to... Connecting with Your Angels!

5 Steps

By Rev. Nina B. Roe
Updated: November 2009

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller

Why a book about angel communication?
It is my belief that if everyone tapped into their intuitive sense and made decisions from the heart, the world would be a peaceful and harmonious place…absent of war, poverty and neglect. Everyone would feel empowered to be the most they can be. I want you to feel empowered and that is exactly why I wrote this book! A beautiful and gentle way to tap into your intuitive sense is by working with the angels. I want you to learn how to access your divinely given intuition, trust it and use it to guide you through your daily life choices. Whether the decisions you have before you are large or small, your intuition is your closest ally. Your intuition is your mechanism for communication with the angels. I call this angelic intuition. In this book, I outline a step by step program for you to reclaim your intuition and your ability to hear your divine guidance from the angels. Through accessing your angelic intuition, you will begin to feel the brilliant wisdom of the angels. My goal with this process is for you to receive consistent messages coming from the angelic realm that feel so good and so right that you begin to trust making decisions and leading your life from this place of pure love. You may wonder if you will ever be able to get to such a point and I’ll be honest, some of you will and some of you will only be able to go so far. Everyone is capable of communicating with the angels – how quickly and easily the communication comes though depends on your willingness to let go of your ego and surrender to the will of the divine. In the beginning for me, following the angels’ guidance felt like jumping off a cliff with the prospect of hard sharp objects waiting for me below. But then I realized that there is a strong ever-present hand that is always ready to gently catch me and take me wherever I need to go. The cliff is no longer a scary image for me, but rather a jumping-off point that is truly liberating – like learning how to fly! I know that I am so loved by my Creator and the angels that I am always supported. I know this to be true for you too, but you have to take your own journey to believe it for yourself. Copyright ©2009 Rev. Nina Roe 2

This book is an answer to my prayer for a simple solution for people who want to learn how to connect with their angels, who are asking for help, but who aren’t ready to jump into a class. It illustrates an easy to follow process that if you make the commitment, you will greatly deepen your relationship with the angels.

How this book works
This book outlines five steps for connecting with your angels. With patience, determination and a healthy dose of trust, you can learn to have dialogue with them almost as easily as you can talk to your friends…maybe even more easily! And if you struggle to trust, just make the commitment to go through the motions and see what happens. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Please note that I use the terms God, Creator, and Spirit interchangeably. With each occurrence, I am referring to the one all-loving power that governs us all and guides us through each moment. Also, note that this book is exclusively based on the guidance I have received from my angels. I trust that this information is what you need, although I understand that it may vary from teachings of other experts in this area of study. I may disagree with these other viewpoints, but I do not judge them as wrong because I believe that multiple opinions are important for our complicated and integrated modern world. Each teaching has a purpose that is an essential part of the divine whole. Each step is outlined in detail on the following pages. It is advisable that you read this book through to understand all five steps before you begin your new journey with the angels. Then proceed step by step following the instructions as closely as you can. You may find that keeping a journal as you go through the book may be helpful. Take your time, go at your own pace and watch the magic of your life be unveiled!

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Who are the angels?
The angels are an aspect of your highest self. They are a part of you. They are with you all the time and are an integral part of who you are. They are not separate from your being. I have come to believe that the wings represent the unencumbered, and free from fear, part of you, part of me, part of all of us. The part of us that consists of only love and nothing else… Quite simply, the angels are a pure source of loving energy, devoid of fear and ego. Your angels are always with you. When you invoke them, you are simply setting the intention of communicating directly with the highest source of love and knowledge and setting aside the ego which holds fear. It is as if you are making a phone call to heaven and have a direct line to the angelic realm. This direct line allows you to push aside your fears and doubts and receive the deepest level of support you can possibly get. The various angels and archangels represent areas of expertise of your highest self. For example, your Archangel Raphael is the part of you that has access to infinite wisdom about health and healing. Your Archangel Michael is the part of you that is a leader and strives to eliminate fear from the world. Your Archangel Uriel is the part of you that knows what it takes to bring about peace - in a relationship, at work, in your family and in the world. Some view the angels as separate from humans. That is a belief that I have come to find stems from a hesitance to embrace the true power that we possess within. The truth is you possess great power when you allow yourself to be one with your Creator and the angels. Somewhere inside your core, you know this. This concept may be counter to what you have been taught, but on some level, the belief that you are one with the Divine resonates strongly and speaks to you. You are awakening to your truth! People often ask me about guardian angels. This category of angel may be a deceased lovedone, an animal or other spirit energy. I have even had clients whose guardian angel was a loving body of water or sacred piece of land. What my angels share with me is that guardian angels are here to help you survive day to day and to advise on a smaller scale. Yes, they are always good and may give wise advice, but their energies are less consistent. Because of this, it is not their job to advise on a grander, life-purpose level. My strong recommendation is that you set the intention of working only with the archangels as you begin this process. The archangels are of the most powerful, clean and loving energies available and are here specifically to guide and direct you with important life choices. This is their job. Especially when you are first beginning angel communication, it is important that you maintain the intention of working only with the archangels to ensure that they are able to teach you everything you need to know about your angelic intuition.

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Then realize that they’ve been around you all your life. anchored to your heart. There are five core ways that your intuitive sense communicates with you: · Visually with your eyes. see. sounds around you or things you hear in your head · Sensually with feelings that you experience · With the inner knowing you hold in your heart and your gut · By surrendering to the Divine Oneness of Life Intuition that involves reaching into other energy fields in a non-loving manner is fear-based intuition and is not a means of communing with the angels. you need to first believe that the angel balloons are 5 . However. but it is not going to give you the loving messages that are the hallmark of connecting with your angels. Just pretend for a moment that they are. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. This may be considered intuition. It is your ability to know in your heart what feels healthy and what does not. You will learn more about how your individual intuition works in Step Two: Trust What You Already Know. You may not feel you are able to access the angels at this time because they are contained within the confines of the balloons we’ve talked about. Intuition comes from the Latin word root meaning “in to you. It is your ability to sense things in your environment in a way that is vastly deeper than using sight. cozy up next to the angel balloons to hear. if “Connecting with Your Angels” were a game. you will gain access to loving and healing advice that is unparalleled. sound. smell. Your mechanism for communicating is your lovebased angelic intuition. clairsentience. I can’t tell you how many times the angels have bailed me out or provided insight that I otherwise would not have seen. clairaudience. once you learn how to deflate the angel balloons. Second. begin to identify the communication that is leaking out of the opening as you are whispering your prayers and questions. the object would be to deflate all the balloons and allow the air from within them to surround you completely so that you are one with the energy of the angels. but allow me to explain further as the angels insist this provides a good visual… To start the process. touch and feel them. and holding infinite knowledge and wisdom. Taking it another step. you can communicate with any of the archangels you choose. and claircognizance. By allowing yourself this spiritual connection. Your intuition is also characterized by a sense the angels call clairbeing which is your oneness with God. Intuition is your ability to literally reach your energy into that of others and assess and evaluate. Third. you can think of the angels as balloons that are attached to you permanently.” Think about this. touch.What is angel communication? Using an analogy to illustrate a point. Copyright ©2009 Rev. or taste alone. dreams and your third sight · Audibly through things you hear from others. Your angelic intuition is your ability to access the angels’ messages and is characterized by clairvoyance. This comparison may seem silly.

and deserve. Reason #2 .By learning to hear the angels and follow their guidance. Reason #3 . the world will achieve global peace. Copyright ©2009 Rev. You will discover your most empowered you! Your sharpened intuition will become your greatest asset. You will learn to consistently see yourself and others through the eyes of love. Reason #1 .By trusting the messages you receive from your angels. And which ones will not bring you what you really want. The angels hold infinite wisdom about all you wish to learn and never ever say anything that is harsh or unloving. you will learn to trust your own inner voice.By following the guidance of your 6 .Why angel reading? Angels bring loving and healing messages to all those who will listen. you will experience love on such a deep and profound level that your life will be changed for the better. Reason #4 . your life can become as wonderful as you can possibly imagine .how BIG can YOU IMAGINE?!!! My vision is that as the world population connects more completely with their divine intuition. You will understand situations that you haven't been able to before. Nina Roe AngelsTeach.By learning how to listen to the angels messages. even difficult-to-hear messages are stated with love and compassion. forever. you will clear away the confusion and chaos that inhibits you from knowing what choices are healthy and will bring you absolute happiness...

Nina Roe AngelsTeach. Step Five: Practice every day! That’s right.Overview of the 5 steps There are five steps to making communication with the angels a 7 . your life will begin to open up to new possibilities that you haven’t seen before. This step is simple. This step will help you learn how to identify what it means to hear messages of love. all you have to do is keep working at it! So it’s really quite simple! As you take each step and follow them one by one. Any message that comes to you from anywhere that is defined by pure love is a message from the angels. Here you will begin to ask the angels with deliberate intention. This step focuses on identifying how you’ve been doing this with your personal clair (or intuitive) senses and beginning to trust what you receive. Step Four: Listen. You will learn how to ask for guidance and practice it everyday. You have been hearing the angels’ messages all along. Step Three: Communicate with gratitude and faith. All you need to do is say YES! Step Two: Trust what you already know. Let’s face it. who couldn’t use a little more of that! Copyright ©2009 Rev. They are: Step One: Commit to believe. You will realize that life is richer and more rewarding and that you have access to loving insight and wisdom that you didn’t before.

I am also not someone who has communed regularly with the angels since I was a child. I believed that struggle was simply a part of life. In fact. flapping playfully. I was 4 or 5 years old. because I have not always consciously believed in the angels. It took some time for me to learn how to tap into my ability to communicate with the angels and allow it to flourish into an existence that has been life changing. And taking it even further by entertaining the notion that these magnificent winged beings can help us in our daily lives is a huge leap of faith. Clairvoyance is my weakest clair sense. I believed that life comes with its challenges and I just needed to breathe and endure. I understand this feeling very well. and I recall twisting and turning to look at my back in the mirror in my bedroom to see little wings that were reflected at me.” I was able to ignore any signs of awareness that they existed for most of my adult years. they have never been “in my face. My belief in the trials and tribulations of everyday life without help from God and the angels was entrenched in my being. it is a rather recent evolution that occurred in my early 40’s. I do have one event that I remember. Copyright ©2009 Rev. as many well-known metaphysical teachers have.” Eleanor Roosevelt My personal journey of opening to the angels For many people. I do not “see” spirits. believing that angels actually exist is the most challenging step to take. I did not always know I have intuition. feel and hear the angels. I felt like a cat spinning around chasing a tail trying to get a better view of these feathery attachments on my posterior side that were only visible in the looking glass.Step One – Commit to believe! “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their 8 . Nina Roe AngelsTeach. Because I primarily know.

I doubt my guidance!). worked too hard and much of the time ignored what my intuition was trying to tell me. are mine. The angels help in business. I’m still human and sometimes. In my new role as a stay-at-home parent. I had more time to explore my passions. reminding me of what I need to buy and what food choices are healthy for my family. I heard a voice very clearly guiding me to leave my corporate job saying that it was “poisonous” for me. “Mommy. They help me decide what books to read and what clothes to wear. Copyright ©2009 Rev. One of these journeys was learning about the truth of intuition: what it is. And now. My workplace hadn’t always been that way. the floodgates opened. They help me parent my children and give me advice in those “Oh my God. Once I opened my eyes and heart to the possibility of using intuition in my daily life. I worked with a healer who taught me about spiritual guidance and the ability to access my own source of power. If ever I doubt the angels’ advice or choose to take a path they don’t recommend. I realized there is a whole world of Divine and pure wisdom. albeit rarely. “We always are!” And it’s true. The angels gently altered my course by speaking through my 5 year old son who said (and I quote). you’re never around!” These simple words woke me up and abruptly nudged me to listen. how it works and how to trust it. with family and friend situations. and it was time to move on. advice and knowledge that I now know I could not live without. I understand. they answer. I did not consciously experience any Divine encounters until I was in my late 30’s.Other than this one occasion. but it had become more and more caustic. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. I drank more than I should (a common method for tuning out the intuitive sense). I invariably regret it. I know myself now better than I ever have. Without exception! You may wonder. The angels’ favorite response when I exclaim after the fact “You were right!” ( 9 . what do I do with my teenager now?” moments. I quit my job within the month. “so is she losing her sense of self by working so closely with the angels?” And my reply is a resounding NO! Because the angels truly are an aspect of our higher selves. They help me at the grocery store. Everyday is filled with joy and surprises as I follow the guidance from my angels. It’s like having access to a 24-hour database of knowledge that is never wrong and is always loving. Their abilities are limitless. I am really tapping more deeply into who I am.

I could tell you about how whenever my beloved husband and I go out for dinner. At my next homeopathy class. They also told me to give her antibiotic herbs. she was able to go outside to 10 . we were led to a tucked away restaurant at the top of a hill overlooking the harbor for the most romantic dinner I can remember! Oh. By the end of the day. That night. I learned that Ledum is a remedy known for treating Lyme’s disease! I could tell you about the time the angels insisted we make reservations on a certain flight for our family to St. On the afternoon of the eighth day. We’d already lost one cat that summer to busy traffic and I was thinking Cheetah had followed a similar fate. and they had one table for two on an open air terrace with the best view in the restaurant. She appeared to have an acute and severe case of Lyme’s disease. she returned on our front door steps. This flight had a “connection” through New York City that required us not only to change planes. after their message had been very clear. When we arrived at the airport. but my ego resisted. For many it is a leap of faith that there are unseen and loving forces all around us. but got no response and only became irritated. I asked the angels for help and they told me to give her a certain homeopathic remedy called Ledum. Just as we were feeling frustrated and beginning to doubt their intentions. Believing is a step you must take yourself. and the angels prevailed reminding me with their gentle “We told you so!” I could tell you about the time our son’s cat was missing for over a week. my husband (who has much more patience than I do!) explained our situation to the check-in attendant who made an exception and switched our reservation to take the last four seats available on a direct flight! They hadn’t allowed it before because of weight restrictions. The angels insisted our trip would be perfect. she was running down the street.How can I convince you to believe? What can I say that will help you to believe in angel communication? The fact is. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. And there are the infinite numbers of times that just the right thing shows up at just the right moment! Copyright ©2009 Rev. but turned out we had a back row of a 757 all to ourselves My ego sulked but my spirit soared. They always choose a place that is far more delightful than what we alone would choose. she was walking and by the next day. we were guided all over the main city of the island where we were renting a house. but change airports too!! I phoned the airline to politely and emphatically complain. So here are the possibilities to consider… Approach #1 I could describe some of the amazing experiences I have had. If we connect with these beings. wonder and enlightenment. I could tell you about the morning our black lab Cali awoke and was unable to get off the couch. then we have access to a whole new world of growth. Thomas from Boston. Coincidence or luck? I don’t think so. the angels told me she was about to return. Knowing that I needed to act quickly. we leave our destination up to the angels. One time on vacation in the Caribbean. nothing. Within hours. I could tell you about the many synchronicities that happen everyday making my life feel like a fantasy from a children’s book.

Challenge with Approach #2 Again.” And then he disappeared never to be seen again. “is this yours? You dropped it on the ground back there. succeeding! I could tell you about how my daughter lost her plane ticket when she was traveling alone back from Japan. like Wayne Dyer. you still might not believe it to be possible for yourself. Copyright ©2009 Rev. Some have finally left their unfulfilling jobs to pursue their heart’s desires – and are succeeding! Some have followed their guidance to change their personal relationships and they are – yes. Approach #2 I could do research and provide case studies to illustrate more people whose lives have been transformed once they began to strengthen their relationship with the angels. You may not believe this lifestyle of following your heart and your inner Divine voice to be possible for you. I could refer you to research people who follow their Divine guidance and live lives of abundance and love. a man came up to her. ticket in hand and said. In a fit of hysterical tears. James Twyman. I have students whose lives have opened to what truly makes them happy. They have learned to make choices that truly inspire and empower them like never before. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. you may still be skeptical and ultimately only believe that these magical experiences are only attainable by me and other “more gifted” people. Carolyn Myss.Challenge with Approach #1 Though I could go on and on. Neale Donald Walsh and Doreen Virtue (and I could go on and on). she went up to the ticket counter and as she told her story to the 11 .

Print out the form on the following page entitled “My Angel Guidance Manifesto” and say it out loud with emotion everyday! Copyright ©2009 Rev. Just say YES! Print the form on the following page entitled “My Promise to My Angel Self. Why is this important? Because sometimes we can block our own path to spiritual growth. you do not feel absolutely certain that you have received messages from your angels and deepened your relationship with them. when you’re having a tough day. here is my offer… If.Approach #3 The angels in their infinite wisdom are suggesting that the most effective way for you to start working with them is simply for you to try. It’s the power of the angels. after 4 months of following the complete guidance in this book. “Daily Workout” It is also important that you work towards cleansing any negative thoughts that may work against your strengthened connection. It’s not my word that’s at stake. you can see the promise you’ve made to your personal empowerment and you will feel stronger and more compelled to follow through. I will give you not one. By making your commitment in writing. And the only way I can really emphasize this approach is to provide a no-can-lose incentive. All you have to do is try! Ready? Set? Go!!! Homework 1.” fill it out and post it someplace you can see it everyday. Nina Roe 12 . but two decks of angel oracle cards…for FREE! Here’s why I believe in this approach. 2. And I am so secure in my relationship with the angels and in the unsurpassed abilities that they possess that I know that you will experience them in safe and loving ways. From my heart to yours. Commit Dedicate the next 120 days to transforming your life by improving your communication with the angels.

so I will try very hard. I know that I am fully capable of deepening my connection with the angels or I would not have been drawn to this program. “5-Steps to Connecting with Your Angels.” to the best of my ability. I know that I will get out of it what I put into it. I trust that I will be completely supported by the angels throughout my journey. and I welcome this experience with an open and inspired heart. _____________.My Promise to My Angel Self I. promise I will complete the process outlined in this ebook. Signed ___________________ 13 Date___________ .

but in my family’s and in the world around me! I say YES to imagining that my dreams CAN come true! I say YES to striving to better my life by deepening my connection with the angels! I say YES to discovering the hidden desires that lie within me! I say YES to committing myself fully and completely to this 5step process so that I can learn how to lead a life of more consistent joy.My Angel Guidance Manifesto I say YES! I say YES to believing that there is a powerful spiritual force known as the angels! I say YES to taking positive and powerful steps to manifest a life that I love! I say YES to making a difference not just in my life. love and abundance! I say YES! 14 .

This is not always easy to do and for many is the hardest part of the process. 2. 4. trusting the messages you receive from them is the next step. you will learn how to trust your heart. With angel communication. you are already receiving messages from your angels. but your prayer was answered? So did you? Did you answer yes? I bet you did! Once you’ve opened the door to believing that the angels 15 . 1.Step Two – Trust what you already know “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. Have you ever had a “gut” feeling about something? Have you ever just known that something was going to happen? Have you ever heard. 3. it may be likely that you often let your mind talk you out of listening to these messages. Live the life you have imagined. Copyright ©2009 Rev. felt.” Henry David Thoreau If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions. or seen a presence that felt loving and also unexplainable? Have you ever prayed for an outcome that initially felt impossible. Even if you answered “yes” to any of these questions.

your intuition connects you with the angels. Copyright ©2009 Rev. The angels tell me that everybody has all of the primary clair senses and at least two of them are quite pronounced. and touch are your senses for tuning into the Earth realm. By understanding which are your strongest clairs. clairsentience and claircognizance. not everyone has the same level of clairvoyance or clairaudience (and as you may remember. By knowing which of yours are strongest. Four of these intuitive senses are what the angels call your primary clairs. Your clairs are senses you were born with and are a true gift from the Divine. taste. otherwise known as clair senses.Your intuitive senses You have five intuitive. clairvoyance is not my strongest clair). It is your virtual “phone line” to Heaven. you will quickly learn to trust your intuition on a new level. These senses are your mechanism for tuning into your angelic intuition and identifying messages from your angels and the rest of the spirit realm. because they are the core mechanism for receiving messages from your angels with sensory inputs both from outside and inside of your body. Nina Roe 16 . These are clairvoyance. Just like your senses of smell. you will know which is your most reliable “phone line” to the angels. They are your primary clairs. hearing. clairaudience. Just like some of us need glasses or hearing aids. sight. The homework assignment at the end of this chapter will help you with this understanding.

· When you look at people you see colors around them. repeating numbers (11. · Everywhere you look. similar to a memory or daydream. 88 and 99. spirits. or other visible signs from above. · You see spirits either boldly or as a shadow. This happens if you are able to “see” an image.Clairvoyance This is your ability to visually “see” beyond the physical plane. or mind’s eye. a fox crosses your path. clairvoyance includes visions you may see with what’s called your third eye. you see certain numbers. · While you are daydreaming. · You open a book to a page that has just the message you needed to see. different animals represent different things. · For the 2nd time this week. But it also includes the ability to see patterns and messages that exist in the world that you see with your eyes. 77.). Often times when I am working with a client. auras and/or other energies. 33.g. Copyright ©2009 Rev. Master numbers are very common forms of angel messages. you see books about how to self-publish. Another aspect of clairvoyance is what you experience in your dreams and other visualizations in meditation or guided journeys while your eyes are closed. an image of your next house pops into your head showing you what you need to tell your realtor to look for. Many people believe that clairvoyance is limited to seeing angels. etc. Maybe there’s a book you need to be writing! · You’re in the grocery store and a box of cookies falls off the shelf and smashes the cookies into little pieces. These are 11. animals in nature that you see with frequency. 66. the angels will show me an image to help me understand the message they are giving me. 44. (“I just know it has a red door and a maple tree in the front yard! I’ve seen it in my head!”) · Suddenly everywhere you look. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. 55. but the image also comes into my head. And finally. 22. e. 17 . despite what your eyes are actually focused on. The message may be that you need to reduce the amount of sugar you’re eating. I am still looking at my client. Examples of clairvoyance: · You keep looking at the clock when it’s 11 after the hour. In many cultures. but there are a few things that stand out vividly that you know must mean something. · You wake from a dream and you don’t necessarily remember all the details.44.

Some people do hear the angels in a voice that is different from their own. Again. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. you’re working too hard. you hear the song “Calling All Angels” · For the third time this week you hear someone nearby mention the need to drink more water. but many times this voice will sound like your own. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense right now. if what you hear is coming from a place of pure love. · It seems every time you turn on the radio. Or clairaudience can be sounds. a car drives by and honks its horn as if to add an exclamation point.Clairaudience This is your ability to hear the voices of the angels. you hear a sparrow chirp outside your window. Copyright ©2009 Rev. that you hear at just the right time. or repeatedly. you know it is angelic. Maybe you need to be near the ocean! · There’s a voice in your head that is telling you it’s okay to trust your intuition. This is one of the angels’ favorite ways to get through to people who are resisting their advice. · Just when your best friend is telling you something really important. Over time. · You keep hearing people talk about going to the beach. like music. Examples of clairaudience: · There’s a voice in your head that keeps telling you to take a break. · Whenever you think of your mother. Sometimes the voice will sound different from 18 . you will recognize and understand that angelic voices are coming from a place of such pure love that it feels different from the voice of your ego which tends to hold doubting or fearful thoughts. Clairaudience also includes hearing messages through other people.

you feel it too. and your whole body heaves a sigh of happy relaxation. your own becomes achy? Or if you’re around someone who’s sad. · You are about to meet your ex-husband to discuss the issue of child support. when you walk into a room or when you meet someone. some people will feel a sensation in their stomach and others in their chest. Some feel a tingling or a chill when they get that “connection. you can immediately sense whether the energy feels good or bad. This is often associated with empathy. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. · As you walk into a large store or mall. For example.” Some even sense through emotions and physical sensations what people around them are feeling. (Try this…it’s really cool!) When the clairsentient sense is activated.Clairsentience This is your ability to feel energy. like the chills. and you feel a pronounced tingling in your body. your stomach gets tight and uncomfortable. a smile automatically comes to your face and your heart says. your breath becomes constricted. Do you notice that when you’re with someone who has a sore throat that suddenly your own throat gets scratchy? Or if your child’s ankle is twisted. you feel blissfully peaceful and your whole body relaxes. you suddenly feel sad even if you don’t know them? Examples of clairsentience: · You hug a baby. · When you hear a song you love. Clairsentience is also expressed if you hold something close to your heart you will often notice some sort of bodily 19 . · Your friend calls and asks you to go for a walk in the woods. “yay!” · Someone gives you a piece of advice. · Every time you’re around someone who’s sick. Copyright ©2009 Rev.

Claircognizance is a deep sense of knowing. you recognize that this is not meant to be. Yet. He’s Mr. · You’re dating a guy who has all the qualities you’ve been looking for. · You want to go on vacation with some friends. Right. Just as birds know when it’s time to fly south for the winter. The angels say this is equivalent to faith. It is your ability to assess another person’s energy and know whether it is safe for you to be with them…or not.Claircognizance This is your ability to simply know what the angels and Spirit are communicating. regardless of appearances and judgments from family or friends. After three attempts. · Someone asks you to go to a rock concert and you love the band. but something doesn’t sit right with you in your core. But. Committing to a life with him doesn’t resonate with your soul. This is a strong gut feeling that you just can’t ignore. · On the other hand…you’re with a guy who doesn’t fit your list of all the “right” characteristics. Your parents love him. You know it is not a good idea. you know in your core he’s your soul mate and you are deeply in love. Copyright ©2009 Rev. 20 . it’s your sense of what needs to happen and/or what you know is going to happen. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. you just know it won’t work. but every time you try to plan it something happens. · You are driving home from work and just know there is a book you need to buy that will have something important for you to read over the weekend. You know your future together is very bright. He’s really not Mr. It’s that sense that creeps forward and when you ignore it. causes you to say “I knew I should have____! I just knew it!” Examples of claircognizance: · You know your mother is going to call you five seconds before the phone rings…and it’s her. is madly in love with you and all your friends love him.

but it is one that the angels insist is highly important. Clairbeing is your ability to look someone in the eye and know they are just as divine as anyone else. Clairbeing is different from the other clairsenses because it does not focus on a single sensory input. despite the outer appearance. or are at a different point in the cycle of awareness. Think of clairbeing as a leaf floating on a river. Clairbeing is the surrendering to the flow of the energies that are all around you. just as you have all four of the primary senses. We live in a world of great separation…from each other. and from our Creator and the angels. mineral or animal. you do have the clairbeing sense. and experience the sacredness of existence and to hold that in your heart. etc. and there is no way I can think of them as divine! If I have to be so perfect in order to communicate with my angels. Only when the leaf hits a branch or a rock does it pull away from the moving water and wait until the flow determines its time to catch the current again. any boundary between who you are and the world around you disappears.Clairbeing – your holistic sense Clairbeing is your holistic intuitive 21 . You simply may be feeling stressed from having a tough day. without question. It is your ability to know.” clairsentience is what you feel. It is your ability to know you are one with your outer reality and surrender to the flow of the now. It is the loss of attachment to any fear that the ego holds. Clairbeing is your ability to look at all of life. What you do need is a routine. It is your ability to love without judgment or separation. By embracing your clairbeing. When the leaf floats. It turns left and right and is completely one with the water in the river. because I know in mine. that everyone is a child of God and the angels. Clairbeing is a new term for many. Just know in your heart. It is with surrendering to the flow of the loving energies of the present moment that intuition is expanded to heights that are now unimaginable for most people. from ourselves. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. that all of your intuitive senses are perfect as they are right now! You DO NOT need to have more developed senses to communicate with the angels. plant. then I might as well just give up now!” First of all. That is the core purpose of this course. It goes up when the water moves up and down when the water moves down. Copyright ©2009 Rev. practice and determination to build your faith. it moves with the current of the water. Clairaudience is what you “hear. I can imagine what you might be thinking! “I am so far away from being able to do this! My husband/daughter/mother is driving me crazy.

· Your cat is sleeping quietly on the bed and you curl up next to her imitating her graceful and tranquil energy. · You look up at the sky and watch the clouds transform from one shape to another and all you are thinking about is the beauty of what you see.Examples of clairbeing: · In 22 . Copyright ©2009 Rev. grateful for this perfect example of Being. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. · When you are walking in the woods and you allow your mind to drift into distant thoughts and forget your worries. you lose your sense of self and feel peaceful in the energy that is all around you. You drift off to sleep.

do you: a) See it again in your mind’s eye? Is your memory a vivid image? b) Recall what you or other people said? Or do you remember any dominant sounds? c) Remember how you felt at the time? What were your emotions or bodily sensations? d) Did you have a knowing for how things were going to turn out? Did you have faith that everything would turn out alright? Take a significant situation that has occurred within the past month and answer the same questions. circle the answer that most fits how you process the 23 . do you: a) See it again in your mind’s eye? Is your memory a vivid image? b) Recall what you or other people said? Or do you remember any dominant sounds? c) Remember how you felt at the time? What were your emotions or bodily sensations? d) Did you have a knowing for how things were going to turn out? Did you have faith that everything would turn out alright? · · · Copyright ©2009 Rev.Homework 1. Continue your Daily Workout by saying the “My Angel Guidance Manifesto” out loud everyday! 2. · Take a significant situation that has occurred within the past week and answer the following questions. When you think about this event. When you think about this event. do you: a) See it again in your mind’s eye? Is your memory a vivid image? b) Recall what you or other people said? Or do you remember any dominant sounds? c) Remember how you felt at the time? What were your emotions or bodily sensations? d) Did you have a knowing for how things were going to turn out? Did you have faith that everything would turn out alright? Take a significant situation that occurred when you were a teenager and answer the same questions. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. When you think about this event. When you think about this event. For each of the following scenarios. Exercise to identify your primary clair senses The easiest method for learning where your intuition is strongest is to focus on how you process life. do you: a) See it again in your mind’s eye? Is your memory a vivid image? b) Recall what you or other people said? Or do you remember any dominant sounds? c) Remember how you felt at the time? What were your emotions or bodily sensations? d) Did you have a knowing for how things were going to turn out? Did you have faith that everything would turn out alright? Take a significant situation that occurred a year ago and answer the same questions.

you should be quite certain where your strengths lie.then you are predominantly clairsentient (d) – then you are predominantly claircognizant It is not uncommon to have two primary clair senses. By the second or third attempt. If you feel uncertain of your answers.then you are predominantly clairaudient (c) . do you: a) See it again in your mind’s eye? Is your memory a vivid image? b) Recall what you or other people said? Or do you remember any dominant sounds? c) Remember how you felt at the time? What were your emotions or bodily sensations? d) Did you have a knowing for how things were going to turn out? Did you have faith that everything would turn out alright? If the majority of your answers are: (a) – then you are predominantly clairvoyant (b) . Nina Roe 24 . When you think about this event. so don’t be surprised if your answers span more than one option. Copyright ©2009 Rev.· Take a significant situation that occurred when you were a small child and answer the same questions. then repeat this exercise on another day with different life events.

go for a walk in nature or have unstructured time for yourself? a) 30-60 minutes a day b) Few minutes to 30 minutes a day c) Not everyday. · How often are you able to completely let go and allow yourself to meditate. d) I don’t believe I’m able to do this yet. For each of the following scenarios. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. how frequently do you follow it? a) Once a day b) 2-5 times a week c) Few times a month d) I don’t currently have a regular de-stressing routine. it is important to gently determine how you conduct your day and the choices that you currently are making. eating a hamburger and thinking about the cow it came from with gratitude)? a) Today b) Within the last week c) Within the last month d) I don’t 25 . Do you have a regular routine practice to help you release stress from your life? If so.. daydream. When was the last time you took a moment or two to honor the natural world and watched a butterfly float in the breeze. How often are you conscious of what you are eating and honoring where it comes from (e. Exercise to assess your level of clairbeing To determine your level of clairbeing. yoga. circle the answer that most fits your choices. but once in a while.g. When was the last time you paused and took some deep cleansing breaths to release your worries and feel the nourishment of fresh air? a) Today b) Within the last week c) Within the last month d) I don’t remember.3. or a hawk circling overhead or the sun set into the dusky horizon? a) Today b) Within the last week c) Within the last month d) I don’t remember. · · · · Copyright ©2009 Rev.

com 26 .If 3-5 of your answers are (a) or (b). then do not fret! You are not alone! With a little focus and intention. Why is this so important? Because if you are not able to let go of the stresses of modern society and allow yourself to relax and begin to feel at peace with the world around you. Additionally. It’s just a matter of finding the right method and structure that will work for you. how you spend your time will likely be less productive. Copyright ©2009 Rev. then congratulations! You are ahead of the pack!! If 1-2 of your answers are (a) or (b). it is going to be much more challenging to connect with your angels. “There’s no way I can add any more to my life!” But I assure you that you can. step by step you will get to a point where you have a wellness routine as part of your regular lifestyle. If none of your answers are in the (a) or (b) range. when you spin your wheels you are not working in alignment with your soul. then you are heading in the right direction and have good intentions. Just try to bump it up and set your intention to achieve more (a)’s and (b)’s. Even if you’re feeling the need to get things done. You may think. but your level of resistance to the messages from your angels will be much higher. You may still move forward. Nina Roe AngelsTeach.

but the parent of all 27 . If you want to buy a new car. you see a car exactly like it. the angels are doing their work. It’s all you can think about. but you will need to help transport his lovely daughters Copyright ©2009 Rev.Step Three – Communicate… with gratitude and faith “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues. For example. change jobs. You will be very happy in this new marriage. Meanwhile. the angels answer you back. and you began the dialogue without even knowing it. you will be meeting your future husband who has two young children. You set your mind on a little red convertible and you fall in love with one you test drove at a dealership. but you are certain that this is the car for you and you wonder if you can stretch your paycheck to make it work. your angels are working behind the scenes to make what is in your best interest happen for you. It seems like every where you go. It’s a little more than you think you can afford.” Cicero Any conversation with your angels starts with you! That’s right. or find your soul mate. but they also know that in less than a few months. Maybe you’ve even seen the hit movie “The Secret” and you’re doing everything in your power to attract this car into your life. They know you love the car. the angels already have lots of answers for you. They want what is best for you. They operate in union with the Law of Attraction. “Huh?” you may be wondering. Every time you pray or send out any message to the universe. Of course they don’t want to disappoint you. except that they understand exactly what will help you most. Every time you ask for something in your head or out loud. you want a new car. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. the angels respond.

health. In fact. Deliberate manifestation with the angels is a more advanced topic than what this book includes. They want you to live your life purpose. Both of these beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth and. And so it doesn’t happen. you can shift your consciousness to understand that: a) There is enough for everyone! It is only your belief that is limited.” With asking. Or the reverse can happen and you suddenly are offered some part time work you hadn’t expected and have extra money to buy the car easily. They do not wish you to live in a state of lack. then work with the Angel of Abundance and the Angel of Healing to help illuminate what needs to be healed. Who do you think helped you find the extra work?! While manifesting an abundance of your soul’s desires with the angels is very achievable. you must be very clear and be aligned with your path of service. Some people believe they don’t deserve to live a life of happiness and abundance. once you are comfortable with your angel connection. they believe lack is their “life sentence”. you must know that you deserve abundance and that what you desire can be 28 . are very limiting from true potential. By working with the angels. Copyright ©2009 Rev. Long story short.angelsteach. you allow the goodness that has been patiently waiting to enter your reality. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. but is an excellent direction to ] for more instruction on this topic. They wish to guide you towards a state of healing so that you release your fears and inhibitions that block your most abundant self abundance in love. With school a few days a week. there is a process called “ask. and wealth. nor do they want you to be stuck in survival mode. ultimately. If you feel you are not capable of achieving financial abundance at this time. Please also refer to The ABCs of Abundance with the Angels 30-day eCourse [Click on: http://www. Angel communication and wealth The angels want only what is best for you. believe and co-create. Many hold the belief that living a life of prosperity means taking resources away from someone else. this car is not suitable for carting kids around and therefore not a good idea for you at this time. you must be able to hear the messages from the angels who are lovingly guiding you towards your answers and then make choices that feel right in your heart. With co-creating. that these resources are limited and there’s only a certain amount to go around. b) You deserve the best as you live in harmony with your soul! As you heal your inner being.

As hard as it is for us humans to understand. a person longs to forgive their mother for abusive treatment as a child. They are present and working in the best interest of our souls. but they don’t know how. every pain is teaching you how to love on a deeper level. sometimes people get sick as an answer to their prayer for change. a cycle of deep healing begins with their diagnosis. Self-examination is triggered by the thought of. There are many belief systems about life after death and the truth is. after so many years. because finally when they feel their own life is threatened. They want to feel better. but on a subconscious level. they release their anger and their heart fills with gratitude. Everything in life has a gift. Sometimes. In these situations. anxiety and depression to set in. All of the time. Even at a young age.Angel communication and health On the subject of health. sometimes it is in the soul’s best interest to move on to the next plane of 29 . but this inner journeying into the inner thoughts and feelings that led up to the illness frequently results in life changing forgiveness. It is showing you the need to learn forgiveness. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. They get sick and are forced to review life and make some serious decisions. Often times this is the turning point in their physical healing as well. Not always on a conscious level. Copyright ©2009 Rev. For many people who become critically ill. Everything in life has a purpose. the angels are manifesting other changes for the health of the soul. Sometimes the healing is not so obvious or complete. So. While they are always there to help us with our healing. as humans. we don’t learn how to forgive and we hold a heavy heart we create the space for sickness. harsh thoughts are released. When. Of course. they are able to suddenly see their mother with loving and compassionate eyes. “How did I get to this place? How did I allow myself to become so ill?” Medical intervention helps support the patient through the process. sometimes a soul needs to heal through the peace of transition and go on to do other work in the heavens. An inability to forgive is like carrying a suitcase full of bricks. the truth is there are times the angels guide us into more challenging situations for the sake of learning positive and life changing lessons that in the end bring deeper healing. but they don’t know how to go about it. But what I do know to be true is that the angels watch over us in body and out of body. And. Every challenge. The anger is eating away at their being and they pray for relief. every trauma. this is not always the case. And so they become ill. A spiritual part of them that has lain dormant comes alive and shows them the way to healing through forgiveness. deep in the heart. most of us will never really know what happens when our bodies die. the role of the angels can get a little sticky for some people.

but it isn’t always the most direct route. Copyright ©2009 30 . The important concept to understand. It is nothing more. this will eventually lead to where you want it to go. loving yourself and feeling content within your own being. you will receive what you need to know at that time to bring you to a place of greater inner peace and love. not necessarily within the structure of a relationship. Just being with another person does not make anyone complete. What makes you complete . If you ask relationship questions. there is usually healing that needs to take place. the angels never want you to experience lack.and therefore in a state of fullness not lack . When relationships become a core focus of your communication with the angels. is that the angels define lack differently than most humans. The angels will answer the prayer for matching a person with their partner. but usually not until the necessary healing has taken place. If you stay close to your angelic guidance. Nina Roe AngelsTeach.Angel communication and relationships One of the most common questions that is asked in angel reading is “when will I meet my soul mate?” And it’s a fair question! As said before. Lack through the angels’ eyes is looking upon yourself and seeing less than love and abundance.

I still seek guidance through others when the need arises. Again. That said. start with some deep breathing or meditation. It’s really that simple. then perhaps another opinion would help. etc… Or. Which angels you communicate with is also straightforward. When do you think He’ll help me change careers? Grrrrrr!” Copyright ©2009 Rev. Sample questions with a good intention to ask with a grateful heart… · “Please tell me if this relationship is healthy for me. Archangel Raphael. or parenting. If you need guidance for an emotional situation. take a deep breath. or relationships. you will not receive consistent or all-loving messages. This is most apt to occur around emotionally charged topics. If that doesn’t seem to do the trick. Remember that it is recommended that you communicate solely with the archangels who are the highest source of angelic guidance. you get 31 . or career counseling! Whatever your need. center yourself in gratitude and set your mind on speaking from your heart…and listening from your heart. such as Archangel Michael. The only rule is that you choose your cards with a pure and loving intention and that you follow a process that feels right in your heart. There are an unlimited number of ways that cards can be picked and used.So how do I communicate with my angels? Easily! The only thing you need to be mindful of is the purity of your intention when you are asking for the angels’ guidance. Remember. or fashion. Before you ask the angels’ advice. if you can’t think of the appropriate name. These are inspirational cards that are picked either one at a time or in groups for the purpose of gaining insight into a situation. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. We are human and it’s important to be gentle with ourselves! Angel card reading One of my favorite tools for communicating with the angels is with oracle cards. what you put out. you may refer to them by common name.” · “Do you know if I will be happy on this career path for very long?” · “Is eating meat everyday healthy for me?” · “Would I benefit from changing my exercise routine?” · “How can I manifest more financial stability?” · “Will I be meeting my soul mate soon?” · “What steps can I take to be happier in life?” · “Will my child be happy in her school next year?” Sample questions that are not healthy… · “What lottery numbers should I play tonight?” · “Is he really sleeping with her?” · “How can I get back at him for doing that to me?” · “I’m really angry that God let me take this job in the first place. just call upon the archangel of cooking. They do not concern themselves with labels and names. just ask from your heart and with respect and you are sure to receive wonderful advice! If you are striving to learn information that is not completely grounded in love and respect. the archangels have guidance to share.

write it in your journal and see what 32 . The number of cards you select is determined by what is called a “card spread. please show me what I need to know today about [whatever situation you would like help with]” b) OR more generally. Fan the cards out on a flat surface and run your non-writing hand (left hand for most of us righties) over the cards 4. Choose the one that you feel most strongly pulled to 5. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. · You may struggle to trust the message that you are receiving and that’s okay. you will understand. You will learn what this means as you practice. Or. Thank you!” 3. You can also just pick one from the bunch without fanning them out as a group Once you have selected your card: · Look at the card and pay attention to: o Not only the words in the card. simply make a mental note and see if it comes clear later in the week. It is not typical. (See sample spreads below. I ask that the energy of these cards be grounded only in love. the ascended masters and God/Spirit/Creator in a more complete way. but what you first notice in the illustration as well as the wording. it may not be clear until later. but sometimes the message in the card may not clear for a while.” Each position in a card spread has a different meaning and adds depth to your interpretation of the card. Over time. hold them to your heart and bless them as follows: “I ask the angels to bless these cards. except that you do it multiple times. As the truth of the message reveals itself. clarity and compassion. In this case. please show me anything I need to know at this time. The order and position of the cards hold additional meaning.) Copyright ©2009 Rev. Don’t judge yourself. Hold the cards in your hands and shuffle them while saying out loud or in your mind a) “Angels. The words are sometimes superfluous to the message. you will feel assured of the presence and power of your angels. Picking multiple cards This is accomplished the same way you pick one card. o What emotions did you feel immediately? Did it make you feel sad? Or glad? o Did the card remind you of something or someone? o Did you suddenly feel a sensation somewhere in your body? o Notice everything! · You may know why you chose this card immediately. Choose the deck that feels best to you 2. I ask that these cards give me the clear and loving messages that are in my highest interest. Simply allow the message to come to you. which are a tool for communicating with you. “Angels.” Picking one card 1.Using a new deck of cards Before using a new deck of cards.

Select three cards and place them in the following order. The card in this position sheds light on the present state of the situation. Copyright ©2009 Rev. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. (card #1) Past Present (card #2) Future (card #3) The card in this position sheds light on the history of the situation.3-card Past/Present/Future Spread A common multiple card spread is the 3-card. The position of the card gives deeper meaning to the message. The card in this position sheds light on the future state of the 33 .

(card #1) East South (card #2) The south in ancient cultures is associated with the element of fire. The card in this position represents what you are grounded in. Select four cards and place them in the following order. As with the 3-card spread. The card in this position represents the intellectual and intuitive aspect.4-card Direction Spread This spread is wonderful for insight on life purpose or future direction. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. It can give insight into current/future state of your life purpose. what makes you feel stable and at home. The north in ancient cultures is associated with the element of earth. It also can give insight into emotions and/or the subconscious. It can also be associated with dreams and lofty ideas. It gives insight into the qualities that are at your core. The card in this position represents passion and 34 . The east in ancient cultures is associated with the element of air. Copyright ©2009 Rev. the position of the card gives deeper meaning to the message. North (card #4) (card #3) West The west in ancient cultures is associated with the element of water. The card in this position represents change and transformation.

Future (card #2) Challenges/ Obstacles (card #5) (card #1) Past Reveals insight on what the future holds. Shows what has already been accomplished.Sacred Cross Spread This spread is wonderful for insight on a particular situation. As with the 3 and 4 card 35 . Select six cards and place them in the following order. Sheds light on how the past affects the situation. Highest Outcome (card #6) Gives insight on the best possible outcome of the situation. Foundation (card #3) Highlights the qualities or events that are at the base of the situation. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. or what gifts are brought forward. especially with regards to how you can best respond. the position of the card gives deeper meaning to the message. Highest Self (card #4) Provides insight on how your Divine abilities shape or affect the outcome. It is with awareness of these things that you can overcome them. Shows you what to watch for. Often this card will show you what you can expect and/or what you should focus on. Copyright ©2009 Rev.

Whenever it sounds off. a situation at work or whether or not you should go to the Caribbean or skiing for your winter vacation. pause three times a day for a moment of ] 3. take note of how you feel about life. Once a week has passed. [Click on: http://www.angelsteach. If you are looking for insight into a relationship. Copyright ©2009 Rev. You can purchase angel cards: · at our online store [Click on: http://www. How have things changed for you? This is a wonderful exercise to weave into your everyday life. Begin a practice of picking an angel oracle card every morning.angelsteach. Deepen your breath as you mentally list all the things that have happened in your day for which you are grateful. Gratitude exercise For the next week. she counts her blessings! Before you begin the week.optional As you are inspired. Continue your Daily Workout by saying the “My Angel Guidance Manifesto” out loud everyday! 2. pick a card. Revisit the card at the end of the day and see if you gain further insight. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. The angels always have your best interest at heart and know exactly what will match your ]. She uses it as a reminder to experience 36 . take note again.Homework 1. · or use our Ask the Angels online card picking tool. I have a friend with a clock that chimes each hour. pick cards for other reasons. 4. Pick additional cards . Pay attention to what you notice right away. Enhance your Daily Workout with this additional step. · find them at most bookstores.

I hold no judgment.Step Four – Listen Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. interactive form of communication. Some belief systems have a foundational value that it is wrong to attempt to listen to messages from God and the angels 37 . Copyright ©2009 Rev.” The question is. why wouldn’t they want us to be able to hear them? Prayer is no different from dialogue with the angels. If you don’t learn how to hear the messages from the angels. Albert Einstein Traditional prayer is defined as “the act of communicating to a deity…” In our present society. This is defined by the Law of Attraction. are you able to hear the answer? The element of prayer that needs to be emphasized here is the art of listening. It is an act of speaking either out loud or silently to God and the angels without much expectation of a direct or immediate response. “I pray to the angels that [fill in the blank]. I am listening and here is my advice. When you say. What you put out to the Universe always comes back to you – no exceptions. yet I can’t help but wonder if God and the angels made us. then it is no different from talking to your husband. prayer is often taught as the practice of reciting something that is already written. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. child or friend and not hearing any response. then you need to be able to recognize the response… And there is always a response. If you ask for help from the angels.” your angels are on the other side of the table replying “Yes. Prayer is truly a two-way. for each of us was born to experience different ideas.

then drink more water! · If you keep seeing grasshoppers everywhere. you will realize that following your angelic guidance always brings you to places that feel right and good in your soul. but you never heard her answer. but the line has gone dead. then read it! · If you really want a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. maybe eat a ½ pint next time. If you would like structure in learning angel communication basics and steps for trusting your guidance. In many earth-based cultures. or say a prayer. Over time. you must listen for the response… and then hold gratitude in your heart when you receive it! And your angels have so much wisdom and guidance to share with you!! How do I learn to listen? You can strengthen your ability to learn. You keep talking. We’ve already discussed your clair senses and how they are all aspects of your intuitive sense. Communicating with the angels is no different. follow the outcome of your efforts. go ahead and eat it but then see how your tummy talks! What is your body telling you? (I know. · When something really doesn’t feel right. then begin to listen to your intuition for ways that you can move on and feel comfortable with it. So now your task is to pay attention to these messages and strive to trust them. then research what grasshoppers 38 . animals symbolize different characteristics. no matter where you are on your spiritual path. Whatever steps you take to trust your intuition. Not very helpful! And what if your friend was trying to tell you that the school system in the area is fabulous or that the water quality may have issues and you can’t hear her comments? It’s challenging for you to then make an informed decision. [Click on: http://www. you pick it up and it feels really good. Once you ask a question. Chances are. · If a book falls off the shelf in the store. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. Asking without being able to hear the reply is simply not an effective or constructive form of communication. right?!) · If it just doesn’t feel right to be in your workplace anymore. don’t do it! · If you keep hearing people talk about drinking more water.Pause for a moment and imagine a conversation on the phone with your best friend. You may have just asked her for advice with buying a new house. trust is the toughest aspect of angel communication to master. by taking steps towards more completely trusting what your loving intuition is already telling you.angelsteach. I suggest The 123s of Angel Communication 30-day eCourse filled with lessons and daily exercises to help you weave angel communication into your everyday ] Copyright ©2009 Rev. Notice how the results turn out. including Native American.

Does going to a movie with your friend on Saturday night feel good? Or does it feel slightly wrong? Does going to the movies with your friend at all feel good? Or maybe it’s going to a movie on a certain Saturday night that doesn’t feel right. write down 1-3 angel experiences that you have for each of your clairsenses. Most of the time. Initially. Continue your Daily Workout: · Say the “My Angel Guidance Manifesto” out loud everyday! · Pick an angel oracle card 2. Each day. For example. Exercise to strengthen your primary clair senses Today is your day to start a journal. Do you get a tingly feeling when you talk about certain subjects? Or do you get a knot in your stomach? Your angels speak to you through your body through your feeling sense. Anything you notice with your eyes or your third eye and feels significant is your clairvoyant sense. Often times. Also notice certain animals that you might see 39 . the message will become clear within a short period of time. You must do this everyday!!! 1. just begin to notice. You may know an experience is a message because you have that strong sense that it is. Make it fun and go to the store and buy a new one that really inspires you. clairsentience and claircognizance (we will be addressing clairbeing separately). Clairaudience Begin to listen to the messages you hear and pay attention to the advice you are receiving. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. you will be exercising your intuitive muscles and strengthening your clairvoyance. it’s important to strengthen that muscle. Here are some pointers and things to look for… Clairvoyance Begin to notice the kinds of visions or patterns that you are seeing. Pay attention to your feelings about choices that you are making. Clairsentience Begin to listen to how you feel about situations. but also the words of those around you. It doesn’t matter whether you understand the underlying message yet. clairaudience. that may be all you know! Just take note and wait for clarity. Notice songs that might come on the radio and draw your attention or other sounds that seem significant. if you see a deer cross in front of your car and you know in your heart that this is a message and must mean something. the angels will speak through other people – especially if it’s a message we may be rejecting ourselves. then write it down.Homework Once you’ve identified your strongest intuitive senses from Step Two: Trust What You Already Know. dreams you are having or numbers you keep seeing. This is your new beginning! For the next 30 days. Listen not only to what you hear with your own inner voice. Copyright ©2009 Rev. It’s no different from lifting weights.

AngelsTeach. It’s fine if you’d like to mix it up and meditate one day and go for a walk the next. Do your best to make it part of your daily routine. something happens to remind me how important a habitual practice it really is. Here are some options: a) Do a guided meditation of your choice. 3. if you are unable to do either of these exercises some days. Try not to think about things you need to do or get done. This is not a time to make a mental grocery list. however. Keep your intention focused and know that you are doing the best you can! If you are struggling and feeling you just can’t handle it. tomorrow or even this year. You don’t need to take any action today. If this is challenging for you. For homework items #2 and #3: Because life happens. then you will need to begin] or for some guidance from an AngelsTeach.angelsteach. To build your clairbeing muscle. your assignment is to do one of the following things every day for 30 days and write in your journal about your experience. Invariably.Claircognizance Begin to listen to your gut. but rather let the thoughts come to you from the angels. start out more slowly with 5 minutes/day for a week and then increase it to 10 minutes/day for the second week and then work up to 15 minutes/day. Exercise to strengthen your clairbeing sense The exercise for clairbeing is slightly different because it operates by using different impulses. versus on terms that are more familiar to us like the four other primary ] Copyright ©2009 Rev. you will get out of this experience what you put into it. Whenever I fall away from my ritual of prayer. c) Walk alone in nature (or as close as you can come to it) for at least 20 minutes. Just allow it to float to your conscious awareness and write it down. b) Meditate for at 5-15 minutes. What do you already know in your core about relationships that are troubling you. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. forgive yourself. Clairbeing is more about surrendering to the will of the angels and communicating with them solely on their terms. you may need to start over. I give you this advice because I have certainly had days and periods in my life where daily meditation seems impossible. Or. just allow what you know deep down to come to the surface. A healthy guideline is that if you are not able to do these exercises 23 out of 30’s experienced and talented Angelic Life CoachÒ [Click on: http://www. If you miss several days. it may be that you just need to try it for a few days. perhaps it’s time for a class [Click on: http://www. Just set the intention of using this time to receive from the angels and allow your thoughts to wander. or a work situation that is challenging? Even if you are currently unable to see that change may be 40 .

When you have a question for the angels. You may allow yourself to indulge in a dish of raspberry sorbet or a chocolate cookie from time to time. you are dedicated to doing what is necessary to lose those extra pounds. you can practice on a more in depth level. Ralph Waldo Emerson Do you already know how to eat? Of course you do! But when you decide to go on a diet. you make a commitment to change what you eat. but it takes effort to make it a regular part of your life. Spend time with like-minded people and explore your spirituality! Copyright ©2009 Rev. As part of this program. but otherwise. try exploring with multiple card spreads. you must exercise your Angelic Intuition everyday.Step Five – Practice every day! Every artist was first an amateur. Communicating with the angels is a practice. Only with focus and dedication do your eating habits stay healthy. It is as natural for you as 41 . Experiment with friends. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. Now that you have finished with Step Four.

yourself and the angels. unless you get very clear about pushing your own thoughts out of the way. 2. If you are holding any opinions about what they should or shouldn’t do about something. 5. Ask your partner what their intention is for the reading and be sure to listen carefully to their answer. The angels have lots to say to you and your loved ones! Copyright ©2009 Rev. they can also be the hardest type of reading to do. 1. Continue your reading for your partner just as you would for yourself and finish with a loving blessing for your partner. you can influence the messages you 42 . silently ask the angels to help you be complete. clear and loving in your message and to release any influence of the ego-self. You happen to know that the new job they are considering involves much more traveling and they will be around the home less. As you are shuffling your cards. unless you are very clear about your intention. let’s say your spouse wants to ask the angels if they should change jobs. As with readings for yourself. When you are receiving the messages from the angels. Nina Roe AngelsTeach.Readings for friends and family First off. Also explain that the angels may try to get other messages through that aren’t part of their intention. Have fun with your gifts and share them with your friends. simply set the intention that only the messages of the highest good are allowed to flow through you…and you will do a perfect job! In terms of protocol. For example. then that will affect the clarity of your messages. let me just say that while readings for family members can be lots of fun and very insightful. 4. 3. Explain that you will answer their questions and that your intention with these messages is that they be delivered with love. there are certain steps that are a good idea to adopt when doing a reading for someone else and are outlined as follows.

Do what you can to incorporate the clairbeing habits you have begun into your everyday life. take what you have learned and deliberately begin to weave what you can into your daily life. First. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. Track the outcome when you follow your angels’ advice and when you don’t. 4. They believe this for two reasons. What happens? Start with the small decisions and go from there! And have fun!! Copyright ©2009 Rev. 1. Experiment with the guidance you receive. Second.Continue your Daily Workout: · Say the “My Angel Guidance Manifesto” out loud everyday · Pick an angel oracle card 2. It’s a wonderful way to ground and set your 43 . Like the Butterfly Effect. It’s a ripple effect! 3. your peace and well-being is contagious and can impact everyone around and even all over the world. it carries a thread through all of your intuitive sense and ultimately leads you to living a more peaceful existence. As each of us moves closer to this state of compassion. I like to do a spread at the beginning of each week to give me a sense of what to focus on and what to expect. You have already established a healthy practice for over a month.Homework It is said that it takes 40 days to change our belief systems. our world heals. So for the next month. clairbeing is how you can most impact the world around you. Begin a practice of doing multi-card spreads on a regular basis. The angels believe that this is the most important clairsense to exercise.

com/angel-readers/ ] Angelic Life CoachingÒ For personal one on one coaching to help you through those rough times or even the little bumpy times. and creating and sustaining abundance. coaching. Includes certification and AT initial website posting for those inspired to persue angel card reading as a profession. by Doreen Virtue Self-Care Cards. by Doreen Virtue Saints and Angels. [Click on: http://www. by John Randolph Price A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose.Resources Oracle Cards ] Classes Angel Communication Specialist Training Program – an 8-week teleclass/webcast focused on helping you to develop your relationship with your angels and learn to trust their guidance on a daily basis. by Toni Carmine Salerno Wisdom Oracle.angelsteach. by Cheryl Richardson Archangels and Ascended Masters. by Doreen Virtue Ask and It Is ] Angelic Life CoachÒ Training Program – a 6-month teleclass program that provides complete life coach ] The ABCs of Abundance with the Angels – a 43-day eCourse designed to help you break through your challenges with creating a life you love. Gods and Goddesses. health and wealth! [Click on: ] Angel Reading For a personal angel ] . [Click on: http://www. view [Click on: 44 . advanced angel communication.angelsteach. Copyright ©2009 Rev. by Eckhart Tolle Books eCourses The 123s of Angel Communication – a 30 day eCourse that includes daily lessons and exercises with structure to help you build a daily practice of angel communication. by Toni Carmine Salerno Archangel Oracle Cards. [Click on: http://www. by Ester and Jerry Hicks You Can Heal Your Life. Includes modules on angel communication. Learn the techniques to create a life with an abundance of love. by Louise Hay Living a Life of Joy.angelsteach. visit our growing list of talented certified Angelic Life CoachesÒ [Click on: http://www. by Doreen Virtue Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. by Doreen Virtue Magical Messages from Your Fairies.angelsteach. Nina Roe AngelsTeach.

My Blessing for You May you experience life with wonder and an open heart. Rev. May you feel unlimited in the choices you are capable of making. May you realize you ARE Love. May you be steeped in gratitude for the abundance you already have. Blessings of Love. May you always choose from a place of 45 . Peace and Harmony. May you always know Grace. May you connect and trust the guidance you receive from your angels. Nina Roe Copyright ©2009 Rev. Joy and Abundance. May you see the gift in every moment that comes into your life. Nina Roe AngelsTeach. May you always know Love in a deep and profound way.

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