Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to our Turkish and Polish friends!


In Barcelona, for Christmas, we decorate the city. In Barcelona we eat nougat for Christmas. In Barcelona we do family dinners for Christmas. In Barcelona we have holidays for Christmas. In Barcelona, for Christmas, we eat chicken.

By: Engel Moreta and Gurkeerat Singh By: Daniel Medran y Josep Arjona 3ºB

Happy Christmas

y This tree is very beautiful. y The lights are very original y The Christmas tree represents the Christmas holidays. y The tree is composed by spheres.

y In the tree predominates the colors green and white

y The tree has a star on top.

There are two trees in the street. There are many people in the street, some people were taking pictures. There is a large clock in center to the building. This illumination in the building was fantastic. The building has got six floors. The shopping center in the street is ´El corte inglesµ. There are many beautiful windows. Cristian alcivar and Antony Jaimes 3r B

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- he trees in the city re ig. 



- he nights re wonderful. - he eople re walking under the stars.
Marian and Douae rifi 


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Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year Walter Villafuerte and Christian Peres

The Christmas tree that we see in the picture is very decorative.

It is decorated with great joy because we love Christmas.

It has red ribbons and golden Christmas balls.

The Christmas tree is crowned by a gold star.

We hope you will bring many gifts, Santa Claus!

With love from your friends in Spain.


Carla Vazquez Saez and Carol Martinez Gonzal


hristmas makes you remember good times. he good part of hristmas that you get gifts.

2- We like hristmas because we have family. 4- With hristmas we don·t get bored because we sing hristmas carols. 5- I love hristmas because there is snow and we play with it. 6-




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nd we play the tambourine to the beat of the carols. F P R: FR N R MOS I

Family dinner

It is a happy family that is happily celebrating Christmas at home. We Are celebrating Christmas ve, and waiting for Santa Claus gifts.

Adama traore


There is great snow The tree is very high Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year

By: Juan Camilo Ahumada Isanova

The tree very beautiful The Christmas tree is illuminated and up in the Christmas Tree one star shines.

María Alejandra Angulo Serra

Christmas in Barcelona

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In this photo we see a big market. It is located in the heart of the city of Barcelona. This market is well known throughout the city. Its name is La Boqueria . It is very visited by tourist from around the world. La Boqueria is localed just outside of most famous Rambla in Barcelona. In this holiday season we usually put the christmas tree. In La Boqueria you can buy many things. Most people go there to buy supplies for the Christmas dinner. La Boqueria is also usually a meeting point.

Nicole Quiñonez Tamia Lita