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Rizwan Alam Period: second

George Balanchine George Balanchine was one of the first choreographers in United States. He is known as the founder of American ballet. Balanchine was in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on January 22, 1904. At an early age he was not very in to ballet, but soon adapted from his mother trying to teach his sister. His most likely destination, if he was to not succeed in dancing, would have been to enter the army. When he was about nine, he was accepted into imperial ballet school, where he got two instructor, Pavel Gerdt and Samuil Andrianov. For a while he had to stop dancing due to some unfortunate events relating violence. For that time he played the piano for food, in theaters. Eventually the school found its way and opened once again. Balanchine took it seriously and graduated at the age of 18. Soon he found someone to comfort him through his work, he married Tamara Geva. He got a job for corps de ballet at The State Academy Theater for Opera and Ballet. His studies at the conservatory were advanced piano, music theory, counterpoint, harmony, and composition; and soon graduated from it at the age of nineteen. About to turn twenty, he got his first work, a pas de deux. His groups success in choreographing the Young Ballet led him and his group to take the tour of western Europe. He then was introduced to Ballet Russes. Diaghilev saw a lot of potential in Balanchine and promoted him as the ballet master of the company and wanted him to bring his flavor of ballet. Between 1924 to 1929 he created about nine ballets, but he suffered a knee injury which limited his

performance. Soon he saw another unfortunate event which was the separation of him and his wife, Geva. But soon he married a dancer, Alexander Danilova. Balanchine began to stage dances for the Cochran Revues in London, and was retained by the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen as guest ballet master. In 1933, Lincoln Kristein became interested in ballet and soon had a dream of establishing ballet company in United States. His first goal was to convince Balanchine to come with him to U.S, fairly quickly he agreed and went to U.S. Balanchine had all of it planed out. He thought of teaching the young and influencing the kids into getting interested in ballet style of dancing. He first established a school for the young on January 2, 1934. During 1930,s and 1940,s he worked as a choreographer at musical theater. In 1935, his influence led to a professional company focusing only on ballet, American Ballet. With not enough success, Balanchine decided to take some action and move the company to Hollywood in 1938. He then decided to open a new company called Ballet Society, with the help of Lincol Kristein. This was much more successful then American Ballet. The company’s success led to an invitation to work at New York Music Center for Music and Drama as a resident company. Ballet society, in 1948, was known as New York City Ballet. Balanchine once again fell in love, with the talented Suzanne Farrell. He created many creative ballets for her such as, Don Quixote, Jewels. Because Balanchine was still in a relationship with another girl, didn’t had much success with Suzanne. He soon gave divorce to his wife for Suzanne, but only to hear that she had married someone else. After moving Suzanne returned in 1975. For his recognition, he received the Kennedy center Honors Award in 1878, the first year awards were ever given. Then in 1983, world lost a

great talent in him, when he died.