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You are known as man perfect and best of all other creatures, blessed
with reason and conscience. Therefore, much is expected of you as a
member of society. While speaking to someone, mind that he / she is
your audience. Therefore, speak sensibly and meaningfully. Similarly,
while someone speaks to you be all ears and take the speaker as a
most important person and let him / her feel that you are an attentive

When you take up something, do it mindfully and responsibly. Bear in

mind that you are the very person who is supposed to do something
important. Never shrink work nor ever resort to a makeshift. Whatever
you do, do it carefully and eagerly. Short cuts and makeshifts don’t
help do things well. Your close attention, care and interest will help you
dispose of matters satisfactorily well. When you drive, drive slow and
carefully. If you happen to drive fast, don’t drive recklessly. Calculated
driving can save you from bad accidents.

Anger is your worst enemy. Don’t let it seize your mind. Be calm, cool
and collected in a state of distress and chaos. Passions and emotions
might overpower you and make you uneasy and distracted. He who
overcomes his passions and tames his anger is a bravest man. Worries
and tension distract your mind and divide your attention. With divided
attention you can hardly do anything good and worthy of use. Hold
your passions subdue your emotions. When you are your self,
everything goes well.

Patience, perseverance and self-control are great traits of character

that keep your self moderate and intact. Even in tumultuous situations
you may feel your self in peace and clam provided you bridle your
tongue, observe patience and live a moderate life relying on human
dignity, resignation and austerity. Your true self may inspire your inner
self to solve odds, level upheavals, soften severities and mitigate cares
and crosses of life. When you exercise some authority and administer
justice, be candid, honest and fair. Never be personal or biased. You
self should reflect equity, fairness and justice. When you are your true
self, you save your self from wrongs, excesses, extremities and
violations. It is self-control and self-possession that keep your self
regulated, disciplined and well-disposed. Your self-respect and sense of
honour emerge from your self and self-knowledge.

To recapitulate, your self is a great means to many noble ends. It is

identity, recognition and true reflection of your being. It is a blend of
many super traits reflected thorough your conduct, character and
rapport with your fellow-beings. Your self is a best mover, barometer
and ever – green guide. It never deserts you nor it ever leaves you in
the lurch. When you are your self, you are on your guard, free from all
risks and apprehensions, self –sufficient by all means, morally and
materially. To be your true self, you have to be neither a sadist, nor a
stoic nor a recluse. Being among your fellow-beings and integral part
of the contemporary society, you should safeguard your self and see
that it is not corrupted or contaminated by any social and
environmental pollutants and contaminants. Be your self, feel great
and go well.

Farhan Saqib