Tiffany Yeh Buccholz Period 7&8 Goddess of Yesterday is a mythological fiction written by Caroline B. Cooney.

It was published by Dell-Laurel in 2002, and is 254 pages long. This novel is told from a servant’s point of view while she is serving different kings at the time of the Trojan War, including Helen of Troy. Caroline B. Cooney’s purpose of Goddess of Yesterday is showing the perspectives of the people involved in the Trojan War. She focuses more on the characters and their personality than on the war itself. Anaxandra is a young girl, daughter of a pirate. She is taken captive by King Nicander as a playmate for his daughter, Callisto. Nicander and his family lived in a palace on the island of Siphnos. Like Anaxandra’s father, King Nicander is a pirate. But on one of their raids, instead of conquering, he and his men were overthrown and killed. The foreigners were attacked Siphons, and no one lived except Anaxandra who was hiding in an underwater cave. After the attackers had left, Anaxandra was left on the remote island with rotting bodies all around her and no food. King Menelaus, who Nicander had been a commander to, landed on the island one day. Anaxandra knew that if she said she was just a lowly hostage she might be killed, so Anaxandra pretended to be Princess Callisto, daughter to King Nicander. King Menelaus took pity and brought her to the main land, his home and palace. Back in Sparta, where Menelaus lived, was Helen. Anaxandra knew her from many stories of how she was said to be the daughter of Zeus, and the most beautiful woman in the world. When Menelaus introduced Anaxandra to Helen, she became very suspicious. Helen had met Callisto as a little girl and unlike Anaxandra; Callisto did not

In Troy. Pyros compared Helen to a swan. He did not want Menelaus’s son living. Anaxandra was one exception. and wanted to take her to Troy as his wife. Paris had an affair with Helen. hair was your pride. His chance came when Menelaus was called away. and how he was to visit. She and Anaxandra became close friends and playmates. Paris’s sister. Pyros. no one would believe her. She became suspicious and did not welcome Anaxandra warmly. Anaxandra soon came to love Pleis. She agreed that Helen would be the downfall to Troy. and tried to make Pleis’s deaths look like accidents. To men and women. Menelaus talked about Paris one day. Instead she made her shave off all her beautiful hair and be bald in public. He was the brother of Hermione and just a little toddler.have red fiery hair or blue eyes. Paris had many murder attempts at Pleis. She could foretell the future. Anaxandra learned about Helen and how she was greatly feared. Helen decided to bring along her son and her daughter. Anaxandra befriended Cassandra. which ashamed Anaxandra greatly. Behind Menelaus’s back. Anaxandra was protecting him. To save Hermione. Hermione was Helen’s daughter. but vicious. When Helen found out what had happened she was outraged. and . Paris and his army attacked the palace and killed many people. Luckily. During their stay in Troy. Now she had stolen the identity of two princesses. but no matter how many times her predictions came true. graceful and very gorgeous to look at. As she was leaving. Helen’s personality was very cruel and mean. Anaxandra took her place to give her time to hide. Cassandra was cursed by Apollo at birth. As Helen betrayed her people she smiled at the thought that men were dying over her. but did not kill Anaxandra. While talking to a slave. She was also dangerous and had great power. the son of the king of Troy.

because it changes reader’s look and perspective on the Trojan War. She brought a whole new look and personality to Helen and many other characters. Anaxandra disguised herself as a shepherd and found an opening leading away from the underground. A few strengths of Goddess of Yesterday are the details. Goddess of Yesterday was very interesting and captivated my attention. Readers were able to feel the tension between Anaxandra and her enemy. Overall. and she reached Menelaus safely. They accused her as a spy and locked her up under Athena’s temple. This book would be a good recommendation to others. She had tried sneaking Pleis back to the Greek camp to return him to Menelaus but was caught by Trojan soldiers. Cassandra helped her escape.caught Paris before anything serious had happened. I think Caroline B. Cooney did a good job of achieving her purpose. . and emotions set between people.

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