My New Red Shoes

Annual Report 2008

The mission of My New Red Shoes is to empower homeless and low-income youth to succeed in school by providing them with brand new clothing so that they may greet the school year with pride and by educating and rallying the youth community around the needs of homeless children. My New Red Shoes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization EIN #20-4683289

Cover photo and photos opposite © Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

From the Director and Chair
Dear Friends, It has been yet another year of major growth and transformation for My New Red Shoes. We headed out of the garage into our first-ever office space, hosted a “Pack for Pride Day” for over 100 volunteers to sort and pack over 1,500 back-to-school gift bags, and more than doubled our summer distribution to 1,525 homeless children, up from 650 last year. It’s hard to imagine, but for homeless children who may wonder where they will sleep each night, a new school outfit can make the difference between being able to focus in class and wanting to hide from their schoolwork, teachers and classmates. In the words of one agency professional, “Your thoughtful generosity targets a very real issue of our clients who have few family resources and many challenges including abuse, neglect, trauma, mental health and learning disabilities. This year they started school in new clothes of their own choosing and felt special, considered and cared for – thank you.” While engaged in the process of strategic planning this year, My New Red Shoes’ staff and board were delighted (while not surprised) to realize that our young organization is already achieving remarkable results. After careful analysis, we set a goal to provide brand new school wardrobes to 2,500 homeless and very low-income Bay Area children in the summer of 2009. My New Red Shoes’ Kids Helping Kids education programs will soar to new heights this school year. The successful Teen Advocacy Council (formerly the Junior Board) will launch its second site in San Francisco. Two Peninsula middle schools will engage in long-term education programs that address the causes of homelessness and empower students to become advocates on behalf of their homeless peers. Among other advocacy projects, participants will help organize My New Red Shoes’ annual walkathon this spring in downtown Burlingame. While the challenges facing homeless children are so great and their needs so dire, the community’s awareness and knowledge of this problem lag far behind. Kids Helping Kids is My New Red Shoes’ answer. For the majority of this past fiscal year we have worked side-by-side as Co-Executive Directors. In October, Heather assumed the position as Board Chair with Caron taking on the position of Executive Director. Along with six new board members, a strong professional team and your steadfast support, we will continue to guide My New Red Shoes to the benefit of homeless Bay Area children.

Caron Tabb Executive Director

Heather Hopkins Founder & Board Chair My New Red Shoes Annual Report 1

Clothing for Confidence
My New Red Shoes’ Clothing for Confidence program provides homeless and low-income children with brand new shoes and $50 gift cards to clothing retailers so that they may experience the magic of back-to-school shopping and greet the school year proud and ready to learn. My New Red Shoes partners with homeless shelters and other community service agencies to identify children in need of clothing and distribute donations. By leaving their students’ back-toschool clothing needs to My New Red Shoes, agencies can focus on providing the professional services that stabilize the clients in their care.

Very Low Income Homeless
San Francisco County San Mateo County Santa Clara County Ages 5-11 Ages 12-18 Girls Boys 0 500
18% 82% 28% 30% 42% 37% 63% 50% 50%



FILLING AN UNMET COMMUNITY NEED On any given day, approximately 5,000 school-aged children experience homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area alone. This situation has a devastating effect on a child’s education; youth who have experienced homelessness are twice as likely to repeat a grade as other children and are at much higher risk of not attending school, ultimately increasing their chances of repeating the cycle of homelessness in the future. National and local homelessness organizations have repeatedly identified a lack of school clothing as one of the barriers to education for homeless youth both because it is a basic need and because children feel reluctant to attend school without suitable clothing. By filling this gap, My New Red Shoes not only helps increase the school attendance of homeless youth, it gives children a much-needed confidence boost.

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 2

At a Glance
PROGRAM RESULTS AND IMPACT During the 2008 back-to-school season, My New Red Shoes:  Provided $50 clothing gift cards to 1,525 homeless and low-income children, helping them feel more confident and prepared for school.  Supported 20 community agencies (with 39 sites) serving homeless and low-income families.  Funneled over $87,250 of clothing and shoes into the Bay Area community.  Served 92% of the homeless school-aged population in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties combined.  Rallied 51 community organizations and over 250 volunteers to support its mission including corporations, social service clubs, religious organizations and school groups.

SAN FRANCISCO Asian Women’s Shelter Compass Community Services Glide Memorial Church Hamilton Family Center La Casa de las Madres Raphael House St. Joseph’s Family Center Tenderloin Housing Clinic SAN MATEO COUNTY Communities Overcoming Relationship Abuse HIP Housing InnVision the Way Home Interfaith Hospitality Network Samaritan House Shelter Network Youth and Family Enrichment Services SANTA CLARA COUNTY Bill Wilson Center Ecumenical Hunger Program EHC LifeBuilders Family Supportive Housing Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Unity Care Group InnVision the Way Home


My New Red Shoes Annual Report 3

Clothing for Confidence
Twelve-year-old Alex* is one of six children. With his family’s resources focused on purchasing formula and diapers for his little siblings, Alex has not received a new pair of shoes for three years and his clothing is handed down several times before he receives it. This year Alex is hoping to play basketball for his Junior High team. Thanks to My New Red Shoes, Alex received a brand new pair of athletic shoes in August that will allow him to join the other boys as they dribble down the court and score. After basketball practice, Alex will also have brand new school clothing to wear in seventh grade thanks to the $50 clothing gift card he received from My New Red Shoes.

“I usually get my big brother’s or cousin’s used tennis shoes. With my brand new shoes, I now can join the basketball team this year at school. I am so excited!”
Five-year-old Joyce has been living in a transitional homeless shelter with her mother for the past year. After experiencing domestic violence and encountering developmental delays, Joyce was having a hard time preparing for her first day of kindergarten this fall. In August, My New Red Shoes put a spring in Joyce’s step when it hosted a back-to-school party at her shelter. According to Joyce’s case manager, Joyce’s “face lit up” when she opened her gift bag and found a brand new pair of shoes decorated with little, pink cherries. Joyce’s shoes fit perfectly and gave her a much-needed confidence boost when she wore them to kindergarten this fall.

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 4

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

Success Stories
Clara and her four siblings are currently homeless due to domestic violence despite their single mother’s job helping other families in need. According to Clara’s mother, Clara and her siblings “have seen too much” – they’ve been forced by their experiences to think and act like adults. When Clara received her back-to-school gift from My New Red Shoes, she felt – for the first time in years – the pure and simple childhood joy of looking forward to the first day of school.

“The parents shed tears when they see the brand new shoes. It is important for their children to not feel like outcasts but like everyone else at school.”

Antoine is an 11-year-old boy who lives in a one-bedroom apartment with his single, working father. This year, Antoine and his dad were saving to buy a new pair of shoes for Antoine’s entrance into middle school, but this indulgence would mean that they would have to cut back on their purchase of basic necessities for the month. My New Red Shoes’ $50 clothing gift card and new pair of shoes meant not only that Antoine would start off sixth grade feeling proud and ready to learn, but also that he and his father could save their precious family resources for food and other basic needs.

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

*Please note that the stories and quotes collected here do not correspond with the photos. My New Red Shoes Annual Report 5

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

Kids Helping Kids
My New Red Shoes’ Kids Helping Kids program plants the seeds of compassion and charity in students by engaging them in educational programming and service projects that teach them about the effects of homelessness on children. The goals of the Kids Helping Kids program are to empower students to become leaders, advocates and activists in support of their homeless peers and to build bridges of understanding between children of all socioeconomic backgrounds. In 2008, Kids Helping Kids programs included:  The Junior Board (Teen Advocacy Council in FY2009): A unique, four-month after school leadership program for high school students.  Shiny Shoe Parties and Shoe Drives: An opportunity for children to help contribute to My New Red Shoes’ shoe inventory by requesting shoes in lieu of gifts at birthday parties or collaborating with their school or community organizations to hold shoe drives.  Community Engagement: Educational instruction at various community sites, classrooms, afterschool programs, churches and synagogues.

“As a result of my participation on the Junior Board, I have had a MUCH greater involvement in our school’s canned food drive. I have overall treated the homeless with more respect and am planning to donate a large portion of money to shelter programs this holiday season.”
My New Red Shoes Annual Report 6

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Tiso

At a Glance
  

14 youth around the country collected 487 pairs of shoes at Shiny Shoes Parties. 400 students engaged in one-touch educational programs at five elementary schools and SIX high schools in the Bay Area. 22 teens from seven high schools on the Peninsula participated in the Junior Board, volunteering over 1,400 hours and raising $13,000 to clothe 620 youth through My new Red Shoes Clothing for Confidence program. After completion of the Junior Board program, 95% of participants had talked with friends, family members or others in the community about homelessness and 100% felt confident or very confident they could help a homeless child succeed in school. During 2008 , a unique and age appropriate modular curriculum was developed for My New Red Shoes, focusing on homelessness and the challenges that face homeless children. This curriculum will serve as the basis for multiple teaching opportunities in 2009.

“The Junior Board taught me a lot about homelessness and how to help it in our community. It also gave me a new perspective on the homeless and I better understand how and why it happens.”
In describing his 2008 volunteerism at a homeless shelter to the audience of donors, Alexander Most a recent TAC graduate said,

“Gone were the images of the middle-aged homeless men on the corner. Gone were the ideas I had kept since my youth. In came the stark realization that it is kids, no different than me, that are crippled by poverty.”
My New Red Shoes Annual Report 7

Our Contributors
Wing Tip Team: $5,000+ Anonymous Gail Farber in memory of Chuck Farber Shiny Shoes Circle: $1,000-$4,999 Chi-Hua & Sohi Chien Kelly Wilson Cocoziello Robert & Terri Hopkins Steve & Genni Lawrence Robb & Timi Most Roger & Elizabeth Sippl The Hero Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation Frank & Marianne Walters Rick & Barb Williams High Top Team: $500-$999 Mary Helen Armstrong Pam Stoner & Elias Blawie John & Julie Brown Mr. & Mrs. Michael Child Glenn & Laura Ellingson Carmella Garcia Barbara S. Hager Deborah & Russell Hall Susan & Joel Hyatt Deborah Lee Johnson in honor of Annie, Tom & Adam Lathram; Jennifer Paige and Jake & Juna Fleer; and Becky Taylor Randall & Katherine Lipps Irene Searles & Malcolm McGinnis Albert Rogers Polly Rosenthal Christopher & Susan Simpson Pamela & Ronald Songer The Allegra Family The Brody Family Mara & Rick Wallace Karen Wilson Sneaker Supporters: $250-$499 John Alden Margaret & David Anderson in honor of Timi and Alexander Most David & Martha Arscott Michelle Sandberg & Marc Bodnick Matthew & Jennifer Brown Amy & Grady Burnett Jenny Chen Sherwin & Stephanie Chen Don & Ava Collat Anne & Buzz Frahn Aimee Hyson Catharine Keena & Paul Curtin James & Christine Kitch in honor of Marianne Walters Patricia Levinson Jesse & Jennifer Loving Tina & Wes Marion Patricia Martin in honor of Marianne Walters Eleanor Phipps Price Ann Quarles Mike & Carol Ramsay Oscar & Pamela Salvatierra The Henehan Family The Li Family The Pyne Family Mark & Jeanne Vander Ploeg Ttee Sandal Squad: up to $249 Anonymous (7) Sy Aal in honor of Kaitlin, Lindsay and Natalie Jacobs Tyler Abe in memory of Mrs. Sakiko Sato Philip & Joan Abrams Aida Abreu Norman Abt & Maggie Betsock Academic Trainers Meredith Ackley & Eric Salvatierra Molly & Harry Ackley Pamela Agresti J. W. Alden Kristen Alexander Yvette Amos Theresa Anderson Wiley & Julia Anderson Catherine Aragon Jo Ann Arneson Heidi Asztalos Amy Au Geralyn Bandur Angela Banet Andrew Bassak Roberta Bechtel Sue Beekley MaryAnn Bell in memory of Jerry Williams and Tim Bell The Bellary Family Frank & Caterina Benson Anderee Berengian Chris Edwards & Taru Bhatia Dawn Billman Roger & Millicent Bishop Steve & Ann Bishop Yocheued Bohrer

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 8

October 1, 2007 to September 30, 2008
Robert & Laurel Bolin Kaye Bonney Kurt Borgwardt Charles Born Kathryn Bownass Ray Bramson Mary Brasher Carolyn Brennan The Brian Family Alice Brock James Daniel Brock, Jr. & Margaret Funch Brock, M.D. F. Laurens & Megan Brock Adria & Carl Brown in honor of Mrs. Joyce de Russy May Burberick Dolores Byers Crystal Cairrel Joan Caldwell in honor of Michael Penn Diane Campbell Ali Campot Lale Can Sandra Carter & Brian Altman Allen & Jean Cary Mary Castle in honor of Jack's 11th birthday Kim Cavaliere The Chacko Family Rob & Felicity Chapman Cheeky Monkey Anna Cheng Kramer Jyh Chia Yu Wenyuan Chien George Chunn Tom & Sarah Clark Truman & Elizabeth Clark Barry Weingast & Susan Cohen Deborah & Valdena Cole Michael & Lois Cole Roberta Coleman Timothy & Julie Connell Michael & Suzanne Cordisco Bill Cornell Clint Costa Kathleen Craig Elizabeth Dalton Ming Dao Tom & Jane David Jillian Davidson Reed Davis Gary Ellmann Robert & Barbara Ells Robert & Judith Falconer Jane Farrell Samuel Feldman Caitlin Field Kurtis Finley The Forsaith Family Donald Fotsch Kathleen Francissen Mhaire Fraser Patti Fry Irene Fuller Celia Garcia Gauba Family Fund Todd Geldon Ronald Gentile Brian Gilligan & Emily Marciniak The Goldberg Family Paul & Carole Goldstein Lisa Gomes-Casseres Ronald Gomes-Casseres Loren & Mike Gordon Barbara Gorman Karen Graham-Taylor Gretchen Graves Joan Gray Evelyn & Mike Guglielmoni Adrienne Kent Gunst in honor of Allie Allegra Priya Gupta & Benjamin McMahan Rena Gupta Igael Gurin James & Jimmye Lou Hall Garry & Julia Hallee Sarah Halsey Annette Hancock Nicole Hancock Howard Harband Diane Harmon

DeAnza Kiwanis Club Louise & Roger DeDera in honor of Les Cutting Louise Delafield Margaret Deslaurier Wayne Diamond Kim & Susan Dimick Eva & Steve Dinneen Genevieve Dishotsky Jill Dodd Rebecca Donaldson Ann Doran Wynne & Mark Dubovoy Susan Dunn Juanita Mast & Jeanne Durnford Patricia Dwyer

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 9

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

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Beth Harrison & Peter Hartzell Charles & Barbara Harwood Theresa Hatzenpiller Carol Heard John & Marie Heber John Kersten & Sheryl Heckmann James Heeger Susan Helfrey Susan & Herbert Hinstorff Katerina Hertzog Prisilla Hexter Anne Hilbert Patricia Hilbert Theresa Hill & Donald Santos Langdon & Charmain Hilleary John Hoffman Maureen Holding Alice Holmes Judy Hood in honor of Pam Stoner Mark Horn Janine Iamunno Tami Ironi Megan Fung Iwersen Ronit & Dan Jacobs Neema Jalali The Jewell Family Cindy Johnson & Allen Perry Vivian Johsens Chris & Elaine Jones Claiborne S. Jones Linda Jones in honor of Austen and Connor and Sabrina Juhasz Arnd & Beate Kaldowski David Keleman Jeanette & Kevin Kennedy Donald & Carol Kenyon Joan Kidd John & Phyllis Kidd Ellen Kim Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kim in honor of Ellen Kim Suzanne King Mamie Kiyohara Rita & Elliot Kleinman Susan Koblick Scott Kolman Kristina Korabiak Linda Kramer John Kriewall & Elizabeth Haehl Mary & Alexander Kugushev Stuart & Sue Ellen Kuhn in honor of Carol L. Spence Katharina Kurwig & Ramiel Givergis Liz Laderman Ken Larson Barbara Lawrence Delores Lawson Mihwa Lee Judy Leep Helene Leichter Nancy Leon Dale Liebes Dr. & Mrs. Martin J. Lipton Joan Lithgow Peter Llewellen Cecilia & Steven Long Lori Longo Nancy Louie Paul & Lenore Lovoi Kathleen Lowe Pamela & Dennis Lowe Linda Lower Elizabeth Lucas Lynn & Jeffrey Magill Jennifer Manfredonia Bob Brainard & Kristen Manies Randy Mano The Marcovici Family Charlene Margot John Markoff & Leslie Terzian Markoff Larry Marks & Gladys Monroy Marks Patricia Masters Synda & William Matthews Margaret P. McAvity Oliver McComas

Kimzey Mcgrath in the name of the Parsons Family April McGuire The McHugh Family Bob & Angela McIntire Greg McKinney Kerny McLaughlin & Bill Schilit Bud & Sonia Shepard McLellan Greg & Catherine McMillan Ash McNeely Roslyn Medina Kathy Miller Winfred & Angela Ming Ali Mujahed Mohammed Frank Montoro Susan Moriconi Richard & Anne Morrissey Chuck & Kelly Muenzen in honor of Joyce and

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 10

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Wallace Neeley Mollie Muenzen James & Frances Murray Debra Myers Christine Myhre Horace & Elizabeth Nash Cheryl Kempton-Neckowitz Wallace & Eileen Neeley Pam Nessi Patricia Nicholson Bill Onderdonk Diana Osterfeld Veronica Palmer Marquis Parker John & Susan Paul Susan Purdy Pelosi Bill Pendleton The Perez Family Clara Perez Anne Perlman Andy & Courtney Pflaum Jan Phillips Robert Pitman Greg & Pat Plant Maria Foley & Richard Potts Eduardo & Erika Pretell Phyllis Quilter in memory of Ryan Constantz Janette Rabin James & Elaine Raitt Nan Ray The Rechsteiner Family Gail & Len Reed David Renie & Leila AlMuhtasib Rev. Dede Jamison Elizabeth Rhein Angela Riccelli in the name of Elizabeth and Maggie Goulder George & Dianna Richardson McClaren & Jodi Richardson

Tina Richey David & Susan Riggs Tanya Roberts Diane Rogers Aaron & Eva Roodman Josefa Rosenberger Leigh Matt Rowe Richard & Roberta Rudman Hector & Joan Salvatierra Velmuaugan Sankar Laurie Santana Shayan Sanyel Frances Schaefer Charles Schmuck Stephen Most & Claire Schoen Ilona Schott Jeanne Schulte Garret Seevers Kathryn Shade & Alexander Khairkhahan Penny Shanks Bill Sherbon Victor Shih Leah Shimabuku Susan Siegel Cathy Sih Sam Silverstein & Lisa Tabb Gary Sipos Lawrence Skey Sandra Slater Karen & Marc Sleenhof Calvin & Elizabeth Sloan Sherry Snow The Spar Family Lindsay Speck Alex & Danielle Stagner Frederick Stanske & Cynthia Newton Nancy Stanwood Isaac & Madeline Stein Anne & David Steirman in honor of Chanukah

Valorie Stephen Jean Stoner Charlotte & David Stoutamire Jack & DeeDee Stovel in honor of Danielle and Alex Stagner's Wedding The Strehlow Family Niels & Patricia Sundermeyer Paul Sutinen Maureen Swartz Beth & Don Sweet Martha A. Symonds John & Yoshiko Takayama Lir Tan The Longyear Family The Mary & Matthew Powell Fund The Ngo Family The Richardson Family The Thurston Family The Traeger Family The Weissman Family Kathleen Tiso & Family Tien Tran Patricia Trust James Ttee June Tunnell Francesca Turbok Anita Valdez David & Leslie Vallerga Maulin Vasavada Steven & Trae Vassallo Deb Stoner & Carel Veenhuyzen in honor of Katie Blawie Sandra Fair & Peter Veenhuyzen Robert Verity & Deborah Hagen Verity Stephen Vilke Anne Vitullo in honor of the members of the community

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 11

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councils of the Junior League of Palo Alto•Mid Peninsula Bena Vohra James & Janis Walker Morian & Percenel Walker Amy Wall in the name of Jack and Caroline Wall Charles Wallau Andrew & Emily Walling Tina Wallis Thomas & Linda Walsh Brandi Walters Lin Walters Chris Wanger Tormey & Carol Ward Richard & Patricia Weaver Carolyn Wentworth Margaret White Phillip White Edwin & Lynn Wieser Mrs. Todd G. Williams Nancy Wilson Thomas Wojciechowski in the name of John and Mary Pelle Joanne Wolkovitz Debra Wolowitz Leah Worthington & Robin Tobias David & Emma Wraight on behalf of Genni and Steve Lawrence Sue Young Ali Zamanpour Matthew Zito Jean & Bill Zonner Rabbi Josh Zweiback Elka Dianna Zwick in memory of Rahmiel Zwick Individual In-Kind Donations Anonymous Donor in Memory of Teddy Haldis Anonymous Students from DeAnza College Dharmanshu Antoni Dori Ben-David Leonard Brzezinski The Curley Family in honor of Jack Curley's 11th Birthday Barbara Ehudin Jan Ereno Alice Fragoza Sarah Girois Jayme Goldberg in honor of Zachary's 7th Birthday Linda Goldfine Rachel Gollub Alexa Hatton Robin Hogg Adam & Heather Hopkins David Huard Trish Inguagiato Shari B. Kibel Lisa Kinsey Cate Krensavage Steve & Genni Lawrence Ashley Lubeck Patricia M. Lucas Mary McCarthy Lisa Medina Vijai Mohan Gina Numme in honor of Jordan’s Shiny Shoes Party Megan Olesek Laura Pitchford Dave Raksin Amanda Riddle Corinne Riddle The Schneider Family Kevin & Caron Tabb Nuthu Thirunaruklearash The Tomalonis Family Lisa Vita Christopher Wenisch Jesse Wheeler Juliet Wilson

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Amdocs Chevy's Give Something Back Hospital Drive Pediatrics Junebug Films, Inc. in honor of the clients of Junebug Films LemoLive Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 12

Mind Garden, Inc. Parthenon Capital Polaris Wireless Preuss Pharmacy Robin Tobias Physical Therapy Scott Brown Design Symantec Corporation Corporation and Company In-Kind Donations Adhere, Inc. Cindy's Flowers DLA Piper Forbes Media, LLC Infinity Press Jackie's Sew & Sew Jocoto Advertising, Inc. LRB Photographics NVIDIA Corporation PayCycle, Inc. PFC Information Services, Inc. Premier Pizza P&B Textiles Sanrio Corporation

Castilleja School Christ Episcopal Church of Portola Valley Congregation Beth Abraham Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Kiwanis Club of Los Altos Kiwanis Club of Menlo Park Kiwanis Club of South San Francisco Menlo Atherton Outreach Club The Peninsula League The Rotary Club of San Carlos Sisters of Notre Dame Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City Vibha Schools, Nonprofits & Other Institutions InKind Donations Delancey Street Foundation Girl Scouts of Novato Redeemer Lutheran Elementary School Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School Saratoga Elementary School Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City

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Matthew Brown, Webmaster Leonard Brzezinski, Photographer Genni Lawrence, Accountant Lemo, back-to-school party vocals and guitar Gavin Obadashian, & Matt McEvoy Summer Interns Sarah A. Lynn, Tech Support ...and all of our volunteers! My New Red Shoes Annual Report 13

American Legion Auxiliary - East Palo Alto Unit 472

Financial Statements
STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION September 30, 2008 (with comparative totals for 2007)
FY2008 ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Inventory (shoes) Other assets Total assets LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities: Accounts payable and other liabilities Payroll liabilities Accrued expenses Total liabilities Net Assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets 79,990 17,700 1,384 99,074 FY2007 54,126 2,910 3,251 60,287

989 2,077 5,573 8,639 90,435 90,435 99,074

60,287 60,287 60,287

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 14

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES AND CHANGES IN NET ASSETS Year ended September 30, 2008 (with comparative totals for 2007)
Unrestricted FY2008 Temporarily Restricted Total FY2007 Total

REVENUE AND SUPPORT Contributions: Individual contributions Corporate/business grants Foundation/trust grants Corporate matching gifts Civic, community and religious Groups Board member contributions Proceeds from donated securities Total contributions InKind Support: Donated services Donated goods Donated facilities Total in-kind support Investment and miscellaneous income Net assets released from restrictions Total revenue and support EXPENSES Program services: Clothing for Confidence program Kids Helping Kids program Total program services Fundraising and development Management and general Total expenses Increase in Net Assets NET ASSETS Beginning of year End of year

$68,040 3,707 11,250 1,462 15,891 8,860 774 109,984 54,193 28,890 4,188 87,271 3,006 68,413 268,674

$1,095 18,217 47,500 800 801 68,413 (68,413) -

$69,135 21,924 58,750 1,462 16,691 9,661 774 178,397 54,193 28,890 4,188 87,271 3,006 268,674

$46,574 7,862 20,250 625 14,841 7,970 98,122 38,182 6,016 3,150 47,348 173 145,643

$148,523 42,248 190,771 27,538 20,217 238,526 30,148


$148,523 42,248 190,771 27,538 20,217 238,526

$52,095 14,595


17,904 6,952 91,546 54,098



60,287 $90,435


60,287 $90,435

6,189 $60,287

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 15

Income and Expense Ratios
Programs = 80%
Fundraising and Development = 12% Management and General = 8%

Individual Contributions = 39%

Corporate/Business Grants = 12% Foundation Grants = 33%
Corporate Matching Gifts = 1%

Civic, Community and Religious Groups = 9% Board Member Contributions = 5%
Proceeds from Donated Securities

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 16

Notes to the Statements
MY NEW RED SHOES is a nonprofit public benefit corporation incorporated in March, 2006 for the purpose of providing homeless and low-income children in the Bay Area brand new clothing and shoes for the first day of school so they may greet the school year with pride and to create a kids-helping-kids community by engaging local students in service activities and educating them about the issues of homelessness and poverty.

Basis of presentation – The financial statements are presented in conformity with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No. 117, Financial Statements of Not-For-Profit Organizations. Under SFAS No. 117, MY NEW RED SHOES reports information regarding its financial position and activities according to three classes of net assets: unrestricted, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted. Revenue recognition – Contributions are recognized in full when received or unconditionally promised, in accordance with SFAS No. 116, Accounting for Contributions Received and Contributions Made. All contributions are considered available for unrestricted use unless specifically restricted by donors for future periods or specific purposes. Donorrestricted amounts are reported as increases in temporarily or permanently restricted net assets. Temporarily restricted net assets become unrestricted, and are reported in the statement of activities as release of restrictions, when the time restrictions expire or the contributions are used for the restricted purposes. Special event revenue is recognized when the related event occurs. Donated materials, equipment and professional services are recorded as in-kind donations and recognized at the estimated fair value as of the date of donation or service. Contributed services that do not meet the criteria for recognition under SFAS No. 116 are not reflected in the financial statements. Cash and equivalents – For financial statement purposes, MY NEW RED SHOES considers all investments with a maturity at purchase of three months or less to be cash equivalents. MY NEW RED SHOES currently holds $70,844.57 in short term money market funds. Property and equipment are recorded at cost and depreciated using the straight-line method over estimated useful lives of 3 to 39 years. MY NEW RED SHOES’ policy is to capitalize such items with a cost of $1,500 or more. Income taxes – MY NEW RED SHOES is publicly supported and exempt from income taxes under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Inventory Valuation – Inventories consist of shoes and gift cards and are valued at the lower of cost or market. MY NEW RED SHOES determines cost using the specific identification inventory method. My New Red Shoes Annual Report 17

Notes to the Statements
MY NEW RED SHOES receives support from various individuals and organizations consisting of the free use of facilities, equipment, materials and services. The free goods and services partially defray the costs that MY NEW RED SHOES would otherwise incur for program services, fundraising and management and general expenditures. The donated materials and services received were used for the following activities: Pro bono professional services (Executive Director, Accountant) $35,924.84 Background checks (PFC Information Services) $360.00 Payroll service ( $515.88 Volunteer services (which would otherwise have been purchased) $17,249.63 Printing Services (Infinity Press) $142.17 Food and beverage donations $422.46 Shoe donations $27,960.00 Donation of warehouse space $1,350.00 Donation of office space $2,838.00 Total donated materials and services $87,271.00 MY NEW RED SHOES also receives donated services from other contributors and volunteers that are not measurable and, therefore, are excluded from the financial statements.

During the year, temporarily restricted net assets were available for the following purposes: Clothing for Confidence program $ 45,111.94 Kids Helping Kids program $22,500 Other restrictions $800.56 All restrictions were satisfied as of September 30, 2008 and all assets have been released. MY NEW RED SHOES does not currently hold any temporarily or permanently restricted net assets.

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 18

On behalf of the 1,525 homeless and low-income children who arrived at school in 2008 dressed in confidence and ready to learn, thank you for your support!

My New Red Shoes Annual Report 19

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

We have made every effort to ensure accuracy in the 2008 Annual Report. If, however, your name has been omitted, misspelled or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and let us know about the error by contacting Caron Tabb, Executive Director, by phone at (650) 539-5454, by email at or by mail at the address below.

555 Airport Blvd., 5th Floor Burlingame, CA 94010 650.539.5454

© Leonard Brzezinski, 2008

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