may verified its incidents and its realities. COSMIC MARTIAL ARTS of MALAY AND JAVANESE. The term cosmic may not be a familiar concept to most of this silat school but, when mention the one power that govern all, they all shared the same belief system. MODERN THEORY OF SUPERSTRING THEORY AND MALAY & JAVANESE INTERNAL VIBRATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS OR SPIRITUAL SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. The wests are well aware of the now famous "Superstring theory" The theory states that at the core of the fabric of reality and the fabric of matter there is a web of super fine string that are linking each other’s, we may likened it to a super fine web of god spider web that interacts with every matters in this known realties. A minute vibration in this super massive hidden giant web may changes or create changes in events as well as the foundation of matters? This hidden aspect have been known in Malay as well as Javanese arts as "getaran" a simple vibrational movement within the core spirit level of human foundation. Some school of thought have developed and enhance its effectiveness as such they can use it to hypnotize or command or control the bodily movement of their disciple as well as their opponent. They have also developed the skills and technique to use this minute vibrational control to foreseen events as well as journey to distant places as well as hidden realm. This knowledge are hidden under the pretext of "kebatinan" or paranormal capabilities, but modern day’s theory and calculations have proven its reality as well as its usage in modern times. SOME ASPECT OF VIBRATIONAL "SUPERSTRING" METHOD EMPLOYED BY MALAY AND JAVANESE MARTIAL ARTS OR KEBATINAN SCHOOL. There is a school of kebatinan in Malaya which originated from Java, the school employs an opening of the vibrational centre’ of its disciple via vibrational symbolism or vibrational channeling to the new disciple. With the newly found sensation the new disciple are instructed to follow the movement of this vibrational sensation. It is said that this is the universal vibration that originated from the singular source of power “god”. The mode after the opening of this sensation; the movement of the disciple for varies from individuals to individuals, some disciple who have ulterior motives such as martial arts tendency or religious tendency will move according to its respective imagination. Young and new disciple may not be able to empty their thought to the extend where imagination and desires will clouds their movements. As such some master have chosen only to accept mature and older disciple why hiding the true form of its teaching via Pencak Silat (martial arts movement) to the untrained minds. To compare its movement and the state of mind this form of vibrational arts or spiritualities, we may compare it with Japanese form of ZEN, in Zen the mind are to be emptied and the mind are to be trained to attains illumination via training the mind to accept and letting goes of illusionary image, desire and temptation of the minds. Various

intention, desires and worldly needs will clouds the mind of new disciple. Upon attaining a tranquil minds, the true form of existence may be realizes. In Malays or Javanese method, the disciple are instructed to trust the early form of vibrational which is still illusionary in essence to focus on physical skill of martial arts form, later as the disciple focuses on the “sensation” the act of focusing on the sensation will dissolved the cloudy aspect of the mind. As such only the adepts and experience and mature disciple can fully comprehend and understood the true nature of the sensations’ involved in the way back to cosmic movement. ……………………………………1 intro……………………………………………………….

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