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Ohio Senate Committees

State Senator Government Oversight & Reform, Vice Chair

1 Capitol Square Finance—Primary/Secondary Education Subcommittee
Columbus, Ohio 43215 Education
(614) 466-7584 Judiciary
Energy & Public Utilities
Rules and reference

Matt Huffman
Majority Floor Leader
12th District

To: Governor DeWine

Lieutenant Governor Husted
From: Senator Matt Huffman
Date: April 9, 2020
Re: Reopening of Businesses

Dear Governor DeWine,

I am writing to ask you to consider the reopening of business activity in west central Ohio. Since
the outset of the coronavirus, less densely populated areas of the state have not been affected in
the same way as the rest of the state. Many counties have had very few or no cases of COVID-
19. Also, of those who have been hospitalized, many had already suffered from other severe
chronic health situations.

Although I’m sure you are aware, I think it must be stated that many small business owners have
no income while closed. Many employees who go on unemployment will be receiving more
money from the state and federal unemployment benefits than they were while working.
Additionally, those working in most positions in government, by and large, continue to receive
their paychecks.

Please consider lifting the ban on a date specific and as soon as possible for businesses in west
central Ohio.

Matt Huffman

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