Project Proposal Academic Year 2009/2010

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Index No: R070349 Name of candidate: ASELA SHALINDA JAGODA Address: 15/200, Asiri Mawatha, Siddamulla, Piliyandala. Contact telephone numbers: 0112848772 / 0718320113 Email:

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Mr. P. T. G. Perera President - FITP FITP 439/1 D, Hokandara Road, Pannipitiya B Sc., M Sc., B Mus., MBCS, MACS: MIDPM, M Biol., MIAP 23 Years in IT field 071-4425523, 075-9090980

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Note: Any deviation of the final project from the project described in this proposal should be explained by the candidate in the dissertation.


Objectives and scope of proposed project: • • • Enhance the existing Hotel Reservation System with a set of common features to the reservation process of a hotel. conducted by the University of Colombo School Of Computing. Define and develop a mobile interface to the Hotel reservation System. Making a Hotel Reservation System more user friendly and available for the common user. introducing new trends and technologies in IT. Itemized list of deliverables of the system: Note: Deliverables are items that you would deliver to the client at the end of the project. • • • Working System Software CD User Manuals and System Details Work breakdown structure for project (include the work involved in system development as well as writing the dissertation): 2 .Project Details Title of Project: Mobile Hotel Reservation System Name and address of client: Not Specified Motivation for project: To prepare an assignment for the project which has to be presented at the end of the final year in Bachelor of Information Technology degree program. A cut down on the paper work in the reservation process. and a booking can be performed going ahead of the present on line booking systems available. Develop a Hotel Reservation System which will be able to communicate with a mobile phone. Critical functionalities for project: • • Ability to book a hotel over the mobile phone.

Database design III. Hotel Reservation System 1. Preliminary study II. Prepare the draft version of Analysis chapter of the dissertation System design I. Initialization I. Analyzing and formalizing requirements III. a computer to implement the web server to run web services. software. Integration testing V.. Update interfaces and designed processes with the feedback VI. System Development ( Coding ) – Module by module III. Prepare the draft version of Design chapter of the dissertation Development I. Update the system according to client feedback VIII. Create test plan II.): Hardware – a mobile device supporting JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for client device. 4. 3 .. Design test case III. 6. Integrating modules IV. Identify user and system requirements II. Documentation Prepare the User Manual for the system Completion of the Final Dissertation 3. System testing VI. Testing the system with the client himself VII. hardware. 5. Prepare the draft version of Evaluation chapter of dissertation I. a computer to implement the database server to maintain data.. Unit testing IV. Get client’s feedback on interfaces and designed processes V. Get client’s feedback on integrated modules (rough system) V. Resource requirements for project (e.. Prepare the draft version of Introduction chapter of the dissertation 2.g. 7. Update the rough system according to the feedback VI. Requirements specification I.1. Interface design IV. Literature review III. System design II. Database Implementation II. Prepare the draft version of Implementation chapter of the dissertation Testing and debugging I. Validating requirements IV.

Software – MySql(for database server). Gantt Chart Jan Fe b Mar Ap r May Jun Jul Aug Sep Preliminary Study Evaluating Current System Identify User Requirements Identify System Requirements Analysis requirements Formalized requirements Validate requirements Broad design Detail design 4 . Proposed way of evaluating the success of your system: • • A mobile client can login and reserve a Hotel room through the system. Software on the web server to provide the service. Other third party software for development. JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Number of customers who are using the Mobile Reservation System will be recorded monthly and will be compared against the numbers of the current system.

Database design Interface Design System Design Review Developing Database Developing Individual System Components Integrating System Components Create Test Plan Design test case Unit Testing Integration Testing Validation System Testing System Review Complete User Manual Writing Complete Final Dissertation 5 .

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