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Global Market Survey, Feedstock Trends and Forecasts
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If governments continue to aggressively pursue targets. and India are each covered as market studies.S. China. Algae based biodiesel projects are also reviewed. and European biodiesel production by the year 2015. USA and Asia is driving investment in the global trade of alternative feedstocks. Jatropha Commercial-Scale Projects Under Development s o u rc e : E me rg ing Marke t s On l i n e T r end s . consumption and production. the U. Europe. Although Europe currently represents 80% of global biodiesel consumption and production. Emerging Markets Online Tel +1 713 429 4905 (Houston.S. This study also reviews major projects in progress for lower-cost feeedstocks from renewable diesel. and Brazil is expected to surpass U. In China. the U. In Europe. Asia. O u t l o o k . and in next-generation technologies. China and India by the year 2020.. biodiesel represents 2% of total transportation consumption and is targeted to reach 6% by 2010.from 25 million gallons per year in 2004 to 250+ million gallons in 2006. and provides 5 to 10 year forecasts for biodiesel . Proprietary forecasts developed for this study are also used to produce 2020 "Scenarios" for Europe. and provides details on new feedstocks and global trade trends.S. Fischer-Tropsch gas to liquids and others.S.BIODIESEL 2020: Introd u ct i on a n d Exec u t i ve S umma ry Ra p i d G l o b a l M ark et G row th The global market for biodiesel is poised for explosive growth in the next ten years. along with technologies for renewable diesel via pyrolysis. China. TX USA) Fax +1 202 742 2813 Email info@emerging-markets. It is possible that Biodiesel could represent as much as 20% of all on-road diesel used in Brazil. Europe. tallow. M ar ket Fo r ec asts an d S c en ar io s to 2 020 This study tracks the global markets for biodiesel growth. the U. India. yellow grease. enact investor-friendly tax incentives for production and blending. The total biodiesel being sold in the U. the market for biodiesel is growing at an alarming rate . & Opportunities In the USA. is now ramping up production at a faster rate than Europe. economic and environmental security concerns are giving birth to new government targets and incentives. Global Market Survey. aimed at reducing petroleum imports and increasing the consumption and production of renewable fuels.. China and India each have targets to replace 5% to 20% of total diesel with biodiesel. the prospects for biodiesel will be realized faster than anticipated. biomass waste to liquids via GTL. Brazil and Europe. Brazil. Brazil. Europe. Biodiesel 2020 finds that each of these variables will be essential to the eventual success of these targets. and help to promote investment in alternative feedstocks such as algae and renewable diesel. and India. and waste recycling. This study provides details of the leading jatropha curcas projects in India. Emerging Markets Online examines the trend towards lower cost multiple feedstock options. amounts to less than 1% of all diesel consumption.S.emerging-markets. Rapid growth in biodiesel demand in the EU. Africa. Feedstock Trends and Market Forecasts Feedstock Trends and Next Generation Fuels For this market study. and Latin Web: www. Brazil.

6 Scenarios and Outlook to 2020 6. Renewable Diesel.8 Overview of Waste Processing Technologies Including Pyrolysis. Long Range Forecasts 9.6 Scenarios and Outlook to 2020 4.1 Review and Summary of Forecasts 9. Medium.1 Part 1 . and India 9.5 7.2 Government Programs.Feedstock Price Trends and Market Growth Traditional Feedstocks . Waste Technologies CHAPTER 3: U.5 8. Targets. Distribution.Fast Growth in U.7 Leading Company Profiles CHAPTER 9: Global Outlook and Forecasts Proprietary Forecasts and Scenarios for Growth Include Europe. Distribution. Targets.2 Proprietary Biodiesel Forecasts 9.China's Entry into Biodiesel 5.4 7.1 8.Baseline.2. Municipal Waste 7. Distribution. and Import-Export Market Trends 2.2 Part 2 . GTL and FT Gas to Liquids Processes.1 1. Biodiesel Import-Export Trends and Outlook Brazil Biodiesel Export Trends and Outlook China Biodiesel Import-Export Trends and Outlook India Biodiesel Import-Export Trends and Outlook Feedstock Trade Trends . Regulations and Tax Incentives 6.5 Forecasts 2008-2015 2.2 Government Programs. 3.7 Leading Company Profiles CHAPTER 2: Europe Biodiesel Market 2.3 Biodiesel Production.S.Global Market Survey.Summary of Findings and Conclusion CHAPTER 5: China Biodiesel Market 5.Soy.Short Term.5 Forecasts 2008-2015 6. Algae Biodiesel. Targets.3.Feedstock Price Trends Drive Global Trade Europe Biodiesel Import Trends and Outlook U.2 Government Programs. Palm.2 Review of Summary Expert Biodiesel Studies 9. Targets. Retail. Rapeseed and Palm Overview of Emerging.Brazil's Big Plans for Biodiesel 4.5 Forecasts 2008-2015 3. Retail.5 Introduction Summary of Findings Government Targets for Biodiesel Market Summary by Region Summary .1 Summary . Regulations and Tax Incentives 4.4 Feedstock and Market Trends 3.7 Leading Company Profiles CHAPTER 7: Feedstock Market Trends & Outlook 7. U.3 Biodiesel Production.Scenarios and Outlook to 2020 BIODIESEL 2020: CHAPTER 6: India Biodiesel Markets 6.2 Part 2 . Bio-Oil 7.2 1.1.6 Summary . and Aggressive Forecasts 9.8 Summary .4 Feedstock and Market Trends 5. Feedstock Trends and Forecasts Ta b l e of C on t en t s CHAPTER 1: Executive Summary 1.Jatropha 6. Regulations and Tax Incentives 2. Probable.4 Feedstock and Market Trends 2.1 Summary .6 Scenarios and Outlook to 2020 2.6 8..Possible.S.7 Leading Company Profiles Emerging Markets Online Tel +1 713 429 4905 (Houston.5 Forecasts 2008-2015 5. Retail.4 Feedstock and Market Trends 4. Latin America Palm Oil PME Market Trends in Asia.3 8. Retail. Americas. EU Renewable Diesel from Lower-Cost Waste Feedstocks Chicken Fat.6 Scenarios and Outlook to 2020 5.S. Regulations and Tax Incentives 3. Preferred Scenarios 9. Asia.Nascent Markets With Big Targets 6.2 7.7 8. Targets. Market Analysis and Import-Export Trends 5. Canola.2 8. Lower Cost Feedstock Markets Jatropha Projects in India.3 Biodiesel Production.3 Biodiesel Production. Regulations and Tax Incentives 5.6 Scenarios and Outlook to 2020 3.7 Algae Biodiesel Projects and Commercialization Outlook 7.Soy.3 1. Moderate. TX USA) Fax +1 202 742 2813 Email info@emerging-markets.1 Published Biodiesel Forecasts 9.2 Government Programs.4 Market and Feedstock Trends .com Web: www.3 Biodiesel Production. Jatropha Outlook and Opportunities for Global Biodiesel Trade CHAPTER 4: Brazil Biodiesel Market 4.1 Summary: Europe -The World's Leader 2.1 Part 1 .S. China.5 Forecasts 2008-2015 4.4 8.emerging-markets. Market Analysis and Import-Export Trends 6.1 7. Yellow Grease. Africa. Market Analysis and Import-Export Trends 3.4 1.1. Brazil.3. Biodiesel Market 3.2.8 Outlook and Opportunities for Emerging Feedstocks. Distribution.1 Summary . Africa. Market Analysis and Import-Export Trends 4. Distribution.3 7. Retail.3 Proprietary Scenarios for Growth . Tallow.1 Summary .2 Government Programs.7 Leading Company Profiles CHAPTER 8: Global Biodiesel Trade Outlook 8.

State Phone Fax Zip/Code COUNTRY Email Type: Check One [ ] VISA [ ] MC [ ] AMEX Credit Card Number Name On Card Expiration Other Type of Payment: [ ] Check . Feedstock Trends and Forecasts Ch apter 7 .S. 2020: Biodiesel Targets and Forecasts Europe 2020 Biodiesel Targets and Forecasts China 2020 Biodiesel Targets and Forecasts Global Biodiesel Target Forecasts by Country 2007 to 2020 Matrix of Global Biodiesel Targets by Country 2007 to 2020 Matrix of Key Drivers For Biodiesel Growth Forecast: Cellulosic Ethanol & Green Diesel by 2030 Publication Order Form Fax to +1 202 742 2813 (US) . Canola Trade Map . Company Table of Palm Projects in Malaysia.m a r k e t s .6 S elected Figures World Biodiesel Production 1991-2007 Global Gasoline vs Diesel Consumption by Region Top Five Global Biodiesel Producers in 2007 Biodiesel Production Projections to 2020 Oil Import Dependence by Country to 2000-2030 Table: Global Matrix of National Biodiesel Targets Table: Key Drivers For Biodiesel Market Growth Biodiesel Production Targets by Country for 2007 Biodiesel Production by Country.Beef and Pork Tallow Table of Major Renewable Diesel Projects from Yellow Grease Table of Commercial Scale Algae Biodiesel Projects and Timelines Table of Renewable Diesel Projects from Pyrolysis Table of Renewable Diesel Projects via Gas to Liquids and FT Appendix: Economics & Logistics Of Algae Biodiesel Ch a p t e r 8 .Projected Trade Flows of Jatropha by 2010 Ch apter 9 . Biodiesel Exports and Imports Trade Map .S. c o m .Projected Trade Flows of Palm PME by 2010 Trade Map .Glo b al Ou tlo o k an d Fo re c a s t s U.G l o b al B iodies el T rade Matrix of Feedstock Trade Trends . Europe 2002-2007 U. Office # City.available December. TX) F a x + 1 2 0 2 7 4 2 2 8 1 3 E m a i l i n f o @ e m e r g i n g .Europe Biodiesel Imports by Origin Trade Map .BIODIESEL 2020: TAB LE O F F IG U RES ( sel ec t ed) Ch a pt e r s 1 . Biodiesel Demand 1999-2007 Biodiesel Production Costs Per Gallon Global Market Survey. Company Table of Jatropha Projects in Latin America by Nation.U. Americas Table of Major Renewable Diesel Projects from Chicken Tallow Table of Major Renewable Diesel Projects .Brazil Biodiesel Exports by 2010 Trade Map .Projected Brazil Biodiesel Exports by 2010 Trade Map .Soy. Company Table of Jatropha Projects in Africa by Nation.S. 2007 [ ] P DF S in gle U ser Li cense for $2 95 0 U SD Fo r o n e in d iv id u al o r e x e cu t i ve e x cl us i ve l y [ ] P DF Mult ip le U se r Lice n se f o r $495 0 U S D T o sha re w i th others i n you r orga ni z a ti on v ia intrane t Name Position Organization Addre ss Division Suite.Pay to Emerging Markets Online [ ] Wire Transfer (call for details) T el +1 7 1 3 4 2 9 4 9 0 5 (Houston. Palm.Feed sto c k Tr en d s an d Ou t lo o k Table of Jatropha Projects in India by Region. Company Table of Jatropha Projects in SE Asia by Nation. Indonesia.

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